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304 Reasons to love Nick

The following are from LuisD2@aol.com

  1. The way he spells his name
  2. My favorite quote... “Do you have any tattoos?” from the 1st bsb home video...you all know what he says after that
  3. Loves the ocean
  4. Owns a Prowler, but never drives it
  5. He got stuck on his surfboard during the 1st Albany, NY show and was sooo embrassed
  6. Thanked Nsync and Britney in his AMA acceptance speech
  7. How Sexy he looks in those glasses
  8. His new hair cut is sooo cute! it’s about time!
  9. But he still looks great with that messy, huge hair..think Grammy’s this year
  10. He’s the perfect height
  11. We never see him without his shirt on
  12. Loves all sports, especially Basketball
  13. The braided hair in the Disney Special
  14. How he never let us see his but on MTV bsb live May 16
  15. How on that same show he kept hitting the buzzer but he didn’t have a clue about any of the questions.
  16. Looks awesome during Show me the meaning in concert when he does that dance with the girl dancer!
  17. HE DOES drive a fancy car
  18. He’s puppies...they are soooo cute!
  19. He describes himself as a modern day hermit
  20. How on most days he just doesn’t care what he looks like, but still looks perfect
  21. How much he loves his family
  22. How he always talks about Journey and Nirvana
  23. The whole Don’t want you back dance!
  24. The 33 shirt he wore on the last tour
  25. How he use to always dump water over his head!
  26. His cool signature
  27. How he’s only 20
  28. Remember when he swung on a vine for the Millennium TV commercials?
  29. He plays the drums
  30. How we’ve all grown up with him and watched him grow
  31. Remember when he was so little and skinny?
  32. His voice during “let’s have a party”
  33. He collects beanie babies
  34. His gorgeous eyes
  35. He admits to wearing make-up and dying his hair...Do we care? No
  36. He how really wants to go to college and play basketball
  37. How when he was younger he was considered a “geek”
  38. Remember Nick and the Angels?
  39. Dressed up as Dracula when he was younger
  40. He looked like Charlie brown when he was a baby
  41. He says he’ll date a fan
  42. Imagine kissing him (he says he’s a bad kisser... yeah right!)
  43. He use to share a room with Aaron
  44. He had to do chores
  45. He’s the baby of the group
  46. He dressed up as a mummy
  48. When the guys pushed him out of the dressing room in just his boxers
  49. When he pranked called britney spears last week
  50. He’s always playing practical jokes
  51. Always smiling
  52. How he wears his baseball hat crooked
  53. How he is now producing for people
  54. He owns a boat
  55. He surfs the web
  56. His birthday is January 28,1980 which makes him an Aquarius
  57. He lives in Ruskin, Florida not Orlando
  58. He’s a great big brother
  59. You can tell how much he loves the other guys in the band
  60. How he says that sometimes the guys in the band are his only friends
  61. How’d he rather stay in his hotel room and “chill” instead of partying
  62. He’s a junk-food junkie
  63. Remember him with long long hair (a night out video)
  64. Remember the teen people picture when he was hanging upside down in the pool from the diving board with that cute smile?
  65. He wears awesome clothes, ie. Club Monaco and Versace (yes!)
  66. He’ll always be crazy!
  67. The dance he does with Aj during Quit Playin on the new tour
  68. Frick and Frack hats
  69. How he called Howie a Dumb ass
  70. How he hit that high note(opera) and the lights came crashing down
  71. How he had all his stuff stolen in Europe =(
  72. His first concert was to his mom on a tree stump
  73. Loves Mcdonalds
  74. Hates flying
  75. Loves Christina Ricci
  76. Favorite holiday is Holloween
  77. Fav video game is Kid Nicky
  78. No one can beat him at video games
  79. Listens to rap music
  80. So what if he’s not as buff as Kev! he’s still cute!
  81. Always falling down on the stage
  82. The whole Quit playing games video WET NICK in the background
  83. In the all access video “When you come to LA you have to dress like this.....
  84. How he now wears wife beaters to show off his tattoo
  85. His 3 cool tattoos...
  86. How he had to put a gate up because people stole his grass
  87. How he gets embrassed when you call him sexy
  88. He’s gotten into physical fights with the other guys!
  89. How he sometimes wears Aj’s cowboy hats sideways!
  90. The rap he does with Howie
  91. How he loves the beach and walking on it at night
  92. How he wants a girl who will just let him kiss her and kiss her
  93. How he’s never done anything super romantic
  94. How he’s not sure he’s been in love
  95. How he always had that attuide of tough looking in pictures (MOM)
  96. How cute he looks when he’s sleeping...”ssssshhhh nick carter is sleeping”
  97. The prologue he wrote to his mom’s book
  98. He wears boxer briefs
  99. Remember the day he didn’t go to mtv with the guys cause he was sick and he called in? he sounded so sad!
  100. Cause he is having fun and doing what he loves
  101. He truly loves all his fans and we all love him sooooo much!

