The Lost Boys: How a Pop Sensation Came Undone

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Submitted by anduela from ny USA
Date: Mon Aug 19 08:20:00 2002

i think lou perlman is a true b.... .i think bsb will not break up becuase they are not affraid to say to fans that we will break up right so thats my opinion of lost boys ktbspa sincerely anduela bsb fan

Submitted by Julie from Cleveland OH USA
Date: Mon Aug 19 08:13:34 2002

After reading this article, I've gained a new respect, not only for BSB, but for all musical artists. I see how easy it is to get screwed over in the industry. To me, it's clear that BSB worked very hard to get where they are now and they continue to work hard for a bright future. I don't think anyone can say that they don't have a new respect for BSB now.

Submitted by Helen from Michigan USA
Date: Mon Aug 19 07:39:14 2002

First of all I have to say that I really appreciate the time and effort that the New York Times reporter put into this story. Thank you for believing that the guys were worth the effort you put into this piece.
At first I thought that I should think about how I felt about the various things that were eluted to in the story but then I decided that if I waited I wouldn't respond at all so here I go...
In regards to the monatary matters and support (or lack of) by the record company and management firms over the groups career, from interviews and articles I've read over the past year, I worried that something odd was happening in the Backstreet camp but of course the guys do a really good job of acting like nothing was going on. Sadly, as fans we are all facing the harsh reality that this is how the music industry works and in the end it's people like us and the artists that get left out in the cold. When I read Kevin's quote that the industry was on one side and the artists are on the other it reminded me of an interview I saw on Carson Daly's late night progam with Jeanne Garafelo. I don't remember everything she said but I believe that she talked about the fact that MTV claimed during the early 90's, when bands like Nirvana were hitting it big that it was a period of time when the network didn't want to give them airtime. Network executives claimed that the people didn't want to hear grundge style music and that the network suffered from poor ratings, yet when you look at the numbers, as Jeanne stated, they had the highest ratings ever. It just goes to show how the big wigs of the industry try to control what we as consumers listen to.
The thing that reallys sucks for the guys is that in order for the situation to be happy all around they have to keep an eye on every pie that's baking around them. Unfortunately, in doing that they loose the time needed for them to be thier primary role, and that's being artists. And it's then that we as fans suffer too. I have to say that in truth I thought that Black and Blue didn't live up to what Millenium was and I trully believe it had to do with the fact that they had to push the album out and that was before any rumors started to fly.
The last thing I want to comment on is the idea of there being a Backsreet without Nick. At this point I hope that the guys live up to what they have continued to say over and over in that the group consists of Kevin, AJ, Brian, Howie and Nick. I personally can't imagine a Backstreet without all of them but I haven't decided on how the possibilty would effect my status as a fan.
Right now I think that we need to keep an open mind and just wait to see what happens. I still don't think that we know the whole story and maybe we never will. We've supported them through a lot of crap and I think they deserve our patience.
Peace. Feel free to contact me to discuss anything further.

Submitted by Mary Costigan from Winthrop Mass USA
Date: Mon Aug 19 07:20:35 2002

My opinion is that the news media doesn't know "what the bleep they are talking about" First of all, do any of the critics ever take the time to actually go to a BSB concert? NO, they don't. Do they bother to find out about charity work being done by all of the boys? Once again, NO!!
What I don't understand is why are BSB continually picked on and ridiculed in the media. Personally I am sick of it, and I will continue to enjoy everything Backstreet.
Just for information purposes, I am not a teen aged fan. I don't say this to put down any/all teenagers, I happen to have a teenage daughter and godchild,so please don't take this as an insult. I am old enough to be Mom to any of the boys. I love seeing them in concert and I love the special bond my daughter and I have because o our shared love of BSB. They will always have a special place in my heart, and that won't change.
I know for a fact that publicizing A.J.'s rehab and recovery made fans rally around and beside him, thus showing A.J. and all of the BSB members that we still love them and were standing strong through good times and bad times, just like a family will do for it's own. These are my thoughts on that article.
I suggest anyone that loves BSB, totally ignore it, and keep the BSB pride alive and kicking.
Thanks for listening!

