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my obsessions

Date: Jan 27, 2002
Submitted By: karen

This is how obsessed I am with the Backstreet Boys:

1. I started being a fan when I was 12 and now I am 18 and I love the Backstreet Boys more than ever

2. It doesn't matter who it is, if they ever disrespect or diss the Boys, I refuse to talk to them for days and believe me my parents, my best friends all have angered me.

3. I talk about the Backstreet Boys so much that my parents and most of my friends have accepted that they are part of me and the most important part of my life.

4. I am going to name my sons Nickolas Gene and Brian Thomas

5. My mom considers Nick and Aaron her own sons and loves them very much

6. I have memorized all Backstreet songs forward and backward even the unreleased ones.

7. My parents can sing along with Backstreet CD's

8. I have this superstition that I MUST get the first copy of Backstreet CD from my record store that's why I'm always the first one there waiting on the day of release

9. Sometimes I walk in a CD store and there's no one getting BSB CD I'd get so frustrated that I would start telling people how great it is and why they should get it

10. I buy Backstreet CD for everyone on my christmas list.

11. If a shop plays Backstreet songs, I would cry for joy and buy something from that shop and hang around for the rest of the song.

12. Sometimes looking at pictures or listening to their voices I would cry for nothing because I miss them (I've never met them!)

13. When AJ was in re-hab I cried and cried and wrote him long letters, I prayed for him every night.

14. I'd stay up the whole night to vote for them on trl or any award on the internet.

15. I would do anything for the Backstreet Boys, I love them so much, I am so proud to be a BSB fan and I will always be one till the day I die.

KTBSPA for life!


I am obessed....... because.....

Date: Jan 27, 2002
Submitted By: Krista

I am obsessed because I talk about them 24/7. I buy everything I can get. I have more than 47 things of bsb. I make my sister love them and if she gets stuff of theirs I have her give me her stuff. I listen to them every second I have. I dream about them and my locker has pictures all over it. I have a certificate that says that I am Mrs.Carter and I have a ring, people autually believes me. I yell at the tv when bsb is not at #1 on trl or they do not when an award. I hit and yell at the people who talks about them. So I am obessed and we need to be to keep bsb pride alive and well. BSB ROCK AND I LOVE NICK CARTER.

My Crazy Nick Obsession

Date: Jan 27, 2002
Submitted By: Alycia Carter

I am so obsessed with nick carter!(my mom will tell ya that!)I'm starting to worry that it is unhealthy! He is all I think about, talk about, dream about! He is all I live for! There are so many reasons why I love him! Here are a few:

1~ his sexy smile!

2~ his amazing blonde hair!

3~ his crazy personality!

4~ his beautiful blue eyes!

5~ his cute little nose!

6~ his oh so sexy voice!

7~ his love for the ocean!

8~ his attitude!

9~ the way he moves on stage!

10~ the way he moves off stage!

11~ the way he plays with aaron!(so cute!)

12~ his love of his family!

13~ his love of video games!

14~ his love for basketball!

15~ his sexy walk!

And most of all! His sensitive and caring heart! I love nick carter!!!!! <3<3<3

You know your obssesed when:

Date: Jan 27, 2002
Submitted By: thanks2bsb

1. You talk about them at school all the time, even though you know it bugs the heck out of your friends...lol

2. You have written about them in your school work, like in a survey or something like that.

3. All your teachers know you love the backstreetboys.

4. For one of your classes your teacher wanted to know everybodys worst and best part of Christmas Vacation and you said the best was getting a ton of BSB stuff on x-mas, and the worst was when you found out that Nick got arrested.

4. When you watch TRL everyday and your a huge fan, but when Carson said "arnt the backstreetboys allready animated enough" and when he cracked some other jokes on them you were about to punch your tv out and go down to the TRL studios and show Carson off...lol (trust me I would if I could)

5. And you and everyone else knows that Carson just tries to suck up to the backstreetboys when their at the studio...lol

6. When an nsync song came on the radio before you turned it your mom goes "ew ew turn it, turn it, I cant stand those guys, they act like "pretty boys" all the time, they bug the heck out of me. Im glad you like BSB because they actually have good music, and seem like cool people." Even when shes a hard rock fan...lol

7. When your mom knows all of their names and usually doesnt pay attention to that stuff.

8. You got really excited when bsb were #1 on trl, and when hoobastank beat nsync for the #2 spot, and you would rather hoobastank beat bsb than having nsync beating them...lol

9. You started listening to system of a down because nick likes them and you actually think their a cool band not just because Nick likes them because of their music.

