I Love Brian

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778 Reasons to love Brian

The following are from Ferna17@aol.com

  1. Because he has beautiful eyes
  2. He is very close to his family
  3. He has an incredible voice
  4. Because his favorite color is blue
  5. Brian make the funniest faces
  6. Because he is from Kentucky
  7. Because he is always making jokes
  8. He loves his doggies
  9. His best friend is Nick
  10. Brian writes beautiful songs
  11. His cousin is Kevin
  12. Because he is the perfect height
  13. He loves mac 'n' cheese(homemade of course)
  14. He wrote a song for his mom
  15. Because of the way he always says hello to the fans during concerts
  16. Because he created the "Brian Littrell Heathy Heart Club"
  17. Because he wants to be a daddy some day.
  18. He has a beautiful smile.
  19. He is friends with Tommy Smith
  20. Because he has very kissable lips.
  21. He loves basketball
  22. His cute accent
  23. He has the most creative tattoo
  24. His birthday is in February
  25. His favorite team is the Kentucky wildcats
  26. Because of the way he pats his chest while he is singing
  27. He loves his mom
  28. Because he kicks his right leg while he is singing
  29. Because he "likes a girl who even likes to go to school"
  30. He likes a girl with a good head on her shoulders
  31. Because he is attracted to a girl's eyes
  32. He likes to play golf
  33. How cute he is in the "all access " video
  34. He loves cheese
  35. Because of the way he points his finger while he is singing
  36. He likes Boys II Men
  37. He has cute little curls in his hair
  38. He wears bucket hats.
  39. He will " always love ya"
  40. Because he has overcome so many difficulties is his life.
  41. He is honest
  42. He goes to church
  43. Because he loves his fans so much that he wanted to share his engagement news with us.
  44. Because he waved at me when I saw the boys in October 1999
  45. He takes good care of his girlfriend
  46. He has a lot of respect for people
  47. He talks about the Mature Fan Club during the MYC webcast
  48. He is normal and has his share of bad days just like everybody else.
  49. He looks good in a beanie hat
  50. He drives a cool car
  51. He likes crushed ritz crackers on his homemade mac'n' cheese
  52. Because if he wasn't a singer he would like to be a teacher
  53. He has the perfect nose
  54. I love the way Brian and Nick joke around during concerts
  55. Because he is shy
  56. He does a great Jim Carey impression
  57. He has a nephew he calls "Fart"
  58. Because his idea of the perfect date would be a picnic in the park
  59. He plays the guitar
  60. Because Brian has reddy,blondish, brown hair (kind of like mine)
  61. Because his favorite actress is Sandra Bullock
  62. His favorite movie is starwars
  63. Because on the disney special while they were bowling, Brian messed up on purpose so A.J. would win
  64. Because someday he will beat Nick at Mario Kart
  65. Because of how creative he was with his stickers during BSBtv on MTV
  66. Because his favorite actor is Tom Hanks
  67. Because he still lets his mom cut his meat up for him
  68. Because he is Brok
  69. He looks good as a werewolf
  70. He has cute dance moves
  71. He looks really good in white
  72. He takes his dogs everywhere with him
  73. How sweetly he sings "you are my fire, my one desire " at the begining of I want it that way
  74. Because he flies all over the world even though he is afraid of heights
  75. Because he is a "stay at home" kind of guy
  76. He has a cute baby face
  77. He likes Brian McKnight
  78. I love his serious side too
  79. He can sing just about anything
  80. How great his acting is in the "Everybody" video
  81. I love him because his Brian!

    The following are from Emily [EKB444@aol.com]

