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Reasons why I am considered a fanatic

Date: Dec 04, 2001
Submitted By: Freaky C

1. I am Nick Carter's soulmate(even my parents and friends..some of my teachers think so)

2.I'm Freaky C (the C standing for Carter)

3.My friends and I have nicknames to match Frick and Frack -Freak(me), Frock, Fryk, Fruck, Fryeek

4.We have made phrases or words with their names- my nick hurts(my neck hurts), ow my brian!(ow my brain!), howie doin we doin alright?(how are we doing are we doing alright), they're gonna go all the way to kevin(they're gonna go all the way to heaven), put a.j. in that sentence(put a "j" in that sentence)

5.I have...::doesnt want to count:: a /lot/ of posters of the bsb..5 big big ones..lol

6. I have 900+ pictures of Nick saved on my computer

7. I have written lots of fan fic, made 2 fan fic sites..one sucks..but the other is okay

8. I've made a Kevin site even though I'm a Nick fan

9. I have 13 websites+ all have something to do with the bsb

10. I have been to the black and blue concert in michigan on feb 15 2001

11. I cried when i couldnt go to the bsb concert at msu on march 13 2000

12. I've loved them for 3 years

13.I have been wearing a gold chain necklace for 2 years and will not take it off until i meet nickolas

14. I live for Nick

15. AJ is my Ass

16. I do bsb whenever I can in art (i asked my teacher if i could do a backstreet boy for my print making and she said "no..they're copyrighted" and i got into an argument with her about how the boys dont copyright themselves)

17. I made a Nick clay painting in art

18. I got my sketch book signed by them

19.I have all 5 cyber cruisaders

20. I have the BSP

21.I have Backstreet Boys, Millennium, Black and Blue, Chapter 1, the red album(O.o), all 3 for the fans cds, an interview cd, burned cds of their music, aaron carters album(;"))

22.I have Around The World, Burger King video, Chapter 1-dvd, All Access dvd, 5 or 6 videos worth of taped stuff from tv

23.I cant go 5 minutes without talking about bsb(my friends tested me)

24. I have 5+ books of the bsb-unofficial, official, some blue one, bsp, heart and soul, a boybands one, etc.

25. I buy every magazine i find with even the smallest little picture of bsb

26. I go to backstreet.net and backstreetboys.com every day

27.im in mulitple bsb yahoo groups

28.Nick answered one of my questions for the BPS (how did you come up with the villians for the story?...It was really just a collaboration between stan and i *he used big words!)

29. I have a ring with an N on it for Nick

30. I brianwashed my mother and now shes a bsb fanish thing..

31.My mom's fav bsb is Brian

32. My dad actually enjoyed the concert

33. I have blue hair whenever I can, it all started with black and blue..it turned into a "me" thing

34.I have 5 or 6 sketch books full of nothing but attempts at drawing bsb

35.I spend all my time thinking about bsb

36. I have a big button that has bsb on it

37. My teachers know of my obsession...(my math teacher calls me Carter)

38. I based every poem I had to write in 8th grade on the bsb (mrs henry was getting annoyed)

39. I did a book report on Heart and Soul

40. the only things I dont know about Nick are his religion, fav fruit, and fav vegetable (ask me anything..I most likely will be able to tell you)

41.I highlighted my hair blonde for two reasons, one to fit my personality and two nick has blond hair

42.I defend Nick whenever someone disses him by either growling, jumping on that person, or yelling violently..

43.My family thinks I have a problem(bsb obsessive)

44. My friend thinks I have OCD....O:")

45.I know every song of theirs

46.Most of my Morpheus songs are bsb

47. I have bsb shoes..

48. My social studies teacher was explaining a game and he said "categories..its just..the categories can be anything from US presidents to Backstreet Boys songs" and then he looked directly at me when i said that

49.Everyone that knows me...knows of bsb

50.I'm not shy to say that I love bsb with all my heart

51. I prayed for AJ to get through rehab on sundays O:")

52. I draw pervy pictures of Nick...O:")

53. I think of the bsb in very pervy ways...its just a sign of how much I love them

54.I tape everything I can thats on tv that has anything remotly related to them

55. I have a burger king cup with them on it, a buger king crown, menu, placemat, ..etc.

56.I hate froyo(justin) because Nick does and because Justin is just stupid

57. I hate Willa Ford and also consider her the devil

58. I attack when people say Nick is fat

59. I cried for 4 and a half hours when I heard a /rumor/ that Nick died

60. Everyone knows that if they try to steal Nick they pay ::growls::

61.My friend has a friend that said shes gonna marry Nick and she told her "you do know Nick belongs to Jenny right?"

