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top ten signs you're obsessed with nick

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

10. you call tampa home too

9. your idea of a crisis is when you have a centrefold from a magazine and nick is on one side and aj is on the other and you can't decide wich side to hang up on your wall. after 4 hours of debating, nick wins.

8. when you are taking a walk and see a blonde guy jogging in front of you you chase him for 6 blocks until you finally realize nick is in tampa and you live in canada, and as far as you know, nick doesn't jog. (and he doesn't need to :))

7. whenever yor mom says 'nick has such a whiny voice', you throw a fit and scream 'YOU THINK HE HAS A WHINY VOICE!!!!!! GO LISTEN TO JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!!!!! AND IT'S NOT WHINY IT'S WHAT YOU WOULD CALL A SWEET VOICE!!!!!!!'

6. you start to talk like nick with that cute accent. when your parents tell you to stop you say 'I can't' then they say stop it or you're grounded, you say 'really, I can't.' and they believe you.

5. you search all over school for a guy named brian just so you can say you have a best bud named brian too.

4. you make one of these surveys.

3. you are listening to a bsb cd right now.

2. you scream at anyone who calls him nicky 'cause you know he hates being called that.

1. vince carter is your favourite athlete.

how to tell when your obsessed with the 5 most talented guys in the world

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1. you count for 85 days until their concert and that's as soon as you could have started counting

2. you wait out side for like 10 hours to see nick carter at a radio station and they lied to us and he wasnt even there and he's not even my favorite backstreet boy

3. you buy a 120 dollar blue box with the letters BSB on it not knowing what's in it

4. you give up your birthday and Christmas presents just to go to a concert in the 34th row

5. you've used over 25 rolls of tape to hang up pictures on your wall

6. you have over 20 hours of backstreet boys taped off of the tv not counting the store-bought tapes

7. you cried every time that they didn't win a grammy

8. you throw things at the tv every time that the backstreet boys are not #1 and get sent to your room for yelling "bad things" at the tv when they aren't # 1 on TRL

9. you own 20 of their c.d.s (16 import singles)

10. for a punishment your tape of 2 concerts is taken away

u know ur obsessed when...

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1. u can't go to sleep unless u've heard their voices

2. u yell at anybody who disses BSB

3. ur signed up for more than 5 news letters

4. u have over 1,000 pics

5. all ur favorites/book marked sites all have sumthing to do with BSB or Aaron Carter

6. u bought the Aaron Carter CD just cuz he's Nicks lil bro

7. u have over 15 shirts

8. u can list off info bout the guys like its nothing but u can't remember ur homework

9.u buy anything that has their faces on it

10. u name a pet after 1 of the guys, guys pets or family members

11. u buy a dog like nicks and name themthe same thing

12. u change ur name(ex. nichole carter)

13. u won't allow any1 to talk bout *N Sync in front of u

14. on the day of an N Sync concert u drive by screaming Backstreet's better

15. ur license plate has sumthing to do with bsb(if u own a car)

16. u tape everything on TV that their on and watch them all daily

17. u've spent over 1,00 dollars on merchandise

18. u've been arrested for stalking them

19. u stole a pair of under ware from their hotel rooms and keep it on display in ur room

20. u vote enough times by ur self to get BSB no. 1 on TRL(where they belong)

signs that your obsessed....by Tabatha

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

you would pick up aj's used snot rag

you cry when you here any of their songs even if it's not sad

you dye your hair every time aj does

you tattoed backstreet on your ass right next to the no entry tattoo

you stalk their girlfriends

you stalk them

you go to their house and ask for food cause you don't have any

you tried to jump off a bulding when you found out brian was getting hitched to Lee

you try to kill justin timberlake every time you see him

McLeans and Carters obsession list

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

You know you're obsessed when...

1. You are refered to by your teachers as Carter, McLean, etc.

2. Your walls are covered with BSB photos.

3. Your parents/relatives try to persuade you to take them down.

4. You get all offensive when people talk about them.

5. Your family and friends know better than to mess with you while you're listening or watching the BSB.

6. You begged your father to take you to Hollywood video at midnight so you can rent Parenthood just to see Howie for 2 seconds.

7. You have a wall for each one of the Backstreet Boys.(EX.Nick wall, AJ wall,etc.)

8. You make Backstreet Boys Gingerbreead men.

9. You buy their jewelry.

10. You never go anywhere without your wallet sized pic. of them.

11. You've learned their choreography and practice it daily.

12. You call the cd store, Burger King, and your radio station to see if they have any news on the BSB.

13. You buy those plastic glow in the dark stars and form each of their signs with them.

14. Your screensaver and wallpaper are both somewhat involved with them.

15. Even your furniture is covered with posters.

P.S.- Don't try and steal any of these that don't apply to you because they were our ideas first.