  82. The way his hair curls up in the back when it gets a little too long.
  83. Because he had a really ugly yellow and red low rider truck called "the bleeding banana" when he was younger.
  84. He loves to play basketball even though hes short.
  85. Hes so short (awww)
  86. His mom still cuts up his meat for him sometimes. (okay thats kinda weird, but i still love you brian.)
  87. Because he tripped during his solo, on the homecoming in orlando video.
  88. He's so modest.
  89. Because even with all his fame and money, he is still very dedicated to his religon.
  90. He had not one, but two holes in his poor heart and he survived.
  91. He's Kevin's cousin ( and kevin is obviously very proud of that, cause he brings it up constantly.)
  92. He wrote a song for his mom.
  93. He is best friends with Nick ( and that must take a lot of patience.)
  94. He looks hot when he is a fake dirty gladiator (remember the commercials last spring before Millennium came out, brian played a gladiator).
  95. He has a sexy tatto, thats about religon and music at the same time (he is so damn clever).
  96. He has two pet chihuahuas (lil tyke and littly leigh).
  97. Because he wears a pink shirt in the Orlando video.
  98. He doesn't get pitties on stage, even though is must be really hot up there (unlike howie who gets back pitties, thats okay howie i forgive you though). (NOTE: for those of you unfamilliar with the term pittie, it means sweat mark, like if you sweat through your shirt. Yeah its kinda gross, but its a fun word, you should start using it.)
  99. Because he wrote That's what she said.
  100. He has really pretty blue eyes.
  101. The way his hair curls when he gets sweaty.
  102. You should love him just because his grandma's name is Ena, (I don't know why but that amuses me).
  103. He loves his mom and family a lot.
  104. He got really sick and almost died when he was little, but he pulled through and survived.
  105. His fav food is mac and cheese.
  106. He likes to wear white a lot.
  107. Because he wants to record gospel music someday.
  108. He wears a winter hat and gloves on stage. ( he must get really hot)
  109. He co-wrote The One (and I love that song).
  110. In the past he would ask his girlfriends permission before he first kissed them (he is such a gentlemen).
  111. He look extremely hot in his picture in Teen People's 25 hottest under 25 (might i add that is one of the best pictures i have ever seen of him, the older he gets the hotter and more mature he looks, I just wanna lick him).
  112. His fav color is blue.
  113. Hes so sensitve.
  114. Because he said..."sex on tv is bad...you might fall off."
  115. He worked at Long John Silver's.
  116. He is funny as hell ( and let me tell you hell is pretty damn funny).
  117. The way he never trys to act sexy on stage.
  118. He is afraid of height.
  119. The way he look sad on the ski lift in the first version of the I'll never break your heart video.
  120. Because way back in the day he went to A.J.'s hotel room and got drunk with him. Then he got sick and didn't know what to do so he called his girlfriend (that also for some reason amuses me).
  121. He asked Leighanne's dad for permission before he proposed to her ( she is one lucky girl).
  122. Because he bought her a canary yellow diamond engagment ring.
  123. When he asks the audience to sing lines of a song, then when we do he gets all smiley and cute because we know the words (awwww).
  124. His lips are the same color as the rest of his face (and i wouldn't have it any other way).
  125. He looks so innocent in the millennuim pictures (you know the ones where he is in all white and there is some cloudy, blue and white picture in the background.)
  126. Hes goofy.
  127. He genuinly loves the fans.
  128. His nickname is B-Rok.
  129. Because he is wearing these grandma-like, white, orthepidic, velcro shoes on the cover of Millennium.