Submitted by Mia from LA CA USA
Date: Mon Aug 19 07:14:02 2002

This article shows how easy the guys are to manipulate. They have new management now that says Nick's expendable, so now they think that. They never gave any indication of this before. When Leighanne says leave the Firm, Brian leaves the Firm. When Jive says put out a greatest hits CD, they do. Yes the record industry is ruthless, but you have to get direction and make you own choices. If Jive said they would release their greatest hits CD anyway, call their bluff! They aren't stupid they know it won't sell without promotion. Case in point: This is the time Jive should be releasing an Nsync greatest hits if it followed the schedule BSB are saying. Their not! Nsync would never let them, their more aggresive about their careers ( like the article said). And by the way the NY Times, next to maybe the Walstreet Journal, is the most respected, legitamate newspaper in the world. This article is not fake or lying, especially if Kevin commented. The guys need to understand that just like a marriage, friendship takes work too. You can't just go off and get married and expect that Nick will be waiting for you when you decide to come around again.

Submitted by Annie from newcastle nsw Australia
Date: Mon Aug 19 07:04:45 2002

i think that not only bsb fans should read that but let every1 that critises them and boy bands, and just let them see exactly what they do and that they deserve as much as any1 if not more to be where they r and doing it. i showed my brother a hard rock punk guy n he was like wow thats alot of sh*t to go through. and its a credit to bsb that they are still going i know that many people after everything would give up n think y bother. when u read articles like that you can kinda realise what kevin n every1 is saying when he says they have been through alot i mean i knew that brians op and managment stuff but not all the lawyers and money and contracts and crap thats involved with the industry. noel gallager is right when he said that the US music business is only about business and hardly music. backstreet boys r the best screw the rest. thanks mates. we luv ya

Submitted by Sakura from Melbourne VIC Australia
Date: Mon Aug 19 06:29:06 2002

After reading the article, it was quite shocking to me. i never realized the great drama that the boys have gone through and it just makes me to love and support them even more! It's really made me realised they deserve soo much for their long journey in the music industry. There's many things that we don't get to see and that they are doing all this for us fans!

i believe that if it wasn't for the backstreet boys, there wouldn't any successful boy bands out there today: not o-town, not westlife and especially not nsync.

i hope the backstreet boys will last for a long long time and whatever they do in the future, i wish them all the very best and that there are millions of fans supporting them through their 2nd chapter of their journey. *mwa*

Submitted by Marisa G. from Windsor California USA
Date: Mon Aug 19 06:05:10 2002

Personally, I think it's a load of bull. Not about the industry, that is NO surprise to me AT ALL, I'm actually glad it was all kind of explained, but about their "coming undone"... I am SO sick of hearing that crap!!! Give them a chance, for crying out loud! Could you imagine being in they're position, reading about your downfall everyday in the news? How you've lost your spot in the world, how messed up is that? The media doesn't even give them a chance to breathe before pronouncing them dead! Gone, my ass! Please! Give them a break, they're hard working HUMAN BEINGS who deserve a break and some freedom! Just because they're not CONSTANTLY doing peice of crap interviews and promoting themselves... they're living their lives, or at least trying to live... but how can you live if everyone is pronouncing you dead?!

Submitted by foreverXOXO from USA
Date: Mon Aug 19 05:59:01 2002

We will know by September 1st. I know some people in close contact with a certain member of the group who says this article couldn't be more correct. It appears to me that Backstreet's reign is coming to a close. But then nobody expected they'd come this far - so who knows. If they do switch members I myself will cease as a fan. The reason being that the group now belongs to the name, if they switched it'd be like giving 'N Sync of OTown the name Backstreet Boys. That wouldn't make me a fan. To me a name doesn't belong to a group, rather a group belongs to a name.

Whatever the outcome of this situation, I wish all five individuals great success and happiness in the future.

Submitted by Mimi from Sydney NSW Australia
Date: Mon Aug 19 05:57:37 2002

The only thing that the article has done for me, is for me to realise how much i really love the boys, how strong the boys really are, withstanding such although times were tough and being a Backstreet Boy wasn't exactly 'fun'.
Gosh i can't wait for the new album! KTBSPA!

