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do you love bsb too?!!?!?

Date: Apr 17, 2002
Submitted By: Kiarra Carter.....

here's how you know "you got it bad"

-You have a weird 6th sense that tells you to put on the radio or turn on the TV cause BSB is on (it's kinda creepy!)

-When your family went on vacation…you wanted to go on the tower of terror……..AND SAT RIGHT WHERE NICK SAT!!!!!! HIS BUTT WAS THERE JUST 17 DAYS BEFORE YOURS!!!!!!

-You scream, cry, and throw a temper tantrum when you find out they were in your town while you were on vacation.( example….when nick visted the childrens hospital in jan.2002)

-Your favorite thing to say before work is "BSB what time is it...its time for me to go to work y'all..what kind of work...hard work...HUH!"

-You use all of the ink & computer paper printing every BSB picture that you see on the internet even though you have no practical purpose for them!

-You have a "bsb lyric book"!!! that you tresure!!!

-You broke your VCR cuz it was set to start recording sumthing w/bsb at 7:30…but it started recording at 8:35!!!!(i was so pissed!!!!)

- After you broke it...you went and spent your check to hurry up n buy another one cuz there was gunna be another showing of it in about 3 hours!!!!

-Your little sister has a dream about asking BSB for an autograph for you!

-Most of us own at least a SIMILAR piece of clothing that we have seen our favorite Backstreet Boy wearing( I LOVE my grabbabootie shirt!!!)

-The second one of them is seen with a new girl, has a picture of her, or has a conversation....it is ON the net THAT night and the world knows about it in 30 minutes...flat.

KTBPA-keep the backstreet pride alive

KTKPR-keep the kaos pride rockin

KYALC-keep your aj love clean


My Obsession with BSB

Date: Apr 17, 2002
Submitted By: BackstreetGuRLxX24

My list of obsessive things havin to do with bsb

*Ive been to 2 of their concerts

*i made a shirt with tiny rhinestones glued on saying i luv bsb (it took me 2 days to make)

*i brought 15 signs to each concert and i wrote tem based on their songs ( nick, ill never break ur heart!)

* i have over 1200 posters of them

I have the BSB digital music network thing

*i have their imported cd and i got it from england

*i have 5 shirts with their pictures on it.

* my cursor on the computer is a picture of nick

*the website that my computer opens up to is backstreet. net and i check the news column everyday

*The background and my screensaver is backstreet

*i annoy ppl about them all the time like i am rite now

* i made a lot of my friends like bsb instead of nsuck

*everytime sumeone says black and blue, like if they are talking about colors for clothes or sumthing, ill laugh and mention the cd.

*i go up to people i dont know and the first thing i say is, backstreet or nsync, and if they say nsync ill walk away

*in one of their concerts i got 11th row and wen they were on the bridge, i stood up on my chair and jumped up and down and screamed at the top of my lungs and everysingle one waved to me since i was soooo hyper hehe

* i listen to backstreet everyday in the car and at home, and when i went to europe i brought all my bsb cds with me and my cousins now like them since i would not stop talking about them

*i have all of their videos (homecoming, the hits chapter one: the videos, all access, around the world,) and i filmed the backstreet boys: larger then life tv special, and every time tey are on mtv i record it.

* at another concert, i wrote on my face i luv bsb, wore my shirt, put their picture on my pants, have black and blue glowsitcks that i made, brought posters, and threw stufffed animals for them..

omg the list goes on and on i just dont have enough time but KTBSPA

i know i'm obsessed

Date: Apr 17, 2002
Submitted By: renee

I know i'm obsessed cuz everytime anything with a.j. comes on I video tape it. I have over a thousand tapes i've taped his beautiful body on.

