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A Week Out With The Backstreet Boys

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

Let me start out by introducing myself. My name is Kimberly, and I am a 25 year old career woman. I am also a HUGE Backstreet Boys fanatic. I began liking them last year when they were on MTV counting down their top 20 favorite videos. Naturally I was intrigued by these adorable and funny guys. I refused to admit my growing love in the beginning because I was a teenager in the heyday of none other than New Kids on the Block - and I went through all that hysteria (Jonathan was my fave)! I couldn't believe I could go gaga over another "boy band." I reminded myself of what happened the last time. Then it hit me one day. I am still young, the BSB are very talented and they are NOT a boy band. From that moment on I embraced my love for them and I have no problem telling the world that I love the Backstreet Boys.

I went to see them play basketball at the Miami Arena on Nick's 19th birthday, January 28. (Nick was not doing well at first but he got a lot better :o) Then I bought their CD's. Then posters. I was a bit embarrassed buying a teen magazine but it was worth it. LOL! I now own all of their CD's, European and American. It was really starting to gnaw at me. I couldn't get enough of them. I began carrying their picture everywhere. I can't drive the car without their picture on the seat beside me. (Is that crazy or what)??? I was glued to my TV for Backstreet TV on MTV in May. When I found out about the Into the Millennium tour I went nuts. I was almost sick from worry for an entire week that I wouldn't get tickets.

Then August 14 rolled around and I had people trying to get tickets online, on the phone and cell phones. By 11:00 a.m. I had no tickets and I was crying like a broken hearted fan. My heart WAS broken. I thought it was pointless but I drove to a ticketmaster outlet at 11:00 a.m. just in case. I lucked out and got a nosebleed ticket to the Ft. Laud. show at the National Car Rental Center that was originally scheduled for September 15. I breathed a sigh of relief. I was trembling from relief and excitement. I drove home and got a huge surprise. I had completely forgotten that I placed my name on several ticket broker's lists for tickets back in early June, before any tour information was released!!! One of them called me and before I knew it I had a ticket to BOTH Ft. Lauderdale shows, September 14 and 15. I spent extra and got a lower level seat for the 14th show. Then it hit me. Why not go on a road trip? I purchased a ticket to the December 1 show in Orlando at the Orlando Arena and the December 2 show in Tampa at the Ice Palace, both nosebleed seats. I didn't care, I was going to four Backstreet Boys concerts! It cost WAY above $38 a ticket but that's what my credit card was for!

I was so excited. I made plans with an older friend of mine who also loves the Backstreet Boys to go on this road trip. I would attend the concerts alone and she would visit the local hot spots. Sounded like a plan to us! I cannot tell you how excited I was. Then came Hurricane Floyd, and I was so disappointed that I had to wait until December for all of the concerts. I was glad when the time came to attend the concerts, though! Instead of starting off the tour, Ft. Lauderdale would end it. It gets even better. I found out online that the Boys had added another Tampa concert on December 3. Of course I HAD to go to that one, too. I got FLOOR seats through an auction site, 15 rows back. I almost passed out when my tickets arrived. Since I had to buy two as the broker would not break up the pair, my "road trip" friend decided to go to the December 3 concert with me. (She's 47, by the way and Everybody is her favorite song)! The closer it got to Dec. 1 the more crazy I drove everyone around me. My co-workers were ready to have me committed.

The weather was beautiful on Dec. 1 as my friend and I drove on the turnpike north to Orlando. We got there in about 3 1/2 hours and found our hotel and the Arena without a hitch. As I got ready in the hotel room for the concert, my stomach had major butterflies. I made my friend drop me off early, about 6:15 p.m. There were hundreds of fans lined up at the steps to the Arena waiting to get inside. I was by myself in the crowd of fans and I was cold (it was about 43 degrees out and I'm used to 93) but I was never, ever happier to be somewhere then I was at that moment. We were finally able to get inside the Arena and I wasted no time finding my nosebleed seat.

Mandy Moore was okay and EYC got the crowd hyped, but they were not very well received in my opinion. When Dave from EYC lifted his shirt girls went crazy, but most of them were screaming for EYC to get off the stage. This happened pretty much every night. They did a good job, but I wasn't wild about either of the opening acts. When the music to Star Wars began and the band came out from a corner of the Arena in white everyone went wild. WILD. Then came the dancers with their "torches." It was breathtaking to watch them proceed to the stage and circle it and place the torches around it. It was so beautiful. Then the theme to Star Wars really began in earnest and from a distance there was smoke and then...the Backstreet Boys! As everyone pretty much knows, they came out from a black box suspended in the air and "flying" on surfboards (boogie boards). Everyone was screaming their heads off! From then on it was just crazy.

Throughout the whole show I sang and danced around in my seat and couldn't believe that I would get to see the show another four times after that night. I won't go into extreme detail about the concert because everyone already knows now that this part of the tour is over. After the concert I met my friend at the designated spot on Lake Point Circle and proceeded to tell her all about the concert. I didn't get to sleep until about 2:00 a.m.

Thursday Dec. 2, we left the hotel in Orlando, had breakfast at a Denny's Diner on Colonial, and headed for Tampa. We had a friend in Tampa who was letting us stay with her for the next two nights so we saved some money. She had given us directions which we followed to the T, and guess where we ended up? Daytona Beach. Oops. She told us to go EAST on I-4 when she meant WEST. We should have known that, but hey, we were jamming to the BSB and didn't even think about the fact that Tampa is on the WEST coast of Florida. Duh. We laughed at ourselves and still got to Tampa in plenty in time. She laughed when we told her!

That night I was a bit more calm and my friends dropped me off at the Ice Palace at 7:20 or so. The show was almost exactly the same as the night before, but since it was Tampa and Nick is from Tampa it was kinda neat. By the way, in Orlando when AJ introduced Mindi Abair (sax player for anyone who doesn't know yet) he said she had been an Orlando Magic cheerleader. In Tampa they announced that she was from Tampa (like Nick)! The crowd loved that. Her hair looked cute every night, by the way!

I had just as much fun at that concert as I had in Orlando. I waited in front of Newk's (a bar) on Channelside Drive for my ride and then realized that this one way street was blocked off by Newk's, but eventually they opened it up and I got picked up! Whew! Now I was feeling like a pro at this. Friday was the day I was the most excited because I had the floor seats, 15 rows back. My friend and I got there at 8:30 because she had no interest in seeing the opening acts. She brought her ear plugs (she is 47, remember) and we looked at the stage in awe. We couldn't believe how close we were. When they came on stage I was like "OMG! I can see Brian's face so clearly without the screens!" AJ flew right near me during QPG and Nick was to my off to my left that night. I got some pretty good pictures, especially at the end when the stage was bright and Nick and Brian had on white Buccaneers jersey shirts. I had to carefully take those photos as the usher or whatever he was told me I couldn't take pictures. Ha! Yeah, right!

After THAT concert I was in BSB heaven. Even though we got lost trying to find the friend who lives in Tampa and walked all around Tampa looking for the designated pick up spot, we were happy. Especially me! Of course we finally found her at the "worse case scenario" pick up spot and got to her place after midnight. I was so wired from being that close to my favorite guys in the entire world. Well, Saturday arrived and we drove home. There was no concert that night so I watched the Homecoming concert on TV.

Then came Sunday night and I drove the long way to the National Car Rental Center in Ft. Laud so as to avoid any traffic jams on 595. If you're interested, that would be Oakland Park Blvd. west to Panther Parkway. I parked at the Sawgrass Mills Mall across the way and walked to the Center with hordes of other fans, mostly much younger than me. I had the lower level seat that night and could still see pretty good, though not like that last night in Tampa. I was nowhere near tired of seeing or hearing them and found it strangely exciting to have them in MY hometown, saying "Crazy people of Fort Lauderdale."

Again, the concert was nearly identical to the previous three, but being that this was one of the originally postponed shows they mentioned the hurricane a little bit, etc. It was the second to the last show of the tour and it was exciting. Still, Monday night, Dec. 6, was the most different. It was "crazy night," the last night of the tour. (EYC had the BSB dancers and Mandy Moore on stage with them at the end of their act). At the end of the concert when they break in the middle of It's Gotta Be You to let the dancers "battle" and introduce them and the band it was the most different and it was funny! They did a tid bit of "Kung Fu Fighting" while the dancers "battled" and they gave everyone in the band and the dancers different names. For instance, Nefertiti was Lawanda or Laquanda, Reggie was Fro Jo (he had on this huge red afro wig)! AJ introduced Kristn as Taz, Mindi was "Nick's distant sister, Mindi Carter," Louie was "Nick's older brother, Louie Carter." I loved it. Guy Walker was Wolfman Jack. Someone was spraying AJ with water. They stopped when AJ finally laughed and said he didn't want to get electrocuted, but it was hilarious. The dancers were spraying that string stuff on each other. Everyone just got craaaazy.

After IWITW they didn't stand in the center of the stage, slowly being lowered and singing "Don't Wanna." They actually ran off the stage and through part of the floor crowd! Those lucky peeps! I was probably one of the only people in the crowd that night who knew just how different that last show was. I drove home feeling so sad that my "week" with the Backstreet Boys was over.

After so many months of planning and waiting it was all over and done with. I had so many memories but I felt this terrible ache in my heart. I knew how very lucky I was to have seen even one concert, and I truly, truly sympathize with those fans who did not get to see them. If you did miss the tour, fear not. As we all know, they are doing more dates starting in February. Which brings me to my conclusion, at long last. I got home Monday night with my heavy heart and went online....and discovered that the new tour dates would bring the Boys back to Florida once more on February 24. And guess what? I'll be there! You can never, never get too much of a good thing and the Backstreet Boys are the best in the biz! Once again I have a concert to look forward to and That's the Way I Like It!

Concert Reviews: 12/05-06/99 Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

From: Kimberly L Sparer [kimber@MIT.EDU]
Sent: Wednesday, December 08, 1999 2:44 PM


this review is going to be pretty long, but I have so much to say. So i separated the review into sections so you could skip whichever parts you want to.


"We drove all the way from jacksonville to see the boys" she said.
"Well, I flew from Boston" I replied
"Wow! You got us beat!" she answered."i hope you got good seats"
"eigth row" I said
"Oh my gosh!!" cried her daughters in awe


Let me just say that my aunt rocks. I liked the boys' music last year but wouldn't have classified myself as a fan...until the '99 VMA's. I watched, completely impressed, as they wowed with their new, pumped up, dance moves, and even though Nick sounded a bit off, and I was hooked.

It was then that I decided that I wanted to see them in concert. Unfortunately, they had been sold out for a while and i didnt think of alternate means to get tickets to see them in either Boston(where I go to college...Im 21), or New York(where my parents live).So the dates came and went and I gave up.


Around the end of October, I got bugged. Now I dont give up too easily, so I decided to go through online auctions and classifieds and such trying to get tickets. I even called up local Floridian ticket brokers, a long distance call from boston, in hopes of getting tickets. I discovered I could get decent lower level tickets for much cheaper than online brokers, but still 150 each plus the cost of airfare was a bit steep.Those days I was on an emotional roller coaster, wondering if was actually going to go. One night, as I I was trying to figure out a new plan of attack, my mom told me she had called my aunt, who has serious entertainment connections. Once again, another three weeks of emotional ups and downs ensued, until... VOILA!!!my aunt came through. In fact, she had put two different people up to the task, and they both got tickets, so she sent two back.


it wasnt veyr hard for me to decide who I wanted to go with to the concert. I consider my self personally responsible for spreading the Backstreet seed in my dorm, so I had plenty of friends who wanted to join me. But I decided, like many other older concert attendees, that I was going with my best friend. Unlike many of them, that best friend was my mom. I knew the two of us would have an unbelievable bonding experience over teh extended weekend.


Typically, I psyched myself up for the concert by listening to a whole slew of things backstreet. It didnt hurt that the hottest one by far, Kevin, had been in the People's sexiest issue. By the time the last few weeks, arrived, I had started a countdown. Needless to say I was pumped. When I got to Flrorda I stayed with my grandparents, and even taught them some songs.Picture in your mind two 80 year olds attempting to sing Larger Than adorable is that????

Th day of the concert, my mom was a basketcase. I neglected to say that because my aunt had gotten us promotional tickets we wouldnt actully see them until 2 hours before the show,so we were a little worried there would be nothing there.

**************THE CONCERT*******************


When we got to the stadium, and I opened the ticket envelope, I freaked out. 8th row, center section. Those arent floor seats, so I was around stage height, close to one corner so I had a pretty amazing view of three of the guys the entire time. One hitch, the battery in my camera died so even tho I had great seats to take close ups, I couldnt... BIG BUMMER there. SO I bought myself a 20 dollar program to console myself.


My mom and I started to get nervous during the opening acts because quite honestly we found them laughable. Mandy Moore has no rhythm, though her dancers do, and she is very rough around the edges singing wise.SHe needs to learn how to use the mike better. Then EYC, is just awful. As many people mentioned already, they cant sing very well, and that lead guy, while very hot, should not be taking off his shirt. THere are little kids in the audience who do not need to see his undulating body. Plus, he was just annoying me with his attempted rapping.Thats when we started getting nervous, that all the excitement and hype about the backstreet boys would lead to disappointment....

****THE BOYS*****

...completely without reason. It was just last minute nerves getting to me. The boys WERE UNBELEIVABLE.

That sears commercial was adorable, and my poor mom, because when I saw kevin on it, I smacked her out of reflex. But she made up for it becuase the rest of the cooncert, whenever his face appeared on the jumbotron she whacked me (he's her favorite too. its definitely the age thing. while cute, nick is just too 'young' for both of us)

since everyone knows all of the songs, and i cant remember the order because the whole experience was so surreal that I felt completely detached( I saw the guys, and heard their music and danced and sang along, it was as if I was watching them but singing along to my cds of them...I didnt really connect the visual with the audio. does that make ANY sense?), I will just give my take on things...

1. The guys:

Howie: one of my least favorite normally, but he sang spanish eyes really well

Nick:my least favorite, but he was very cute playing with the others, I dont particualrly love his voice (NICK fans please dont kill me), but his voice is definitely improving angd maturing by the day, as are his dance moves

Brian: hes adorable. I love when he says hullo.I didnt hear it that nitght tho, and he seemed very serious(im guessing he was pretty worn out), but his voice is angelic, and the way he waves is adorable, its like he recognizes you.also, he was hardly on my side, so that could be why he seemed a little serious... because I missed some of his antics

AJ: I love his soulful voice, and he definitely showed it off. His voice is definitely a key factor in setting the boys apart from the boyband stereotype. And hes so funky, just a lot of fun.Its really cool how while everyone else is coordinating themselves, he does his own thing, and it doesn't seem strange. Btw, his hair is short, cropped, and black, and under some sort of hat for most of the show.

Kevin: the man is too beautiful for words and I couldnt help staring, I love the deepness of his voice. his solo/back to your heart was unbelievable. thats my favorite song normally, but with MIndi's sax,it was amazing

2. I love the entire hoverboard thing in the beginning, and the serious march round the stage lead by the one and only kevin

3. Don't want you back has an incredible dance number with it.

4. Kevins solo, once again was amazing.

5. During Quit playing games, AJ was right near me, which made me very happy since he is so entertaining. as the others were getting hooked up ready to fly, he told us he was going to just lay down on the stage (this was so he could hang upside down the whole time). I would have liked to see some of the stuffed animal throwing, but nick and brian were on the other side

6. The jumbotrons were so cool. They were perfect for seeing the cute nick and brian things that I would have missed otherwise.Plus, it didnt hurt to have binoculars which i didnt need...they just magnified every inch of kevin and brian's faces. :)

7. During the perfect fan, its really sweet how kevin stays with his little girl the whole time. Plus, that night, his girl was bawling and he just kept hugging her, and said"don't cry swwetheart.Im not gonna hurt you , they (the fans) aren't going to hurt you, dont be scared." It was so sweet. It would have been even better if my mother hadn't kept jabbing me, saying that she bet I wished it were me. :)

8. The band The great thing about the live show is that you get to really hear the band. They are so talented, especially Mindi, and definitely help enhance the boys' harmonies.

9. The Dancers Another great thing about the show...they are incredibly talented, in amazing shape, and keep the entire show moving.There's always something to watch

It's Gotta be You was great because both the band and the dancers deserve much credit, and it gives a glimpse of everyone's different personalities

***The harmonies:

It's hard to believe that despite 15000 teenage girls shrieking, and blaring music loud enough to drown them out there was no sound-quality trade-off. the boys' harmonies remained impeccable:clear and flawless

Three days later, I have a constant steady ringing in my ears, a sore throat (from singing, and a little shrieking), and some withdrawal and a void because something I was looking forward to so much has come and gone.

The solution: Im going to trek to Albany in February(hopefully) with some school friends to see them again After all, if a two hour concert can generate that much energy, excitement, and emotion, its definitely worth reliving

From: Audra Bartlett []
Sent: Friday, December 10, 1999 5:33 PM

Hi my name is Audra I am 20 years old and I went to the Backstreet Boys concert December 6th in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. Although I am from California I won this trip through my local radio station. I sat on a block of ice for 3 hours to win this trip and I tell ya every minute was worth it. I saw the boys in concert on Oct. 21st when they where here in San Jose but this concert was awsome. It was there last one.

Mandy Moore went on first and she was ok I missed some of her getting my seats. I was right on the floor so close. EYC did a great job, they all took off there shirts and at one point a heavier old man came on stage and took off his shirt it was funny. At the end of ECY the Backstreet Boy's dancers and Mandy Moore came out to dance with them it was one big party.

Then the moment we had been waiting for----THE BACKSTREET BOYS. They flew in on futuristic surf boards like always and they did an awsome job. Nick was pretending to be a robot when he marched around stage and he was having way to much fun. It was nice to see the boys have fun and play along with us all. They started "Larger Than Life" and they danced up a storm Nick was really into it. They did a little diffrent dance than they did in San Jose. On "Quit Playing Games" Nick and AJ challanged each other to a dance off doing the butterfly it was so funny. Nick flew right over me during that song, Nick was mostly on my side the whole time, good cause he is my fave.

They started "I'll Never Break Your Heart" in spanish it was beautiful. They did the hat routine right in front of me. Then they threw there hats I caught Nicks and had it but it got yanked out of my hands but I got to wear it for a while. Howie did his famous RAP, and B-Rok challenge us all to a game of B-Ball, LOL. On "I't Gotta Be You" they broke out the silly string and water guns and bottles, Nick acted like a cowboy twirling his guns, and AJ was gettin carried away lol. I got squirted by AJ and Nick and AJ got drinched so he had to take off his shirt, darn LOL. During "I Want It That Way" Kevin came down a shook our hand and he was really nice. I was right on the rail at this point. Nick also said Hi to me. They sung Happy Birthday to Marcus on of there bodyguards. It was so much fun seeing the last concert. I went to the Boys hotel before the concert and met Little Tyke and Leighnne. She was really nice said I could meet Brian but he was out playing golf, she is a sweet person and I am really happy for Brian. Well I guess thats about it I can say sitting onthe ice for 3 hours was worth it. Keep The Backstreet Pride Alive!!! :0)

Sent: Wednesday, December 08, 1999 6:50 PM

Hello readers,

I just want to start by writing that I have enjoyed reading all (well, almost) the reviews people have done about the show. I went yesterday with 3 friends of mine to their show in Fort Lauderdale and it was superb ! Although, I thought that perhaps I would know their every move, they just kept on surprising me ! The seats we were in were in the first bowl, so we were close to the ground, which was nice. I think that they did a few new things since this was their second to last show. You see, this show was supposed to be the first of the tour, but Floyd spit on us, and they postponed it to December 5th, 1999.

