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Things That Prove you are obsessed

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1. Instead of going to bed like a normal civilized person ,you stay up until 3:56 A.M to get a 4 minute appearance they made on tape.

2. You vote for them every day for TRL.

3. Your local D.J of yur favorite radio station knows you by first name because you call him/her all the time to yell at him/her for not playing BSB....who cares if it's a rap station?

4.You are a bsb shipper.

5.You know what a shipper is.

6.You buy the CD AND the cassete...just incase!

You have over 5 scrapbooks of the boys containing over 500 pictures apiece.

7. You check backstreet.net every day to see if any new pictures have been added.

8. You have your own list of obsessions.

9. You are planning a roadtrip to Florida to find A.J's house because on MTV Cribs they didn't bleep out his house number! Muahahaha!

10.You stalked down their body-gaurds's ex-girlfriend's brother's kinderarten teacher's landscaper to see if he knows where Kevin and Kristin live. Hey, it could happen!

11. You loathe people that hate the Backstreet Boys.

12. Back when everyone thought that Nick was fat (Which for the dern record, he isn't!) you cried, then held a protest AND petition online.

13. You have donated of 40$ to their charities.

14. You waited in line for two days in rain, sleet, freezing cold, on the cement outside of a lame Kaufman's with a six pack of mountain dews and 2 McDonald's cheeseburgers and a cheap plastic tent and a lawn chair for 2 next to last row seats.

15.And after that amazing concert, you get your bazillion pictures developed and they turn out like shiznit and you still frame them.

16. You dedicate songs on the radio to them.

17. You hold them birthday parties even though they're not there.

19. You buy all the import Cds from Europe and Canada, even though they cost almost thiry apiece.

20. You had a dream about dying A.J's hair.

21. You move to Europe for a fourty minute concert they're doing.

22.You HAVE to get the new set of posters, or, or you'll just DIE....

23. You can tell their voices apart on an interviw CD.

24. Macaroni and cheese is *suddenly* your favorite food.

25. You can say the lines from "All Acces" before the guys say it.

26. Anything A.J says is automatically either hilarious or completely genius.

27. You are willing to run down the street naked for BSB tickets...in Manhatten in January!

28. You've tried to draw them, and it takes you forever because you can't get their perfect faces down right!

29.You're still reading this list.

30. You took pictures of their tourbus, even though the windoes are opauque.

31.You know where they are right at this very moment.

32.If you've answered yes to more than 25 of these questions so far.

33. You subsribe to more than 5 Backstreet newsletters.

34. When you met Jane Carter you called her your inlaw....

35. Your screenname has something to do with them.

36. You sent Brian cards when he had surgery.

37. You entered 35 times to win a cruise with Howie D.

38. You stole the street sign "Back St." a block away.

39. Each day you continually talk about how great you think Kevin is.

40. Your little brother goes around the house singing "I Want It That Way" and saying things like "I am the Breakfast Burrito Man" and "Norway is in Sweden".

41. You have a Nick Screensaver.

42. When you went to see Aaron Carter in concert you held up a sign that said "I want to marry your brother".

43. You stole the flowers from Brian's house, and you keep them in a plastic baggie.

44.You write BSB fanfiction.

45. You read Backstreet Boys fanfiction.

46. The only reason you subscribe to eBay is to buy BSB merchandise.

47. You have those nifty "Backstreet Boys" boxers that they a ll love so darn much. =)

48. If they have kids you will be the first to offer to babysit while they're on tour.

49. You know the names of all their pets.

50. You finished reading this list.

Aj fans and how to tell if your OBSESSED!

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

You know your obsessed when....

~You put your last name as mclean

~You have a poster hanging right over you when your sleeping

~Thats all you talk about is *AJ*

~Your s/n is anything with the word *AJ* in it

~You know LOTS of online people who think their *AJ*

~You cant last a half an hour without saying the word *AJ*

P.S. If you show any of these signs please get help!


aka Mrs.Mclean

Y do u have an obsession?

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

My friends are really obsessed by this group westlife!They sing really slow sad songs that r all ballads. I mean it if they went any slower they would stop!They are just an imitation of their managers band Boyzone.They r rubbish but my friends say that they are talented! So what is their talent?

They dance really well? No they only clap at their songs

They have really upbeat songs? No they r so slow they stop

They play instruments?No I dont even think they have looked at one never mind pick it up!

They can sing really well? No they cant do that either!

They r reallt cute? Pot ugly if u ask me

So what is their talent?

