How do you feel about Kevin's marriage?

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Submitted by Chrisi from USA
Date: Sat Mar 23 15:58:07 2002

I think Kevin and Kristen are the cutest couple. They are so cute together. For Brianna Jackson or what ever. You big fat brat. Kristen is soooooooooooooooooooo pretty and I'm sure she's prettier then you. If Kevin is happy you should be too if that the man you love. I love AJ and he's enagaged. What am I going to say about that? That I am happy for him. I am happy for both him and Sarah. What would you say if I told you Kristen was pregnant with Kevin's child?? (well who elses is it supposed to be?) I would be so happy. He would be a daddy and if was the last thing on Earth I had to do I would make you feel happy too. Oh by the way Kristen might be pregnant. KRISTEN AND LEIGHANNE RULE!!!!!!!!! BRIAN AND KEVIN PICKED THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH!!!

Submitted by Torimom from Ohio USA
Date: Wed Mar 6 13:49:49 2002

I don't know where my message went but I will say it again!!


They have been married for a while now. Kevin seems happy. Brian seems happy.

I am Kevin's age. (I guess that makes me Kristin's age too). That may date me but, I know that I never had a chance with him in the first place.
I don't understand why people have to diss someone just because they think that if they marry one of the guys it is for money or fame. Perhaps they date them because they genuinely like/love them. That goes for all of their significant others.
I know that many hearts broke when they got married. I like Kevin the most out of the group (Though that has a lot to do with age) and I was shocked at first, but am very happy for them. I wish that there would have been some pictures of Kevin and Kristin's wedding (like Brian and Leigh Ann's). Though, I understand why he did it the way that he did. He wanted to give her a day to remember. Something that when they have kids and look back, they can say that they had a wedding not a circus. They are entitled to a bit of privacy.

As a member of BSB's mature fan club (Age not attitude), I would like to continue to wish all of them well. For as much happiness and time as they give to us, I think and believe that they are entitled to some of their own.

Congratulations to all 4 of them. May they have a wonderful life together, may they always love each other.


Submitted by Shauna from ontario Canada
Date: Thu Jan 31 22:25:46 2002

I am so happy for the both of them. I think they are both amazing people, and I am so glad the found happiness. Kev and Kristin, we love you!!!

Submitted by michelle from Canada
Date: Wed Jan 30 17:21:26 2002

i am soo happy 4 u!!! u deserve it! i luv him!!! n i luv her 2!!
micha xoxoxoxo

Submitted by Jeanie from Norway
Date: Sat Jan 26 16:13:29 2002

Hi! I'm happy for you, and to those who say he shouldn't have married Kristin grow up!! Can't you see that he is happy! And HELLO?? You say he shouldn't because she's uglY????? Were's your brain?? I'm happy for you Kevin and Kristin!

Submitted by Donna from Wantagh New York USA
Date: Wed Dec 5 00:42:03 2001

I feel that marriage is a covenant. God brings two people together and makes them ONE. Kevin and his wife are meant to be together. I wish them many blessings. God Bless.....

Submitted by Baroco from Eugene Or USA
Date: Wed Nov 28 13:20:05 2001

Kevin is happy. That's what matters. And he's a very beautiful man of heart, body and soul. But he's str@ight and married so I better stop daydreaming.....LOL!

Submitted by Sabihah(sweetgirl) from Kuala Lumpur Wilayah Persekutuan Malaysia
Date: Sun Nov 11 02:35:41 2001

Kevin and Kristin....
I'm so happy about that.....


Submitted by briana johnson from Atlanta GA USA
Date: Mon Oct 1 11:27:11 2001

i don't think he should have married her because she is not a pretty lady she's ugly compared to kevin anyway he could have did a lot better that that if he was gone to marry somebody it should have been me because i'm just what he needs one night with me he guaranteed to be with forever cause i got the BOMB!!!!!!!!!!! so i really think he should divorce her amd get with this !!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Amy from Marietta Georgia USA
Date: Mon Aug 13 13:43:51 2001

Congradulations on your marriage Kevin and Kristin. I wish you both Happiness in the world. No matter where life takes you just remember you have your family, friends, your faith, and most of all your fans. No matter what happens to you or what roads you have to travel on, just remember you can always count on us to cheer you on. Best wishes to you both always and forever....

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