When they came out, at around 8 :45, they flew, of course, and then they did this marching thing around the stage. I didn’t expect that, I had heard that it was just Kevin’s scratching his eyebrow that was the signal to start. During the introductions, they all said how they kept the best for last, which was nice. A.J. said that this was like a homecoming for him, since he is from West Palm Beach (about 1 hour north of Fort Lauderdale) and he said hi to some special people in the audience.

They sang the first verse of All I have to give in Spanish, which was a big hit for the south Florida crowd! You know, I really thought I would be able to describe every move they made, but I’m not ! It was very nice, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t seem to remember it all. I’m kind of disappointed ! During the middle of the show, they were in the pink outfits, they Boys were all getting back to the middle of the stage which was elevated, Nick was taking his time going up since he was catching stuff form the audience. Well, the inner stage was a little steeper when he got there, and Howie stretched out his hand to help him up. Then I heard Nick say (his mic was still close to his mouth so you could hear what he has saying) « thanks Howie, I got it ». I though that was very nice. They seemed really unified on stage, you know, like close friends.

This was nice too. During the Perfect fan, Kevin’s « daughter » from his mother-daughter team, was crying like the whole time. She was about 8, I’d say. Since, he introduced the song, he was already talking, so he told her that we were a loving crowd and not to be afraid. Well, he sang his part sitting next to her, wiping her face with his towel and rubbing her back. Is that the best or what !

During I want It That Way, they came out in Florida Panther’s jerseys . They had their names written on them all with the number 99. That was great ! A.J. came out last and did have time to put his on, so he just threw it into the audience. Then Brian did the same thing. I think that they had forgotten about tomorrow ! Then when it really was time for them to leave, they left through the audience and shook people’s hands and stuff. What a surprise ! I got the impression that they didn’t want it to end either. I know it sounds kind of funny, but they were all like well « we still got tomorrow. » I think that they had a good time on their tour, as exhausting as it must be, and to see it drawing to a close was sad in some respects. Even tough we all want to think that they will be here forever and as popular as they are now forever, maybe that’s not going to be the case. This is pretty big thing to top this tour, it selling out in like 45 minutes and everything. I got he feeling like they maybe felt like they could do this type of tour, maybe of this magnitude again.

All being said, the BSB gave a great show. I would love to see them again. Just as a side note, I got to go to the Nsync show this summer when they taped their pay-per-view special, and, although Nsync was very good, I feel like they just can’t compare to the BSB. And really these two shows shouldn’t really compare since the Nsync one was for PPV, so theirs wasn’t really a regular tour show, for the BSB this was just a show like any other, and it was still better !

Well, thanks for reading my review, I have been reading yours since the tour started, and I’m really glad my day came to write one too ! I hope I didn’t bore anyone, and especially not offend anyone.


Sent: Wednesday, December 08, 1999 6:12 PM

HI peoples on December 6 th I went to the Backstreet Boys concert. I had so much fun, all the guys looked so hot. First they started off flying out with the Star Wars music on their little boards. They wouldnt let any one get in with signs but i successfully went in with it, i put it in my purse and folded it up in a little piece. So i was like 1 out of like five people with a poster. The Backstreet Boys prepared a very good concert, Aj looked hot he tore his undershirt off and also was doing the chicken dance, which was so funny. They sang the first verse of "I'LL Never Break Your Heart" in spanish, it sounded good. For the Perfect Fan they got five girls and their mothers. During Spanish Eyes if i'm not mistaken, this girl sneaked up on stage and hugged eachg one of the Backstreet Boys the last one was Brian and the look on his face was like ok whos huggin me and he saw that it was a fan and he brought her right of the stage after he hugged her. but otherwise the concert was the best ever. aj was fine!!!

From: Sole Sanchez []
Sent: Wednesday, September 08, 1999 7:58 PM

  Hey! I attended the Dec 5th concert at NCRC in Ft. lauderdale.  I have to say this is the best concert I have ever been to!  I went with 7 other friends to the concert and we had the best time of our lives.  The first person we saw was Tommy Smith...we yelled his name and he waved and blew us kisses.  we also saw Amanda Latona(former Innosense) and she waved too.  Then we saw Leighanne Wallace and Mandah and took some pictures of them. We had good seats to start with sec 134.  We had a really good view of everything. The opening acts weren't all that great and the only thing that they said that actually hyped the crowd was "Backstreet Boys."  When the guys came out it finally hit me that I was where I was. 

We took lots of pictures of them marching, saluting and flying and about 4 songs into the concert we moved down to the front row(of the side of the stage) and stood with some other people.  The ushers were straight and they didn't care.  AJ gave a shoutout to somebody named Margaret and said he was very ha ppy to be there because he's from West Palm and that's not far from  Ft. lauderdale.  We had the perfect view when they were changing under the stage.  One of the highlights of the show was when they sang "I'll Never Break Your Heart" in spanish,  everyone started singing,  it was so awesome.  When the guys flew over the crowd Howie was right over us!!  And the pole AJ was climbing on was also right infront of us. Then when they were introducing the dancer and the band,  I screamed "Kevin I love you soo much" and he waved and blew me a kiss!!  My friend got a picture of that.  Then when AJ was done vibrating on the floor we screamed a secret message to him and he smirked and nodded - then he started hyping our side the rest of the time.  I loved Howie's little rap.  When they sang "I want It That Way" they wore Florida Panthers Jerseys, AJ and Brian threw theirs to the audience, and as they were getting off the stage Howie ran by us and I grabbed him*lol*, but so many people were trying to get to him that I fell while still holding him...I eventually let go,  and then my friend Lillian turned and saw me and told me he was laughing *lmao* she had grabbed the sleeve of his jersey too! 

Brian also waved to us while we were taking a pic. I was soo happy,  our seats were great,  the boys were great,  and they looked,  sang and danced even better live! I expected the dancers to be in the way,  but they were great and they didn't get in the way at all.  Also to anyone who says that Nick isn't in shape they're dead wrong,  he looks great!  AJ has gotten even better than before!(<- I didn't think that could happen) I can't wait until the second leg of the tour...I wanna go again.  The concert on the 6th was great too they played pranks on each other...there were rubber chickens and alot of shaving cream.  My fried Bonnie got to go backstage and got me AJ's autograph!!!!!! She's so NICE!!!!  She also caught a dinosaur Brian threw.  I was also very mad at the SBHS baseball team,  they were standing right next to the BSB's t our bus as they were getting in and didn't even get a picture or autograph - they just stared as the girls started to run towards them! But all in all the concert made me love the BSB even more!!!   KTBPA 4 EVER!


If you have any questions e-mail me

From: Kimber Bennis []
Sent: Wednesday, December 08, 1999 4:57 PM

Hi, finally got a chance to sit and write this. As you know the tour is now done for this year. I managed to get to both shows despite not having tickets. On Sunday (the 5th) I went to the show with my mom and we tried to find tickets. I went up to the box office and found out that there were indeed still tickets to be had. I ended up buying two tickets that were for the 2nd section on the floor row 19. Fantastic seats rigth between Nick and AJ's flying rigs.

On Monday (the 6th) I went by myself and ended up with seats in the 134 section row 16. This seat actually ended up being a little better than the previous night, I was able to see 4 out of the 5 sides instead of 1 main side and a bit of the other 2. I had Howie's flying rig directly above me. The two shows were slightly different. Sunday's show was the typical show that everyone has seen. On Monday though being the last one there were many surpises...during Mandy Moore's set Dave from EYC came out shirtless with white writing on his chest that said "I love (drawn as a heart) Mandy" and presented her with a pink rose when she finally realised he had snuck onto the stage. During EYC's set a couple of BSB dancers and Mandy with her dancers when out to dance during the last song. As for BSB's set there were numerous bats were given to the dancers during their battle, shaving cream (or whip cream I'm not sure which) was also used as their weapons, During their introductions the boys called them other names (Louis Vigilante ended up being Nick's older brother and so on per member of the band & dancers). During the last song the water guns were handed out to the crew and to the boys. Needless to say they got soaked. Oh, before I forget I don't know if anyone else has mentioned this but I noticed that Nick now has a new tattoo on his right arm. It's this band that mostly wraps around.

The basic moral of this story is don't believe that a show is completely sold out, as I've said I got into both nights and I didn't have tickets until the night of. Monday's show still had seats on the floor in the 4th row. I met someone Sunday night who ended up with that 4th row seat Monday, she ended up with one of the dancers hats because of it. Both nights were fantastic and if by some miracle BSB comes back down during the next leg of the tour you can bet I'll find a way in. I said a few months ago when I didn't get tickets that I wasn't going to give up and I didn't. Not giving up paid off fantastically in the end.

Keep Rockin'!!!!!

Kim Hollywood, FL

Sent: Wednesday, December 08, 1999 4:49 PM

Ok, this is my encounter at a BSB concert. I went to the second to last concert in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. on December 5 that was originally scheduled to be the first date of their Millennium tour but we had a hurricane so it got rescheduled. Anyway, I'm a proud NSYNC fan so I had not made any plans to go, even though I tried to get tickets. But, thanks to the goodwill of my friend Sole' (a huge A.J. fan), let me go with her. We arrived pretty early so when my other friend Ashley's mom dropped us off we piled out of the car and went up the stairs to be greeted by about 200 other fans. I was in BSB territory now so when we were let in and i heard NSYNC playing on the loud speaker i had to control my urges to scream like the idiot I am. We bought some of those overpriced glow sticks and went to our seats. When we got settled in the seats we spotted Tommy the keyboardist for BSB so me and Sole' screamed his name, in unison, and sure enough he waved and blew us a kiss!

Just about immediately after he did this all the little teenyboppers or as Sole' would say "chicken heads" started screaming like they had seen him first. Then we waited about five more minutes which felt more like a quarter past eternity when we decided to get some food. After we did this we went back to our seats or what we thought were our seats. We later learned that we were sitting in the wrong section, but it turned out ok cause the seats we moved to were better. We were still in Section 134 but the seats were decent. Ok now for the worse part of the concert: the opening acts. Mandy Moore was even more obnoxious in person than she is on t.v. I swear that girl has the i.q. of a cheeseburger! The sad thing was that EYC (Express Yourself Clearly- how gay is that?!) was even worse! They kept asking if we wanted to see the "sexual side of EYC" and me and my friends kept reply with a loud "nooooo". However, they kept going and going. It was kind of funny though when they announced that they would be singing their last song everybody cheered!

After the nightmare of "the opening acts from hell!" we spotted Amanda (A.J.'s girlfriend), we were surprised to see her cause they were broken up (it turns out they were only broken up for about 2 or 3 weeks) well, again me and Sole' screamed but being the type person that she is, didn't answer and about 10 seconds before they turned the lights off we spotted Leighanne. Anyway, the concert itself was spectacular! The guys came in on these lighted skateboard type things singing "Larger Than Life" and then they flew over the crowd! Howie was no more than 5 feet from me but, I still didn't catch one of the roses. However, I got some really great pics from him being so close. I forgot which order they sang the songs but I do remember that even the song I hate the most ("The One") sounded good. They sang "That's the Way I Like It" so i was pretty happy cause I loved that song. They brought up poles from the ground and as I expected A.J. was humping it. That boy has really practiced it cause he was doing it while hanging upside down! They had a costume change, which was really good cause where we were sitting it was perfectly positioned so that we could see them changing underneath the stage! The rest of the show was pretty much like every other show except that they sang "I'll Never Break Your Heart" in Spanish which was really cool.

Everything was going great until me, Sole', and Ashley decided to see how far we could go down before we got caught and lucky for us, this lady and her family were leaving and said we could have her seats which just happened to be 3rd row. We were so excited and so we started yelling and screaming and Kevin noticed Sole' yelling his name or something and he blew her a kiss. Plus, Brian was making this really weird eye contact with Ashley so I thought she was going to pass out but it was really nice. At just about the same time, Howie saw me going berserk and screaming his name and he gave me a cute little wave! Speaking of Howie, he did the best freestyle I've heard in awhile. I

From: katya []
Sent: Wednesday, December 08, 1999 3:36 PM

Dec 6th was the best night of my life! I went to the last concert of the Into the Millennium Tour, and all I can say is WOW!!! You all know how the concert goes so I'll just give you all the little short details that made this concert so special! Of course the guys were acting crazy since it was their last concert and i'm glad they did because they made the crowd have a blast! ,Of course it wouldn't be a BSB concert with out Aj showing his Body , so during the middle of the concert AJ tore off his shirt! (oh yeah) Nick seemed to have gotten a new tattoo, (i'm not sure though) its on his right arm, its one of those bracelet type things but it looks great on him! At the end of the concert they all went crazy and the dancers and them took out super soakers and shaving cream and sprayed each other!! it was hilarious to see them acting like little kids and having so much fun!! And best of all I have Pics to remember it all!

I know this review isnt really detailed but If I wrote my whole review i would never If you have any questions just e-mail me, i'll be glad to answer them! :o)


From: pam shen []
Sent: Tuesday, December 07, 1999 9:11 PM

I was so happy when the day came that I would be finally going to the concert. After all my concert had been postponed from september!!! ahhh!!! and we had orginally been the first stop now we were the last but it was definitely the best.... they were fooling around the entire time and they said they didnt do it any other show only the last show... of course... iwent to the concert in fort lauder national car rental center december 6... i went 2 the last concert they had in north america for this millennium:) come to think of it thats awesome:) and i must admit after reading all those reviews since the beginning of the year from europe and recently all over north america the concert was waayyyy better than i expected... we also sang happy birthday to marcus the security gaurd cuz it wuz gonna be his birthday tommorrow ( well today actually) and since they werent gonna be on tour they did it at the concert it was soo sweet it was ajs idea im not gonna say what songs they sang cuz everyone knows cuz we were the LAST stop but i just wanna say some highlights...

in the end it was really funny after the finished i want it that way they brought out all this silly string and everyone started spraying all over the stage and nick and dancers were chasing each other all over the place and running and then nick and aj poured their water bottles into their hair and nick poured all of it and through the bottle into the crowd and there was a mob ofgirls fighting over it.. it was really funny! and then aj ripped off his shirt.. i wonder if he did it at any other concert .... it was half torn midway through so in the end he just ripped all of it off and in the end nick and brian just ran straight through the crowd out it was completely unexpected and they did it separately and the security gaurd didnt realize that brian was dodging through the crowd until he was half way gone and starting chasing him and they were touching all their fans while running:) it was soo awesome all the special effects and their singing was awesome i hope their gonna be around forever!!! ive always loved them and now my respect has only increased more:) ktbpa!! keep the backstreet pride alive!!!

p.s. does anyone no how 2 keep the glowsticks like glowing are u suppose 2 like stick them in the freezer? does any one no the deal with that? thanks!:)

From: Julieann Aldrich []
Sent: Tuesday, December 07, 1999 11:18 PM

Ok, let me put it this way: I went, I saw, I WAS NOTICED! By who you may ask? BY ALL 5 OF THE BACKSTREET BOYS! Ok, let me tell you the whole story, from start to finish.

On December 6th, I woke up at 6 in the morning like i always do, and I got ready for school, had a little bit for breakfast, and hopped on the bus to go to school. When I was in my first and second hours, it seemed like HOURS until both hours ended. So finally I got through 1st + 2nd hour, and went to 3rd hour - P.E. We just got to talk the whole time so it went by really fast. And so did my 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th hours. When I got on the bus, I was so excite, but nervous at the same time. So, when I got home, I ran down my loooooong drive way, and ran into the house, and ran up to my mom and hugged her. Then I ran into my room and change out of my uniform into my BSB shirt, and waited for my friend Myesha, and hopped into the car, and drove to Boynton, and picked up my Grandma. Then we started heading down to Ft. Lauderdale.

When we finally got there, it was about 6:15, and my mom and grandma were eating some food we got from Mc Donalds. So, me and Myesha were waiting for them outside of the car. And these 2 girls came walking past us, and said "BSB are # 1!!! NSYNC SUCKS!" and then I said "YEAAAAAAHH!! RIGHT ON!!!!!". Then finally we walked into the National Car Rental Center, and bought some things. I was carrying a BSB book just in case my mom really did get the backstage passes, and i had a sign thing folded inside the book.

We went and found our seats about 10 minutes later, and TO MY SURPRISE, we had AWSOME seats! Myesha and I were going WILD! after about an hour or so, the concert finally started. Mandy Moore was the first to perform. I thought she was OK. Then EYC came out, and I must admit, they were pretty good. But i wasn't listening to them sing that much. I was looking at Dave through binoculars, and whenever he turned around to the other side of the arena, I kept saying "Man he's got a fiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnne boot-ay!!!!" and then me and Myesha got in an argument about whose he was. It was just too funny. Then there was like a 15 minute intermission. BUT IT FELT LIKE YEARS!!! And then FINALLY the lights went out, and everyone went hysterical. I kept saying "Oh man....... oh man..... I'm hyperventalating!!!!!!" And I held up my sign, and - to my surprise- HOWIE WAS STARING AT ME AND SMILING. Man, and we're talking about a smile that went from ear to ear!!!! Maybe it was what the sign said? Possibly. (it said 'everytime i'm down, BSB CAN MAKE IT RIGHT, and that makes BSB LARGER THAN LIFE!!!") and so, they walked around the stage, and then broke into "Larger Than Life". Then after a while, I held up my sign again, and Brian and AJ BOTH saw it - Brian smiled, and AJ tipped his hat. I was just freaking out. Then eventually Kevin and Nick both saw it. Kevin just smiled a little, and i am not sure what Nick's reaction was. And when they were singing "Show me the Meaning", I just broke out crying. I just couldn't hold it back. And, I think Nick saw me crying, cuz he was taking his coat off, and trying to be funny at the same time, but it DID work, cuz i was laughing. And through out the show, all the BSBers kept looking at me and Myesha, and I was just freaking. And when Howie did his little rap thing (remember MC D?)and it was just too cute!!!! And, after they sang "IWITW" (I think) some one was spraying water at AJ. and AJ said "As you can tell, this isn't a regular show......." i thought it was too funny.

I just have to admitt, that was the best concert I have EVER been to! Even tough after the concert I couldn't hear, and I sounded like a CHIPMUNK..... the concert was just AWSOME. I am going to try to get tickets for the St. Petersburg one on Feb. 24th. I'm crossing my fingers! :)

Thank you. GOODNIGHT!!!!

Sent: Tuesday, December 07, 1999 5:16 PM

BACKSTREET BOYS couldn't of proved it any more than they did they are truly are THE BEST!!!!! I saw them in concert Dec.6th in Fort Lauderdale, FL from the moment the lights went out the whole arena was screming and chanting "BACKSTREET BOYS " Nick has chnaged so much i lost my voice screming at every little thing he did and he has become so emotional when he sings! he looked so fine with his body looking all muscular and his new haircut and he swept me off my feet with his cute little grin and damn the boy is so sexual!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaahhh. Aj was HOT his hair was regular color ( i wish red) but he was so cute and wild he had a lot of energy and i loved when he ripped his shirt off! i couldnt of screamed louder !!!

Kevin was gorgeous as usual !!! howie cracked me up with his rap he was so cute he came close to me when he flew over us, probebly as close as ill ever get! and brian ahhh what can u say he was so cute at one time in the song i think show me the meaning or ill never break your heart a girl ran past security and ran up on stage to the middle and started kissing brian and after a few minutes brian kinda pulled her his way and led her down to the security but he gave her a few minutes to enjoy the moment..all i can say is WOW!!!!! BACKSTREET has it GOIN ON!!!!!!!!! especially NICK!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!! oh and at the end of the ocnert they were playing around with water guns..aj and nick kept getting soaked by the security and they were running crazy around the stage and said they had a great time on the tour and they love all there fans and are definetley coming back!


