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Date: May 05, 2002
Submitted By: The Wall Talkers

My best friend and I talk to one of the BSB posters on the wall.... and make it talk back... even over the phone. We're 17, been doing it for 2 years. Sad?

Nine Years Of Backstreet

Date: May 05, 2002
Submitted By: Chelsea

9 Years of Backstreet.

By Chelsea

The Backstreet Boys are respectably, (not arguably), one the most recognized groups in the world.

Today is April 20th, 2002. Nine years ago today, Brian Littrell flew to Orlando to join the group as we know it today. Here is some of the amazing work the boys have done in their time.

Their Achievements:

1. 9 years

2. life long friendships

3. life long memories

4. 17 hit singles

5. 18 videos

6. 4 complete L.P.'s

7. 1 hits compilation

8. Grammy Nominations

9. 65 records sold world wide

10. ITM Tour selling out in less than one day

11. 1 134 000 records in one week

12. 1.6 Million records in one week

13. Juno's

14. A.M.A.’s

15. M.V.A.’s

16. M.M.V.A.’s

17. Billboards

18. Peoples choice

19. Kids choice

20. Platinum

21. Gold

22. Diamond

23. Respected by other celebrity’s

24. #1 for every single (somewhere

25. Over 60 awards won

26. Platinum singles

27. Backstreet blvd in NYC

28. October 7th, The Official Backstreet Boy Day in America

29. January 17th, The Backstreet Boy Day for the Fans

Known For/Made Famous:

30. the mushroom cut

31. the Mohawk

32. the mullet (well, kinda)

33. the re-birth of boy bands

34. Fan conventions

35. Museums

36. charity b-ball games

37. McDonalds

38. Super bowl

39. Baseball Games

40. sunglasses

41. 2 performances at the Grammy’s

42. making it ‘cool’ for guys to sing & dance again

43. Backstreet Project

44. Millennium, the album

45. Worlds Biggest Selling Group of All Time

46. The Chair Routine

47. The Hat Routine

48. The Everybody Music Video


50. Written Songs

51. 100 Hour Tour

52. Sea World

53. Backstreet Market

54. Role Models

55. Hair dye

56. Earrings

57. Chains

58. Inspirations

59. American diabetes association

60. A cappella

61. Golf charities

62. Tattoos

63. Skirts

64. 1996 Olympics

65. The Rain Scene

66. VH1 Men Strike Back

67. Nicknames

68. Wild Cats!

69. Fear Factor

70. Millionaire Show

71. Politically Incorrect

72. Hollywood Squares

73. The word ‘Baby’

74. Morning Shows

75. Late Night Shows

76. Sitcoms

77. Game Shows

78. SNL

79. Burger King

80. Co Merchandise

81. Magazine Covers

82. commercials

83. DVD’s & Movies

84. Sold Out Concerts

85. B-Sides

86. Dance Breaks

87. Directing

88. Producing

89. Movies

90. Boat Races

91. Planes

92. Buses

93. Video shoots

94. Sexiest Group

95. The One Video

96. The Perfect Fan (getting a choir to sing it)

97. Special effects

98. Black & Blue tour

99. I wanna be with you tour

100. Backstreets back tour

101. 96-97 Europe tour

102. people covering the BSB’s songs

103. facial hair

104. winking

105. KNHBA Record Label

Known For Tearin Apart:

106. Much Music

107. Viva

108. Musique Plus

109. TRL

110. Mexico

111. USA

112. South Africa

113. Japan

114. Australia

115. Canada

116. South America

117. Europe

Over Came:

118. surgery

119. death

120. heart break

121. lawsuits

122. changes in management

123. criticism

124. marriages

125. Band Changes

126. Burned Comic Books

127. Stolen dogs

128. Stolen underwear, socks clothes

129. Ripped ear lobes

130. Vicious ex-girlfriends

131. Public love lives

132. Public home addresses

133. Rehab

134. Depression

135. Arrests

136. Sept.11th

137. World wide/nation wide tragedies

138. Criticism

Big Names That Helped Them

139. Elton John

140. Fatima Robinson

141. Max Martin

142. Joseph Kahn

143. Nigel Dick

144. Johnny & Donna Wright

145. Lou Pearlman

146. Denise McLean

147. All Band Members, Spokes People, Management,

148. Dancers (kinda/sorta)

149. Themselves.

150. Denniz pop

Who They Helped

151. Their fans

152. Their families

153. Brothers

154. Sisters

155. People who depend on their charities

156. Krystal Harris

157. Born Into Kaos

158. Aids foundation

159. Tornado relief

160. Johnny NoName Foundation

161. Healthy Hearts Club

162. Nick Carter Ocean Campaign

163. Just Within Reach

164. Dorough Lupus Foundation

165. VH1 Save The Music

If any of u have more to add, Email me Firedust69@hotmail.com!! thanx!

*~*BSB: my shining stars :0)*~*

Date: May 05, 2002
Submitted By: Jennifer R. loves Kev

These are the top ten things I love about The BSB!


10.His crystal blue eyes.

