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10 Signs That You're A True BSB Fan!

Date: Jun 13, 2001
Submitted By: Em

1) You don't wanna kill Travis from blink-182 just cause he said he'd wouldn't EVER be caught in a crowd at a BSB concert

2) You don't hate Willa because she dated Nick

3) When you see a pic of Brian & Leighanne or Kevin & Kristin, you cry...because they look so cute & happy together

4) You don't want to kill Carson because BSB isn't #1 on TRL

5) You don't hate NSYNC because they are BSB's rivals (i hate them for a good reason...email me to find out)

6) You smile every time you see BSB on TV or in a pic

7) Their music lifts you up and makes you feel good

8) You don't call Howie gay

9) You love BSB no matter what!

10) You think Nick, AJ, Brian, Howie, and Kevin are the hottest guys in the world and no one else will ever come close to them!!!

Why I love MY Frack

Date: Jun 13, 2001
Submitted By: Frack's Girl

1) His voice, only THE most beautiful thing on this planet!

2) His hair... who doesn't love it? (When people put it down and say he should cut it I totally spaz at them and say it's pefect the way it is...;))

3) In the Official BSB book, the picture of him where he says "Here's a rare glimpse of my tummy, I'm tummy shy"... That has to be the cutest thing!

4) I sing BSB songs always!! (My best friend is a total non bsb lover, and she know's all the words to the songs cause i sing them so much!)

5) I'm gonna have a nervous break-down if I don't get to go to their August 7 concert!! (I'm gonna beg my dad for $ cause a friend of mine has a friend that has 4 extra FOURTH ROW seats... I wish i was old enough to work!!! ugh!!)

6) How he can be sexy, but sweet at the same time... *sigh*

7) The way he concentrates so hard when he plays the drumbs.

8) The way, on the "Backstreet Boys Homecoming: Orland" thing, when he sings "Let's Have a Party", how he like shakes his booty and dances in a circle when he says "I like the way you sway"

9) His crystal-clear ocean blue eyes that make u mealt whenever u see them!

10) His perfect face

11)"It's a Backstreet Thang!"

12) His hands and feet (don't ask me why, they just drive me crazy!!)

13) His Lips, Eyes, HAnds, Legs-all beautiful. I love Nick! I think he's the sexiest thing on the planet!

You know your obessed when....

Date: Jun 13, 2001
Submitted By: April Carter <--I wish!

1. You go to Hechts at 4:00 in the morning, till 10:00 am, waiting for Black & Blue tickets. You find out their not first come first serve, so your majorly pissed. You find out that you have to pick a number, and your number is in the 20's. You wait for like 15 minutes, 4 people are infront of you and the damn tickets are sold out!!!!

2. Solution, go to a different state, you go all the way to Altanta, GA, on a Greyhound Bus for 11 hours there, and 14 back, Just to see them. You wind up spending 400 dollars (including..tickets to the concert, bus tickets, and hotel.)

3. You ask your hotel what hotel BSB is staying in. (You find out, and your mom won't take you there!!!!! and you later find pics of Nick on the net, leaving that same hotel!!! <--pissed)!!

4. You tape every little peice of crap that has to do with BSB! (and when you miss it, it's like a major PMS breakout!)

5. You spend you sleeping time, dreaming of what it would be like to date Nick Carter & to hang with the fellas.

6. When ever you see a pic, or Nick on t.v. or a recording, you wave to him, like he's gonna see you!

7. You talk about BSB so much that one of your friends becomes a crazy BSB fan with you.

8. Your mom & dad start liking them!...

9.You kiss pictures of Nick.

10. You say that you & Nick are married!

Sista's who are obsessed 2ge+her!!

Date: Jun 13, 2001
Submitted By: Christine & Kelly

Wazzup??? We're the two sisters that are the most obsessed with BSB ever!! We Promise you (lol). Read the list to find out just how obsessed we are.

