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Date: Mar 27, 2002
Submitted By: katie

1) you know your obsessed if when you get in someone else's car and you force them to sing and dance like a idiot.(ecspecialy if its your boyfriend)

2) you know your obsessed when your shopping with your boyfriend and you ask him why he cant be the man in all your dreams

3) you know your obsessed when on the way to a backstreet boys concert you listen to the backstreet boys the whole way there and pretend your there already.








Majorlyin love with the blonde cutie

Date: Mar 27, 2002
Submitted By: Katie

Im in love with nick carter. he is so hot..........not only do i think he's beautiful but he and the other boys are my incouragement....without them i would still weight 300 lbs...sad i know.....if i hadnt convinced my self that i my one really big wish to meet them would come true than i wouldnt have done a thing... i just wanted to look better for them ......for this i thank them.........i love bsb with all my heart and if nick ever reads this......i dont love you because your hott...or because your a backstreet boy...yes you have an amazing voice,..........i love your voice but when i look in your eyes at concerts, in pictures, on tv...i see your passion in your eyes,singing,and your fans..........thats why i love you!!!!!! thanks for reading guys if you have any thing to say email me at cally@ev1.net!!!!!!!!!!!


Date: Mar 27, 2002
Submitted By: Riya Dorough

BSB are still the best coz no one's ever beat them...the records, those wonderful voice, the ever gorgeous faces, best dresser ever!!!Oh my gosh! what more can i mention???All is said and done BSB will always remain number one.I just can't get enough of these five most inspirable guys on earth!!!Waking up with them on my mind makes my day a lot more happier, if i have problems,i'll just put on the radio and listen to their songs and nothing else matters, what more when i see those pretty faces on tv, watching them sing makes my heart melt!!!What a voice!!!Its so fantastic...I just can't resist them!They are my life and no one can replace them in my heart!!!I LOVE THE BACKSTREETBOYS!!!!

Pop* list

Date: Mar 27, 2002
Submitted By: Livia

1. Brian Littrell

2. Brian Littrell

3. Brian Littrell

4. Brian Littrell

5. Brian Littrell

6. Brian Littrell

7. Brian Littrell

8. Brian Littrell

9. Brian Littrell

10.Brian Littrell

11.Brian Littrell

12.Brian Littrell

13.Brian Littrell

14.Brian Littrell

15.Brian Littrell

16.Brian Littrell

17.Brian Littrell

18.Brian Littrell

19.Brian Littrell

20.Brian Littrell

i'm a, BIG fan!

Date: Mar 27, 2002
Submitted By: steph

1. I cried when I found out they weren't coming to my city.

2. I screamed when I found out they added tour dates and my city was one of the.

3. I know the weirdest stuff~ like nick has a freckle on the right side of his nose!

4. I have 2 copies of blck and blue, one for the car, and the other for home.

5. I buy their cds even though I have a cd burner. I couldn't cheap out the backstreet boys!

6. I saved my money for 5 months and spent it all on them (maybe I did get a little from my mom, like $150 extra)

7. I cried for 5 hours after I saw nick cry on trl about aj.

8. I cried at the concert because I was almost positive brian smiled at me.

9. I have over 600 pictures of them in my room.

10. I refused to go to a n sync concert with my cousin when she asked me.

11. I think everything nick does is cute. Even stuff you would think is weird. Like, when he coughed on the today show, I was probably the only person that seen that.

12. I am able to joke about them and make fun of them.

13. I get soooo excited when I here new news on backstreet.Net about them.

14. My favorite t-shirt is the one that I wore to the bsb concert cause I know that nick seen it and it was in the same freakin room as them! Hello!

15.I have every bsb video tape- EVER! (IN THE U.S.)

16. I have seen them twice in concert.

16. I freaked out when we passed their tour bus that was parked by the firstar center in cincy and my mom didn't believe me. (or should I say 20 tours buses!)

