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Date: Dec 04, 2001
Submitted By: Maria aka M-Rok

1. When you love bsb and you go to all of there concerts and your room is covered in posters until you can't see the walls, your teacher calls you "backstreet", you run after brian's, nick's, aj's, kevin's, or howie's tour bus until they see you bawling your eyes out and they wave and smile.

When you cry when brian smiles, makes a cute face or even sings!

If you love bsb as much as I do email me at:broks_rock_of_ages@yahoo.Com ktbspa!!!!!

freakishly obsessed

Date: Dec 04, 2001
Submitted By: Elizabeth

1. If you make your brother drive you 6 hours to Vegas, while he is sick, so you can see them in concert.

2.When they announced the summer tour you buy tickets the second they go on sale.(Literally, I was standing at the ticket master booth in Save Mart at 9 a.m.)

3. If you've see them twice in the last 7 months

4.If you cry when they aren't #1 on TRL

5.If you argue with NSYNC fans

6.You freak out when they're on TV.

7.If you know ALL the words to EVERY BSB song.

8.You know when your sadly obsessed if you know their blood types.(I don't)

9.If you know their dance routines

my pathetic obsession

Date: Dec 04, 2001
Submitted By: Tay Tay

#1- ur obsessed when ur 19 y.o. n uve had ur room completely covered in BSB since u were 14....

#2- my room back home is completely covered.. no paint whatsoever shown...

#3- my college roomate wants so shoot me cuz my side of the room is gradually eating her side.. with bsb stuff...

#4- when im writin a paper listening to bsb.. i find myself typing the lyrics instead of my paper...

#5-camping out 17 hrs.. for tickets then getting nosebleeds behind the stage..n still jumping up n down cuz i got tix...(thats juss dumb)

#6- i make my boyfriend listen to them and go to tha concerts wit me so now he knows juss as much about them as i do...

You're A Little TOO Crazy If...

Date: Dec 04, 2001
Submitted By: Frack

1.You cover your walls completely in BSB and change the arrangement at least once a month to add in new posters.

2.Your friends from four years ago say to you "My God, you still like them?"

3.You and your best friend refer to each other as "Frick" and "Frack" and talk constantly about how you're going to marry Nick and Brian someday.

4.You've jokingly told people you had an intricate plot to get Brian to divorce Leighanne written out in a notebook and people actually believe you.

5.You name your dog Carter.

6.You have your mom lie to the guy at Ticketmaster so you can get tickets. (it worked!)

7.BSB comes on the TV and your phone automatically rings at least five times ("I know, I'm already watching it!")

8.The highlight of your life is when you got Nick Carter to laugh at you at the first Black&Blue concert.

9.You spent at least two hours convincing your mom that you HAVE to go to the second B&B show because your quality of life is dependant on it (and it might be slightly different!)

10.You called your best friend bawling when you found out about A.J.

11.When you moved, you dug through all of your boxes searching desperately for the first ever pin up of the boys in Bop magazine that you swear you still have in your possession somewhere...

12.If your favorite show makes fun of the boys, you swear you won't watch it for the rest of the week.

13.Your friends, who are obsessed with BSB also, tell you to get help.

14.The only way to express your emotion when you see them live or on TV is to make strange...grunting...sounds...

15.You nearly had a stroke when you saw Nick hump that camera at the second B&B show.

16.You hate your local radio station and regularly call up and b***h about how they can play *NSync every ten minutes but you never hear Backstreet Boys.

17.You force your friend, who likes rock, to put your BSB CD in their car or you swear you'll jump out right there on the freeway...and they almost think you're serious.

18.You have battle wounds (a now healed bruise) from almost falling off your chair on the floor of the B&B show trying to get closer to them on the bridge.

19.You yell at your posters when you're having a bad day, and then apologize for taking it out on them, 'cuz they're just too cute to be mad at.

20.You've risked your clean record chasing tour buses through busy streets while the cops are screaming at you to get away...

21.On your school trip to California this summer, you're planning on getting something in referrence to BSB inked on you somewhere.


Date: Dec 04, 2001
Submitted By: Lindsey

1. You've been to 4 concerts

2. You are honestly haveing BSB withdrawels because you haven't seen them in concert in 5 months.

3. You cried when you heard A.J was going into rehab because Nick looked so sad.

4. You honestly believe that u and Nick are going to be married..he just doesn't know it yet..

5. You already have the names of the kids picked out that we are going to have..

6 And you already know where we are gonna live..

7. When you have 7th row seats at the concert and they come out you stand there in shock the whole song untill your cousin shakes you arm then you burst into tears.