:):):):):):):):):):):);););););o I know i'm obsessed with that ooh so fine man cause i have dated a guy who looked a lot like him. just b-cuz he looked like a.j. (sorry chris)

i know i'm obsessed cuz i take a polaroid camera with me just in case you know i see him.

i know i'm obsessed cuz when a.j.'s on t.v., nothing else matters.

i know i'm obsessed cuz i kind of ignore my B-friend when he's on television.

i know i'm obsessed cuz i email pictures of him to myself.

i know i'm obsessed cuz i dyed my hair the same color a.j. dyed his. my mom said i couldn't but i did it for a.j.

i know i'm obsessed cuz i gotta go so i can see pictures of him C-ya thanx!

Hehehe, I love them too much!

Date: Apr 17, 2002
Submitted By: Jennifer

Oh my gosh I love the Backstreet Boys so much! They are my favorite group and I listen to them all the time! I recognize them for their talent, looks, voices, contributions, everything! I think everything about them is perfect and they are the best in the world! Since everyone else is saying what they do, then I thought I'd share too!! (Finally, some people that understand me!!)

1. I have 92 songs on my computer by them.

- 12 remixes

- 8 live performances

- 2 of them singing in Spanish

- 2 duets w/ other artists

- 3 w/ other various artists

- 1 when Nick was singing when he was 10 or 11

- of course all the songs on all their albums!

- plus other songs that are rare and not on any specific album

2. I also download funny conversation clips from various tv shows and such things.

- 10 at the moment, I've had more

3. I know every single word in every single song by heart!

4. I know every single free-style note and pitch change in every single song (like the bridge notes)

5. I am on my way of getting all their albums, right now I only have "Black & Blue," "Millennium," and "Chapter One." (I also have the "I Want It That Way single" that I stole from my brother who won it at the fair. LOL!)

6. I know the songs they do in Spanish, and as of right now I'm learning the words to a song of theirs in Italian.

7. I watch them whenever they are on TV, no matter if it's only for 5 minutes, I always watch them and tape them.

8. I listen to the BackTracks Audio files at this website all the time, I've heard them all at least once.

9. I know little tidbits of information that a normal person wouldn't know.

10. I can relate them to anything, anywhere, no matter what. (For example: someone says "football." I immediately think, "Tampa Bay, Nick's favorite team," or "Super Bowl, National Anthem sung by Backstreet Boys." LOL that's pitiful!)

11. In my locker, I had over 200 pictures that I've found on the internet and in magazines in the last 5 months. 200 in 5 months is pretty good!!

12. In my room, I only have a small portion of my wall devoted to them. I don't want my visiting relatives thinking I'm insane or anything. I have a bulliten board w/ recent articles and pictures and even the slightest mention of them in an article or ad from magazines. (For example: I cut out the words "black and blue" from a headline, "Backstreet Boys" from an article about Lance from *N Sync going into space," and "Backstreet Boys" from an ad for the Now 9 CD.)

13. I keep all the things I have about them (CDs, anything) on the corner of my desk, so it's all together, always!

14. When it's National Backstreet Boys Day (March 2nd) or any of the Boys' birthdays, I act like it's a holiday for everyone.

15. My nickname at school is officially "Pop Girl" or "Backstreet Girl."

16. I seriously have a hard time in any conversation, not to mention them at least once.

17. My locker has been called a "shrine" by many who see it, including teachers.

18. My mom knows the words to almost all of their singles, and she is indeed in love with Howie.

19. I search all major websites, gossip, Hollywood, MTV, etc...for entries, articles, pictures, etc, of them.

20. I get so excited when I see an update on this website!

21. I cried when I first heard a lot of their songs including:

- "Spanish Eyes"

- "I Need You Tonight"

- "How Did I Fall In Love With You"

- "Drowning"

- "Endlessly"

22. I always get so hyped up when I hear the amazing bridge notes in so many of their songs!

23. I have ESP - I seriously pray for a song by them every day on the radio, or I'll be thinking about one of their songs, and then it'll come on and I'll start freaking out.

