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Kristi's Backstreet Obsession

Date: Jul 31, 2001
Submitted By: Kristi M


Backstreet Boys (import)

Backstreet Boys (US release)


Black and Blue

Sears CD

Red Burger King CD

Blue Burger King CD

Star Profile Audio Documentary

other stuff:

BSB screen saver

BSB posters and pin ups all over my walls

a pin up of AJ over my bed

BSB lunchbox

BSB 2001 wallet calendar

BSB 2000 Calendar

2 BSB 2001 Calendars

BSB 2001 Locker Calendar

BSB Scarf

BSB Gift Bag

+ I designed a BSB webpage www.expage.com/bsbmegasite (pleez visit)

A BSB Black and Blue Tour Ticket Philadelphia,January 31st (I sat on the floor 10 feet away from the 2nd stage)

A BSB Black and Blue Tour Program

A BSB Black and Blue Tour Shirt

+ I tape EVERY BSB moment that is on TV.

A BSB Black and Blue Tour Glow Stick

Just a BiT obsessed!! :)

Date: Jul 31, 2001
Submitted By: Megan

Umm well....I think I'm a lil bit obsessed with the Backstreet Boys and here's why:

1. Look at my screen name: NicksBSBabe8

2. I have over 300 pin-ups on my wall

3. I have 8 of the official big posters

4. I have a BSB box where I put all my BSB collectors items

5. I have a BSB notebook with all the glossy pics of BSB and all my HOTT pin ups and magazine articles in

6. I have Backstreets Back, Backstreet Boys, Millennium, Black & Blue, Backstreet Boys (um the Jive CD), Nick Shaped CD, 3 BK CD's...Singles: I want it that way, The One, Show me the meaning, Larger than life, Shape of my heart, All i have to give, Ill never break your heart, and I have 3 interview CD's

7. My turtles are names Frick and Frack

8. I have the fox racing shirts that they wore in the Homecoming Video

9. I have 4 home taped video's filled up with 8 hours each then I have another one that is on 2 hours, then I have: The BK For the fans, A night out with the BSB, Orlando Homecoming, Live in Frankfaurt, Interview Video(unauthorized)

10. I have 3 Rolling Stones with them on the cover

11. I have been to 5 concerts and the most I've spent on one seat is $225

12. I've sent in 2 FANatic video's to MTV

13. I enter every contest that I can

14. I play the drums and I know Don't want you back, Don't wonna loose you now, and Back to your heart, and learning to play others....

15. I have the huge BSB cloth poster

16. At one of the B&B concerts I took an I-Zone Sticky Film poster of BSB on it and took it home!! :)

17. I have a pug named "Gene"y...get it GENEy (nick gene caryer)

18. I have 5 concerts t shirts...and 5 t-shirts...a baseball t-shirt, and a longsleeves t shirt with BSB on it!

19. Ummm, well thats all I can think of as of right now but I will get back to you cause i know there are TONS more!!

im not obsessed, i just love bsb

Date: Jul 31, 2001
Submitted By: Lilly Spring

Ok, i am NOT obsessed, i just like to look at bsb, whether it is from:

1) one of the 575 pictures taht cover my wall.

2) 15 movies i have (8 are their movies, and 7 i taped)

3) one of the 5 stuffed animals i named after the BsB ( 3 of them i caught at one of the millenium shgows i went to.

4) the 8 concerts i have been to

5) the 4 calandars i have

6) one of the 5 key chains i have

7) one of the 8 bsb pens i have

8)one of the 10 shirts/bandannas i have.

9) one of the 6 magazines that i have of them on the cover

10) one of the 16 books i have on BsB

11) one of the 14 cd's i have of them (including their cds, imports, singles, improted sigles and biographies)

12) i always have my toe nails black and blue, and before black and blue i had the light blue and white.

13) i occasionally wear black and blue ribbons in my hair

14) my e-mail and passwords always have something to do with bsb.

15) i sing to bsb all of the time. always have 5 of thir cds in my cd player and i put it on random.

16) i have memorized of made my own coreography to larger than life, everybody, get down, your the one for me, i want it that was, if you want it to be good, it's gotta be you, get another boyfriend, not for me and weve got it goin on.

um......i think thats all! lol ok, so maybe im a little obsessed, but whos not?

I'm only obsessed a Little *Wink Wink*

Date: Jul 31, 2001
Submitted By: Catrina Craft

I have 11 video types of when they appeared on various shows.

