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my number one reason

Date: May 05, 2002
Submitted By: A.L.D

I have spent over $10 000 on bsb items ( I even have a candle!!)

My obsession!

Date: May 05, 2002
Submitted By: Lauren

1) i have every single c.d and single ever ( i had to pay big bucks to import some of them!)

2)i have ove 900 posters of them in my room

3) when ever there on t.v i have to tape it ( 15 tapes!)

4) i waited in line for 2 days to get tickets

5) i have been to 4 concerts

6) ANYTHING someone says i can turn into a conversation about bsb ( ANYTHING)

7)i have 2 of everything from burgerking (the dolls, c.d, even the cups and fry containers!)

8)My friend call me "the backstreet girl"

9)My friend know not to ever talk abot nsync around me EVER

10)i have written over 500 poems about them

11)i cried when a.j went into rehab and nick was drying for him

12) i found it funny when nick got arrested =) sorry!

13)i bought ever single c.d the first day it came out

14)i have been a fan since i was 8 years old

15)i own over $700 worth of concert items

16) i totally support brian and kevins marriages (leighanne is so cute!) and ajs engagement

17)i think about Nick 24/7

18)i waited for 3 days to have front row seat outside when bsb came to much music

19)i have a tatoo that says bsb in a heart on my lower back ( its real )

20)i check out this site everyday to see if there has been an update

Proof That I'm Obsessed With Nick Carter

Date: May 05, 2002
Submitted By: Kelly

I tell every BSB fan that I can find that I live about a half an hour away from the once famed "Yankee Rebel" and that I live about 10-15 minutes away from the place where Bob worked when he and Jane first met.

Nearly every user name I have has something to do with Nick......

I discuss useless Nick trivia with anyone who will listen!! (anyone hear about his new tattoo?? the dragon down his 'happy trail'?)

Oh!! by the way...did I mention that I'm 26? hehe

obbsesion with the carters

Date: May 05, 2002
Submitted By: DYB

1. You get mad when someone says Nick or Aaron are Gay

2. You could swear that Nick or Aaron have hired your older brother to put a camara in your room, while you are hanging with your friends (I have a hole in my wall, and if I didn't know better I'd say there was a camara in there once when my best friend was over)

3. You pretend that Nick or Aaron come out of the posters and if you figure out which one is the real Nick/Aaron you get to marry him.

4. You found your inner child when you were twelve, to old to pretend, but not wanting to give up your dreams of meeting BSB/Aaron

5. You cold have sworn that Kristen, Leighanne or one of the Carter sisters offered you better seats at a concert, but at the time you didn't think it was her and you didn't believe that the two hunderd and eighth row was better than your fourth row obstructed veiw, you find out later, that everyone in the upper sections could see the guys lifesize, and that the seats you were offered were right next to the stage, but not on the floor. (This practically happened to me in 1998)

6. Your Friend who is obbsessed with wrestling got used to you comparing her fave wrestler, (Edge) with Howie, Kevin or AJ (I think my friend is used to it by now, if not she better get used to it real fast.)

Ten signs you're about to go through Backstreet withdrawl

Date: May 05, 2002
Submitted By: Danielle

1. You know the release date of their next album, probably before Nick (the tentative release date is in september)

2. You listen to NickleBack on your way home from the local library to check your e-mail, and BSB sites that don't work from public computers

3. You write these on your way home from work

4. You start jumping curbs like a sk8er

5. you slow your fan fiction writing to a trickle

6. you start to like N'Sync music tho you'd never admit it to your friends that are diehard fans, they might just drag you to the next N'Sync concert

7. Even your 20 y/o brother misses the BSB Music

8. Your I'm greater than you sister hasn't dissed the boys for a week (The shock of my life came when this actually happened to me)

9. Your brother's girl notices the lack of BSB music (This never actuallly happend to me, because my brother's girl never comes over)

10. Your dad calls and asks where the music went

to be obsessed...

