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320 Reasons to love the Backstreet Boys

The following are from Alison

  1. Individuality
  2. Brian
  3. His smooth beautiful voice
  4. Random acts of silliness
  5. Sweetness
  6. "And when he died..." (from the Grammy Performance)
  7. How he's ALWAYS chewing gum
  8. The Kentucky accent
  9. Lil Tyk Thomas
  10. His leg lifts when he sings
  11. "censored..."
  12. The crazy werewolf
  13. The hushpuppy king
  14. Kevin
  15. Deep sexy voice
  16. His part in the Grammys
  17. His chest
  18. His arms
  19. The way he sings "10,000 Promises"
  20. His piano playing ability
  21. "Back To Your Heart"
  22. The way he ALWAYS has a camera
  23. The way he called Nick "little bro" in the Germany concert
  24. The tight chaps he wears horse back riding
  25. The sexy Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  26. Nick
  27. The way he goes off during SMTM during the Grammy and MSB performance
  28. The haircut
  29. How well he's grown up
  30. Speech at the Billboards
  31. How adorable he was
  32. How handsome he is
  33. Drum playing ability
  34. Very passionate about singing
  35. Sleeping on the set of As Long As You Love Me
  36. Beautiful blue eyes
  37. The way he dresses when he goes to LA
  38. Kid Nicky
  39. The new picture of him in the black shirt
  40. His drum solo in Germany
  41. The adorable mummy
  42. Howie
  43. His part in the Grammy performance
  44. Sweetness
  45. His dancing ability
  46. His intense brown eyes
  47. Faces during the Everybody dance rehearsal
  48. The fro
  49. His long hair
  50. "i am way WAY uncool"
  51. His legs
  52. His arms
  53. The mesmerizing vampire
  54. AJ
  55. His sexy voice
  56. The bad-boy image
  57. The sweetness on the inside
  58. His big heart
  59. Love for hats
  60. Love for sunglasses
  61. Hair color changes
  62. Johnny No Name
  63. His dance ability
  64. The Phantom of the Opera
  65. Passionate
  66. Extremely talented
  67. Amazing voices
  68. The Grammy performance
  69. Men Strike Back
  70. Their ability to sing acappella
  71. The powerful and meaningful Show Me the Meaning Video
  72. The All I Have to Give hat dance
  73. Charities
  74. Larger Than Life--a tribute to the fans
  75. The Perfect Fan
  76. The Backstreet Project
  77. How they made their dreams come true
  78. How they brighten our day
  79. The pride they inspire
  80. How they can bring people together
  81. How hard they work
  82. The Everybody dance
  83. Their playfulness
  84. The beautiful lyrics
  85. The round stage
  86. Guido
  87. How they have matured
  88. How adorable they are
  89. Closeness to one another
  90. Elton John
  91. They are angels
  92. Improvisation
  93. How they take the jokes in stride (Howard Stern and Blink 182)
  94. Are not completely choreographed
  95. How they love their fans
  96. Support for each other (i.e.: Howie's golfing on the Fairway to Heaven)
  97. Brian and Kevin playing baseball on the set of As Long As You Love Me
  98. Reaction to the little girl on the View
  99. Don't Want You Back concert choreography
  100. The "Thank You" song (Kid's Choice Awards)
  101. Beauty inside and out
  102. The bowling
  103. "my brother phil, and my brother bill...don't make them angry"
  104. The commercials
  105. Facial expressions when they sang with Elton John
  106. Charisma on stage
  107. How they bring people into their shows
  108. Love for basketball
  109. How they work hard to create the very best
  110. "what time is it? it's time to go to work y'all! what kinda work? hard work!"