Submitted by Naomi from SYDNEY NSW Australia
Date: Mon Aug 19 04:58:37 2002

Having studied and worked in the music Industry that is the way the industry's cruel it's heartless...and you need to fight to survive..

Submitted by Nick'sAngel18 from New York City USA
Date: Mon Aug 19 04:56:36 2002

i don't belive any of this stuff that they are brakeing up! wanna know why? well 1. Nick couldn't have done all of his solo songs in 1 day so he had been working on it for a few weeks even months so all of the other boys knew about it even befor we did and didn't say anything!!!!! 2. Nick had been intervwed and he also didn't say that he is leaving and he even said he is gonna stay and do both: be in the bsb and work on his solo tour! so until i won't hear from Nikc's, Brain's, Kevin's, Howie's or A.J's mouth that they say that they are brakeing up i won't belive anything else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you got something to tell me please e-mail me!

Submitted by bsb s flutes from alexandria Egypt
Date: Mon Aug 19 04:25:22 2002

plz mail me peeps i need to talk about it with someone i feel lost
i think bsb should be true to us and tell us whats really going on and clear up the whole thing
what we can do is just pray
bsb 4 eva(with nick)
ktbspa 4 eva

Submitted by caren from sydney nsw Australia
Date: Mon Aug 19 04:16:14 2002

That article really shows me how INCREDIBLY cruel the business world is, god they use talented artists like shit, play them like guitars! All they ever think about is short term profits, cash. What about the LONGTERM, they should know even their profits can triple and prolong if they help the band up more!

God how it infuriates me reading it, to hear how our boys are hurt and bruised by so those cold blooded people who should really go to HELL.

They should prevent any chance of Nick not participating in the group promotion etc. They should release killer singles--many of the unreleased songs in B*B for exmple, which are better instead. They should CARE! FOr god's sake. And for nick not being there with the group, leaving the 4 to promote publicly can destroy the image of OUR bsbs.

Just pray.. BSB 4 EVER!!..!

Submitted by Gail Turley from Mesa Arizona USA
Date: Mon Aug 19 04:09:37 2002

I lost my entire previous comment when I tried to edit it! Anyhow, I just basically said that, though Pearlman invested a lot in BSB in the beginning, I just don't trust him. I put very little stock in what he says. Don't you love the way these companies do accounting? So many great and intelligent artists have been screwed over the years. You know darned well that they recouped anything invested in BSB and more with all the money that BSB has generated. The thing with ticket prices and all was Clear Channel and The Firm's doing, and it did make BSB look bad.

As far as Nick's solo album, well the timing isn't the best, but it sounds like they are trying to make him rush it out before the end of the year. I believe that the boys support him, and that they are working on the album so that they can get it done by early next year. I don't believe that they are 'undone' at all. The New York Times may be a reliable source, but there is a bit of sensationalism in this article. The Firm is in a lot of legal difficulty with several clients and other people that they deal with. BSB left them, not the other way around. They have better management now, and more power to them!


Submitted by frackie from Rochester Minnesota USA
Date: Mon Aug 19 04:05:29 2002

I think thats one of the realest articals I've ever read on the backstreet boys. I felt that it was very intreeging to find out their veiw point on the subject of their careers. I liked how they had kevin in there talking but I feel it would have been more efective if they would have had quotes from all 5 guys and not just one. I hope that people aren't upset at Nick for desiding to stay with the firm and going against the other 4. I thought it was kinda unfair when I read that Brian, Howie, Kevin, and AJ were doing demos without nick. I don't know if that is true but if it is thats weak or unfair to the backstreet fans. We all like all 5 of bsb and it wouldn't be any better with just 4 or just 1. Then again Maybe the Backstreet Boys are finally growing into men insted of staying as boys.