9.The way he sings into the microphone on ALAYLM!

8.His cute Aaron Carter sounding voice in the Germany concet.

7. His cute blonde hair, in anyway he styles it.

6.Those loveable, kissable, tempting lips!!!!! OMG!

5.The fact that his brother is also a hottie too! ;-)

4.How his nickname Kaos fits him perfectly.

3.The fact that he LOVES videogames.

2.He is so adorable in glasses!

1. That BIG booty!


10.The way he plays piano.

9.the way he dances so stiffly. (o.k. I actually think that is cute)

8.How good he looks in a freaking suit.

7.How good he looks in....ANYTHING.

6.His nickname Mr. Body Beautiful fits him perfectly too!

5.His body in QPG....OMG! w/ those tight white pants on....you kev fans know what I'm talkin' about!

4.Those gorgeous,irrestible,sensational green eyes.

3.The way his Kentucky accent sounds in an interview.

2.Him kicking some freaking ass in LTL! (HA 1.The way he talks in INBYH!!!!!! I luv that voice Kev!


10.His body.

9.His 69 tatoo on his tummy.

8.His souful voice! (an angelic angel!)

7.The way he acts so goofy at concerts, but hey he looks damn good doing it!

6.His "stage humping" move.

5.His sexy face, ( I look at it every morning *on posters of course*)

4.How sexy he looks in IWITW.

3.How sexy he looks in all videos!

2.The way he looses his temper. (o.k.A.J is hot as hell when he's pissed.)

1.How good he looks in glasses.


10.His boyish cute looks.

9.His sexy southern accent.

8.How goofy he acts. (we would've been a perfect couple)

7.The fact that he's cousins with the most sexiest guy on earth.

6.His blue eyes.

5.How devoted he is to church.

4.He and Nick are best buds. (Two total HOTTIES)

3.His brother looks as good as he does.

2.How good he is in Basketball.

1.His angelic voice.


10.How sweet he is.

9. The way he says "I'm Howie" at ever concert. (o.k. that really annoys me but I couldn't think of something else to put.)

8.His big brown eyes.

7.His soothing voice.

6.His kissable lips

5.How sexy he looks with his hair cut.

4.How good he looked on The Call.

3.How short and sexy he is.

2.he's just so sweet! :-)

1.His smile :0)

O.k. and now what I love about the guys all together!

10. They are the sexiest boyband on the planet earth.

9.the fact that they can perform their song AND play the music on stage. (can nsync do that....didn't think so.)

8. The nicknames B-rok, and Latin Lover.

7.How they dedicate EVERYTHING to their fans.

6.How cool they are.

5.Look at them....they are gorgeous!

4.The nicknames Bone and Train....gives you ideas!

3.They have fans of many ages!

2.They put on the best show ever!

1.They are all just so sexy!


D.L.N.B.I.D.!-->MY BEST FRIEND MADE THIS UP...IT SAYS "don't let nsync bring it down. I don't mind you using it but tell me o.k.!


Date: May 05, 2002
Submitted By: QUINN CARTER

Hey there all nick fans,

This is for you.

I think that nicholas gene carter is hot,adorable and other things that I don't want to write down on this.

I have all ofhis posters and cd's and other things too.

I love nick with all my heart and soul.

Nick means the whole world to me and to the backstreet boys fans all over the country and parts of the states too and from his hometown in new york.

Hey nick I love you with all my heart and soul!


Date: May 05, 2002
Submitted By: Kaja (Norway)

My idols: Leigh Anne, Kristin, Brian, Kevin, AJ and HOWIE.I hope that one day I will meet you and talk to you.I have loved you from the very first start so I just hope you come back to Norway soon.When I have more moneys, Im gonna move in to USA and live there for rest of my life.I want to move to Florida, specially to ORLANDO.Thats my dream.I just hope that BSB one day gonna answer on of my letters:)


Why am I obsesed?

Date: May 05, 2002
Submitted By: Krissy

Lets see. In the year 2001 I know I spent over $700 on concerts and hotels when they were in town.

In Feb & Oct of 2001 we found out what hotel they boys were staying at and reserved a room. Waited around for 3 days for the chance to meet them, which we did.

I have 3 person autographs I got myself from each of Aj, Howie & Nick.

Out of all the people waiting outside I was the only one that Aj hugged twice.

Out of all the people waiting outside my friend i were the only 2 people Howie hugged period.

Every concert our goal is to get better seats than the time before. Last time we were front row on the side of the stage and both Howie & Aj waved and/or laughed at something we were doing in the middle of the show.

I have 2 albums of just of pictures from the concerts I've been to and pictures of Aj.

I've seen them in concert 4 times.

I own every video they've ever put out and every cd. Even the imports.

My walls are covered in pictures of Aj (and the boys a little)

At work everybody knows that I'm the office bsb fan.

Why I LOVE and am obssessed with BSB!