8. At the concert you stand on your chair and then Kevin waves at you and you fall and he laughs and then u cry.

9. You get choked up when another fan gets to meet them cause u know how they feel.

10. You always wonder what they are doing at this exact moment..

11. You can quote every video tape you have..

12. You've watched your tape so many times that white lines appear and it breaks

13. You just buy a new one

14. You can relate any word with the BSB and you and your friends do it all the time.

15. When a song comes on the radio and your in the car you shriek and scare your mom and she screams at you.


Date: Dec 04, 2001
Submitted By: B

You know your obsessed with BSB-especially nick when:

1. You own chapter one even though you hve all their albums and drowning as an import.

2. Even though you don't have TRL you ring up anyway to vote for drowning to widen their popularity.

3. You have arguements with your cousin on who is the biggest fan.

4. You keep calling family members, friends or teachers nick by accident.

5. You get to sleep everynight by listening to Spanish Eyes.

6. You have a tree inch folder thick of things BSB said or did in the last few months.

7. You put things in this folder even though it may just say 'Backstret Boys' once.

8. Whilst in Math you have to write nicks birthday on your calculater-and get mad if the teacher actually wants you to use it.

9. You dreamed the other night that Kevin's baby(that does not exist) was born in your back garden.

10. And of course in your dreams you have had nick's child so many times you cannot remeber.

11. You keep having to buy new copies of all their albums cos you keep ovrplaying them.

12. Nick's singing actually brought you to tears the other day(in a good way).

That is al I can think of for now but their are more.

So damn obsessed with... (????)

Date: Dec 04, 2001
Submitted By: Sabsi

In times of grief and sorrow I will hold you and rock you, and take your grief and make it my own. When you cry, I cry, and when you hurt, I hurt. And together we will try to hold back the floods of tears and despair and make it through the patholds of life.

I ne'er was struck before that hour

With love so sudden and so sweet

His face it bloomed like a sweet flower

And stole my heart away complete

Be composed - be at ease with me...

Not till the sun excludes you

Do I exclude you

Not till the waters refuse

to glisten for you

and the leaves to rustle for you

Do my words refuse to glisten

and rustle for you

Damn, I'm so obsessed with him...

I can't believe what he did to me!!!

I cannot think of not thinking about him anymore! I would die, I can tell you that! Because just the thought of him makes me feel so alive and so HAPPY!

By the way, SORRY to everyone for putting up with me and my obsession. You know I just can't help it. He's got me in his magical spell and there's just no way for me to get out of it. (And I don't even wanna try!)

He just knows how to do it, man!

Thank you for that. I love you so much!!!

A few clues that you are obsessed with BSB

Date: Dec 04, 2001
Submitted By: Nick's Little Miss Cassidy

1- You have over 18 hours of video of BSB that you recorded off the tv.

2- All of your friends have gotten the silent treatment before when they dissed the boys.

3- You have over 100 fiction stories of marrying Nick.

4- You dream about them 24/7/365.

5- When your boyfriend breaks up with you, the only way to cheer up is listen to "I'll Never Break Your Heart".

6- You sort of shiver at any thought of them.

7- All of your friends have had to play Backstreet trivia with you atleast once.

8- Mom knows almost as much about them as you do.

9- You despise N Sync and can argue for over an hour about how much better BSB is than them.

10- You know almost every word to every song.

11- You can tell everyone exact information about the boys. Like the exact date they met.

12- Even the DJ at the local radio station remembers you because of when you called at begged for BSB tickets and free albums and told him about your obsession.

13- Dad is constantly forced to play Backstreet trivia.

14- You remember what you were doing when you heard your very first BSB song.

15- You can chronicle the Backstreet history.

16- You can tell in detail your concert experiences.

17- You have read nearly every Backstreet book there is.

18- You have a website that you force your friends to look at and sign the guestbook, even if they don't like BSB. (The psychos!)

19- You despise Willa. But not Kristin or Leighanne, they make the boys happy.

20- You go to TVGuide.com to see whenever Backstreet is going to be on TV in the next 2 weeks.

21- You wonder how well your first name sounds with married names like Carter, Dorough, McLean, Littrell, Richardson

22- You can name all of their birthdates, birthplaces, parents, and siblings without thought.