62. Nick is my puppy!!

63.One inch worms...thats all I can say....one inch worms..SORRY BRI BRI!

64. I love each and every bsb in their own little way

65. I defend the bsb whenever someone says they're a boyband by saying "VOCAL GROUP DAMNIT!"

66. I have...7...maybe...shirts of them

67.i have the 99 and 01 calender of them..well..99 is bsb and 01 is nick..I'm going to get the nick 02

68. the world revolvs around bsb in my mind

69. EVERYTHING relates to the bsb in SOME way or another....snowman...theres a picture of the bsb and they're trying to build a snowman on nicks head...phone..in oh aaron nick and aaron talk on the phone..trash can..nick has to take out the trash even tho hes a star..hes still a normal person at home and has to do normal things....SEE WHAT I MEAN!!! EVERYTHING RELATES!

Oh look...I stopped at 69...which happens to be AJs fucky...I mean..lucky number...O:")...theres more things that say why I'm a fan and stuff...but I felt like 69 was a good place to stop and my fingers are getting extremely tired...hehe


Date: Dec 04, 2001
Submitted By: bsbabe_20

u know when your obbsessed when

1.even your gran came name all the bsbs birthdays

2.u have even maneged to turn your nu metal loving boyfriend into a fan.

3.u always accedently cal your boyfreind by one of there names

4.when your in a shop and a bsb song comes on u wont leave till the end even though youve heard it a billion times

5.u drove for 6 hours to a place u heard they were goin to be in the hope of "accedently" bumping into them

6.u wait outside shop 4 hpours before it opens in the hope of getting the first copy of there new single

7.u have a yearly subscription to every magazine that has ever had a pic of the bsbs in

8.u cried when kevin and brian got hitched

9.u carry a bsb pic in you wallet instead of the one of your baby sis your mum wanted u to have

10. u jump whenever anyone mentions the names, nick brian kevin aj or howie even if u know they r talking bout someone else

11. u paid your cousin 2 drive u 2 a venue were the bsbs were platying 24 hours before the concert started

You know your obsessed with the Backstreet Boys when...

Date: Dec 04, 2001
Submitted By: noel

you hear a few lyrics of 'I want it that way' from your

house, you go running down the street yelling "BACKSTREET BOYS!" Might I add that you heard it from 3 HOUSES down the street, AND, it's in the persons BACKYARD!

A woman is talking on a cell phone, and she says "They broke up, already!" you turn around about to tell her, "you're wrong, the BSB WON'T break up!" only to discover that she was talking about something else!

60 ways to tell if you are obsessed with BSB and Aaron Carter

Date: Dec 04, 2001
Submitted By: Most obssessed Fans ever!!!!

1. You have all 5 cds pluss all the Burger king singles

2. have all the movies they are in even all the awards shows

3. You have seen them time after time in concert and still want to see them again

4. Have made pants and a vest out of posters to wear to a concert so they will notice you!! (We did and Aaron carter noticed us at the fannies)

5. You have many tshirts even homemade ones

6.Key chains, button, Candles, stickers every thing u can imagine

7. I love headband

8. Pillow cases with their pics

9. Pencil Case

10.Wrapping Paper

11. Every magazine they have been in

12. All their books

13. Cd Rom games

14. Binder you call the backstreet binder with biographies, pictures, everything you can possibly think of

15. Flip in the middle of Chapters when you get the last 2 copies of Nick carter: Secrets only an mother would know and freak when they tell u it will be 6-8 weeks for delivery of Aaron carter: little prince of Pop

16.you dress up for halloween as the backstreet boys

17. People know exactly what you are going to do or want cause its BSB

18. You make up sayings like " if it is Aaron or BSB consider it sold, if it's a concert consider us there"

19. You wait 6 hours to see Aaron in concert

20. at a concert Brian blew me a Kiss off of the bridge and I was shaking so bad that I couldn't walk back to my seat

21. almost get run over by Nick's bus and then he waved and blew a Kiss to us!!

