Will they win the Grammy this year?

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Submitted by jenn from USA
Date: Wed Feb 21 21:53:12 2001

at least nsuck didn't beat them

Submitted by Marissa from PA USA
Date: Wed Feb 21 21:31:54 2001

Argh. Yet again, they did not win. Cousin Dupree by Steely Dan won. I've never even heard of that song. Apparently it's about lusting after a kin or something. Do the Grammy people hate just BSB or pop music in general? Two years in a row they are being shut out. Show Me The Meaning was such a beautiful song. Very well written, very well sung. Even the music video was beautiful.

Submitted by me from USA
Date: Wed Feb 21 21:03:54 2001

did they win yet i just started watching?????

help n good luck!

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Submitted by Sarah Freaky Littrell from USA
Date: Wed Feb 21 19:05:53 2001

less than one hour to go...good luck. The song DOES show their strongest talent vocally and if the whole world knows, that's great. But if they don't, then everybody at this site does

Submitted by rebecca from Malaysia
Date: Wed Feb 21 18:43:12 2001

i REAAAAALLY hope that bsb will win but... who knows? theres this dumbass "it's me" that says that britney n nsync will sweep the grammys. WTF??!! come on! britney's a slut, n nsync r just a bunch of dancing puppets with a minimum of singing talent. n they make it a point to copy every little thing bsb does. why in the eighteen levels of hell should they deserve to win??? i'll never live it down if nsync wins the award. cheers to bsb. we'll all be rooting for them, won't we? KTBSPA!!!

Submitted by nervous FREAK from USA
Date: Wed Feb 21 18:26:35 2001

OMG OMG OMG!~!!! i have been biting my nails all day and being VERY nervous and stressed out. Backstreet MIGHT win but if you pay attention in math class (lol it pays off) they technically have a one in five chance of winning. But then again, they have beat *NSYNC in other award shows, so lets hope that this is one of them!!! O yeah, does nebody know who that other group is (not the coors, bnl, r nsuck, the other one)

well good luck and god bless the backstreet boys!

Submitted by Tanisha from USA
Date: Wed Feb 21 18:24:12 2001

You might as well close this topic because they didn't win, they lost to Steely Dan whoever that is.

Submitted by katie from edmonton alberta Canada
Date: Wed Feb 21 17:58:54 2001

as much as i think they deserve to win i doubt they will. i have prayed and wished and hoped for the longest time but i seriously doubt they will.
N sync we all know is gonna beat them. asd much as i love my boys i doubt they will but ill keep praying cause they TOTALLY DESERVE IT!
okay G2G
love ya'll

Submitted by Michele from Franklin Pk New Jersey USA
Date: Wed Feb 21 17:54:17 2001

This grammy is for "Vocal Performance" and if that is the case then the grammy should go to the Backstreet Boys. Vocally, Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely outshines all the competition. However, this is the Grammy's we are talking about and the most deserving doesn't always win. Maybe it is a good omen that they won't be there tonight and they will win!!

Submitted by Paula from Houston TX USA
Date: Wed Feb 21 17:47:53 2001

Oh my god! Bsb totally deserves to win a grammy. Smtmobl is the deepest song they have ever sang. If they don't win this year and n'sux does then this will just prove that we live in a messed up world. I just have to respond to "its me!!" comments. You are the biggest Bit*ch in this world!!! You have no right to come into a Backstreet website if you hate them. This just proves once again that bsb fans are the MATURE ones who don't go to N'sux web pages and insult them. And another thing N'sux could not sing if their life depended on it. Those Fag$ are just puppets with no talent attached. Their songs are so MEANINGLESS!! As for britney...lets not even go there. I wish the very best for the Backstreet Boys, and if they don't win they will always be number one in our hearts.
Backstreet Boys ROX!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Jacinthe from Montreal Quebec Canada
Date: Wed Feb 21 17:04:55 2001

I really hope they'll win their Grammy this year, but I'm not sure they will. People who vote in this industry are old and don't always like their music, unfortunatly. Thinking seriously about it, I realize that they proved to the whole world last year they can sing and sing well.
So, I wish them all the best for tonight, and I hope tomorrow we'll be able to say : we're proud of you guys... grammy or not, I'll ALWAYS say I'm proud of the Backstreet Boys!
A fan from the beginning

Submitted by Kim from USA
Date: Wed Feb 21 15:30:41 2001

BSB deserve the Grammy, but i doubt they will actually win it. I mean I was soooo sure they were gonna win last year, but they didnt. But BSB totally desrve it.

Submitted by brok4eva from Kentucky USA
Date: Wed Feb 21 15:25:54 2001

Hey y'all I definitly love the Backstreet Boys more than any other group but I have to say this.