1. When we heard the album was called "Black & Blue", we painted our walls (we share a room) black and blue, then realized that it wouldn't have made a difference because we have so many posters anyway.

2. On our snowday, we went to Worcester (MA) airport and got on a plane to see them Live @ Much and the concert in Toronto.

3. (Kelly) I am kinda embarrassed about being 16 and an obsessed fan, so I beat my sister up when she mentions them around my friends.

4. Our older sister was born on the same day and in the same hospital as A.J. McLean and we ask her about the day she was born.

5. We spend hours that you're supposed to be spending on homework on making an inflatible A.J. to *practice* with. (that would be kelly)

6. (Christine) Instead of doing the assigned porportions during math class, I calculate the percent that all of the videos have been number one on TRL.

7. When I get sick of doing that, I calculate the number of MINUTES Brian and I are apart.

8. (Christine) I try to get a B+ in every subject because that is what Brian's blood type is!!

9. We each vote up to (or sometimes even over) 50 times for TRL every day.

10. When "More Than That" was premered, our cable was out, and we are now filing a lawsuit against Cablevision (GO TO HELL, HEAR THAT?? FROM US!!)

11. When we were climbing Mt. Mansfield one day, we heard some voice that sounded like Brian's, and turned around and asked the guy we heard if he knew Brian.

12. We each imagine ways of Willa Ford dying or being sent to jail because of what that b!#^h did to Nick.

13. (Christine) My first boyfriend's name was Nick Carter. (not THE Nick Carter, he was some weirdo Chinese guy, but I liked his name)

14. (Christine) I translate BSB songs into French, therefore widening my french knowledge.

15. (Christine) During French class I made a mini-play. Here it is

Brian: Voulez-vous cocher avec moi, ce soir?


(from the song "Lady Marmalade" by Christina, Mya, Pink, and Lil Kim)

16. We have all of the seperate pics of the boys, and when we hung them up, we made sure that the height we hung them at was their regular height.

17. We got tickets to the concert in Denver, Colorado because it was on Brian's birthday (2/20).

18. We've been to over 25 BSB concerts!!!

19. Our favorite member of O-Town is Trevor because he likes the Backstreet Boys.

20. We cried when the Backstreet Boys were the number two video for the Y2K (2000).

21. We bought more than ten 'Millennium' beanie babies because that's the name of the BSB cd.

22. We skipped school on November 21 and got "Black & Blue", and stalked the boys all day!!

23. On Superbowl Sunday (Nick Carter's birthday!!), we made a plan to get from the ski lodge at Okemo Mountain to our condo, even though the condo was five minutes away and the slopes closed at four.

24. On A.J., Nick, and Brian's birthdays, we were signs on our back that said 'Happy Birthday _________" while skiing!

25. We've threatened to kill the stupid president of Jive Records for treating the boys like s**t at times.

26. (Christine) I looked up the meaning of 'being lonely' in a dictionary.

27. We are fans of Joey McIntyre because he sang "I Want It That Way" in Times Square while on TRL.

28. We are also fans of New Kids On The Block (which Joey McIntyre is in btw) b/c A.J. sang them in his audition for BSB.

29. We make sure to have a moment of silence on every August 26 because that was the day that Jerald Wayne Richardson (Kevin's dad) died. :(

30. We convinced ourselves that "I'll Never Break Your Heart" was all about our fave boy singing to US.

31. We bought their sibbling's albums (i.e. Aaron Carter, Leslie Carter, Pollyanna Dorough, etc.)

32. We consider Leighanne and Kristin to be the two luckiest woman on the planet.

33. We can't understand why "The Perfect Fan" isn't about us. (We know 10x more about the guys then their moms)

34. We get all of the questions right on any Backstreet Boys quiz.

35. Whenever we see that Tiffany person on tv, we silently remind her that AlexaNder has an 'n' in it, since she didn't know that on November 3, 2000 when they were having the BSB and *NSYNC competition.