Submitted by Jenny from San Antonio Texas USA
Date: Mon Aug 19 03:13:48 2002

Sorry, me again, forgot to say sumtin else. Also, the whole thing bout Nick still being with the Firm, he said that hes had a contract since he was 18 to do something. Im guessing either he had to do somethin solo since he signed it, or if he decided to do something solo, it had to be with them.

Submitted by Jenny from San Antonio Texas USA
Date: Mon Aug 19 03:07:39 2002

It was a good article but I dunno.. I dont like how their new management says that they dont care if one of the guys leaves the group or how they went to Lou Pearlman for comments. They got so many comments from Kevin, I wouldnt be surprised if they asked Kevin what he thought about Nicks solo album (which was more than likely all good stuff), they didnt get the answer they wanted, so they left it out and went to someone else. I hope that when the guys come back with their new album, their gonna show that Backstreets Back and here to stay!

Submitted by Colleen from Buffalo New York USA
Date: Mon Aug 19 02:48:52 2002

I thought it was a very informative article, but at the same time I thought maybe unnessessary. It did shed light on how the music industry work's, and some question's were answered, but it also emphasised the whole media attack, that's been going on with backstreet since the beginning. For instance, the title of the article. 'The Lost Boys: How A Pop Sensation Came Undone'. I do believe Backstreet beat their own record sale's with Black and Blue. That to me signify's success! When your on top and million's love you, why is it that the media only pick's away at you? Well, that's the bigger story, so it seem's. You know how it is, dirt and sex sell. Yes, sad but true that's the world we live in. We all know the Backstreet Boy's paved the way for future act's as well as sky rocketed career's in many media field's, such as T.v. radio and merchandising. They were a sensation and still are sensational, nothing changed. I became a fan because I liked what I heard, well guess what? I still do. These five men have changed my life and touch my heart with their music. Their beautiful melodies and soleful voice's have captivated and entertained me for the past 3 year's and I'm forever going to be their fan. They give me what most act's in the music industy cannot, that is the gift to share the love for their music with my childen, my parent's and my grandparent's. Quality talent and heartfelt music have no age bounderies. That in itself is an achievement only few artist's ever share. There are very few people in the entertainment business who have a happily ever after story. It's not all qlitz and glamore, it is real life, just like the fella's have stated. There are going to be problem's and you just deal with them as they come. The boy's have proven time and time again that they are survivor's. Having delt with Brian's health issue's, management problem's and Aj's stay at rehab, the guy's are know stranger's to such blow's in life. There probobly will alway's be issue's on the table to deal with, and they will do it in a dignified tactful manner that they alway's have. Now Nick's putting out a solo c/d and they will be just fine. Nick know's he's a Backstreet Boy. He is only doing what he want's with his off time and has the support of his bandmate's. All the negativity to come out of this should just be ignored. Media want's us all to doubt them and loose faith, it's their main mission. One in which they actually get paid for, such a shame to earn your dollar that way. As long as the guy's know we are here for them, we will alway's achive greatness. I say once a fan, forever a fan. The Backstreet Boy's are a class act, one that will never be duplicated. KTBPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.s. If they decide to leave it all behind tommarrow, I would'nt blame them at all.

I'd miss them terribly though. (sniff, sniff)

Submitted by Laura from Hamilton ON Canada
Date: Mon Aug 19 02:23:27 2002

I thought this was an amazing article. It was so deep and through in everything. The buisness side was kept clear and was totally understandable to the "average joe". It answered a lot of questions, such as ticket prices. They were ridicously high last year and I think that's why the tour flopped.
I was sympathetic yet confused at why Nick stayed with former management. Only he will know why he stayed.
It's strange to hear the money side of the buisness when we as fans just appreciate the boys for their music and don't really think that when we buy that CD we are paying for one of their kids college tuition. But that is the reality of life, and the buisness.
I personally would be devestated if BSB still put out a CD without Nick. But I honestly don't think it will come to that.
The Firm couldn't possibly draw up conflicting tour dates for both Nick and the BSB tours ( as someone had mentioned). I am sure Nick wouldn't stand for it.
I think we as fans have faith in the boys and will continue to do so until THE day comes that they will want to go their seperate ways. Because one day it will happen. Hopefully not soon though :)

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