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Date: Oct 26, 2099
Submitted By: DaNiBsBcHk@aol.com


"Are Whites Stealing Rhythm and Blues?"

November 99 Ebony Magazine

I was reading the article in Ebony's magazine about 'Whites Stealing Rhythm and Blues' and I can't think of one word that comes to mind how ignorant this article is. Instead of them working to prevent racial discrimination, they promote it with simple articles like this.

"The 'blue-eyed invasion' of rhythm and blues is back with a vengeance. The term blue-eyed soul first appeared in R&B in the 1960s to describe white acts that performed passable imitation of soul music. But today's blue-eyed soul superstars are more urban, slicker, and seem to have more bounce to the ounce that their predecessors. Hall and Oates, the Average white band and the Righteous brothers have been replaced by pretty-faced highly choreographed groups like Five, Backstreet Boys, N Sync and 98 Degrees. Some people say these artist are crafting an R&B/Pop music union while others charge that R&B is being looted, whitewashed, watered down and renamed pop/soul"

Just because the color of ones skin is different then another performer shouldn't matter as to how talented they are. Me, being an African American Backstreet Boy fan, I feel this article was very prejudice. If the Backstreet Boys were 5 African American guys, would this be such a big deal? No, because they would just be seen as another Boys II Men or New Edition. With articles like this the word 'never' comes to mind when I think of the question, 'When will all this stop?' We all bleed red blood, we all need water to live. Why can't we just classify ourselves as human, not as Black, White, etc.

"Black acts shouldn't feel threatened, but they should be aware"

Aware of what? If they worked as hard as the Backstreet Boys do they would be up there with them. I respect the Backstreet Boys more than any filthy talking Rap artist (no offense, I like some rap) because they are a role model most parents wouldn't mind their children looking up to.

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