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How tell how how BSB obessed you are

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1. You change your name to Leighanne, Mandy or Amanda, Kristin, or Claudia.(Their girlfriends names)

2. You dress like their girlfriends and pretend you go out with one of the Backstreet Boys.

3.You visit Orlando or Kentucky to try and track down your fav Backstreet Boy. (Howie!!)

4.You refuse to be friends with ANY NSUCK FANS.

5.You ALWAYS have to change the station or leave the room when an Nsuck song comes on the radio.

6.You've developed an obession with lepord print thanks to AJ's lepord print cowboy hat.

7.You only date guys with the Howie, Kevin, Brian, AJ/Alex, or Nick.

8. You move to Florida or Kentucky so you can be closer to your fav guy.

9.You choose you're career according to which one will bring you closer to the Backstreet Boys. (Look out Carson Daly, you're gonna have to fight for your job!!)

10. You wear a fake wedding ring and say you're married to a guy named AJ.

11.You turn you're radio up to the highest volume whenever a BSB song comes on.

12. You own a BSB purse.

13. You make a doll of your fav Backstreet Boy.

14.You meet a new friend by having something in common- you both think Howie(or any other BSB)is soooo sexy, then continue to talk about him in the middle of your marching band competition.

15. You get really upset and take it personally when someone doesn't like the Backstreet Boys.

10 ways to know that your obsessed with the Backstreet Boys not Nstink!

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1) You barf everytime you think of Nsuck.

2) You have BSB maccoroni and cheese every day.

3) You make voo doo dolls of Nsuck

4) You go to BSB chatrooms only.

5) You throw up if you don't listen to BSB's cd.

6) You make out with ur Aj McLean poster. (and other bsbs)

7) You wear a BSB shirt every day.

8) You tape all there apperances. (bsb's)

9) You want to litterally kill Nsync.

10) Cause Im just BSB.

Nicole's BSB Obsession List

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

  1. You consider it bad luck to stop a BSB song in the middle of it.

  2. You haven’t seen the walls of your room in a really long time because of all the BSB stuff.

  3. The man who owns the convenience store by your house knows you by name, and holds your magazines for you, just in case.

  4. You can be seen rummaging through the dumpsters behind record stores, trying to find promotional BSB stuff.

  5. You’ve visited Orlando specifically to see BSB sites. (Nick’s house, Howie’s school, etc.)

  6. You’ve been to 3 or more concerts.

  7. Your e-mail address is BSB-related.

  8. You watched "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely" at midnight on New Year’s Eve 1999, instead of the fireworks.

  9. You fainted when you saw the Rolling Stone cover.

  10. You have skipped school to do something BSB related.

  11. You have sung BSB songs in front of your entire school.

  12. You call every radio station, begging them to play the latest BSB songs.

  13. You count off the days until the next BSB event. (album release, concert, etc.)

  14. You sing "Happy Birthday" to each boy on his appropriate birthday.

  15. You took pictures at the concert, even though you were in the very last row of the Sky Dome.

  16. You start to scream/yell/cry when you find out you have tickets.

  17. You decide to hurt the Ticket Master people because there were 200 wristbands and your number was 201.

  18. You hate people who claim they’re "real" fans when they’re really not.

  19. You make your boyfriend shave his facial hair like any of the boys.

  20. You decided to get the exact same tattoos as A.J.

  21. You rent Edward Scissorhands or Cop and a Half, hoping to catch a glimpse of Nick or Howie.

  22. You harm people who show any dislike whatsoever towards the BSB.

  23. You start a fight with your best friend over who’s the biggest BSB fan…you win.

  24. You went to the concert 3 hours ahead of time…just in case.

  25. You’ve slept outside for anything dealing with the BSB. (concerts, appearances, etc.)

  26. You have pictures of the BSB in your wallet…after all, they’re just like family, right?

  27. You’ve turned your mom into a BSB fan.

  28. You run out and buy Davidoff Cool Water, or D&G, because one of the boys wears that cologne.

  29. You have tonnes of videotapes, documenting every TV appearance they’ve ever made.

  30. You’ve entered every contest possible to meet them…you still haven’t won.

  31. You’ve written "BSB RULE" on different pieces of furniture…not all of them were yours.

  32. You are envious of the dancers in their concerts.

  33. You have a BSB scrapbook.

  34. You named your dogs after the BSB dogs.

  35. When they win an award, you jump up and down screaming, and contact your closest friends, telling them the news.

  36. There’s a fridge magnet of them on your fridge.

  37. You’ve explained to your guy friends why you love the BSB soooooooo many times…their eyes glaze over, but you tell them anyways.

