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A College Student's Guide to BSB Obsession

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

Ok, no offense to the younger generation of fans, but older fans do have a slightly different way of showing their obsession. The following are some of the things I have actually done - written by a 21 year old college student.

1.) You've spent your month's grocery money on those 4th row tickets to the BSB concert.

2.) None of your friends will appear dead at that concert (they have some boy band phobia) so you end up taking your mother. (Forget embarrassment...Look on the bright side, you might be able to get up on stage during The Perfect Fan).

3.) Your dad, who has repeatedly told you many times that liking them was the silliest thing, was flipping through the tv channels, came across the Disney concert and watched, to see what you liked so much about them, and became a closet fan.

4.) Have had water fights with the 'N Sync fan down the hall all in the name of the BSB.

5.) Missed three days of classes to go on a quest to meet the boys and was fully satisfied with touching Kevin's hand as he passed by (without even noticing you).

6.) You have fought with your boyfriend of 6 months because he is jealous of A.J. (That's when you know it's bad, because my boyfriend is very mature and even older than me and NEVER gets jealous.)

7.) Have slapped said boyfriend for making a crack at the boys during said fight.

8.) Taped your huge AJ poster back together after said boyfriend tore it down in anger.

9.) People in your dorm ask you the answers to Backstreet Boys trivia.

10.) Said people in dorm christen your room the Backstreet Room. (My room is not as bad as you would think though, I have two full posters, one pinup, a calender, and many self taken pictures of when I kinda met them).

What obbsessed means to me... (taira!!!)

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

To me, obsessed means crying when BSB isn't number 1 on TRL, or getting so mad that you go to the basement to scream to get all your anger out! Obsession means, calling the radio station EVERY night to vote for BSB on the 9 o'clock Hot Mix and then when you can't get through you feel like throwing the phone...even though it won't do any good. Obsession is buying every magazine with BSB (or your favorite BSB) on the cover! Obsession is talking for hours on end about your favorite BSB with your best friend and still have something new to say about him! Obsession means...when your parents have heard BSB so many times that THEY know them by name! Obsession is when you walk into your room...your wall paper is BSB!!!

THIS IS FOR TAIRA...What have a done to you girl?

Naming your toes.....by Patty

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

You are obsessed, when you bite, grab, stalk, or get into the bsb personal space. Listening, breathing bsb 24-7 is another sign, that includes nameing your pets , or children, or your car, or bike, or your toes, bsb names. Big one brian, next one alex, third one kevin, forth one nick, fifth one howie...thats obsession! Obsession is a wall completly covered in bsb posters, and you kiss everyone , before you sleep at night, and again when you wake up in the morning. Obsession is not letting your mom wash your bsb boxers, cause you dont want them to fade...never mind the smell.!! Obsession is, standing in line in freezing whether for 2 0r 3 days to get tickets to the bsb concert. Obsession is acually sleeping with your bsb poster, and hopeing they make life sized, blow up bsb dolls, to take its place. Obsession is saying you love them, when you don't even know them. Obsession is dissing the bsb chosen partners. They do have a right to a personal life ya'll.

Are you obsessed?by Ariel

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1) All you think about are the Backstreet Boys

2) You have more than 30 posters on your walls, does not include scrapbook.

3) You have birthday parties for each member and celebrate with a cake christened with their name.

4) Since Kevin and Brian are soon to be/already married, you now celebrate Kristin and Leighanne's birthdays just to show your loyalty.

5) Know all their siblings, close family, and even cousins that are once or more removed.

6) Have a ritual ceremony where you kiss each boy's individual picture.

7) When you/or if you would attend a concert, barricades don't matter. You NEED to see them up close and personal.

8) You spend at least one hour arguing with 'NSync fans about how much cooler the Backstreet Boys, no matter what the age.

*If you have any of these symptoms you are not just a fanatic, you are obsessed!

You know youre obsessed when...by Renee-Anne

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1. You get an e-mail from someone[supposedly a BSB]and you get all excited even if you KNOW they are probably too busy for e-mailing right now

2 You get mad at you sister because she changes the channel on a BSB video

3 You have all your concert stubs framed, laminated or in a photo album

4 Your Aunt knows how much you love BSB and has to have a talk with you to stop you from obsessing so much

5 You see red when someone disses them[even other celebs]

6 There are BSB pictures scattered all over the room

7 You never ever dream of getting rid of the CDs

8 If there was going to be a tornado in your city...your BSB possessions would be one of the first things you would "save".

9 Your friends are getting so sick of you blabbing about the guys

10 You have pets or dolls named after them

11 You give your guy friend nicknames like "B-Rok" or "Bone"

12 You wish you were Leighanne, Kristin, Mandy, Amanda or Claudia

Are YOU Obsessed With Kevin?

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

You know you are a Kevin freak if...

1 You have Kevin pictures all over your wall

2 You are pissed that Kevin doesn't sing much

3 You rewind all the parts Kevin sings on the CDs

4 You wish you were "Mrs Richardson" instead of Kristin

5 You cried when they said he got married

6 You want to go to Orlando and go to the same cafeteria he was in when he met Kristin

7 You want to name your baby boy "Kevin Scott"

8 You have animals named Train, Boo, Pumpkin, Mr Body Beautiful or even Quincy

9 Everyone at school knows youre obsessed and calls you Mrs Richardson

10 You get really mad when anyone disses Kevin

11 You rewind any performance you have on tape of "10,000 Promises" or "Nobody But You"

When BSB start to rule your life....

