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You know you're obsessed when...

Date: Jun 20, 2001
Submitted By: JeSsIcA

You've memorized every song from every cd in order.

You were their Millennium cd for Halloween.(It looked EXACTLY like it too.)

You celebrate anniverseries of when you got your cd's.

Your first cd that you bought was Backstreet Boys.

You pray to go to their concerts,even after tickets are sold out and you don't have them.(I'm 2 for 2 and counting...)

You've brain washed your 4-year-old brother so bad that he knows the every word to all the songs and the whole dance to "Everybody"

You scream at your parents if they turn off a radio station before you know if BSB is coming on.

You know EVERYTHIBG there is to know about Brian Thomas Littrell.

You prayed for Brian when he had surgery-even if you were in 3rd grade and barely knew what the heck was the matter.

You go on the Franklin Institute website (FI.edu)just to go to the heart section to learn about Brian's surgery and stuff.

You find a way to put our boys into every situation.

You tried not to let your sister buy the N SYNC cd in the first week so they wouldn't break the record.She didn't listen and you were MAD!!

You make a Backstreet Fan out of everyone.

Your dad says, "If I hear anything about the Backstreet Boys,you are in trouble" or something like that.

You refuse to like O-Town because Pearlman is a creep.

You hate N SYNC.

Your teachers know you like them and who your favorite is.

Nobody who's smart messes with my Backstreet Boys.

If someone you meet doesn't like the BsB,they better be nice or they're not your friend.

Your little sister knows all of the boys siblings and parents names.

You tape EVERYTHING.Even if they just wave to the camera at an award show.

You train your hampster to hate n sync.

You just know you would faint if you meet them.

Your favorite bible verses are Philipians 28,Psalm 61 and Psalm 71.why?B/C they're the ones Bri put in his thank-yous.

You took time to write this!HEHE


Date: Jun 20, 2001
Submitted By: ANGIE

1. You freak out when backstreet.Net has to "sign-off"

2. You eat, sleep, talk, etc. About all the guys, all the time!

3. You are counting down the days, hours and minutes until the concert.

4. You and your friends talk about your bbs dreams

5. You often wonder what the boys are doing at this very minute.

6. You are happy for brian and kevin, but wonder why they didn't wait until they met you.

7. All your passwords for anything, are bsb related (i,e,: entrance pass word: kevin)

8. You were absolutely elated when backstreet.Net signed back on

9, you check your favorite websites at least 2 times daily

10. You cancelled a dentist appointment because you were afraid you;d miss trl, to make sure the boys were #1.

11. When you don't care what people think of your obsession with the bsb's...Even though you're in an "older" age bracket.

12. When all you think about is backstreet boys, their songs, lives and especially,... Kevin!!!


Date: Jun 20, 2001
Submitted By: Angel

1- UR mum knows the words to all there songs and can tell u the name of the song.2-While visiting ur cosion in the USA you fainted when Howie and Kevin were on Who Wants To Be A Millionare.3-Ur Dad Knows the difference between an 'N Sync song and a BSB song.4-Ur bro has stopped making fun of them cuz u have beat him up so much.5-u have dyed ur hair Black& Blue.6-Ur Boyfriend sings BSB songs under his breath.7-Ur bf looks like a BSB.8-U hate the new girl at school cuz she looks like Willa Ford(ME!).9-U have a pic of Nick ironed on to a pillow so u can sleep w/him(me agian).10-U sneak out of the house at midnight to go buy their C.D(wow it's me!)

My outta control obsession!!

Date: Jun 20, 2001
Submitted By: Laura

you know you're obsessed with the backstreet boys when:

1. your mom, dad, brothers, uncles, aunts, and grandparents know each of the guys' names, voices and personalities.

2. you create phrases (about 300) from every tape or song they have done. for example, from the all access video, "Oh my gosh, HOWARD, cencored!!!!!" one of my faves...

3. you feel like crap when they weren't #1 on TRL, and you throw your shoes at the TV, then walk away in disgust.

4. you make 2 signs and bring them to your concerts and then Brian waves at your, BOTH times!!!! thank you Rok, i haven't been the same since!!

5. you scream you lungs out when they're on TV, or when you watch one of you dozens of videos.

6. your friends are worried for you because of your obsession, and your guy friends no longer want to be seen around you.

7. you have a spastic episode when your crush KNOWS he looks like brian littrell!!

8. pets are named after the brian, howie, nick, Kev and aj.