10. You cant choose who your favorite backstreetboy is because you look up to them all.

11. When you can relate to alot of stuff the backstreetboys have been through, for instance Brian had heart surgery I had back surgery, so kindof new what he had to go through.

12. When your friends ask you what you want for your birthday or something you always say anything with BSB.

13. When you usually cant stand female pop singers like Britney, Christina, ect. you really like Krystal alot because first of all she went on tour with BSB, and second of all she has a cool style shes not trying to be another Britney Spears, and you think her voice is amazing, and you have seen her in concert twice...lol

14. And last but not least when your siting here writing an obsession list...lol

i WiLl AlWaYs LoVe ThE bAcKsTrEeT BoYs!

Date: Jan 27, 2002
Submitted By: Cathy

There is certainly way more than just one reason why I love the Backstreet Boys! They are five very talented, handsome, gifted, men (yes men!) who have played a very big part in my life for the past five years. I still remember it as if it was yesterday...It was just another day and there I was watching Tv, just flipping thru the channels trying to find something to watch until I came across a certain commercial... "As Long As You Love Me" was playing and there they were. The five hottest guys I had ever seen! Ahh! I wanted to yell and scream at the same time, I had no idea what to do! I have to get that Cd I told myself...My mom was calling me cuz we were about to leave "The Backstreet Boys self-titled album, in stores now!" The Backstreet Boys! WoW! I thought it was the coolest name for a boy band. Since I was already on my way out the door I remembered the name of the group and as soon as I got in the car I told my mom that I just had to have the cd. A few hours later, we got back home and the cd was mine! I got on the phone and called my best friend, we both we so excited, but we had no idea what the other was so happy about. You go first she said, without hesitation I said, "I bought the new Backstreet Boys..." and before I said the next word she finished my sentence... "Cd! So did I! Ahh!" For the rest of the night we stayed on the phone and learned every word to every song without reading any of the lyrics from the inside of the cd cover.(I am sad to say that she later became one of the biggest NSYNC fans on this planet! She still supports me and my love for the Backstreet Boys though! She loves the Black & Blue and Millenium albums!)The rest was history... A few days later my mom came home with my very first magazine, and the centerfold was one of non other than the one and only Nick Carter! Wow! I started with that one poster of Nick and one of the entire group and within the next couple of years those two posters multiplied into 800+ posters. My room had become a "shrine" of the Backstreet Boys, and why not right!?! They're so perfect, As my 8th grade year ended I realized that the poster were getting a little hard to handle...I had spent soo much time and put so much effort into putting every poster in the perfect place and making sure that it was straight and well, just PERFECT! My parents mad me realize that I needed to sort of start to take the posters down one by one, I could keep some up but it had already been such a long while since they'd seen the walls and they figured since high school was around the corner, I would get over my "boy band" phase. I took off my posters, ALL of them..and for a while, my room felt so bare. It was almost as if my room was no longer my room. It took me a while to get used to it but I did. I kept up the very first group poster and of course I framed the “Got Milk” ad of theirs, along with a Teen People Magazine with them on the cover looking hotter than ever and a huge puzzle of them that I framed. It put it together all by myself! J It’s the coolest! Thru the years, my “favorite boy” changed. At first it was of course Nick…I think everyone goes thru him cuz he is the closest to a lot of fan’s ages. I got over Nick and moved onto Brian…and ever since my very first BSB concert I have had my heart on Kevin! He just looked sssoo fine! Now, I’ve settled for Brian and Kevin {I guess u could say I’ve kept it in the family!} I recently attended my second concert while the Boys were on their Black & Blue World Tour, and it was awesome! I have been and will stay a Backstreet Boys fan forver! KTBSPA AlWaYs & Forever! Rock On BsB! BaCkStReEt NOW, BaCkStReEt FOREVER!


Date: Jan 27, 2002
Submitted By: Tamanna

Ok, read this!!

Ive only been a fan of bsb since the end of1999 :( but I love them more than ever. Read these facts about me and my obsession!!------

-i have over 500 posters of them

-i made 6 other people and my whole class respect and like


-i dedicated a whole school project to bsb- it was a bsb heart with flashing lights in black and blue!! Come to my website to see it

- in all my christmas cards I wrote "luv tamanna and the backstreet boys"

- I have every album, nearly every single, all the videos and dvds, 2 books, 2 t-shirts and one keyring of theirs

- everytime bsb come on tv, even if it is a song I hear and tape everyday, I tape it again. For instance, I have taped drowning over 20 times!! I have 6 videos all together that have 6 hours on each

-i do all my spanish homeworks on them

-i made a bsb shrine in my school locker

-i made a bsb map for my maths homemwork

-i typed out backstreet boys 100 times on my computer and made them each different fonts- they came out in 5 pages

-i made a website on them

So, do u think im obssessed???!!!! And I have only been a fan for nearly 2 years! I havent been to a single concert because I never got the chance and I havent got a single autograph!! :(

I love bsb, and im making a website on them. Its-


Visit soon, and ktbspa-

I think about bsb every second of the day.