Natalie Carter Mclean Littrell Richardson Drough!!!!!!!

From: Freaky []
Sent: Monday, December 06, 1999 10:53 AM

hey guys erika here

first id like to saty thanks to all the ppl who gave me advice- sorry if i didnt reply individually anyhoo heres how sunday went after many problems my friend nicolle and I got to the venue at 5 in the afternoon- she neede to pick up her will call ticket. Anyhoo I bought the tourbook and a laminate beforehand and I put it in the bag i was carryign. we were toally freaked and acting like total morons. Anyhoo we got them to open the will call window early and she got her ticket- while we were at at the will cal lwindow one of the managers came out and we tried to sweet talk him into getting us passes but he said he couldn't so we just asked him if the guys were there and he said they had been there since around 4 ( I guess their hotel was far away) . anyhoo so we left and we kept getting hit up by scalpers for if we had any extra tickets- of coure we didnt orwe would be going tonight too- so we walk around and we find 2 women who are giving away eyc stuff so we start talking to them and they are like telling us cool info for maybe getting in or getting passes and they give us a shit load of eyc stuff (if anyone wants their 2 singles or promo photocards let me know and ill hook you up),

Anyhoo so we keep walking around and being the busybody i am over hear a woman asking these girls if they wanna help the w/ bsb promo so of course nicolle and I are like- we'll do it', so we sign up w/ her and we get these kick us merchandising passes and we get into the venue like 20 min before anyone else ( we felt so official and ppl kept asking us if we knew the guys) so when we finished that we scored a full set of 20 live kick ass bsb pics for free and we didnt have to see mandy moore :). We get to our seats and just toally FREAK OUT- we had know idea how kickass our seats were - we could see everything perfectly close and we were on the side kev flies into really close to the bar.we just kep freaking out we watch eyc strip in disbelief of how ppl could possibly enjoy this.

anyhoo so uve all read reviews and so i wont bore u w/ that- ill just give u the highlights

When they first come out on the board during the imperial march- they didnt spend much time in the air- just enough time to get from the box on the floor to the stage- no stunts or anything and nick looked like he was gona fall cause he wasn't too stable and kept wabbling around. I loved the salute and uniform check they do with the dancers and nick and kevin were acting all tough like they were kernels inspecting their troops- very cool.

At this concertr the dancers were wearing blue jumpsuits- ive seen them wear orange in the others though- but still looked cool. I think my fave dancer is nefertiti.

ALl the dance routines kicked ASS- especially for don't want you back.

I dont think Nick was was feeling too well in the middle of the concert b/c when the bars they use as props came out he like barely looked at his and only climbed it once and spent most of that routine dancing on the floor- but he was absolutely great. You know when kev is playing the piano up in the air and the rest of the guys sit below and sing- nick had his head in his hands most of the time but never missed his cue and sang beutifully- he probably had a headache.

He sang his heart out to were it brought tears to my eyes. He was an incredible dancer- ive NEVER seen him dance this well hehe during the hat dance in aihtg - when they put their hat on their foot- nick's fell off and rolled on the stage away from him in front of kevin- he went to grab it and lost it again and took him 2 tries to get it back but he caught up magniicently- kev almost lost his hat too when they put it under their leg but he caught it before it fell. Nick kept catching flying teddy bears in the air in the middle of routines w/o missing a beat.

when the guys fly up towards the crowd the security guy that was trying to toss teddy bears to kev kept missing and wouldnt toss them high enough- he tried like 4 times on one- we were so close but he didnt throw any our way. Kev flipped over a ton of times- nick did the superman and just looked totally goofy- i couldn't see the other guys.

during the perfect fan when they bring up the little girls and their mothers - kev's little girl couldn't stop crying and she looked like she was gonna pass out. Brian's little girl- so cute- had the biggest smile o nher ace the whole time- howie's jsutlooked like she was in heaven- aj's just looked like she had no idea what was going on- the cutest nick's little girl just would not cooperate- it took him a couple of tries to get her to give him her hand so they could walk around- he would try to get her to wave and she ignored him- he kept trying to get her to sing by putting the microphone in front of her and she just gave him the weirdest look and all he could do was shrug his shoulders-she couldn't have been more than 5.

During show me the meaning i was STUNNED by nick's dancing ( i know i keep talking abotu nick but hes my fave and he was in front of me most of the time and if he wasnt i was looking at him :)) he danced that tango as if hed been doing it all his life- it was awesome- sexier than ever. By the time it's gotta be you started we were smack next to the stage so it was great. I think it was during its gotta be you- when they are wearing the pajama pants and whatever shirt they wanted to wear- that they do a big dance routine- nick kinda of over did his and ran smack into brian who was trying to sing and tried to play it off like he was just leaning on brian to nag him-hehe so cute.The 1st greatest thing-during the battle of the dancers Nick and I made eye contact and he smiled and waved at me. Then they went down and put on florida panthers jerseys to sing i want it that way - they looked GREAT of course. towards the end howie came araound the bottom and nicolle got to touch his hand- then aj kept teasing that he was gonna dump his water on us so we were all ike 'do it so it' so he did and i got drenched which was great. Then brian came around and some girl tossed him a permanent marker so he signed his jersey and was walking around to see who hed give it to and i thin ge ended up giving it to the girl who tossed him the marker- before that he had gone to the other side while aj's mike had gone dead and w/o saying anything he took aj by surprise and took aj's jersey off and tossed it into the crowd- aj just kinda stood there not knowing what was going on.

Kev came around and waved at us and flashed his smile. Then the 2nd greatest thing- nick came up to the upper part of the raising stage on our side and he and i made eye contact again and he was smiling and mouthing ' i dont wanna go' and he came down and waved at everybody. HE was like loving our side of the stage- and who could blame him lol. He looked very amazing- butthen so did the rest of them. He must have spent a good five minutes just like tlaking to us and smiling,then he went back up while the platform was going down and the guys were going down cause it was the end and howie did the arm motion for 'afer you'and nicks like 'no after you' and he tried to walk over to the other side to say bye to the other ppl (playing around) and before he could get off the platform howie grabbed his shirt and literally pulled him down with him.

After the lights went up we hung around the stage and watched them carry out black bags - as if we wouldn't realize that all the points sticking out were the guy's elbows and knees- i guess that was their attempt at a not obvious exit.

I got TONS of the confetti that came down at the end- its neatly [ut away in a bag :). I was so pshyced because I got one of the water bottles the guys used in the middle of the concert-they shared it aint it cute- it even smells like their cologne.

Throughout the concert the band was absolutely incredible- i think mindy is just wonderful- she is an incredible musician- so are the rest of the band but u know shes got girl power lol. I don't know how they managed to never miss a beat while their platforms were turning- id get nautious- but i guess by now they are pretty damn used to it. The lighting on the stage was incredible and the pyro kicked butt

Everything was absolutely awesome. We had such a graet time- i lost my voice and hearing by the end of the night but it was totally worth it.

I wish i could afford to go back on monday night but ull never hear me complain because this was the absolute best night of my life. it was totally worth the ticket price and sooooooo much more. These guys are just the epitamy of incredible performers. I don't think there is as great an emotion as watching the backstreet boys perform live in concert.

It incredible because the concert was over 12 hours ago now and even w/o closing my eyes i can replay the entire concert in my head and remember every detail. I've seen everyone of their shows since they started their open air fair tour in january of last year and haven't missed a show since. I can't wait for their next tour- I'll be sure to get tickets for everyone of their shows that comes near me from now. And next time if there is more than one show in my town ill make sure to go to al lof them.

To the Backstreet Boys, The Backstreet Band, dancers, fatima, and everyone else involved- THANK YOU for making last night the greatest night of my life.

Concert Reviews: 12/02-03/99 Tampa, FL

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

From: Jay BellyBean []
Sent: Sunday, December 05, 1999 4:45 AM

Ok peeps, I went, I saw, but I didn't conquer. Dammit! I left home Tues, 11/30 for Otown, arrived at midnight to find that the person I was to meet was delayed in New York, so of course I feared that I had to fend for my own, but she came thru; one of her friends was at the airport waiting for me.

The following day she arrived early in the morning, waking me up from a very good sleep I might add. I was later introduced to all the chatters from Tommy's chatroom at the site. There were quite a few, and a whole lot of drama going on ( and I mean a lot!). A rental car was wrecked, and the person that wrecked it disappeared in pursuit of the boys with some of her fellow stalkers, leaving the person who rented it to foot a 5k bill for repairs. This same nut, who should have been using her money to pay the damages she caused, resorted to staying at 3-500 dollar a night hotels, under the impression that the boys were possibly staying at these places. My question is this: With the exception of Nick, they all live in Orlando. Why the hell would they be staying in a 4 star hotel when they could go home? Simple answer I later found out: FANS WERE CAMPING OUTSIDE OF THEIR HOMES. The guy looking after Kevin's house while he's on tour had to call the cops on groupies hanging outside in hopes that the after party would be there. Little did they know it was at Aj's house. Haha. The girls I met though were definitely in their own rights were more than a handful. All of them, at one time or another had met the boys and /or the band. Like myself, they had traveled thousands of miles (one girl was from Denmark, and had flown in, not for the show, but in hopes of running into them again.) to see the boys. Only two out of the ten I met actually attended the show.

Now onto the show:


The Wednesday show was their first in their hometown of Orlando ( that we missed the opening acts for); the show, in my opinion, was only received with lukewarm enthusiasm. Kevin and Aj both seemed to be fighting the flu, and they all appeared to be really tired. Maybe it was all that partying? (just kidding, we all know how hard they work, right?) The sound system seemed full of static and way too loud, and even the dancers seemed a little out of it. The crowds response, like I said, left something to be desired, and even I was a little disappointed. The best part of the show was at the end when Aj announced that they would be heading to McDonald's to celebrate after the show. And wouldn't you know it? A group of people camped out at one of the all night Mickey D's for hours, hoping to run into the boys. Work with me people, Aj was just joking!


After driving two hours from Orlando to Tampa, we arrived at the Ice Palace in time to scalp tickets for a really reasonable price ( I know, shocker, huh?) and catch the opening acts. Mandy Moore was adorable. She sounded better than I expected, her range was broad, and her voice clear. Her dancing wasn't the best, but her dancers and her singing made up for it. After her set ended, there was about a five minute intermission, and EYC came out.

I am not a big EYC fan, only having heard one of their songs, which I didn't really care for, but I'll be fair, they did do a really good job. They were enthusiastic and kept the crowds attention with their dancing and well toned bodies; which they had no problem showing off! I swear, when the one singer, I think his name was Dave, lifted his wife beater up over his rippled stomach and chest, you could test the sound barrier with the noise that erupted from the crowd.

After EYC had left the stage and we sat impatiently thru another fifteen minute intermission (the stadium rocked as fans stomped and chanted 'BACKSTREET BOYS, BACKSTREET BOYS' over and over) then, I still don't know who or what started it, the crowd began to do the wave. After a few minutes of that, the house lights dimmed and the crowd went wild.

Smoke filled the auditorium, sparks and lights flashed around the stage, and torch like spears glowed from the other end of the arena as the dancers marched to the stage. Once they had congregated, from my side of the arena, directly below me actually, the five 'commanders' were lifted into the air on suspension wire and boogie boards (equipped with info red lasers), floating towards the stage as mass hysteria broke out. I must admit, when the prompter zoomed in on Kevin as he marched the boys and their dancers around the stage, I lost myself in the hysteria and screamed my heart out ( for the rest of the night too). When the march ended and they broke into Larger than Life, you could feel the energy moving thru you as girls and women screamed, little kids, teenaged boys, and even a few men whooped and whistled, and blue and neon green light sticks cicled madly thru the darkened hall. I can't remember now what order the songs were performed in, but they did all their best: Larger than Life, As Long As You Love Me, Quit Playing Games With My Heart, and on and on. It was a two + hour set, and definitely worth the 50 dollars we handed over to the scalper for the tickets.


I know, THREE shows, right? U must think I am a complete loon, huh? Driving another two hours from our hotel (did I mention the hotel had no hot water the whole week we were there?) in Orlando back to the Ice Palace in Tampa where the streets outside the colisseum were packed, radio stations were camped outside the arena with booming music, offering free prizes while the local police stood in the background quietly serving as crowd control. Once I stepped inside, I just knew that this was going to be the best of them all. Truly it was the best, especially because unbeknowst to me and my friend, our seats were directly in front of the stage. Not on the floor ( yeah, I wish!) but on the first level. We were sitting behind the engineers booth and could see all the preparations that were going on. The black box from which the boys flew out of during the opening show was directly to our left, so we had a clear view of them as they rose above the crowd and soared towards the stage. Honestly, I was dumbstruck, I couldn't believe just how close we were. The fans of Tampa Bay screamed as loudly and maniacally as they could when Nick welcomed the crowd, saying that since Tampa was after all his home town, they had to do two shows, and this being the last, it was to be the best show yet, just for the folks of Tampa bay. And I think it was. Every song was sang to perfection, wrought with such emotion, you could get a chill from the passion in each of their voices. Every dance move was executed perfectly and expertly, I had a hard time following each boy, cause they were kicking major ass.

During QPG, when the boys were again lifted over us, I had to hold my breath as Brian flew right over me, doing one daring stunt after another, and Howie and Kev did the same, flipping backwards and forwards and spinning all around before dispatching stuffed toys over the audience, dropping the teddy bears and other dolls into the hands of several lucky fans. There were the usual blunders, as we know happens at any show: Brian dropping his basketball into the drum kit while Bubba played, Nick getting stumped during the Perfect Fan, Someone, can't remember if it was Brian or Nick, dropping his chair during As Long As You Love Me. But those were such small things compared to what the boys did give: their all.

My favorites were Aj and Kevin having their rap 'battle' during Get Down, and Howie's "MC D" intro during It's Gotta Be You, when it came his turn to introduce the dancers. The Latin dance sequence performed by the boys and their dancers was fluid and beautiful, much like the song: Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely. Mindi and Kevin's solo merited an ovation from the audience, as did the very beautiful Back to Your Heart (My all time fave!). Oh, and who could forget Nick and Aj's antics all night long, especially the little dance they did while the others sang behind them. I have to admit, I am so glad I let my friend talk me into going with her to Orlando. I was so miserable when I couldn't get tickets to either of the two shows here in Northern California, and I ended up going to three! Not only was this a much needed and well deserved vacation, but the best birthday present I could have given myself ( I turn 21 December 16th)! There is so much more I would love to say, but since I tend to be so longwinded, I'll stop here. Let me just say this: I got a lot of flack for flying three thousand miles to go see the boys in concert. Family, friends, coworkers all questioned my sanity. Hey, I even questioned it a few times, but I have no regrets whatsoever. I had the time of my life. Would I do it again? Definitely? Why you ask? Cause the BSB have definitely Got It Goin' On, and what can I say? That's The Way I Like It!

Now, let's just hope my voice comes back before I have to go back to work!

Sent: Saturday, December 04, 1999 5:23 PM

Hi my name is Lauren and I went to the Tampa concert on December 3rd. This was my second time seeing this show 'cause I went to the September 29th show in Philly. Lets me tell ya its just gets better everytime!!!! the first time I was in the second row and the last time I went I was in the 100 level and it felt just the same.....very energizing! My favorite part were the finally when they sang "I Want It That Way" and were wearing Tampa Bay Lightning Jerseys that had their names on them. My mom went this time and she even said it was probably the best concert she has seen. The best part was after the show when I went around back where their tour buses are. We saw Nick and AJ leave in their cars. Girls were jumping on their cars as they were pulling out! My little sister who is 9 ran up to the driverside window of Nick's car and started banging on it and yelling "NICK!" I also got Nick's license plate number, but I think it was Mandy's car (she was in the car with him) and AJ was driving that car he bought for his mom, a BMW. Then we saw Brian, Kevin and Howie get on the bus, but I left before it pulled out cause the cops had just come. Overall the show was absolutely the best EVER! and the boys...excuse me MEN looked fine! And I send my congrats out to Nick for really getting in shape! He looks GOOOOD!

The Backstreet Boys also did that Sears shopping spree thing here in Tampa too at the Citrus Park Mall. The mall didn't open until 10 so they did the spree from 8 until 10. At around 9 the local radio station said that the BsB were at the mall, and about 200 people showed up. They gave everyone hugs and kisses and signed a whole bunch of autographs. They interviewed Nick about the shopping spree on the news and he said something like this "I don't have many friends, So its cool to hang around with some normal people sometimes and make new friends."

Well, that's all I have to say and I cant wait until the BsB come back to Tampa in February!! Bye! KTBPA!


Sent: Saturday, December 04, 1999 12:15 PM

i loved the concert it was the best i freaqked out as soon as i saw that hair on kevins head he was soooooooooooooo hot it was aven better then the concert they put on for there first cd

Sent: Saturday, December 04, 1999 11:48 AM

hey!! ok well i went to the Backstreet Boys' concert Dec 2nd in Tampa,FL!! We had 3rd row center!!! (yes we did get those tickets from ticketmaster, it was pure luck lol) My friend Andrea and I got to the arena at 1:00pm and we went over to the back of the arena where we saw about 10 other girls also waiting for the FABULOUS FIVE to arrive! it got to about 4:45 and finally Nick pulls up w/his gf Mandy in the passenger seat. He was driving a red Honda-I think it was Mandy's car. At around 6:00 we were still standing there in the freezing cold w/ about 50 other people now and still no one else has shown up! everyone was getting so mad! lol. I had a sign that i taped to the fence so that when the rest of the guys pulled up they could read it, it said "Samantha luvs Brian", and my friend did the same thing and hers said "Nick it s gotta be you in my bed" LOL!! so FINALLY another tour bus pulls up and we saw HOWIE in the front!!! hes so cute! I guess the other guys were in there too but we couldnt see them. Well since that was over Andrea and I ran to the front of the arena to try and get in and get to our seats. OMG 3rd row is soooo close!! :)

The opening acts were Mandy Moore, and EYC. Mandy came onstage and I thought she did really well!! I liked her other songs! EYC is another story......they were pretty bad!! when they first got on the stage everyone was pumped up, but tehn they started singing-lol! everyone just immediatly sat down. At around 8:30 BSB finally came out on their surfboards!! I was soo happy! We werent aloud to bring signs in but i snuck mine in my back pack so whenever Brian looked over towards us i held it up for a second and he waved! About 30 mins till the end of the show, we got up to 1st row and the security guards let us lean right up against the barricades, we were so close to them!!! The girl next to me was holding out sunglasses for AJ and he came and told her to throw them and he caught them! Brian caught a bball, so he was playing w/ it for a long time onstage and he accidently kind of hit one of the dancers in the head w/ it, bt she was just fine! Brian signed the ball and threw inback to the girl in the audience. (she was kind of close to me) At the end when they were just standing onstage goofing around, i threw my glowstick up, and Kevin was playing w/ it for a long time! hehe. well when they finally got off the stage the guys ran down the stairs and ran right past us but they were inside the barricades and I touched Howie!! Overall, the concert was honestly, propably the best concert I'll ever see in my life! Im goin to another concert on Monday 12/6 ( a day before my bday) in ft lauderdale too!! i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!


p.s. i just found out that my friend stayed in the same hotel as them that night!!! she met Howie at the bar, and she was in Kevin's elevator!! How lucky is she!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so jealous!

Sent: Saturday, December 04, 1999 10:58 AM

December 2 came it was finally here!!!! i had to go to school that day but has soon has i got home we left to go to the ice palace. we got there at 5:00 we waited outside for a long time but my friends an i was at are radio station trying to win front row and backstage passes but we didn't win :( 6:30 came it was tme to go inside we got are seats we walk around than many moore came on she was good,than eyc came they were good too. than sar wars music came on than bsb came out they were so fine nick was saying during the concert tampa has the best fans in the world he loves his home town so much he says. than all during the concert they did so much stuff they made our show special cause they said it was there 100th show they had done!!! it was the best day an my life. than it was over we were walking down the rode we saw all these police cars than we saw there tour buses coming by us there was nick in brian sitting in front they pointed at us in waved i was going to freak out it was the best day of my life.....