  111. Performance with Sting
  112. The way they sang the finale on Men Strike Back
  113. The January 2000 Rolling Stone cover
  114. Backstreet Time
  115. I Want It That Way at Men Strike Back
  116. The Night Out video
  117. The Everybody music video
  118. How human they are

    The Following are from Amber

  119. b/c from the moment I heard Brian sing "…when you look into my eyes…" I was hooked
  120. b/c I put so much time and effort into "Keeping the Backstreet Pride Alive" and then they go and write a song about that to thank me
  121. b/c when people called them a one hit wonder they just kept "coming back again"
  122. b/c Brian jokes about his nostrils, Kevin about his eyebrows and A.J. about his hair
  123. b/c B-rok just cannot resist the urge to randomly say "Hello" to the thousands of fans waving at him
  124. b/c Kevin so carefully thinks about every word that comes out of his mouth
  125. b/c Nick "needs me tonight"
  126. b/c Howie looks at girls’ pants
  127. b/c Howie giggles when he thanks the fans 1000’s of times
  128. b/c Kevin scratches his left eyebrow with his right thumb in between songs
  129. b/c Nick falls down all of the time
  130. b/c the width of Nick’s back is 371/2 inches
  131. b/c they wanna "have a party"
  132. b/c they want to leave their label b/c of that other group
  133. b/c A.J. wore a half-shirt to show us all his "69" tattoo
  134. b/c they recognize their band
  135. b/c Brian’s not afraid to show off Leigh Ann
  136. b/c Howie wants bacon, eggs, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, guacamole…
  137. b/c A.J. wants to cook us breakfast, lunch and dinner
  138. b/c Nick wants to kiss us, kiss us, kiss us and kiss us
  139. b/c Brian will B-rokin’ our house
  140. b/c they love their fans
  141. b/c they wear tennis shoes with suits
  142. b/c A.J. insists on wearing sunglasses even if it’s raining outside
  143. b/c they fight to keep the ticket prices down
  144. b/c Kevin constantly reminds us that Brian is his cousin
  145. b/c they "might break down and cry just like a child"
  146. b/c Howie signs his name with a smile
  147. b/c Kevin signs his name with a peace sign
  148. b/c they have puppies
  149. b/c they don’t use Christmas to make money and only have 1 Christmas song which I’ve only seen on a charity album
  150. b/c of the Brian Littrell Endowment fund
  151. b/c of the Caroline Cochran Lupus Memorial Foundation
  152. b/c Brian’s not too "big" to speak at the YMCA
  153. b/c they raised thousands of dollars for hurricane victims
  154. b/c they postponed their show for the safety of their fans
  155. b/c they want to find a way "back to your heart"
  156. b/c A.J. tries to strangle Guido
  157. b/c they fly
  158. b/c Howie throws white roses to us
  159. b/c they’re not too good to appear on a juice box
  160. b/c Brian and Nick go together like Frick and Frack
  161. b/c A.J. got his foot run over by a van
  162. b/c Brian nearly risked his health for us the fans and was on stage again only a few months after his major surgery
  163. b/c they actually read our signs at concerts
  164. b/c A.J. and Nick have a fascination with pouring water everywhere
  165. b/c they almost called the album "Larger Than Life" but they didn’t want people to think they were full of themselves
  166. b/c Brian and Nick play with our stuffed animals
  167. b/c Kevin modeled for Versace
  168. b/c Brian looked like a corncob
  169. b/c A.J. acts like Madonna
  170. b/c Brian acts like Jim Carrey
  171. b/c Kevin was once a Ninja Turtle and Aladdin
  172. b/c they’ve "got it goin’ on for years"
  173. b/c they were almost called the Flea Market Boys
  174. b/c they recorded "A Night Out With the Backstreet Boys" to prove that they were actually talented
  175. b/c they danced in the rain
  176. b/c they all get along
  177. b/c Kevin rolled up his right pant leg on MTV’s Spring Break ’98 performance of "Everybody"
  178. b/c their harmonies brought tears to my eyes when I first heard them sing "Just To Be Close To You" live
  179. b/c they’re not typical
  180. b/c A.J. is my bad boy
  181. b/c Brian is my goofy boy
  182. b/c Howie is my sweet boy
  183. b/c Kevin is my sexy boy
  184. b/c Nick is my cute boy
  185. b/c they drink milk
  186. b/c Howie and me both use Crest toothpaste
  187. b/c of A.J.’s sexual nature
  188. b/c they play basketball, baseball, golf and football
  189. b/c Kevin was elected almost everything in high school and was captain of the football team
  190. b/c Kevin randomly rode a horse through New York City
  191. b/c Nick plays it off with a smile
  192. b/c they do meet and greets
  193. b/c they did their MTV Top 40 Videos at my first concert on July 15, 1998
  194. b/c they’re not perfect
  195. b/c A.J. embarrasses Howie in public
  196. b/c they collect their own memorabilia, have their own scrapbooks and Howie and Kevin videotape everything
  197. b/c Nick collects Beanie Babies
  198. b/c they go to McDonald’s like normal people
  199. b/c Nick still sings "Let’s Have a Party" even though Tommy says it's too high for him
  200. b/c Nick is the one talking into a hairbrush and then proceeds to call Howie the dumbass
  201. b/c Howie sends out his hugs, kisses and cookies
  202. b/c A.J. whispers "Damn! I love you!"