22. At The fannies my friend and i screamed so loud when they came on the teletron and they weren't even there

23. Scream so loud Aaron carter notices you

24.Having to be held back from jumping on the stage

25. pulling your friend down a flight of stairs when you see Aaron in the next section

26. plannig how to jump on the stage b4 the show

27. Planing on what concets you are going to go to b4 you even know they are coming

28.Liking them from day 1

29. crying when you see them or hear them

30. screaming and running out of gym class to call kiss 92 to win passes to meet them and front row tickets in las vegas

31.trying to be BSB on a chat line

32. Tap your finger nails to beat of the songs at the table

33.Watch the same BSB show everynight

34.your romm and locker is collaged with posters and you still have 100's left

35.Have BSB clock

36.Know every word to all of there songs

37.Know everything about them more than they know about themselves

38.You think eat sleep BSB 24/7

39.You have a six sense for BSB

40.As soon as you hear them you turn it up as loud as it will go

41.You have 2 of the same CD because you wear it out

42. ur screen saver is BSB

43. Everyday you clean your room just to find more BSB stuff

44.Your name on MSN always has something to do wit them

45.You would do anything to meet them

46.Your whole school knows you love them

47.You can always find the BSB cd in your player

48.You'll pay any amount of money to see them even if its on the celing they are still in the same room

49.Flip when you get tickets

50. then Make Aj a huge get well card and get all your friends to sign it

51. Start crying at the venue when they won't let you bring it in so they take it too him

52.When N'stink wins over BSb you stand up and boo and make a huge scene screaming and you never live it down

53.Make them have a recount

54.Visit BSB websites everyday

55. Be happy for them what ever they do. Don't be jelous when they get married

56.Love them for who they are and not cause they are BSB

57.Can never get enough of them

58.Enter any contest just to get the slight chance of getting to do anything with them

59.Try to get a job as a VJ or DJ or their back up dancer ( since i am one) just to meet them

60.Call Kiss 92 to tell them how Aaron noticed you

61.Start crying b4 they even come on stage

62. Just about die when he notices you

63.Really die when you call kiss and Billie says he got a kick out of your outfit

64.Want a Raptors jersey #15 just cause it says carter on the back

65. Sing them Happy Birthday on their bdays

66. Know there Bdays better than your familys

67.Make a poster that is bigger than you so they will notice

68.take a spaz when anyone says Nsync is better than BSB

69. know all of their dances

70. freak when Rosie O'Donnell gives Nsync 1 hour and BSB

10 minutes that was NOT fair!!!

71. Get so mad because every where you go you see nsync and it should be BSB

72.Dedicate your whole life to them

73.Scream to turn it off when they play Nsync

74. beg to play BSB

75. Want your room decorated in BSB


*** Okay we are obssessed and if you think not than what do you call obssesed?? Yes all this stuff happened to us or we have it all and are getting more!! What I want for Christmas BSB and Aaron carter stuff!!*** Keep the Backstreet Pride Alive

Ten ways to tell if you're obsessed with BSB

Date: Dec 04, 2001
Submitted By: Sara

1. You only date guys named AJ, Brian, Kevin, Howie, or Nick.

2. Your whole family(including your grandmother) knows all the words to all their songs.

3. You buy your boyfriend a BSB cd for his birthday even though he doesn't like them.

4. When you do an assignment at school your teacher tells you "And please write about something besides the Backstreet Boys."

5. You don't even remember what color the walls are in your room because you have so many BSB posters.

6. You haven't washed the BSB t-shirt you've worn to all their concerts.

7. You are only friends with BSB fans or people who do not like Nsync.

8. You name your dog or cat AJ, Brian, Nick, Kevin or Howie.

9.You have 7 different BSB t-shirts, one for each day of the week.

