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Why I love Nick Carter

Date: Jun 20, 2001
Submitted By: Nicole

Hey! I've loved Backstreet Boys since they came out in 1995. I still remember that day when I came over to my friends house (Kirsten Kirsch) and she came running out to show me a picture she had cut out of a magazine. It was th aborable Nick carter in one of the earliest pictures. I knew I was in love with him the moment I layed my eyes on his wonderful face. I wil never forget that day, and I know I wont. Bye!


Date: Jun 20, 2001
Submitted By: Mrs. Carter

1.)you make ur best friend stay out in the freezing cold @ a concert to c if u can see bsb's getting outta the buses when she has 2 go to the bathroom and all u see is a chef (that's me!!)

2.)you get so mad when your best friend and parents see lil tyke and litty lee at the concert and you didn't and they didn't tell u!! (i'm still getting over it!)

3.)ur in pain after a concert from screaming so loud and jumping. (it was worth it!)

4.)if u don't have good seats at a concert u don't let neone else use ur binoculars at the concert cuz u need to follow nicks every move (yup!)

5.)when ur driving to the venue of the bsb show, u start shaking screaming and crying when the venue comes into site.

(totally me!)

6.)you cry and shake at the beginning of the concert (100% me!)

7.)you get everyone around u at the concert to scream "WE LOVE U KEVIN!!" because no 1 else gave him ne love (yup!)

8.)you stare at a guy at school b/c he looks so much like nick he could be his twin! and then u imagine it's nick ur passing in the hall! (i do!! and my rents think he looks like my nicky too! lol)

7.)u wore black and blue the day B&B came out (yup i think alot of ppl did!)

8.)when u didn't have enough $ to buy millennium when it came out, u make a sign and have ppl give donations! (i did that! not on the street tho)

9.)i watch days of our lives cuz belle's room has bsb posters in it! (isn't that cool!?)

10.)you write down the url's of ur fave bsb and fanfic sites that u have sooo many pages of them! (guilty!)

11.)when some1 throws one of those pages out u turn into a monster! (uh huh)

12.)u make one of these lists (of course!)\

13.)u come to backstreet.net (the best bsb site in the world) everyday to see the latest newz! (that's me!)

14.)you fantasize about the boys every day and think of what it'd be like hanging out w/ them or having one of them as a b/f and think of every detail.

You know you're obsessed with BSB when...

Date: Jun 20, 2001
Submitted By: Katie

1. Your pets have names like Brian, AJ, Nick, Howie, Kevin, Lil Tyke, etc.

2. You plan on naming your children Alexander James and Brian Thomas.

3. You try to do a Fatima-approved routine in your living room and smash into the coffee table, get some lovely bruises, and terroize your cat/dog in the process, not to mention almost paralyzing yourself for life.

4. You have a BSB fan page or message board as your home page on your internet browser.

5. Your webpage is dedicated to BSB.

6. 99% of your Internet friends on AOL IM/ICQ/Pager are also BSB fans.

7. 99% of the sites you have bookmarked are BSB related.

8. Over half of your hard drive is taken up with BSB pics, songs, movies, and screensavers.

9. You can recite the lyrics to any BSB song (even imports and "unreleased" songs) off the top of your head even when sleep deprived or drunk.

10. You know your favorite Backstreet Boy's middle name, favorite color, favorite food, what kind of car he drives, when his birthday is, how many siblings he has, hometown, and tons of other useless tidbits even when sleep deprived or drunk.

11. You can name Brian, AJ, Nick, Kevin, and Howie's birthdays quicker than your own family's.

12. You buy VCR tapes in bulk for those special BSB moments.

13. You have cable or a satellite dish just to get MTV.

14. You've listened to your BSB CD so much it's starting to skip, and your video tapes are starting to get blurry and the sound is fading, but you know everything word for word, anyway, right?

15. You have a whole room, or *area* dedicated to your *hobby*.

16. You spend more time mailing articles and news to friends online than you do talking to your family.

17. You check the computer every hour for new emails from one of the gazillion BSB lists you're on.

18. Your parents can identify and sing along to any BSB song because they've heard them so much.

19. Your family/dog/cat is jealous of the TV, stereo, and computer.

20. If your house was on fire, the first thing you would think of is, "Quick, help me save my BSB pics!!"...yes, that is shallow, what about the family?

21. You would drive ten hours or more for an opportunity to be in the same room as the boys.

22. Some people dream about going to the Bahamas, Paris, Cancun...you dream of going to Kentucky.

23. You sprain your tongue trying to sing INBYH in perfect Spanish.

24. You suceeded in memorizing every word to INBYH in Spanish, despite the fact that you're barely passing Spanish 2 in school.

25. You have more photos of the boys in your home than of friends and family.

26. Most of your long-distance phone calls are to BSB buddies you've met online.

27. You'd buy any of the following mainly because of BSB: scanner, snappy (to capture pics from the TV), high quality color printer, 3 1/2 floppys in bulk, microphones, etc.

28. You have so much BSB stuff stacked up in your room that it looks like you just moved in.

29. You tape BSB pics in the kitchen, bathroom, and living room in case you have one of your *attacks*.

15 ways to tell your obsessed

Date: Jun 13, 2001
Submitted By: cindy z.