    The following are from Chi

  102. Nicky started out as a little boy singing on a tree trunk to the blades of grass, to us screaming fans!
  103. His soulful voice, especially his little wooooooooo solo in "As Long As You Love Me"!
  104. His Charlie Brown shaped head when he was a baby!
  105. His love for the beach (can't u just imagine sitting under the moon and stars with this boy?)
  106. He's a sports fanatic! This boy has hella jerseys!
  107. The sexy way he sings "If You Want It To Be Good Gurl (Get Yourself a Bad Boy)"!
  108. This boy knows how to cook!
  109. With all that success and attention, his head is still on straight!
  110. The way he says I love you in German!
  111. The way he says I love you in French!
  112. The way he says I love you in anyway!
  113. Even when times were rough as a kid, he still kept trying to become a star
  114. He used to play in the mud with BJ
  115. The way he puts his hair.. in anyway, he still looks cute!
  116. He looks for the inside of the gurl, and says looks don't matter
  117. Our baby can dance!
  118. How he looks so adorable with his hair in a 'fro
  119. He's not too old to collect Beanie Babies!
  120. He watches over his brother all the time!
  121. He always wants to try new things!
  122. The cute way he plays with his pugs!
  123. He doesn't care what he looks like, he just wants to be himself, and we still love him!
  124. "Don't wanna hear you saaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!" enough said!
  125. How mature he was to thank Britney and *NSync at the Billboard Awards!
  126. No matter how many times he says the words "Ya know" it still doesn't annoy us!
  127. How he sings, "Every kiss, and everyday, I love you girl in everyway..." in "No One Else Comes Close"!
  128. He's freaking H-O-T.. hot!!!!!!!
  129. The way his lips always curve into that Carter Smile no matter what!
  130. The adorable way he tries to break dance!
  131. The way he acts like a total idiot, but hey, he's our idiot!
  132. "Baby, it's the way he makes me, kinda get me go crazay never wanna stop! It's gotta be Nick!"
  133. Even if he's a little airheaded...yenno hitting the buzzard w/o knowing the answer...we still love him!!
  134. His undying love for us... and he always tells us!
  135. His picture on the cover of Teen People for the 21 hottest stars Wahoo!
  136. How he shakes his bootie during "Let's Have A Party"
  137. The way he sings and we can't figure out if it's "Guilty roads" or "beauty roads"
  138. The way he sings "Being lonely!! oohhh oohhh ohhhh" at the Grammy's
  139. The way he donates loads of money to his favortie charaties
  140. The way he DJ'ed for 93.3 FLZ
  141. The way he totally punked Justin when he called Britney and never let Justin talk
  142. The way he made fun of Britney's "silicone valley"
  143. The adarable way he looks in spandex
  144. The way he messes up when he talks and get's all bug-eyed
  145. The way he sings along with Tony Bennet in "Swingin on a Star"
  146. The way he stuck his sticker on his partner's head in BSB weekend
  147. The way he sings "And you're the answer to my prayers from up above" in "From This Moment On" with Shania Twain
  148. The way he got in a fight with everyone BUT Brian
  149. The way he freaked the camera's at my concert
  150. The way he wanted his comic idea to happen so badly...and it finally did!
  151. The cute "who me?" look he gives in "As Long As You Love Me"
  152. The way he cries and hits the wall in "I'll Never Break Your Heart"
