The Lost Boys: How a Pop Sensation Came Undone

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Submitted by Jenny from San Antonio Texas USA
Date: Mon Aug 19 03:07:39 2002

It was a good article but I dunno.. I dont like how their new management says that they dont care if one of the guys leaves the group or how they went to Lou Pearlman for comments. They got so many comments from Kevin, I wouldnt be surprised if they asked Kevin what he thought about Nicks solo album (which was more than likely all good stuff), they didnt get the answer they wanted, so they left it out and went to someone else. I hope that when the guys come back with their new album, their gonna show that Backstreets Back and here to stay!

Submitted by Colleen from Buffalo New York USA
Date: Mon Aug 19 02:48:52 2002

I thought it was a very informative article, but at the same time I thought maybe unnessessary. It did shed light on how the music industry work's, and some question's were answered, but it also emphasised the whole media attack, that's been going on with backstreet since the beginning. For instance, the title of the article. 'The Lost Boys: How A Pop Sensation Came Undone'. I do believe Backstreet beat their own record sale's with Black and Blue. That to me signify's success! When your on top and million's love you, why is it that the media only pick's away at you? Well, that's the bigger story, so it seem's. You know how it is, dirt and sex sell. Yes, sad but true that's the world we live in. We all know the Backstreet Boy's paved the way for future act's as well as sky rocketed career's in many media field's, such as T.v. radio and merchandising. They were a sensation and still are sensational, nothing changed. I became a fan because I liked what I heard, well guess what? I still do. These five men have changed my life and touch my heart with their music. Their beautiful melodies and soleful voice's have captivated and entertained me for the past 3 year's and I'm forever going to be their fan. They give me what most act's in the music industy cannot, that is the gift to share the love for their music with my childen, my parent's and my grandparent's. Quality talent and heartfelt music have no age bounderies. That in itself is an achievement only few artist's ever share. There are very few people in the entertainment business who have a happily ever after story. It's not all qlitz and glamore, it is real life, just like the fella's have stated. There are going to be problem's and you just deal with them as they come. The boy's have proven time and time again that they are survivor's. Having delt with Brian's health issue's, management problem's and Aj's stay at rehab, the guy's are know stranger's to such blow's in life. There probobly will alway's be issue's on the table to deal with, and they will do it in a dignified tactful manner that they alway's have. Now Nick's putting out a solo c/d and they will be just fine. Nick know's he's a Backstreet Boy. He is only doing what he want's with his off time and has the support of his bandmate's. All the negativity to come out of this should just be ignored. Media want's us all to doubt them and loose faith, it's their main mission. One in which they actually get paid for, such a shame to earn your dollar that way. As long as the guy's know we are here for them, we will alway's achive greatness. I say once a fan, forever a fan. The Backstreet Boy's are a class act, one that will never be duplicated. KTBPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.s. If they decide to leave it all behind tommarrow, I would'nt blame them at all.

I'd miss them terribly though. (sniff, sniff)

Submitted by Laura from Hamilton ON Canada
Date: Mon Aug 19 02:23:27 2002

I thought this was an amazing article. It was so deep and through in everything. The buisness side was kept clear and was totally understandable to the "average joe". It answered a lot of questions, such as ticket prices. They were ridicously high last year and I think that's why the tour flopped.
I was sympathetic yet confused at why Nick stayed with former management. Only he will know why he stayed.
It's strange to hear the money side of the buisness when we as fans just appreciate the boys for their music and don't really think that when we buy that CD we are paying for one of their kids college tuition. But that is the reality of life, and the buisness.
I personally would be devestated if BSB still put out a CD without Nick. But I honestly don't think it will come to that.
The Firm couldn't possibly draw up conflicting tour dates for both Nick and the BSB tours ( as someone had mentioned). I am sure Nick wouldn't stand for it.
I think we as fans have faith in the boys and will continue to do so until THE day comes that they will want to go their seperate ways. Because one day it will happen. Hopefully not soon though :)

Submitted by Batool from USA
Date: Mon Aug 19 02:22:47 2002

I felt real good after reading this article...and somewhat stronger towarsd my love for BSB. This article really laid out all the truth..and I am proud of how the boys have come out! One thing I have also discovered is that I would not be sad even there are BSB without Nick...I would support Nick...but I wouldn't feel bad if he left the band...or got kicked long as there are BSB...I'm with them...all the way! KTBSPA!