Katie's List of Pyscho BSB Fans Pet Peeves, Obsessions, and other Freaky Stuff WE DO!

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1. When you walk down the hall at school, people are like, "look there goes that freaky delusional girl who's in love with (name of fave BSB)."

2. When you walk down the hall people yell stuff to you about BSB (and if it's mean, you go do something mean back...)

3. Your friend who got you involved in BSB now thinks "omigod, what have I done???"

4. All *N stink fans BEWARE. (I need to post that as a sign on my bedroom door eheh?)

5. Your friends give you their BSB pull-outs cuz they know you love them.

6. You are constantly thinking about what to wear to a BSB concert, what your sign should say, and other extremely important things.

7. Your friends can always tell when you're daydreaming about (name of fave BSB).

8. You love AJ's tattoos (and Nick's! and Brian's! and Kevin's! Waaiiit a sec, what is Kevin's? I guess it's a Backstreet unsolved mystery...) and sometimes, you draw them on yourself!

9. OOPS!!! You just realized you drew them in permanent ink...(sound familiar, peeps?)

10. You can't stand guys who diss them!! (and you get revenge when they do...mwahahaha)

11. You try to name your friends stuff like Train, and Sweet D. depending on who their personalilty matches.

12. You and your best friend are Frick and Frack!

13. You want to make Frick and Frack hats for each other!

14. You try to turn anyone you can into a fan.

15. You write fanfic!

16. Your friends tease you nonstop about loving BSB so much.

17. In fact, some of your more spiteful friends attempt to come up with some sort of apochryphal plan to get you un-hooked from BSB...a doomed failure from the start...(mwahahaha!)

18. The whole school knows about your "unhealthy preoccuptation with...these...people."

17. Your social studies teacher announces to the whole class that all you care about is BSB.

Do you got it bad?

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

You got it bad if:

1.Any object,place, or person reminds you of bsb.ex: "look it's sunny! Oh, aj's fav color is yellow!"

2.Even though your brother says he hates bsb, he knows every one of their songs because he hears them from you so much.

3.You still get an overwhelming sensation when you see them on TV; even though you've already seen it thousand's of times.

4.Your room is filled with bsb merchandise and you still don't have enough stuff.

5.You go on backstreet.net everyday so you could check if anything new has happened since yesterday.

6.YOu can listen to their CD's all the time and still never get tired of them.

7.Even the fact that they're engaged doesn't stop you from saying that you are the only one for them

8.You can draw a pic of their face with your eyes closed because you spend so much time looking at them.

9.You know the exact day when Brian joined BSB and you think they should make it a national holiday.

10.You jump fences, camp out at ticketmaster, travel across the country and stay in a car for hours, just to see a glimpse of them.

11.Starting Aug. 28 you are going to Burger King every week and ordering a Kid's Meal just for the bsb toy and buying the Cd's they're offering (even though you have those songs) just because they're live.

12.You're already saving up money for the new Cd.

13. YOu're saving up money for the Cd cause you'll spend any amount to get it on the first day of release (even though wal-Mart will be selling it for 14.88 tomorrow)

14. Lastly, a bsb concert that lasted hours still wouldn't be long enough.

Ashley Obsession with Mr.Carter

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1- His eyes. They are so.... caring and honest.

2- His lips. They're full, perfect to kiss, look so soft and shaped great.

3- His hands. He has LONG fingers and his hands actually look soft unlike alot of guys.

4- His voice. So sexy, sleek, and sweet. The way he forms the words and that too sexy accent.

5- His arms. Awesome arms, just perfect to be held with.

6- His tummy. It is too cute, no matter what anyone says I don't care if he ain't got abs of steel!

7- His funny faces. It's all about the humor!

8- The way he always seems to get confused and kinda stutters, but comes back after one (usually Kev) gives him a reassuring look or wisper.

9- The way he and Bri mess around, and how you can't really take them serious!

10- U knew it was comin, U had to...THE BUTT! Hello he has the nicest butt on a man EVER! It screams "Touch Me" It's so perfect and there and OMG!

if you love nick

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

i love nick

This may be the longest list so far...and I had to force myself to stop at fifty!

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

If you are guilty of most of the following ( I'm guilty of all!) you either need serious help or you're my new best friend!

1)You have covered not only your walls, but also your ceiling with pictures

2)You have 2 (or more) 3-inch binders full of pictures because you ran out of wall and ceiling space -- and of course these come with you on vacation

3)You also have pictures on walls outside of your room (ie over the computer, where you spend most of your time) just so you can look at Brian's beautiful smile anytime

4)Speaking of "Anytime," you've become a Brian McKnight fan 'cause he's Bri's favorite singer (besides that, he's incredible!!)

5)You also like Boyz II Men (who are also incredible!!)