I luv u guys- u inspire me like maaaaad!!


my obsessions :x guilty as charged, baby

Date: Jan 27, 2002
Submitted By: shanta

you share my obsessions (lucky you!)if these apply:

1- having a private "party" for each Boys' birthday

2- scouring the internet and signing up for every bsb/nick/aj/kevin/howie/brian/leighanne/amanda/sara/kristin/aaron fan listing

3- taking a picture of displayed merchandise (including picture/poster display!) at every concert

4- stalking aj look-alikes (in parking lot, coincidentally to denny's, and staring at them in their car (:x)) after concerts

5- writing poetry -- i get inspired

6- editing their pictures (for personal/public graphics and wallpaper)

7- downloading four, yes *four* versions of "heaven in your eyes" for two hours (with my 56k modem) from grokster

8- downloading every unrealeased song from an array of websites

9- buying obscure merchandise (keychain in palm springs rite aid, and magnet in beauty supply place in studio city)

10- haha. looking for any cars/people that could have any relation to the Boys' while stuck in traffic

11- getting mushy when driving past the capitol records building on the way to dance class

12- computer sounds.

13- scrapbook.

14- buying the single when i already downloaded the song.

15- having 50+ fan fic links on new sn

16- spending one hr + at a time sifting through backstreet.net galleries for "rare" pics

17- spending 2 hrs+ looking on brazilian/uk/japanese sites for "rare" pics and video footage :D

18- carrying around a picture when on vacation to feel more "at home"

19- making an original bsb bookmark

20- "stealing" a promo banner/large poster at concert

21- taping interviews off of the radio

22- crying when bsb/brian/howie/nick/kevin/aj have an appearance

23- taping krystal's jenny j appearance even though i can't stand the show

24- vowing to get a related tattoo once 18

25- downloading sounds from aol's center from "pulp fiction," because it's j's favorite movie

26- instead of having blue as my favorite color, it is "midnight" blue.

27- wearing a bsb bandana to school :x

28- making a gift for aj's birthday in ceramics class

29- thanking my dance teacher @ school for teaching us "everybody" and choreographing a lyrical to "smtmobl"

30- doing a bio research project on ADHD because nick supposedly admitted to having it on a radio interview

31- replaying aaron's "i love you" to nick at the 01 teen choice awards in his acceptance speech

32- buying a calendar every year, and alternating between members

33- taking backstreet.net quizzes regulary

34- saving 300+ *bsb* pics/graphics/wp to computer

35- MEMORIZING HAND GESTURES from mvids (somh: j's two hand move up to the side on "yooou can", and the one hand with "aaaah ah ah"; mtt: "baby," right after "alive"...etc.

36- memorizing the "hidden verse"

37- making countdowns and keeping track of j's sober days in school organizer

38- jumping up and down/shrieking when grammy noms were announced

39- writing down actual bsb dreams (!!) some are quite good, actually.

40- screaming at jamie foxx through the tv, and cursing my friend who taped the replay for me because it was edited out

41- yelling at willa when she said, "...that's not nice, nickolas" at 01 vma pre-show

42- downloading nick's police report

43- sobbing suring "hdifilwy" at concerts

44- religiously wearing my "dedicated" necklace daily

45- supporting tiffany -- you go, girl

46- VIRTUAL MARRIAGE to all five AND printing out and saving the certificate

47- finding ways to like amanda, leighanne, kristin, sara, and *even* willa

48- writing letters and giving to security @ concerts

49- waiting in line from 8:30 - 12 pm to buy $75 concert tickets

50- painting my nails dark gray for two weeks because it looks good on j -- not on me!

51- dedicating a certain part of my wall for an artistic collage of *select* backstreet pictures, and not removing or adding any

52- asking for a pug beanie baby for xmas '99

just a sample...


Date: Jan 27, 2002

Black and blue came out on the anniversary of my uncles death

I have over 100 clips and posters of nsuck to burn with my friends at a bonfire

I wear black and blue or one of the bsb's fav color everyday

I had a backstreet week where I wore one color each day(monday-green tuesday-blue wednesday-purple thursday-blue friday-yellow

I walk into stores and if I see no bsb posters I go to the counter and ask where they are?