17. I made a vow 2 and a half years ago to listen to them every day, so far it has worked!

18. Every time I think of nick I smile!

19. Every time I think about something stupid nick said I smile!

20. Anytime anyone says anything at all, I some how relate it to the backstreet boys. Wheter it's homework, sports, or anything.

That's all I can think of now. Now, have I proved to you I am a HUGE FAN??????????????? I think soooooooooooooooo.


Date: Mar 27, 2002
Submitted By: katie

I've loved the backstreet boys every since I heard them on the radio.I started out with very little pictures.Until I started buying every magzine and every book every made and every picture I could find of the inter net.I had thousands of pictures,posters,books,magzines cd cover pictures everything.I have every song they have ever done.I have vidoes award shows,taped them oof of talk show.I have all the ifo on,how they first started,how they got their name,the storyies on all them.All of the articles on them.I keep up with everything with them.I don't call it obessed I call it be a fan to me there's a difference.Obessed is like when you stock them.I'm not I'm a number one fan.I can't wait till their new cd comes out.


Date: Mar 27, 2002
Submitted By: Maria

Ever since I was a little kid, I loved Backstreet Boys. I grew up listening and loving them. The Backstreet Boys made my life worth living and they are my reason to live now as you are reading this. Everything they do amazes me and I love them from my soul. I would go any distance, do anything at all to meet them, to even see them; then I will know true happiness if I could hug them. I am disturbingly in love with each member, yes, Nick, Brian, Howie, A.J. and Kevin, I love them all. I know all the songs by heart and I have BSB memorbilia flowing out of my ears. I don't consider myself a "teeny-bopper" which is just another sterotype to throw at a hardcore fan. I honestly love Backstreet Boys and everything about them. After all these years, they still are the first thing on my mind when I wake up and last thing on my mind before I go to sleep. Not one day goes by when I don't think of my guys and how they saved my life, how the songs and their personalities touched my heart and made me see life in a whole different way. Alot of people don't understand why I love them so much. They ask "Why?" but I ask them "Why not?" How CAN'T you love them? How can you not notice their talent, their beautiful faces, their beautiful voices, their down-to-earth attitudes, their many catchy songs and their look on life and how they present it to the world? How can you let qualities like that surpass you? My dad left 5 years ago and Backstreet Boys are the only ones that pulled me through....whenever I was mad or depressed or too tired to think, I would go in my room and listen to the Backstreet Boys--singing along to every single word. When I hear the words in the songs, I feel it run in me. I understand the lyrics and I appreciate them for the meaning. I will just burst out crying sometimes while listening to backstreet boys because I have so many feelings of love for them running in my at once I don't know what to do with them all. The only time I feel pure happiness is when I am listening to backstreet boys, or seeing them in an interview on mtv ( which I am most of the time recording so I can watch it over and over and over... ). That's when I am happy. My bliss is backstreet boys and they complete me. Backstreet Boys inspire me and make me who I am, they give me strength to go on everyday and actually open my eyes to face the posters of them on my walls. Through all the years, no one has come close to them. No one ever will. They have paved the way for all boy bands that are coming out now and have given an example to all musicians of what real music is. Real music comes from the heart-----when the guys are crooing on stage, it's impossible to not see it in their faces--they love what they are doing. They love it, but it's also hard and they are strong enough to deal with the downside and not let it affect their actions toward us fans at all. And through all this fame, they are the same people they were when they started the group--but they have matured into the heart throbs of every girl in the world. And no matter what fan you are, or who you like, it is impossible for anyone to honestly deny the talent and unique style of Backstreet Boys and that; is something you can't touch.

I love you Backstreet Boys.

Forever your fan ~Maria~


Date: Mar 27, 2002
Submitted By: M.J.

