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My BSB and Brian obessions

Date: Jan 27, 2002
Submitted By: Kristy Littrell

1.) I have over 40 cds and singles of bsb

2.) On my addy, i have Littrell instead of my real last name

3.) I listen to BSB all the time when I get to

4.) I have over 200 bsb and brian posters and pin ups

5.) If ne body likes NSYNC more than BSB then I never talk to them ever again when i find out

6.) I am the biggest brian fan ever!

7.) I have been to one of their concerts and it was the best concert ive ever been to!!

8.) at school, i put Littrell as my last name instead of my real last name

9.) I am the biggest and the only BSB fan at my school

10.) I have a whole computer box full of bsb stuff that ive been collecting in the last 4 years since i started liking them

That is My obsession list!

Ode To BSB

Date: Jan 27, 2002
Submitted By: Erin

I know I'm a fan b/c...

~I've been to 3 concerts... and plan to attend 100 more

~I've got over 30 BSB CD's

~I know all their songs by memory (released, unreleased, English, Spanish)

~I can play their songs on piano and guitar

~i listen to "Anywhere For You" every time i go to the beach, because thats the greatest songs and they filmed the video at the beach

~I know all their dance moves (which I perform at every concert, and even have my own set of fans)

~I've gotten peace signs from Nick Carter and Kevin Richardson and a wave from Howie

~I write BSB lyrics in my free time

~I've waited hours in line for tickets to be the first one there

~I've listened to "The Answer To Our Life" over 200 times since Black&Blue was released (Shape Of My Heart, over 250)

~One Saturday, I listened to "Millineum" 12 and a half times in a row (doing nothing else all day)

~I couldn't be happier for Brian and Leighanne (and Kevin and Kristin, too) for their wedding! She's one of the lucky few that found her Prince Charming and got to have the dream "fairytale" wedding. Their guests even recieved "and they lived happily ever after" notes after the wedding (*Sigh*) and he wrote her a song! Now is that Prince Charming or what? We should all be so lucky one day!

Peace, Love, and God Bless,


So you want your obsession yo stop...

Date: Jan 27, 2002
Submitted By: Rebecca

This is for all the fans who desperatly want their obsession to stop. (for me, I love Nick so much tat I sometimes get VERY depressed and cry myself to sleep cause I just want to spend the rest of my life with him and give him his children) I don't want to come across as a mad fanatic because I am not. There is just something about Nick that ust captures my heart.

Anyway, If you are like me and have tried countless times to 'stop' your feelings (I am aware that it is not something that you can just turn on and off) then let me tell you, you are not the only one. I am not at the 'freedom' gate yet but I remain hopeful.

Here is what I recomend:

Make a new years resoloution (no, it's not to late!) It should go something like 'I will not go out of my way for Nick carter (insert appropriate name) You will more than likely break it but keep trying!!!

2) This is going to be hard! Clear out EVERY SINGLE poster/magazine/interview/books/videos (CD's- fine) If the lads are in your presance then you will be tempted. This is the mistake I made. I kept my fav picture of him and countless times I had a sneaky peek!

3) Tidy your room. Make sure all evidence and traces of BSB are removed. As if nobody would know you ever liked them!

4) Go for a makeover in spirit of new self. All girls feel better after a manicure and retail therapy!

5) Ask your friends not to mention them.

6) KEEP TRYING!!!!!!!!! If all of the above is done properly (especially the clearing out of posters..... etc, etc..) then you will soon feel less trapped and emotional.

The problem may be that you are surrounded by them and your life consists of nothing else. Make sure this does not happen, try meeting up with friends more often and doing things that don't involve backstreet boys. Think of your crush as a lovely looking man, but not an object of desire, or need. If you need extra support or encouragement then I will be more than happy to lend a helping hand, afterall, I know what you are going through. Here is my e mail address:


Good Luck, Feel free to e mail me, Rebecca xXxXx

The BSB ruLeS!!!

Date: Jan 27, 2002
Submitted By: alina

I have fallen in love with the bsb since 1997 and is still a fan of them. sorrie i have not been to a concert, but i wish i could because i am afraid i will not be able to see them in my life in person. i have all their cds and one poster and a calander card. well someday i hope to be able to see them in person before they will not exist. But i know they will be part of something in the music business from time to time. I Love AJ,Brian,Kevin,Howie,and Nick.

Every march 31

Date: Jan 27, 2002
Submitted By: Danielle Young

Oh march 31/1997 backstreet boys did a concert at the Winnipeg Convention Center and a autograph signing at Portage Place mall! Me and my friend Liz had my parents drive us the 4 hours to winnipeg we stood in line at the mall for an autograph from 10:30am to 4:00pm and we never got an autograph and some fat lady nearly killed me! THen we stood in line for 4:00pm till the concert started and that was standing room only! When the gates opened to let us in i started to hyperventalated and had to be carried into the concert! But it was worth all for it I pushedmy way to the fifth row and it was worth all for it to see nick carter!

