How do you feel about Kevin's marriage?

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Submitted by Miranda from Toledo OH USA
Date: Thu Jul 6 10:13:54 2000

For the Love of BACKSTREET. People they are not gonna BREAK_UP they are getting FREAKIN MARRIED. IT'S not a JAIL Sentence. People get MARRIED EVER FREAKIN DAY. It doesn't stop them from doing What they love and performing everyday TASKS. AHHHH Other People are married in the music buisness and they do just fine. GOOD GREIF. I no people are worried. But don't let the worry CONSUME you. Just enjoy the MUSIC and the BOys while they are HEAR. There is an END to everyting. Nothing lasts forever. BUt the MUSic will last forever. ANd the memories as well. Enjoy that the BSB can make you happy by just listening to their music. OR when you see them KICK @$$ in CONCERT. Or all the Friends you meet cause of the BSB. ohhh kay I should get off the SOAP BOX.

Submitted by Miranda from Toledo Ohio USA
Date: Thu Jul 6 10:05:43 2000

I have never seen so many SELFISH people in my entire life. Oh KEVIN got MARRIED I hate him now. Oh Brians gonna get MARRIED I am gonna hate him then. GOOD LORD. You don't own these people. You listen to the music, but you don't own them. It's okay to have your own opinion. I get that. But to let it upset you SO much that you hate the group. That is stupid and SELFISH. And the BSB do not need fans like that. They are HUMAN beings don't you get that. They need Love and Compaionship. They have dreams and hopes just like everyone out there. They dream of getting married and having children and growing old with someone they love. Not to some selfish person who only likes them for their LOOKS and POPULARITY. I hope you people can grow up and realize that the BSB are normal HUMANS who love to SING and ENTERTAIN people. But they are not goona give up their LIVES for you.

AND to all those so called "BRIAN FANS" who are just waiting to cry and BOO_HOO when he gets married WHy don't you do us all a favor and STOP being a FAN NOW so we can get it out of the way. And we don't have to hear you BI*#H and MOAN when it does finally happen. If you don't have the heart now to accept that he loves someone else and is GASP HAPPY. Then you certainly won't be able to accept it when he actually is married.

I am sorry I sound so harsh but I am tired of these stupid imature people moaning about GROWN MEN who have the RIGHT to LIVE their lives. Like I said you can feel BAD but whats the point. LOVE the MUSIC and all the wonderful things they do for the FANS. That's what it all comes down to. THE MUSIC



I LOve the BSB and WILL Stand behind what ever they do. Because they have given me so much HAPPINESS. In return I hope they all Find Happiness and Love. Because FAME does not last forever. But FAMILY and LOVE does.

Submitted by Not important from Blah blah US
Date: Thu Jul 6 10:02:51 2000

Just to tell you there is a nsync and bsb poll going on and bsb is losing by quite alot. Here's the site.

I think it's like 77% nsync and 23% bsb.

Submitted by Dianna from Denver NC USA
Date: Thu Jul 6 10:02:35 2000


I feel kinda worried and concern about the Backstreet Boys ever since I've heard about Kevin's wedding with Krisitn Willtis. I mean, I dont care about Kevin's marriage with her as long as he is happy I am happy for him. But one question still stands.. Will the BSB stay together?

Now that you have Kevin Married and Brian engaged...Theres doubt that they will be able to stay together.


Submitted by Arin from Houston Texas USA
Date: Thu Jul 6 05:12:59 2000

Hey...Mr.Richardson!!! heheheheh

I'm just feeling happy..that Kevin actually married...i know it's his special day to him...i'm happy..'cuz..i saw his smile that said he is very happy...kristin is a very lucky girl...and i support them that they will be a happy family always..and never take off theit beautiful smiles...thanx..and happy marriege for the two of them...

Submitted by Veronica from Fremont California USA
Date: Thu Jul 6 02:41:53 2000

It was a few days before my birthday when I found out that Kevin was engaged. I was devastated. I even cried! But after a while I realized that he was 17 years older than I was and he needed to get on with his life. A few weeks ago my friend, Celia, brought a magazine to school. It had them on the Backstreet Boys on the cover. When she showed me the pictures of Kevin with his new hair style. I was like 'Kristin can take Kevin for all I care.' He's UGLY!

Submitted by Katie mcIntosh from Middletown OH USA
Date: Thu Jul 6 00:08:12 2000

I wish him the best of luck in his marriage. CONGRADULATION! It does stink he was the cutest! She has something special!

Love ya and best of luck,

Katie McIntosh

Submitted by Renee from WINDSOR SC USA
Date: Wed Jul 5 22:58:51 2000

Ithink it's great Kevin got married!! I don't think things will change at all for the guys.. I know some Hearts were broken by some fans,but if they were true fans they would understand and be happy for Kevin.. Cause he's Happy!!!

Submitted by Trw from Denham Springs Louisiana U.S.
Date: Wed Jul 5 22:07:39 2000

I'm glad he got married 'cause I would rather him break thousands of hearts than be sad that he couldn't be with his wife. Also I really think it showed all those people who don't like the BSB that they have really grown and they are not just 5 guys trying to please womens hearts they are doing their love.*MUSIC* To all of you people out there KEEP THE BSB PRIDE ALIVE and *N'SYNC sucks they are exactly like they're video I'ts Gonna Be Me says the are fake!!!!! Soon N'SYNC is going to be saying Bye, Bye, Bye, to everybody 'cause BSB RULES!!!!!

Submitted by Nowell from Kingston NY USA
Date: Wed Jul 5 21:50:46 2000

I am so happy for them! They are the perfect couple as A.J. says and Kevin is at the age! I feel as if we are the fans, and as fans we should respect there choices even if we don't aggree with them. I wish them all of the happiness and luck in the world! There kids are going to be extremely cute!

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