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You know you're a BSB psychopath when....

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1) you have to play a bsb cd or single to fall asleep at night. 2) you pretend that they girl bsb is singing about in their songs is you

3) you leave your computer of just so that your bsb screensaver will show

4) the bsb fanlmail address is the first in your address book and it's title is my baby daddy's address

5) when you write in your diary, you address it dear backstreet book

6) when the news paper headline reads crazed fan rapes backstreet boy

7) you wanna print out a pic of their gf's just to pretend your beating them up

8) you cried when you heard kevin was married

9) ( if you are sexually active) when you make love to your bf you scream out Oh aj, brian, howie, kevin or nick and he dosen't care

10) you blast a bsb cd when nsync is on tv to drown them out cuz your lil sister loves nsync and you don't

11) you tape every word of bsb when they are on tv and go mad if you miss 5 minutes

12) you had to buy an extra memory block for your computer because the memory that came with the pc is filled with so much bsb stuff that if it where human, ir would burp everybody backstreet's back

13) you wrote a poem for a bsb in hopes of giving it to them personally one day

14) when you have to write a letter an imaginary friend for homework, you head it dear aj, brian, howie, kevin or nick

15)you want to leagally change your name to Alexix Jane so people would have to call you Aj

16) you would kill to own a piece of bsb clothing

17) your school books are filled with so much bsb that there is no room for schoolwork

18) bsb pics are your new wallpaper

19) your stuffed animals are named after bsb and their nicknames eg. You have a teddy bear named Bone

20) ( if you don't have a fave bsb) monday - friday is dedicated to a bsb and on sat&sun you pick one at random

TaYlOr'S BsB LiSt

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1. you get up every morning at sunrise to kiss all 1724 bsb posters on your wall

2. all you wear are bsb shirts, there your whole wardrobe

3. you own 12 copies af millenium one for each cd player in the house, and for the cars

4. you buy every bsb single there is

5. you cried your eyes out when you found out that brian and kevin were engaed


6. you scream everytime an nstink son is on the radio

7. you've wrote hate letters to carson daily every day bsb wasn't number one

8. you get a subscription to every teeny bopper magazine there is so you are gaurentted that bsb will be in one of them

9. you put up a fight with anyone that says nick carter is there's, or that they are married to aj

10. you went to the record store the day nstink's cd came out and distroed all of them so they couldnt brake bsb's record

11. you own every bsb thing possible including all the sets of photo cards

12. you go to orlando and go to all the places where bsb might hang out (malls, b-ball courts)...

13. youu have went to every neighborhood boardering the tampa canal in ruskin, serching for nick carters house

14. you go to every publix store in ruskin, kissime, orlando and all the other places, hoping someone will have any info on bsb

15. you go into chat rooms and fight with all the people that say brian is theres

16. you don't even no what color your walls are, and you have started over lapping posters

17. you have a plan on how to kill nsync

18. you buy all the cds that bsb likes so you can be more like them

19. you no every dance move to every bsb song and practice in your room, and pretend that you are a dancer for them in there concert

20. you sign your name mrs. dorough

21. no more about then then you do about your bff

22. you only date boys who names are: kevin, brian, howie, nick, aj, or alex

23.you carve bsb 4 eva in your desk at school and have written it in every bathroom stall

24.you call up every radio station in your area threatning them if they don't play bsb

25. you go to mcdonalds before every concert that you go to and peep into every limo hoping for a glance at the bsb

26. you oen one or more of the following cars: bmw, expedition, corvette, 4runner, durango, or a prowler (extra points if you don't drive the prowler)

27. your mom is in love with bsb too

28. you eat mac and cheese every day (even if you don't like it) so you can be more like brian

29. you like aaron carter because he is like a miniature nick

30. you named your new puppie after a bsb

31. you own all the movies that a bsb was in

32. you even watched my girl in slow motion hoping to get a glimpse of kevin

33. you hold a b-day party for them on their b-day

34. you dumped all your friends because they are nstink fans

35. you took pictures at the concert even though you were in last row, and you say the little tiny ant down bellow is kevin

36. you dyed you little brothers hair blonde while he was sleeping so he could look like nick

Your Obsessed when.....

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1. you tell everyone how much you LOVE the BSB

2. all your friends call you by the name of your Fav BSB

3. you have converted most of your family in to BSB fans

4. your main objective in life is to meet them

5. your state of mind is BSB

6. if you dont get BSB tickets you cry...