  130. He keeps a lot of candles surronding his bathtub.
  131. He always closes his eyes when he sings.
  132. The patchwork pants he wore the the billboard awards ( he looked hot).
  133. He is really insecure about his height and looks (don't worry Brian, you're hot).
  134. He does Jim Carrey impressions.
  135. The way he is left jumping up and down, alone in the middle of the stage in the Orlando Video.
  136. The way he constantly plays up the camera in the Orlando Video.
  137. He sang in Church.
  138. He tells Nick what it was like to be in High School, since Nick missed out on it.
  139. He looks hot as a werewolf.
  140. His shirts are always buttoned up to like the top button ( he is so modest).
  141. He looks really hot in the I want it that way video.
  142. He likes to play golf.
  143. He wears this ugly poncho-like suit jacket in the Anywhere for you video.
  144. He asks if you'll..."come out and play" in Thats the way I like it.
  145. He started the Healthy Heart Fund.
  146. He is always making funny, crazy faces (especially that one time he make a funny face at a girl in the front row at the Milwaukee concert....Oh wait that was me, yeah i was pretty excited about that).
  147. He doesn't really like to dance and only dances onstage when he had to.
  148. He was in Grease in high school.
  149. He doesn't like to put himself in positions that would jepordize his faith or all around goodness.
  150. He has an amazing voice.
  151. The way he said "HOWARD CENSOR!" on the all acess video.
  152. Because we can call him B-Rok, cause he'll be rokin' our houses.
  153. He got nervous and had to throw up during boys will be boys and A.J. had to sing his lines.
  154. Because Fans steal his mail (he he).
  155. He wears a knee pad and his lower right leg, in the orlando video.
  156. He is always waving at fans in the audience.
  157. He has some sort of Indian themed room in the video for I'll never break your heart.
  158. When he worked at long john silvers he would come home and his cat would sleep by him because he smelled like fish.
  159. The way he messes up in the dance scene of the Everybody and they just left it in there.
  160. He likes girls eyes.
  161. When he was ten and had his first kiss the girl stuck her tounge in his mouth and he was grossed out.
  162. When he almost touched that girls boob during the contest portion of the Backstreet TV (it was on MTV right before millennium came out).
  163. He plays the guitar during That's what she said.
  164. The way he says " I See Ya" to someone in the audience during Quit playing games...on the orlando video.
  165. When he wears his chap like jeans. Yummy chaps.
  166. His cute kentucky accent.
  167. The way he sings "am i original", in Everybody.
  168. He carries a shishkabob over to the girls table in the first version of the I'll never break your heart video.
  169. He always goofs around with Nick on stage.
  170. Even though he is afraid of heights, he still flew above the audience at the millennium concert.
  171. When he gets squirted in the face in the We've got it goin' on video.
  172. The way he pretends to look at his watch when he sings the line "we've been waiting so long" at live shows.
  173. He likes girls legs.
  174. He pulls a rabbity thing out of his bed in the Everbody video.
  175. He helps Nick pull practical jokes.
  176. Because you just wanna go to church with him.
  177. He is so nice.
  178. You just wanna hug him (maybe you wanna do a little more than hugging, but we will keep it clean).
  179. Because he would have been a teacher or a youth minister if he would have been a backstreet boy.
  180. He is always smiling .
  181. Just simply because hes a Backstreet Boy.
  182. Brian is a sweet, sensetive, caring, extremely talanted, cute, sexy all around great guy.

