Will they win the Grammy this year?

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Submitted by lajodag from USA
Date: Sat Jan 13 00:08:11 2024

Absolutely, I totally agree! The Backstreet Boys have shown incredible dedication and talent throughout their career. | www.drywallcorpuschristi.com

Submitted by Erlina Sari from Banjarmasin South Kalimantan Indonesia
Date: Tue Feb 2 02:27:59 2010

It's me again, I just want to correct my opinion before, I mean they're the biggest selling vocal group of all time.

Submitted by Erlina Sari from Banjarmasin Indonesia
Date: Tue Feb 2 02:03:02 2010

It's 2010 now, but I still wonder, why are the Backstreet Boys never been get the Grammy? what's wrong with them? coz they labeled as a "boyband"? their music suck?. I'm a loyal fan of them since 1997, so I learned how they work so hard over the years to be who they are today, they've been in the music industry for more than 10 years and not only 2 or 3 years, their music is great whatever it sound, they have prove that they aren't just a "boyband" coz all of them can sing and their vocal harmonies are incredible, they never lip syncing in their live show eventhough they must singing and dancing at the same time, and the fact is they're the biggest selling of all time, so they really deserve Grammy!.

Submitted by soso from Doha Qatar Qatar
Date: Sun Jan 8 13:59:27 2006

of cours they will!!!!
they are the baaaaaaaack streeeeet booooyz

Submitted by michelle from Canada
Date: Tue Jan 29 16:35:07 2002

hell yes!!!!!! n if they don't i will personally go there n kick there ass (whoeva didn't make them win) b-cuz they so deserve it!
micha xoxo

Submitted by ~*LiLi*~ from Alabama USA
Date: Sun Jan 20 23:50:33 2002

I hope so!! Last year some Native American group one... I'm really sorry to say this, I'm a musician and know how much work things take, but I can chant and "hayayaya!!!" if you know what I mean.. I'd do it right now if it weren't like 11 PM.. Eminem didn't deserve a freaking Grammy... my gosh he insulted them!! And they give it to him?? MY GOSH OHHH and he makes fun of gays and popstars, and he sings with a gay pop singer (I'm in NO WAY insulting Elton John... he's very talented and I respect him for that). But Backstreet better win this year! They sing beautifully... I mean if Britney who can't really sing well can get up against the Primadonna of all (Madonna), and NSync can get a good nomination (they're talented, but have a very immature, whiney sound), then Backstreet deserves to win!!

Submitted by gdss from Australia
Date: Sun Jan 13 18:04:04 2002

They do deserve a grammy but I dout that they will win this year.Its one of their goals and if they dont get the grammy they will try next year

Submitted by Sabihah from Kuala Lumpur Wilayah Persekutuan Malaysia
Date: Thu Nov 15 09:04:13 2001

Did they win Grammy for this year?


Submitted by C.J Bone BSB #1 Fan from Cincinnati Ohio USA
Date: Sat Mar 17 14:17:19 2001

I think that The One and Only Backstreet Boys should of won a grammy award for their hard work over the past 8 yrs. as they been together as a group.

Submitted by lili from Birmingham Alabama USA
Date: Wed Mar 7 21:01:51 2001

BSB didn't win, I know, but they really should have! They have excellent harmonies, melodies, and you can really see that their talent comes from the heart. I am really disappointed they didn't win. They better win next year!

Submitted by Ayashi from Australia
Date: Wed Feb 28 07:58:29 2001

It was so NOT FAIR!! The BSB deserved that Grammy alright!!! Even articules (somewhere, i don't remember) said the boys should win!!! and as it turned out... they didn't!!!
THe judges must not have liked the boys or something... they deserve everything bit of that award!! and if wanna kno (the person below me) they weren't at the Grammy, I don't think (they are on tour, remember?) and I don't think N'sin got an award (they don't deserve it anyway)

Submitted by fiona from Australia
Date: Fri Feb 23 22:53:32 2001

i just watched the Grammys the other day and i didnt exactly watch all of it, just half, but i missed the best bits! when they were presenting the award for best vocal performance! were bsb even there? i didnt see them through the whole show. where did they sit? did *NSYNC win an award? i am kicking myself right now. through reading all the messages it turns out they didnt win...again??? i am disapointed they didnt win. they deserved, earned it, they've worked so hard for it. i really thought they would win. this is the third time in a row. they shouldve won it last year but that stupid santana (hasnt he won enough?) and the year before was lauryn hill. sorry for going on and on. im just really really really angry and devastated. :( oh well, maybe next year. i will never give up on hope for the boys.