24. I'm making my mom or dad drive me down to Milwaukee, Madison or Chicago for their next tour.

25. I will be willing to stay on the phone with TicketMaster for endless hours to get tickets.

26. I read quotes from them and I keel over laughing every time!

27. I have printed out pages beyond pages of quotes from them, and use them for online names every day.

28. My online name is always about them, in some form.

29. I know what is currently going on in each of their careers alongside of Backstreet. (Nick's boat, Brian and Leighanne's production company, Kevin's charity cook book, etc...)

30. I have listened to their music every single day since I promised to on October 8th, the day I first heard "Drowning."

31. I can listen to them for endless hours and not get tired of them.

32. I defend myself everyday from stupid people that don't like pop music and argue that it's fabricated crap, etc...and I always win!

33. I know that I'm not the only one who thinks like this! I know that all Backstreet fans are like me, and we all do this! I love every single Backstreet Boy fan on the planet, to all of you out there, you are all the best and always always KTBSPA!!!! Jennifer<>

why i love brian

Date: Apr 17, 2002
Submitted By: sarah

the reasons why i love brian are:

1.his beautiful blue eyes

2.his voice

3.his personality

4.his smile

5.his laugh(he laughs exactly like me)

6.his hair

7.the way he dresses

8.the way he puts pranks on the other guys

9.his feet

10.his toes

11.his lips

12.his eyebrows

13.the way he talks

14.his hands

15.his age

16.his jawbone

17.the way he is shy

18the way he looks in pics when he is not smiling(he is so cute then)

19the way he shivers when he is cold

20.the way he fights

21the ways he types

22.the way he writes

23.the way he yells at aj

24. the way he blams it on aj when brian but pretends it was aj and yells at him

25 the way he sleeps

26.the way he screams

well that is all i can think of but i do have more i hsve like........1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 more reasons why i like all of the guyz

how many things i have of bsb and why i love them

Date: Apr 17, 2002
Submitted By: sarah

i have 3 calenders,5 movies,8 cds,millions of posters( i mean 1,000,000 posters including tiny tiny ones)i knoe about evryting about them(i meant it)the reason why i love them sooo much is cause they are good singers and they are talented

bsb rule!

Date: Apr 17, 2002
Submitted By: ems

~ i payed $80 extra on tickets to get the good seats from scalpers.

~ i always have to buy their cds and not burn them.

~ i have gotten their last three cds and videos the day they came out.

~ my teachers know i am obessed with bsb.

~ i actually found a little bit of humor in nick's arrest. sry!

~ i go so upset when i heard howie had a new gf and i saw them together- and i dont even like howie!

~ for my b-day, all my friends just gave me money and told me to go buy some bsb stuff b/c they didn't wanna go get it.

~ i named my dog nick!( he is also a golden retriever!!!)

~ me and my friend made up new words to 'everyone'

~ i cried all day after i saw nickay cry on trl, awww!

~ i have a special bsb backpack that i keep all my mags with bsb on the cover, bsb book etc.

~ i cried b/c i was almost positve brian, kevin, and howie smiled at me when i was like ten feet away from them, blowing them kisses. brian laughed,lol!

~ i cried when i found out about the engagments, and once again i didn't even like them!

~ i just wanted to say, i love nick with all my heart, but I SUPPORT WILLA FORD!

~ i have been trying to download born into kaos songs forever! have they even made songs yet???

~ i am making a list of how crazy i am.

~ i have 600+ pics of them in my room.

~ i wrote 'i love nick' all over my school stuff.

~ i have seen them twice in concert.

~ everytime i go to a bsb concert i have to buy at least $30 of merchandise lol.

~ i have already started saving my money since december for the next time they come to my town.

~ everytime i think of nickay, i smile.

~ everytime i think of something stupid nickay said or did, i laugh.

~ i think the reason my and the most poopular girl in my grade aren't friends anymore is b/c i talk about nickay too much.

~ i get mad when someone starts a conversation and it is not about bsb or nickay. REALLY!