From: Jessica Lozano []
Sent: Friday, December 03, 1999 6:34 PM

December 2nd was the best day of my life. Me, my friend Sarah and my mum went to the Ice Palace to see the guys’ 100th show.

First came Mandy Moore, who was okay. She could have had a little more energy. EYC were great, lots of energy and really piped the crowd up. They were a bit disgusting, though.

About half and hour/45 minutes later, they showed the Sears commercial where the BSB’s are running from the fans. Then we started looking into the black box with binoculars (we were on the second level) and we could see Howie jumping up inside the box trying to get his hand up over the side. Then the band came out, followed by the dancers who were carrying torches witch they paced all around the center of the stage. Then smoke started coming and Darth Vader music started playing and the guys flew out of the box and everyone started screaming. I was so glad I had earplugs.

When they landed, the all lined up with Kevin in the middle. They walked around to all the sides of the stage and at each side they would stop for a couple seconds, Kevin would nod his head twice, then they’d go to the next side. Then they started singing “Larger than Life”. After that was “Get Down” and the “The One”. Then they all left the stage except for Nick who introduced himself, telling everyone to scream and that he knew they could scream louder than that cuz he’s from Tampa. Looking at him through the binoculars made him seem more real than he ever was in the pictures or on TV. Then he left and AJ came, saying how he’d move to Tampa if Nick could convince him. Then the rest introduced themselves, each introduction shorter then the last. Then they did “As Long As You Love Me” and halfway through they did the famous chair dance, then left with their male dancers still doing it.

When they did “Quit Playing Games”, Kevin told everyone beforehand “This one’s an old one. Let’s see if you remember it.” When they were done singing, they all went and strapped themselves into harnesses and flew around the stadium. Nick and AJ were on my side; AJ was about 20 feet away from me and Nick about 40.

Then they did “Don’t Want You Back” where for most of the song they were dancing/playing/hanging around on weird ladders.

Then they changed costumes and Kevin started talking about how Brian wrote this next song for his mom and they have some volunteers to come up on stage to serenade. (Everyone in the Floor raised their hands cuz they didn’t know that they were predetermined). The girl that was paired with Kevin was about 5 years old and Kevin asked her what her name was and then they started singing “The Perfect Fan.” Halfway through the guys took the daughters by their hands and walked around the stage. Then they left the stage and a grand piano was lowered onto the center part of the stage. Kevin started playing it and the sax player (Mindi Abair) played with him. Then the rest of the guys came on the stage and sat in one corner of the stage and sang “Back to Your Heart”.

Then there was a fake thunderstorm and the guys came out in ripped clothes and sang a melody of “Everybody,” “We’ve Got It Going On” and “That’s The Way I Like It.” Then they left the stage and came back wearing pink pants and silver ties and cummerbunds and sang “Spanish Eyes”, sitting on stools on the elevated part of the stage. Then they put on matching pink jackets and did “All I Have To Give” with the famous hat dance. At the end Nick threw off his jacket.

Then they did a costume change and Howie announced that this song was for the late Denniz Pop and sang “Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely.” Then they said goodnight and some of the people left.

Only then they came back and sang “Its Gotta Be You” and halfway though the song they stopped to introduce the dancers and the band. When it came to Nick (who was wearing a Buccaneers’ Dilfer #12 Jersey, the same one that he wears in the Everybody Video), he said how one of their dancers was the only one with Spanish Eyes. He also introduced Mindi saying, “She’s the only female in the band.” Then he came to one of the guitar players or the bass player (I don’t remember his name) and said how he’s special cuz he’s the only person besides Nick that’s a Buccaneers supporter.

Then when it came to Howie’s turn to introduce, he pretended to forget and then correct himself (or maybe her really did) and introduced MCD (Howie), who was dressed in a hooded sweatshirt and posed like a rapper, who rapped about the “Freaky Deeky Trio.” Then they finished “Its Gotta Be You,” during which Nick stuck his head into the camera so that on the big screens you could she a very misshaped head, and while the band was still playing, they went to every side of the stage and bowed (During and after this even more people left than before). Then they said goodnight again and left again, only to have 2 seconds later the music for “I Want It That Way” start. We knew they were finally over for real after that and right before they left Nick said one more thing: “We all know who’s gonna win the Superbowl this year.” And everyone started screaming.

I loved the show because as I said before, looking at them through the binoculars made them seem more real than ever, and the special effects were outstanding. Even my mom loved it. I’m just sad its over. And even though I hate football, today I went and bought a #12 Buccaneers jersey.


Sent: Friday, December 03, 1999 7:58 AM

Well, it's the day after the big concert. . .also a big first for me, seeing as how I had never been to ANY concert before and I must say that the show was absolutely amazing. I had nose bleed seats, way up on the three hundred level and I suppose the most exciting part for me is that we were just behind the tour bus as it was pulling into the Ice Palace. I didn't get to see any of the boys though, because my mom refused to pull over and let me watch. Once inside the Palace. . .excited young girls screamed at the very mention of BSB.

As I said earlier. . .the show was wonderful!!! It was exciting and full of adrenaline song after song. I suppose the only problem was that I could not see or hear anything the boys were saying, singing, or doing. The sound quality was horrible and the large screens where you could see your favorite boy close up, were facing odd directions.

Of course one of the highlights of the show was during the Perfect Fan, when the boys brought up mothers and daughters. It was so cute. . .Kevin sang to this little girl during the song and she had no idea what was going on. Kevin had to guide her around the stage as she eagerly looked toward her mother to be returned to her. Seeing this, makes me feel that perhaps Kevin is ready for a family of his own. . .he seemed so patriarchal and fatherly with that little girl.

Another funny part of the show was when one of the dancers accidentally hit Howie in the face during one of their songs (I forget which one now). I chuckled to myself, though Howie just brushed it off and pretended nothing had happened.

At the very end of their concert. . .during the encore singing of "I Want It That Way" the boys announced that this was their 100th concert to date, a real need for celebration. Of course the crowd went wild!!

AJ was surprisingly well behaved. . .not too much "bumping and grinding" and Nick had his moments of, well how should I put this, "exciting" dancing. It seems that each one of the boys was featured in a particular part of the concert, except for Howie, which I'm sure disappointed many a fan.

Well, I suppose that the worst part of the concert was when it ended. I was left sitting there, not even sure what all had happened. Because I couldn't see or hear anything. . .I felt a bit disappointed that I spent so much on a ticket, but thinking on it, I don't suppose I would have not gone, even if I knew what the tickets were like before hand. I am not saying it was a bad show. . .I thought the show was awesome, I just feel I would have better enjoyed myself if I could have at least "heard" the songs which prompted them to name their tour "Into the Millennium."

Gina (BSBlueyes)

Concert Reviews: 12/01/99 Orlando, FL

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

From: cjeashaw []
Sent: Friday, December 03, 1999 12:35 PM

Review of Orlando BSB Concert, Dec. 1, 1999

I Just Got Back From A Road Trip to Heaven

Prologue: As an "older" BSB fan (not a teenager), I really do not care for "Teenybopper" style pop music (i.e. Britney Spears, 98 Degrees, Five, N’Sync, Christina Aguilera, etc.). However, I enjoy the vocal harmony of Backstreet Boys, as well as Boyz II Men, as well as alternative music.

Opening Acts: As I indicated, I am not a fan of most "pop" music, and I did not really care for the style of the songs Mandy Moore performed. However, she had an amazing stage presence for one so young and her voice was beautiful. I predict we will continue to hear from her for years to come.

Before this show, I did not really know anything about EYC, except for the mostly poor reviews I had read of their performances as BSB’s opening act. I cannot understand why these men received dismissive reviews. They were great! Their dancing was fabulous and they put on an entertaining show. I may have to check out one of their CDs, and I would pay to watch them perform again.

Concert Review: I have been to many shows and concerts in my life, but I have NEVER been to one this phenomenal! You have all already read the particulars of the show, so I will not go into details. Needless to say, BSB pulled out all the bells and whistles. The dancing was superb: their best ever that I have witnessed. On a few songs, they were off pitch. Normally, this would’ve annoyed me, but I didn’t even care! I imagine that, even with their earphones, the noise in the arena made it hard for them to hear themselves sing. All the "boys" seemed genuinely gleeful and happy to be performing, and truly interacted and bonded with the audience. I left the arena entertained beyond my wildest expectations. It didn’t hurt that I was treated to such delicious eye candy!

The "Boys":

They’ve all grown in the year since I last saw them perform. They can no longer be dismissed by critics as a flash in the pan, novelty, teen sensation act. These men will be performing their classic romantic standards for years to come. One could never grow tired of watching and listening to them.  Remember the songs of David Cassidy, Donny Osmond, or NKOTB?  I'm not humming them.  BSB songs will be classics along with those of the Supremes and the Temptations.  Audiences will "want it that way" well into the new millennium.

Howie: Move over, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog, Grandmaster Howie D. is in the house! Howie’s rap was great, and his rapport with the audience could not be matched. He is truly "Sweet D."

Brian: Words just cannot do justice to his clear, soaring tenor, but I enjoyed his humor the most. He also dribbled a mean basketball on the stage.

Nick: The boy has grown into a MAN! I have to admit that Nick’s singing was not my favorite in the past (perhaps his voice was going through "the change"), but he impressed me on Wednesday night with his fully "manly" vocal stylings. He was cutting some moves, too. Go, Nickay!

Kevin: What is there to be said about the Sexiest Man Alive (who picked Richard Gere, anyway)? The sexiest man in pop proved he was just that. Who else could make flamingo colored trench coat look ruggedly sexy? His sweet side shone through, as well, especially in his intro to "The Perfect Fan." Maybe that’s part of what makes him so sexy.

A.J.: Sorry, I had to save the best for last. AJ exuded a wicked glee as he mugged, danced, wiggled, jived, and literally took over the stage. His dance moves were awe inspiring, but it is his voice that impressed me the most. His husky baritone anchors the harmonies of BSB, giving them a mature sound that eclipses other groups. Most of all, it is the love of life, music, and performing that he projects from the stage that made his performance stand out for me.

Postlogue: I want to go again and again and again. I finally understand why people buy tickets to multiple shows. I hope I am able to get tickets for a show in 2000. I have a feeling that I will be watching BSB performing their magic for audiences for a LONG long time! BSB rules the millennium!


From: Jeff Pack []
Sent: Thursday, December 02, 1999 8:12 PM

Hi! I went to the Orlando concert last night and it was AWESOME! They danced completely together the whole concert. They NEVER missed a beat! I think the best part was I was WAY up in the balcony. I was row M all the way at the top. I could still see the entire stage like I was right in front of it. ( With a little help from binoculars) I am so glad they had the stage in the round! If they are coming to your town for the spring concerts, I HIGHLY recommend this concert. It is a once in a lifetime experience!

          KTBSPA!!!!!!! -Ashley

From: some girl Pedro knows who he told me he likes []
Sent: Thursday, December 02, 1999 4:34 PM

hi my name is alejandra and i would just like to tell you what i thought of the backstreet concert i went to last night in orlando, dec. 2nd. it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!! they all looked sooooooooo good. it was very exciting because nobody knew where they were coming from, but when they finally did on their snowboards, the screams and yells were incredible. i was on the floor, almost touching them. it was even a miracle i even went because i didn't have any tickets, until i went to the concert and i bought the tickets there. anyways. the concert was amazing. they sounded great. the lights were awesome. the dancing was great. it was one of their best concerts. they sang all of their songs. i would definately recommend going to thier concert.


Sent: Thursday, December 02, 1999 1:29 PM

December 1, 1999: Orlando,FL Concert

My friends and I drove 2 hours from Jacksonville to Orlando to see our 5 Boys get down and move it all around! We had dinner at NYPD PIZZA first and it was majorly packed! Usually, when we go, there's about 5 other people in there. Our waitress was Mandy Ashford of the group Innosense. She is so sweet and we got pics and autographs from her.

At around 7pm we arrived at the Arena. The parking lot was so full that we were practically in the Boonies! It was also really cold, somewhere around 40 degrees. Too cold for us Floridians! :) The *wonderful* security at the O-rena decided to open just 4 door on our side and it took us like 15 min to get in and we were in the front,too! So, once we got in, we immediately got to our 20th row seats on the lower level. We were right by the black box where BSB fly out of in the beginning of the concert. I was freaking out. Everyone was chanting "BACKSTREET BOYS!! BACKSTREET BOYS!!" and then the Sears commercial came on and everyone screamed was singing LTL,too. Mandy Moore came on and she was good. My friends and I were the only ones who knew "Candy" in our section and we shouting the words out. We got a few stares for that. EYC was so cheesy. They didn't really do much for me. I sat down and read a magazine I brought.

Finally, at around 9pm, BSB came flying out. Brian was leaning over the crowd and waving. Kevin was all seriuos and surveying the audience. Nick was posing like a surfer and it was so cute! They marched around the stage and broke out into LARGER THAN LIFE. The whole crowd was singing along. It was so cool to listen to! My friends and I were so entrnaced by them that we were in our own world! Since we were so far back, we would watch the big screens and it was better that way. Of course, we would look at the stage too and see AJ doing a little hump and Nick shaking his booty. Brian was waving HELLO as usual. He waved to me and my friend Nicky twice during INBYH. Like I mentioned before, we were the only ones standing in our section of about 200 ppl, so we stood out. We waved at Brian and he looked at us, and waved at us. We were freaking out! God bless that man!

During QPGWMH, they went sailing over the crowd again. We had Brian on our side and it was a nice site for us. Howie was on our left and it looked like he was throwing popcorn or candy out of a bucket. Brian and Kevin were tossing yellow things (I think shirts??) out into the audience. They would tease them and do flips and hang upside down. It was soo cute. In the middle of ITS GOTTA BE YOU, when they do the "ooh ooh" part, the whole audience did it. BSB were like raising the roof everytime we did that. It was soo cool. Same thing happened during EVERYBODY and GET DOWN. Its was so neat!

I'll jump to the end, when they sang IWITW. It was so beautiful to hear everyone sing along. Brian was wearing a shirt from his heart foundation for healthy kids. Nick was sporting a black wife beater which nicely displayed his tattoo! Nick had everyone do his part at the end...."Don't wanna hear you saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!" And the crowd also did the "ow ow ow" that Nick does after that. Too cool!

All in all it was the best concert I've been to in my life! I'm 21 yrs old and this was my 3rd BSB concert. I've seen other groups and this was like nothing I've ever seen before. Being the round was a great idea b/c you really could get a view of the group and they gave each side some love,too!]


Concert Reviews: 11/29/99 Nashville, TN

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

Sent: Thursday, December 02, 1999 11:02 PM

Hey I went to Nashville TN concert last night and let me tell you IT RULED!!!!!!!:) It was the best day of my life man!:) Anyway, let me start from the top, first of all, when we were driving along here, I was just sitting in the car in shock, and this car drives by us with a BSB sign in the window, I burst into tears! I'm not kidding, it was like I could not believe I was really gonna see them. well, we got their about 6:15 (The concert started at 7:30) and there was a HUGE crowd there. 107.5 the river was having a contest for 2 front row tickets and I thought they were giving them away at 6:30 but they gave them away early:( But It was OK because we had really good seats Anyway:) I made this really cool sign but didn't bring it in because I dint see anyone there with one so I thought they were not aloud (STUPID!!) Don't think that! then when we got in a bunch of people had signs. So we get a good parking spot, and Go up their and WOW we were completely squished but I don't care!!!:) And the Arena where they performed is really tall and has windows all the way up it and I swear I saw Brian and Nick looking out at the crowd waving:)

By the way, when I was waiting in the crowd for the doors to open, this lady in front of me was telling the people she was with "Yes, we got to meet AJ (?????????) and my son was crying, but AJ was so nice.." I was standing there my mouth hanging open!! How lucky is that lady???? So anyway finally the doors open and a long time after that we got in lol. they had shirts and stuff for sale but it was really expensive and I could not get over there because of the crowd. So then we went and found our seats, I was SO happy because they were so close!!!!:) we were not on the floor but the next level but our seats were better then the people that were in the back of the floor. Well, I missed part of Mandy Moore because I was in the bathroom, but She was pretty good. She would mention the BSB and Talk about loud Screams!!!:) Yes I was part of the screaming:) after her EYC came on, they were pretty bad. They just loved to take there shirts of and to talk about EYC (Themselves). Finally they were over (Half the time they performed I was looking at the place where the BSB come out;0)) Then everybody started screaming "Backstreet Boys" and they showed there sears commercial with some parts in it I had never seen before. then we waited for what seemed like FOREVER:) and my throat was getting dryer and dryer, one of the moms that we were with got some water:) anyway, finally the lights went out and I just about Died!!!LOL and then they played Imperial March from Star Wars, (By the way that just made me soooo happy because I'm a big SW fan too:)) and the dancers all marched out with this pole's with lights on the top. and Then THE BSB CAME OUT ON SURF BOARDS!!!!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh:) WOW I could not believe it!! It was like a dream or something! Well, I wont tell you the order because I want to talk about what happened:) loll Brian was just waving and pointing and smiling:) he looked and waved in my direction but I couldn't tell if he was looking at me or not. Boy He is soo funny!!! :) He went and got a rose from this girl in the crowd:) it was so sweet!! They all said there names and thanked the fans and everything:) lol I'M so happy!!! hehehe, oh, and when they sang the perfect fan they had this mothers and daughters go up there (I don't know how you get to go up there, I should of asked the security guard but oh well) Nick had this little girl that looked like she was about 3 or 4 and she was so cute!! Nick was like trying to get her to walk around with him:) And then Brian's girls mom was taking all these pictures of her daughter with Brian and he was making all these funny faces and had his arm around her!!:)It looked like they had girls oldest to youngest matched with the BSB ages, (Nick had the youngest and Kevin had the oldest, his girl looked like she was gonna cry:)) And when they fly over Kevin was doing some amazing flips and stuff, he was all the way upside down with his hand reached out to the fans:) they did not fly over our section:( but at least I could see them really well:) lol, I cant remember what song it was but I was jumping up and down singing/waving/screaming and Kevin looked at me and got this big grin on his face!!!:) IT was awesome. and when they had the encores they introduced the band and dancers and the whole time Brian had this basket ball and was spinning it on his finger!! He's good man! Then one of the dancers got the basket ball from him and was bouncing it all around teasing Brian who was franticly trying to get it back, it looked like a real basket ball game! lol.

When they sang All I Have To give they had their hats on and one of the dancers put his hat on B-rok lol, that was funny, Brian thought it was funny too:) AJ wow he was doing some HILARIOUS dancing!!! I was laughing so hard!!!:) He goes over to Kevin who is just standing there and starts doing this funny dance thing and Kevin just ignored him lol. and this stage that came out of the bigger stage had this ramp things that AJ was sliding down all the time:) Brian was trying really hard NOT to slide down lol:) Oh , and AJ had this water bottle and was flinging water out into the crowd!!!:) and then he threw the water bottle into the crowd!!!! Howie had his Nashville Predators jacket on:) Nick had on this really funky hat at the end and was like pulling it down over his eyes:) One of the dancers caught a monkey from the crowd and showed it to Brian, so Brian started imitating a monkey LOL. The last song they did was I Want It That way and everybody was singing/screaming along:) I have to say I like Kevin and Howie better then I did before I saw them :) They all seemed really nice and just awesome!! They look the same (If not better;)) live as they do on TV:) Wow, was just amazing. I cant express how awesome it was!!! They went straight for 2 hours! Oh, and one more thing:) Brian was joking around acting like he was going to get on the flying thing when they were not supposed to:) and when they were flying he looked like he swimming:) lol. It was really cool hearing them say "What's up Nashville!!!" and also them talking about how they had chose Nashville to rehearse before the tour started:) AJ completely ripped his shirt of at one point, MAJOr screaming!!!! lol. He was also doing something where he was saying something to a dancer and drawing like a square on his chest, then he threw her a stuffed animal:) AJ also threw a big White bear out into the crowd:) Big fight lol. They had awesome costumes. My mom said I looked like the most enthusiastic fan she saw:) hehe.