    The following are from JennaPuff@aol.com

  183. His smile...can we say melt?
  184. The way his hair always has a slight curl at the end
  185. His eyes...oh the blue
  186. The way he called himself a corncob

    The following are from Diab [diab@btclick.com]

  187. His nickname is 'baby duck'
  188. Cause of his little curls
  189. His cute Kentucky accent!
  190. Those amazing blue eyes
  191. His little mouth
  192. The way he lifts his leg in the Grammies when singing 'and when he died, all he left us was alone ' from papa was a rolling stone.
  193. The way he said 'wow' on the mtv interview when asked tell us something we don't know about Kevin.
  194. He rocks at basketball
  195. The way he sings.
  196. When he yells "Somebody get him out of here!" on mtv awards
  197. Cause his pet is little tyke and he used him in the I'll never break your heart video
  198. Cause he's so nice when talking about the other guys on 'all access'
  199. Cause he's the 'joker'
  200. He says 'I think you have take life day by day and the more humour you find in everyday things, then the happier you'll be'
  201. Cause he always says 'see ya!'
  202. Cause he can do those face expressions!
  203. Because of the way he was joking around behind Erica Hodges on mtv live, when she's saying how shocked she is to get picked as his team mate
  204. Cause he asks her to bring a cap and then puts it on
  205. Cause he's so competitive with Nick
  206. Cause of the way he chews his gum
  207. Cause he looks cute playing golf
  208. Cause of the way he dances so gently, like in the all I have to give dance on Disney, the way handles his hat
  209. Because of the way he looks disgusted when he gets into the old dusty bed in the haunted mansion in 'Everybody'
  210. Cause his cousin Kev says he's 'rampaging, rambunctious
  211. Cause he does this thing where he looks all serious and then cracks a smile
  212. Cause he was a gladiator yelling 'the countdown is ooooon!' and then smiles on the millennium advert
  213. Because he's spiritual and his strong faith in God helps him through anything
  214. He's got a tattoo
  215. On larger than life when he's on the hover board and he's saying 'I may run and hide . . .' and his hair's blowing back
  216. Because he's frick and nick is frack
  217. Cause he thinks of nick as his younger brother and he helped raise him (and get him into mischief)
  218. Because boo is his Kentucky cousin
  219. When he was in high school he filled his girlfriends locker with roses
  220. He used to work at 'long John silvers' a fish and chip place before bsb
  221. He was too short to make the NBA
  222. Because he's petite and gorgeous
  223. Cause he'd like to be a teacher if he wasn't in bsb
  224. Because on 'backstreet stories' the way he says 'lying about your AGE!'
  225. Because he said his fiancee Leighanne is his best pal
  226. His ears
  227. He doesn't smoke or do drugs
  228. He is ALWAYS so polite
  229. He liked math at school
  230. He was cute when he was younger
  231. Cause he loves boyz 2 men
  232. On the mtv top 40 countdown, the way he sings 'Kevin knows his mtv'
  233. Cause when John Norris asks him his fav album of the year, he says 'when did back to one come out?' when it's actually back at one'
  234. Because his nickname is Seaver and I don't know why.
  235. Cause he never shows his chestie
  236. He lifts up his shirt during 'darlin' on the German concert
  237. Because B Rok is a brand name
  238. Because he had to get through his whole heart surgery
  239. He never said a bad word about anyone
  240. Fame hasn't changed him
  241. He loves to clean up his house
  242. Because when they bowling on Disney, he says 'I'm 10 pins away from tying AJ so I HAVE to get a strike' and then he blows it
  243. When they are bowling, Howie has 2 pins left on either side, Brian says 'Looks like a field goal to me Bob!'
  244. Cause when he went to kiss a fan on the cheek she rammed her tongue down his throat leaving me dumbstruck!
  245. Nick is the little brother he never had, he says they think about buying houses next door to each other
  246. On Backstreet stories on the coach he is defacing a bsb poster
  247. He bites his nails
  248. He's so sincere
  249. I think he really enjoyed 'that' rolling stone cover;)
  250. In concerts when he sings as long as you love me, the 'it doesn't really matter if you're on the run' part he always pretends to run
  251. The way he danced larger than life on the mtv video music awards
  252. On the Orlando concert he tries to be scary singing 'you better rock your body right now!' when he's obviously so not scary and sooooo adorably CUTE!!!
  253. Because he closes his eyes when he sings
  254. Because in the violin parts of songs he acts like he's playing the violin
  255. His great teeth
  256. He's got a 'Beemer!'
  257. Cause fears for his, and the fans safety (they often get attacked)
  258. He uses little tyke as a distraction
  259. Because of the way he sings that's what she said on the Orlando concert and plays the guitar
  260. On 'a night out' the way he says 'ya'll don't know this one, but you will, alright, so check it out!' before singing 'where can we go from here'
  261. Cause he wrote the perfect fan for his mum
  262. Because he always wears those long ties
  263. Because of his nose
  264. On the Bakstreet stories he's much younger and he comes up to the camera and says 'big apple here we come!'
  265. When they are about to receive their billboard award he gives Kevin this big hug and it's so sweet
  266. Cause him and his bride to be are so perfect together
  267. Because he's walking so pensive in the show me the meaning video
  268. Cause when he sits on a stool to sing his feeeties can't reach the floor
  269. Because of that face he makes when Chris rock asks who is gonna get Britney Spears pregnant on the mtv video music awards
  270. Because he's modest and humble
  271. Because when he's singing in a concert he always shouts 'Hello!' into the crowd
  272. Cause on all access he says I gotta go spit right now
  273. Because he does Jim Carrey impressions
  274. Because on all access he says 'censored!' and uses his hat to cover up Howie's chestie
  275. On as long as you love me he's a cute cowboy that shoots and falls over backwards
  276. Because of the way on access he says 'we were having wardrobe changes' and then he says it again with an accent
  277. Cause of his weird end position in the everybody video
  278. Because half way through the ballroom sequence near the end of the video he stops dancing
  279. Cause of his little wiggle on a night out after they sing quit playing games, and he says 'check this out!'
  280. He doesn't wear the reddish lip colours like the rest of the guys do
  281. Cause he gets squirted with the hose in 'we've got it goin' on'
  282. Because he's not embarrassed to get emotional - he cried when he sang 'that's what she said' and the crowd sang back
  283. Cause of the way he says 'five' 'get' and 'bus'
  284. Whoever he finds a camera he'll stick his face in it
  285. Because he's getting married
  286. Cause he's adorable and cute, and cute and adorable and CUTE, CUTE CUTE!
  287. Because -oh sorry - it was supposed to be 101 only?

