How do you feel about Kevin's marriage?

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Submitted by lisa from West Virginia USA
Date: Fri Mar 23 00:09:42 2007

I hope Kevin and Kristin have a long successful marriage! I hope they have beautiful children in the future! God bless them always xoxoxo

Submitted by corylover from PA
Date: Sat Mar 10 22:38:39 2007

I think it's cool that h got married,as long as he's happy and they love eachother that's all that matters.

Submitted by Caitlin from Tularosa usa New Mexico
Date: Thu Jun 29 11:39:00 2006

At first i was disapointed when i heard that Kevin and Brian got married but now I know that, that is what they want and as long as they are happy i am happy.

Submitted by Celeste from ON, Canada
Date: Tue Oct 1 16:26:53 2002

At first I was upset because it broke my heart to hear that the guy that's a very important part of my life, and still is a very important part of my life, get married but after a few days I realize that Kristin is the person that makes Kevin happy and then I slowly started to get over it.
Yes I had my heart broken when I heard the news that Kevin got hitched but now I'm over it. I think my maturity level has a lot to do with me getting over this more than anything and you guys that don't support this I feel sorry for you. :)

Submitted by christine from Oceanside CA USA
Date: Wed Jul 31 23:52:15 2002

I'm happy for Kevin and Kristin she's soo pretty and nice.And kevin's gorgeous in every way so I wish him the best.But I don't really like Leechman(leighanne) she doesn't deserve Brian.umm but this is about Kevin he's a sweety and an angel and deserves the best of EVERYTHING and I love him.

Submitted by Nadia from Calgary AB Canada
Date: Sun Jul 28 01:17:44 2002

Okay, I have no clue why I'm even commenting on this...I just stumbled upon this message board, and thought it was refreshing to see that most BSB fans had something nice to say about Kevin's marriage...I expected otherwise. There were, of course, the brainless few that insulted his wife, for no apparent reason. I've just seen a picture of her on the web, and she's really pretty. I don't have a clue about her personality, though, but as a fan, I trust that she's worthy of him and vice versa. I wish them all the happiness in the world, and the same goes for Brian and his wife, and the significant others of all the Backstreet Boys.

Submitted by emi from Poland
Date: Fri Jun 14 12:16:33 2002

i mean happy the second wedding anniversary!!! :)

Submitted by emi from Poland
Date: Fri Jun 14 12:03:59 2002

Happy the second anniversary !!!

Submitted by Nicole Smith from melbourne Victoria Australia
Date: Thu Apr 11 03:15:41 2002

i am happy for them just like i would be happy
for neone who has found the one that they love. That is a true gift. I do hate the girls that do go out with them and break their hearts because they have
been untrue and lied. But if Leighanne and kristen and Sarah truely love
their boys then I have no problem with them marrying them and neither should
anyone else for that matter. If these girls make the bsb happy then I am
happy. The backstreet boys have brought true happiness and joy into my life
and now all i want for them is to get the same in return. And if I cant give
them that happiness then why shouln't the person closest to their heart?
I dont know if Leighanne is a stuck up barbie doll or if kristen is either but I dont really care. If brian Loves leighanne and Kevin loves kristen that is all that matters. And to the people out there who are saying that kinda **** about Leighanne and Kristen you need help! You shouldn't just go around saying stuff like that about people you dont even know! At least find information to back up your judgments before you start waving around you hurtful comments about other people!

Submitted by Chrisi from USA
Date: Wed Apr 3 16:58:27 2002

To that girl who I wrote to before. You are soooo stupid because if you don't respect Kristen for who she is u need help. Kristen is not a slut. I'm sure you have no b/f because u so dumb. I think Kevin and Kristen are so cute together. They look so happy together. Just for ur information I'm not going to say anything mean about them being together because they are cute together. U seriously piss me off.

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