I was pretty the end Kevin came down and was touching peoples hands!!! But the security guard would not our section down:*( I was about to die!!! They also walked threw the crowd across from us, LUCKY PEOPLE!!!!! It was diffidently the best day of my life and I really want to see them again!!!!! We live about a half and hour away so we got home about 12:30 am, I wanted to stay and find out what hotel they were staying in!!!:) oh well. When they sang it was sooo loud, but you would not be able to hear them if it had of been any quieter because of the screaming. It would be nice to be able to hear them another time without the screaming...if that's possible!!! But It was awesome anyway. They sang tons of songs. Anyway, I really hope I'm not forgetting anything but I think thats about it, anyway if you went to the Nashville concert or want to ask me anything e-mail me!! My e-mail is:

KTBSPA!!!!!!!! FOREVER!!!!:)


age 15

Nashville TN concert

From: Beth W. []
Sent: Thursday, December 02, 1999 1:58 AM

Let me just start off by saying November 29, 1999 was the best night of my life. I'm a 22 year old female, and I'm not embarrassed to say that I am a HUGE Backstreet Boys fan!

My best friend and I got our tickets back in August when they went on sale, but we were in the upper level. We wanted to be closer. Our local radio station 107.5 The River was broadcasting live at the Nashville Arena the day of the concert and was going to give away two front row tickets to the sold out show. We decided we wanted those tickets. We arrived at the Arena around 5:30. The drawing was at 6:30, but sadly we didn't win. After going to get something to eat, we were running late to the concert. On the way there, we met a guy who had seats on the floor. After buying HIS tickets (for cheaper than you would think) we were on our way, excited to be 20 rows back from our favorite guys! Once there, we weren't happy; we wanted to be closer. We just happened to find two seats next to the aisle 10 rows back! Imagine our surprise when NO ONE claimed those seats. So there we were 10 rows back from the 5 most awesome guys ever.

I had seen the BSB Band's website several times, so I knew that Tommy ran the website. Well, the band walked up the aisle next to where WE were sitting. As I saw them walk by, I recognized Tommy and yelled to him. I hope he heard me!!!

The crowd was pumped as the guys "surfed" in to the stage. It was so exciting. Their energy level is amazing.

One of the highlights of the evening was when Nick "flew" over us and looked right at us and waved. Imagine that! Nick Carter waving at ME! I couldn't believe it! And as I went to the front to take pictures, I got every single of them to look at me and wave at least once. I was on Cloud Nine for the rest of the night!

This was the best concert I've ever been to in my life! The band was kicking; the guys were awesome; the dancers were great! I just feel so lucky to be one of the millions to see them in concert, and I can't wait to see them again. This has definitely made me a bigger fan than I already was, if that's even possible.

Thank you Backstreet Boys for a night I'll never forget!

From: Amanda Nicole Turner []
Sent: Tuesday, November 30, 1999 9:09 PM

Last night, November 29, 1999 was the best night of my life!!! I had been waiting two months for that night, and it finally arrived. We arrived at the Nashville Arena at about 4:00 that afternoon. We, as in my Mom, my two friends Lyndsey and Bridget, and me. When we got there, we registered to win front row seats with our favorite radio station, 107.5 The River. We didn't win though. :-( After that, we went down to the Hard Rock Cafe, since there was still 3 hours left until the show. At the cafe, Bridget, she like hit the table with her foot, and turned over her and Lyndsey's drink. It was so funny, Mountain Dew went everywhere. lol

When we got done there, we went to the arena. They made us sooo mad! They didn't open the doors until like 6:30, and there were like 10,000 people standing out there wanting to get inside. It was FREEZING out there! Finally, they let us in. Thank God!! We had seats on the top of the arena. But, they were good seats. We could see what they were doing and everthing. I wasn't disapointed at all.

The opening acts sucked! Mandy Moore is just a Britney Spears wannabe. And, EYC (Express Yourself Clearly) was obsessed with their bodies! They were soooo UGLY!!!

Highlights of the show:

-When Kevin (whom is my fav) lead the guys on the stage, right before they sang LTL, I looooove his little head gesture!

-When Kevin did his solo on the panio, he can play sooooo good!!

-When Howie did his little rap, after they introduced the dancers.

-When AJ's shirt came off!! (sigh!)

-When they sang I WANT IT THAT WAY!!!

The show was totally increadible. I will never forget it. Kevin stayed on our side of the stage most of the time. :-) I loved that! Bridget and Lyndsey had a great time too. It was Lyndsey's first concert, and I think that we picked just the right one to go to for her first! The concert was my Christmas present to them. :-) I can't wait till the Boys come back to Nashville or Lexington. I can go to either, because I am from Kentucky (Kevin & Brian!!!) Ya basically know how the show went, because of all of the other reviews. All I can say is that The Backstreet Boys rule!! KTBSPA!!


P.S. If anyone went to the show, and would like to e-mail me, feel free to.

From: someone []
Sent: Tuesday, November 30, 1999 8:08 PM

As I was waiting for the doors to open I looked at my friend and asked if this was really happening. It was. We were about to go into the Nashville Gaylord Entertainment Center for what would be the best concert I have ever attended. We finally got in and got our seats. Unfortunately though, they were practically nosebleeders. At least we DID get in. Mandy Moore and E.Y.C opened for BSB and we waited a long 30 minutes for them to finally arrive. The suspense was killing everyone so much the whole Arena started doing 'The Wave'. Then the lights went down and the BSB band came onto the stage. 7...6...5..4..3..2.1....and there they were rising out of the box on their airboards like I had heard so much about! I screamed my head off. It was great. The boys all looked great-especially Kev. and A.J when he got his shirt ripped! I thought before that I had A LOT of BSB pride...boy was I wrong! I KNOW that now I do have it....and I believe if they keep their energy up like they did that night, they will go on for many years to come! I also loved Mindi's playing of her sax, sopranosax, drums and keyboard! It must be nice being the chick of the band huh? : ) My favorite part of the whole concert was when they flew over the crowd...because I never expected it! If anyone ever has a chance to go see BSB- Do SO! It will be worth it! I know that I will keep that BSB Pride running wild and strong forever!!


Sent: Tuesday, November 30, 1999 3:35 PM

Hi Everybody!!

I just wanted to start off by saying that I am a 28 year old mom of a 5 year old little girl. My daughter, Alex, got me into the Backstreet Boys back in the summer of 98 after her dance class used a lot of their music. I told my daughter that if they ever came to Nashville, we would definately go. Back in August when the tickets went on sale, I planned to go online & buy the tickets. When I couldn't get through, I decided to call some of the ticketmaster locations to see how long the lines were. At the time, it was about 2 hours before tickets went on sale. I decided to go ahead & stand in line. Finally, after all the waiting & seeing all the people in front of me buying the max number of tickets, I started getting a little nervous at the thought I might not get any tickets. But I did.

At first I wasn't to fond on any concert being in the round, because I have been to those before & if you are behind the stage, you can't see much. Well, of course once we got there & found our seats, which was on the the top level, I was surprised to see how the stage was set up. For the people that have been to the shows know what I'm talking about. Unfortunately, where our seats were, the launch pad was directly below us & all the cables & wires & stands were in our way so it was obstructing our view of some of the stage. But, my daughter & I could of cared less because we were both happy to be there. The show was absolutely fabulous. Their voices could not have sounded any better, and they all seemed to have a good time on stage. I have heard a lot of mixed emotions about the dancers, but the stage was so big, they did not clutter or hide the boys in any way. I especially enjoyed the dance to "Show Me the Meaning" because it showed their talent as individuals while the boys were on the platform singing.

During " The Perfect Fan", when the mothers & daughters took stage, the only person I could see was A.J. He did some kind of ballet routine in front of them which I thought was adorable & one of my most favorite moments. We all know how kooky A.J. is.

One of my other favorites was at the end of "Quit Playing Games" when the flew through the air. Brian was right in front of us, but the only time we could see him was when they flew him back towards the stage because the stand that held him was in the way so unfortunately we didn't get to see any close up of Brian. A.J. & Howie were the ones we had good views on & they looked as though they were having so much fun doing flips & all. It made me dizzy just to watch them.

Another one of my favorite highlights of the night was watching & listening to the band while the boys were off stage. They did such an excellent job--hats off to all of them. They are all so talented & much to my surprise, they made the show just as much as the boys did.

But my most favorite highlight of the night was watching my daughter dance & scream & have such a good time, even in the seats that we were in & part of our view obstructed. Knowing that ever minute of the show was her most favorite was such a joy to me. And because of that, I would do it again & even in the same seats.


Sent: Tuesday, November 30, 1999 11:48 AM

  OK, where do I begin??  The opening acts were kind of boring in my opinion.  Mandy was ok when you could here her sing.  EYC was alright since all they did were take off their shirts which I didn't mind too much.  But enough about them--let's get to our men-shall we?   It took them a while to get started but when they did--let me tell ya--IT WAS AWESOME!!  Now I had nosebleed seats but with binoculars I could see everything.  The flying was awesome and then that march they do-- they looked so fine and Kevin looked great when he was doing this head-nod thing.  The first song they did was Larger Than Life (duh!!- I'm sure you already knew that).  

Nick looked fine as hell in person--even better than on TV if that's possible :).  I can't remember what they did after LTL, but I do know that they had a costume change and we then in black leather which I don't think anyone in the entire place minded.  Their were some guys sitting next to me who knew all the words even a little better than myself which I thought was pretty cool.  After one song in the leather- Nick ripped off the shirt and then was acting crazy.  The sleeves were almost short enough to see his tatoo but I got a clear view of that later.  Nick was sweating like crazy at this point and his black shirt was clinging t o him and he is losing his little tummy everyone is always talking about and is getting some muscle on his arms.  I can't remeber every sngle detail of the concert but I do remember that during the whole thing- Nick was worse than AJ if you catch my drift-especially during Don't Want You Back.  Oh and those ladder things that they had--Kevin was hanging upside down and for a minute I thought he was going to fall which wouldn't be too great. 

Unfortunately, nothing bad happened-like Kevin's pants ripping, or Nick's shoe flying off but it was stil great.  During "the Perfect Fan" when they had the moms and daughters on stage- Nick had this little girl that was about 4 or 5 years old.  it was so cute b/c he could barely reach her hand.  On QPG, when they fly again--Nick was on my side and was pointing at everyone but I took my eyes off him (for the first time in the show) and all of my attention was focused on Kev.  He was doing all these flips and got close to one section and almost kicked some girl in the head .  Then there was when they put on those silver shirts with the white ones over them.  I don't think they AJ and Nick liked them too much cos they were gone half way into the song (the white ones)  Then I had a perfect view of Nick's tatoo.  But AJ took his sivler shirt off too and  at this time my ears were ringing!!  I was kind of upset when they didn't do all of Everybody. But the medley was cool.  I luved "That's The Way I Like It" b/c (1) it's my fave song and (2) This is getting kind of long so I will finish up real quick--it was well worth the 3 1/2 months that I've waited for it but I am kinda sad b/c it is over and it flew by real fast. 

Concert Reviews: 11/28/99 Knoxville, TN

Date: Sep 30, 2000
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Sent: Monday, November 29, 1999 7:29 PM

ok,let me just first say..OMG!!!! i went to the bsb concert yesterday on nov.28th in knoxville,tennessee!!! it was the BEST concert i've ever been to!! brian was soo tiny in person,and cute as a button!!! nick,he was jammin on that surf board!!! aj was soo tall and,but dang he looked FINE in all of his cowboy hats he wore!!! he had a leopard one,white one,and one colored up like a!!!! howie was soo adorable when he flew right over my friends and i!!!!! kevin was rockin the arena!!!! he was soo kewl!!! and very handsome in person!!!! they did all their songs on MILLENIUM,and some from their first album,also,one of my personal favorites from the european album...THAT'S THE WAY I LIKE IT!!! i would relive that night over and over again!!! also,when the show ended,bsb cam through the audience when they left,i got to see nick,and aj,and i talked to bsb's new backstreet girl of the band,i'm sorry,but i've forgotten her name,but anyways,i got to talk to her!! she was really nice and kewl!!! but,i would advise everyone who didnt get tix to this years bsb concerts,ya'll really missed out!!! sold out arena,loud music,and huge and colorful lights,and well,the BEST band,the backstreet boys!!! BEST EVER!!!

From: Tricia Fleming []
Sent: Monday, November 29, 1999 6:51 PM

Hi, Everyone!! It's Leah and Tricia. We went to the Knoxville show on November 28th and we're here with our thoughts and impressions. Because the BSB were playing the night before in Lexington and the night after in Nashville, we didn't even really try to find them at a hotel or anywhere else since we knew they would just come into town right before the show. We spent the pre-concert time decorating the car (now deemed The BACKmobile). TRICIA HERE - I came down from Philly to see the show for the fourth time and I had a blast! Leah is a wonderful hostess! (LEAH: Thanks! We had fun!)

We got to the arena and Tricia immediately upgraded her ticket (in other words- she bought better seats from a scalper). DON'T do this unless you are 100% sure of the guy and keep your original tickets just in case. TRICIA HERE - Unfortunately, Leah and I couldn't sit together (she was with her sister and I was with our other friend, Linda). But, we were on the same side! My new seats turned out to be awesome! We were just four rows from the stage in the first level. Leah was on the same side and level only three sections over and 19 rows back from the stage. LEAH HERE: I went to the Oct. 7 concert in Chicago and sat 7 rows back on the floor, so I was worried 19th row wouldn't be that great. Yeah, I couldn't see their faces as well as I could from the 7th row, but the perspective I had this time was AWESOME. I could see the whole stage, and it really does give you a whole other impression. More on that later.

We know you all have heard about the concert before so we'll just touch on all the main players and give you a fresh spin to things...

MANDY MOORE: She was okay. Not too boring. Moved around. Did some stuff. TRICIA HERE - The big debate in my section was whether she had extensions in her hair. I say no but others around me were saying yes. LEAH HERE -Yeah, when I saw her I IMMEDIATELY thought "hair extensions!" She totally doesn't seem 15. She's all right.

EYC: They sounded a little off but we think that one or two of the guys were sick. Dave (the chest flasher) darkened his hair to black (hanging out too much with A.J.??). They were getting the crowd pumped and ready for the BSB. TRICIA HERE - I've seen this show so much that I know their songs now and I found myself singing along!!! Help! LEAH HERE - OK, EYC SUCKS!!! I'm sorry, but I just felt embarrassed for them. I don't like Mandy Moore, but at least she sings! And her songs are somewhat catchy. When David has to lift his shirt a zillion times because he can't sing, you know something's wrong! The BSB need to drop them like a bad habit.


HOWIE: His rap was cute and it makes Tricia laugh every time she hears and sees him do it. It really is the best Howie moment in the concert. TRICIA HERE - I didn't really pay much attention to Howie because he's not my #1 BSB and since this was my last show this year I wanted to focus on my favorites. LEAH HERE - I've never liked Howie. In fact, I've made fun of him a lot. But you know, after the Chicago concert, I turned pro-Howie, mostly because I felt bad that he didn't get any cheers. After seeing my second concert, I can honestly say I'm a Howie fan now. Once again, I felt SOOO awful for him. I swear, when he sings, there's just SILENCE. Even if you don't like him, don't you feel bad not cheering? Well, my sister and I did, so we screamed as loud as we could. Too bad we were the only ones. He flew right over us, and he just seemed so nice. GO HOWIE!!!

NICK: He was really cute. He looks amazing with his short (IWITW) hair and his slimmed down physique. His intro was cute (although a little longwinded) and he did the CUTEST thing with AJ. It was during QPG and Brian was singing. Nick motioned for AJ to do this dance. And AJ was pretending to do it wrong. So Nick showed him what to do. Then they did it together. IT WAS SO AWESOME!!!!!! It was this long elaborate dance and both of them did it and they were FANTASTIC! Besides that, we thought that Nick was just his cute self. He was still sick, though. You could hear it in his voice and he was drinking more fluids than normal (or at least what he drank at our other shows). TRICIA HERE- For me, the dance he and AJ did was one of the BEST highlights of the concert. I think I took five pictures of them doing this dance! LEAH HERE - When I wrote my Chicago review, I criticized Nick-AY for being a scream hog. Well, he must have read the review, because there was no hogging this time around. In fact, I found him very charming and nice to the fans. He looked GOOD, people, and you won't catch me saying that too often. Yeah, the dance with AJ was awesome. He also did this high part at the end of one of the slow songs, and for the life of me, I can't remember what song it was. It's not a part that's on the cd--and he didn't do it in Chicago. It sounded AMAZING. If anyone knows what I'm talking about, PLEASE tell me.

BRIAN: Brian was hardly by Tricia's side but she didn't mind too much - she was on his side for two of her four concerts. At the end, he was wearing his new shirt displaying the Brian Littrell Healthy Club logo. What a cutie! He sounded good and he looked GREAT! It did seem like he might be fighting off a cold, but even when he's hoarse, he can hit those high notes!!! He did the chair dance right in front of Tricia and we think she got an excellent shot of him in mid-move (he was jumping in the air and hopefully, *fingers crossed*, the pic will come out because it would be awesome). His intro was short and you barely had time to hear what he was saying before he was done. TRICIA HERE - I had to stop myself from staring at him so that I could actually listen to what he had to say before he he was done! LEAH HERE - My favorite Backstreet Boy--he just gets better every time I see him, either in person or on TV. He sings like an angel, and he's just so damn cute; is it legal to be that cute?!?

KEVIN: His arm is all better! He did everything he couldn't do before with the sling and he looked HOT! He really seemed to enjoy playing in Knoxville, making a couple of references to that throughout the night. He said he had cousins in the audience. He seemed in top form and his dancing was really good. TRICIA HERE - He didn't do a lot of crazy stuff that the others do during the intros of the band/dance members and I wish he would!! But, that's Kevin! LEAH HERE - Yeah, Kevin looked hot, especially at the beginning. I didn't really pay attention to him last night, but I did notice he was so nice to the little girl he walked around with, as he always is with fans.

AJ: His hair is as black as can be - which took us by surprise. It's not normal for AJ to be so...normal! It looked good but Tricia misses the red hair! He had black hair at the Chicago concert, and Leah sort of likes the black hair, especially when it could have been that ghastly blond it was a few weeks ago. Again, that dance he did with Nick during QPG was amazing. Just fantastic! AJ flew over Tricia and for just a second she thought he made eye contact with her (TRICIA HERE - I'm probably wrong!). He had mic problems and was all over the place getting them fixed and talking to everybody. He seems to get more outrageous as the tour goes on. In That's the Way I Like It, the dancer he was paired up with ripped off the tshirt he was wearing under a jacket, and Leah saw it happen. She got a little bit TOO excited when she saw his bare chest, and Tricia actually did some sort of primal scream when she saw it. Ha ha. TRICIA HERE- He did lots of crazy moves and dances and was his *normal* crazy self. Yeah, Bay-bee! (hey, give me a break - he's my second fav.) LEAH HERE - AJ was awesome, so much more energized than he was in Chicago. He sounded great, too.


