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140 Reasons to love Kevin

The following are from Beth Stephenson [bsflow@hotmail.com]

  1. He is so sweet
  2. He is so kind, (i.e. how tender he is with his fans)
  3. He is so caring. (see above)
  4. He is the backbone of the BSB's. He is the one who keeps them serious at times.
  5. His voice
  6. His Piano Playing
  7. His writing talent
  8. His dancing
  9. His great body
  10. His beautiful eyes
  11. His sweet smile
  12. His generousity
  13. His shyness
  14. His continuous dedication
  15. His Style
  16. His dedication to the BSB
  17. His love for his fans
  18. How he has overcome the loss in his life. It is still with him, but he continues to go on. He accepts it, keeps it with him and still acknowledges it.
  19. His love for his family
  20. His love for the Boys
  21. His love for GOD.

    The following are from FricksAngel99@aol.com

  22. He boy is Buff!!
  23. Is sexy talking part in "I'll never break your heart!"

    The following are from jupiter4 [jupiter4@gateway.net]

  24. He's the "big brother" who's always watching you.
  25. He's got such a great look that even people like Versace and Hilfiger need him as a model.
  26. Any man who can wear a skirt and save face has my respect.
  27. He doesn't have to change his look every day.
  28. Going to the gym makes him feel better.
  29. He wantes to get "back to your heart."
  30. He's a certified ballroom dance instructor.
  31. He dated his girlfriend for seven years before being sure of marriage.
  32. He knows when to laugh and when to be serious.
  33. He's a perfectionist (like me).
  34. He's "tall, dark, and handsome."
  35. He was captain of his high school football team.
  36. He co-directed "The One."
  37. He's emotional.
  38. He's the poster-child for the "down-home country boy."
  39. His little dimples when he finally laughs.
  40. I've never heard a deeper voice.
  41. He opens doors and pulls out chairs for ladies (not that the other guys don't).
  42. He goes on shopping sprees in Milan.
  43. Admit it: he's got the best body YOU'VE ever seen.
  44. He gives amazing hugs (personal experience).
  45. He used to be the youngest of the family, now he's the oldest BSB and he knows what he put his brothers through. Can we say "payback"?
  46. He wants Lou Pearlman to "go away."
  47. His drawl while singing "Nobody But You."
  48. Two words: Green eyes.
  49. He's passionate.
  50. He wanted to be a pilot after seeing "Top Gun." (who didn't?)
  51. He was actually one of those people they pay to act like fools in costume at Disney.
  52. He wants to say hi to his new nephew, Will.
  53. Nick's immaturity makes him mad.
  54. He talks slow because he's thinking so hard about what he's saying.
  55. He admits to skinny-dipping.
  56. His "wounded little puppy" face can make anyone melt.
  57. Two words: Conrad Birdie.
  58. He bought his mom a new car because she's never had one before.
  59. He bought a place "to hang his hat."
  60. He was the only white boy at black clubs.
  61. He makes huge eyebrows look good.
  62. He somehow found time to judge the Miss USA Pageant.
  63. Brian is his cousin.
  64. He knows how to horseback ride.
  65. He's a Libra.
  66. He likes the color blue (like me).
  67. He likes to sleep in.
  68. He's stubborn and goes after what he wants.
  69. He likes his mom's cooking. (awwwwww)
  70. He ALWAYS knows what's going on in the group.
  71. He's not afraid to admit that his secret nickname is Boo Boo.
  72. He videotapes EVERYTHING.
  73. Because he wanted to jump in a palm tree during the California earthquake.

    The following are from LISA TUMIATI [lisatumi@tin.it]

  74. His eyes,
  75. His sexy, deep voice,
  76. His gorgeous body,
  77. The way he sings,
  78. The way he dances,
  79. His lips,
  80. His hands,
  81. When he says "i love you",
  82. He likes sports,
  83. He would like to have a family and children,
  84. The way he treats his fans,
  85. His character, the "daddy" of bsb,
  86. "Back to your heart"

    The following are from Nicole Brown [mocha_latina69@hotmail.com]

  87. He is tall
  88. He's Handsome
  89. Cause he has a cute name
  90. Cause he sings "Nobody but you"
  91. Cause he does that cute thing in the Orlando concert "SAY HO! HO!"
  92. Cause he as a tattoo in a nasty spot
  93. Cause he has a cat named Quincy
  94. He cries and he is not ashamed to say it
  95. Cause he is getting involved with enviromental causes
  96. He is very unsure of himself
  97. He talks real slow
  98. He used to play Aladdin (my favourite disney Movie)
  99. He is from Kentucky
  100. The way he dragged Brian out of class to join the group
  101. He does that cute thing with his face (Kevin face)'
  102. He plays the piano
  103. He used to live in a Log cabin that his father bulit
  104. He misses that his father didnt get to see how successful he has become
  105. He is totally a family guy
  106. He has that left over half shaven facial hair
  107. He is proud of AJ cause of how he is grown
  108. He believes that if you can dream it you can do it
  109. He is a Libra
  110. He has those beautiful green eyes
  111. (this is for you Dennetta) he has a sculpted chin
  112. His favourite food is his mom's cooking
  113. He tastes food from all the countries he goes to
  114. His secret nick name is "boo"
  115. His other nick name is Train
  116. He directed the video "the one"
  117. He wrote a song for his fiancee "back to your heart"
  118. He moved to Orlando to get over the death of his father
  119. He looks just lookes just like his father
  120. He used to play football in high school
  121. He was engaged to girl when he was in High school ( they borke up)
  122. He was very emotional when Brian had his surgery
  123. He is writting a song for the new album (I cant wait)
  124. Nick teaches him to be more relaxed and not so serious
  125. His first play was when he was in high school
  126. He wrote his first song at the age of 12 at summer camp
  127. He lived in Harrisburg Kentucky
  128. He lives with Howie and Brian (I dont know if he still does)
  129. He played Conway Birdy in "BYE BYE BIRDY"
  130. He is the baby of his family
  131. He says he used to get picked on by his brothers
  132. He was born in October
  133. He sings bass in BSB
  134. His tattoo is Japanese writting
  135. He was a model for Versace
  136. He is just Kevin

    The following are from kevinlover [kevinlover80@hotmail.com]

  137. I just think that his eyes are the best feature on his body along with his butt.
  138. He's better looking than J.C. Chasez
  139. He has no tattoo's.
  140. He's just so beautiful looking.

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