9. you can see the floor in your room, but not the walls or ceiling....i have the whole upstairs, and i need "MORE THAN THAT" (LOL) for posters.

10. every time some one says a sentence that has a phrase that relates, or is a BSB song title you tell them, and say, "HA! you said 'it's true'".

11. when you go to a concert, you don't want it to start, because you know it has to end.... :(

12. you shake your computer when the backstreet.net page won't open.

13. you shake your computer when it won't let play the b&B cd.

14. you paint your fingers and toes black and blue and keep them that color the whole year through school.

15. you love them for the guys they are and the music they sing, and they feel like family to you because you know them like brothers.

16. when people diss them , you have a break down, and go hunting for the person who said that. they'll never bother them or you again!!! when they diss Kristin or Leighanne, you attack them too!!

17. your friends think its very strange if you go an hour with out mentioning the name "Brian", or "BSB", or "concert special", or, "award shows"....etc...

18. you have a couple backstreet boys note books that you don't want to bend or ruin, so you don't write in them, and you buy a completely nasty normal red notebook for school. and you have pencils of them that you don't want to sharpen.

19. you always have them on your mind, and you sing the chorus over and over for "more than that" during you final exams....

20. you write about 30 or so poems about them, how they've changed you mind about life, and how much you wish you could shake their hand and thank them. and you write poems to the tunes of their songs.

21. you count how many days til concerts, how many days SINCE you last concerts, the days since their self-entitled cd, millennium, and black and blue have been released, the years, months, days, hours and seconds since they've been together as the Backstreet Boys. (yes, i have...)

22.you tape a whole hour of jay leno, just to see them perform, kev turn his eyelids inside out, nicky belch on command, aj do something funky with his vein, brian talk like donald duck (he he!), and trying to get howie to do something, but they ran outta time!!! grrrrrr...

23. if you have done all of these and more, you are my best friend! please write to me!!

Laura "Frickish"

Are you obbsessed with the Backstreet Boys: Read the following list to determine if you are a true BSB fan!

Date: Jun 20, 2001
Submitted By: Kayla

1. You camp out in the mall outside the record store 3 days before the album came out just to be sure you get a copy

2. You start ballroom dancing and hope to become an instructer some day thinking you might meet him some day

3. You stare at pictures of your favourite boy all day fantisizing about meeting them some day

4. You hate sports, but you start taking lessons in basketball, tennis and golf and you try to get really good at them hoping to run into him at a tournement or some weird thing like that

5. You play star wars like Kevin and Brian did when they were kids

6. You bought a BMX bike and told everyone that it was your favourite toy just like Kevin

7. You got the exact same tatoo just to be like the boys

8. You decide that oreo cookies and cream ice cream is your favourite, just like Howie

9. You absouluty hate math class but you decide it's your favourite subject just because Howie likes it

10. You start collecting beanie babies just like Nick

11. You write stuff about the Backstreet Boys all over your body, before you go out in public, so everyone can see

12. You don't get BSB tickets so you decide to fly across the world to see them in concert even though you have already seen them 5 times before and you know they will come back some time soon

13. You throw a party for each BSB members birthday, complete with a cake, decorations and you even sing happy Birthday and then you record the song and send it to them as a birthday present(you do that for every guy)

14. You write "BSB fan rides in this car" in the dust every time your car gets dirty and then you get mad when your mom washes the car

15. You buy every single book, poster, merchandise etc. even if it costs more than you have and you end up having to borrow from your friends

16. You cover your whole room, even your ceiling and whatever furniture is available, in Backstreet boys posters and hang your merchandise where ever possible in there

If 8 or more of these obbessions apply to you then you are a true Backstreet Boys fan!!!!!!!!

U R OBSESSED WHEN...............

Date: Jun 20, 2001
Submitted By: jessica

U know your obsessed when.......

Bsb isn't #1 on trl u scream at the tv and nsuck!

U rip a bsb pic u scream at urself

U cry when bsb is on tv live because u finnaly know where they r.

Your parents know how to sing their songs.

Nsuck comes on the radio u scream and make your dad change the station, but then he just turnes it up more then u scream until u get in trouble.

U kiss your posters good-night.

U scream and cry when u loose the contest on the radio to see bsb.

U dream about bsb every night

Your playing a sport when u score a goal or make a basket or whatever u dedicate it to your fav bsb

Your sad or mad u go in your room and listen to bsb everything is better

U color all nsuck pictures then cut them up.