~ my and my bf have gotten into very rough, physical fights over who loves nickay the most. we really hurt each other too!

~ when my other bf spent the night, i didn't talk to her for 20 min because she colored on a picture of nickay, even though i had another one.

~ i got mad at the same girl for ripping a picture of nick. we 'operated'(lol, that's what we said to everyone, they thought we were crazy!) on nick, (taped him back together) and he was good as new.

that's about all now.

the guys

Date: Apr 15, 2002
Submitted By: Jennifer

1.You know you're obsessed when you collect over 50 posters of the guys. (even if you have NO space left in your room)

2.You know you're obsessed when you actually take a camera and a small (or large) pic with you wherever you go just in case!

3.You know you're obsessed when you're 80 year old grandparents sing "I want it that way" or "As Long as you love me" :0P

4.You know you're obsessed when you quickly in the blink of an eye turn off an Nsync song.

5.You know you're obsessed when you freak out everytime you see a limo pass by.

6.You know you're obsessed when you watch BSB videos while listening to the music all at once.

7.You know you're obsessed when your baby sister crys on "Bye,Bye,Bye" but starts dancing and giggling on "It's gotta be you".

8.You know you're obsessed when you clame that Howie is your Uncle, and Kev is your older brother.

9.You know you're obsessed when you watch A.J do his famous "Stage humping" move! ~swoon~ (Homecoming in Orlando tape)

10.You know you're obsessed when you and your girls fight over Brian or Nick!

11.YOu know you're obsessed when you keep a picture of them in your wallet.

12.You know you're obsessed when you cover up any sign of Nsync Merchandise with BSB merchandise.

13.You know you're obsessed when you get EXTREMELY mad at yourself cause you missed an interview, concert, or video on the guys. (that's me all the way!)

14.You know you're obsessed when you kiss all 3 million of posters!

15.You know you're obsessed when you draw all over your face when you go to a BSB concert!

16.You know you're obsessed when you are not ashamed of yelling out in public "I love the Backstreet Boys!!!!!!" (o.k. that I actually did)

17.You know you're obsessed when you take up for the boys as if they were you very own boyfriend.

18.you know you're obsessed when you laugh at every joke that they say even though it may not be funny!

19.You know you're obsessed when you constantly look at their pictures and books no matter how many times you've seen them before.

20.You know you're obsessed when you hunt down for the guy's houses while you're on vacation.

What you do to me

Date: Apr 15, 2002
Submitted By: Tracy Wilson

They say the sky is blue,and the ocean's wide just let me in your heart ,and we'll never part.You're adorable,you're sweet,you're even kind,and every day you just blow my mind..When I look into your eye's,and see your lovely smile you really do know how to drive me wild.Your eye's,your smile,and even your lip's are just apart of you that bring's out your personality.






6.Just my kind

7.Please wont you be mine

8.I'll love you

9.Sqeeze you

10.Cuddle you and make you fell oh so fine Howie I can't get you off my mind.


Date: Apr 15, 2002
Submitted By: KiKi

1. Your mom has all their cds and knows every song by heart.

2. Your mom travels the world with you just to see their concert.

3. Your mom curses out the lady in the next car on the freeway who's playing the *Nsuc cd.

4. You make your boyfriend memorize all their songs.

5. You got a tatoo (*KTBSPA* and a group pic) with your mom's approval.

6. You have over 50 copies of their cds and singles.

7. You have paraphanelia, posters, t-shirts, backpacks, etc. of them.

8. You'd pass up any contest wins if it didn't have to do with *BSB*.

9. You beat up the girl next door after she gave you a pic of nsuc for ur b-day.

10. You write Richardson/Litrell/Carter/Dorough/McLean on all your papers.

11. You tried to steal Brian and Leigh's chihuahas..Lil Tyke Thomas and Lil Leigh.

12. You got expelled from school after skipping for a concert for the 15th time.

13. You'd love them 50 years from now.

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