A Night Out With the Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys: All Access Video

Backstreet Boys; Homecoming: Live in Orlando


Backstreet Boys


Black & Blue


All I have to Give

I’ll Never Break Your Heart

All the Burger King CDs

Burger King Crown

Burger King Cups

The Howie Doll

Backstreet Boys; For the Fans (Burger King)

Sounds of the Season

Fight for Your Rights

Backstreet Boys Collection CD

Two Calendars 1999 and 2000


Backstreet Boys Backstage Pass

Gold Collectors Series Entertainment Magazine

J-14 Life Story

Backstreet Boys: The Official Book

Gel Pens, Pins, 10 notebooks, 6 folders, two sheets of stickers, 14 single stickers, 2 Millennium Pens, Lunch box, Puzzle (A.J.), Christmas Ornament, Full-Size poster of A.J., 8 Full-size posters, CD holder, Both Special Rolling Stone Editions, As Long As You Love Me Sheet Music, A tabloid, 5 Magazines of just them, many different magazines that they appeared on and in, 3 or 4 folders full of BSB pictures and articles, I recorded every commercial I could for their release of the Millennium CD (I got them all later when they did the Backstreet boys special on MTV.), I got the sears bag when I bought a shirt at their Millennium Tour in St. Louis, Mo., A tin box, 2 Yahoo names (AJ_McLean_4_ever_and_Always and Backstreet_Boy_4_ever_and_ always), and other various names on different sites that are dedicated to them.

How far can i go

Date: Jul 31, 2001
Submitted By: Sara

1. I have about 1800 pics of them

2.I have scared people I dont know because thay like aj and he is all mine

3.Have yelled at a girl at the concert because she said she liked aj

4.I have made over 50 site for just him and I dont remember half of them

5.I have carved ajs name on my foot

6.I have over 18 tapes full of them

7.16 Cds

8.9 Folders full of pics

9.11 Posters

10.Cut out long john silvers logo beacuse brian worked there

11.Keep the hungry howie pizza box because howie name is on it

12.Cut apart a menu at Nicks because Nicks name is on it

13.Renamed a 15 yr old pet to backstreet

14.My youth minster if asked who is the biggest backstreet freak he answer with my name

15.I planted yellow flowers that spell aj but forgot to water and they died

16.I have enough time to make a scrapbook

17.And also have enough time for bsb to make this list.

I'm actually sane! (he he)

Date: Jul 28, 2001
Submitted By: Elmore

I've never considered myself obsessed, but i'm the biggest BSB fan out of all my friends and other ppl i know, so they all *think* i am obsessed! ha!

So it makes me feel good when i come online and see other ppl who are waaaaaay more obsessed than me. Hey, absolutely nothing wrong with some healthy obsession - it's a part of growing up. But some of you need to realise there's a point when you go "whoa... i've gone too far". You know, when you start stalking the boys, getting tattoos, stealing money to buy their stuff, pysically attacking *Nsync fans... no no no. scary.

Anyhow. this is the extent of my non-obsession =)

*6 CDs (1 is a single)

*2 calenders

*2 videos (1 bought and 1 taped)

*(only) 1 magazine with them on the cover (really)

*A section of my web site dedicated to them

*I sing and (sometimes) dance along to their songs when i play the cd in my car

*I've painted "Backstreet" on my nails before

*All my friends (and family) think i'm obsessed with them. (esp AJ)

*I have a stuffed animal *sort of* named after AJ

*My e-mail addy is named after the animal, soo... basically after him

*The password i use for everything online is *sort of* related to AJ's name

That's it for me kids... ciao


Obsessed much? Well my friends seem to think so...you decided!

Date: Jul 28, 2001
Submitted By: Pamela Carter

I've been a fan since 1997...and I can even remember the first time I saw them on tv....I had heard them on the radio before but never seen them before...the video.."Quit Playin Games" was Mtv and I was like hey I like that song and my friend says thats the Backstreet Boys!...I said cool..I like there music but never seen them before..then I watched for a bit and said to her who's the blond one?..."oh thats Nick"....and thats when it all started... or as my friends like to call it my obsession... so lets see it's tookin me all this time but I finally made it to my first concert this year June 22, 2001! Baby! It was awesome!!! And what can I say Nick was Just great!!! Oh and not to mention hot too!!! But here's what I got in my collection...

CD Albums:

Backstreet Boys(1996)

Backstreet's Back

Backstreet Boys(1997)


Black & Blue

CD singles:

Quit Playin Games

I'll Never Break Your Heart

Everybody(Backstreet's Back)

All I have to Give

I Want it that Way

Larger than Life

Show me The Meaning

Let the Music Heal Your Soul

Interview CD's:

Backstreet Boys(unauthorised)

Star Profile: Backstreet Boys

Burger King:

Cd's 1, 2, 3

Books & Magzines:

The Heart and Soul of Nick Carter

Backstreet Boys(The Official Book)

Backstage Pass: Backstreet Boys Now and Forever!

Backstreet Boys Confindential

RollingStones(January 20,2000)

and many others but no longer in one piece.

Calenders: 1999,two 2000's,three 2001's


A Night Out With the Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys:All Access Video

Backstreet Boys the Video

Backstreet Boys; Homecoming: Live in Orlando

Backstreet Boys; For the Fans(Burger King)

Backstreet boys in Concert

and 5 eight hour tapes with tv apparences and other shows that with BSB in them.