    The following are from Dellemann [h.delleman@chello.nl]

  288. He made a song for his mom (that's ssssssoooo sweet)
  289. He is best friends with Nick (Frick and Frack rule!)
  290. The way he does his Jim Carey face (that's really funny!)
  291. His sweet dog!!
  292. His voice (it's a voice from god!)
  293. He's getting married!
  294. His smile (it's so cute)
  295. His foundation (that rulez!)
  296. His talks at concert are so sweet!
  297. Because he looks great
  298. Ofcourse there are many more but that would come to 10000000.

    The following are from Caity [kt_cat_2004@yahoo.com]

  299. He always has the same haircut
  300. His amazing voice
  301. The way his mouth moves when he sings
  302. He's the second shortest
  303. He always finds a way to goof off around a camera
  304. But at the same time can be serious
  305. He's so protective of his manly scar
  306. He never shows his scar to his fans (you can show it to me! I won't tell!)
  307. He's the perfect guy
  308. The way he sings
  309. His voice
  310. His hair
  311. His masculine body (mmm-mmm good)
  312. He always captures the audience's attention
  313. He can reach the same notes as Howie (hehehe)
  314. There's just so much to love about him that I keep forgetting it
  315. His baby blue eyes
  316. When I look into his eyes it makes me want to melt
  317. He looks so good in blue
  318. The way he poses for pictures
  319. Frick and Frack (need I say more?)
  320. He's getting married (I suppose that could be a let down too...but I'm happy for him)
  321. He always gets a lead
  322. His hands
  323. His love for basketball
  324. The way he's just so adorable (I know I keep coming back to his looks, but he's CUTE!!)
  325. He sweats when he sings (it's sexy no matter if it smells or not)
  326. He's always been my first love (even though Howie took his place)
  327. He always looks like he can see you (in his pictures)
  328. Whenever I ask my friends who they think is the cutest, they say Brian
  329. Everyone, deep down, knows they like him
  330. His angelic soul
  331. His love for his mother
  332. He's got a good heart (literally and theoretically)
  333. His high school picture
  334. He managed to fit his high school choir into "The Perfect Fan"
  335. He's a cousin of Kevin
  336. How he signs his name
  337. His name is so different that I only call him Brian now (cuz I can't pronounce his last name)
  338. His dogs
  339. I never expected him to be one of the first ones to get married
  340. But he is
  341. The way he dances
  342. The way he dances in the "As Long As You Love Me" video
  343. The way he sings in the "ALAYLM" video
  344. How he drops the basketball in the "ALAYLM" video (can you tell I like this video?)
  345. His other nickname- B-Rok
  346. How he says, "You can't hear me-ah ha!" in the shooting for the "ALAYLM" video
  347. I would die if he let me run my fingers through his hair (That's ALL I WANT!!!)
  348. He gets little lines around his mouth when he smiles
  349. His smile
  350. His mouth puckers when he sings
  351. He can hold notes longer than I can! (WOW!!!)
  352. How he looks so cute when he flashes those puppy dog eyes
  353. It looks like he has no lips!
  354. His look hasn't changed over the years (which is so totally cute!)
  355. He doesn't look like anyone else
  356. One moment he looks really tired, the next he's really peppy
  357. Lil' Tyke
  358. Everyone was so worried when he had open-heart surgery (including him)
  359. He's a miracle in every possible way
  360. He actually looks scary when he's trying to be
  361. He always looks good in a photo (even when he's stuffing his face with food)
  362. He looks so angelic (but sometimes he's not)
  363. He looks good in black
  364. He could totally pull off the cowboy look
  365. The color of his hair
  366. He's got one of those smiles that makes you think that he's always laughing (no matter what!)
  367. He's best friends with Nick
  368. He's a Pisces
  369. That little book of proverbs he always carries with him
  370. He always relates to his scar as "manly" (it probably is!)
  371. He's a great songwriter
  372. He wants to buy a ranch on lots of acres in the Kentucky countryside and settle down
  373. He "never dreamed of being a singer"
  374. He's the ultimate southern gentleman
  375. He's very devoted to his faith
  376. He sang his first solo in front of a congregation of 1,500 people when he was only 6 or 7
  377. He worked at Long John Silver's for a year and a half during high school
  378. He was considered too short for his high school basketball team!
  379. He's never actually had a professional singing lesson!
  380. He hoped to study to become a music minister
  381. He was pulled out of his U.S. history class to talk to Kevin on the phone
  382. He "was on an airplane at 6 a.m. the very next day!"
  383. He's always smiling
  384. Except when he's showing those puppy dog eyes
  385. His favorite bike is one he got back in 1980 after returning from the hospital (its yellow and red with a big banana seat on it)
  386. His first pet was named Missy (short for Mischief)
  387. He's a real housekeeper
  388. He plays guitar
  389. He looks really good in a cowboy hat
  390. His eyes sparkle when he laughs
  391. He's afraid of heights
  392. His tattoo of a cross
  393. He likes mystery novels
  394. He likes macaroni and cheese
  395. He wears Safari cologne
  396. He likes Tom Hanks
  397. And Sandra Bullock
  398. His favorite color is midnight blue (go fig.! He looks great in it too!)
  399. He's just so lovable!

    The following are from Lilia Flores [lili1flores@hotmail.com]