1. Delayed again! The wait for the Boys is the highest form of torture!

2. Howie, Nick and AJ all came off the stage and got close to the fans. Brian came to the very edge of the stage but, as far as we could tell, neither he or Kevin came off the stage.

3. The sound in the arena wasn't as good as it could have been. To Tricia it almost sounded like it was going to go out at one point and then at other times it was muffled and distorted (almost like the bass was overpowering the other instruments). Leah agrees, but she got used to it after LTL ended.

4. FYI - Only Nick's balloon survived the ride to the arena. Hmmm! What does THAT mean?

5. Is Mindi the most fantastic sax player or what?!?!

6. Leah was in front of the VIP section, and she saw Brian's brother and mom standing with a heavy-set, young, dark-haired guy. Could it have been Howie's brother? There was also a blond girl standing right by the stage, dancing along to the music. At one point she talked to the Littrells, so I thought it was Leighanne, but I'm not sure. I was too far to *really* be able to tell, but her face didn't look like Leighanne's. Plus, her hair was shorter, and her boobs looked too small and weren't spilling out of a revealing tank top. She also looked young. When they were turning on the stage, it looked like she waved at either Brian or Kevin--couldn't tell, and neither one waved back--so maybe it was Kristen. It also could have been Nick's sister or new girlfriend or Howie's girlfriend or AJ's girlfriend. ACK!!! If anyone was there and knows who she was, please let us know.



1. I love the BSB and I have seen this show many times but I STILL find myself AMAZED at how good they sound together. In particular: DWLYN, SMTMOBL and NOECC. During NOECC I thought Nick was going to have a seizure - he was THAT into the song! It was awesome (not the near seizure but the harmony of the Boys' voices!).

2. Compared to my other shows, I think there was a little problem with the harnesses right before they lifted off during QPG. Just my observation.

3. A couple of the dancers were watching EYC perform and were VERY into them. Hmmm.

4. Okay, people, a construction criticism: If the Boys are on the other side of the stage or are doing a dance and not looking at the audience or YOU - DON'T put your arms up and wave to them. HELLLOOO!!! They aren't looking at you so they can't see you waving! That was driving me CRAZY!

5. The singing part they all do now at the very end of the concert when they are being lowered down the final time to IWITW is just fantastic. All the guys singing together, facing each other, just shows to me their closeness and their bond.

6. F.Y.I. - If you have trouble flying (like me) and are white-knuckled the whole time, I've got the perfect solution for you! When taking off and landing, imagine yourself lying in a field of wildflowers looking up at the sky with AJ, Kevin, Brian, Nick and Howie all around you. Have them say little soothing words to you to help calm you down. IT WORKS!!! It took my mind off of the fact that I was defying the laws of gravity and putting my trust in a pilot who looked sort of *fishy* when I saw him as I entered the plane.

7. CAN'T wait for the spring tour!


1.I love the BSB, too, but I don't know if I could see the concert again. I just got a little frustrated because it was IDENTICAL practically to the show in Chicago. I mean, AJ can't move to every single city, you know? And if Chicago has the best fans, then how can Knoxville have the best fans? I just wanted it to be a bit more personal or something. Still, the little differences did make up for a lot.

2. A question for anyone who's been to a concert: Can you help me? At the very end of We've Got it Goin' On, right before they went into That's the WAy I Like It, they did this weird rap-like thing that they didn't do in Chicago. I think it might have been AJ, but Trish thought it was Nick. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? It was really cool, and my sister and I just looked at each other and were like What was THAT?!?

3. The coolest thing about the concert for me was that now I truly like ALL of them. Before, my rankings were like this: Brian, Kevin and AJ tied, Nick, and Howie. Now it'd probably be like this: Brian, Kevin and AJ and Nick and Howie tied. I just love my B-Rok too much! Hee hee.

4. I'm kind of glad the tour is ending because they really need to relax and take a break. Poor Nick has been sick for the past few months, and it can't be good for his throat.

If you want to email us, here are our addresses: and

Enjoy! KTBSPA!!!

Concert Reviews: 11/26-27/99 Lexington, KY

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Sent: Saturday, November 27, 1999 8:14 PM

I went to the Lexington,Kentucky concert on Nov.26! I have to say it was the best night of my life!! I loved it!I was screaming my head off and shaking when they came out on stage! It was my firts concert for them ever!! I loved it!!AJ looked especially good!! He is my all time fav! Even with a couple of pimples on his face he still looked extrememly hot!! My favorite part of the whole concert was when they sang "No one else comes close" I love AJ's voice in that!! The concert was awesome and i would do anything to go to another one! OH yeah my throat hurts!! I screamed so much!! IT was the best and that's all I can say!!


From: Christina Fu []
Sent: Sunday, November 28, 1999 6:27 PM

I had read so many reviews about the Into the Millennium tour that even now, I still can't believe I actually went to the concert. It feels as if I saw them on tv, but I could see them so perfectly clear last night on stage even without my good binoculars. Not to mention that with them, they were about the size of my hand and crystal clear with perfect visablity. Since the concert itself wouldn't differ, I'd just like to point out the notable moments of the night. (By the way, Miss Kentucky, aka Miss America 2000, saw the show on Friday while our Governor came to the one on Saturday.)

1) Although my seats weren't nose-bleed, they weren't that great. I could see them fine onstage. Anyway, I saw them BEFORE they came on because they flew out of this black box and because I was so high up, I could see Brian's head.

2) Tates Creek alumni and some from other "surrounding schools" (as Kevin put it, which isn't very nice...) were there to sing the chorus part of "The Perfect Fan".

3) Nick dropped his hat during his solo in AIHTG at the very beginning.

4) When AJ was trying to say goodbye, Nick kept tapping his shoulder, and you could hear AJ telling him "Stop it!", but he finally turned around and Nick, acting really shy, said, "I've got a present for you!" and handed him a Dopey doll that a fan had thrown onstage.

5) I don't know if they did this at every show, but Kevin and Brian both wore UK jerseys at the end, and Brian was dribbling a basketball when he introduced the dancers.

Anyway, a whole lot happened and it went by in a blur that I barely remember everything that happened. I'm sure there were other little tidbits that I've forgotten already, but this was already the cream of the crop.

Sent: Friday, November 26, 1999 7:15 PM

Lexington KY Review 11/27

EYC, or "Express YourSelf Clearly" Were really bad! They all took their shirts off, and about made me sick! Who wants to see THEM do that? We didn’t come to see them! But 2 of them did wave at me. I tried not to smile at them. I was ducking in my seat trying NOT to get noticed.

Mandy more wasn’t that bad. She came up to me, and said hi! And when she left, I asked her to sign a picture I had of her, She said nicely " I ‘m sorry I can’t, I have to go. Sorry!" I thought that she should have had Girl dancers instead of boys, It would have brought her out more.

WOW! The Backstreet Boys concert!

It was so cool !! I went there with 3 signs, and tickets with my parents for lower level seats after months of anticipation. The tickets were okay, but not really close. I was happy with whatever I could get! Anyway, me and my parents hung around for a couple of hours before the show, and found out that the ticket office had tickets on sale. They were front row Lower level!!!! Actually, they were seats that were reserved for the band, but the band didn’t use them. My dad bought them, and sold our others for $20.00 outside the arena. I got down to the stage, and my seats were level with the stage!! I was not more than 5 or 6 feet away from Brian, Howie,A.J. ,Kevin, and Nick.

It was so incredible!! I had brought a few signs, hopeing that the boys would see them: 1 with HOW’S HOWIE? Written on it, a THANK U 4 THE SECOND CONCERT, and a light up BRIAN, NICK, and A.J. Sign. Before the concert, a boy from the Tates Creek Choir, the choir that sang in the album, asked my mom to take pictures of them while they were singing with his camera! My mom used her camera a few times during it too! The boys looked so cute at this concert! A.J. Had black hair, Nick’s hair was trimmed really nice. Like on the Millennium album cover picture. And Brian looked Happier than ever! He reminds me of a puppy, Cute and sweet! Howie and Kevin looked great too!

The concert started with a blast of fire from the stage. It almost burned me! I could really feel the heat of it! When they sang, "The One" I held up my "HOW’S HOWIE sign for Howie, and he looked right at me his face lit up, and he waved and said "I see your sign! I’m alright!" Like 3 times! HE was so nice! It always seems that no one screams at Howie, and I think that I made his day! I later held up my THANK U 4 THE SECOND CONCERT sign when Brian walked by, and He stopped for a few seconds to read it, then waved and smiled at me! A.J came right up to me during a few songs, pointed at me, and sang to me! He Looked right into my eyes! It was sooo cool! I was actually kind of bored I didn’t scream much. What do you do, when 5 of your favorite people are standing not more than 6 feet away from you, singing to you, pointing at you, and smiling at you? Within the first 20 minutes, all the guys, (Except Nick) Had seen my signs, and waved, so I put them down. Why hold them up? They already saw them.

I swear that Howie was deliberately trying to stay on the side of the stage that we were on! He flew RIGHT over my head during, "Quit playing games with my heart"! I knew all of their dance moves, and I was doing that stuff that they do with their hands during "Quit Playing Games" Howie got a trip out of that! He smiled and waved at me! Then when they flew over, he deliberately dropped a streamer, waving stick thing on me, and when he came back a round he threw his bag of candy on me too! Brian waved at me at least 3 times! Smiled, and looked me right in the eyes! A.J, came right up to me, and sang to me! Nick, deliberately ignored me! So did Kevin! A few times Kevin and Brian walked around with their hands on their eyes like binoculars, and looked up at the upper level people. Brian waved at my Mom! HOW CUTE!! And Kevin gave my dad the Thumbs up! CUTE!! But for some reason Nick just seemed so cold, I mean he didn’t wave at a single person, and he just was walking around talking to everyone on stage. Maybe he thought that I was just some snobby little rich girl and didn’t realize how hard it was for me to get these tickets, Or how much it meant to me when I did get them. He was my favorite, but now, I like Howie, Brian, and A.J the Most.

"Show Me The Meaning" Was performed so beautifully! The dancer girls looked really nice in these pretty red dresses. One was right in front of me, so I smiled and waved at her. I like to show the dancers respect to. They do add effect to the show. It is alot of work remembering all those moves.

Towards the end of the concert. Brian walked by me stopped and started smiling and pointing at his shirt. Trying to show it to me. It was one of his Brian Littrell Healthy Heart foundation for kids shirt he had on. Which I thought was very nice. He seemed like just a normal guy. At one point in the concert, the dancers brought out these big Metal rack, ladder like poles, and the Guys each climbed up on one to sing. A.J was right in front of me, he climbed up on his, and hung upside down! Believe it or not, he had Black Hair! How Cute is that! OH I forgot, during one song, I think "Everybody" A dancer threw a glow stick at me. It almost hit me, but fell under my dads seat, and a little girl behind me grabbed it. I actually wanted to wave at the girl dancers too. I thought they were pretty. Towards the end of the concert while they were introducing us to the dancers, Nick brought out this guy in a robe, and said he wanted to introduce us to a very important dancer. It was Howie Of Course.

He started Rapping, and Dancing around and stuff, it was so funny! A girl threw a Big blue stuffed cat on stage, Brian grabbed it, sat down with it, and Started to pet it. Awwww! Also a little girl threw a carnation on stage, and he picked it up and put it in his pocket! Awwwwwwwwww!! I think that someone threw him a basketball, or he brought one up on stage, because he was playing with one, and throwing it around.

Nick dropped his hat of stage, but a guard gave it back. HAHA!

Don’t worry everyone, Kevin's arm is fine now. He was using it like he normally does.

I Want It That Way was the last song. Silver and White Confetti exploded from the ceiling, and fell everywhere! I grabbed up a bunch of it. Overall the concert was Amazing!!

It was sooo weird! This was my first Backstreet Boys concert, and I actually could see the guys! They saw me! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world! My chances were easily 1/21,000 at least! One things for sure, I will never see the Backstreet boys as a fantasy again. They do exist, and they saw me. They looked right at me, and I could look right into their eyes. From this day on my life will never be the same.


From: gep []
Sent: Monday, November 29, 1999 4:14 PM

I went to the Lexington concert on November 27. It was the BEST concert I have ever been to. I am not lying. The energy in Rupp Arena was phenomonal. I lost my voice before the Backsreet Boys even came on stage!! Brian and Kevin got the most cheers because they of course were surrounded by all their friends and family from Kentucky. I cheered the loudest when they sang my fav song, I Want It That Way. Brian wore a Kentucky basketball jersey while Kevin wore a Kentucky football jersey. It was so cool to see them in my favorite team's clothes!! It was deffinitly worth the 2 hour drive from Louisville, where I live. All I am saying is this: if you get a chance to go to a Backstreet Boys, concert, do it!! My brother went to see Mandy Moore, but he had fun goofing of and yelling with us!

From: Krystal Fultz []
Sent: Saturday, November 27, 1999 8:10 PM

This is the second concert I have went to on the Millennium Tour. I went to the one in Columbus. This one was better. I will start off with their opening acts. First it was Mindy Moore. Once again she was great. She performed I think 4 songs. Then was EYC (Express Yourself Clearly). That is a group of three guys. Let me see if I have the names right. Trent, Dave, and David. They are filled with much talent. Their CD is called Light It Up. And then it was the BACKSTREET BOYS! I was in the 200's just happy enough to be there. I could see great. This one was more sentimental. Kevin was crying which I thought was really sweet because of loosing his father. My favorite part of the show was The Perfect Fan. Kevin and Brian brought their mothers out. GOD BLESS THEIR MOTHERS! They also had a choir there from Brian's high school. They were really good. This song makes me realize how lucky I am. Like always they sounded wonderful performed great and were da bomb.

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One last thing...


Sent: Saturday, November 27, 1999 10:41 AM

Last night on November 26 was one of the coolest & best nights of my entire life! It was SOOO awesome. I don't want to tell you their costumes, the order of the songs they sang, stuff like that because that's what everyone else does so you probably already know. Here are what I thought were the best moments of the night:

*The very beginning where they all came flying in on the "spaceboards"

*When they all talked to the crowd because Brian told a cool story about him as a kid always wanting to play basketball at Rupp Arena but people told him that he should sing & I think you had to be there to really enjoy the story

*When the piano flew down and Kevin played it during "Back to Your Heart"

*When they all came out dressed in just whatever they wanted and Brian, my personal favorite (you could call him my obsession), was wearing a jersey w/ the # 11 on it, my lucky number

*When AJ came out in a suit and glasses on ~ he looked so cute!!!

*When they sang "The Perfect Fan" with the Tates Creek choir and Kevin & Brian both had their moms up on stage :*)

*When they sang "I Want it That Way" ~ just because it's a great song!

And my personal favorite moment was when Brian waved to my best friend & me! That was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well thank you for reading my review. I just wanted to let you know how great the Boys really are.



From: Mark []
Sent: Sunday, November 28, 1999 3:05 AM

I started off buying tickets off the Internet, but we got ripped off out of them because the guy took our money. So I was disappointed. Then on Saturday we were planing on going to lex to find some tickets but called a number instead. We got tickets there and we were on our way.

We arrived at the arena at about 4:55 and we left my house at 1:55(Long drive) When we got there we had to eat and everything then we found our seats at about 6:00. We were happy with the seats. They were great!! Finally after a long period of waiting Mandy Moore came on stage. She was really good and one of her dancers was really cool. Eyc arrived shortly after and they were pretty good too. The blond one had an awesome body.

Then out of nowhere they started playing like space music. The Backstreet Boys rose out of a little like type box thing. And went slowly very slowly to the stage. Started out with Larger than Life as ya know. Ok and all that stuff all the other songs ya know. My favorite part of the show was by far QUIT PLAYING GAMES Howie came up by our section. He was like 4 feet away from me. He threw a rose and my mom caught it. It was so awesome. Another part of the show that was cool was the perfect fan. It was so great. Me and my friend were balling like babies because we wanted to be the girls on stage.

This concert is totally worth your money. It is great along with the other concerts and its just really awesome. Don't miss them if they are coming to your town.

Samantha Bowling

From: Melanie Brackney []
Sent: Monday, November 29, 1999 7:52 PM

Hey guys just wanted to say that I went to see that Backstreet boys concert on Saturday, November 27, 1999 and it was absolutly amazing!!!! For me the excitement started even before I arrived at the arena....okay as most of you know they were staying at the Hyatt Regency next door, due to traffic we were forced to park accross the street from the arena. My mom and I were walking towards the arena..when I noticed a guy in the window(we were very early by the way atleast 2 hours early) of the hotel. He was looking around, like he wanted to get peoples attention but nobody was paying any attention to him because the news was standing there and a interview or something was going on.

As we started to cross the street I found noticed how much the guy in the window resembled Nicky. I even said something to my mom who agreed (Nick was by this time kind of waving trying to get people to notice, and he seemed to be looking in my direction). So I started to jump up and wave, with in seconds Nick began to mock me. We continued this for quite a few minutes. Then I noticed the news guy say something about how they were standing outside the hotel where the BSB were staying. And then all the girls noticed Nick, and I pretty much lost him.

But it was amazing just knowing that for a few minutes me and Nick Carter were on the same plane..for a little while atleast he knew that I was alive. The mocking gesture to me was like him saying, look I see you, the only way that he could. Thinking about it now it brings tears to my eyes. Okay enough of my little story on to the main event.

First of all I had great seats at the show!!! Instead of doing the whole review thing, I thought I'd give you all some of the ups and downs(not that there were very many)

I'll get the downs out of the way first:

1) Mandy Moore, okay here is my opinion of her. Sure maybe she can carry a tune, but I soo can't understand her she needs to work on her diction a lot. I know she was sick, but I felt the same way about her when I saw her Detroit. And anyways, she's not really my thing. It's cool if you all like her, but I was soo unimpressed.

2) Howie's speech....I mean Howie that whole night(and I truly do like him) seemed to be a bit disinterested. This is very un-Howie like I realize. But I'm just saying that maybe he was sick or something. And his speech was seriously about 3 seconds long, but then that could have been so Kevin and Brian could talk longer.

3) The way some of the girls dress. Okay chicas I am going to make this clear, the boys are not going to see you really well if you are not on the floor. So why dress like you are going to a club? It just looks absolutly rediculous. And if you are on the floor, do you think the guys are going to come off the stage to get you or something? Welcome to the real world girls.

4) I didn't get to see enough of Brian, he stayed mainly on one side, oposite of me.

5) Can't the guys throw more stuffed animals, and can't Nick catch!! Sorry maybe they should go back to roses or something make it a little easier.

6) I noticed this in Detroit too, but can't all the girls be introduced by the guys with their moms..I mean why just Kevin's girl.

Okay on to the highlights:

1) They sounded great!!! Much better than they did it Detroit.

2) The choir added a nice touch to the show.

3) The dancers...they are sooo talented, I couldn't really see them in Detroit to appreciate them enough.

4) They didn't seemed as rushed in Lexington...which I appreciated.

5) Seeing Brian and Kevin soooo happy to be home.

6) Hearing all the support for the hometown boys( they deserve it).

7) Being told by the security that it was okay to take pictures.

8) Being able to see the guys sort of upclose.

9) Just knowing that Kevin and Brian have sat as audience members in the very same arena, and knowing how successful they have become. It makes you realize that success can really happen to anybody. It's very humbeling, and reassures me that if I try even living where I do (which is Ohio, but still not very far) I can make it big someday. That in itself is an awesome feeling.

Okay peeps enough of me...if you went to the concert the 27th email we can exchange stories. Oh I was in Section 23 by the way, so if you were there please email me.