10. You sit at your computer writing an obsession list!

If you have done at least 7 of these things then you must be obsessed with BSB!!! LOL!

*I LUV AJ!!!!!*


Date: Dec 04, 2001
Submitted By: Sarah Golightley

I will always, always, always love the Backstreet Boys! They get me through everything! I would die with out them: litterally. Infact I would be dead if it wasnt for the hope provided in Brians eyes. They are a fantastic group and have accomplished amazing things. But what I find soo amazing is how cool they really are. I have never met them but I know people who have and they all say that they're funny, caring, adorable, down-to-earth guys. I wouldn't care if they were but ugly. Which I must say they're far from. But the talent that they have is touching. And I can see an angel in every single one of them! I love the Boys! They'll always be my fave Boys! I'll love these guys untill they die I die. I promise.

I know I am obssesed with bsb and i am damn proud of it!

Date: Dec 04, 2001
Submitted By: Backstreetschinadoll

Okay all my friends tell me how obsesed I am with bsb,and I never thought I was obsesed until now! here is why:

1)how when I left my cd player and bsb cds inside my gym locker i asked my teacher if i could go get them,he said no and i walked out of class to get them.

2)how when i finally got them,i felt complete.

3)because when i am sick,i can only listen to them 2 get better.

4)how i have the new bsb calander and i am waiting for my old bsb clander to get finished so i put my new bsb calender on top of my vcr and told my brother he would die if he put anything on top of it because i dont want even one speck of dust on it.

5)because I play video games b/c nick does.

6)when i play video games,i name my characters after bsb members.

7)how when i asked my mom if we could move to Backstreet Ohio and she said no i did not talk to her 4 a week

8)Because everything i do revolves around them and their tastes with only a little of my tastes thrown in.(example-using a green towel because thats nicks fave color or wearing tommy hilfiger because they do)

9)how my friend marnita(hi marnita!) told me about this TEACHER who was making fun of ajs drinking problem and i have been debating whether or not to tell the teacher off,not even caring whether i get expelled suspended or what.

10)because i only go to bsb sites or sites with bsb on them and only talk to bsb fans online bc i refuse to talk to anyone but a bsb fan.

11)how i never stop talking about them even if my friends tell me to shut up

12)because i bought aarons cd b/c it has nick on it and am gonna get krystals cd b/c it has bsb on it.\

13)yelled out "i love u Nick" at a concert I went to and he actually looked up at my section and smiled!!!omg!!!

14)how when i tried to tell my nephew i loved him i meant to say "i love u devin" and said "i love u Nick"

15)how i have trained my 2 yr old nephew to like them and he now comes up to me and says stuff like "lets listen to backstreet boys" or "turn backstreet boys on" and i gladly do it!

16)how i sent that psychic who said bsb was gonna break up hate mail. u can send it to her too at skymaiden@juno.com

17)how i almost cry sometimes when i think about how much i love them.

18)how i rented olive juice and wasnt mad about the 2 second camoes becasue to me it was worth it.

19)how i only go to burger king because they supported bsb and Mcdonalds supported nsuck so u know who gets my money.

20)because i would die for anyone of them or die so that any one of them would never have to feel any pain or sadness.

21)how the Backstreet Boys only come second to God for me.

The lists goes on and on......

"be cool,be real,and behave"

"live life to the fullest for the future is scarce"

"we truly do have the best fans in the world"

"and through it all u know we owe it all to you, you, you, and you"


You know you're obsessed with BSB when:

Date: Dec 04, 2001
Submitted By: *Nickita Carter

Most of the things on the list happened to me, so if it happened to you, your just as obsessed as I am and we're in the same boat.

-your dad knows the words to the songs and he doesn't even like them.

-you make a scrapbook out of those tiny pictures that you cut out of the magazines.

-your 8 year old cousin knows all the choreography because you taught her.

-your mom goes to the store and sees somthing with BSB on it and buys it for you.

-you have every CD, including imports and own all their videos. Including Burger King.

-my favorite *you refer to them as "my boys"

-your talking about what happened to one of the "boys", let's say kevin, to your mom and your mom is like "kevin who? oh YOUR Kevin."

