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Confessions of a Backstreetaholic...

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1. Your lingo has a distinct BSB influence

2. Along with chicken soup, Tylenol, and Kleenex you need your BSB music in order to get over the flu

3.You find yourself in the magazine section of the supermarket looking at...ok, I'll say it, looking at those teeny bopper magazines that you used to think were ridiculous until you became a Backstreet fan

4. You try to fix the spell check on your computer so it'll stop doing that annoying red underlining thing everytime you type Backstreet

5. You have a video tape ready by the VCR so you can record anything and everything Backstreet

6. You call ticketmaster 10 times a day, go on line, call ticketbrokers before tickets even go on sale, just to make sure that you have not missed any way of getting tickets

7. Every person who knows you, thinks you're crazy because of your Backstreet fetish

8. Your day is made everytime you go shopping and a BSB song comes on in the store

9. You refer to them as "my boys"

10. You remember the exact day that you became a fan

11. The video premiere for Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely was the hi-light of your New Years Eve

12. You own all their CD's including the import ones

13. You buy backup copies of their CD's

14. You keep up with where they are in the world and what project they are currently working on

15. You are desperately trying to or have already learned html so you can create a web page for them (like there aren't enough of those things around!)

16. You have seriously considered trying to get on Fanatic

17. You would be able to ace Backstreet 101 if they ever offered such a course. Heck, you'd be able to teach it

18. You waste way too much time on the internet reading...well--stuff like this

19. You get nervous for them during award shows

20. You have a favorite boy, but then most likely, the rest of them come in a close second because you love them ALL

21. You find the need to correct every person who calls them a boyband, they're not a boyband! they are a vocal group, sheesh! When will people get it?

22. You feel rude when it's in middle of one of their songs and you have to turn the music off.

Signs that show you that I am truly obsessed

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1. Every single space,corner,nook and cranny of my wall is covered in some sort of Backstreet Memorobilia...posters everywhere!

2. I know every single word of every song ever recorded by the Backstreet Boys.

3. I have all the albums,including all singles and imports,even interview audio biography CDs.

4. I know all of the words to every television appearance,and have them all recorded on tape.

5. I talk along to the audio biography CD...I've listened to it so many times that I know every pause,every sound,every pang of music.

6. At every concert that I've been to,at the end,I grab my friends and we blast the Millennium CD at top volume with the doors open to the car,and dance waaaay past midnight.

7. When I see the BSB buses at their concerts (I have even met the band before) I take at least a roll of film and one time even got to the concert three hours early to see if I could catch a glimpse of the guys.

8. I know every detail of all of the guys,including the times and hospitals of their birth,cologne,locations,etc. etc.

9. I am a full supporter of Kevin and Brian getting married...they should be happy,and if they are happy then I am happy. You dont see many girls saying that nowadays.

10. My parents and brother and friends know everything about the boys and all the words to the songs...guess who taught them...ME!!!

11. Since I said it so much around my baby cousin who's one year old, her first word (after mama and dada) was Nick! lol.

12. At the end of every letter,every e-mail,every phone call,and every paper I turn in for school I write or say "Keep The Backstreet Pride Alive!"\

13. At LEAST five times a day I talk about how much the guys ROCK!

14. I buy all the CD's,books,and special merchandise the day it comes out.

hmmm...... this I call obsession.....by Zarah

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

Ok, number one: You always buy two copys of their CD:s, in case, god forbid, you might get a scratch on one.

2: If you don't get a ticket for their new show, you would do anything in your power to se the show anyway, and I mean ANYTHING, or die.

3: If you saw Nick in this very moment, you would run faster than a run away horse, and not let the guards stop you, and fall in his arms. But by then, Nick has already lost his hearing, coz of your hysterical screaming, and some producer would die to see you in "Scream 4"

4: Other BSB:s fans are afraid of you, coz you're known to punch them down at concerts and outside hotels

5: Youe parents are so sick of the Millennium record, they hear it one more time, they'll throw it out the window. The other copy they will stamp on.

6: After that, you move out!

