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101 Reasons to love AJ

The following are from XPoLoX2079@aol.com

  1. The first thing that ever attracted me to AJ: He's GHETTO!
  2. The way he dies his hair funky colors.
  3. How he's not afraid to be different in the way he dresses, looks, or acts.
  4. His tattoos are so damn sexy.
  5. His favorite number is 69.
  6. How he considers his mom his best friend.
  7. His first kiss was when he was four and the girl punched him in the stomach.
  8. The next time he kissed someone was through a chain link fence and he got a mark around his mouth from it.
  9. Bone, Boner-either way they're damn sexy nicknames!
  10. He's a Micky D's addict! Awww!
  11. His smart-ass comments! I.e. "Nicky is playing w/something." "Yea, probably himself."
  12. The way his lips curl when he's singing.
  13. How his teeth are so straight and his 2 front teeth are a little longer then the rest.
  14. His perfectly trimmed facial hair.
  15. His little muscles. They're there, he's just a little AJ'ers, w/little arms, so they get little muscles. Am I making sense?
  16. He wears Tommy.
  17. His nipples and belly button are so wonderful!
  18. His nose is wonderful and should never be changed!
  19. His sexy, soulful, brown eyes.
  20. Pelvic thrusts-enough said.
  21. He wears beaters! Humina!
  22. Ok, he calls fans up and sings to them in their answering machine! Aww!
  23. His idea of romance is reading his poetry to someone he loves.
  24. His favorite movie to watch w/a girl is Ghost, which is my favorite movie since age 6!
  25. He cries when he watches Ghost. Don't be sad AJ!
  26. His amazing dancing skills. Work it AJ!
  27. His high school picture. So cute!
  28. His hands are so sexy.
  29. So are his feet.
  30. When he pouts his lips I just want to cover him in kisses.
  31. When he raps, God! I love it!
  32. How he's ruthless when he gets wet. J
  33. His leopard print things. I have a leopard fetish now!
  34. In INBYH after the part where he's like "As time moves.." and he goes "Baby, Baby."
  35. He loves to shop, come shop w/me! We have the same style!
  36. He likes to go clubbing.
  37. He's always wearing sandals and socks. I love it!
  38. In the Disney Concert when he goes "Shake your butt!"
  39. In the same concert he stands up and goes "Whoa, I got up a little too fast."
  40. He calls Nick Nicky-Nick sometimes.
  41. His dogs, Panda and Bear are almost as cute as him!
  42. How he says he missed out on prom and high school-come to prom w/me AJ!
  43. He always gets the same thing at McDonald's-Double Quarter Pounder w/Cheese, large fries, large coke, large ice tea.(no lemon)
  44. He sleeps nakie sometimes!
  45. His humping of the floor in Lay Down Besides Me is wonderful.
  46. He's happiest on stage. AJ's happy, I'm happy.
  47. The way he doesn't like his nose and says he wants to change it.
  48. His "bad boy" act in Hi Honey I'm Home.
  49. The warm fuzzy feelings I get whenever I think about him.
  50. The awesome hats he's always finding.
  51. The cute little picture of him as a baby in his bathtub.
  52. How he never shows his teeth when he smiles but when he does it's so irresistibly cute.
  53. He likes to play pool, which is an awesome game.
  54. Those great mesh shirts he always wears, showing off his body.
  55. His tummy!
  56. The vein in his neck that always gets big when he's singing.
  57. How he was all nervous when he first did "it."
  58. The cute little voices he's always doing.
  59. The way he hasn't let success go to his head, he's still the same AJ McLean.
  60. How he's an admitted big mouth.
  61. He's the biggest flirt in the group.
  62. How great he looks w/blonde hair and dark roots.
  63. How graduating from high school meant so much to him.
  64. How he was taught to respect women.
  65. He has more gal pals then guy buds.
  66. How he always tries to make a fans day, whether it be just by a smile or an autograph, or anything.
  67. How he likes to tell stories to everybody, even if they've already heard them.
  68. He's always talking, he never shuts up. Aww.
  69. In the Disney Concert when he points at that fan and goes, "Brian, this is the perfect fan."
  70. The way he insanely cackles at the beginning of Larger Than Life.
  71. The way his voice is all raspy. It's so sexy!
  72. The part in Larger Than Life when he goes "That's right!"
  73. In I Want It That Way at the very beginning when he goes "Yea."
  74. In the same song at the end when he goes "Cause I want it that way!"
  75. In the video for I Want It That Way, when Kevin begins his solo AJ's doing this cute little dance w/his shoulders.
  76. The way his voice sounds at the end of Get Down when he goes "I feel in heaven when I look in your eyes, I know that you are the one for me." The one for me part sounds so cute!
  77. How he acts so cute in the All Access video!
  78. His little dances you catch him doing in the homecoming concert.
  79. In the same concert when he goes "Bass me, I've been bassed! HaHa!"
  80. How he can never stay still! He's always dancing or something.
  81. He had a blankie until he it was thrown out by a maid.
  82. Now he plays w/his clothes when he gets nervous.
  83. The way AJ gets totally crazy when he's on stage. You can tell he's in his element.
  84. In the 98 MTV VMA's when his hair was blue, he reminded me of Grover. J
  85. In the Disney concert when they are singing The Perfect Fan AJ does that little walking thing w/his fingers.
  86. The way he makes me jump every time I see him on TV.
  87. The face he makes in the Disney concert when Howie is talking about them rotating rooms.
  88. In the Disney concert again when they are bowling, he's just cute the entire time.
  89. How he always wears cool sunglasses.
  90. How he drives an Expedition. I love that car.
  91. His awesome jewelry! I love it!
  92. How he makes me want to jump on him. AJ!!!
  93. How every song someway reminds me of what I feel for him.
  94. How he has secretly helped me through so many things in my life w/out even known it.
  95. How he makes me want to give him a HUGE hug and a kiss!
  96. The way he treats his girl like a princess.
  97. The way he makes me want to be HIS girl.
  98. How he can make something as boring as watching TV worthwhile just because he'd be there.
  99. The way you can tell he puts his heart and soul into his work.
  100. How he does what he does so beautifully, its indescribable.
  101. The way he's my world, my everything, and how I can love every little aspect of him. He's my sun, my moon, my stars. AJ, I love you!

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