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Why I am obsessed with Kevin

Date: Mar 27, 2002
Submitted By: Lisa

1-I am obsessed with Kevein even though my husband thinks there is somthing wrong with me.

2-I am obsessed with Kevin and visit this web-site every day to look for news about him.

3- I am obsessed with Kevin even though he is married

4- I am obsessed with Kevin and would like to meet him one day.

Im Not Obsessed.....

Date: Mar 27, 2002
Submitted By: theresa

People say I am but im not..........I mean ther a groups of talented guys who can sing well and on the plus side are really good lookin.Just cuz I buy stuff about them cuz it will be worth money dont make me obsessed rite??I mean....I have a HUGE scrapbook from like 95 to 2000? I collected stuff like clippings when I was a teeniebopper. And now when I look at it.Its like.Awww look at them. I bought nick's shirt off ebay for....................200 Bucks? But that was cuz the person stole his shirt.And I felt bad..So I got it to give back....Which ended up becomin a great mission by the way! And I had to get the stamps from france? Only cuz they aint in the usa.And the cd I have from singapore?? Its a collectors thing man! My bsb clock?? I needed a clock in my room..I never know the time! My no parkin sign....Bsb fan only?? It goes wit my ny cop plate and my street sign! The 20 tapes of tv appearances?? In case a fan needs to see something they missed!! All there tapes?? I watch them once and put them back to see how they turn out.I dont watch it over and over and over(lee).What else do I have....Oh my lunch boxes?? In case I need somethin to carry the food I eat in! The bsb book bag? To hold my cd player and cds! A calender of nick?? I need to know the date man! The little pic of nick in your wallet?? Well if im sad at work.I need to be cheered up somehow...And besides....I got derek jeter on hte other side!I swear I aint obsessed.........Just securin the future of well......Me. In case like I need some quick cash. So you see..I got good reasons for all my bsb stuff.........Oh wait.....The posters???????? Yea they cme in the bookwit there articles.............When I took them all down.....I had like outlines from the dirt on my walls and the orignal white they were........Lol. Yes I did take the down so I could redo my room...It was very hard..But I was mad so it gave me a reason........Well im out cuz im tired and its 1 am here in pa!

Peace,love,and mountain dew!!!~ theresa

Me obsessed? damn straight!

Date: Mar 27, 2002
Submitted By: Krista

Everyone tells me im obsessed with the bsb because I talk about them 24/7 (espically AJ, love u AJ!) and i'm not denying it! I will admit 2 ANYONE that i'm obsessed and damn proud 2!! I think everyone should be proud of their Backstreet obsessions! KTBSPA!!

My obsessions

Date: Mar 27, 2002
Submitted By: Frack #1 fan

1. Back in 99 during the into the millennium tour, i didn't talk to my dad for 2 months because he didn't take take me to a backstreet boys concert (I cried the whole night)

2. I didn't talk to anybody in my family for 1 month because they supported my dad.

3. I buy every magazine where there's a picture of them.

4. My brother's first word was Everybody

5. My niece's was Nick

6. I made my mom drive for six straight hours to see them in concert in Phoenix (march. 13, 2000)

7. I followed their vans for six blocks until they got to the arena.

8. I couldn't talk for days after the concert

9. I wanted to travel to Mexico city a week later and see them just because they were going to sing and talk in spanish.(Which they did)

10.It would have been cheaper to go, my dad spent 400 dollars on long distance calls that I made to my cousin just in case she saw them.

11.I watched TV 3 whole days because they televised everything(even sunday's concert) and the best thing........

It wasn't pay per view

12. I went to an NSUCK concert(just because my friend paid)

and took a sign that said I LOVE BACKSTREET BOYS,(you should have seen their faces when they saw it). And I laughed the whole night when one of them fell.

13.I have over 16 hours of BSB appearences taped

14.All my room is cover with their posters.(I even have some that are from spain)

15. I have 3 versions of "Backstreet Boys", the first edition, the second with the songs in spanish, and the US version, I also have all the versions I could find of Chapter 1.

16.My mom turns up the volume whenever she hears a BSB song, and changes the station when NSUCK is on

17. My grandpa saves everything he sees about BSB

18. My dad painted my room green(although you can't see it)

19. I'm writing this instead of studying for my finals!!

And because of that I'm going to stop writing now.