U have a nsuck haters club

U celabrate their birthdays, and u want to bake a cake, but your mom says no and u swear to them you will make it up to them.

U r in every club that has to do with bsb

A dj on ur fav radio station plays a song about bsb beeing gay, u call and complain and cuss at him until he says sorry.

I could go on forever but I gotta stop. ~~**ktbspa**~~

I love nick carter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How U Know You're Obsessed With BSB!

Date: Jun 20, 2001
Submitted By: Bonnie

1)You would take the chance of getting sick for them by: A-waiting online for tickets for 3 hrs on dec 2nd and watching diary of bsb with a germy blanket & the sniffles B- going to the concert w/ a fever even though they were crappy seats and being sick for a week after with that same fever and an ear infection.

2)When you're in bed being sick for a week you don't take off the tour shirt that, "was in the same air that BSB breathed"

3)You talk about Nick so much your only friends are those who love him too

4)If you don't get tickets you cry yourself to sleep thinking you may never go to a concert

5)You insist on getting a VCR with a prgrammable recording feature so you never miss ANYTHING

6)You wait outside the venue after a concert for the buses to leave, hoping at least a dancer will wave at you

7)You wait outside the venue before the concert hoping you'll catch a glimpse of the guys

8)You know the list of foods they request in their dressing rooms

9)You know how much Nickolas Gene Carter weighed at birth, the time, and why he was given his name

10)You know every member of the Carter family's full name and age

11)If you buy anything BSB for a friend you buy one for yourself

12)Your dad knows Nick's middle name

13)Your mom LOVES AJ's cowboy hats and wants one badly

14)You DON'T want Brian and Kevin to get divorced because you want them to be happy

15)You have such good comebacks to defend BSB you make NSTINK lovers think twice about their love for those rotten things


Date: Jun 20, 2001
Submitted By: Amanda

You know that you're a BSB fan when...

1. you make all your friends LISTEN TO THEIR MUSIC UNTIL they like it!!!!

2. Everytime they're on tv you scream as loud as you can!!! (You get your whole family mad at you!)

#3. You know everything about Nick Carter, snd it makes your parents very angry, because you are 22 years old, and you should be over this phase!

4. When they sing live on tv you get so exciited that you can't speake for hours!!!

What BSB has done to us...

Date: Jun 20, 2001
Submitted By: Julie & Rimma

1. Whenever we go to McDonald's, we always order AJ's staple meal: Double Quarter Pounder w/ cheese, large fries, large Coke, ice tea, no lemon!

2. Today's example: We were at the gas station store and we saw Hershey's Cookies & Cream bars, which of course are AJ's favorite candy, and upon taking a closer look at them, the price sticker said 69 cents! Dude, how perfect is that? We had to buy them...and save the wrapper with the sticker on it.

3. We have created our own little "Backstreet World", by calling each other and our friends by BSB names.

4. Whenever we meet someone who has one of their names, we can't help but smile. (Even the band...for example, a solicitor came to the door today that just happened to be named Tommy Smith...how weird is that?)

5. When we're in a bad mood, their music always cheers us up.

6. When we get cars, YOU KNOW our license plates are gonna have SOMETHING to do with BSB.

7. We would travel all the way around the country just to meet them...ya know, cuz we have "free time".

8. We literally count down the days till their concert, and when we get down to a week before the concert, we can't eat or sleep cuz we're just TOO excited.

9. We celebrate each of their birthdays, anniversaries, the day they became BSB, days we went to their concerts, etc., like it's a national holiday (which it damn well should be!)

10. Oh you KNOW when they come to town, we do a cavity search on EVERY hotel, club, and hang-out there is, trying to find them.

11. We have "BSB radars" and we can spot anything remotely related to BSB from a mile away. (Hell, I saw a store in the mall called Backstreet and I freaked out, but it turned out to be some clothing store like Abercrombie DAMMIT)

12. We cannot say a sentence or even have a conversation without BSB somehow coming up...(like for example, "Damn it's hot today!" "Yeah, I bet AJ's naked in his pool right now!")

13. We can identify a song abbreviation in the blink of an eye, without thinking twice. (i.e., WGIGO, AIHTG, etc.)

14. Our rooms are COVERED in posters and pinups...and the scary thing is, we know where each one is!

15. We put on something black & blue in the morning without even thinking about it (it's become second nature.)

16. At school, we can't help but point out every person who is wearing black & blue as we walk down the hall.

17. Whenever we have to write a narrative essay, the subject is ALWAYS something BSB. (Rimma: At least that's what I do...)

