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What do you think about this!???????????(part 2)

Date: Mar 27, 2002
Submitted By: Krasi Gene Carter

I have done 1billion and 100 points and have answered 2018 questions in the Backstreet's.net Quizes and I'm 3th but very soon I will be N#1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What do you think about this!??????????

Date: Mar 27, 2002
Submitted By: Krasi Gene Carter

I think I am obsessed not only becuse of the posters,information,CDs and every thing other.

But because if I have to I WILL take a bullet for MY BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!(who true fan didn't?!)

You know you're obsessed when...

Date: Mar 27, 2002
Submitted By: Tammy

You know you're obsessed when you and your friends stand in the middle of Sears and watch the entire "Drowning" video, ad libbing and dancing in the middle of the aisle, and people begin to stare.

My Love and Obbsession

Date: Mar 27, 2002
Submitted By: Krista

I am in love with the backstreet boys.

This is why::: They are the best band in the world! I talk about them 24/7. I kiss my posters.(Nick) I get so mad and stand up for the bsb if people talk mean stuff about them. I know that really all they care about is thier family and thier fans. I show everyone that I love the Backstreet Boys, no matter what they say or do. I will always love the backstreet Boys.



my wayyyy past obessive things ove bsb ive done

Date: Mar 27, 2002
Submitted By: golda carter, nicks lil babygirl

Ok, here is a small portion of the things I do over bsb that makes everybody I know or meet think I am psycho and obsessed.

1. On their bdays, I wear facepaint saying Happy bday who evers bday it is, and I love bsb,

2. I make tshirts for each bday, each year saying 4 example, Happy 22nd bday nick, and on the back I put my nicknames, backstreet girl, golda carter, and nicks lil babygirl.

3. I make everybody I see say happy bday to them, and in my lunchroom, I make everybody sing happy bday all together.

4. I give out cupcakes on their bdays

5. I get into real fights when somebody talks trash about them.

6. Everyday I wear a bsb shirt or I have to wear SOMETHING bsb related.

7. I make bsb necklaces and bracelets and wear them all at the same time

8. I have over 5000 bsb pics

9. Over 500 on my walls

10. I have 48 tshirts

11. Anytime a bsb song comes on in the grocery store or whereever I jump up and down and scream “ITS BACKSTREET BOYS!” then realize how stupid I look, but dont care.

12. I make all of my classes listen to bsb everyday until I finally get kicked outta class

13. If anybody says back, I automatically say street after it

14. I hav three stacks of 8 hour tapes of bsb stuff as high as my ceiling

15. Anytime my friends and I go to the mall, I auto go to NE store that has bsb stuff

16. I have over 40 cds, including singles, imports and more

17. Everybody in like my whole school even people that dont know me personally know me as the Backstreet girl

18. My whole family has said they arent taking me back to florida because they r afriad I am gonna get arrested for stalking nick

19. I have almost everything backstreet related available

20. I paid $200 for a bsb light up jacket

21. I screamed so much at their concerts I wasnt able to talk for a week

22. I have spent over $9000 on bsb related stuff in the past 6 years

these have just been a few of the many many things I have done bekuz of bsb so everybody keep the backstreet pride alive forever and always

nick nick nick nick nick nick nick nick nick nick nick !!!

Date: Mar 27, 2002
Submitted By: monika lopez

Ok people u wana know how obsessed I am with nick carter

Ok then he is on my mind like all the time

My teachers have to yell my name really load to get my atention wen im daydreaming of nick in class/ can ya believe what one of my teachers said infront of the whole class''lets all not get distrackted like monika does wen shes kissing nick in her thoughts.

Um wat else oh yeah at the last concert I went to c bsb I only stared at nick(ahem) a little too much if ya catch my drift;)

I dream of him every night(really I swear)

Dang there are so many more things I can say but im too busy working on my bsb website so lata

Check out my website/ its updated alot


IM obsessed with BSB

Date: Mar 27, 2002
Submitted By: Mackenzee

I know alot of BSB fans are obsessed...and i used ot be worse than I am not but im still pretty bad. Im not obsessed to the point where it is taking over my life or anything but still. Heres some tings that prove hoe much i love bsb

- i have 13 video tapes of shows that i taped off of the tv that they are on

- i have every single home video

-i have over 500 pictures saved on my computer

- i have 4 scapbooks

- my walls are covered with their pictures

- my best friend and I waited for BSB tickets twice by standing outside in below freezing temperatures for a combined 9 hours

-for my 18th birthday im getting a tatoo on my back that says Backstreet

-i have 3 copies of each cd...including imports

-im going on vacation to Florida with my family this summer...and searching for their houses

- i have cut school 2 times to go to TRL and see them ( i never got up)

- i have 4 dogs and their names are Nicky, Backstreet, Black n Blue

- my best friend and I begged this person at a bsb concert to give us the izone autograped camera because the perosn that won it wasnt there...we did whatever they told us which included, begging, crying, doing 25 jumping jacks, running though the area screaming "we love nsync" ( i know its horrible but it was for BSB and yes we almost got beat up lol)-----------and yes we got the autographed camera!

and soooo much more

I love you BSB!

I LUV NICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: Mar 27, 2002
Submitted By: michelle


1.he has a good sexy body

2.he has a very talented voice

3.has a nice new haircut(better than before)

4.he is soooooooooooooooooo hott on stage

5.has a good heart

6.i luv his blue eyes and blond hair( it goes together!!!!)

7.he has really good dance moves

8.he looks good in pictures(i mean really good!!!)

9.he looks even more hott in boxers

10.last but not least he is the best looking guy in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Love the BSB!

Date: Mar 27, 2002
Submitted By: Michelle

Ok first all bsb fans rock da house and all nsuck fans....Well they suck really!

I have every album

Every single they have every released

All my room is covered woth posters

I have a face cloth with their faces on it!

I have all the badges and t-shirts

I know everything there is to know about them(except their private life) as I am sure all bsb fans do!

I love their country so much I have everything in my room to do with the usa. I am not crazy!

They r all sooooooooooooooooo hotttttttttt. Especially my aj. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

God bless america

And if u want go to www.Expage.Com/backstreetfanz and sign my book.

And lastly.. If anyone wants to e-mail go ahead! Bye!

reasons to be obsessed w/ backstreet

Date: Mar 27, 2002
Submitted By: nicky carter

1.Nick has a gorgeous butt and shouldn't ever work out cuz he'll lose it(he he he)

2.They all have such beautiful smiles and voices.

3.Kevin looks so good in a skirt- even if it is a little weird.

4.U can't help but cry when u see nick cry(i.E. Bck in july on TRL when they were talking about a.J. Going into rehab.)

5.Brian makes the cutest donald duck sounds.

6.On the b&b tour, howie looked DAMN good doing that little spanish dance to "more than that".

7.It's so sexy imagining u and a.J. In his room... Need I say more?

8.They're soooooo much better than JUSTIN and the TIMBERLAKES (lol)

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