36. We just got disconnected from the Internet b/c we've been on so long.

37. Our favorite quote by Kevin was the one that he made on TRL on November 16, 2000: "The song I never want to hear again would have to be "Bye, Bye, Bye".

38. We counted the # of times 'bye' was said in that song (including the echos) and got 73.

39. We are about to murder Regis Philbin because he let Lance Bass on his show, but not Kevin or Howie. (arg!! we hate that guy soooo much)

40. We hopelessly search for the Backstreet Market in Orlando, even though we know it doesn't exist anymore.

41. We've collected all of the crowns, fry holders, cups, cds, and videos from Burger King.

42. We watch MTV for an hour to see the commercial where the BSB are gonna be in concert.

43. We are proud to be in the state that their biggest venue is in (Massachusetts, baby!!)

44. We flew to Key West to see them perform on the MTV retirement special.

45. We skipped the hottest guy in town's New Years Eve party (in 99-00) to catch the world premere of "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely."

46. We've becoeme Limp Bizkit fans because that was Kevin's favorite video.

47. We watch the Disney channel to see the little thingyz where they show clips from tv shows, movies, concerts, etc. to see Nick and Kevin for a fraction of a second.

48. We cried when we heard that A. J. McLean's grandmother died. :(

49. We got more than 30 calls in one hour to tell us that BSB were on CBS for the Larger Than Life special.

50. We have FIFTY reasons why we're obsessed!


Date: Jun 13, 2001
Submitted By: Hayden

I guess this topic you guys are talking about is being obsessed. Well my favorite BSB would have to be AJ. He is really sexy. I don't want to say i'm obsessed because that's a little scary. I have over 3,000 pictures of Aj/BSB in my room and in folders, etc. I have gone to every concert possible that i could. I've known in my heart that they are a really good group of boy/men that can sing. yeah i would do anything to like get tickets, etc. but i don't want to say i'm Obsessed. I can say i'm a BIG fan. and i can't say i'm Aj's #1 fan cause that would have to be his loving mother. But i can say i'm hi #2 fan. and always will be. Thanks that's all i have to say.

Top 5 reasons why BSB rocks my world

Date: Jun 13, 2001
Submitted By: michela

5. They are so cute

4.A.js tatoos are hot

3. Nick is young enough for me to date

2.Kevin is Brians couz.

1.***** Brian******

"excuse me......"

Date: Jun 13, 2001
Submitted By: bella anne enriquez

oh my god, there was this girl, who happens to be a great fan of the boys,everyday, she roams around town, going from one internet cafe to the other, changing all wallpapers of the computer monitors to backstreet pics. can u believe it!!! she even dares to say "excuse me but there is something very important to be done with this unit, its an emergency" and then whaaaaa, she does it. you couldnt argue, she'd eat you alive!!!

They Just Make it All Right

Date: Jun 13, 2001
Submitted By: Jennifer

When I'm driving in my car, and one of their many songs come on the radio, no matter how my day is going they just make it all right. I love them, they are my heart and soul. When it comes to them, their is no wrong. THEY are what makes the world a better place.

Love their SECOND(and only) biggest fan.

Why I love the BSB so much!!!

Date: Jun 13, 2001
Submitted By: Karla M.

I loved the BSB since the moment I heard them and at that instant I bought their single 1995-1996.I bought their CD the moment it came out and I loved it.But a couple of years later my grandfather died and I got realy depresed I didnt want anyone near me ( I had no true friends).As I was watching T.V. one day I saw this interview with Kevin he was saing how his father had died and how he got thru it.He said he wanted to make his dad proud so he wanted to be acomplish his dream when I heard that I started to cry and I said to mysef that I wanted to do the same thing.I started singing because my grandpa loved to hear me sing and I want to make him proud.I will always have my singing dream and have the hopes of becoming a singer.But my bigest Dream and Hope is to meet my inspirations "BSB" thats my ultimate dream .So all of you who have met them cherish that moment that alot of us wish to have.

I love Backstreet Boys!!!!!!4-ever!!!

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