  153. The way he loves his prowler... but never drives it
  154. Because he's a "modern day hermit"
  155. Because he's too young to sue the Wrights or Pearlman (or as I like to call him, Fatty)
  156. The way he and Howie pretend that they're punk kids who sing in the "back streets" to stop fights (Teen Magazine)
  157. The way he loves to "get a laugh out of things"
  158. Because he named the five original Spice Girls "Leaky Spice, Freaky Spice, Jody Spice, Jeffery Spice..."
  159. Because he thinks "Just a little kindnes can make such an impact"
  160. Because he wants to win the Life Time Achievement Awards, and he's only nineteen
  161. Because he serenaded his mom with "Bridge Over Troubled Water" when he was nine
  162. Because he's still embarassed about his being locked out of the dressing room in his underwear
  163. Because he ran away from his mom to play Pac-Man
  164. Because he loved the elderly people who lived with him like family
  165. The way he sings "Donde Quieras Yo Ire"
  166. Because he just wants to "kiss her, kiss her, kiss her and kiss her" (her being me of course!)
  167. Because he knows that milk does a body good
  168. Because he always knows that there will always be the Backstreet Boys
  169. The way he says "That's a hard question", when it's not
  170. Because he always makes us weak in the knees
  171. The way he shakes his head right before a diffulcult dance move
  172. The way he pours water over his head in concerts
  173. The way he's so playful on stage, yet so shy in interviews
  174. Because he still calls his mom "mommy"
  175. The way he blushes when we talk about his beautiful butt
  176. The way he's always getting up close and personal witht he audience
  177. Because he's kinda slow
  178. The way he laughs like a lunatic sometimes
  179. The way he can give you once glance and make you melt
  180. The way he saved the girls life in "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely"
  181. Because he always tries other peoples' dishes, but no one can ever touch his
  182. Because he sometimes looks "chub-chub"
  183. The way he tries to look tough... but it always goes soft
  184. The way his hair used to fall in his eyes
  185. The way he used to sweep them out of his eyes
  186. Because he's always playing with Brian
  187. The way he sings/yells in "Don't Wanna Lose You Now"
  188. The way he sings "Sexuality"
  189. The way he can look so serious and sad in "I Need You Tonight/Heaven In Your Eyes" but light up during "Let's Have A Party"
  190. The wah he dances to the "Howie Deeeeeeee" song at the Bowling Alley during the Disney Concert
  191. Because he "bites [his] nails, oh no!"
  192. Because he's obsessed with the computer game "The Sims"
  193. Because he calls himself "D.J. Kid Nicky"
  194. Because he pleaded the fifth when asked which he'd rather date, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Mandy Moore, or Jessica Simpson
  195. Because he accidentally cusses in the "All Access" video
  196. Because he yawned in "Fanatic" and got caught
  197. The way he looks in water
  198. The way he said "I don't have a sex life" when asked "if tattoo's improve your sex life" (this was when he was 16 or 17)
  199. Because he still gets nervous before shows
  200. Because he always gets mad at Howie when Howie "can't even say it right"
  201. Because he holds the Mario Kart Title over Brian
  202. Because he's Nickolas Gene Carter... both the Backstreet Boy.. and.. just.. the boy