The truth, they have none!But for one strange reason all thier songs have went straght in to the number one spot! I bet u all want to know what that reason is! Well I will tell u! It is their co manager Ronan Keating! They love him so much they love anything that he does! Sad isn't it. Please promise me that u won't be like my freinds! Get rid of westlife as fast as u can! USA watch out because westlife r coming!

some sure signs you have a "backstreet obsession"

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

There are millions of ways that you can prove your a bsb fanatic.... I'm only gonna put a few that I haven't already read on other lists.... or that I think are just TOO good to not include. (note: all of these I have, at some time, done)

~ The basics: you own all the cds, singles, videos, and other memorablilia. You know all the basic info, etc... (thats a given)


~ You've met your best friends through the Backstreet Boys, and no one else can have that kind of bond.. b/c they just "understand"

~ You swear that you and Nick our soulmates and have a phycic "connection" because you got the sun tattoo that you've always wanted for you b-day and a week later you find out Nick just got almost the SAME tattoo!!!! (this just happened and I'm STILL freaking out!)

~ When you go bowling you TRY to get a 7/10 split so you can miss both and go "Looks like a field goal to me Bob"(like Brian) right after you fall on you butt (like Nick)

~ When Nick said he had a gf (fanatic may 12, 2000- worst day of my life!) You went into depression for 2 weeks where you would barely eat/talk to anyone! ( I DON'T RECOMMEND THIS)

~ You constintly throw in quotes from the boys (esp. All Access video) into you're everyday conversations! (personal fav.. "I feel like a corncob")

~ You waited online at ticketmaster for 3 days before tickets went on sale for "millennium" tour... only to get kicked right before because the site was overloaded!!!!!!! You couldnt make it to ticketmaster before tickets sold out.. but you vowed it you WOULD be there (even if you had to tunnel in) So you and your best friend start selling

anything of value you can find. You set up a garage sale and do EVERYTHING in your power to save up the $850 per ticket for 4 tickets!!We went 4th row... best concert EVER!!

~ The REASON you bought 4 tickets is because you bought them as a "gift" for you mom (or was it a twisted attempt to get onstage during the perfect fan!? lol)

~ When you are dirt poor (after the concert) But you would feel HORRIBLE if you didnt donate to the guys' charities for christmas.. you go door to door with a "backstreet charities donation jar" that you end up earning almost $500 that you divide equally among Brian and Howie's charities!

~ You stay up ALL night as soon as you find out the excact date of the new cd making thousands of flyers that you go out and put on peoples cars and mailboxes at 3am.. You also hang them up in supermarkets and on street poles (warning.. DONT put your name or anything... its kind of illegal some places! That's why we went out at 3am)

Well thats my list for now.. I know there are a million other ideas that I've had that I could include.. but I think you all know what really makes a BSB fan more then just a fan... and its not describable by words..(cheesy but true)




Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

10 ::you think of nick as your boyfriend::

9 ::you e-mail what you think is is e-mail everyday::

8 you know how much he weighted when he was born::(8p 14o hee hee)

7 ::you read the heart and soul of:nick carter as much as you can::(i do that)

6 ::you do bsb's dance moves when you see them in concert::(hee hee)

5 ::you miss school to see them on "the early show" just to see them for 5 min.::(hee hee)

4 ::you know the address where nick lives and visit it over spring break::(hee hee)

3 ::you named you pets after him::(hee hee)

2 ::you download all pictures of nick that you could find::(hee hee)

1 ::you went through this list::(think you)

Dam,My Mom is getting nervious and worried about me because of my obbsession Of BACKSTREET BOY BABES.

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

Dear:Backstreet Boys Lord Help me Guys I need serious help with this.Don't you guys think so,, Email me at:butterfly_2003us@yahoo.com

I will adimit one thing I think why I am so obbsessed is because Of nick and howie they both are my little angels that help me through everything through your Music. I listen to your music everyday. And thats how its going to stay Backstreet because I am dedicated 100%. I have liked your sexy band sense Elementary School. And I sware with my dissiblity It is fuck'n hard to concentrate. But backstreet I promise your band I will stay with all of u still the end. Until I die. An't that right aj I want to be different and there is nothing wrong with that is their. And Stand out separate away from the teen bopper fans. Because that is how fuck'n long I've been fuck'n obbsessed with the backstreet boys I promise I will not give up. And so mom listen to me you can fuck'n kiss my ass, because just because you don't like them doesn't mean that I fuck'n Can't. Okay, because your over reacting about the whole situation. I asked my mom if she would get me tickets but she said no because of my fuck'n obbsession of Backstreet boys. I was pissed because I couldn't go but I still am going any way. I am going to earn it. I will show my mom who Is in charge of The Backstreet boys now won't I aj.

I won't let my mom come near you guys if I worked for you.

Another way to put this is just the night before me and my mom got into a huge fuck'n arguement about me going to fly to MInnesota to go to your concert at the target Center.

HI my name is Elizabeth Francis and my obbession of you guys has really been very serious because even my teachers this semester say is all I talk about in school is Backstreet Boys and not just that I have a hard time doing my work in school because of my obbsession. I can't stop my mouth from talking about those 5 Men from the sexiest band I know of and I am proud to say that there the backstreet boys.

Tell me what you guys think I should do about this.

Mentally I don't know if it is good for me or not.


Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1. Post pictures in my bedroom from top to bottom, pics in lockers.