  38. You’re angry because you can only get a PULSE CD in the US.

  39. Your hard drive is so full of BSB pics that you can’t run any programs…except for the BSB screensaver of course.

  40. You dream about meeting them…every night.

  41. You’ve tried their last names with your first name.

  42. You own a pair of Backstreet boxers.

  43. You spend at least an hour a day thinking/dreaming/singing/listening/watching the BSB.

  44. You offered to pay the guy at the concert booth for extra bags, because they had SUCH good pictures on them.

  45. Your last boyfriend broke up with you because of your BSB obsession.

  46. If you met any of them, you swear that you would either go into hysterics, or drop dead of a heart attack.

  47. You have all their dance moves memorized.

  48. You know a BSB song in a language other than English.

  49. You make a sign for their concert. The security guards take it away because it’s too big.

  50. You can’t believe that at the concert, you breathed the same air as them.

Amanda's Obsessions

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1. Your brother is actually in a tape you make and send to TRL about BSB telling the Backstreet Boys to hurry up and meet my sister so she'll stop talking about them.

2. Your friends, family, and teachers refer to you as having the last name of your favorite boy.

3. You have 20 or more Backstreet sites on your favorite places...1 of which is yours!

4. At night before you fall asleep, you kiss your posters good night, and/or talk to them about your day.

5. At the end of concerts, you run down and pick up the confetti thats fallen...hey...the Backstreet Boys actually LOOKED at those pieces of confetti as they were falling!

6. You've sent in numerous tapes to TRL and MTV begging to meet BSB that now they know you by name and assume something's wrong if they don't recieve a monthly tape.

7. On a family trip to Orlando...you say "forget about Disneyworld!, I'm going to Ruskin!"

8. Whenever anything negative is said about the BSB, you feel you HAVE to jump in and stick up for the boys.

9. You have developed an eating obsession at McDonalds because of the guys.

More to come...it's really late right now, but I'll send lots more in tomorrow or sometime this week!

Rachel's Obsession List

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1. You feel guilty if you don't listen to teh whole song if it comes on the radio

2. You know how long every song is

3. You have more than 5 cd's of their's

4. You celebrate their birthdays

5. You've been to more concerts OUT of sate than IN state

6. You know EVERYTHING about your fave guy

7. Whenever you try NOT to talk about them, you don't have anything to say

8. You try to imagine your life without them and you see a dumb, pointless life. 9. You schedule your time around bsb appearances, concerts, etc.... 10. Your friends say that "obsessed" isn't the word

11. You went to a concert in KY just because you know kev and brian lived there

12. You can relate ANYTHING that ANYONE asys to at least one backstreet boy

13. Your filling out something like this

14. Your s/n has something to do with bsb

15. Your lucky number has something to do with them

16. Whenever you get online you find yourself on a backstreet page

17. All your teachers know you love backstreet

18. You've spent more money on them than they make a year

19. When you leave on vacation you have to tell your posters goodbye

20. You REALLY would do anything for them

21. You are seriously considering naming one of your kids after them

22. You have to do everything in fives cuz that's how many backstreet boys there are

23. You watched the enhanced cd for teh 1st time in a long time and thought it was funny when they said how old they were

