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100 Reasons to love Howie

The following are from Kelcey

  1. Because he is 5'7"
  2. Because his favorite color is PURPLE
  3. Because he is half Irish
  4. Because he is half Puerto Rican
  5. Because his eyes are brown
  6. Because he can hit all the high notes
  7. Becausehe has a great sense of style
  8. Because his nick name is "Howie D"
  9. Because he speakes spanish
  10. Because he is a Leo
  11. Because the vein is his forehead that pops out when he sings
  12. Because he waas bor in Florida
  13. Because he used to be a Gummi Freak (as in gummi bears!)
  14. Because he is "Mr. Mediator"
  15. Because he loves to water ski
  16. Because he sings "My heart stays with you"
  17. Because he says he is "too insecure"
  18. Because he was born in August
  19. Because his hair is curly (just like mine)
  20. Because he never goes to bed without doing his sit-ups and crunches
  21. Because he drives a Mazda 626
  22. Because he was in the movie "Parenthood"
  23. Because he always winks
  24. Because he loves swimming
  25. Because he was a "wiz" at math (um I need some help)
  26. Because he dreams of a Catholic wedding
  27. Because he also dreams of having 3 kids (just like me)
  28. Because his middle name is Dwaine
  29. Because he like checking out the local food
  30. Because he helps out his sis Pollyanna
  31. Because he looks good with his shirt open
  32. Because he makes a good comic book charachter
  33. Because he has no tattos
  34. Because he likes raquetball (isn't that like tennis?)
  35. Because of his dance moves
  36. Because he loves his fans
  37. Because of the way he sings "surrender" in SMTMOBL
  38. Because of his belife in GOD
  39. Because he wears sixe nine shoes
  40. Because of his puppy dog eyes
  41. Because fame hasn't changed nim
  42. Because he started a fund for Lupus
  43. Because he loves his family
  44. Because he sometime losses his luggage
  45. Because his stage name was "Tony Donetti"
  46. Because he like Boyz II Men
  47. Because he was a cute baby
  48. Because of his goatee thingy
  49. Because he plays the guitar
  50. Because he is serious
  51. Because he likes ambiotios girls
  52. Because he has BSB boxers (don't we all?)
  53. Because his sisters' dog name is "Oscar"
  54. Because his favorite movie is "Willy Wonka and the Choclate Factory"
  55. Because he sang in his school choir
  56. Because he is the shortest BSB
  57. Because he is some what of a perfectonist
  58. Because of the way he sings "beautiful" in Spanish Eyes
  59. Because he is a profesional dancer
  60. Because he makes a great Santa
  61. Because he did community theater
  62. Because he looks perfect in a towel
  63. Because he did Disney World commercials
  64. Because he like tom Hanks
  65. Because he like girls with a great sense of humor (Moo Haha
  66. Because of the way he signs his name
  67. Because his fave colonge is "CKone"
  68. Because he is so romantic
  69. Because he looks nice in a tux
  70. Because he knew Nick and AJ when they were younger
  71. Because he was a munchkin in the "Wizard of Oz"
  72. Because he is a sensative guy
  73. Because his other nick-name is "Latin Lover"
  74. Because he wanted to be a police officer (help help)
  75. Because he loves to give girls flowers (a dozen purple roses please)
  76. Because his eyes melt heart
  77. Because he was so evil looking on "Roswell" (but he is the cutest evil looking person)
  78. Because he wears a baseball cap when he goes out in public
  79. Because he makes a great vampire (he can bit my neck any time)
  80. Because he screams funny (In the Backstreet?s Back video)
  81. Because he looks nice in cornrows
  82. Because he loves to film stuff (On tour he is always going around with his camera)
  83. Because he collects elephant stuff for his mom
  84. Because he encouraged BSB to sing in Spanish (Yo querio Howie ?D?)
  85. Because he likes to travel
  86. Because he is spoiled in love (awwwww how sweet)
  87. Because he has a big heart
  88. Because he went to Edgewater High School
  89. Because when he was 12 he took vocal lessons
  90. Because he was in the movie ?Cop and a Half?
  91. Because he was a peer counselor
  92. Because he attended acting classes
  93. Because he doesn?t do drugs
  94. Because he has a 2 yr. Associates degree in the Arts
  95. Because he was in a group called "Show Stoppers" (what?s the difference w/ BSB?)
  96. Because he was on the show "Welcome Freshmen"
  97. Because he has a silly side
  98. Because he had rabbits when he was little
  99. Because he doesn't do drugs
  100. Because he completes the Backstreet boys!

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