7. and if you get them you cry even harder

8. You are willing to live in a porta-potty for a week to have backstage passes

9. You are would die for any of the BSB

10. Your parnets take you to see a specialist about your so caled"unhealthy Obsession"

11. You convert Nsync fans to take the correct path in the Music World.....BSB!!

12. Your religion revolves around the BSB

13. You can remember everthing they say from all their BIG interviews..and the small ones too

14. you tell your parnets you want to paint your room so it brings out the color of the boys' eyes in all of the posters in your room

15. You will NOT accept any gift unless it had sonething to do with the BSB

16. You pay your parents to let you use more space in the house to put up your posters

Am I obsessed with BSB?(or any other group)

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1. You argue with your best friend over which song is their best.

2. You go to any and every concert of theirs that you can.

3. You sleep outside, possibly in a very unsafe neighborhood, just to keep a place in line to get concert tickets.

4. You wander aimlessly in your town/cities most frequented places on dates they are in your town/city, hoping to catch a glimpse of them out shopping or doing some other activity.

5. You buy a Kentucky hat, Just like Brians!

6. You write fan-fic about them, and make yourself, and your friends the main characters, who they, surprise-surprise, fall in love with!

7. You spend the majority of your time on the net, looking up sites and pics and info on them.

8. You argue with your best friend over which ones you "get" ;)*wink, wink*

9. You buy the CD's that you hear they like and listen to, just cause they listen to them.

10. You save your money all year, just in case they come to your town for a concert, that way you can go through a broker to buy tickets.

11. You spent forever reading every word of their jacket covers(including decoding Nicks message).

12. You go to more than one store looking for any of their foreign CD's and try to buy all of them, even though many have the same songs on them.

13. You make a website dedicated to them.

14. You get your other friends to like them!

15. Your GRANDMOTHER knows who they are, including their vital stats cause you talk about them so much.

16. You tape every thing on them, including their videos, so you can watch them whenever you want.

17. You celebrate TRL premeir and retirement dates of their videos.

18. You cry everytime you think about them breaking up.

19. You laugh when people try to compare them to other bands ( like NKOTB)

20. You try to go Blonde(or any other color) cause you heard that one of them likes that hair color on girls.

21. You send numerous e-cards of them to your friends, instead of just plain email.

22. You spend all your time listening to their cd's and even have a special place in your CD case for all the CD's of theirs that you own.

23. You compare all other bands to them.

24. You can answer just about any question anyone has about them, in less than a minute.

25. You play quizes just to find out how much you know about them, and then end up learning even more!

26. You write letters to them, via email, snail mail etc.

27. You play hookey from school or work to sit at home on your computer when they come onto yahoo, or another chat line for a chat session.

28. You make a day event of things, when you have tickets to their concert.

29. You redecorate your entire room/wardrobe/etc. to the color of your fave member.

30. You make lists on how obsessed you are with them.

Are You Obsessed With Nick?

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1. You have more then two walls with only Nick pictures.

2. When you get you pics back from the concert there all of Nick! (Most of them of him on the ladder!!)

3. You can't see your color of your locker cause it's covered with Nick pics.

4. You leave "I Need You Tonight" on all night to fall asleep to.

5. All your favorites on your computer have something like 'The Ultimate Nick Website'.

6. You buy every jersey he's worn. (No matter what team it is)

7. You read Nick's thanks yous in every cd, everyday!

8. All your friends call you chaos.

9. Your friend that's not even a bsb fan knows everything about Nick.

10. Your best friend calls you Frack and she's Frick.

11. You have so many waves of Nick saying quotes from everywhere possible on your computer.

12. You computer wallpaper is a picture of Nick.

13. Your computer sounds when you log off and on is of Nick.

14. Your answer machine is nick singing or him saying something cute.

15. You kiss a picture of him everynight, before bed.

16. You leave the radio on all day waiting for a bsb song to come on so you can hear Nick's voice.

17. You come to backstreet.net to read the nick romance stories! (hehe)

18. You REALLY (i mean seriously) think your going to marry him and you tell people that and laugh you get mad and don't talk to them!