From: Newnom, Robert []
Sent: Sunday, November 28, 1999 4:23 PM

Hi,Friday my 2 friends Katie and Amber went to the Lexington,KY concert on 11/26/99.Well we were trying to find the BSB in the Hyatt Hotel,where they were staying.On the 5th floor the security guards said we just missed one by 10 secs.As we were looking around the hotel,we found their dressing room(The Hyatt is connected to Rupp Arena).Then security guards walked us out of there.We ran into a lady who said one of the BSB were staying on the 15th floor in the Oriental room.So we hurried up there,and knocked on his door,the tv was on.We knocked once then a security guard started chasing us down the stairs.At that point we lost my dad,as we were looking for him we ran into the BSB dancer Nikki and we got our picture taken with her.Ot was pretty cool.At 6:00 we got our seats we were row B,lower arena on the side.Awesome seats.I'll send pix when I get them.Nick flew right over us and he and Brian waved at us.After the concert we went behind the arena found the buses and looked into one and a security guard woman told us to get away.But our chase for BSB started when we called Rupp from our hotel and asked if we could meet the BSB,she said they were in a interview at T-Blades Office ,on the 3rd floor of Rupp/Hyatt.We may not have met them but we came so close.Also we say Mandy walk in with security guards and go under the silver curtain.Ah I forgot when the dancers came out,we were on the rails and Nikki smiled and waved at us.She remembered us!


Sent: Monday, November 29, 1999 12:29 PM


This is my review of the concert from the third row. The opening acts were Mandy Moore and EYC. Mandy came out first with five all male dancers, she was o.k. I guess but I did'nt know any of her songs except candy but at least you could tell that she could sing. And she was recieved really well from the crowd. Next was EYC (express yourself clearly). Everyone started screaming when they came onstage I guess they thought that they were the BSB but then when they found out it was'nt the applause died down. They are three guys and I did'nt know any of their songs. They were'nt very catchy is probably the reason and they did more dancing than singing trying to seduce the audience but were'nt doing a very good job considering that there was mostly teenagers in the audience and only one of them was cute. I only caught the name of the cute one it was david. they also did cover songs like eminem my name is and 702 where my girls at. One time two of them even ran into each other on stage! Then it was finally time for My fave A.J. and the bsb.

Major Hightlights from the show were when Howie rapped, Nick & A.J. had a dancing duel, Kevin & Brian Brought their moms onstage for the perfect fan, and also the tates creek choir(brian's old school and the background vocals for the millenium album)A.J.'s hair color was a SHOCKING normal brown and was low cut. A.J. also wore a straight jacket on stage, a cow cowboy hat,and eightball boxers throughout the show. I was so lucky because I had one of the best seats in the house. Section 2 row c seat 31 which is right of the level part of the hexagon stage and a.j. stayed near us the most he even came down and touched hands and sang to us. He asked us if we wanted to get wet? Then he splashed his bottled water on us, my hair got wet! He had already torn his white t-shirt and now all you could see was parts of his chest. Then when howie was talking and the whole arena was quiet I screamed a.j.'s name. Everyone looked around a.j. put his hand up to his face and squinted his eyes at me I was jumping up and down and waving then he smiled and waved. I was in heaven!!! But as it turns out the best was yet to come! Me & my friend stephanie were staying in the same hotel as A.J. and I actually got to meet him at the bar(I'm 21) after the concert along with some of the BSB dancers and crew that I had met throughout the day! I have pictures autographs and memories to last me a lifetime!! I know that I probably won't be lucky enough to get such good seats next time so I'm so lucky that I was there this time.

Thank you for letting me share my review.


Sent: Monday, November 29, 1999 4:44 PM

On Saturday Nov. 27 my friend Megan and I attened the BSB concert at Rupp Arena. We had it all planned! We got there around 2:30- 3:00 and the show didnt start until 7:30. We wandered around and then came to the hotel that was connected to Rupp and there was a crowd of girls there so we went to the lobby by the elevators and well it wasnt BSB but close! We met Swoop and another dancer and Swoop was very very very very very very NICE! he smelled good too and is kinda cute so we got pics!

Onto the show! We were like a few of the first to see the guys come outta the big black box and Megan bawled. They looked great! I don't remember the order of the songs or anything cause I was in a daze and half crying.But when they sang "Show Me The Meaning" Howie held up a flag that had Denniz's name on it and the Sweden flag on the other side and I was like "WE MISS YOU DENNIZ" even though I didn't know him! Then Nick talked most of all and Brian gave his little speech "I am speechless but I have so may things to say" and he said hi to his mom, dad, and bro and other realitives. Then Kevin called us hi "Kentucky farm Girls" which was cute. Now I have to say Nick looked so good in his leather pants I think i could have died! I never knew a man could look so good in leather pants! Well anyway I really liked when that dancer ripped AJ's shirt off! Highlight of the show! It had to be the best concert ever! I left speechless, partically because I'd lost my voice and partially cause I'd lost my heart, TO NICK!

Highlights of The Show

*Nick acting goofy

*Brian playing with his basketball onstage

*Brian in his #11 UK jersey

*Nick's leather pants

*Howie rapping

*Kevin and his speech "Kentucky Farm Girls"

*Aj's shirt being ripped off! OH BABY even though I love Nick!

* Their VOICE VOICES VOICES VOICES! AMZAZING! Thats not the word there isnt a word to describe a BSB conceert an them singing live it was GREAT! If you have never been you HAVE to go to the next you don't know what you're missing out on!


From: ShellyCandy Chekanski []
Sent: Saturday, November 27, 1999 10:35 PM

I am from PA. I went to the Lexington, Kentucky concert on Nov. 26 (Friday) It was held at the Rupp arena. The show was the BEST! The opening band was Mandy Moore and a rap group. The first song was Larger Than Life. People came on stage with torches while the band played star wars music. They sang a few songs then each BSBoy had time to talk to the audience. Brian told the story of how he wanted to play in the Rupp arena ever since he was a little boy, and that everyone there gave him a chance to. Kevin played his solo song on the piano. During the song Perfect Fan Brian and Kevins mom came up on stage. At the end of the concert Kevin, AJ, Brian, and Nick took turns introducing the band and dancers. Then Nick introduced a rapper that he liked to call MCD. (named after MC Hammer) It was HOWIE!! Howie did a rap song (Which he was VERY good at) Then they all bowed and the show was over. They played around 18 songs! The show was the BEST!!!


Sent: Sunday, November 28, 1999 2:11 PM

Hey i jsut thought i'd share my little "ExPeRiEnCe" with everyone about my BSB concert experiences

The Deal~So i live in New jersey and my dad and i flew to Lexington with 10 th row tickets for SATURDAY. We got these on Friday night we went to Rupp Arena and Backstreet was in the air we found a scalper who gave us 11th row (sec 2 row L seat 1+2) so we got em' and headed for the arena. We got their and there were pretty long lines so we thought they were checking cameras (we brought a regualr camera and a telephotolens one) We got them in THANK GOD!

Opening Acts~ Mandy Morre came out...nothing to impressive. When i went to Denver she wasn't there... but she's ok on a scale of 1-10 i give her performance a 4 1/2. The EYC came out the only thing i liked about them was when they said how " BSB are in the back changing" or something like that

The Show~8:45 lights dim...dancers come wars music comes on and Bam there r my 5 fantasies! Now last time i saw them Nick had his hair long so i was so thrilled when i saw it short. I know i'm such a loser..i started to cry...then after they made their way around the stage Kevin did his little"Lexington r u ready to party?!?" Everyone shrieked and so forth..honestly the rest is kinda a blur but i'l give ya the highlights from each boy

Brian~During The Perfect Fan they had his high school choir and his mom on stage it was very very sweet. he was smiling the whole night. All the guys gave the same speeches except him and Kev. Brian said how he loved BBall growing up but music was his love and how he couldn't beleive he was playing in Rupp arena. he had so much more energy then when he did when i saw them in Jersey and Denver

AJ~ He is such a great performer. he had so much energy and during "That's The way i like it"( I think that's the song) the dancers ripped his shirt off...he flew over me upside down which gave a nice view of his rear. his hair was brown and he looked Hella fine!! Plus he waved at me when he flew =)

Howie~O sweet D. While the guys sat on the bar stools he waved at my section and was so swet. he sounded really good and threw gifts when they flew.

Kevin~Boy did Lexington loooooove kevin! He was on my side some of the time and did great during the perfect fan his mom came out on stage too it was really sweet and during their speeches he started crying saying how 'all the guys had a bet to what song he would start crying at"

Nick~~O Boy did i save the best for last! Now Little Nickolas Carter knows how to shake his bon-bon!:p he was smackin the air...movin his pelvis....everything! (Good work aj u've rubbed off on nick) No my little nick didn't fly over me but that's ok he saw me!:) Boy during "show me the meaning" him and that dancer do the tango thing great! Overall it was the best bsb cocnert i've seen. feel free to e-mail me with comments or q's

Sent: Sunday, November 28, 1999 3:11 PM

I was among the 22,055 people who were lucky enough to get their hands on tickets for the November, 26 show at Rupp arena in Lexington Kentucky, and trust me when I say that for any diehard fan, this was a show that will never be forgotten

The boys came out, flying on boards as they always do, and preformed an incredible first act. The crowd cheered loudly for all of the boys, but for two especially. The boys, one by one introduced themselves, Nick, AJ, Howie, and then ah yes, our hometown heroes, Brian Littrell and Kevin Richardson. When Brian came out, he said, "Hello" and then he just stood there. Why you ask, well the crowd screamed so loudly that he couldn't go on. He just stood there with a huge grin on his face until the crowd settled down enough for him to talk. The words that he said next will be in my mind for years to come. He talked of how he was pretty good at basketball, and as a little boy he had dreamed of playing at Rupp (home of the Kentucky Wildcats), and that though music turned out to be his talent, with the help of God, and his fans, his dream of "playing" at Rupp was finally coming true. He thanked his fans and handed the mike to Kevin.

Once again the crowd went wild. Kevin just looked out at his fans, and whether it was the cheering of the crowd, the fans out there, or just some childhood memories I'll never know, but Kevin got choked up. He said he'd made bets with all of the guys as to when, or during what song he would cry, and he had already lost the bet. He stepped back a moment, and then with tears in his eyes said, "I love you all."

The concert went on without a hitch, two hours of incredible singing, dancing, and fun flew by, they played almost every one of their songs, and did two encores, and everyone was sad to see the show end, but it was worth every minute, and every dollar. You see, this show had many special moments, the flying, and the encores, the crazy fans, and the talent of the boys, but there were a few very special moments. Once, towards the end, Brian and Kevin came out all dressed in Kentucky Wildcat clothes, and Brian wore his Healthy Hearts t-shirt during one song, but perhaps the most touching moment of the entire concert, and definately the greatest moment for me was when they sang the "Perfect Fan" The choir from the CD, from Tates Creek came up and sang with the boys, but something that only we will ever get to see was when the boys went off to get the mothers and daughters. They came back on Nick, Howie, AJ, and then Brian and Kevin, but oh, what's this, Brian and Kevin only have a mother, their mothers, and they sang to them, something that only happened once, and wouldn't happen again. It was truely touching, and even brought a tear to my eye.

All in all it was incredible. and to think that we are the only ones who will ever witness the love of those two boys to their mothers in that way, it's wonderful!!

From: Teresa Turner []
Sent: Saturday, November 27, 1999 8:36 PM

Hey, my name is Teresa I am an older BSB fan, 33 young years of age :) and I went to the Atlanta concert on Nov. 24th and the Lexington show last night Nov. 26th. Let me give MY take of the shows.

Atlanta: The show was great, very upbeat. A.J. seemed to be having an off night, but he still looked great. The only other mishap I witnessed was Kev dropping his hat during the "All I Have To Give" dance sequence. He made a really disgusted face, then picked up his hat and got right back into the routine without missing a beat. I saw them last year and let me say that Kev has REALLY improved on his dance steps, he seems to do it with so much ease now. The other highlights of the show for me were when A.J. came out in his straight jacket, acting really crazy, and when Howie had put on a hooded jacket and pretended to be "MC D." the rapper. He did a good job with that too! They did a great medley of "Everybody, Backstreet's Back", "We've Got It Goin' On", and "That's The Way I Like It" the routine for the latter song was wonderful, the girls and guys going at it. We all enjoyed that very much. The guys dancing is much more mature, more adult. They ended of course with "I Want It That Way". And of course they were wonderful as usual with that. Now on the last night's show.

Lexington: The air was filled with much energy, I talked to one of my friends who is a dancer for the BSB and she said that backstage there was a lot of emotion, Kevin and Brian had all their families there, plus their pals from high school. Their Grandfather was dressed to the nines in a suit and tie (looking rather handsome if you ask me!) We were on the floor near the stage, to the left of us were Kev and Brian's family, I saw Jackie and Harold Sr., Jerald Jr. and Tim (Kev's brothers) their Grandfather, and lots of other friends and family, Being my hometown as well this was emotional for me too. They came out doing "Larger Than Life" the crowd was ROARING, their families were on their feet, during the introductions, each guy comes out and says hi to the fans, Brian came out and thanked the fans and his mother, father and brother as well as all his other family. Kevin came out last, he was too choked up with emotion to speak, the guys all made a bet of which song Kev would cry during, but he said it didn't matter because he had already lost it, his eyes were shining with tears, I cried with him.

The show was the best yet. Kevin and Brian were sheer perfection up there. During "The Perfect Fan" Kev and Brian brought up their mother's Ann and Jackie, it was so emotional I don't think there were many dry eyes in the arena. During Kevin's part "In hopes I can give back to you and be the perfect son" he turned to Ann as he sang it and she burst into tears, Kevin was teary eyed, then he walked to her and she kissed him lightly on the lips, it was beautiful. I have never felt more emotion in one place than I did in Rupp Arena last night. Brian and Kevin were extremely relaxed and happy, Kevin cut up a lot more than he usually does, and he kept coming over to the side of the stage where his family was smiling and waving at them. The night was perfect, I didn't want it to end, but like everything else it must, so when they came out to do "I Want It That Way" they usually dress in their own clothing, Kevin and Brian came out in Kentucky Wildcat shirts, and Kevin had on his KY hat. The crowd was going crazy. I have seen the BSB before, but I have to say I never felt as much emotion as I did last night, it was really nice seeing the guys come home to our hometown and do it with such perfection and grace. I was even more proud of them last night. What a night they had, and what a night they gave all the fans in Lexington who have waited so long for the homecoming of their "boys". It was a night I will not soon forget.


Concert Reviews: 11/24/99 Atlanta, GA

Date: Sep 30, 2000
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From: ~*~Amy D.~*~ []
Sent: Friday, November 26, 1999 7:51 PM

Hey everybody! I went to the Backstreet Boys concert on November 24th in Atlanta, Ga at the Philips Arena!! What a day that was for me and my friends Vanessa, Nicole, Julie & Kelly. We got there about 4:00 and walked around and made our way in line, which we were not that far back. We saw some very interesting people standing waiting there 2 hrs to see our beloved Backstreet Boys! Finally it was 6:00 and time to go inside and find our seats which were great!! We had the best view since we were looking right on top of them. I mean we could see everything!

Mandy Moore did not appear, leaving EYC (Express Yourself Clearly) the Boys only opener. I guess they were OK. They sang songs that sounded far to familiar and toward the last song they all took their shirts off and according to them showed us the "sexy side of EYC" while prancing around the pentagon shaped stage that was lit up and equipment ready with the band awaiting the Boys.

At last it was 8:35, the lights dimed and the massive screaming of us all roared in the jam packed arena, as the Sears commercial played on the overhead TV screen. Then, from the left side of one of the portals, marched out 10 people dressed in white holding 2 torches in each hand. They walked up the stage and placed them on each side. OMG! Here came the Backstreet Boys being lowered down on their snowboards!!!!!!! Me, Vanessa and Nicole were freaking out so bad and so was everybody else!!!!! I swear I have never screamed so loud for so long!!!!! Each of the Boys introuduced themselves and sang a mix of songs from both albums which were very exciting and romantic!

The boys looked great-all of them!!!!! They are so fine and sound so fabulous live. It's such a wonderful experence to see them so close to you like you could reach out and touch them!!! What a dream come true! Nick, Kevin, AJ, Brian and Howie all did a terrific job! Now for some highights: The flying was wild! They turned flips! Kevin was hanging up side down on his ladder, Brian played w/ a basketball, Nick was lifting up his shirt and shouting to the audience, AJ was going crazy, ripping off his shirt and tossing his water bottle in the crowd, and in the next paragraph I will gladly share with you all about my fave guy, Howie!!!! (Yes, that's right, i said Howie)

OMG where do I begin?! He was sooooooo cute!!!! I mean you should have heard the way he said "Y'all" it was so cute!! And he said "I'm gonna put the "Hot" in "Hot Atlanta"!!!! I swear, you have to see this man dance!!!! OMG!!!! He's awesome! When he dedicated "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely" to the late Denniz Pop I swear I almost broke down, it was a lovely tribute. Near the end, Nick introduced to us a friend of his that was an upcoming rapper that goes by the name of cute was this?...Howie came out with a hood over his face and started doing this little rap!!!! *L* I thought it was very well done. I LOVE YOU HOWIE!!!!!!!

Like all good things even this concert had to come to an end no matter how badly none of us wanted it to. They ended the show with "I Want It That Way" and we sang the last verse!!! Sweet Howie went down and shook hands in front row. They wished us a happy Thanksgiving and thanked us and told us how much they appreciate everything we, the fans, do for them. And we replied the same but in screaming "I LOVE YOU!!!" to the Boys and "PLEASE DON'T GO!!" which we all sincerly meant....followed by a last goodbye to our favorite member, if that's possible. All resulting in a outburst of tears both happy and sad and even more screams!!! There we sat, in awe, holding our cameras as we watched them make their way off the stage. How I wished they could stay but I knew and understood that they now had to make their way somewhere else.

It was the best time I have ever had in my life and i would never trade anything in this world for that moment, it can't be replaced. The Backstreet Boys are my heros and there will always be a special place in my heart for them. THANK YOU SO MUCH BACKSTREET BOYS! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!


Sent: Friday, November 26, 1999 4:01 PM

I just loved the concert.It was the best ever I liked when they flew over us,and came on stage on those Huber boards.Like from back to the future.That was awesome.I was right under them,so close I could touch any of them if I tried.I went with my friend Danielle that's in love with Nick I am in love with AJ,Kevin, and Brian of course.   Backstreet Boys RULE!!!!!!!!!!


Sent: Friday, November 26, 1999 3:51 PM

Hi, I went to the BSB concert on November 24 in Atlanta and it was great. I had already been to two. They were great but this one was the best. I had section 103 row A. I was so close i felt the heat from the flames. I really had a good time. They all looked really good too!! I thought it was funny when Howie was about to fly and he did the sign of the cross about 5 times, he looked really nervous! They sang really well that night. At the end they ran right past me and i touched Nick(Awwwww) Howie, and Kevin. I also touched all their dancers hands. I cant wait to see them again.

From: Kallee McLean []
Sent: Friday, November 26, 1999 12:01 AM

After waiting for what seemed like a lifetime my two best friends and I finally made it to Atlanta to see the Backstreet Boys. I was not disappointed in the show at all. The minute I saw Brian, Nick, Howie, AJ, and Kevin fly onto the stage tears began to fill my eyes. I could not believe I was there. I am 20 years old as are my friends and I don't usually succumb to tears so easily. Amazing is the only word I can use to describe my Backstreet experience. I am going to say it. I have never been a Nick Carter fan. I have always thought of him as being arrogant and well..not cute. Well he turned me into a Nick Lover Wednesday night. He was so intense. He put so much effort into every song. I have never seen him dance like he did. He was putting AJ to shame. You know how everybody is always watching AJ to be provocative? Well not in the A-T-L, Mr. Carter stole the show! I was so impressed by him. I can honestly say that I have nothing but mad respect for him.