Submitted by kaitlyn from nh USA
Date: Mon Aug 19 02:07:30 2002

these people have to get it through there heads that bsb are busy making an album, but instead there saying bsb are going to break up, so what if Nick is making a solo album so isn't justin timberlake but there not saying nsync are going to break up.

Submitted by Jade Morey from Leesburg Georgia USA
Date: Mon Aug 19 02:04:34 2002

This article answered questions that I've had for a very long time. Anyone out there who thinks the NY Times put this out to say the boys are gone are WRONG! The NY Times put it out because it's true, everything in the article is the truth about everything. All of those times we asked why are they doing that, why do they say these things? They had to. That's fuc*ed up too. Hopefully all of the bullsh*t is gone. They are under new management now so lets just hope for the best to come out of bsb. Lets hope they kick down the doors and make people listen to bsb again. They aren't gone, they are just on vacation from the hectic ride they've had to go on. They will be back, oh yes they are coming back. If not we know why they didn't.

Submitted by jennifer from miami florida USA
Date: Mon Aug 19 01:48:05 2002

I loved the article!! i have been really frustarated lately, trying to figure out what is going on with the bsb. this article was plain out real, and thats what I loved the most! It shows what is going on behind the scenes, instead of giving the sugar-coated version we get on tv. I will support the backstreet boys forever even over the precious nick carter! most the fans run to defend Nick and want nothing more but the other guys to sit back and accept it and waste their time. has anyone even thought on the other guys perspective for just one second!!! maybe the other guys feel betrayed , yes betrayed by Nick ! nick was the first one to claim they are sooooo tight and like brothers but he is also the first one to break away! i got so enraged when i heard that the band had to storm out of the room when the firm said they where going to manage Nick's solo career! c'mon if he cared that much he could picked another management company or better yet waited for a better time! most people will take this as oh she just dose'nt like Nick but that is very far from the truth. I just feel if you only have eyes for nick and dont care about the welfare of the rest then you shouldnt call yourself a backstreet fan! because they are human and dont have to be ok with everything! It isn't fair they have to work their schedule around nick instead of the groups. I honestly cant believe more people dont see it this way! and you are very naive if you think the firm isnt going to do everything in their power to contradict nicks schedule with the groups!!

Submitted by Fairytale from NS Canada
Date: Mon Aug 19 01:43:29 2002

Hi everyone. I read through the other entries before submitting one of my own and I saw a couple good points.
It is sad at the end of the article when they just sort of toss Nick off as something un-important. He is important. He's some fans' favourite and even if he's not, if you're a BSB fan, you still love him anyway. He makes up 1/5 of the Backstreet Boys, as does Howie, Kevin, Brian and AJ. If one of them left, it just wouldn't be the same.

This is a great quote I got from another post:

"I would much rather have BSB not release another album than have them release one without Nick."

Personally, I totally agree. Same goes if it was one of the other boys.

The article was well written and they had quotes and everything so it's not fake, that's for sure. They could have changed some things, that's all.

Adios, Fairytale

Submitted by Lauren from Austin TX USA
Date: Mon Aug 19 01:40:34 2002

Well, I've read some of the comments on this article and I had originally told myself I wouldn't post a comment on the article. But, after reading what some of you wrote, I feel I must. Feel free to email me too by the way. Whether we like it or not, the Boys are in a way the "lost boys." I work for a radio station and I can confirm that their singles from Black and Blue and "Drowning" have not done well. If you really think about it, I'm sure many of you will agree that Millennium is a better CD than Black and Blue and the Greatest Hits album. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE the Boys and I LOVE all their albums, but Millennium is definitely the best one. There was obviously a lack of support from Jive with their last 2 albums. By no real fault of their own, the Boys have gotten the bad end of the deal. This article show that. It's completely unbiased and totally true. The Boys are, for now, the "lost boys." This doesn't mean they can't make a comeback. It just means that they aren't as visible right now. If they break up, they break up. All I can hope is that they're happy in whatever they do. That's all any of us should hope for. Happiness is the key to a wonderful life. The recording industry is a rough business. Yes, the Boys have been dealt a lot of crap, but they can bounce back. Even the "lost boys" find their way home eventually.