BSB Black & Blue tour Book,Pins,Gel pens,patches,framed picture,244(ful-sized) posters, 2 scrap books each 345 pages each(startin on a new one now), Burger King cup,hat(2 of each),fri holder and BSproject action figures, Musical poster(plays,"I Want it that a way"), 2 mini puzzles(BSB and Nick),BSB trading cards/pictures, Tape with various rare BSB songs,and 2 folders..I don't think I forgot anything..:)

And Who says Being obessesd is a bad thing?!..lol

Until later..KTBSPA

Freaky stuff:

Date: Jul 28, 2001
Submitted By: Denita Harden

1. U say a prayer 4 the guys every night and morn. (that's me)

2. U have a brawl with UR sister (b/c she's a Nsuck fan) and win. (done it many times)

3. U argue with UR mom about who's sexier, Brian or A.J.

4. UR bf's name is Kevin.

5. U have a older sis named Denise and she has a son named Alex.

6. UR best friend's b-day is the same as A.J.'s.

7. U know everything but their current weight.

8. U cried 4 hours when you heard the news about A.J.

9. U have 5 cats named after each guy.

10. U send them b-day cards.

11. U get suspended from school after punching a girl who is a Nsuck fan. (she deserved it)

12. Ur cousin was born the same day Kevin's dad died.

13. U passed out when Brian waved at U. (It happened to me at the Greensboro concert June 17, 2001.).

14. U convinced your die hard Marilyn Manson fan nephew to go the same concert.

15. UR Howie obsessed friend promised to get the guys to sing at UR funeral.

16. U painted UR room Black & Blue.

17. U have busted a TV because Nsuck was #1 instead os BSB.

18. UR MOM loves them more than U do.

19. U play #13 on B&B, b/c that's the song Brian was singing when he waved at U.

20. U have written a thing called the "BSB COMMANDMENTS".



Date: Jul 28, 2001
Submitted By: Melissa Lane

Everything that the guys have been threw I've been here at my house crying along with them or cheering for every award they won for the past 6-7 years now. I am a backstreet fan for life.The amount of time and money I put into them I could be on my death bed. Anyway I just wanted to say wuz up? and that i love BSB for the kind, sweet, funny guys that they are, the fame is just an added bonus!!!

you're obsessed when....

Date: Jul 28, 2001
Submitted By: Ann Carter

1) everytime you hear them on the radiotv, you make everyone in the room shut up just so you can hear their voices.

2) if they dont shut up, you threaten to kill them

3) you own over 500 posters, pics, magazines of them.

4) you get in arguments with one of your really good friends, who likes nsync better, over why bsb is so much better.

5) you own all the movies of them, and tape every thing with them on it, even if they are on for a minute.

6) you were a hard core, obsessed, fan for 6 long years.

7) when nsync is on TRL, you mute the tv, put a bsb pic over it and start singing more than that.

8) you cry when you stand in line for over 3 hours at sears, and you're 4th in line and you still dont get tickets in concert. and your mom got your older sister tickets for the millennium concert, but wont get them for you.

9) your sister finally gets them and you cry even harder than you did when you didnt get them.

10) you own over 10 cds of theirs, not counting doubles of one cd.

11) when you see them in concert, you scream as loud as you can even if you dont have the best seats.

12) you're waiting to meet Aaron Carter and marry him just to be related to Nick.

13) you're planning on getting a tattoo just like your fave of the group.

14) you yell at Carson when they're not #1 on TRL.

15) you cried when you heard what happened to AJ.

16) you cant go a day without hearing them or seeing them.

17) you cry when you're not allowed to leave at 8 in the morning for their concert to meet them.

18) everytime their on tv, you scream and then listen to what they have to say.

19) when something new comes out with them on it, you have to buy it.

20) you own 20+ magazines with them on the cover

21) you're fave number is 21 because that's how old Nick is.

22) you waited utside the book store when the official book came out.

23) you got to the record store at 10 pm the night before Black and Blue and Millennium came out.

24) evertime somebody says something about them, you're in their face about why they're so good.

25) you turn the tv up all the way when they come on.

26) Black and Blue has been in your cd player since november 21, 2000.

27) your dad knew it was them on the radio, and he tried to turn it off without you not knowing and you didnt talk to him for a week.

28) you're actually happy for kevin and brian because you know they're happy. even if you dont like leighanne, you're still happy for Brian.

29) you have "I love Nick" written all over your books and binders.

30) you keep a place in your heart for one of them, and hoping your last name will be Carter.

31) you write to them every week even if they dont write back.

32) you write stories about them, and you're always one of their girlfriends. and you tell people you're Nick Carter's girlfriend.

33) you search names on AOL instant messanger to find theirs.

34) if somebody tells you their screen names, you're on 24/7 waiting for them to come on, and talk to them all night, even if it isnt really them

35) you have done all that stuff, and more, just to prove you're a real fan

unfortunetly i did all that stuff, i am really obsessed. i still have a life, surprisingly, but most of it revolves around BSB!

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