2 put a pic of him in side a frame that says boyfriend

3. Make a photo album only of him.

4. Make a marriage certificate

5. Day dream about me and nick together.

6. Watch bsb videos every single day(no day since I loved them I haven't watched their videos)

7.Go to thier websites everyday right when I get home from school(backstreet.Net rulez)

8.Revised every bsb song and made it so its about nick

9. Gone to every concert when in my town.

10. Waited all night to get tickets 4 millenium concert slept at ticket master all night.

11. Was in line at 6:00 in the mourning to buy their cds.

12.Gone to mtv to see them every time .

13. Buy evrything that comes out about them(books,cds, clothes etc..)

14.Listen to their cds every day.

15.Scream evrytime I see them on t.V

16. Watch them every time they come on t.V.

17.Always record when thir on t.V. Even if I have 2 go to someone elses house to record.

18 watch trl just to see them on .

19. Call mtv everyday and vote 4 their video.

20.Have nick pillows.

21. Sleep with pics under my pillow every night.

22. Kiss all my pics before going to bed.

23. Have a dream about him every night almost.

24. Keep a diary all about him.

25. Found out everything about him.

final thought:

" I love nick carter 4 life"


U know your obsessed when.....

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1. U know your obsessed when u have aj's tattoo and it says bsb pride.

2. when u have 755 posters and 162 r aj's alone (161-aj 1-johnny).

3. when you've written 3 books with characters with their personalities and the other characters have parts of their names.

4. when the radio djs know your voice

5. when u know the cd numbers at the radio station

6. when u get into fights with *N Suck fans...often

7. when your college classmates know u like them and u have no clue who that person is

8. when u have 36 cds and still collecting

9. when ur family picks on u about it

10. when u qualify to be a stalker

11. when u can remember everything about them but cant remember anything important

12. when the radio dj gives u the tickets to see them and tells u when hes going to give them away so u can call early so no one else will get them

13. when u have more than 10 things to add to an obsession list

14. when u have an obsession list at home

15. when ur book covers look really good, but ur class work is very bad

Ways To Tell Ur Obsessed With BSB

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1. You learn the choreography to their videos, even the chair routine from ALAYLM and the hat routine from AIHTG.

2. You know all the abbreviations (look at number one to know what I'm talking 'bout)

3. You have a webpage on either the BSB, one Boy, or both!

4. All of your screen names and e-mails have something to do with BSB.

5. You've gotten friends and family liking them.

6. You've seen them in concert at least twice.

7. You have to buy a magazine even if only two pages of it is BSB.

8. Your walls are absolutely covered with BSB pinups, centerfolds, and posters.

9. Not only are your walls covered with pictures, but so aren't some pieces of furniture and the frame of your computer monitor, and the front of your door.

10. You have all of the Burger King merchandise, and all the BSB ornaments you could possibly find (unless, of course, Spencer's didn't have the last one you needed!!!!).

11. You own all their albums and at least one import single.

12. You visit backstreet.net everyday along with a bunch of other BSB sites to catch up on the latest news.

13. You're hooked on fanfics and/or writing them.

14. You can't go five minutes without thinking and/or talking about them.

15. You download music from artists such as Michael W. Smith, Brian McKnight, and other artists because you heard one of the Boys likes them (and end up getting hooked on their music yourself!).

16. You know more about the Boys than anyone else you know.

17. You tape every last TV appearance you can.

18. You own most, if not all, of their home videos.

19. Your friends have given you nicknames similar to the BSBs (my friend Katie calls me B-Rockette.. and yes, we know Brian's nickname doesn't have a k in it!!).

20. Almost all of your friends like the BSB in one way or another.

21. You've spent hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on BSB merchandise.

22. You have the official book and every other book you can possibly get.

23. You begin to notice yourself talking and/or acting like the guys because you watch and listen to them so much.

24. You notice every last little thing that some of your friends don't (like Brian's laugh in the beginning of GAB).

25. You have a shrine to each of the BSB on some shelf in your bedroom.

I could go on forever, but you're probably sick of me by now, so I think I'll stop! LOL KTBSPA!!

When you are past obsession

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

These are the top 10 things tp prove that you are past obsession:

1.ALL your walls in your room are absolutely filled, your ceiling and your thinking of putting pics on the groung leavin a path so you dont step on any of them!

2.You make ALL of your friends get their cd even if they would never listen to it!

3.You go crazy if you cant listen to bsb for a whole day!

4.The only thing you ask for for your b-day, Christmas, etc. is anything Backstreet.

5.You day dream about them 24/7.

6.When you go to one of their concerts, you are so happy cuz you're in the EXACT same building as the guys are!

7.When you never let ANYONE touch or handle anything of yours backstreet.

8.When you can do every dance to every song on every cd!

9.When you have a personal shrine just for the boys! (I do!)

10.And last but not least, when you buy the exact same color, size, and brand of some of the clothes the guys have!

But there is nothing wrong with being obesessed with them.....how could you not be!?

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