I just love to write about the best guy ever- a.J.He is cool,sexy(and I mean seeeeeeexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!),romantic, and last but not least-talanted.I can't imagine my life without him.One day I wondered what would I do if the backstreet boys split and guess what- I understood that they have become the best part of my life...Which is quite pathetic cuz i'll probably never see/meet them but I just can't change it.My friends say I'm a very pretty girl but I know that in every guy that likes me I surch for a.J.When I don't find "him" I just loose interest...I write about it here cuz I believe this site is visited by bsb fans- the only ones who won't laugh at me...So the big question is- am I pathetic or not?

69 Reasons I Know I'm Obsessed With BSB, Are U 2?????

Date: Mar 27, 2002
Submitted By: !~!~KriSTa~!~!

1) you refer to them as ‘my boys’ and no one even has to ask anymore

2) as soon as a bsb song comes on your friends immediately shut up (they should, they’ve been told enough times!)

3) you cried and prayed every night when aj went into rehab

4) your grandma saves all the bsb acrticles she finds to give to you

5) you kept the fries container and drink cup from burger king (cuz your boys were on em!)

6) you made three scrapbooks of bsb pics and articles

7) as much as you love bsb, you still respect nsync cuz you know your boys would want it that way

8) you immediately understood the I want it that way joke above, haha

9) you visit all the major bsb sites at least 3 times a day

10) you’ve got all the bsb yv dates on you rcalendar months ahead of time (your bsb calendar to be exact)

11) you shake uncontrollably when bsb come on tv

12) you’ve been to three or more concerts

13) you have all the cd’s, singles, anything with backstreet on it

14) you cried when you friend called you to say that she got third row seats and we would be just feet away from them!

15) you wrote nick a 13 page letter when you found out about his arrest

16) you and your friends through nick a b-day party, called into kiss 92 (the best radio station in toronto!) and ended up leaving him a happy birthday message on his viocemail (long story but one of the greatest days ever!!!!!)

17) you are immediately friends with any and all backstreet fans

18) when you go shopping downtown toronto you wave at all the hotel windows, who knows, maybe bsb are in one of em! Lol this one is sooo true!

19) your friends have donated all of their bsb stuff to you

20) all the cards you got for your birthday had your boys on em

21) you painted your arms and face black and blue (it totally works if you want attention! Our lady peace and this actor from “the animal” were sitting behind us and they started talking to us cuz of our painted faces!)

22) your listening to bsb as you read this

23) you decorated a shoe box with a collage of bsb pics (it looks awesome!)

24) your family can’t help but love em!

25) you love aaron carter cuz he’s nick’s lil brother but also cuz he can actually sing and u enjoy his songs

26) you wear a green (nick’s fave colour) bra and underwear to concerts * hehe you never know who may see em! *

27) you enter any and every single contest that has anything to do with backstreet

28) in the emails where you have to write the first thing that comes to mind when you hear a name and it says nick your friend writes “krista’s husband” lol

29) you’re planning on visiting marathon florida while you’re down south for spring break

30) look down at your nail, are they painted black and blue?!?!

31) you so completely happy for kevin, brian and aj!!!! Congrats guyz!!

32) you have 18 hours of video that you taped bsb appearances on

33) you can relate absolutely anything to bsb, lol for example, roller coaster, nick rode a roller coaster at bush gardens with teddy bears for a skit kinda thing, haha see? Just try me!

34) you go through bsb videos in slow motion so that you can catch every single detail

35) you know all the dance moves by heart!

36) you just have to kiss all of your poster s before you go to bed, especially the one over your bed. Then you just lay back and hope the scotch tape gives way and your boys come crashing down on you

37) your background and screensaver on your comp is always bsb and if anyone changes it, they’d better sleep with one eye open!!!

38) you run downstairs every saturday morning to get the tv guide and see if your boys are on any shows this week

39) you’ve seriously considered getting bsb tatooed in a heart in your hip

40) you’ve replaye dthe jay leno interview where brian does the donald duck voice about a billion times (did you see it? Wasn’t it just the cutest?!?!?!)

41) when your cousin got named kevin you thanked you aunt and uncle over and over again (even if that wasn’t the reason they named him that!)