  203. b/c Brian quotes the Bible
  204. b/c even when Brain is being rebellious he does it in a religious way (his tattoo)
  205. b/c Nick has a shark on his arm and a music note on his back
  206. b/c A.J. has tattoos everywhere
  207. b/c Howie and Kevin don’t have tattoos
  208. b/c they spell Millennium with 2 ll’s
  209. b/c Nick wrote us a message in a secret code
  210. b/c they once locked Nick out of the dressing room in only his underwear
  211. b/c they play "QPG" in concert
  212. b/c they lose to the band during food fights
  213. b/c Brian and Kevin are from Kentucky
  214. b/c Nick is from New York
  215. b/c Howie and A.J. are from Florida
  216. b/c they rule TRL
  217. b/c "I Want It That Way"
  218. b/c "That’s the Way I Like It"
  219. b/c "As Long As There’ll Be Music…   (You know the rest!)
  220. The following are from Rachel

  221. They're soulful guys who sing from the heart.
  222. They have given young people a dream to latch on to.
  223. They do charity work for kids, diseases, and natural disaster victims.
  224. They are sooooo hot!
  225. They never complain about all the work they have to do.
  226. They are constantly thinking about their fans, and would never do something to disappoint them.
  227. They're actually TALENTED, unlike SOME boy bands... a few names come to mind...
  228. They can admit their mistakes when they're wrong.
  229. They put their all into the concerts they do to keep their fans "as well as themselves -- musically satisfied" (AJ said that!)
  230. They have struggled to get to the top and deserve all recognition they receive!
  231. They are clean-cut guys. You'll never hear them degrading women, singing about drugs, or carry a "parental advisory -- explicit lyrics" label.
  232. They haven't let the fame go to their heads, they are still down to earth and know without God, none of this would've happened.
  233. They are individual, and don't let what other people say affect what they do. AJ now has 10 tattoos, but if it was up to the management -- they wouldn't have any marks on any of the boys.
  234. They get home sick like anyone would and try to make it home for major holidays.
  235. They keep religious values in their lives.
  236. They can vary their music. If you listen to the CD, one minute you're jumping around the house, the next, you're crying your eyes out knowing there are guys who actually feel this way.
  238. They all blend their harmonies together to create the most beautiful sound on earth.
  239. They're learning how to play instruments to intensify concerts.
  240. Their concerts are the BEST!
  241. Their videos kick butt!
  242. Their CD is da bomb -- and the fans can't wait for the new one to come out!
  243. Their songs rock!
  244. Their clothes rock!
  245. Their style in general ROX!
  246. Their voices are great and make the fans melt like butt-ah...
  247. They love us as much as we love them!
  248. Their love for music shows in all they do!
  249. They are lovable guys and are incredible PEOPLE! (don't you agree?)
  250. Don't you just LOVE the way AJ is constantly changing his hair style?
  251. Brian is so funny and will light up your heart with that warm smile!
  252. Kevin is such a softy -- who isn't afraid to cry if he needs to!
  253. Howie is super sweet -- that's why they call him Sweet D.!
  254. Nick is a video game fanatic -- you can play with him all day!
  255. AJ is the romantic type, and has written more than 30 poems since the tender age of 15.
  256. Brian wanted to play for the NBA. Who doesn't love an athletic guy?
  257. Kevin was engaged at one point in his life. This shows the commitment side of him!
  258. Howie always is the last on the tour bus or last on his way to a concert -- 'cuz he's always signing autographs for his loving fans!