Submitted by Allie from NS Canada
Date: Mon Aug 19 01:30:51 2002

I'm not sure what to say about this because it has a lot to do with the business aspect of things. I do know one thing, this is just a newspaper article and the boys have always been truthful with us in the past. It's usually the business side of things that sets the groups up against each other, or stubly makes us think something bad about our favourite group, because you know what they say, bad publicity is still publicity and most of the time the lights shine brighter on the BSB when it's not so great news. Frankly, I'm going to believe Nick, Kevin, Brian, Howie and AJ when they say everything is alright and up until now they've been adament that they are not breaking up.
And about the closing remark in the article...the Boys WOULD lose alot if only one member left the group. They aren't The Eagles. We have a huge fanbase. I'm not saying that it's not strong enough to withstand losing a member, because it is, but we're extrememly loyal to our group. It makes me proud that we're like that. Something would be missing if soemone left and the boys themselves always said that they wouldn't go on without a member.
We'll get through this bad articles and probably a few more. KTBSPA

Submitted by Ellice from San Antonio TX USA
Date: Mon Aug 19 01:23:08 2002

I personally am happy to see an impartial article. For once, a reporter has written an article without degrading the boys, or taking something they said and twisting it. They put word for word how Kevin felt. And obviously there's been a bit of a hiatus so to the public, the boys DO seem "undone" or "lost". Of course, we know that's not so, but a lot of that is hoping. I love the boys, as I know every fan out there does, so don't get me wrong. But if you look at the article as a whole, the reporters simply stating facts. He says how it seems and says how the Boys themselves view it. So I look at it as an overall GOOD article, even though it may not say everything we as fans want to hear, like they're throwing a free tour...hehe :)

Submitted by Celeste from Cobourg, ON Canada
Date: Mon Aug 19 01:10:08 2002

I'm shocked that the NY Times and all of the other media outlets don't think better of the Backstreet Boys than they do.
They make it sound as if the Backstreet Boys are breaking up and it's so not the case. Backstreet Boys are as tight as they ever have or ever will be.
Any newspaper that would think this badly of Backstreet Boys don't really deserve to report on them.

Submitted by Anna from NEW YORK CITY NEW YORK USA
Date: Mon Aug 19 01:04:09 2002

I was shocked when I saw just the title of the article. The Backstreet Boys are not "lost" and "undone", if they were lost, then people wouldn't have thousands of sites on them, see people like sisqo are "lost", BSB are not even close to being "lost" in any kind of way. Anywayz, I was reading the article, and I noticed something stupid. They said that it would be ok, if they changed the members. Well first of all, the Eagles are the Eagles, and BSB is BSB, new century, new music. PLus what kind of BSB would it be with out the original 5 members. If they were to change members, that would definetly, make BSB "lost" AND "undone". Personally I respect Nick's decision to go solo, but I also think that Nick should go back to BSB. BSB would be kinda nothing without Nick. I mean yea I totally support Nick on his solo thing, but I also support BSB (as a group). but anywayz it's just my opinion. KTBSPA!!! And go buy Nick's solo album, based on his single, it sounds like this album will be awesome!!! C Ya

Submitted by Hamidah from USA
Date: Mon Aug 19 01:00:50 2002

I believe reading the article it sounds as if Backstreet is on the verge of breaking up. I think BSB needs a better publicist because they for Black & Blue they did not do such a good job. Hopefully all goes well with Nick & the BSB's albums and hopefully they will not break up. It seems as if their lives are all going in different directions and it doesnt seem like something some of the guys would like to continue to persue. But hopefully the Backstreets will weather this storm and come back strong! But they need to stop whining about what happened, learn from the f ups and come back strong. The true fans will support them and Im sure those of us that come to will make sure hey they atleast sell 100 albums. (But u know they will sell more)!

Submitted by angel from Israel
Date: Mon Aug 19 00:39:50 2002

I thought it was a very good article but two things bothered me about it, first that whole we're not worried about nick leaving, well they should the fans wouldn't accept a new member and it would hurt them a lot! I don't care about the bangles! also as much as it hurts me that they felt used, get over it!I know that damn story by heart, I imagine it was hard but that's what it takes. I mean, it did work and as soon as they started cryin about and stopped working hard, they fell. don't get me wrong I love them to death but please! you can't just sit on your ass and expect to succeed.
and on a funnier note... how funny was it when they said brian was whipped!