  400. He is soo damn sexy
  401. He has a tattoo
  402. He is soo cute
  403. He has abs of steel
  404. He is the joker of the group
  405. He sings like an angel!! soo cooool
  406. He loves his family (who doesn´t??)
  407. He loves his fans and give everything to us
  408. He is always smiling
  409. He is a very religious boy
  410. He loves cheese & mac & cheese
  411. He hates heights ,just like me!
  412. The way he signs ¨that´s what she said¨!! cuuute
  413. The way he drinks water...
  414. Because he loves his brother
  415. Because he has a Chihuahua named Lil´Tyke
  416. Because he gets really homesick
  417. Because he always talks about how they got together
  418. Because he always talks about Boys2Men
  419. Because he loves to play guitarrr!!!!!!
  420. The way he looks soooo cute while he does the "as long as you love me" chair routine
  421. Because he loves nintendo!
  422. Because his nickname is Seaver , Mr. Joker ... you know them all right??
  423. Because he plays the guitar in his concerts
  424. Because he is sooo HOT!
  425. Because the shouts he give in all i have to give!
  426. Because he is not perfect
  427. He loves B ball
  428. He has cute legs!
  429. How he ¨humps¨the girl in the THe one video
  430. He was the warewolf in the Everybody video
  431. In the all access video the dance he makes jaja and the CENSORED he gave
  432. Howie...
  433. He truly loves all his fans and we all love him sooooo much!
  434. He has a found raising for kids with cardiac problems
  435. In the concerts he dance sooo good
  436. He is veryyy romantic
  437. He's freaking H-O-T.. hot!!!!!!!
  438. He shake what mama gave him! lol
  439. His Cowboy accent!!
  440. His curly hair!!!!!! even if it´s almost white!!!
  441. His BLUE ,BIG eyes!!
  442. His JAW!!
  443. His nostrilsssss!! love em!
  444. His tattoo
  445. His Faith In God!
  446. The way he acts like a total idiot in the concerts, but hey, he's our little idiot!
  447. His undying love for us... and he always tells us!
  448. His bitten nails!
  449. The way he is so playful in stage
  450. He wrote the Perfect fan for his mom
  451. How every song someway reminds me of what I feel for him.
  452. How he has secretly helped me through so many things in my life w/out even known it.
  453. How he makes me want to give him a HUGE hug and a kiss!
  454. The way he treats his girl like a princess.
  455. The way he makes me want to be HIS girl.
  456. How he can make something as boring as watching TV worthwhile just because he'd be there.
  457. The way you can tell he puts his heart and soul into his work.
  458. How he drives mercedes . I love that car.
  459. The B - ROK license plate is coool! (in the jeep he owns)!!!
  460. How he acts so cute in the All Access video!
  461. His outfit in the All Access Video!
  462. His blue Kentucky cap!
  463. In the I want it that way video when he suddenly smiles !
  464. In the Disney concert again when they are bowling, he's just cute the entire time.
  465. How in the concerts in the Perfect fan song treats the girl and his mother! Always hugging them and being friendly with them!
  466. He loves Mac donalds!
  467. He loves iced tea!
  468. How he changed my whole life!
  469. He is sooooooo sexyyyyyy!
  470. How he laughs in the all acces video!
  471. How he plays bball
  472. His way of playing catch and throw with kevin in the all access video.
  473. How he talks in the All i have to give single ¨hi you can call me brok cause ill be rockin your house...!!
  474. He likes intelligent girls
  475. How he signs My loooveeeee is aaaaaallll I have to givvvvveee...!!
  476. Because he is 5´8
  477. Because he´s fave color is blue!
  478. Because he loves florida!
  479. Because he is picis
  480. Because he likes to travel!
  481. Because he used to work in Long Johns Silvers!!
  482. That means he caan cook!
  483. Because he was cuteee as a baby!!
  484. Because fame hasn´t change him!
  485. Because he wwwwas born in Feb.!!
  486. When in the show me the meaning video he was really suffering while he was filming the video , just like the rest of the guys
  487. Because he lives each day like the last one , not knowing what will happen tomorrow
  488. Because he has BSB boxers (don't we all?)
  489. Because he sang in his school choir
  490. Because of the way he sings Spanish Eyes ¨amd its telling me that im about to win 1st prize knowing all i have to do is reach out my hand to you anytime i want to look into ur spanish eeeyeees....¨
  491. Because he went to Tates Creek High School
  492. Because he would never cheat on his girl
  493. Because he completes the Backstreet Boys!
  494. Because he completes my life!
  495. Because he keeps screaming in the All acces video
  496. Because he looks soo hot in the as long as you love me video!
  497. Because he´s house is cool!
  498. Because if he wasn´t a BSB he would be a PE teacher!
  499. Because it would be cool to have Brian as our PE teacher!
  500. Because he flyies in the video Larger than life
  501. Because he is sooo special and unique!
  502. Because I LOVE HIM DEEPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The following are from GigiMLCRD@aol.com

  503. The way he had the courage to say he was engaged even though he knew it could ruin is career.
  504. The way he tries to go to church every Sunday
  505. Because he ROKS at basketball
  506. Because he got the sexiest tummy
  507. Cause look at those baby-blue puppy eyes
  508. Cause he got the most beautiful and sweetest voice on earth.
  509. The way he tries soooo hard to get the dance moves correct.
  510. How he is soooooooooooooo funny
  511. How his cousin is sooooooooo gorgeous(kevin)
  512. How hot his leg are that you just wanna grab and bite them in the cover of Rollings Stone.
  513. How his fav clothes is jeans and a white shirt w/ a black hat turned back.
  514. How sexy he looks when he plays the guitar while singing "That What She Said"
  515. How Lil'Tyke is almost as hot as he is
  516. Cause i love his nickname B-ROK
  517. The way you can see his tummy in the "All I Have To Give" video
  518. In the same video how sexy he looks wearing a bandana
  519. Cause he is a mac&cheese freak...awww
  520. How he had the strength to continue life and be happy after the heart surgery
  521. Cause we can just imagine going the Long John Silvers and having Brok come and take your order..(for sure he would get a big tip)
  522. The way he looks soooooooo adorable when he is walking towards the camera and he raises his hands and say "Cause i want it that way" in the video "IWITW"
  523. How his fav musicians are Boys II Men and The Temptations
  524. How he stayed hours outside a music store in London just to see how Mariah Carey looked in person (see he is normal)
  525. How cute he looks when he does that stupid laugh in the shooting of the Rollings Stone (you can see it in the video THE ONE)
  526. How his worse habit is bitting his nails
  527. How his sexiest experience took place in a Airport room....(ummmm...hot)
  528. How cute he wrote "The Pefect FAn" for his mommy
  529. Cause he is just soooooooo darn HOT