They won't win!! Ok, 1st of all, last year they had FOUR nominations (5 if you count the writers of IWITW) and they didn't win one. So with just one nomination, you expect them to win??
2nd of all, BNL and the Corrs have a better chance of winning b/c everyone thinks the Backstreet Boys are just a 'boyband' and shouldn't be recognized for anything!!
3rd of all, *NSUCK has their fans. Believe me, i know some fans who would pay millions of dollars just to see them win the grammy and beat out backstreet. The BSB is probably the group that has the least chances of winning, if you ask me. They have the 'boyband' reputation and they don't have fans that will threaten to kill the Grammy ppl or pay them 2 win!

Submitted by Sarah from MN USA
Date: Wed Feb 21 14:53:23 2001

I think that the guys should win, but that doesn't mean they will. You know how it tends to go, they always get overlooked. Hopefully not this time, I will be praying that their is some justice and they win, finally!

Submitted by Courtney from Bristol Connecticut USA
Date: Wed Feb 21 14:26:20 2001

i totally think Backstreet Boys should win a grammy they've worked so hard on their music to try and keep their fans happy and i agree w/all bsb fans Nstink shouldnt win it is just another played out song and just b/c they sold over 2 million records they shouldnt win and i do agree it should be quality not quantity aND THEY DONT WIN WE ALL KNOW they are better any way and still are #1 to all of us right well g2g and remember KTBSPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by christina from on Canada
Date: Wed Feb 21 14:07:42 2001

Hey. BSB have to win that grammy. its getting to the point if they don't i'm gonna cry. Even if they win i'll probably cry, why, It means so much to them, and so much to their fans.
It shows how hard they have worked, but then again, its music in the states, and for some strange reason it seems that nstink is bigger there. Bsb aren't even gonna be at the show. I was hoping they would preform. oh well.
BSB~~ GOOD LUCK TONIGHT AND I AND MILLIONS OF OTHER FRIENDS WILL BE PRAYING FOR YOU. My fingers and toes are crossed. oh please, oh please...

Submitted by it's me!!! from USA
Date: Wed Feb 21 11:49:58 2001

All you people are sooo like retarted. The backsh*t fags will never get the grammy. They didn't last year and what makes you all think that they will get it this year? My lord people. Everyone knows that NSYNC is the best band around and they will sweep the grammys along with Britney Spears. All the others can just get lossed. No one else deserves a grammy except for NSYNC and Britney. They are the future of music and screw the backdoor boys. They will never ever top NSYNC and Britney. LONG LIVE BRITNEY AND NSYNC!!!!! THEY WILL SWEEP THE GRAMMIES TONITE!!!!!!! YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Mary from Pakistan
Date: Wed Feb 21 08:33:13 2001

i sure hope they do cause they deserve it and like others said smtmobl is a really nice song!

Submitted by Katie from North Bay Ontario Canada
Date: Tue Feb 20 21:57:47 2001

Hey Everyone!!

Of course the Boys will win the Grammy!!! Not only do they deserve it but like many of you have said, Show Me The Meaning is a completely heartfelt song that has true meaning to not only the Boys themselves, but to people all around the world! I mean maybe Bye, Bye, Bye was catchy in the beginning but I quickly got extremely tired of it as I'm sure others will agree! It definitely doesn't deserve to be nominated for a Grammy! Does anyone notice that the Grammy's seem to be less and less about the actual music and more and more about who sells what? It took the Backstreet Boys up until last year to be nominated for a Grammy, and that certainly isn't because they aren't talented, it's because last year was when they really hit it big and sold a lot of records. To me that's wrong! I think they should have been nominated for a Grammy a long time ago! And as for N'Sync being nominated this year, my personal opinion is that they were nominated because they sold so many records this year! Sure they don't sound very good and maybe they aren't all that talented but the Grammy's don't care cause for them, it isn't quality but quantity! So you know what, even if they Boys don't win, we all know what they are truly capable of and we will all know in our hearts that the award really belonged to them! And please, if you're an N'Sync fan, please don't send me hate mail! I wasn't trying to offend anyone, that's just my personal opinion on the whole situation! Hopefully no one took it the wrong way! :)
And I realize this is long but just quickly before I go I want to say Happy 26th Birthday To My Angel Brian! I hope you have a wonderful day sweetie!
Luv lots,

Submitted by Nicole from Houston Texas USA
Date: Tue Feb 20 21:52:46 2001

I really hope they do. They really deserve it. SMTMOBL is a song that's really touching, and if they don't win, I really will wonder about those people who choose the winners. Anyway, no matter what happens, they'll always be winners to me. Happy Birthday Brian!!! I love you BSB. KTBSPA!!

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