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you have gone to far

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1.you cannt go more than 1 minute without talking about them

2.your friends tell you to shut up before you open your mouth knowing it is about bsb.

3.on you hamburger you spell aj with ketchup

4.you have over 1000 pics of them

5.you parents have started to call you Mrs.Littrell

6.your teacher fears to ask you what you learned over the weekend knowing it has to do with bsb

7.you can write the lyrics to a rare bsb song

8.you record everything about them even if it is a second or less

9.you have renamed your pets to bone,frack,frick,trian or sweet d

10.everyone knows you at school becuz you talk nonstop bout bsb

11.all over your school work it says bsb with no name on it and the teacher knows its your

12.you have made well over 100 webpages on them

13.your family answering mechine has something to do with them

14.you are or have a tattoo of them somewhere down south

15.you buy everything having to do with them.

Do you REALLY love BSB???

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

Hey yo here's my list!! Most of these have 2 do with Brian, but you could probably replace his name with ur fave guy!

1. When your aunt and uncle were asking you what they should name their new kid, your response was "Brian".

2. You were amazed that they actually listened to you!!

3. Your teachers all know about your obsession and become fans themselves

4. You throw your shoe (or whatever else might be handy) at the TV when they aren't number one on TRL

5. You burned your pictures of Carson Daly that day you threw the shoe (sorry--I couldn't control myself!!)

6. You insist on only dating the guys that look EXACTLY like Brian.

7. You know his blood type, but not your own (who would care about mine??)

8. When they had the concert, you waited outside the arena in 5 degree SNOWING FRIGGEN HARD weather because you couldn't get tickets.

9. If you can say a sentance without the word "Brian" in it, your friends think you are ill

10. You insist on ripping every picture of Justin Timberlake that you see into tiny little pieces and then burning them.

11. The date of the *NSYNC concert you made sure to be out of state WAIT!! out of country.

12. You gave someone fifteen bucks to take the "No Strings Attached" cd that your grandmother gave you.

13. You got grounded for a month when you drew devil horns on your cousin's *NSYNC poster.

14. When your teacher said "Has anyone ever heard the phrase 'Larger Than Life' before" you immediatly give her the lyrics to the song that you just happen to have in your binder and give her one of the 28 copies of the cd and FORCE her to play it on her boom box.

15. You did the same thing when she said "kept you in the dark"

16. Your email/screen name have something to do with them.

17. On March 21, you stayed locked in your basement all day and when your mom asked what was wrong, you go and hide in the woods.

18. You immediatly burn anyhting that says "no strings attached on it.

Not obsessed...dedicated

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

ok yall all i gotta say is you know that you dedicated when you watch a 2 and a half hour horror movie that has aj in it when he was like 7 and its really badly done and there is way too much blood and people use cork screws to take their eyeballs out and instead of fast forwarding you watch the whoooole thing not closing your eyes once to make sure you dont miss him

You Know You Are An Obsessed Nick Carter Fan When.....

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

You Know Your a Obsessed Nick Carter Fan When....

...you know all of their songs by heart.

...you know there dance from a video.

...you know when Nick's birthday is.

...you know whats Nick's favorite food.

...you know what size shoe Nick wear.

...you know Nick's height.

...you know when Nick break up with their girlfirend only hours later.

...you know what number each song is on their CD.

...you know what size clothes Nick wear.

...you know if Nick wear boxers or briefs.

...you know what cologne Nick wears.

...you have +3 disks of pictures just of Nick.

...you have +5 tapes full of BSB apperences and preformances.

...you people call you (your name) Carter.

...your screen name is a nickname of Nick (Frack, chaos, Nicky...).

...you know who Nick has dated and for how long.

...you know Nick's quotes by heart.

...you know Nick's pick-up lines.

...you know what cars Nick has (color and year).

...you know all of Nick's pets and the ones who have died :(

...you know all of Nick's family members.

...you have read THE HEART AND SOUL OF NICK CARTER over 5 times.

...you have over 200 posters of JUST Nick.

...you have over 500 poster of BSB.

...you know Nick's ring size.

...you know what tattoos Nick has.

...you know Nick's screen name.

...your favorite song is I NEED YOU TONIGHT.

...you have send TONS of fan mail to him with your phone number.

...you spend all of you time on the net looking for pictures you don't have of Nick.

...you download mp3's of songs you already have on a CD.

...you buy singles evern though its on the CD.

...you have you locker plastered with Nick pics.

...your converstion on the phone is just about Nick.

...you have seen Nick TV (on www.backstreetboys.com) more than 5 times.

...you have played their CD more than 200 times but yet don't get sick of it.

...you know Nick's favorite N64 games.

...you how many days it it till Nick's birthday.

...you how old he is to the day.

...your background on your computer is Nick.

...your screen saver is Nick.

...you paid over $250 for 15th row tix to their concert.

...you own all of their videos (Like All Access, A Night out with the Backstreet Boys....)

...you taped all of their videos and have them taped more than once.

...you vote +20 times for them on TRL every day.