    The following are from Brok3141@aol.com

  530. His smile
  531. The way is hair curls
  532. His beautiful blue eyes
  533. The way he acts when he is around Nick...immature, but its cute!
  534. The way that he is so modest
  535. His way sexy voice
  536. Thats what she said...need I say more?
  537. The way that everyone thinks he is shy, but he isn't really
  538. His dogs
  539. The way is is sooo excited about getting married...congrats by the way Brian
  540. His cheesy smile in "The One"
  541. The way he "plays" the guitar in the video "The One"
  542. The way he treats Nick
  543. Him playing b-ball in the Disney concert
  544. His freeze frame smile in "I want it that way"
  545. The way he truely appreciates all his fans
  546. His heart surgery
  547. Frick and Frack hats
  548. His jokes
  549. His nickname is B-Rok
  550. His favorite food is Mac 'n Cheese
  551. His clothes
  552. His awesome tatooo on his shoulder that he has just recently started showing off
  553. His faith in God
  554. The way he is not afraid to tell everyone how religious he is
  555. He is the guy in the middle...(His age in the group)
  556. Good looks run in his family...Kevin and Brian are cousins
  557. The way that he is the only one in the group to have the same hairstyle since BSB started
  558. Leighanne is the luckest woman alive to have such a great guy

    The following are from DENA HASSAN [backstreetgirl7@prodigy.net]

  559. His eyes
  560. Nick's best friend
  561. His voice
  562. He is the joker of the bsb
  563. Had a heart serguery(sorry i can't spell)
  564. The way he is soo.. good at b-ball

    The following are from JOswald814@aol.com

  565. He's a Christian
  566. He's from Kentucky
  567. He's a natural born lover and player of basketball
  568. His voice is heavenly
  569. He's sweet
  570. He's got a great personality

    The following are from Cathy Hansen [kash@ntl.sympatico.ca]

  571. His voice is dreamy
  572. He wrote a song for Aaron Carter
  573. He loves Kraft Dinner (mac and cheese)
  574. He wrote a song for his mom
  575. He started a healthy heart club
  576. He loves basketball
  577. He used to work at a church
  578. How he felt like a corn cob in one the costumes on the set of "As Long As You Love Me"
  579. That's What She Said/Where Can We Go From Here
  580. TYKE!!!!
  581. Litty Leigh!!!!!
  582. Leighanne
  583. Wolf Man
  584. He is "The One"
  585. He likes to make people laugh
  586. His eyes

    The following are from BsbFan4evr15@aol.com

  587. His thick southern accent
  588. That brown curly hair
  589. Those sky blue eyes
  590. How when he sings those blue eyes sparkle
  591. That sexy voice
  592. All of his funny impersonations
  593. How in "ALAYLM" he is a Retro R-us "Aj look alike"
  594. How in concert he always waves at everyone!!!
  595. How Nick is his best friend
  596. How he has that manly scar on his chest :o)
  597. How he cried when the bsb got their first gold record
  598. How he admitted to crying
  599. How he thinks you should put a persons name in a circle not a heart becuase hearts can be broken but circles go on forever.
  600. He loves his mommy
  601. How he wrote "Thats What She Said"
  602. His cousin is Kevin (enough said)!
  603. How he left messages on Samantha's answering machine (and sang to her)
  604. His hot hot hot cheek bones!
  605. That gorgeous smile
  606. Those dimples
  607. His tatoo
  608. How he says i love you mom at the end of "The Perfect Fan"
  609. That amazing bod
  610. How he shows his HOT bod off in "Anywhere For You"
  611. When he says "Hello" in the middle of Quit Playing Games
  612. How he says park or perk (making sure he says the k)
  613. His biceps
  614. The frekles on his shoulder
  615. He loves the Kentuky WIldcats!
  616. He loves Mac N' cheese
  617. How he says "Aj is just Aj"
  618. How he Rocks on the basketball court
  619. How he is Frick and Nick is Frack :o)
  620. How he does that little dance move in Larger Than Life... (you know which one right??) The part where the music goes "All you people cant you see cant you see" (like toward the end...)
  621. How he plays catch and Throw with Kevin (in All Access)
  622. How he is his mommy's baby duck.. (and mine too)! :O)
  623. How he is 5'8 and not ashamed of his height at all!! (I think his height is perfect)
  624. How he is really religous
  625. How he goes to church everyday
  626. How he does that neck thing in the end of fanatic
  627. How he says he has a "Beamer": (in that cute accent)(on fanatic)
  628. How he sings "Everybody.. Rock your body.."
  629. How he is scared of heights
  630. How he sang in church when he was like 3 years old in front of 5,000 people
  631. The fact that he has a lot of repect for Nstync
  632. His tight 6 pack of abbs
  633. How he is never afraid to hold Leighannes hand in public
  634. The fact that he was born in Lexington Kentuky
  635. He sings "Back At One" better than Brian Mcknight
  636. How when he sings he closes his eyes.
  637. When he sings "How deep is your love" he thinks of Samantha
  638. That cute laugh
  639. How he can imitate Jim Carrey
  640. What he wore at the Grammys!
  642. How he sings "Will You Come Out to play" in thats the way i like it
  643. His nick name is Brok