-you always dream of having wild, passionate sex with Nick.

-you tell people you have a boyfriend and your cousin says "Who is it, Nick?"

-your mom calls to tell you when they are coming on tv to make sure you watch or tape it.

-you get pissed when someone says how many good things NSYNC has done when Backstreet's done many good things too.

-you have a tape collection of things you recorded off tv and radio.

-your heart jumps when someone on tv says Backstreet Boys and you start freakin' out.

-you have a pretend love letter from Nick.

-when those BSB photo cards came out, you bought the whole entire box to start a collection.

-you've planned your whole wedding and honeymoon to Nick.

-you've written stories about you and Nick having wild, pasionate sex.

-you have a BSB poster hanging write over your bed so you can look up and dream about them.

-you saw an AJ look alike in the library and immediately began stalking him.

-you've already named your kids after Nick.

Compared to some people, I am just half way obsessed.

~Nick Carter's futer wife

~Mrs. Carter


Date: Dec 04, 2001
Submitted By: Rachel

1. 500 posters(I don't care that I am a teenie bopper)

2. 5 pencils

3. 2 magnets

4. 3 pens

5. 8 notebooks

6. 10 folders

7. 4 birthday cards

8. 5 official videos

9. 3 videos that you taped yourself

10. 6 books

11. rubix cube

12. money pouch

13. photo album

14. tatoos

15. backpack

16. 3 keychains

17. pad of paper

18. 5 BK figures

19. BK crown

20. BK cup

21. 2 bracelets

22. 3 necklaces

23. 15 stickers

24. patch

25. 7 shirts

26. cd case

27. Black and Blue, Millenium, Backstreet Boys, All 3 BK, 2 imports

28. pillow case

29. BK bag

30. piggy bank

31. sweatshirt

32. 4 calendars

33. fans illustrated!

How do you know if your obssesed!!

Date: Dec 04, 2001
Submitted By: Karla

How do you know if your as obssesed as me ?

1.You promise to save yourself for Nick or A.J.

2.Your whole family knows all of the words to almost all of their songs.(Because you teach it to them)

3.You spend all of your money in 3 row seats for their concert.

4.Everyone at school knows you as "backstreet gurl"(chica Backstreet).

5.U get upset when your guy friend teases A.J. for being in rehab.(and then you beat him up)lol.

6.You tape absolubtly everything on t.v that has to do with them.

7.You cry at their concert when they first come ou(specialy since it was the first time they had been to Puerto Rico)

8.When any of the BSB songs come on the radio you freak out.

9.You paint your room the same as your fave BSB favorite color(Nick & A.J.)(Green & yellow)

10.You kiss your posters goodnight.

11.You celebrate their b-days

12.You have two whole drawers full of BSB things, news papers, magazine, cncert tickets, ect...

13.You learn every little thing about them so when someone quizes you on them you prove how smart you are:)

14.You have to listen to them atleast once a day or youll get in a bad mood.

15.You dream about them every night.

16.Your mom buys you any magazine with them on the cover without you even asking.

17.You plan to send a demo tape or a video tape to their record company,KBNHA records,so that you might have a chance to meet and work with them.

18.Whenever you see something that reminds you of them you get a smile on your face.

19.Your best friend and you are the 2 biggest BSB fans in your country, Puerto Rico.

20.When you cant stop thinking about doing the nasty with one of them, specialy Nick or A.J.

21.When you know every BSB song ever recorded even the unrealesed once.

22.When you feel happy for any fan that gets the opportunity to meet thelike the gurls in the backstreet bunker, even if you envy them your still happy for them)

23.You always go to eat at McDonalds or BK because you know the bboys love them.

24.You refer to them as "your boys".

25.You & your best friend are called frick and frack by everyone.

26.When you do anything possible to go and meet one of them if you discover they are coming to your cuntry,Puerto Rico.

27.You melt every time you hear them sing.

28.You plan on getting a tattoo of their name or a similar tatto that they have.

29.When in every conversation you quot one of them.

30.and last but not least: you love them for who they are and just like the are and you would never change them for anything.

Hey thought you were obssesed(Im crazy!!!LOL:)))


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