23- You have memorized everything about them.

24- Your family and friends know they can't go wrong with gifts if they go with Backstreet stuff.

25- You have Backstreet books, CDs, notebooks, videos, tapes, shirts, stickers, pin-ups, posters, bags, cards, postcards, pencils, pens, stationary, etc.

26- You have a special place on your harddrive for BSB pictures you have found online.

27- You called the radio station and let the phone ring for 20 minutes just to request "Drowning".

28- You remember all the funny things they say and do on TV.

29- You can predict certain quirks about the boys. Brian will probably make a funny face, Howie will wink, Nick will do something with his hands, A.J. will smile, and Kevin will usually look away from the camera.

30- If your friends have a question about Backstreet history or lyrics, their first thought is to ask you.

31- Both concerts that you went to, you were the first fan into the venue.

32- You will never forget the concert when Nick blew the kiss to you.

33- You write poetry and stories about the boys.

34- You know exactly what your favorite Backstreet picture is.

35- Even your mom's friends know how obsessed you are with Backstreet Boys, along with your friends, your teachers, and just about anyone you talk to.

***By the way, this is all true for me.***

You *might* be obsessed IF:

Date: Dec 04, 2001
Submitted By: ~*Bonnie Carter*~

1. If you make everyone around you shut up when BSB's on the radio, even though you have the CD

2. If your only purpose for going online is to visit Backstreet.net, the official site, and check out some new ones

3. If you totally spaz when you see someone who resembles your fave Boy

4. If you constantly daydream about your wedding with one of them: you picked out a wedding song, designed the dress, chose the food, picked out the honeymoon location, planned the suite, etc.

5. If everytime you see something you like the first words out of your mouth are, "Nick(or whoever) and I are going to have that!!!"

6. If you've basically planned the rest of your life with your Boy. I mean, so elabotrately that you just can't picture yourself with any other guy!

7.If you're willing to stand in line for tix as long as necessary, in whatever kind of weather, no matter what seats you get. (i.e.DECEMBER 2ND, about 30 DEGREES FOR 3 1/2 HOURS, FOR MEZZANINE SEATS!)

8.If after you get home from buying tix, you're too sick to do anything but curl up in your BLUE beanbag with your BSB ensemble and watch BSB's Diary...but it makes you feel better!

9.If you can't have a boyfriend for two reasons:

A~ You scare guys away by loving BSB so much

B~ You can't look at a guy without comparing him to BSB and realizing they're not so great compared to *THEM*!

10. If you just know you're in some weird way to the Backstreet Boys. YOU JUST KNOW! (LoL)

11. If you can't recollect what you do and don't have cuz ya got so much STUFF!

12. If out of nowhere you blurt out quotes from BSB

13.If you can associate ANYTHING in the world with BSB.

14. If you drag them into every sort of conversation...food,geography, current events, tv, POLITICS! (I stole that one from Carla! Sry hun!)

15.If your friends are limited to the few who are as dedicated fans as you are, or the few who can tolerate your fascination

16.I don't think I even have to put this one, but IF you know everything there is to know about them, from their birth weight to their location

17. If you get sidetracked constantly because you're imagining how BSB would be doing what you were...

18. If you're able to convert at least one NSUCK fan in your lifetime (Good 4 U! It's hard, but us BSB fans ca do anything!)

19. If you bake b-day cakes for them and sing

20. If your family listens to them, loves them, and even asks you to watch a video just so they can sneek a peek

21. If you make your obsession list as long as your fave BSB's age! Ha sorry I guess I cheated but I gotta stop now- KTBSPA!

you know if you're obsessed w/ bsb if:

Date: Dec 04, 2001
Submitted By: Ali

1. u cry when u see them in a music video.

2. u talk to your posters before u go to bed at night.

3. talk about bsb for almost 24/7.

4. bring a cell phone and little radio to school and listen for a chance to call in and get bsb tickets from your fav. radio station.

5. dream about bsb ever night.

6. mistakingly call your 5 yr. old bro nick.

7. bsb posters cover your wall and u forget the color your wall was.

8. name your pets the same names the pets of bsb.

9. wrestle w/ your 5 yr. old bro when you're 13 cos he called A.j ugly.

10. your family grounds u cos u talk about bsb everytime u have supper.

THIS LIST REFERS TO ME DEFINETLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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