24. Being able to recite quotes from them-all of the time

25. Stopping at number 25, cuz that's how old brian is.

Lilly´s Backstreet´s Really Crazy Obsession story

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

Ok, let me define mi “Backstreet Obbssesion” to you guys. Let´s see...where can I start? Well, the first time I ever saw them on TV was on a programme in Argentia called “La Movida del verano”...And at that time I only ever heard their songs but never ever even saw a pic or a video or anything. Anyway, when they all 5 came out on the stage I started immediatly crying like a new born child. I remember myself sitting at my couch holding my “Whinnie the Pooh” on one arm and a bowl of pop corn on my other hand....and then they started talking...and at the moment Brian said: “Como estan?”(in spanish)...I almost drop dead right on that spot...I just started crying non-finish, the moment I heard his sweet voice saying all those wonderful words and finishing with “Ti quiero mucho”(that is the way he said it)...Oh my god! He can´t do this to me...Afterwards they started singing accapela (remember it was the very first time I ever saw them), I was able to see that they have such so wonderful and undescriptible voices and then tears dropping all over again. They sang and dance and gave away all this energy they spread by only doing what they all do best, performing. Even my dad needed to leave the house because he wasn´t able to stand me screaming like a maniac for them.

And since that day on my BRCO (Backstreet Really Crazy Obbssesion) started. So, I first sarted by buying video cassetes to record every single thing of the guys that was shown on TV and till this day I already have....21 full length videos full, but I mean full with only Backstreet presentations, on awards shows, TV programmes, interviews, videos...etc...all you ever saw of them I all got it recorded and separated by categories and each one with a lable that describes what each one have in...

Apart from that I also have...well of course I have their 3 and unique Albums....but also I have all their almost 16 singles...and get this...To buy some of them I even used some money I had for an english exam, which I did not do it cause I bought all the singles I could afford with that money...and the rest of them I bought them with money from my school meals and also from money I saved...Wow! now that I´m writing this down I can see that I´m really crazy. Oh, I also have every book about them from all around the world and of course every home video ever saled.

Moreover, You guys have to see my room...I don´t even remember the color of my walls...I have 625 posters hanged all over it, on the walls, cupboards, and even the celling...each one perfectly posed on the wall....and there is a wall that is a side from my bed that I change every month with all new pics I get and there is also a “Brian Special Wall”... Well, let´s don´t forget about the mags...that I can´t even count...I have them all in separated envelopes according to their cattegory...and they occupy even the space I need for my school books...that I actually have them under my bed...

Never the less...you have to see my phone bill..oh my god! I don´t know how much time I actually spend on the internet surfing on every single web-page about them taking pics, info, etc. My computer hard-drive is almost fulled cause of all the pics I got recorded.

Oh well, can´t forget to tell everytime I see them on tv...I just can´t help it and start crying...but they are tears of happiness...because I just love them with all my heart. I know every answer they ever made on any programme by heart for all the times I actually watched all I have recorded.

On School everyone know me as the “Backstreet Girl”..I even think some people don´t even know my real name....my friends call me “Bri”....and my dog is named Lil´ Tyke.

Last but not least, I know every detail about them...I even know their blood type...hour they where born (actually about this one I only know Brian´s), anyway just about everything there is to know about them I know. I am even writing a book with all I know and as ever known. Oh, I almost forgot, I got into a huge fight with a girl once cause she was dissing on the guys...so, believe when I say that she will never even mention their names infront of me again.

I want to add that I never, but I say never was able to see them live...I never went on a concert cause I did not have the opportunity...but I still have hopes they will be back on south america some day to a place I can afford so I will have the chance to even see them once live..breathe their same air..sing with them, hold some of their hands or look at some of them eyes...And you guys who ever went to a concert I have to say that you are very lucky and I hope you enjoyed that time as never before cause it is a truly once in a time experience.Isn´t it?

So, there you go peeps....you wanted to know what an obbssesive fan is...is just like me..or even worse...I know there are worse than me out there.....And of course you can think I´m totally out of my mind...but this is my life and I love it....I love being obbssesive with the BSB... they are part of my life and as far as I can see, they will always be, or even for a long long time.

Andrea'z Obsession List

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1. A.J.'z Eyes

2. A.J.'z Ears

3. A.J.'z back

4. A.J.'z smile

5. A.J.'z fashion sense

6. A.J.'z Tattoos

7. A.J.'z VOICE!!!!

8. His dance moves

9. Just everything about him in General

Kelsey's Obsession List

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1. Nick'z eyes

2. Their smiles

3. Their style

4. Their voices

5. Nick Carter


BSB 101: The College Years

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

Well, here are things I've done or said that must be sure signs of obsession....here we go!