19. You don't like mandy cause she's dating nick (no matter if she's nice! she's really not though! lol)

20. You want to kick the sh*t out of Mandy, cause you know they live together.

21. when you order a hat for softball you make them write carter on the back (i did that!!! :)

22. Your friends don't want to talk to you anymore, cause all you talk about is Nick.

23. Your aol or im profile is all about Nick.

24. Your sn is something like luvnickcarterbsb (hehe that's mine, you can im me!)

25. Skip school to go to trl when their there to see a glimse of nick (did that :)

26. You buy all the beenie babies Nick has.

27. You buy all the baseball caps Nick has.

28. You name your pets after Nick.

29. On every school paper you write 'you name carter'.

30. And last, but not least you took the time to read this list!

Lisette's Obsession List

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1. You listen to at least 5 songs of the Bsb all day.

2. You have more then 500 pics saved on your computer just based on them.

3.Your walls are all covered you can't even tell the color of your walls.

4.You have millions of appearances of them on video tapes.

5.You have every single import,album,and single,home videos they have ever made.

6.You have more then 300 websites of them in your favorite places.

7.Your napster program only has Backstreet songs.

8.You would do anything to go to a concert,backstage pass,or concert tickets.

9. You try to searh for their addresses and #'s.

10. You take long trips just to see one in concert.

11.You write letters to their fanclub every month.

12.You have every single lyrics of each of their songs in your head.

13. You have pictures framed all over your room with just their pictures.

14. Your desktop theme is a picture of the bsb,especially your screen savers.

15. You can't say any sentence without mentioning the BSB in it.

16. You dream of them almost every night,

17. You cry whenever you see AJ having a tear in his eye in the SMTMOBL video.

18. You buy their favorite perfumes.

19. You go to Orlando and go searching to see if you encounter one of them (hehehe that's me)

20.You cry if you see them look at another girl.

21. You think of them 24/7

22. Your parents come to a point where they think you are crazy and they want to send you to a phychiatrist because of the obsession (yup that once happened to me)

23.You buy teen bop magazines just to see their picture!

24. When your at school,you scribble their names on your tests,quizes,classwork,and homework,because you cant stop thinking about them.

25. You think your world is just based on the backstreet boys and thats all.

26. You cry or go insane if one makes eye contact with oyu in concerts.

27. You think about meeting them all the time that you already see it in your dreams (that's me)*!

28. You dream of marrying Nick,howie,brian,kevin or aj that your love grows everytime you think of it.

29. You cried your eyes out when you found out one got married (not me,but i know some people did)

30.you make sure your the first one in line to buy their cd,concert tickets,etc.

31. You cant live a day without reading their latest news,seeing their pictures,or listening to a song of theirs.

okay i have more but i dont think i will finish! if any of you bsb fanatic freaks have anything in common with me and my obsession crazes email me! i would love to chat with bsb fans!!!!!!!!! much love,hugs,cookies,howie d,and backstreet,

HowiesGirl4Life- a.k.a. Lizzy Dorough!

Thirty-something Signs that You're Obsessed

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1) Your walls are currently covered in 500+ pictures, and that number keeps growing daily.

2) Your CD player doesn't know how to play anything other than BSB CDs.

3) You own BSB CDs in languages other than English just because they looked so hot on the cover.

4) You paid $700 for two second-row seats to see the Into the Millennium tour.

5) After the '99 American tour, you drove three hours just to see them again in 2000...who could go an entire year without a concert?? :-)

6) You've memorized all of the choreography to every song they've sung in concert.

7) Thanks to you, all of your friends can now dance to "Everybody"...who could let them go through life without this priviledge?

8) You've memorized all of the "thank you's" inside their CDs.

9) You've flown halfway around the world to see them in concert.

10) Your license plates are BSB-related.

11) Not only do you know their birthdays and time of birth, but you know the name of the hospitals where they were born, too.

12) You name a pet after one or all of them...isn't McLean an awesome name for a dog??

13) You haven't played the piano in years, yet you went back and learned every song on Millennium anyway.

14) You figured out the hidden message in Nick's "thank you" on your own.

15) Instead of doing your homework, you write fan fiction instead...tons and tons of fan fiction.

16) You know their blood types.

17) You've worn out tapes watching their old interviews and concerts over and over.

18) You wake up at 7:00am on a Saturday to watch a rerun of an mtv appearance even though you've already seen it and not to mention that you're recording it anyway.