42) it takes you forever to fall asleep cuz you’re always day dreaming of bsb and how you’re gonna meet and fall in love (haha don’t we all?!?!)

43) you have three different named on cosmogirlso you can vote more than 100 times for nick and brian, we’ve gotta make em win!

44) in december when you found out aj was engaged you called everyone you knew!

45) no matter what kind of mood you’re in, a bsb song always puts a smile on your face

46) you buy any magazine with just a pic of backstreet in it

47) your msn name always has something to do with bsb

48) you named your two fish frick and frack

49) you met an aj look-alike at a concert, got his email and just got invited to the concert he’s in at wonderland (lol, hey he’s kinda a connection, he met aj’s mom!)

50) you hate how the term “boy band” has taken on such a negative feeling. Bsb are boys (well men, but you get the idea lol) and they’re in a band, so what????? Linkin park, sum 41, and blink 182 are all boy bands too right? So why has it been pinned on pop groups? Exactly!!!

51) you really think that they guys birthdays should be declared a national holiday

52) you have the five bsb action figures from burger king sitting on your desk

53) you have a picture of nick umm…. Grabbing himself (lol exactly!) that you took at a concert on sept. 13 (check out the nick fan gallery!) **** best pic ever****

54) while going for a jog one morning with your walkman a lady stopped you, laughing, to say that you’re singing out loud without even realizing it (and guess who was in the walkman?)

55) you made your own bsb website

56) has a cd ever been in your player that’s not backstreet? What a surprise!

57) you couldn’t stop thinking about the old man skit at the black and blue concert when nick shook his ass at the camera

58) you read up on anyone that has to do with bsb like aaron carter, krystal, pollyana etc.

59) you’ve bought the tshirt and ‘nick carter’s ocean campaign braclet’ from kevin’s just within each website.

60) you write youself a fake love letter from nick (long and funny story!)

61) if backstreet is on tv, your friends don’t even bother to ask if you want to do something

62) you carry a camera around with you at all times, you know, just in case

63) if another band wins an award over bsb (like u2 at the grammys! So not fair!), you yell and scream at the tv

64) your cd alarm is always set so that you wake up to your boys

65) you always wake up expecting to hear that brian or kevin have a baby on the way

66) a cheesy smile comes across your face every time someone mentions backstreet boys

67) when you bake cookeis you write a k, b, n, h, or a using chocolate chips on them

68) you wanted to give them a major hug when kevin and howie finally cut their hair

69) you actually took the time to write and think up 69 reaons why you’re obsessed with bsb

These are all true so if you’re as obsessed as me email me (at krista215@hotmail.Com) and we can obsess over them together!~!~!~!~!~!

Ktbspa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


reasons why i love nick more then anything

Date: Mar 27, 2002
Submitted By: Lyssa

ok these are the reasons why i love nick more then anything alive. more then my own boyfriend.. so yeah

1)his beatiful icey blues

2)his voice

3)his hair

4)his sweetness

5)his kindess

6)he luvs all his fans and everyone

7)the way he acts when he first gets up

8)his LIPS

9)his body

10)his crazy ness

11)how he talks

12)how i can listen to him talk forever and never get bored or tired

13)his hands

14)his feet

15)how he seems to listen to people carefully.

16)how he dances

17)he looks like he is a good kisser

18)how he said "the sweetest thing he can do for a girl is love her right now"

19)how he said that once he finds the right girl for him that he wants to spoil her rotten(thats goin to be me.. hopefully)

20)how he cris only infont of his family(countin bsb)

21)how he is shy around pretty girls(so is goin to be shy around all his fans? cuz we are all very pretty)

22)how he is a nentido freak

23)how he looks when he sings

24)the last reason why i like him is that he is backstreet boy.. i dont like him for that but if he wasnt one know one would drool over him. so who else would i love if he wasnt here. my boyfriend? j/k

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