6)There's a special section of wall right by your bed (at the pillow end) dedicated to Brian (or whoever your fav Boy is)

7)This section of wall includes a near-life-size head shot that you kiss goodnight every night -- you kiss it in advance if you are leaving on vacation

8)You sleep with your head at the foot of your bed so you're right by your stereo and can listen to BSB as you fall asleep

9)When you had an extra-credit opportunity in Chemistry that required you to write a phrase on the blackboard and figure out how many molecules of chalk it took to write the phrase, your phrase was "Keep the Backstreet Pride Alive!!" (what else?!)

10)After writing said phrase on the board, one of your guy friends says you are "boarderline obsessive." You take this as an insult, and show him pictures of your room that you just *happen* to have with you. After seeing these pics, he thinks you stalk the Boys.

11)You quote the Boys.

12)Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, makes you think of them.

13)You constantly daydream about meeting them.

14)Your dream job is to be Andre Csillag's apprentice. (Spending your days taking and looking at pictures of the Boys, oh yeah *bg*.)

15)You begged your parents to let you order the Pay-per-view concert up to the minute it started.

16)You "watched" the Disney special even though you didn't have the Disney channel at the time by flipping back and forth to the station to see split-second clips of the show -- for the entire hour.

17)You can't leave on any trip, even if it's only a day, without your BSB CDs.

18)When you found out you were stopping over at LAX on your way to Hawaii you were almost as happy as when you found out you were going to Hawaii.

19)You screamed so much at their concert that by the end your voice was higher than Mickey Mouse's -- even higher than Howie's lol.

20)You can recite the beginning and end of the "Backstreet's Back" video.

21)Because of this, you can't say or hear "How could this happen?!" without saying "...This is the second time the bus broke down! ... That ain't my fault. ..." and everytime you say "I'll be back" you HAVE to add "...Backstreet."

22)You wish their bus would break down in front of your house, even though you live on a really tiny *back street* (hehehe)

23)You visit Backstreet.net EVERYDAY

24)You visit other BSB sites even though 1: You're not supposed to use the web for BSB 2: You're supposed to be doing summer reading (hmmm...BSB or "King Lear"?... let me think...) and 3: Your stupid computer freezes half the time when you're on line.

25)When trying to decide why your jersey number (#1) is special, you settled on "'cause "Larger Than Life" is track #1, and I'm larger than life!".

26)When you're on vacation you put up a couple pics of the Boys in your hotel room or temporary bedroom, even though you'll only be there a few days.

27)You've turned several people into fans (ie parents, siblings (coughcoughmybrothercoughcough), neighbors, friends, etc.).

28)Your six-year-old neighbor's teacher has the same birthday as Brian, and your neighbor told her this -- because of you.

29)One of your best friends said something against them so you punched her in the arm and gave her a huge bruise from hitting her with your class ring.

30)Your best friend is an *N Stync fan and you call her to gloat when BSB beats them in your fav radio station's nightly countdown -- and vice versa.

31)You know more about the Boys than you do about yourself (ie time and place of birth, blood type).

32)You visit bsbband.com often even though Tommy never updates.

33)You talk to your pics of them. A lot.

34)Sometimes you forget you don't really know them.

35)You occasionally dress like them.

36)You're not ashamed to wear BSB apparel in public.

37)At least once you've been called "Backstreet Boys Girl" by someone who doesn't know you.

38)Your friends are in awe of your locker.

39)You very seriously considered having KTBPA engraved inside the band of your class ring and are now kicking yourself because you didn't do it.

40)You and your ten-year-old neighbor fight over Brian, even though you know he's way too old for her and you're a WAY bigger fan.

41)You're mad at said neighbor because she claims to hate Leighanne. (Like I said, YOU are a WAY bigger fan -- don't believe me? Read the Fanbit from July 9 "Keeping the Pride Alive...what it means to me".)

42)You listened to Millennium at least a hundred times in the first week (seriously).

43)You can't remember your life -- or your room -- before them.

44)You practically memorized the official book before you'd even had it a day.

45)You have at least 3 six-hour video tapes with TV appearances they've made (most from MTV)

46)You've watched/listened to the interviews you've recorded so many times that you're starting to talk like Nick.

47)On New Year's Eve '99-'00 you were glued to the TV waiting for the premiere of "Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely." Fireworks? What fireworks?

48)You have all the BSB merchandise you could afford (books, calendar, T-shirt, sheet music, hat, magazines...)

49)You own thirteen BSB CDs (including the one from Sears), including six import singles that cost you $13 or $14 each. (If you have more, that's even better.)

50)Your nickname, e-mail address, etc. has to do with BSB. (I'm the IDMBSG, which stands for Insanely Devoted Mad Backstreet Girl. Don't you think the name fits?)

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