1-when your at the fair you don't just scream,you scream backstreet 2-when you have to write an essay for school you write about bsb 3-whrn you buy notebooks for school they're either black or blue 3-your glasses case has a picture of the backstreet boys on it 4-you make a mixed tape from the cds you already have 5-you actually made a calender that counts down the days to the concert nearest to your hometown,even if you don't have tickets 6-you spend all your money on bsb merchandise 7-your parents let you piant your room and you piant it black and blue 8-your friends think its wierd when you don't talk about bsb 9-you brother keeps saying "cindy and nick carter ,sitting in a tree.k-i-s-s-i-n-g...."but somehow it doesn't bother you.in fact you've already planned the wedding 10-you can relate to 3 or more of these 11-all your crushes look like aj mclean or nick carter 12-backstreet boy tickets are going on sale so you camp outside ticketmaster 3 weeks before 13-you named your fish nick,aj,brian,kevin,and howie 14- your signiture ends with ktbspa 15-you can tell me what they were wearing and what they said on any tv special 16-you can tell me the exact time of brian's birth

You Know When You Are Obsessed When......

Date: Jun 13, 2001
Submitted By: Michelle

1) Your parents know all their songs

2) You start naming ur pets after the guys

3) You scream at the TV when bsb loses

4) When you see the Backstreet Boys on TV, you scream.

5) When you hear the word Backstreet Boys or Kevin, you scream and start talking about them to strangers on the street!

6) When your grandma stays us late to watch them on a late night show.

7) You kiss their posters good night

8) You throw them a birthday party, even though they do not show up.

9) If anyone disses bsb you go after them.

10) If anyone disses Kevin's or Brian's wife, u go after them too!

11) and Lastely u know when u r obsessed when you have over 25 tapes of their appearances and can repeat every word they say!!



Date: Jun 13, 2001
Submitted By: MeLiSsA

Dont you hate it when--

People constantly try to compare BSB with Nsync- they are two TOTALLY diff. groups!

When people say Backstreet lip-sync's (yeah right)

When people say that the fella's are tooo old

When you have to beat the crap out of someone because they insist on dissing the guys

When people say that they are gay ( haha- hello---2 r married!!!)


Are you Obsessed?

Date: Jun 13, 2001
Submitted By: Elisa McLean

1.Your walls are completely covered w/ pics of them

2.You defend them even if your very best friend in the world just made a stupid joke about them

3.You completely HATE N SUCK

4.You try everything in the world to get all your friends to love them

5.You try to make your friends who like N SUCK see how stupid that is

6.You freak out if you don't see them at least ten times every hour

7.You cry when you find out they have girlfriends (or wives, etc.)

8.You could listen to their music every second of every day and never ever get sick of it

9.You dream about them more than anything else

10.You make sure you kiss your favorite poster before going to sleep

11.You watch TRL every day and if they aren't no. 1 you scream

12.You get all shaky and emotional every time you see them on TV

13.You start counting the days three months before the tickets are even on sale

14.You find out the number of hours in the week before your concert

15.You scream and cry until your parents (or someone) gets you the tickets

16.Either that or you work tons of overtime until you get enough mula to buy tickets

17.You count the days it's been since you bought Black & Blue

18.Your favorite part of their body is the whole thing

19.You swear that as soon as you can drive you're going to take a trip to whatever city they're in and convince them to keep you till the end of the tour

20.You love them more than anything in the world and swear that you'll marry one of them someday

obsessive 101

Date: Jun 13, 2001
Submitted By: cindy zalog

1-you decorate your notebooks with the lyrics of "the call" 2-you put in aj mcleans name when you don't know the answer to a test question 3-your entire wardrobe is black and blue 4-you hold a vigil before concert tickets go on sale during which you listen to all their albums and prey 5-your friend starts to hate bsb because you talk about them so much

BSB Obsession Symptoms

Date: Jun 13, 2001
Submitted By: Angiemarie

1)U get up in the morning and the first thing u see is ur 50 BSB posters in the ceiling(not to mention the other 542 u have in ur walls)

2)When U R talking 2 ur best friend on the phone the only thing u talk about is how BSB is HOT and how their style is different from others and u know that other stuff.(I do that)

3)U missed a show or just 3 seconds of a BSB interview and u get so mad u end up punching ur little brother and making 2 big holes on the wall.(100% me!)

4)Ur computer has a BSB wallpaper,screensaver and even BSB Icons!(that's me!)

5)U have a website only about BSB.(I do! geocities.com/bsbga2002)

6)U get up in the morning singing BSB songs(me!)

7)Everytime you hear Nsync on the radio ur dad ends up buying u a new stereo kuz u crashed and burned the other ones.

8)Everytime u see BSB on TV u just cry, jump, and even kiss and hug the TV(100% guilty!)

9)U screamed, jumped and cried for 2 hours and called all ur friends when u found out that BSB was coming to town.(I did!)

10)When U R decorating ur wall w/BSB posters(DUH!)and u rip one by accident...u cry and scream madly as if u ripped a document essential for ur living. Actually that's what it is for us isn't it? (100% me!)