  259. Nick and his blue eyes -- need I say more?
  260. The way AJ's sexy voice sends tingles down your spine - *Sigh*
  261. Brian grew up singing in choir and still goes to church when he can. Wouldn't you just LOVE to bring this lovable guy home to Mum and Dad?
  262. Kevin has INCREDIBLE eyes!
  263. The way Howie's dark Latin looks make your heart skip a beat!
  264. Nick is super close with his brother, Aaron! Isn't that sooo sweet?
  265. AJ's idea of a perfect date is doing whatever the girl wants to do. How sweet is he?
  266. Brian believes everyday is a gift from God and you ought to make the most of it.
  267. Kevin is the father-figure of the group, and always makes sure the group is where they're supposed to be, and at the right time!
  268. Howie dedicated the American Music Award for "Best Album" to his late sister Caroline, who died of Lupus He loved her dearly and if he isn't sweet -- no one is!
  269. The way Nick waves his hand through his hair -- I know it makes Me crazy!
  270. AJ's funky jewelry -- don't you just Love seeing what he'll do next?
  271. They're in awesome shape... they can sign and danceat the same time without getting winded.
  272. Brian's deep blue eyes -- you just melt every time!
  273. Girls loved Kevin even in high school. He was voted most popular and played on the football team.
  274. Howie is the neutral one in the group. He's the mediator who will calm things down. So it'll be awfully hard to get into an argument with this sweetie!
  275. Nick and that voice -- oh baby!
  276. AJ's mom chaperoned them on their overseas tours. But even this didn't stop this Ham from doing what he wanted! When that boy sets his mind on something...
  277. The way Brian hits that high note in "I'll Never Break Your Heart" and the way he squints his eyes in the video!
  278. Kevin is incredibly strong. He lost his father in 1991 and continued to follow his dream. How does he do it?
  279. Howie once cooked dinner bbq style for his girlfriend and then took her out to the local airport and watched the airplanes pass overhead. Awww....
  280. Nick used to stand on a tree stump and pretend the grass was his audience. He used to sing to it! How cute was that?
  281. AJ used to have a blankie he carried with him everywhere, until a maid accidentally threw it out. Poor Bone...
  282. Brian is best friends with Nick and says he's the younger brother he never had.
  283. Besides being a sweetie, Kevin has SUCH a killer body...! *Sigh*
  284. Howie too!! He shows off that wonderful chest of his whenever possible! Concerts, videos, *Sigh*
  285. Nick and that killer smile he does in "All I have to Give...". When he goes..." I don't know / what he does to make you cry / but I'll be there to make you smile..." Those dimples! Aaahhh!
  286. AJ and his puppy-brown eyes... when he looks at the camera and just has that flirty TAKE-ME-NOW look in his eyes... that is, of course, when he's not wearing sunglasses!
  287. Brian is ultra-close to his parents... he'd do anything for them.
  288. Kevin loved football in high school, but one of his favorite classes back then was theater. How variable!
  289. Sorry - I gotta go back to AJ for a sec ... look at the #... AJ has that # on one of his jerseys and he has a hat with 1969 on it ...
  290. Howie's big brown eyes ... you can just stare into them all day!
  291. The way Nick hums in "As Long as you love me" during Brian's verse! " . . . Feels like its deep within me (now Nick) - Hmmmm doesn't really matter if your on the run ..." Aaahhh!
  292. Everyone knows what a big flirt AJ is. He has more girlfriends than guy-friends, because he's not into sports too much. This shows he can hang with guys, but can understand girls too. Can't beat that!