    The following are from Jooky01@aol.com

  644. His voice! He sings like an angel!!
  645. He started a fund for children with heart disease

    The following are from RachelCBSB@cs.com

  646. The way he smiles
  647. His cute southern accent
  648. His southern gentlemen manners
  649. His bright blue eyes
  650. His crazy southern sense of humor
  651. How hott he looks
  652. How he laughs
  653. How cute his hair looks
  654. How he is sooo humble
  655. His sweetness
  656. His kute quotes
  657. His random acts of silliness

    The following are from Jooky01@aol.com

  658. Cute Kentucky accent
  659. Those WONDERFUL blue eyes!!
  660. His smile!
  661. His Donald Duck impression!
  662. Despite his success, he still has time to open & read his bible & go to church (Amen Sistah!)
  663. His "touchably-soft" blonde hair
  664. His strong cheekbones
  665. His body....dear Lord his parents did a good job!
  666. His shy, yet CrAzY personality
  667. His butt! It's so cute! (LOL!)

    The following are from Kayman13@aol.com

  668. His good looks
  669. His awesome, can make you happy any time of the day, voice
  670. He's funny
  671. His best friend is nick
  672. He is able to make a commitment to one woman
  673. His awesome dance moves
  674. His accent which is just so adorable
  675. He's awesome at basketball
  676. The way he jumps at the camera in their homecoming concert
  677. He wrote a song about his mother(u don't get much sweeter than that)
  678. His blue eyes
  679. His light brown sometimes blond hair
  680. His belief in God
  681. The way he didn't let his heart problem stop him from achieving his dream
  682. Did i mention his soothing voice that is to die for??

    The following are from Sarah Lembke

  683. He has great eyes
  684. He is honest
  685. He is crazy
  686. He has a cute dog
  687. He has a cute butt
  688. He has a hot cousin
  689. He is nice
  690. He has a voice of an angel
  691. He is cool
  692. He doesn't swear alot
  693. His fav color is blue(a very cool color!)
  694. He is usually smiling
  695. He has a beautiful smile
  696. He has a cool name
  697. He has great hair
  698. He is short
  699. He is there for anybody
  700. He loves his fans
  701. He has strong beliefs
  702. Same religion as me!
  703. Dedicated to his work
  704. He writes great songs
  705. Very tough
  706. He plays basketball
  707. He is not racist
  708. He is very charming
  709. He has class
  710. He has manners
  711. Sexy body
  712. Doesn't always show off his muscles(although I kinda wish did sometimes!)
  713. Loves cheese(like me)
  714. Loves to be outdoors
  715. Country boy
  716. Grounded
  717. Not full of himself
  718. Thinks of others
  719. Looks good in whatever he wears
  720. Brave
  721. Kindhearted
  722. Doesn't do drugs
  723. Doesn't smoke
  724. Knows what it feels like to lose someone you love (his grandpa)
  725. Is a REAL person
  726. Has feelings
  727. Very understanding
  728. Love his nose
  729. I love his ears
  730. Loving hands
  731. He is a pisces
  732. His tattoo!
  733. His middle name is cute
  734. His is musical(like me)
  735. Plays the guitar
  736. Sings "thats what she said"
  737. Great writing abilities
  738. Great harmonizing skills
  739. Sexy
  740. Sexy blue eyes
  741. Loves his mom very much
  742. He is hot
  743. Dreamy
  744. His dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  745. Not perfect
  746. He acts like himself
  747. Can dress very well!
  748. Cute as a baby
  749. Hot as a teenager
  750. Down right sexy as an adult
  751. His teeth
  752. Facial structure

    The following are from bnb86

  753. Voice of an angel
  754. Talented singer and performer
  755. Writes awesome lyrics
  756. Great sense of humor
  757. Goofy expressions
  758. Those eyes
  759. Courage in performing so soon after major surgery
  760. Set up a foundation to help kids with congenital heart defect
  761. Dedicated to family
  762. Dedicated to profession
  763. Loves dogs
  764. A little guy that can shoot hoops
  765. He took Nick under his wing in the beginning when Nick was so young
  766. Quote: "looks like a field goal to me Bob-- and its goooodddd"
  767. Quote: "When you love someone, put their name in a circle, not a heart, because hearts can be broken but circles go on forever".
  768. Quote: "Howard--- censor"
  769. That smile
  770. His voice on the radio was the first thing that made me take notice of the BSB
  771. It was his interview on a talk show that reeled me in been a fan ever since!
  772. He is one fifth of an amazing vocal group that has brought me alot of happiness

    The following are from Grgr9654@aol.com

  773. Because he started a fund for kids with heart problems. (Awww!)
  774. Because he's kept the same hairstyle for many many years!
  775. His beautiful blue eyes.
  776. In the I Want It That way video, he's always wal'in around in the back with his hands in his pockets.
  777. How he wrote a song for his mommy...........how sweet!
  778. He plays video games with Nick.

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