11)Like one girl said: "If u don't get BSB TIX for a concert u cry...and if u get them u cry even harder.(I did and I'm going to their concert on June 8TH!!!)

12)Ur friends don't come 2 ur house anymore kuz they end up being DEAF. U scream so loud when u see BSB on TV or hear them on the Radio.

13)U can't sleep thinking that in just 5 days u'll see BSB in concert(I KNOW!!! I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE IT!)

14)U call to a radio station to win TIX to see Johnny No Name LIVE and the winner was supposed 2 be the 10th caller and u were the 9th caller! Then u end up on knees crying desperately and asking GOD "Why do u do this to me?" (embarrassing but I did!I wish I called a little bit later!)

15)A.J. was at ur local radio station and u got the opportunity to call! U call...starts ringing...and by accident u hang up! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u end up pulling ur hair and punching the ground and yourself( snif snif! I'm still trying to get over it! I cried a LOT!)

16)You know every dance move of all BSB dance videos.

17)U can hear the words "Backstreet Boys" or see them from a mile away.(that's me!)

18)U can spot a BSB picture from a mile away!(me!)

19)U see 1/4 of a BSB head and U R able to identify who's is it!

20)All ur folders and papers have written on it: "BSB", "BSB RULZ", "BSB ROX", "BSB IS THE BEST", bla, bla, bla (mine do!)

21)Even ur little brother likes BSB and hates NSYNC.(mine does!)

22)U dressed black and blue the day BLACK&BLUE was released.(I DID!)

23)U scream MAD and knock down the TV when BSB is not #1 on TRL and when it is...u still scream.

24)U laugh and jump happily everytime BSB beats Nsync on something(that's pretty often! ha! ha! ha!)

25)U faint when u see AJ or Howie w/out a shirt on.(GOD!)

26)U melt when Nick or Brian smile.(OMG!)

27)U die when u see Kevin dance.(GODBLESS!)

28)U enter every BSB contest there is.(I DO!)

29)U make a club called "Let's kill Willa Ford" (because of what she did to lovely NICK) and become lethal assassins for the CIA.

30)Everytime u see Willa Ford's video "I wanna Be bad" (wich is stupid by the way)u say 2 urself: "I wanna KILL her, I wanna KILL her, I wanna KILL her"! (ha ha I DO!)

31)U R happy that Kev & Brian are married kuz u luv 'em soo much that if they are happy...U are happy(I AGREE!)

32)U don't have a b/f kuz u R waiting for NICK 2 ask u out.

33)U don't like any guys at ur school kuz BSB is the love of ur life.

34)U were suspended 10 times for punching Nsync fans

35)Even ur MATH teacher likes BSB! (mine does!)

36)I school, if someone talks about BSB everyone looks at u (that happens 2 me!)

37)In fact, Everybody in the world knows U R a BSB Fan kuz u always show it.(100% me!)

38)Everywhere u go u have BSB w/u (a purse,pin,bumper sticker, shirt)(100% me!)

39)U love AJ,BRIAN,NICK,KEVIN,HOWIE more than anything (I do!)

40)U wore a BSB shirt for one week w/out changing it just in their honor! (I did that! But don't worry I SHOWERED EVERYDAY! OK?!)

I'ma stop here kuz it's getting long! OOPS!

Backstreet Boys! if UR reading this......I LUV UUUUUUUU!!!!! MORE THAN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!! My breakfast just burned right now kuz I was paying attention to this instead! LOL!!!!!! :) I LUV YA GUYS!!!

THIS IS VERY OBSESSIVE!!!!! WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!

Date: Jun 13, 2001
Submitted By: Anndrea

well let me tell everyone that i think mine takes the cake of obessed bsb fans here is my list of what i have hope you have alot of time to read :) !!

1. i have over 1500 posters, individual group, etc.

2. i have at least 100 covers of magazines they have been on since 1995.

3. i have every book,magazine, every written on them.

4. i have every tv show, video ever done on them.

5. my room is covered in bsb pics(now most of you are thinking my room is to, try this each wall including the ceiling is dedicated to each backstreet boy.

6. i collected all the stuff from bk, like two each of the action figures, 2 of each cd, all the bags,cups,comic book,fry cartons etc.

7. at bk i even talked them into letting me have for free taht huge cardboard cutout of them with the cd and video inside and some posters.

8. this is realyl bad when my 8 year old sis now knew all thier names at the age of 4!! and now she knwos thier songs and who sings what.!

9. when my parents know all thier words to the songs.

10. when my GRANDMA and MOM FIGHT over who liked nick first!! LOL ( i am soo serious they were literally fighting over who liked him first!!!)

11. whenever anyone wants to know anything they come to me.

12. whenever i am watching the video with my grandma!!! and everytime nick does some good moves(you all know what i mean especially in dont' want you back int he bk video) shes' liek oh nick!!LOL

13. when none of my family ever asks what to get me for my bday or christmas anymore they always get me bsb stuff!!!

14. the fact that i am 21 YEARS OLD!!!! LOL!!!!!

I LOVE BSB!!!!!!! KTBSPA!!!!!!!!!


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