"must-haves" to be obsessed

Date: Mar 27, 2002
Submitted By: stef

1)you vote for them every single day they are on trl

2)you know everything and i mean everything that happens to them before the press does

3)you visit backstreet.net and other bsb sites at least 6 times a day

4)you listen to at least 1 whole bsb cd a day

5)you have loved bsb from the beginning and have vowed to ALWAYS love them

6)EVERYONE you know refers to you as the backstreet boys girls and if anyone does so much as says their name they immediatly look at you

7)no one is allowed to say anything bad bout them in front of you or there will be a major fight

8)your dad knows their birthdays

9)you got at least 4 people to be almost as obsessed as you

10)theres nothing anyone could do to you to make you think youre not the biggest fan

11)you know you'll always love them because they are the best vocalists/group ever

Top Reasons to luv Kevin

Date: Mar 03, 2002
Submitted By: Cynthia

Here are the top 10 reasons to luv Kevin...

10.He's fine!

9.He's a really cool guy!

8.He's got a great body!

7.He can handle a real relationship.(even i he is married)

6.Anyone with a nickname like *~PUMPKIN~* is a real sweeetie!

5.He's soo damn Hott!

4.He looks good even w/long hair.

3.He's e wonderful singer!

2.He's one of the five most sexiest guys on the face of the planet!

and the number 1 rason.......


Obssessed Wannabe

Date: Mar 03, 2002
Submitted By: frickfrack

every1 calls me an obssessed wannabe, but i still think this is what it takes to be obssessed.It doesnt matter how many posters, cds, ect. u have...it matters that u believe in bsb and stand by them no matter what.and u can dream away about them but u should also face the truth...the chances of being nick, howie, kevin, aj, or brians girlfriends r VERY SLIM.lie i said u can live in a dream world but ive met alot of fans who say things like "my nick!" its just not true and dont go as far as to but into thier personal lives.


Date: Mar 03, 2002
Submitted By: Nickolas Angel

Backstreet Boys took my heart 4 years ago and I love them with all my heart!

I am obsessed. My boys looked soooooooo fine on the Grammys.

I got obsessed when I saw Nick and then when I go in the store I look for anything with BSB on it and one time there was an AJ look alike that came in the library and he looked at me, I stalked him a little but I tried not to make it obvious. Why are there so many people who lool like Aj? Isn't there anybody who looks like Nick? Well, I've seen a couple but in real life not on Tv?

I know I'm obsessed with BSB because...

Date: Mar 03, 2002
Submitted By: Katie

-I go to backstreet.net every day looking for new news and other info about the Boys

-I have saved over 200 pictures off the internet of them, almost all of them from the on-line fanclub

-I have all of their cds, including the two that are strictly imports

-when I hear some new news about them on TV, I jump up and down and scream

-I tape anything I possibly can that has to do with them

-one of my main concerns right now is remembering to keep my eyes open for any of the boys that might be in Florida while I'm there with my high school band in April

-i spend hours on the internet reading BSB fanfic, which i'm also obsessed with

-I've downloaded every possible song of theirs that's not on a cd I already own off the internet

-I constantly talk to myself while I'm on the internet (and sometimes not) about the Boys

-i've basically wallpapered my half of my bedroom with posters, pinups, and little pics I cut out of mostly the boys (I like other people too, so there's a few pics of others up...mostly people who know BSB)

-when we went to the concert in Milwaukee, we drove around the Bradley Center twice because we noticed a basketball hoop set up in the back and wanted to see if we could see one of the guys playing basketball

-I find out everything i possibly can about anyone that's musically linked to BSB (i.e. Krystal, BIK, and Aaron, etc.) or linked to them at all (i.e. Leighanne, Kristin, etc.)

-I analyzed Black and Blue to see why critics thought it wasn't that good (all the Max Martin songs were too formulaic to sound original and fresh...Max needs to go, let the boys write all their own songs!!)

