Bits and pieces from Twist Magazine: Nov/Dec 99

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Date: Oct 26, 2099
Source: Twist Magazine: Nov/Dec 99
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Here are a few BSB bits in the current issue:

In a "Which Is Worse section...", one of seven comparisons is: A world without the Backstreet Boys or a world without NSync?

In the "Inside the Boy Brain" section, a guy lists 15 things guys will never admit. Number 3 says: "Sure, guys make fun of all the hotties you have plastered inside your locker, but look closely and you'll see that a lot of us subtly try to imitate them. Hey, if spiky hair works for Seth Green and Freddie Prinze, Jr., maybe it'll work for us. And you'd better believe that on the night before a dance, most guys are at home trying to perfect those Backstreet Boys dance moves they always rank on."

There is also a feature called The 25 coolest guys of '99. The Backstreet Boys made numbers 1-5, and the caption at the bottom right hand side of their page-length picture says: " How'd the Boys win number one? Because we want it that way. (Though Millennium's record-breaking sales didn't hurt either...")

The rest of the 20 were as follows:

6. Ricky Martin
7. Usher
8. Freddie Prinze, Jr.
9. James Van Der Beek
10.Josh Jackson
11.Taye Diggs
12.Josh Hartnett
13.Scott Foley
14-18. NSync
19. Heath Ledger
20. Robbie Williams
21. Paul Walker
22. Seth Green
23. Chris Klein
24. Carson Daly
25. Barry Watson

In the Deep Thoughts section, the topic is "My wish for the millennium is..." and a female Twist reader says, "Backstreet Boys on MTV all day, every day."

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