...you request your favorite radio station to play them at least five times a day (thats if you can get throgh).

...your family thinks you need to seek help.

...your Christmas or birthday list consists of BSB stuff, and Nick Carter.

...you get on AOL and you have mail..insted of YOU HAVE MAIL it says HEY BABY..YOU'VE GOT MAIL in Nick's voice.

...you spend all day looking at Nick Carter sites and Fan Fiction.

...your parents, friends, and family thinks you are so obsessed they are thinking about sending you at a psychologist for it.

...your screen name is NicksPerfectFan ( feel free to IM me!) because you consider your self that.

...you have tons of pictures of just Nick's ass...hehe!

...you would do anything to meet him.

...you dream about him all this time

...your note ok is full of you writing Nick's name.

...your life long dream is to meet them

...you tell everyone Nick and you are getting amrried but you have not set the date yet.

...on your papers you write **your name** Carter and hand it in.

...you have tha BSB game

...you read things like this to make sure that your are not alone.

...EMAIL ME @ WannaFrickFrack@mtv.com

BSB Obsesion

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1. If anybody or anything even implies the least possibility of not liking or dissing BSB, they get their face rearranged.

2. If somebody openly, but quietly says anything bad about BSB, you meet them after school for a haircut and a dentist's appointment.

3. If somebody openly says that they hate anything to do with BSB, or insult them, they get hurled across the room, into a telephone pole outside.

4. When you walk, paranoid, in the halls, listening to everybody's conversation, listening for a B, S, B, Nick, Brian, Howie, Kevin, AJ, contest, energy, won, etc. people shut up and stare at you with frightened eyes.

5. If anybody hates Nick, you make their life as miserable as you possibly can - put centipides in their shoes, other lifeforms in their lockers, steal their homework before the major test, etc, until they give in.

Top 10 signs you've gone bilistic over bsb!!!!!

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

~10~ they are your fave. band

~9~ your fave boy's name is tatooed across your forehead

~8~ if someone looks remotely close to one of the boys' u scream there name

~7~ U adopted 5 boy pets just to name them Nick, Howie, AJ, Hevin, and Brian

~6~ u spend all ur money on stamps just so u can write them

~5~ You would skip studying for the SAT's just to watch them on TRL!

~4~ if the bsb are on tv, all of the tvs are tuned in just so u don't miss a thing!

~3~ U dream up wild fantisies about them

~2~ U would go as far as taking off your shirt with "ur so fine" written on ur boobs

~1~ u get a weird feeling in ur stomache when u see them

My top 5 funny ways to tell your obsessed with BSB

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

5. You don't leave the house without blowing a kiss to each one of your posters, for fearing you might get ran over by a 51 bus.

4. you tell your parents to anly buy "AJAX" dishwashing liquid and peel off the "AX" when they g et it home.

3. you have at least 15 daydreams about your fave or all of them on the ride to school.

2. you name your son Nicholas Alexander Howard Brian Kevin so-and-so.

and my number 1 top five ways to tell your obsessed with BSB: you name your daughter Nicholas

Alexander Howard Brian Kevin so-and-so

Obsession or Craziness?!

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

I have an obsession with cutting out every single little picture of BSB from all of my magazines. I start fights with N*sync fans b/c we all know BSB is better. Everytime I shop I buy @ least 3 things that involve BSB. The Manager at MusicLand knows me as the lil BSB girl b/c I come in and reserve cds or singles every month. I listen to a BSB cd while I sleep b/c if I don't I won't get a good sleep. If I wake up and don't see a pic of Nick my day already sux! All of my stuff animals have names that relate to the boys. I keep all my BSB pictures in order from when I got them. I bought the 1st album 3 times b/c I loved it soo much! I even had their heads on my birthday cake, yes I'm crazy!


Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

10.U cry until ur eyes swell up coz u missed aj on the golf event on vh1

9.U have more aj posters on ur wall than any other bsb member

8.U buy the homecoming concert in orlando just to see aj hump the floor because they dont show it on the foxfamily version that u recorded)

7.U love aj so much u start wearin baggy clothes just like him

6.U buy the "quit playin games (with my heart) single just because it has aj's solo song "lay down beside me" on it

5.U rewind the part on the homecoming concert where aj humps the floor more than 20 times

4.U write I love aj all over ur school notebooks more than 50 times

3.Ur planning on what ur I love aj tattoo will look like

2.U have a section on ur wall with nothin but aj posters

1.The #1 fact that ur obsessed with aj is when u take a needle and write I love aj or I love bsb so far in ur arm it turns red and welps up on ur arm where every1 can notice it at school

obssession is

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

-Wanting to play the BSB board game so much u force your dad to play, and he beats you!!

-Everytime someone puts down BSB in the same room as you they end up apologizing as soon as they see you are there.

-Your teacher asks you the day of the BSB concert if you are going, if you heard the lastest news, or if you saw that tv special.

-Seeing a Two year old clip, that lasts five minutes, make you freak out

-you slip on a poaster,tearing it:(, and twist your ankle painfully and end up worrying about the poaster

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