  293. B-rok is a practical joker, and loves a good prank. We can guess what one of his favorite holidays are!
  294. In his spare time, Kevin likes working in his garden! How much patience does this guy have?
  295. Howie likes helping his mom with Saturday morning breakfast! He really is SWEET D.!
  296. Nicky doesn't go anywhere without his N64 or PlayStation! Gee ...all he needs is a Saturn!
  297. AJ has a secret passion to start a dance club. Could it be because this hottie loves dancing himself?
  298. Brian loves to go to wrestling events, so this guy can have a date anywhere - he's so flexible!
  299. Country-boy Kevin loves his mom's cooking, and whenever he's able to - he has her chili! Better tell your mom to grab a cookbook, because when he comes over to YOUR house -- you're gonna want him to feel at home!
  300. Howie and those high HIGH HIGH notes he hits!!!!!!! The Flying Falsetto!
  301. Nick was born in the same hospital as Lucille Ball. Maybe the hospital has a reputation of delivering funny people!
  302. AJ's first serious kiss was through a metal link fence ... nothing can get between that man and his love!
  303. Brian loves Chihuahuas, and even once joked about wanting to adopt the "Taco Bell" Dog, Gidget!
  304. Kevin's sexy talking voice in INBYH, AIHTG conversational mix, Darlin', and plenty of others. *Sigh* how killer is his voice?!?! Now if they can only get this hottie to sing a solo.... HeHe!
  305. Howie and AJ first met auditioning for numerous parts, and when they competed in a talent show and AJ won -- Howie was among the first to congratulate him! There ya have it -- Sweet D. JUST got sweeter!
  306. Nicky was a little ham when he was a baby! He'd put on a show for anyone who would watch! Who wouldn't?
  307. AJ is a party animal who never runs out of batteries!
  308. Brian had to raise money for his car, so he helped out at church, singing at weddings and even a waiter -- just for his car! Determined thing-- ain't he?
  309. Kevin's nickname really resembles his attitude. Train -- once he starts -- there's NO stopping him!
  310. Whether its straight and back, curly and let loose, or cut short, Howie is a definite freak about his hair! The guys play with him and mess up his hair because they say he's funny when he's mad!
  311. Nick and his sporty wardrobe. Whether its a jersey, or he's wearing sport labels ... he's always hot!
  312. Despite his bad boy image - AJ admits wholeheartedly that he's a major romantic. He recalls a situation he had himself mailed to his girlfriends house and he popped out with 2 dozen roses for the lucky gal. SIGH...Hey - If any guys are reading this - you should be taking notes... (haha)
  313. Brian and that HEAVEN SENT voice! (sorry if I mentioned that before ... but his voice is INCREDIBLE...!)
  314. Kevin has taken the father figure head of the group and is really made for it ... he's always keeping the other guys in line, making sure they're where they're supposed to be, when they're supposed to be. However, Brian says that gets out of hand sometimes -- "He's a perfectionist" the bandmates claim!
  315. Howie and his family knew he was destined to sing - when he was 3 years old (aawww...) he got on the edge of his grandparents bed and had a play guitar and sang "Babyface". In a word... aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww!!!!
  316. Nick says in his spare time -- there's almost nothing he'd rather do than spend time with his family -- he misses them when he's on the road.
  317. They all make sure to thank their fans after appearances -- they know without us (and God) they wouldn't be where they are. The funny thing is -- after a concert, or reading the "thank yous" on the CD booklet, and they thank you, you're thinking "NO -- thank YOU!!!!!!"
  318. They've said the fans reaction is the most rewarding thing.
  319. They haven't let the success go to their heads yet. They are still VERY in touch with their families and friends back home (the guys say AJ's phone bill is huge!)
  320. ONE MORE TIME -- how FLY are they??????!!!!!!!!!??????
  321. They haven't let the pigeonholing let them down. They started as an R&B group, but their management geared them towards pop. Then because of their looks, the press "pigeonholed" them into the boy band music group category. Still throughout all this, they have stayed true to each other and stayed a group. This is an excellent example of their loyalty to each other -- as well as their fans!

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