19) You just bought the official book and you have every caption to every picture memorized already.

20) You schedule family vacations to Florida around whether the Boys will be in town or not even though you know you won't see them.

21) You cried at one of their concerts when you realized that they were in the same room as you AND breathing the same air.

22) You know every detail of every Boy's biography.

23) You know that they are a vocal group, not a boy band.

24) You cringe when you hear someone call them a boy band or compare them to 'N Sync.

25) Your wedding to your favorite guy is already totally planned and the hotel room in paradise for your honeymoon is already booked.

26) You brought 3 cameras to their last concert; one in case one got taken away, and one in case the other broke.

27) You know that BSB have been around since 1993...

28) And that "We've Got It Goin' On" was their first single...not "As Long as You Love Me"

29) You've braved NYC traffic jams just to go to see the street that is named after them.

30) Your friends actually hang up on you because the BSB are the only thing you ever talk about...I mean, who doesn't want to know AJ's lastest hair style or tattoo??

31) Your boyfriend broke up with you because you wouldn't stop comparing him to your favorite Boy.

32) Sunglasses and silver rings are your favorite accessories thanks to AJ.

33) You know every irrelevant, minute piece of BSB trivia that there is to know.

34) You visit backstreet.net every day, usually more than once, because you never know when important news will come along.

35) The 2 minutes you spent engaged in an actual conversation with one of the Boys are the happiest two minutes of your life.

36) Nick blew you a kiss at a concert and you nearly went into cardiac arrest.

37) One word: 'NSTYNK

BSBkrazy's U R Obsessed If......

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1. You have tried to call the boys or their parents

2. U have forgotten what color your walls are cuz u have pics covering them

3. U have turned a family member of friend into somewhat of a fan

4. U have tried to e-mail any of the boys

5. U have bugged your radio station to play a BSB song that hasn't been played in a while

6. U taped everything that has the BSB mentioned

7. U have more than 3 BSB shirts

8. U have tried to get someone's autograph because they looked like one of the boys

9. U have a BSB related e mail and screen name

10. U have EVERY piece of BSB merchandise

Angela's Bsb Obsession list

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

You know your obssessed with bsb when:

1. You looked up the word lonely in the dictionary just so you would know the meaning of it.

2. IWITW makes PERFECT sense to you.

3. You were upset when you didn't receive an invitation to Kevin's Wedding.

4. Whle visiting in georgia, you made a point of going to the local KMART where Brian was (guilty)

5. You forget what colour the walls of your room are.

6. You thought that the June picture of Brian in the bsb calendar was actually cute

8. At their concert you hyperventilated just because you were breathing the same air.

9. You know for a FACT that there are no Litrells in the phone book, but there is 149 Carters

10. You actually called up the Carter N. in the phone book, just to hear the guys voice.

Sarah's Obsession List

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1. You watch an appearance they made on tv and you try and talk like them or say stuff they said that sounded cool.

2. You now love elton john because the boys sang with him at the grammys.

3. When you insist one of them are gunna marry you when you get older.

4. When you start to give people pease signs cause Howie does it.

5. When you wish your vains would pop out on your neck like aj's do when he sings.

6. When you just finished watching one of their videos on tap and you start to watch t.v and the same video comes on and you still have to watch it and still excited.

7. When you write "Backstreet Boys rule" on your desk at school and get everyone to look at it.

8. When you make your 19 year old brother watch the boys on tv and drill him about them.

9. When you dont listen to anything but Backstreet Boys.

10. No one asks what your listening to cause they know its always the Backstreet Boys or nuthing

11. When you wish you could look in their tour bus.

12. You addmitt that your obsessed with them.

13. You go to everyhome site that people made for them.

14 you here that at a concert aj humped the stage and you buy the video and look for pic on the internet

15. When everything you talk about with your friends relate back to the boys.

16. When you see a really hot guy and you compare him with the Backstreet Boys and the Backstreet Boys always win over the hot guy no matter what.

17. When you buy millenium cd's so that you can give the cd's a rest after awhile so you alternate millenium cd's to give the boys a rest.

18. When you listen to them sing and you think they are singing to you.

19. When you imagin your really shopping with them when you watch the clip of them shopping in new york.

20. When you see a garage sale you make your mom pull over and look from the car at the stuff to make sure there has nuthin with Backstreet Boys on it

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