7: You can't even imagine dating a guy that doesn't remind you a bit of anyone in the Backstreet Boys

8 BSB Obession Signs...by Amanda Ware

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1.You have more than 100 BSB posters on your bedroom walls.2.You talk about them all the time.3.You own more than 6 BSB shirts.4.You have all their videos.5.You have all their CDs, including the imports.6.You tape all their TV appearances.7.Your parents tell you that you're obsessed.8.You have more than 5 subscriptions to teen entertainment magazines (ex.Teen Beat,Tiger Beat,etc.)

Why ARE we obsesed with BSB??....by SydNey

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1.They're like a dream come true!!

2. You just wanna be with them!!

3.It's plain (For other people to see) You're the only one for them.

4.They are HOT (and i mean HOT!)

5.We just wanna Squeeze em' and hug em' and kiss em' and love em' and stare at em' and n`e thing else imaginable.

6.Aj-His Sexy, SEXY, SEXY, SEXY, SEXY (etc) Voice, EYES, Body (Etc)

7. You hear them on the radio and you just wanna faint(Like i just tried to)

8.Nick-His Adorable Lips, and eyes (Etc)

9.Kevin-THAT SEXY Bod!!No wonder he's called mr. BODY BEAUTIFUL!!! His Eyes (ETC)

10.Howie-His hair. i would kill for it. his cute little goatee his Voice(etc)

11.Brian-He's Just darn cute. he's from the state i live in. his hair. his eyes, He's Cute(etc)

12. I guess We're obsesed with BSB because they are just Too Freaking HOT SEXY and everything!

E-mail Me

Name The Backstreet CD....by Jackie

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

If ya LOVE the Backstreet Boys then visit my site, www.expage.com/NameTheBackstreetCD

It's IMPORTANT news about the Backstreet Boys next album!!


PS: PLEASE tell ALL your friends! This is IMPORTANT!

Lucinda's Top 10 Obssession List

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1. You know everything on BSB that even you're sister's boyfriend can't stump you. (That's true in my case.)

2. You have not seen the color of your wall in 3 years.

3. Your parents adore BSB and even know their dance moves.

4. Your mom gets so involved in the BSB phenomenon that she wants to get all decked out in BSB gear at the next BSB concert. (That's my mom she luvs Howie.)

5. When you are at school you're friends always ask you why you like BSB so much and when you are explaining you tell them 10+ reasons why u love BSB so much.

6. You get your sister involved w/ BSB.

7. All your e-mail have to do with BSB (I have 6 having to do with BSB.)

8. Everything you own has to do with BSB such as folders, binders, backpack,etc.

9. You love BSB so... much that you put pictures on your furniture.

10. When you call the local radio station to request a BSB song, even th DJ and the producer of the show know you and that you always request BSB. (That's me everyday w/ JOJO Wright on 102.7 Kiis FM in Burbank, California.)

Kevin's Guardian Angel

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

I have the obsession to become Kevin's Guardian Angel,I'd like to be with him and give him all my protection until the time is through

4 reasons to show u are obsessed with BSB

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

HERE we go....

1. All of ur family memebers ask, before u start to talk, if what ur going to say is about BSB because they have heard enough. Then u say it anyway.

2. You talk to the air like they are the Backstreet Boys. You pretend they are there with u and u start conversations.

3. You cry when u see them on TV.

4. You make all of ur friends like BSB.

Crazy? No, I Prefer Obsessed!.....by Melanie

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1. You are first in line when new shipments of magazines come into stock!

2. You have ALL of the BSB albums!

3. Your walls are no longer visible due to the fact your collection has grown!

4. BSB is the dinner topic!

5. Your parents know almost as much as you do! ALMOST!

6. You are known as Backstreet Girl (or guy)!

7. When tryin' to impress you guys (or girls), sing a BSB song!

8. Christmas list revolves around BSB!

9. You are in debt to your parents seeing all they have bought you!

10. E-mail suggests you are a Backstreet Boys fan!

11. Spend 95% of your online time at BSB sites!

12. Plaster your locker with pictures of your favorite BSB member!

13. Don't seem to care about anything besides them! (Thanks to my mom for that one)!

14. Own a Backstreet Boys fan site!

15. Report all hate directed towards our men! (Works all the time)!

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