And every year since then i go back to the place where they were signing autographs and just remember that day and i watch the video of bsb live in Germany ( it was the same concert) and i will always remember that day it was the day that my dad Roland made all my dreams come true cuz he got me the ticket and too me to the concert and because he died on march 31/2000 of cancer on the same day he made all my dreams come true! Thanks daddy I miss you!

And You Think You're Obsessed!!!!!!

Date: Jan 27, 2002
Submitted By: Ashley Nickel

I know just the right way to define an obsessed BSB fan!!!!

Here it is: 1. You have so many pictures you can't count them all. 2. You're running out of room for posters on the wall. 3. You have Backstreet Boys(Red background-Canada), Backstreet's Back(Australia), Backstreet Boys(USA), Millenium, all 3 Burger King CDs, Black & Blue, Black & Blue(Australia), The One(CD Single-Germany), 2 copies of The Hits: Chapter One, many burnt copies of these CDs, and mini discs. 4. You have BSB pencils 5. You have a BSB pencil sharpener. 6. You have a BSB eraser 7. You have a BSB bookbag 8. You used BSB valentine cards last year 9. You know their b-days, birth years, and at least one embarassing moment that each of them had. 10. You wanted to spend time alone and cry when BSB was going through hard times 11. You have gotten an E-mail from BSB. 12. You have 23 posters on your wall and more to come. 13. You have a BSB pen. 14. You have a BSB folder 15. You have a BSB carry pack. 15.You have BSB as the picture on your computer 16. You have a BSB computer screensaver. 17. You have flown all the way from Nasville,TN to Orlando,FL just to see BSB in concert. 18. You have seen BSB twice in Nashville,TN 19. You have been to Atlanta,GA just to see BSB. 20. You have seen BSB live a total of 4 times. 21. You have a BSB notebook. 22. You have a BSB notepad. 23. You have 3 BSB tour keychains w/ a picture attached 24. You have a laminated picture of your fave BSB 25. You have BSB collector cards 26. You have BSB tour photos taken by your mom, even though there's not supposed to be non-disposable cameras at concerts. 27. You left left the nail polish you wore to a BSB concert on your fingernails until the last speck disappeared. 28. You spray painted your hair for a BSB concert 29. You never sat down during BSB's performance in Nashville,TN on 6/23/01. 30. You have a Black & Blue tour cap. 31. You have a Black & Blue tour program. You wrote a poem that got published when you found out that your fave BSB was taken. 32. You have a Brian Littrell Healthy Heart Club For Kids hat 33. You have a Brian Littrell Healthy Heart Club For Kids t-shirt. 34. Your mom says she'll donate $250.00 to the Brian Littrell Healthy Heart Club For Kids so you can get an autographed t-shirt. 35. You've managed to get your mom as nuts as you about BSB. 36. You can name at least one person at your school/work that LOVES BSB. 37. You know facts about BSB that the average Joe fan doesn't such as what they looked like as kids, or what they did before they were the BSBs. 38. You got your friend who didn't even know who BSB was to fall in love with their music. 39. You argue with BSB haters and don't give up. 40. You know that you have to accept the fact that sadly, not every person likes BSB, but they have their opinions. We can't force them. 41. You sat in 8th row at BSB's performance on 6/23/01 in Nasvhille,TN. 42. A.J. of BSB waved at you during the concert. 43. You got jealous when Your sister said that Howie winked at her, and your friends who went said that Kevin blew kissed. 44. You get mad because these two ladies beside you held a shirt in front of your face where Brian couldn't see you. 45. You stand on top of your chair even though you're not supposed to, so BSB can see you. 46. You try to keep the BSBs in as many of your school assignments as you can. 47. You have heard unreleased BSB songs off off special websites. 48. You almost all the same favorites as every BSB. 49. You know of at least 1 BSB fan who also likes certain other groups. 50. You vote for BSB on TRL. 51. At concerts, you scream and cheer and stay standing even though you somehow became tired during the first song of the performance. 52. You just started liking the BSBs about 2 weeks before your first concert, and you still had no voice left after the concert was over. 53. You have BSB stickers. 54. You have a BSB tattoo 55. You listen through entire albums once instead of always skipping straight to your most favorite songs. 56. You know at least the chorus to all the BSB songs you've ever heard. You know all the words to the songs off BSB's most recent album, and many songs off older albums. 57. You enjoy showing that you are the BSBs biggest fan of all. 58. You've viaited 20 or more BSB websites. 59. You have all the BSB collector figures from Burger King. 60. You have 6 BSB videos and about 4 taped shows with BSB performing in them. 61. You wait until every one in the house is asleep or when you're the only one home to sing BSB songs, but you still try to act as politely as possible when your parents, siblings, or friends catch you singing. 62. You try to learn some of the dances. 63. You drool at your sister's Wings of Hope Foundation bear because Howie is a BSB, and he directs the foundation, and you're happy to know that your 20 bucks went to a good cause. 64. You absolutely can't stand a day without doing something BSB-related. 65. You have a BSB board game. 66. You have about 11 or more BSB t-shirts.