Submitted by Liz from nowheres ville Californa USA
Date: Thu Feb 22 02:41:43 2001

Ok let me lay the facts for all you who don't know how the grammys work. The Grammys are voted on be old gessers who"know music" at lest they have to cuz' I mean they've been in the biz for so long! So of corse there a lot of the older or more adult apeling music is going to win! I mean not intill about 2 or 3 years ago did the grammys even glance at the pop chart to nomminit people. My mom told me that even back in the day they were behind on music trends(did any of you know that last year was the first time Santana was nominated, I think, he might have been before but it sure was the first time he won) But you know what, that's life! Sure the Backstreet Boy didn't win like they should have, but think about it, the only reason I can think of why they didn't is because there pop artist(I know they realy sing R&B! But when the last time you saw BSB on the R&B charts) The Grammys are very scptical about pop artist cuz' they don't know if there going to last and cuz'(and I know you are all going to hate me for saying this) pop music is the most fake music out there! Face it, it the whole reason theres the term one hit wonders. So of corse the grammys are going to be I little harder on them I mean it's life. But hey, if the Backstreet Boys are really the great artist I know they are in a few years when there still around making the best albums and being the legons we know they were born to be we'll show thoughs grammy people they didn't know what they where missing.
(ps don't mind my spelling. I'm kind of half asleep and since spelling was always my worst subject, you know how it is.)

Submitted by Nikki aka |3-| \/™ from private IL USA
Date: Thu Feb 22 02:16:21 2001

Yeah, I know they didn't win the Grammy for SMTM, but I just wanted to say this: that song SHOULD HAVE WON-it was the song that made me a BSB fan. I couldn't stop listening/watching it. Their vocals were just wonderful in that song, and I enjoyed it so much. From there, I wanted to know/listen to more and more of them. To me, they won that grammy, because they won me-a new fan to add to the awesome family of BSB fans worldwide. I love you BSB!
God bless,
Nikki *B-rok rules!*

Submitted by Stephanie from CA USA
Date: Thu Feb 22 00:30:06 2001

i personally dislike the grammys (as do everyone else in here from the looks of the many comments). they don't know talent even when it's shoved up their nose. at first i thought that bsb would win a grammy because when santana won most of the awards last year, most of it was won through songs that have some kind of inspring message or deep meaning. and of course, smtmobl is obviously a song about bsb's struggles they've had throughout their life. it's alright you guys, there's always next year and 364 days for the bsb to make even better music for us! yay!

and to that "it's me" girl, what makes you think that n stink, with an album that's full of conceitedness, getting paid, and cybersex, would sweep the grammy's with that slut britney? at least we wear clothes.

Submitted by Leslie from USA
Date: Wed Feb 21 22:45:43 2001

I really don't think the people who decide the Grammys really know the Backstreet Boys. They basically know the obvious "made in orlando; sold 1.1 million copies of 'Millennium' 1st week out; got killed by *NSYNC" but they really don't know the boys themselves. Each of them has their own charaties and they are all very worthwhile. This might sould a bit drastic, but Kevin's "Just Within Reach" could save our O-Zone layer and our planet. There are just so many people who are willling to do anything for them. A.J.'s charity is the "VH1 save the music" which helps keep the musical programs in school. Kids who play a musical instrument generally do well in school, which is A.J.'s goal. Brian almost died when he was FIVE years old. FIVE YEARS OLD!! His life is a miracle and he's changed so many people's lives. He also has his "healthy heart club" for kids with heart diseases, which is just wonderful and definitly Grammy deserving. I admit, I have never heard on Steely Dan so I can't argue, but if people who are in the decidings of the Grammys are reading this, please take it in to consideration for next year. Thank you. Love, Leslie

Submitted by Brian (so what if i'm a guy!) from Westboro MA USA
Date: Wed Feb 21 22:29:22 2001

What pisses me off:

Ok, look, Backstreet did deserve the award they were nominated for, but look who wins! Some group/person who nobody's ever heard of!!

Eminem says straight out in his songs "You think I give a damn about a grammy", so they therefore give people who insult the whole thing awards? Yup, that makes perfect sense.

The Native american song that won. sorry, not much talent involved. i could do it on my desk right now if u want me 2. backstreet worked much harder and obviously didn't get what they deserved.

Brian (brian littrell is my idol, u don't like that then DEAL!)

Submitted by Zeygrl from Washington USA
Date: Wed Feb 21 22:16:45 2001

Hey I know Backstreet didn't win :(! But, if y'all are looking for more ways that N' Sync copies them, i got a bunch from the show but I'll just say the 3 most obvious.

Justin Timbershit(lol) looks almost exactly like Brian did in the "Get Down" video like FIVE years ago (notice I said ALMOST, for some reason he is still the ugliest guy on the planet)

Lance Basstard is also taking on the B-Rok look with his facial hair. If he's reading...GET RID OF IT. (he looked like a f@g b4 and he looks like one now)

U2 is kinda killin' N' Sync in the same way Santana killed Backstreet last year (For some reason, there suddenly one of my fave groups!)

Thanx 4 readen!!

Submitted by who the hell is from Steely Dean USA
Date: Wed Feb 21 22:03:23 2001

well who is he

Submitted by vallerie from USA
Date: Wed Feb 21 22:00:47 2001


R u sure they didn't win cuz there wuz nobody prezenten the award (yet)

just post ur commentz, k?


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