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Date: Apr 15, 2002
Submitted By: beth

I know everything there is to know about Nick. Like Where he was born,who his siblings are how old they are wht year each one was born.what hos favorite things are. His favorite car is a Camero hi favorite color is green He live by himself in a house.

then u know

Date: Apr 15, 2002
Submitted By: TATE luvs BRI

u know when ur obsessed when u figure out ways to work the backstreet boys into ur health homework!

sooo hot!

Date: Apr 15, 2002
Submitted By: TATE luvs BRI

ok this is short, but i wake up every morning singing their songs. they have the sexiest voices on earth. their music helps EVERYONE through rough times including me. so boys if you are readin this, i wanna say thanz.

We are soooooo obsesed!!!!!!

Date: Apr 15, 2002
Submitted By: nick's baby girl

I am sooooooo obsesed with bsb!! heres the crazy bsb expeiriences i had and why i am obsesed.....

1) at the b&b concert I went to with my sis everything was quite for a minute and I yelled out " I love u Nick!" and Nick looked up and me and smiled!!!! I just about died and went to heaven! I was freaking out soooo bad!!!lol!!!

2) at the same concert during "Shining Star" Nick was dancing real close to a dancer and I was getting sooo jealous and Brian went over to Nick tapped him on the shoulder and said something and Nick stopped dancing with her.lol it was like Bri knew I was jealous lol.

3) I was watching SNL b4 and during BSBS performance I was like "I love u Nick!" and he looked at the camera RIGHT AFTER i said that and mouthed the words "I love u" I was like lol i know ya do lol.

4) I was trick or treating some years back and I saw a guy walking toward me dressed as AJ and I thought it was him and I just stood there on the sidewalk frozen with my mouth open and as he got closer I realized he wasn't AJ and I started to breathe again lol.

5) some time back I thought I was getting too old to like BSB and I commented on this to my sis while we were in out bsb poster filled room and the NEXT DAY Brian comes on TV and he's like "No one is too old to like our music" and I was like "dude brian stop listening on my covos" lol

6) me and my sis plan on following bsb around the year after we graduate (we're twins) and follow them till we meet them.We are determind to meet bsb and no on will stop us!

7) Every person I meet who likes Nick I tell them they can like him but he is my man and if they say he is their man I fight them over Nick.My sis does the same with Brian.

8) Me and my sis notice the lil things in their vids like how in the "Everybody" vid Brian theres a part where Brian just sits on the floor during the big dance routine like he doesn't know what to do while everyone else is dancing.Also that AJ is wearing green shoes in the "quit playin games with my heart" video lol.

9) Me and my sis pretend we are married to Nick and Brian lol.

10) How me and my sis are protective over each BSB especially Nick and Brian lol.If anyone messed with them or disses them at school we double team that person and teach them not to mess with our Boys.Most people have learned the hard way not to say anything about BSB lol.

11) BSB has made me and my sis closer cause apart from or twin bond we have a BSB bond.

12) most of all is cause i love them with all my heart and soul and I will love them till the day I die because they saved me from killing myself and their music helps me get thru the depressin stages I go thru.I am forver gratefull to them and I will worship them till the day I marry Nick lol.

I'm so obsessive...

Date: Apr 15, 2002
Submitted By: Melissa

1.) that my email addy is about them (bsb-number1-fan@snet.net)

2.) after i saw Nick wearing the Grab a Bottie and Pinch tshirt I had to get one (I'm still looking but I'm gunna get one damnit!!)

3.) um....i painted my room, but there is no point cuz I put bsb wallpaper up the next day (posters, no there isn't actual bsb wallpaper, but i think i will patent it and make it hehe)

4.) i saved up my money for a year then spent it on tickets to three concerts back to back and buying stuff @ the concert

5.) everything that has their picture on it, mentions their name or n e thing I have to buy it (I bought the What's Going On making of video yesterday, everyone should own in, Nick tapes A.J. to a sign and Brian does this happy dance thing it's hilarious)

6.) every single stuffed animal in my room is named after them or one of their family members or has to do w/ them

7.) I bought my grandma Black & Blue for x-mas 2 christmas's ago to spread the love (hehe really i did)

8.) I broke a fence at the concert just to see Brian talking w/ Leighann and watching Lil' Tyke and Litty Leigh run around (so very cute, it was all worth it!)

9.) when they first came out i was like 8 or 9 and i made up this game w/ my best friend where we would pretend that Nick and Brian were our husbands and we would act out all this crazy crap (the good ol' times)

10.) if i miss a bsb tv apperence because of an audition (yea I'm a singer too) I cry for days (really no lie)

11.) when i heard about AJ going into rehab I cryed for 5 days straight and I missed three days of work watchin tv to tape every little thing about him

12.) every time someone i work w/ or someone at school sees sumthin having to do w/ bsb in a magazine or in a store they buy it for me or give it to me asap (i pay them back of course)

13.) u name it I've done it cuz if i keep going this list could go on forever!