1.You design christmas cards for all your friends with pics of you and your fav bsb guy.

2.You have pics of the guys in frames in your room as if they were actually freinds or family.

3. You and your friends sing them happy birthday at lunch in the cafeteria

4. You have taught your little cousins the dances from the videos and recorded it in hopes of scoring meet n' greets.

5.You no longer remember what your room looked like before BSB came along.

6. The vice principal at your school ruitinely asks if you attended their last concert

7. Your whole family have become die hard fans... half of their cd collection now revolves around Backstreet

8. Your speak with you family at dinner tiem about tyhe Boys, as if they were actual friends.

9. You actuallly order from those concert offers that they hand out at the concerts and then frame the pics

10.You purchase every single off the Millenium, despite the fact that you already have the album.

11.You have every tv apperance recorded, and get genuinely upset when you miss an appearance/

12. You lose all your dignity and self respect while beggging security to let you in the meet n greets

13. You've engaged in several arguments when people disrespect them or insult them. As if they were going to change theoir minds anyway.

14. You become nostalgic when you hera QPGWMH or ALAYLM.

15. You've crushed on atleast two of the Boys\

16. You've written complaint letters to magazines when they depict BSB fans as "teeny boppers"

17. You've thoroughly lokked through the new official book...three times

18. You've often wondered what kind of students the guys were throughout high school...I wonder what were their SAT scores?

19. You'll probably meet all their family memebers and girfriends before meeting BSB

20. You're upset they never toured your high school back in '95.

21.You lost count of all the times you've watched their videos.

22.There is an 8x10 glossy pic of your fav boy on your night table

23.You framed your first row ticket to their concert and the tour program

24. You've reserved the Rolling Stone issue ahead of time

25. Your family had to slowly break the news to you about Kevin's marriage and Brian's engagement

26. You've looked in the background of certain pics to find their women.

27. You'be begun to like leopard print because of AJ.

28. You write down all their tv apperances on your calendar

29. You cling to the hope that you'll meet the guys one day even if they're 40+ years old.

30. You've actually hoped their tour bus would break down in front of your house

31. You've followed their bus after concerts

32. Your friends have given you BSB tour mercahndise as gifts

33. Every time you stay in Orlando you think its cool cause you're visiting their hometown.

34. You get anxoius every time they come to town cause you hope you get great tickets.

35. You've fought with your best friend beacuse she likes NSYNC more.

36. You spend your summer visiting your friends house to watch BSB stuff together

37. You dream of the guys way too often

38. Your aunt dreams of them too... what can I say it's rubbed off.

39. You wish the dj at the party you're at would for once play a BSB song

40. You've entered BSB contests so many times that your mom helps you fill out entries

41. The other girls at your summer job already know you're a huge Backstreet fan

42. Your room begins to look like a BSB museum

43. You filled your school agenda with pics you've cut out of magazines

44. You would actually pay $3.99 and more for Bop, Tiger Beat, Big Bopper, etc. Sorrry but they really rip us off for their crappy magazines with old info. and oics

45. You've memorized quoted they've said in their videos

46. You listen to RADIO disney in hopes of hearing more BSB.

47. You've wished they would release BSB dolls to buy.

48. You're shopping with friends and you spot something that a Boy would love to wear and tell your firends about it

49. You have a BSB screen saver and a BSB wallpaper for your computer.

50. You take the time to really really answer BSB surveys and quizzes like this. Just kidding, this was a cool idea.

Kristine's Obssession Lists

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1. You know when a BSB song will be on the radio.

2. You scream at the tv when the boys didn't win an award.

3. You are starting to see BSB look alikes in your school.... I know I do.

4. You spent 3 hours or more sitting outside ticketmaster just to get their tickets.

5. You request their songs on the radio.

6. You own a BSB related website.

7. You have penpals from other countries that are BSB fans.

8. You spent your whole month allowance to buy their cds, videos, magazines.

9. You buy their magazines, even though their is just a small picture of them.

10. You check BSB site everyday to see the latest news.

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