Date: May 05, 2002
Submitted By: Mary

Ok, i have been obsessed for 6 years now, and nobody that i know understands what us bsb fans go through!lol. so im gonna share with yall what i tihnk being obsessed is! and im sure u can all relate!...u tape every single thing on tv relating to bsb,u cry and scream whenever they are on tv, u know every single word,u download their songs and videos online even though u have them,u go to bed thinkin of them and wake up thinkin of them,u have collected the crowns toys cds and videos from when they did that stuff with burger king maybe even that paper thing that they put down on the tray (i did!), u have spent 1,000's of dollars on merchandise,u have spent a sh*t load of money just to get some tix,u sleep outside to get tickets (i did),u write all over yourfolders in school and desks your first name and one of the bsb's last name, u write one of their names or all of their names all over your folders and desks,everyone knows u to be the obsessed bsb lover,when your in the car or layin in bed u have this feelin that a bsbsong is on the radio and u turn it on and it is (i get that like everyday!),u dream about them like everynight!, u stay up all night thinkin about your how your conversation would go if u were to ever meet bsb,u stay up al night and think about what your house what look like if u wereto marry one of them and how many kids u would have and what u wold name them if u were to marry a bsb member,u sign one of the bsbs last names with your first on letters, u go to stores at midnight to get a cd, you stand up for yourself for bein a bsb fan and your not afraid to say so,when u go to a bsb concert u have to wear as much bsb stuff as possible,everytime u see the colors black and blue together u think of bsb and everysong from that album, when u see a commercial or hear a song of a group that bsb likes u think of them,u make your family like them cuz u always talk about them and play their music,your friends and family start to get mad at u cuz u talk WAY to much about bsb and how u love them, u make plans on how to sneak on their bus or backstage, u write the lyrics to one of their songs on your folder for school or on a sheet of paper,u think that no matter what bsb does is cute (example, if nick were to be pickin his nose, that would be the cutest thing in the world! lol ya know something like that wereif someone else were to do that youd be like 'ew!')u cant see your walls in your bedroom cuz u have to many bsb posters up,u sit up at night writing letters or poems about bsb or to bsb,u draw them,u make t-shirts for a concert,u make signs,u woulddo anything and everything just to give them a hug and say how much u appreciate what they do,if a poster on your wallgets ripped u breakdown and cry to the point where ucant breath (i did that once cuz my cat had ripped a nick poster and i was crying so hard i couldnt breath! lol it wasscary!)u sit up all night reading about bsb lookin at pics and printin pics out for no reason, u make a list about y u love them,u listen to them everyday,u could go for hours listening to them and not get annoyed.when u go to a concert u decorate your car with streamers and that paint stuff,u bring roses and teddy bears to concerts to give to them.well thats it i guess, but i know theres more! but im goin tobed! lol. but always KTBSPA!

Psycho for Backstreet

Date: May 05, 2002
Submitted By: Heather

OK just a FEW of the reasons that I'm a superfan!

*I live in north Florida, and just to see one of their concerts I have traveled to North Carolina, Orlando, Tampa, North Dakota, and St. Petersburg.*

*I paid $305 for ONE BSB ticket for the Tampa concert.*

*I got a pug just cuz Nick loves them, and I named it B.B., which stands for Backstreet Boys*

*The posters on my room are so abundant that it looks like wallpaper.*

*I met Pollyanna and had her sign my BSB concert ticket, then I laminated it and it's on my pegboard in my room*

*I own every video ever released, as well as every CD, including imported ones, and I have taped practically every BSB TV appearance*

*I find a way to relate EVERYTHING to BSB...(I'm going to college in Orlando just because that's BSB's home base)*

*I would date a guy if his name was Nick, Howie, Brian, A.J., or Kevin, simply because I could pretend I was dating one of the BSBs*

*I have taught the 3 year old boy I babysit to correctly identify each of the BSBs as well as recognize their songs anytime he hears one, and I have taught him that N Suck is evil...lol*

*I will not be friends with someone who prefers N Sync over BSB*

*I have every BSB thing I have ever seen in a store, from wrapping paper to puzzles to keychains to pens to folders...if I see it, I don't care if I go into debt, I'm going to buy it*

*If I'm in a store or any public place and BSB comes on the radio, I SCREAM "OMG IT"S BSB!!!!" and start singing along at the top of my lungs*