My Howie, My Honey

Date: Apr 15, 2002
Submitted By: gail caņete

im not obsessed with howie, im in love with him and ill be here for him. howie, dont hesitate to email me, ill be here always...take care of yourself and take care of your health coz i really care. you are my song, you are my life and my inspiration. howie and bsb always!

I'm an Obsessed Fan!!!!!!!!!

Date: Apr 15, 2002
Submitted By: Elizabeth Carter

im here to show people how obsessed i really am.

1- i have loved bsb since they 1st came out

2-refused to go to a nsuck concert when my friend asked me to go

3-went to aaron carter concert (althought i dont like his music) just to see if nick would be there

4-i have 5 whole folders filled with bsb pictures and articles

5-i have every magazone with them in it or on the cover

6-have over 500 pics saved on my computer

7- my wallpaper and screensaver are bsb

8-been to 4 concerts

9-i stayed in the same hotel as them in 98 (in las vegas,mgm grand)

10-my grandma saves all bsb stuff she sees for me

11-i made some of my friends like them

12- my parents like them

13-everyone calls me elizabeth carter or nicks wife

14-i painted my nails black and blur for their concert

15-kevin waved at me!!!

16-i go on backstreet.net or anything else on bsb at least 4 times a day

17-for a school trip i went to florida and tried to look for bsb..i had a camera and my cd and a pen everywhere i went just incase..

18-i cried when i heard aj went into rehab

19- im happy for kevin and kristin, brian and leighanne and now aj and sarah

20-i have all the stuff from burger king..action figures, cups,placemats, bags, fry holders...

21-i want to get 2 cats and name then frick and frack

22-i have over 20 , 8 hour tapes of them

23-i wish them happy birthdays

24-i listen to their cd's everyday

25- a smile comes across my face when i hear them sing

26-i have over 25 of their cd's and singles

27-i talk to my posters (scary i know..:)

28-i call them "my boys"

29-i screamed so loud at their concerts i lost my voice for 1 week

30-i have over 1,000 pics of them in my rooms

well thats all! i love nick and KTBSPA!!!!! :)

What makes a fan

Date: Apr 15, 2002
Submitted By: B

In my opinion I believe that it doesn't matter how much information you have about them, how many posters, what you do on their birthdays, how many videos you have with them on, how many CD's you have, how much you hate n*sync and anyone that disses bsb it matters that wherever you are, you will think of them. They will always be deep inside your heart, however much you grow up, you will forever have a fondness for them. That you care so much about them that sometimes you break down in tears when you just think about them. And the fact that to be with one of them is the thing you want most in the world, and that you are so sad that that is virtually impossible for you. You love them and you would give anything for them to love you back. That's what makes a fan.

i'm pretty sure i'm obsessed....

Date: Apr 15, 2002
Submitted By: Brittney

I've only seen BSB once (hershey, July 5th) but i can easily tell you the detailed story about how

i wasn't able to see them every other time they were in pennsylvania

BSB fanfic FANATIC!!

Have 16 cds

can pick out a BSB song over the loud speaker in a crowded mall or across the cafeteria when

the lunch ladies have the radio on.

can put the TV on mute and still tell when someone says 'backstreet boys'

going STIR CRAZY because i can't wait for the new album and i'm trying to be PATIENT

I'm a regular in the Fan Backstreet chat on AOL

Can never stay on a radio station for more than 15 seconds because BSB might be on another



My two best friends listen to Heavy Metal and both of them agree that BSB are great at what they do

resisted the urge to scream 'I LOVE AJ!' when your rock friends talk about AJ being hot

been a fan since 4th grade- 6 years ago!

i have countless tapes of TV appearances

i've actually considered getting 'bsb' tattooed on me

jump up and down and scream when they come on tv

Defend BSB when i hear people call them 'just another boy band'- they are way beyond the 'boyband'

thing and besides, if it weren't for BSB half those bands would have never been around

i'm known to just strike up a conversation with anyone i see at a record store looking at BSB Cds

i'm going to support them through anything

They're so talented, the talent just makes me want to cry

I worry for days when i hear about rumors of them breaking up (more worried about them than myself)

and then practically cry with joy when they clear them up

vote for them all the time, on TRL (even though that show sucks), radio stations, channel one,

and any where else when i have the time to do so.

i'm *this* close (and for those who can't see my fingers it's VERY close) to packing up my stuff

and going on a BSB road trip.