Submitted by Sherrry Thomas from Elyria Ohio USA
Date: Mon Aug 19 00:35:19 2002

Well I have to say that i was sadden by this artical, BUT HEY we all have are stupid moments right!!!!Anywayz I do think Nick Carter should have told his other band mattes what he was doing. And well all I have to say is BSB's music has aways helped me though the hard times thouth my father dying even if I didn't know him that much cus he didn't want me to, Me being in the hospital 53 times and everytime I was in the hospital I took there music with me, and so many times they have saved my life and if they read this I would like to say a hartfelt thank you from the bottom of my hart. They will never know how much they have helped me deal with my illness so thank you and lots of love. xoxoxo =+D.

Submitted by Erin from Ridgewood New Jersey USA
Date: Mon Aug 19 00:33:05 2002

Honestly, just the title is heartbreaking. I don't like to think of BSB as "undone" or "the lost boys". This article made me cry. I cried like a little girl and I am not ashamed of it. The Backstreet Boys are more than just a bunch of guys singing and dancing. To me they are the young souls that God chose to put on this earth to help me, and millions of others, overcome LIFE. It is true. Without the Boys I don't know where I would be today. I may be where I am today but without the boys' music and words my life would have been a harder road to travel. Although this article has made it sound like the Boys are "the lost boys" I do believe there is some realizations being made. It has been made clear to me that the Backstreet Boys have put up with a lot of tough shit (pardon my language) just so they can make me, us, the fans, happy. It is pretty amazing how they didn't give up. Through thick and thin, deaths and sickness, they made the best of what they could do. I just hope that they will realize that I do appreciate everything they've done and I am giving them the 110% of respect that they deserve. Hopefully some other people out there will agree and go along with me. These boys are nothing less than incredible. Actually, incredible doesn't even describe them because....well....they are indescribable! Thanks for everything BSB, thank you for my life. I appreciate it.

Submitted by Jan from Nova Scotia Canada
Date: Mon Aug 19 00:18:13 2002

Well, I think that this article does hold some truth. It was very informative to all the inside stuff that went on with the Firm and thier decision to leave them. The only thing that I wonder about is why Nick didn't seek alternative managment for his solo career. I think the reporter misinterpreted something when he talked about Nick not recording with the group--if I recollect, in the Z100 interview, Nick said that he hadn't yet recorded with the guys, but he had to still lay down his vocals...And, if you remember from the Dec99/Jan00 Teen People cover story, Nick said that "when things settle down in a couple of years, I'm gonna do rock. It will probably be along the lines of Bryan Adams, maybe a little harder." Well, isn't that where we are now, a couple of years later?
I think we just have to have faith that it'll all work out...KTBSPA.
Peace. - Jan :)

Submitted by justine from anaheim ca USA
Date: Mon Aug 19 00:21:16 2002

the article was informative and everythin, but it was kinda sad, b/c of everyone bein so selfish. the guys needed a rest and the ppl tried to blackmail them sayin they would put n'sync in if bsb didn't sign the contract. that was mean. and just knowin all the hardships bsb has overcome, i kno they'll be around TOGETHER FOREVER. ktbspa. and u guys, we have to try to break n'sync's 2.6 or 2.4 million sales for the first week record. bsb deserves. it.

Submitted by Jen from Springfield VA USA
Date: Mon Aug 19 00:16:05 2002

I think the article is a little too dramatic, due in part to Kevin...but I digress. What it really does is explain some of the things I've always wondered. Like, for instance, why they released a greatest hits collection...and why Black and Blue was a major step backwards from Millennium. What I don't like about it however is how their new managers seem to think Nick is expendable. I would much rather have BSB not release another album than have them release one without Nick. That's basically saying that all the stuff they've been saying about being brothers and family is bullsh*t. And quite frankly, unless BSB is going to change their sound all together, their new CD wouldn't fit in with the trend of music today. Three years ago pop was huge. Today it's all about rap and r&b. Any pop cd released now would have trouble. They need to take their time and work everything out within the group. By that time maybe the market will be more tolerant of pop again.

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