Will they win the Grammy this year?

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Submitted by Megan from CowTown/ BSBville (to me anywayz...) CA USA
Date: Tue Feb 20 21:15:56 2001

Of course they'll be winning that Grammy!! "SMTMOBL" is a real quality song...based on experiences (like in the vid!), and "Bye, Bye, Bye" is well, just...another over-played song that shouldn't even be considered for a friggin' Grammy. BSB kix --- 4ever! HAPPY B-DAY BRI! LUV YA!

Submitted by Emory from Orlando FL USA
Date: Tue Feb 20 19:38:38 2001

Hey, I've already written in here, but I just wanted to say (AGAIN!) that Backstreet Boys definitley deserve this Grammy! Last year they were nominated against people like Santana, and that's an honor right there! This year the competition isn't too steep, and anybody in their right mind would pick BSB over the other competition! This is their time to shine, c'mon boys you have millions of people here cheering for ya! =) KTBSPA!
I love you Brian, happy birthday!

Submitted by Laura from Greenwood IN USA
Date: Tue Feb 20 18:59:32 2001

I really think they will win this. =) Even though I hate the Grammys, I will admit they are pretty good at picking out vocal talent, and even a moron could realize how much more in sync (heh heh heh) BSB is over N Sync. If N Sync wins, heads will roll. There's no harmony, no balance, it's just JC, Justin, and the other 3 wayyy over-paid singers. Everyone has a solo in "SMTMOBL" for BSB, there are multiple harmonies, and it's a much better quality song than "Bye Bye Bye". =)

Submitted by ASM from Georgia USA
Date: Tue Feb 20 18:22:28 2001

The backstreet boys deserve to win more than anything. They have dozens of other awards, and they need a grammy to add to those other awards. Unfortunately I do not trust the Grammy awards. I personally feel that they have very poor judgement. They often shun groups that have successful record sales, rather than awarding them. Santana had good sales, very true, but not as good as the backstreet boys. I don't beleive he deserved to win all the grammies that he won last year. After watching last year's show, I told myself I would never watch the grammy's show again. I want the boys to will, there is a glimmer of hope in my heart that they will win, but I don't have faith in the organization of the grammy's. To me, it doesn't matter what the boys win--I will always love them. I want them to have the respect they deserve, but I don't think a grammy will get them that. Time will, and in time I know they will eventually win a grammy, although I pray it will be tomorrow night. They poured their heart and soul into that song, and it rises above all the rest in the category. If the boys do not win tomorrow night, my only hope is that N*Sync will also lose. I will not deny their talent, but N*Sync wouldn't be here without backstreet; It would kill the boys and me to see that they would win a grammy first. They partially owe their success to BSB. I want the boys to win, and I hope they do--they deserve it so much! Happy Birthday Brian!!

Submitted by Sherry Littrell from Massachusetts USA
Date: Tue Feb 20 18:03:12 2001

I think the boys have a good chance of winning the Grammy that they are nominated for. Even though *NSYNC has the so-called "record" of most albums sold, they have been off to a bad year. First of all, the first TRL of the year, "This I Promise You" was number 3!! Then, they got sued for like the ten millionth time and the whole thing with Justin and Britney. Well, we gotta pray that stuff like that will keep happening and that the boys will take home the award that they deserve!

Happy Birthday, Brian
I LOVE you more than anybody on this planet!!!

Submitted by annie from kutf ijhgp79 Columbia
Date: Tue Feb 20 17:40:49 2001

i have a feling, that this year, backstreet boys will win a grammy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that will me the best present for brian in his birthday!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY B-ROK!!! i wish all your dreams come true!! i love you!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Lindsey from CT USA
Date: Tue Feb 20 17:25:30 2001

Of course they're going to win Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely is so more vocally challenging Nsycs BYE BYE BYE isn't and the rest arent as popular. But anything can happen.

Submitted by Tina from Georgetown Guyana
Date: Tue Feb 20 16:39:09 2001

I believe that the Backstreet Boys CAN win the Grammy Award, this year.
They are all very talented and produce very good music. Looking back in 1993,
it's obvious that they have worked so hard to become where they are today-
truly talented singers that love what they do! Yes, that's basically it- to sum it all up.
I'm not being negative, but some things don't always work out the way we expect, right?
Anything is possible- they could win and they could not. I mean, if they don't win, there is always
some other time. No singer can really make everyone happy- that's impossible! As much as I love them,
I will admit that they can't even make everyone happy. People are totally different and therefore see
things differently and enjoy different music. The point I'm making is that the Backstreet Boys aren't perfect, they're just normal human beings like we are and I just want them to know that I'm one of the millions of fans out there who would just like to wish them Good Luck! And I really wish them all the luck in the music business, especially because they truly deserve it!
By the way, today is February 20th and I just think it's an appropriate time to wish Brian Littrell "Happy Birthday!" * Hey, wouldn't it be a cool gift for Brian if they win the Grammy Award??!!!* He's 26 and Nick recently turned 21! Whoah... they really aren't "boys" anymore. Taking the name "Backstreet Boys" into consideration. That just shows that they really have grown musically!
Anyway, this is really long so I think I'll stop here ( can you tell that I talk a lot??!! ha!ha!). I really wish the Backstreet Boys all the success in the music business and I look forward to more wonderful music and albums from them Now and FOREVER!!
KEEPING THE BACKSTREET PRIDE ALIVE! ( in guyana,South America! ha!ha! hopefully they might visit my country sometime :)


Submitted by BSB'z Gal from USA
Date: Tue Feb 20 16:25:31 2001

I have a good....GREAT feeling that they'll win this year. Happy Birthday Brian! KTBSPA!!!!!

Submitted by Nikki Littrell ;) from TROY MI USA
Date: Tue Feb 20 15:35:15 2001

HEY BSB FANS!! WOoOOoo!! I think bsb will win this year cuz they kick ass!!! AWE YEAH!!! happy birthday 2 baby duck!! I LOVE U!!! i hope all ur dreams come true!!! i went 2 the feb 15 concert in MI e-mail me if u went!!!

Submitted by Joana from Canada
Date: Mon Feb 19 02:32:12 2001

I sure hope so but it's hard to tell with thefolks at the Grammys.

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