I dont have many friends that like BSB (half my friends dont even know i like them) and i really

really need some people i can sit around and obsses with.....hehe- its a lonely thing to obsess by


i made my sister (a former BSB fan but now Hardcore punk) watch the ATW video with me

My mom and i share BSB gossip daily

Shocked the hell outta one of my best friends when i told him i dont listen to Marilyn Manson

(everyone thinks i'm "goth" for some reason *shrugs*) like he thought but i'm crazy about BSB

turn and look everytime i hear one of their names

although i live in Pennsylvania, i still look at everyone in a public place hoping to see them

I've made a list of names for my future children (boredom does strange things to a girl) and you

can bet that all my sons share a middle name with the first name of a backstreet boy.

i can relate any aspect of anything to them.

made a parody of 'the rocky horror picture' show staring nonother than the Backstreet Boys (boredom


when i read books, all the characters bare resemblences to BSB-in my head :)

there are tons of songs i love just because i think BSB could do awesome remakes of them

I just want to say, that BSB are part of my life although they dont even know i exist and that's

something thats special to me....and if i'm some sort of obsessed teenie...OH WELL! i LIKE it that way!!!!


Keeping the backstreet pride alive!!!

Date: Apr 15, 2002
Submitted By: Nickacoli (my nickname from my friends Nick for the obvious reason and the coli becuz my other crush's name is nicholi)

1. my extremely Catholic (VERY VERY RELIGIOUS) grandma told me she saw a picture of nick in one of the magazines at the salon and she ripped it out for me!!!! (she was depressed and had to go to confession afterwards)


3. my teacher brings in pictures of bsb for me

4. during class (while i'm daydreaming) my teacher tells me to stop imagining my wedding to nick during class

5. I planned my wedding to nick in class and my teacher and class mates gave me ideas

6. when my sister decided to name my nephew NicHolas i demanded she name him NicKolas with a "k"

7. my 6 year old brother knew all the words to the millenium cd at age 3 1/2

8. when shopping at wal-mart my lil bro shouted "hey shannon...they are playing BSB!!!" and together we ran to the electronics where my lil bro and i begged them to turn it up

9. my birthday cake had a pic of nick on the front and i nearly cried when it wuz cut :'(

10. my lil bro wuz supposed to take his favorite item for show and tell (kindergarten) and he asked to take my Millenium cd and a poster of Nick

11. at my sister's wedding reception i got into a HUGE argument with the dj (it wuz so bad i wuz shaking) because i requested that he play inbyh and it wuz the last song he played!!! My sister yelled at him, and threatened to not pay him if he didn't play 2 more BSB songs for me

12. i danced around by myself on the dance floor at the reception and sang the bsb songs at the top of my lungs ( my parents/sister has pictures to prove it)

13. all through my sister's wedding (i wuz junior bride's maid) i daydreamt that it wuz me and nick getting married

14. the grocery store (clark's) reserves copies of every magazine that bsb is in for me since they know i'll be in to buy every single one of them

15. my best friends are people i met at bsb concerts( my other friends just don't understand)

16. my crush at school closely resembles nick carter and his name is Nic!!! lol

17. while at skatetown (skating rink) i asked NIC to skate with me to the moonlight skate and i told him he looks like nick carter and he said "is that a good thing??" and i wuz like "o yeah....that's a VERY good thing!!!"

18. i am instantly friends with all bsb fans

19. on nick's birthday my school's lunch ladies made cupcakes and my whole lunch table sang happy bday to nick

20. my lil sister pays me in bsb posters to do things for her

21. my baby cousin (she is 1 yr old) barely talks but when she sees a pic of nick carter she says "nick!! nick!!!"

22. i'm planning on stranding my mom @ the hotel & taking off w/ the car if she won't drive me to nick's house when we go to Florida this summer

23. as soon as my mom told us that we are going to florida this summer my lil sis groaned and said " this means we are gonna spend the whole summer at nick carter's house" and my lil bro said "yay!!! we get to go to nicky's house!!!"

24. for my lil bro's first cd player he asked for the first U.S bsb cd (for a bday present...and his first cd)

25. every time my mom spots me trying to get my baby nephew to say nick while pointing to a picture of nick, my mom says "that's your future uncle!" lol

26. my parents don't even bother making me go to school the day of any of the bsb's bdays bcuz they know that all day long you will be busy celebrating and they don't want you disrupting class

27. one time i wuz 2 hours away from home when i realized i left one of the three copies of b&b at home (hey you never know wut could happen!!) and i made my parents turn around and go home to get it!!! :D

28. I stayed up until 1:30 a.m to finish this list while watching bsb all access

nicky_c_is_my_bad_boy@hotmail.com add me and we can obsess and oggle over bsb together!!!:D

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