Nearly fell out of my chair at the concert screaming when aj, brian, and kevin waved at me

In science we were doing this paper about the systems and the teacher told us to put like the heart there brain here and when she was looking at my paper she said yep thats brain and when I started writing she said dont spell brian(lol it was funny)

Everytime I see nsuck I mute the tv or scream in horror

Asked a french teacher if she was related to the carters for no good reason

Everyone I come in contact with I ask them if they know any bsb or know people who work at the arena they will be at

Told my friend to go over to a security guard at the concert to see if he knew them so she went over and said do u know bsb? And he said I dont like men I like booze (little weird!)

Couldnt talk after the concert

Every week I ask this girl(who knows which gate they come out at the concert)what the gate is

Me and a girl who went to the concert talked about the whole concert the day after in math class

Have b-day parties for each member even if they arent here

I am in a tribute to the backstreet boys:the ultimate fans

I talk about them 24/7

My locker has more than 30 pics of them in it

Constantly bug my cousin by saying "i like your name you know who else has it?"(his name is nick)

I have a whole drawer full of cds, clothing, bags, etc of bsb

Stay up till 4 am on a school night on this site

Have more than 200 pics of bsb

When my mom said nsuck was cuter I hit her while my friend and her mom yelled at her

My mom spent over 200 bucks on 3 bsb tickets

When I went to the millenium concert we were at my moms friends house waiting to go and a limo pulled up and I thought they brought bsb to me

Day of b&b concert I did my nails hair and b&b clothing

Got my family mad at me at christmas for bringing up bsb out of the blue at dinner

My cds are skipping

My bro sings lyrics to their songs when he despises them

I got my rap liking friend to like what makes you different makes you beautiful

Carry around a pic of them everywhere I go

Cried when I heard bout aj

Felt bad for nick when I heard about his jail thing

I can name more but im tired laterz

bsb is the best i should know it

Date: Jan 27, 2002
Submitted By: faith smith

i should know bsb is the best band out there because i have these items .1,70pictures.t shirts.two lights hats.two calendars.8 8hours tapes.key changes.neck laces.pens.5 books.2magazines.3 concerts seen.cds of black and blue,millenium,backstreet boys,123 burger king,offical bsb cd.stickers.offical backstreetboys book.howie doll.kevin doll. things do write to fan clubs.vote trl.vote on radio.do contest.wait in line for 8 hours for concert tickes.everything on web password backstreet boys.celbrate birthdays.quiz each other on facts. faithbs@webtv.net...faith

Dont worry, youre normal!

Date: Jan 27, 2002
Submitted By: Mrs. J Carter

Well, if you apply to all of these, you are just like me, and im normal! (right?...)

1-When you tell youre friends how many bsb posters you have, they all turn to you with shocked looks on their faces!

2-You talk about them 24/7

3-You only KINDA crush on a guy if he looks a little like one of them

4-Your favorite football team is the Tampa Bay Bucs (Nicky...he he)

5-Your friends run away and scream when they make fun of BSB in front of you cuz they know not to mess with you (ha!)

6-Even your friend's mother knows not to mess with you!

7-You have accidentally written your last name as Carter on you homework

8-When you are about to say something, your friends stop you and say "WAit a sec, is this gonna be about BSB?"

9-Your mom says that you brainwashed her because she started having bsb dreams (and in all the dreams you are kissing Nick..hehe.. thanks mom)

10-You have a seperate folder on your computer for all you bsb pics (i have over 100)

11-You have the BSB i-zone camera

12-You slept with your bsb t-shirt

13-Your favorite number is 1281980

14-You sent a really bad letter to that psyhcic

15-You got hurt bad before your concert, but that was ok cuz you were BLACK AND BLUE (lol)

16-You are buying cupcakes on Nick's b-day

17-When you went to florida, you kissed the ground (well nick walked in the SAME STATE)

18-You got the BSB necklace that Nick wore to the 2001 VMAs

19-You hate Jamie Foxx for wat he said and he made our boys real pi$sed

20-You vote every day for them at Cosmogirl 100 times

21-You pre-ordered Chapter One so you know you have it the day it comes out

22-You promoted all their albums and even got an in-sink fan and a punk rock fan to buy Chapter One

23-You watched the national anthem at the super Bowl and then shut it off

24-You write NC or BSB on every desk and spot in the school that you can

25-You are virtually married to Nick (our anniversary is September 6th..)

26-When your mom saw Nick's earing she said "Boy that diamond must be bigger than my wedding ring!" and u said "Imagine how big MY wedding ring will be..."

27-You always sing the words to City High's "Caramel" as "six- two with blue eyes..."

28-You stop at 28 cuz thats the day of Nick's birthday

See? not sooo mad. I got more later

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