    The following are from Rachel

  203. His eyes
  204. His smile
  205. His lips (yuuuuuummmmmm...)
  206. His hair (I like it better short)
  207. His laugh
  208. His butt (oh yeah)
  209. The little gap in his teeth
  210. Because he and Brian are Frick and Frack
  211. Because he loves to play video games (me too - Coincidence? I think not)
  212. Because he scrunches up his face when he sings (sooo cute!)
  213. Because he loves his family so much
  214. Because he is really close with Aaron and loves to play with him
  215. His voice
  216. The way he sings "I need you tonight"/"heaven in your eyes"
  217. The note he hits when he sings "pain" (I know that we have been through so much PAIN) in I need you tonight (soooo sexy!)
  218. Because he is constantly licking his lips in the "night out" video (again, too cute!)
  219. The way he pretends to be putting chapstick on the camera in the "night out" video
  220. Because Brian is his best friend
  221. Because he "resigns" in Florida
  222. Because he's always trying to pull practical jokes
  223. The way he likes to fall on the floor at concerts
  224. Because he almost drops the hat in the "Homecoming video" "All I have to give" hat dance, but recovers
  225. Because when he gets lost on the dances he just stops for a second and stands there looking confused
  226. Because when he forgets when Brian's birthday is and Brian gets pissed, he says, "I am so bad at numbers. I don't even know my parent's birthdays."
  227. Because when he then remembers Kevin's birthday, Brian gets even more pissed
  228. The way he sings "to you" in "All I have to give"
  229. Because he's a "Bad Boy"
  230. Because he's really messy
  231. Because he can be grumpy in the morning (awwww... does someone need a good morning hug?)
  232. Because he gets really homesick when on tour
  233. Because he went to surpass Aaron when they hadn't seen each other for a long time - they both cried!!!! How cute?!!!!
  234. Because he's not afraid to cry
  235. Because he'd "love to take a girl for a barefoot walk on the beach."
  236. Because he loves comic books
  237. Because he rocks at the drums!
  238. Because he says "My family comes first before anything. They are everything to me."
  239. Because he gets zits too
  240. The way he looks soooo cute while he does the "as long as you love me" chair dance
  241. Because he leads an army of robot dancers in the "larger than life" video
  242. Because he can admit that he's not perfect
  243. Because he likes Metallica (that's for you, Cam)
  244. Because he loves the Simpsons
  245. Because one time when Howie was snoring he stuck a Kit Kat bar in his mouth
  246. Because he always wins at Nintendo
  247. Because he says "the day I find the girl of my dreams I would spoil her rotten." (I'm right here!)
  248. Because "love is not something you have, it's something you do."
  249. Because he admits that he has to dye his hair
  250. Because Aaron says that he picks his nose (wait... is that a GOOD thing?)
  251. Because sleep is so important to him
  252. Because he is the CUTEST sleeper!!!!!!
  253. The way he's the only one sleeping in the trailer during the "as long as you love me" shoot on the all Access video
  254. Because he has the biggest feet (hmmm you know what they say...)
  255. Because he wants to "be crazy forever."
  256. Because he says he would never leave the house without his shoes
  257. Because he would be the "monkey's trainer" (what?)
  258. Because "sometimes good looks come in handy." (sigh... Nick)
  259. Because he's playing with bubbles in the "I'll never break your heart" video
  260. Because he went skinny dipping
  261. Because "rainy days and cloudy days make me sad but you make me happy" (aawwww....)
  262. Because he can be shy around girls
  263. Because "I'd feel most relaxed crying in front of my mom or the guys" (what a softie!)
  264. The way he sings "what a lie" and "you and I" with AJ in "10,000 promises"
  265. Because he says "Every day, I get a lot of hugs from fans and the guys, but I don't get a proper hug every day - I wish I did!" (that's what I'm here for...)
  266. Because he posed for rolling stone in his skivvies - how risqué! (I know, I know, so did the other boys...)
  267. Because he says "I always mess up. I'm sorry!"
  268. Because he thinks about what he ate before a show.
  269. Because "a day without sun is like... night!"
  270. Because he sings with so much emotion
  271. Because he has that sexy tattoo around his arm (that design thing)
  272. Because he looks so cute when he wears glasses
  273. Because he doesn't think he's a good kisser (maybe he needs lessons...)
  274. Because his nickname is Mr. Hyperman
  275. Because he's just so darn cute!!!!!!!!
  276. Because he plays the drums in concert
  277. Because he wouldn't pose for playgirl (damn)
  278. The way he smiles in the "All I have to give video"
  279. The way he looks kinda possessed when he says "Orlando..." in the Homecoming video
  280. Because he says, "sometimes if I don't think about the room being dark, and Martians in the closet, I can go to sleep real easy. But I'll never hang my feet off the bed - I'm afraid little green men will bite my toes -really!" (me too!!)
  281. Because loneliness has always been a friend of his
  282. Because we are larger than life
  283. The way he looks in a hat
  284. Because he looks sooo cute in a bandana
  285. Because he's sexual (um, yeah)
  286. Because when he dances, he always looks at the floor and concentrates
  287. Because he enunciates when he sings
  288. Because when he sings, he exaggerates his lip and mouth movement, and you can always see his tongue - you can see his tongue forming the words (make sense? Just watch him sing - especially in the night out video)
  289. Because he kicks ass at basketball
  290. Because he looks so cute when he's all wet and singing in the "quit playing games" video
  291. Because it took him a while to grow into his nose
  292. Because he is not perfect
  293. Because he doesn't have his ears pierced
  294. His shoulders
  295. The way he pretends to be driving when he sings "I don't have a fancy car" in "all I have to give"
  296. Because he falls when he goes bowling with the guys on the Disney concert special
  297. Because he never got to go to high school (poor Nicky)
  298. Because he doesn't like to be called Nicky
  299. Because he always gets so sweaty while on stage
  300. Because he looks great in anything he wears
  301. Because his nickname is Kaos
  302. Because he is just sooo hot
  303. Because (in my opinion) he is waaaayyyyy cuter than Justin Timberlake

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