18. We hate Willa Ford and we're DAMN PROUD of it! (for what she did to Nick, not just for dating him)

19. We always know where they are in the world, even before they do. It's part of our radar.

20. We know exactly how many times AJ's blinked in his lifetime.

21. Whenever we check our horoscope, we automatically check each of theirs, too. (Julie: I'm happy that I am compatible with an Aquarius because Nick is one. Rimma: Hell, I'm compatible with Aquarians AND Capricorns, so HA! :P)

22. We became good friends only cuz of our obsession with BSB...sad, huh?

23. Whenever we see a 69, or even hear it, we immediately think of AJ.

24. We know more about them than they do...some of us (ahem...Rimma) even argue with them...like once when Kevin was talking about his father's death, he said 1992, but we all KNOW it was 1991, so she started yelling at the TV that he was wrong... (Rimma: well hey, he WAS...Julie: Now, let's think about this for a second...who do ya think knows more about Kevin's father...Kevin or you?)

25. (Rimma) I know ALL their dance moves! ::beams proudly::

(Julie) Hey, if I could dance...I would learn it...but since I can't...little problem...

26. We say that we know BSB, when in reality we know a friend who has a cousin, who has a boyfriend, who has a boss, who has a brother-in-law who went to college with one of their bodyguards. (so techically, we have connections!)

27. When we meet another fan, we automatically make them our new best friend.

28. We feel the need to spread the word that NSTINK sucks.

29. We talk about them like they're part of our own family, for God's sake.

30. Since we've become friends, we have scared countless people away from us because THEY CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! BSB ROCKS!

31. We love them, no matter what. We've accepted their *flaws* long ago and are concentrating on the good things...

32. We accept the fact that Brian and Kevin are married, we're happy for them. In fact, we celebrate their anniversaries, even 6-month.

33. We don't automatically hate their girlfriends, just because they take our Boys away from us, crushing our future wedding plans...unless we have a GOOD, legitimate reason. ::cough:: Die ::cough:: Willa... ::cough::

34. The whole world seems to stop when they make a TV appearance or when their song is on the radio, even if it's 3 seconds away from the end... (Rimma: For example, I was in the car with my mom and we were having a conversation. I turned on the radio and IWITW was 10 seconds from being over, and I yelled, "STOP TALKING! STOP THE PRESSES! IT'S BSB!" and my mom obliged, but she looked at me like I was some kind of alien.)

35. We waste hours online doing compatibility tests and love quizzes to see just how well we match up with our Boys.

36. Whenever Brian says "Hello" during a concert we're watching, we wave back, even though he can't see us through the TV.

37. There's gonna be hell if we don't get our way the day tickets go on sale. (GO TO HELL TICKETMASTER!! OK...we woke up EARLY on a SATURDAY to wait outside Ticketmaster...we were the SECOND people in line...and then they made us do that STUPID GOD DAMN raffle and of course, our number was last, so by the time it was our turn in line, they had added another show and THAT one was already sold out too. Lots of tears were shed that day, but we found other means of getting tickets, even if it meant paying $300 per ticket for floor seats (::cough:: RIMMA ::cough::) while other people (SMART, SENSIBLE people like Julie) waited until a week before the concert and got $60 seats and still had a great time, even though I sat in the 2nd balcony...but it still sucked cuz we weren't together, so in conclusion, GO TO HELL TICKETMASTER!!!!)

38. We would pay $300 a ticket just to have decent seats at their concerts...seriously, this whole ticket buying process thing is RETARDED! (Rimma: HELL the price was WORTH IT! Julie: YES, it was VERY much worth it, but I paid my $60 worth and still had the same good time that you had so HA! Rimma: Yeah well, you weren't 5 feet away from them when they were on the small stage, so :P! Julie: Well, this time we will be...JULY 21ST BABY!!)

39. We end every note, email, letter, etc., with KTBSPA!

40. Can you tell we're a TAD obsessed?

Why I love BSB

Date: Jun 20, 2001
Submitted By: Kaitlyn

I love the Backstreet Boys because they will do anything to be closer to their fans and make their fans happy. Meet-n-Greets, platforms close to the back, and even flying over the crowd just so those fans in the back can see the best band in the entire world. That is why I'm obsessed with BSB.

(and it does'nt hurt to mention that they're HOTT!!!!!)

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