Date: May 05, 2002
Submitted By: Andrea

I have all their CDs(backstreet boys,backstreet's back,millennium,black and blue and chapter one, I even have the american version of backstreet boys)

I have all their singles (right from we've got it goin on to drowning)

I have all the shaped CDs

I have 15 BSB t-shirts

I have a calendar every year from 1997

I have 20 BSB necklaces

I have every magazine that they have been on the cover of

I have every BSB book

I have 2 bandanas

I have seen them in concert 10 times

I have their stickers books

I have over 25 pins

I have over 15 keychains(including one that I got in Florida)

I have diaries,pens,pencils,magnets,rings,a wallet, a purse, a backpack

I have 3 BSB hats(including one that are black and blue)

I have all of their home videos

I have their autographs hanging on my wall

I have loved them since the beginning and I always will!



Date: Apr 17, 2002
Submitted By: Izzy Carter

1. You know you're obsessed when you write the secnond name of any of the guys insted of yours

2. You know you're obsessed if you get up the wall only because your brother sais that he doesn't like them

3. You know you're obsessed when in class you're known as 'The bsb fan'

4. You know you're obsessed when you don't go out with friends just for seeing an Bsb interview/concert/report... on TV while you're recording it

5. You know you're obsessed when you claim your hobbies are basketball, play the guitar, the drum, diving,... just like the boys

6. You know you're obsessed when you write about 5 to 10 poems a day dadicated to the Bsb...

7.You know you're obsessed if your biggest dream is going to Florida

8. You know you're obsessed when your mother has already accepted Nick Carter as your future husband

9. You know you're obsessed if you haven't got a boyfriend because you claim your boyfriend and ideal man is Nick/Howie/Kevin/AJ/Brian

10. You know you're obsessed when you start to cry to screem to dance and to jump because you heare a new bsb single on the radio!!

(This I know out my own experiance lol)


If Only

Date: Apr 17, 2002
Submitted By: Sara

I truely believe that what makes a true fan is tha NO MATTER what, you will like their music. No matter what anyone says, you will always have a fondness for them, and you still don't know why everyone won't just let you be and stop asking you when you will grow out of this "faze" when it is only music, ONLY MUSIC, not a faze, not childish, MUSIC!!! music can't be grown out of, music isn't a faze. you will always care for them, and all you want to do is get them to notice you are there, notice how much you care, and maybe car as much for you as a friend as you do. All you want to do is email them, not because you want to tell them how much you love them, but to thank them, cause w/out them, you wouldn't be the person you are today. If only they knew about you, or that Kristin and Leighanne are your Idols, b/c of all they have accomplished. You love them because they inspire you to persue your own dream, and you know you can do it, cause you have seen it done, and it grow into something great. If Only I Could Be Like Like You Kristin, Leighanne, Brian, Kevin, Nick, Howie, And AJ, You Are My Idols.

List of the LoVinG things I do for my hunnies

Date: Apr 17, 2002
Submitted By: BsB GurLi

I personally think i am the most obsessed person in northern CaLifornia! here are sum (note:SOME) of the things i have done

1. 14 and 1/2 taped videos from tv appearances

2.every tape they have out(all acces, homecomining, the video hits :chapter one, around the world, a night out, and more that i cant think of)

3. for valentines day, i sent out bsb valentines, and on every single one, i wrote 'luv, bsb luver"

4. i got 15 bracelet glowsticks, and put 7 on each arm, and one in my hair so they would notice me at their concert.

6. i know the dance to everybody and larger than life, and whenever i work out, i do those dances while listening to the song.

7. i wrote a sign saying, "shake your a** for me nick!" and when he was on stage, he said' wuts that sign say? shake my wut? oh u mean this?' and he turned around and shaked his butt while me and the whole arena screamed our heads off

8.ive liked them since i was 8, and i would spend hours in the pool listening to their music and making up dances and i would call out my mom to show her. (this included dancing on the little inflatable island things and jumping in the pool for a grand fanale)

9. i can play 5 of their songs on the piano.

10. i have a bsb program from their concerts, the one with all the pictures in it, and i look at it every night before i go to bed so ill have dreams about them.

11. i have a newspaper article review on their concert on my bullitin board, along with the glowsticks i got from there, and both tickets from each concert i went to.

12. i name my stuffed animals after them.

13. im going to have one shih tzu, one pug, and one chihuahua representing aj, nick, and brian since they have those kinda of dogs in that order and i have a poster of them with their dogs.

14. my brother loooks like kevin richardson...like identical!! i have a picture of him and my brother side by side on my wall and they look like twins, and when i told him that he looks like kevin, he said, figures..i mean u wont stop talking about them and i evolved into kevin.

15. when i meet someone for the first time, ill ask their name, and ill ask' backstreet or nsync' and if they say nsync ill say. o..well nice meeting you..i have to go... and wont talk to them

16. my future job is to be a bsb backup dancer/bsb wife hahaha

17. My husbands name has to be Nick, AJ, Kevin, Brian, or Howie.

18. My kids will be named (boy) nick, aj, kevin, brian, or howie (girl) leighanne, kristin, or amanda

illl ad more later, but i gotta do sum homework! luv yall and write me an email so we can obsess togetha!!!!


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