*My license plate # is: BACKST*

*I have a BSB bumper sticker on my car to show my pride*

*At least 4 days a week I wear a BSB shirt to display my affection...lol*



Why I'm obsessed

Date: May 05, 2002
Submitted By: ~Steph Carter~

I completely love the backstreet boys they are completely my life! so heres why i am obsessed:

-i've been to 4 of their concerts

-i have 6 CDs and the Krystal CD (#4 is bsb)

-backstreet candle, pen, temporary tatoos, stickers, 2 sticker books, keychain, ring, necklace

-got a nick carter birthday card for my 14th birthday

-for christmas my friend put a pic of nick in a cute little frame and gave it to me

-3 calendars of bsb and even one of Aaron

-31 posters on my wall and more put away

-Backstreet program from concert along with glossy picks of nick, 2 tshirts and 2 glowsticks

-bought MuchDance 2001 and PlanetPop 2001 just b-cuz backstreet is on them

-nick, aj, brian, howie, and kivs birthdays are all marked on all the calendars in the house

-on my friends birthday which is on feb 8 we made a cake and put "happy birthday pam and nick"

-i have @ least 12 bsb videos including taped stuff like Kevin on Fear Factor, Diary of bsb, and BSB Around the World

-bought all the mags with bsb on the cover

-I always buy the cds the day they come out

-one time i bought a teddy bear to throw to nick @ a concert but when i got there i realized it was 2 far 2 throw and i got all upset and kept the teddy and i bring it with me places just in case....lol

-everywhere i go i always have paper and a pen with me

-i voted 100 times a day for nick on cosmogirl

-i talk to my posters lol

-once at a concert they came up on that circle thing in the middle and nick was facing me and i almost completely lost it lol

-i completely freak out whenever i hear and nstink song

-when ppl were handing out things at a concert i won a sticker for screaming the loudest


your obsessed with nick when...

Date: May 05, 2002
Submitted By: Rylynn

okay you know your obsessed when you DID:

*buy your step dad's prowler..( same color as nicks )

*rent out a house with 15 other wild crazy fans so you can play their music as load as you want and dance and hang up your posters and go crazy on the weekends and go home on the week days and still live an almost normal live...

*shoped non stop for a grabbabootie n pinch shirt ( and finally found it after 17 stores!! )

*put a basketball,drumsticks and the grabbabootie shirt in the prowler...with of course a Journey cd in the cd player

*tell your not so close family that Nick's car is here cuz he just walked to the store and will be back shortly..

and last but not least you are 20 ( me ) and actully DID do all of those!!AHH!!

BSB: objects of my obsession

Date: May 05, 2002
Submitted By: Nick'sANGEL

lets see where do i start...

1) when they are sad, i am 2!

2) i know every word to every song by heart

3) i dont burn their cds b/c i gotta buy em cuz i need the cd case & insert!

4) i have EVERYTHING (all merchandise, and cds) at bsbdirect.com

5) on all of my homework/tests for school i write my last name as Carter

6) whenever i can, i relate homework to bsb

7) my 2yr old cousin can name the guys, fave foods, colors, hometowns, birthdays, and hair/eye colors

8) i get detentions cuz my teachers get mad cuz i never shut up about bsb

9) every day in algebra im like "Nick doesent like algebra, why should i?!"

10) none of my 4sibs wanna share a room wit me cuz bsb stuff is all over!

11)i check the weather @ their houses,or where ever they are

12) i AM nicks wife!

13) when i meet ppl who like nsuck, i make them like bsb!

14) ive gotten in catfights cuz of bsb vs. nsuck

15) i go to every concert i can. ive even gone 2 shows in 7 different states!

16) i cant sleep unless nick sings me 2 sleep (i listen 2 i need u 2night)

17) whenever i eat pizza i think of nick

18) whenever im in a McD's i think of the guys- especially aj

19) when aj was in rehab i had nightmares that aj didnt have his McD's

20) i have all the BKcds andaction figures

21) my screensaver and backround is bsb

22) nails are either black and blue or a bsb members favorite color


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