-I have so many quotes of theirs memorized it's not even funny

-I will argue with anyone who says the Backstreet Boys suck until I win (it's takes a while sometimes, but it's worth it...I have a lot of arguments, too, so sometimes they just give up)

-I knew there was something wrong with AJ long before they told everyone AJ had gone into rehab

-I almost cried when they performed the star spangled banner at the Superbowl because I was so proud of them

-I am just waiting for the Behind the Music of the Backstreet Boys to come on...I know it'll be a while, but that will be a premiere event in my life when it happens

-my mom and sister think I'm insane (although it's only partially because of my obsession with BSB)

-I've made up parodies to a few of their songs

-I thought of a music video for AIHTG, The conversation mix

-I gave them all nicknames (Howdy, Bribear, Kevy Kev, Dolphin Boy, and A.Jway.)

-I thought they were going to break up a little bit back, and had a big long theory on how it would happen and why

-my friend and I both say we're going to go down to Florida, find them, and smack them upside the head for different things they've done (like Nick and his thing with "The One" on TRL, AJ's smoking, Kevin's skirts...)

-I love them all and will always support them no matter what (unless they do very very bad things...like murder...hehe, them killing people just doesn't seem to be an image I could see realistically)

-I'm writing all of these things out for people to read

"Obsessed" with BSB doesnt start it

Date: Mar 03, 2002
Submitted By: Kelsi

Here are a FEW of the MANY MANY reasons why I know I am obsessed with da backstreet boys.

1.) You can not see an inch of white on your walls because of all the posters of them.

2.)You throw french fries at the TV when Nsync is on TV (especially when they win an award or get high place on TRL than BSB.. THEN u call in and scream that it is rigged)

3.) You camp out over night for good BSB tickets and when u STILL get balcony seats u have the time of your life anyway knowing you are in the same room as them

4.) When its one of their birthdays you write it all over your papers at school

5.) When you meet someone new one of the first things you ask them is if they are a BSB fan. If you say yes you scream and give them a hug. If they say no you spend the rest of the time you know them convincing them to like BSB (i have turend bout 14 people who hate them to like them or atleast not hate them anymore)

6.) When your dad makes macaroni and cheese u announce "hey thats brians favorite food!

7.) your parents and grandparents know ALMOST as much about bsb as you do

8.) You hold up signs in your car on brian and leighann, and kevin and kristins aniversaries that say "happy aniversary!!!"

9.) you pass out cupcakes to your neighbors on their birthdays

10.) You always put your last name as one of their names on your school papers and your teachers know who you are

11.) you dont even NEED to write your name because everything u do in school mentions BSB and your teachers know who you are

12.) u wont eat your alphabet cereal until u take out the letters and spell all of your names

13.) If you go without hearing BSB for more than a day you cry and are grumpy until you do hear them

14.) When BSB comes on in a grocery store or movie theatre you run around screaming

15.)you spend hours voting for BSB in awards, contests, etc (btw, go vote for nick or brian cuz they r on survival of the sexiest at cosmogirl.com)

16.) When you go over the voting limit you pay people to get off the of school computers so you can vote extra times on every computer

17.) If someone insults them in anyway u have tons of reasons to back BSB up

18.) You see the word "Brook" and thing "just take out one O and it will say B-Rock!"

19.) When people say "Sweeeeet" u always just HAVE to add that "D".

20.) U are now convinced men CAN look good in dresses

21.) You know how many tattoos aj has and how many times hes dyed his hair

22.) You go to an aaron carter concert JUST incase nick is


23.) You programd all the sounds in your computer (for example, windows start, IM, You Got Mail, etc) so that the noises are all BSB songs

24.) You get in trouble for setting BSB wallpapers on all the schoools computrs AND your moms bosses computer

25.) You had to buy over 1,000 disks to save all y our pictures on because it made the computer too slow to keep allllllllll them on your hard drive cuz u had so many.

26.) People say "Back" and u always have to add in "street!"

27.) When you met otown even if u dont like them u had trevor autograph your backstreet boys pin

28.) when you meet jessica simspon u gave her pics of BSB as a gift

29.) everytime you hear someone with the name Nick, brian, kevin, howie, or aj, u tell them they have a nice name

30.) You get in trouble in english class for poking the girl who likes nsync in the back with a pencil so many times (hey she did it to me!)

31.) you cried when you heard lance isnt really going to space because then he cant get lost up there

32.) you convince your parents to let you fly across the country to see a bsb concert

33.) you go to their hotels when they come near you to try to meet them (I DID MEET AJ..kinda.. lol)

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