Backstreet Boys update: The Galaxy Club

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Date: Oct 26, 2099
Source: AllPop
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Amy Bonaria

By Stephanie McGrath


Two weeks ago, rumours about broken promises and the Backstreet Boys were flying. But spokespeople say they're not true.

The story went that the pop stars were supposed to show up at the Galaxy Club after their Oct. 7th concert in Ill.

Club managers said about 500 people were waiting for the band to show, but they never came.

Galaxy club management said Backstreet had broken a contract and they were planning on filing a law suit against the band and their management company.

Peter Katsis, who works with The Firm, the Backstreet Boys management company, issued a statement today that said: "The deal was never completed. The Boys never agreed to appear."

But the event still disappointed some fans. One fan wrote to AllPop:

"Hello my name is Jaime and I did go into the club thursday night after the show. I had a flyer on my car and a friend and I went to the Galaxy club in Des Plains after the last Chicago show. before we went, we asked one of the guys who was still handing out flyers what was up. He said it cost 10.00 to get in, no dress code, and it was all ages. When we got there you had to be 17 and older with a valid id, plus pay 25.00 entry fee if you wanted to wait to get in.

If you didn't want to wait and wanted in asap, you could pay 50.00. I waited until 2a.m. When I was standing talking to a bartender, her boyfriend (the manager) told her they weren't coming, and that they were going to wait to announce it.

When you left, they had you sign your name and address with your phone number, and then gave you a piece of paper to call to make a claim to get your money back, which really wasnt fair to us, the fans.

We wait for what seems to be forever to get in, in the cold, then pay a huge price for a meet and greet, that they don't even show up at.

I still love the guys with all my heart, but I just want to say it wasnt fair."

John Gatz, a manager at the Galaxy Club said everyone who left their addresses with the club will get a letter and a gift certificate for club.

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