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the things that will happen 2 u if u r a bsb fan....by Sarva

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

#10 u jump everytime u hear a bsb song

#9 u crank the volume up 2 it's highest whenever u hear a bsb song playing

#8 u make your parents deaf by singing tunelessly bsb songs.

#7 u start buying every magazine u can get with at least one line on the bsb.

#6 u drive your friends crazy talking about bsb (if they r not bsb freaks themselves.)

#5 u beg your parents 4 the bsb's album. until they finally consent

#4 u drool (or at least stare aimlessly) at the pictures of bsb

#3 u go crazy @ the word of any of their names or just those 3 letters b s b

#2 u r ready 2 start a fight if anyone says that bsb sux or n'sync is the best group in the entire world.

#1 ..........if u have reached this far .....u r jus readin this or u r a totally obsessed freak

yes the #1 reason is....... well i can't tell u

u will know when u have reached it!!

i know all of this cuz my sis is 1 an she REALLY drives me CRAZY !!!!!!


Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:






why janice is obsessed with bsb

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

I am obsessed because I totally love them.They are great singers they dance well.I have posters of them in all of my walls and all over my notebooks and in my wallet. My favorite guy is A.J. McLean.

Nick obsession .....by Michelle

Date: May 23, 2006
Submitted By:

1. My english teacher gets mad because she gets confused when she sees the last name carter on a paper and there is no one with that last name in the class

2.My framed pictures of nick go on all vacations with me

3.While working in at my daycare job i get in fights with 10 year olds about how nick is mine and not theirs

4.I also tell the kids that he is my boyfriend and he writes all his songs for me and they actually believe it

5.I cried when my recent boyfriend asked me out because i said yes and thought nick would find out

6.When my parents see him on tv they say "there's our son in law"

7.I bring a picture of nick to school on all my test days

8.Write down nicks and the other members birthdays in my planner and on my calender.

9.I cry at the concerts when nick leaves the stage and continue crying all night cuz i miss him

10.I beat up my brothers friends because they always try to ruin my nick pictures.( and i mean i have punched them in the face and clawed them big time)

11.I have used the backstreet boys for at least 5 projects in school

12 I have my books at school, agenda books, walls, celing and carry a picture around in my wallet of nick.

13. lastly i think about nick constantly, talk about him like hes my boyfreind and actually dream about meeting him.

Top Ten Signs You're A #1 Fan....by Ashley

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

#10 You can't seem to remember what your color your wall is because it has bsb pictures all over it!

#9 You SCREAM and fight with anyone that says BSB are gonna be gone in a year or that Nsync is better

#8 When BSB comes on the radio or is played at parties you scream and do the dance that goes with each song.

#7 You leave school early so that you can see the backstreet boys new single premere on MTV's TRL

#6 The only videos you own are of BSB in concert or on other TV appearances

#5 When you favorites column on your computer has no more room due to, all your backstreet sites.

#4 You memorized the time and the date that each Backstreet boy was born, but forgot the time and date of your birth or a family members.

#3 When a shopping spree to you is a backstreet boys spree. Magazines, T-shirts,Tapes, imported Cds etc.

#2 When you get mad, you go upstairs into your room and just look into their eyes and listen to their music and then everything is fine.

#1 When you can say from your heart, that they have gotten you out of one of the hardest times in your life, just by singing a song.

my top ten reasons I'm obsessed with BSB.....by Brittany

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

10. They're cute!!

9. AJ!!

8. they're not gay!

5 signs your obbessed with a.j........by A.J. Lover

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1- you have a wall completely dedicated to A.J.

2- you waited in line forever to see a johnny no-name concert

Obessed are you?...by Amiey

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

~*~ Your mother, father, sisters, brother and all your friends know all the moves to Everybody (Backstreets Back) because you watch the tape so much ~*~

~*~ Your crush says he would ask you out but he's afraid that he would get in between you and your fave Boy... and you agree with him ~*~

~*~ Your blonde little brother has his hair cut like Nick becasue you cut it while he was asleep ~*~

~*~ Your best guy friend walks around saying 'My Hand Dumbass' just because you do it every 20 minutes ~*~

~*~ You have seen everyone of the Backstreet Boys performances on MTV even if you have to play sick to stay home from school ~*~

~*~ You slip up and call all the boys you know by your fave Boys name and they answer to it ~*~

~*~ You repeatedly call TRL's request line and when they pick up you scream 'OMY I LOVE YOU NICK,AJ,BRIAN.HOWIE OR KEVIN' then you hang up ~*~

~*~ You mother is in love with Kevin becasue of that poster you hung over your bed ~*~

~*~ You have tried to mail yourself to Nick Carter's house in a duffle bag just to get a blade of grass ~*~

~*~ You can draw a replica of each one of A.J's tattoo's even though you can't even draw an even rectangle ~*~

~*~ You have more than two copies of each C.D and not because you wanted to break records becasue they wore out not too long after you bought it ~*~

~*~ You have renamed your pets and younger siblings after your fave Boy even if they're girls ~*~

~*~ You walk down the busiest street in your town yelling at the top of your lungs 'Backstreet's Back! Allright!!! ~*~

Well it's nice too know that I'm not the only one.

10 Ultimate Reasons why YOU.. yes you are Obsessed with Nickolas!

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

Unfortunately I can confess to each and every one of these:

10: You went on napster and downloaded an interview of Mandy Willaford (ex: gf). Just to hear what she has to say about Nick.

9: You chased after the boys bands' bus, just in case Nick was on board.

8: You've seen the same tour "Millennium" 3 times just to see Nick.

7: You bought a $10 magazine just cause of the centre fold of Nick with no shirt on.

6: You stayed in the hotel where the concert venue was just incase the boys were staying there, and asked every maid you saw where the boys were.

5: You pleaded with a scalper to give you floor seats and told him he was gonna make a profit if he lowered the price by $200.00 (he actually did after some persuasion)

4: You get mad at your teacher because he went on holiday and came back to tell his class he met the BSB, and talked to "some blonde guy"

3: You went to an Aaron Carter concert just in case Nick would make another surprise appearance.

2: You see the same concert twice in the space of 24 hours.

1: You go on holiday to Florida and make your dad take you to Nicks house, but after 3 hours when you finally get there you are too scared to get out of the car, but manage to take one of his pink flowers from his lawn.. hehehe *sorry Nick*

You KNOW you've seen Backstreet's Back too many times when....

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1. You've rented the Brendan Fraser version of "The Mummy" and wonder where the heck Nick comes in.

2. You can't watch "Batman Forever" without thinking of Kevin.

3. You think AJ made a better Phantom of the Opera rather than Michael Crawford or Paul Stanley.

4. You've always thought that Seraphine from "American Werewolf in Paris" would've been better off with Werewolf-Type Brian.

5. You REALLY think Howie should be Armand in the movie version of "Queen of the Damned".

6. You've dressed as one of their youma alter-egos for Halloween for MORE than one year.

7. You go to http://Sailor_Fu.tripod.com CONSTANTLY. ;)

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