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

*1~ You buy ANY magazine just because BSB are feature in even the smallest part of it

*2~ You force all of your friends to listen to BSB until you know that they are obsessed too

*3~ Most things you talk about are about BSB or BSB pop up in every subject of conversation you have , for example your friend says , "i saw this lad in town with this wicked blue hair today ! " and you go..."AJ used to have blue hair....." and then totally change the subject onto BSB

*4~ Most lads you know now secretly love BSB...

*5~ You hate NSTYNC for obvious reasons

*6~ If anyone even suggests that any other music is better than BSB you will throw a fit

*7~ If anyone says anything bad about BSB you will never ever forgive them even if you tell them you have....

*8~ You have pictures of all of their families and baby pictures and you know all of their families names, etc...

*9~ Your walls are absolutely covered in BSB , not just walls but wardrobes etc...

*10~ You have every bit of BSB merchandise you can get hold of whatever it costs

*11~ You have all of their CDs (well as many as you can get ) and videos they have released even if you already have them on, the album/a tape

*12~ You have been to at least one of their concerts and if not you have tried and when failed , cried...

*13~ You get excited when someone says they like BSB

*14~ Your family and friends (even those who dont like BSB) know all details of BSBs lifes and all the facts about them

*15~ If you know how to and have access to the net (i should hope so if youre reading this !) then you will have made a website about BSB ( mine is : http://www.angelfire.com/band/BackstreetboysKTBPA )

*16~ You just know everything there is to know about BSB , probably even more than they do themselves

*17~ You aren't embarrassed one bit to admit you are obsessed with and love BSB

*18~ You know where they are and what they are doing most of the time

*19~ As soon as a new BSB CD or video , etc comes out you will be straight to the shops the day it comes out and buy it

*20~ You have most of their rare songs that you can get and imports, etc...

~*21*~ YOU ARE ME !!!

The BSBA Checklist

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1) Everyday you take a black magic marker and draw the exact same tattoos AJ has, on to your arms.

2)You go to your local toystore and burn every brown or blonde hair Barbie cause they remind you of Amanda and Leigh Anne.

3)Your town has declared a Backstreet Boys Holiday cause you threatened to jump if they didn't.

4) Instead of singing "Oh Canada" or your national anthem, the people in your town sing "Everybody, (Backstreets Back).

5) Every night you cook your fave boys fave meal in hopes that he answered that fan letter and will take you up on that offer for dinner.

6) At dinner your parents set a plate for your "boyfriend" Brian.

7) Not only do you send cards and gifts to your fave boy but also to his family. ex. you sent Kevin's brother a"Happy Birthday Brother in Law" card.

8) You have been sending copies of Martha Stewarts Wedding magazine to your fave member along with sample invitations, examples of the china pattern, and pictures of the dress you plan on wearing to your wedding.

9) Not only have you sent the Martha magazine but you have written your wedding vows, and wear a fake diamond ring insisting your boy gave it to you.

10) a tour bus pulls up to your house and leads the tour group to your bedroom announcing it as the BSB hall of fame

11) You stop guys on the street, that are about the same height as the boys, and force them to lie down on large sheets of paper so you can trace around them. Then you take the paper home, and color it to look like the boys, just so you can have life sized replicas for your walls.

12) you beat up your younger sibiling cause they bought Kentucky Ave while you were playing Monopoly and now you have no place to put Brian Littrell Hotel.

13) On Halloween you only hand out candy to kids dressed as a werewolf, a mummy, the phantom of the opera, Dr. Jeckel/Mr. Hyde, and dracula.

14) During a test, instead of trying to find the right answer, you find the answer that has enough correct letters to spell out Backstreet Boys, and then pick that one.

15) You have changed the message on your answering machine to say "Hi you have reached the Littrell, or Carter, or McLean, or Richardson, or Dorough residence.."

Top Signs you are obsessed!

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

Top Signs You Are Obsessed With Backstreet Boys!

1) Everytime you see them on T.V. you panic, even if they are just shown for only a few seconds!

2) You collect all the posters of them, cds and cd singles, and photo cards!

3) Your e-mail address has something to do with Backstreet. Or your 'login' names are dealt with BSB!

4) Whenever you hear the name 'Backstreet Boys' or 'Aj', 'Brian', 'Howie', 'Kevin' or 'Nick', you turn to the tv and see if it is talking about Backstreet Boys!

5) You try to get ALL the mags. that have them in there, or even just a tiny picture of them in the top corner!

6) You dream about them or you daydream about them at work/school!

7) You think about them 24/7!

8) You RESPECT their girlfriends/wife!

Krust's Krazy Obsessional Confession

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

Okay here goes...these are all true, btw... (yes, I'm pretty odd...)

*1* You've wasted countless amounts of money in call boxes phoning up random Floridian telephone numbers and asking to speak to Nick/Brian/AJ/Howie/Kevin (delete as applicable). Not caring about time differences, either.

*2* Then, when someone finally said "yeah, sure, I'll just get him" you panicked and hung up.

*3* You have also severely p**sed off the kind people at directory inquiries international by constantly calling them up and asking for the Boys' numbers/addresses.

*4* You and your friends have an ongoing fan-tah-say which revolves around the guys - even going so far as to have conversations with them pretending they're in the room with you. Whether your friends are there or not.

*5* And you actually believe they're there.

*6* You've stolen your little brother's toy phone so that you can "call" them up and have conversations when they're on tour...sad, huh?

*7* You've stopped speaking to friends for various lengths of time because they dared to suggest that the Boys couldn't sing...and you took serious offence.

*8* You've made friends who aren't even fans read all your fan fiction. (ALICE)

*9* Even when drunk, you still remembered all the words to "I Want it that Way" - and gave an a cappella performanmce...let's not talk about that one ever again...

*10* You TRIED to persuade your dad to take you to London for the day after Party in the Park 2000 - but failed. (Next year I shall be driving...)

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