67. Besides liking them because they're BSB, you like them because they're cool guys. 68. You support their hope of being a group for many generations. 69. You have 4 BSB books, including the official one. 70. You pray and hope for BSB's hard times to go away. 71. And finally (AT leat I think that's all), You can laugh when your mom says she'll send a picture of you with spaghetti hanging from your mouth to your favorite BSB. SO you think you're obsessed??? Well, maybe you could try reading this and see what you think. Well, until next time, see you around, BSB fans!!!

Jenni's obsession list(continued)

Date: Jan 27, 2002
Submitted By: jenni

20)yore pregnant aunt actually offers to name her baby AJ if it is a boy(erin)

21)you say goodnite to your posters

22)you know every word to I'll Never Break Your Heart-in Spanish

23)You rewind the Disney concert after Larger Than Life 69 times to see the sexy nick look

24)You can convert your nstink obsessed friends into bsb fanatics in mere hours

25)You cried when the usher brushed off your seat

26)whenever u pass the arena u get all teary-eyed

27)u dream about seeing Brian's beemer in ur driveway

28)u bring candles to school and sing to them on their b-days over little debbie brownies-and almost get suspended for lighting the candles

30)you can quote them

31)your goal is to be able to pelvic thrust as good as AJ

32)when the girls next to u thought that brian waved at them instead of u, u just had o put them in their place

33)u go to other ppl's houses to vote for BSB on the computer when u r only allowed to vote once

35)u take the time to write one of these so that everyone can know how obsessed u r

How u know that you're obsessed

Date: Jan 27, 2002
Submitted By: jenni

1)First-the obvious-u know every single oo, ah and c'mon in evry single song- even the unreleased ones

2)u have every tv appearance that they've evr been on taped and some of them more than once just in case

3)when u watch their videos, go to concerts or even just hear their songs u can do every dance move

4)when u see them live, u know what they're gonna say before they say it

5)u collected the burger king figures, tapes, and cd's and when i got a howie that was dysfunctional i went back to burger king and yelled at the manager

6)u do things such as speaking the lyrics evry other word with a friend when u are bored-hey just cuz other ppl give u looks don't stop-they're just jealous

7)u know the names of the girls that have won contests to meet them (joanni and erica hodges to name some) and will someday seek them out just to shake their hands because they shook nick's

8)u have you're 2 yr old brother learnng the words to I Want it That way, he knows all of the Boys names, and he can actually identify songs by nsync and says "ewwwwwww"

9)when u hang out with someone as obsessed as u, or even someone that doesn't even know who they are, all u can talk about is them

10)you're mother knows that one day she will have a son-in-law named Aaron

11)if u saw a picture of one of the Boys fingernails or eyelashes, u could tell which one it came from

12)u have some sort of pet(i have fish) that u got for the sole purpose of naming it after a Boy

13)if someone even mentions the word rehab, they're on you're hit list

14)u own the aaron carter cd, even if just to hear the soundbytes of nick

15)u have gotten ur 21 yr old brother to purchase a bsb cd

16)when Brian waves towards u at a concert, u know it had to be u because u just felt that "vibe" that u were truly connecting

17)u snuck down to the front row to just snap "two pictures"(kerry) and were almost escorted out by big bob and randy

18)at a concert u along with the fans next to u succeeded in scaring the crap out of the 6yr old infront of u with you're extremely loud screaming(she didnt deserve better seats then u anyway

19)when u don't know the answer to a multiple choice question on a test, u spell out one of their names and u get your answer

Backstreet: My Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: Jan 27, 2002
Submitted By: Riya Dorough

Well this one is just my own perception as a fan. I'm a huge fan of the Backstreet Boys & I couldn't imagine my life w/o them. I wake up with them in my mind, prepare for school singing their songs, think of them the whole day & go to bed with my earphones in my ears.... That's my everyday routine, not to mention my unstopable internet surfing & chatting w/ other BSB fans around the world... Huh, sounds irritating right, well, actually my brother wants to throw me outside the house coz he's so fed up w/ my Backstreet thing, but he can do nothing coz I live for them...

I just wonder if there are fans like me upto now??? Coz As I can see, Backstreet are not that famous anymore. Some fans leave them due to some issues that the guys encountered, well all I can say is "they are not true fans!!!" coz true fans stays whatever & whenever, & that's where I stand. I wont leave them whatever, whenever coz if I did, I'll probably be in a mental hospital (crazy) or in a cemetery (dead). That's how my life revolves, call it stupid but BACKSTREET BOYS is my LIFE!!!

Thanks for the time reading my story...What's your's?!?


Riya Dorough

Day Dreamin' of BSB

Date: Jan 27, 2002
Submitted By: Izzy

Backstreet Boys...Howie in his bathing suit....poster from their "Millenium" tour.....AJ at my front door....Kevin to help me with my homework....Brian to watch movies with....Nick to go to parties with....passes to TRL for life....tickets to any and all the BSB shows I want...I want all five of the guys to go to the boardwalk with me and ride every roller coaster with me...boy, I need to take more medication

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