I think one of my favorite songs of the night was "That's The Way I Like It". I liked the way the guys interacted with their dancers. It was off the hook. I also liked "Show Me The Meaning". I loved it when the guys danced with the girls. It was very sexy and I just liked it. "The Perfect Fan" made me want to pick up my cell phone and call my mom! The most surprising moment of the night came when Nick announced that there was a new rapper on the scene. He introduced everyone to "MC D"! It was great! Howie had his hood pulled over his head and I died laughing. It was too cute! "I Want It That Way" was a perfect end to a perfect show.

However, there was a downpoint to my whole Backstreet Boys experience. I am not in love with them. I don't think about marrying them, or spawning their children. But, I did realize that being a Backstreet Boy is their job. That is what they do. It finally hit me while my friends and I were waiting by the busses backstage while the guys were getting ready to leave. AJ and Nick had already left to fly home so we saw Kevin leave in a white 4Runner.

Standing behind the security guards I felt so stupid and like I was invading his privacy just being there. Of course he was sweet and waved but that is when I had this serene moment. While he was on stage him and the rest of the guys belonged to us. They were ours! But the minute they stepped off that stage they no longer belonged to us. They are normal guys who just happen to have not so normal jobs.

I will continue to keep the backstreet pride alive but I have now had a completely different outlook on my whole backstreet obsession. Just remember we don't really know them. We know the professionals but not the men. I just thought I would share my thoughts with you! KTBSPA!!


From: Katy Richardson []
Sent: Thursday, November 25, 1999 9:38 PM

My concert was in Atlanta Georgia at the brand new "Philips Arena". I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. We got on MARTA and rode up and when we got to the arena, I immediatly went to buy something. I bought a t-shirt and some pins along with a program (which later got stolen). After that we found our way to our seats and waited a while.

The opening act, EYC, came out and did their thing. At first I was pretty hyped up and excited so I was enjoying EYC but after a while I got pretty tired of then prancing around the stage pulling their shirts up and showing their chests. It was actually kind of sickening. Not that they were bad looking, it's just that they were trying SOOOO hard to be sexy. Anyway, they did about five songs I guess, I don't really remember, then they said goodbye and left.

After they left, everyone got hyped up but soon settled down when they realized that the BSB weren't coming out just yet. So everyone sat down and waited. And waited. And waited. It was at least an hour after EYC left that the BSB finally came out.

But they finally did come out to (you guessed it) the Star Wars theme. They came out on surfboards and Kevvy directed the group moving around the stage and they sang "Larger Than Life". Then after that they sang "Get Down" and then "The One". Then they all went to change clothes and Nick stayed out and talked to the crowd. After him the rest of them talked in this order: AJ, Howie, Brian & Kevin. (They saved the best for last)

Then they sang "As Long As You Love Me". Now, I'm not exactly a big fan of this song but it sounded really good live. After that they all stood up on the big circle thingie in the middle of the stage and sang "Don't Wanna Lose You Now". That performance was just amazing. I don't know what it was but it just sounded REALLY good.

They then sang "Quit Playing Games" and flew through the crowd at the end of it. AJ flew over us and he was just really cute. I watched him but my attention was caught up with Kevin who I could see good because he was just on the other side of Nick.

They left to get a wardrobe change and came back out to sing "Don't want you back". Then they sang "The Perfect Fan" and it was really cute because Kevin was trying to talk and the mom kept taking pictures. When Brian, Howie and AJ were singing the first verse, Kevin took the camera and held it out in front of them and took a picture of him, the little girl and the mom.(aww..)The little girl who walked with Howie was absolutly ADORABLE. She was the cutest little thing I've ever seen.

After that they left and we saw a big white piano coming down from the ceiling. I started freaking out because I knew what was next. Kevin came out and did his "Untitled" solo along with Mindi. Then after that was over, he was elevated and played the piano while the other boys sang "Back to Your Heart". That was my favorite part of the entire concert it was just amazing.

After BTYH they went and changed their clothes and came out to sing an "Everybody"/"We've Got It Going On"/"That's the way I like it" mix. (Kevin was so hot during TTWILI)

After another wardrobe change (into pink pants) they came out on stools in the center. When Howie asked everyone if there were any Spanish peaches in the house AJ started laughing and Howie looked back at him and started laughing too. It was so cute! Anyway, they sang "Spanish Eyes" and then "I'll Never Break Your Heart". They all put coats on and sang "All I Have to Give". During the hat routine, poor Kevin dropped his hat but picked it up quickly and continued on.

After AIHTG they sang "Show Me The Meaning" to which they dedicated to Deniz PoP. After that they said goodbye and left. A bunch of people then got up and left & I felt kinda sorry for them cause I knew it wasn't over yet.

Sure enough, they came back out and did a performance to "It's Gotta Be You". I REALLY like this routine. It was really good. They then introduced all the dancers and band members. All I remember is that the girl that Kevin introduced graduated from Georgia Tech and Mindi is a Atlana Hawks cheerleader. After they finally finished the song, the boys and dancers all did bows and left. Again a bunch of people thought it was over and left. I knew it wasn't over yet because they had yet to sing "I Want It That Way"

After a while they came back out and sang IWITW. Then thanked everyone for coming and wished us all a Happy Thanksgiving. Then they left. And it was over *sniff*. Anyhow, the cool part was that they kept calling us Sothern Belles and Georgia Peaches and saying HOTlanta. That was pretty cool.

So anyways, there's my concert review, I hope you enjoyed it. And to whoever stole my concert program, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.


Sent: Thursday, November 25, 1999 6:47 PM

This is from Allison and Nessie from Atlanta, GA

Hi I went to the Atlanta concert and it was the best concert ever seen. We sat in the 4 row right behided the black box. The lights went out, the smoke (dry ice) began to rise, and the crowd went wild. They stared with Star Wars Theme and landed on stage they sang Larger Than Life. After that I was hypotised. Me and my friend was sitting in back of Howie's cousin and her daughter. They looked might fine in their black outfits when they sang Don't Want You Back also during the song when they are on the ladders, Nick did not stay on to long as the rest of the guys did. It looked like his knee was bothering him. When they few over the audience Brian was on our side and he waved at us then he dropped the teddy bear that he had he said "sorry that I drop it", he was trying to throw it to us.

Then they changed to their pink outfits and sang Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely and the Perfect Fan. That was so cute when the mothers and daughters was on stage. Howie's fan was only about 3 or 4 years old one on the stage hands put a teddy bear on stage and Howie picked it up and gave it to her I almost cried because it was sweet of him and I have a 4 year old to. Then they change in to their white outfits. People please understand that I was hypnotized by them so I don't remember to much that went on. Then they changed to their jammies as I call them they were hot and funny because AJ was in a straight jacket (Oh my they caught him HAHAHA). Howie and NIck did this rap thang and it was funny but Howie can rap.

Nick did undo AJ for the straight jacket and he went crazy again, AJ got a water bottle run to NIck side we thought he was going to pour it on NIck but instead AJ poured it into the crowd. then they introduced the dancers and the Band. When they introduced the bands keyboards Tommy the crowd yelled out "TOMMY" I think we all know him and it was a big surprise to the guys. Then they left and came back for the encore.

They sang I Want It That Away which the crowd was singing along with them near the end of the song the guy stop singing and the crowd finish the song.

AJ did not finish his part because Nick was tapping on his shoulder and AJ stopped sing and asked Nick "what" and then they both said "HAPPY THANKSGIVING ATLANTA, WE LOVE YOU". Then the guys were in the middle of the stage and said "Good night" then they disappeared.

Overall the concert was wonderful and it was the best time of my friend and I ever had. In the beginning of the show we did meet Leighanne (Brian's girlfriend) and had our picture with her. Again please understand that we was so overwhelmed by the stage how big it was and the show how massive it was we was only concentrating on the guys and their moves.

Love you all


Sent: Thursday, November 25, 1999 10:04 AM

Wow! You guys were right about having the best time of my life. Let me first start of by telling you about the concert and about what I did then I will tell you about the each member. I was so surpised on how good are seats were, I was lower level but there were no floor seats in front of us so that meant a better chance of running up which we did , ALL THE WAY TO THE FRONT. We had to go back after about 10 min, but at the end of the show when they sung "I Want it That Way" we were in the front for the rest of the show. We got a few pics of them from the front so they should be good. When the concert started EYC came out, I hated them so much they were a waste of time. The Backstreet Boys did not need a opening act. Mandy Moore was not there either, I really do not like her music anyway.. Then when BSB came out thought they would be flying around the whole crowd with the surf boards. When they landed on stage they were so good they didn teven crack a smile(besides brianwhich was sweet.) Now you know I must right the longest review on Nick my favorite

Nick: This was the best part of the show to me(beside when Howie looked at us and pointed then smiled, Aj and Nick also looked at use but not they way Howie did.) Man he was so hot his hair was cut, nice butt, and defintly not fat. He was sexy. I loved it when him and Aj did this little freaky dance on top of the petagon in the beginning of the show. I forgot what song it was when Nick started crawling on the ground, but he looked mighty fine when he did it. I wish I was on of the girl dancers, because Nick was grinding with them, man tey are lucky( well really just one of the dancers). Nick sounded excellent on top of that he made sexy little looks alot. At the end end of the concer when Nick was introducing the key boardist he went and hit a key two times sounding horrible , but it was really funny. Nick Carter is what we call a tease girls . He is tantalizing in every way. You can see but you may not touch, I KNOW I HATE IT TOO!!!!!!!

Howie: Howie sounded great and looked excellent too. It made my day, well hell year when he looked at us pointed, waved then winked. He rapped pretty good at the end too. Many people say Howie D is ugly, but he is a very handsome guy esp up close.

AJ: AJ was great. He was a freak too along with Nick. I liked when he ripped of his, that was cool showing of that good body on his. He looked excellent with a cowboy hat on I was thinking how cool it would be to ride him. Aj gets a 10 in my book!

Brian: My second favorite is Brian. He was great too always sounding good. My favorite part was during "perfect fan" he was so sweet to the girl and the other, I know that they were happy, I also wish I was them. He was great on the pole too, it seemed like he was trying to knock it down.

Kevin: Looked good, he was tones looking and sounding perfect. He came to our side when he was flying I was about five feet from him I cannot believe it. I was two inches short of getting one of the two teddy bears he threw (so if you haven't went get yourself prepared for getting a bear) Kevin offered to pick this lady up out of her chair (I bet he was teasing but still...) but she was saying no, HOW LAME CAN YOU GET! Was what I was thinking about her. The only bad thing about Kevin is that he hardly made any eye contact with anyone, but I guess you get tried of doing that while being on tour so long. He was still great though!!!! I love him so much!

Erin AKA Chocolate BSB girl


Concert Reviews: 11/23/99 Birmingham, AL

Date: Sep 30, 2000
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From: Jennifer
Sent: Wednesday, November 24, 1999 5:37 PM

Hey everyone! I went to the Backstreet Boys' show on November 23rd. It was awesome!! I hope they intend to come back. But an incident that happen leaves me to believe they'd have reason not to. I was listening to the radio that day to hear on 107.7 an interview with the Backstreet Boys. I waited & waited. As I listened to the interview, it didn't sound like Brian, Kevin, & Nick(who were supposed to be there). During the interview as it got towards having fans call in to talk to the boys, I realized how the boys were. They were definately rude to their fans. As in, hanging up on them and so forth. Then, this morning (the 24th) I recieved the Birmingham News paper. It states:

"Radio station hoax angers Backstreet fans"

Radio hosts Beaner and Ken pulled one over on Birmingham on tuesday, but throngs of listeners didn't get the joke or didn't think it was funny. It sounded as though WRAX-FM was interviewing three of the five Backstreet Boys on their early-morning show. Love-crazed teens from all over the city called to talk to the boys, but found the object of their adolescent desires rude and disrespectful. But Beaner and Ken's "boys" were mrere actors. Program director Dave Rossi said the hosts finally admitted the hoax, but by then the damage was done. Several hundred angry girls and their parents lit up the radio station's phone lines all day long vowing to stop buying the band's records and renounce their loyalty to the pop group. Callers "couldn't believe how offensive they were to the fans," Rossi said. "I knew it pushed peoples' buttons at first, but it's been going on all day. We thought people would see through the joke." (The end of the article)

Okay..maybe it's just me, but I think that's extremely rude. I mean, what does that say about Alabama? I wouldn't be suprized if Backstreet Boys realize how they lost some fans over this and think that Birmingham is just an awful city and I think that makes us look bad. Anyway, I was at the concert, and I realized there were some empty seats in the house. I know there could be other reasons to people not sitting in those seats, but I mean it could have been just because parents thought that BSB were rude and that they didn't want their children seeing them that night or ever again. That's all that the interview said, but I just hope Backstreet Boys only see how rude Beaner and Ken were, but realize that they still have the hearts won over of all of Alabama.



Sent: Wednesday, November 24, 1999 12:26 PM

Mandy Moore and EYC did opening acts and the concert. Before they came out the aduience was yelling backstreet boys ... and doing the wave thing. We waited forever till the bsb slowly came out this box thingy on the boards flying to the stage. Their first song was "larger Than Life" and during one song i can't remember which one they flew over the audience and kevin was only about 10 feet away from me! and before they did "Back To Your Heart" Kevin played the piano with the girl playing the saxaphone. And at one time during the end a girl threw her glow stick and it hit nick in the head and he fell and he's like where did that thing go. that was funny. and at the end howie came off stage and walked around and of course he touched girls' hands. and of course there was alot more but i don't want to ruin the suprise for people if they have a concert after us.

From: Ashley AJ Luvah []
Sent: Wednesday, November 24, 1999 12:20 PM

Well the day had finally come when I got to go to the BSB concert.It took a long time to get there to Birmingham.I went with my freind Kerry. She loves Brian to death!I love A.J. to death too!We went to our seats they were so close to the stage!!!!!!!!

Mandy Moore came out first I really couldn't hear her singing though. I guess she was aight.Then EYC came out one of the guys were very fine!He kept showing his chest at the end he took his shirt all the way off!!They were good they got me crunk for BSB. So when they left, you know how they always do the little tests before the concert to see if everything is working OK,they did those for about 20 minutes.All the fans started cheering BAckstreet Boys! BAckstreet Boys!you know the rest.THen the fans did the wave about 25 times around the whole Civic Center.Some of the fans in the balcony saw BSB in the Black box. So finally they came out.I was screaming my head off(In fact, I lost my voice and my ears are still ringing*lol*).The guys came out on their surf boards they were about 4 or 5feet above the audience(seriously they were kinda close).

I waved at Nick and guess what? He waved back at me! While AJ was standing on the stage I waved at him before the begining of "Larger Than Life".I know he saw me waving because he looked DIRECTLY at me(litarally),before they started LTL. I guess he did'nt wave back because it was the begining of the first song. Then they did "Get Down",EVERYBODY started jumping. After "Get Down", All the boys talked to the fans.Then they did did I'll be the One",(I think*lol*)Sorry I can't remember the songs in their order. Then it was Kevin's solo.This girl 2 rows behind me kept sreaming,"I love you KEVIN!!!!", "KEVIN!!!!".I was like, could you please get out my ear!!!,well I did'nt actually tell her. *lol*Then they did "Back to Your Heart"They did "Perfect Fan", it was sweet how they brought the mothers with their daughters onto the stage. One of the girls wouldn't even look at Nick she was so nervous.Then they did, "Everybody(Backstreet's Back)",We've Got It Goin On",and "That's The Way I Like It" in a melody. A.J. saw everyone in my row doing the dance to "Everybody".He waved at us, so of course I stopped dancing and started screaming*lol*.Then they did, "DOn't want you Back", Nick and A.J. were gettin' freaky with the ladder.That was my favorite part(I know I'm sick).Then they did "Spanish Eyes",after that it was DOn't Wanna Lose You Now".The next one was, " Show Me The Meaning".I cried on that song because it's my favorite and I still could'nt believe I was that close to BSB.

Then they did "All I Have To Give".They flew over the audeince Brian was on our side he waved at our row.My freind Kerry was screaming all in my ear.I was like can't you kinda get outta my ear a little bit. I liked the chair routine alot. Then it was "It's gotta be You". I think that's the song when Howie fell down one of the slide things on the stage. Don't worry he was alright*lol*.They introduced the band members and the dancers.The last two dancers were the best ones. They came back out and did the last song which was,"I want it That Way".Almost everyone who had floor seats came up tp the stage.Me and my freind Kerry had a great time.I just wish it did'nt have to end. When the guys had to leave I touched all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hey y'all I touched Nick's butt.I'm for real y'all I did.*lol*

I can't wait to see them again on their next tour.So trust me if you have'nt been to your concert yet,you won't be dissapointed at ALL.


From: Brittany King []
Sent: Thursday, November 25, 1999 11:32 AM

Hey everybody. I'm here to write about the most unforgettable night of my life. THE BIRMIGHAM, AL 1999 BSB CONCERT! My name is Brittany and I'm 13 years old. I've never written a review before, so please bear with me.

Everyone was so excited about the BSB coming to town. It was their first visit, so I don't blame them. I was excited to, because it was the first concert I would have ever been to. We got to the BJCC around 5:00, and the doors opened at 6. It took a while for us to get settled, but we did.

The BSB opening act featured Mandy Moore and EYC (express yourself clearly) Mandy, poor Mandy. She sang pretty well for a person "just getting over the flu" But EYC. Their act was truly forgettable. They were off key, way too obsessed with themselves, and very very stupid. They were too busy talking about how sexy they were to notice that there were young children in the crowd. I mean, geez.

The BSB did keep us waiting. They wanted to make a big entrance, and indeed they did. The fabulous five rose out of a smoking black box on neon boogie boards, doing all kinds of acrobatics, and flying low to the audience. Everyone was literally freaking out. It was to good to be true. With the Star Trek Music Playing, Kevin, looking like the leader, lead the other 4 in a very serious intro. Then came the 8 beats before they sang "Larger than Life" It was unbelievable. They worked their way through 16 songs such as "Backstreets back" and " It's gotta be you", with small breaks in between. I have really forgotten which song this was during but I couldn't help it. I was way to wrapped up in the moment. Kevin, my all time favorite, attached himself to a harness and flew directly at my row, and waved at me, and smiled at my friend Jen, and pointed at my friend Bonnie. It was so unreal, I was shaking for about ten mintues. He came so close! But The BSB was almost finished, but they had 2 encores!! It was a concert to remember.

As for the boys, they were great. Kevin was extremely hot as usual, Brian, Nick, and A.J. got most of the screams, and Howie was just plain adorable.

I have cried every nite since the 23rd because I miss them so much and I didn't want them to leave. I used to Be the BIGGEST 'N Sync fan, but now I think I'm devoted to the BSB! I love you kevin!!

Brittany King or

Concert Reviews: 11/21/99 Memphis, TN (Part II)

Date: Sep 30, 2000
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From: Karen McCollum []
Sent: Friday, November 26, 1999 11:52 AM

Well to begin with I got tickets for my son and me to see the Memphis concert. We had good seats but I wanted better. I bought floor seats from a ticketbroker so there went all my Christmas money. Our friends that were going had nosebleeds so we went early to try to get better seats for them ( and to see the guys arrive). Well as if it were a dream the boys set up a new section for a make a wish fan. She got to meet the guys I think and she sat right up near the stage and new seats were arranged around her. My friends traded their tickets after a two hour wait so they sat on row two. INCREDIBLE! Better than me! I learn a lesson. Ha Anyway after the first few songs they came and got us because the people near them moved up to the front row so I got to sit on row two also.:0 SCREAM Well the show was amazing! It is hard to put into words. If you havent gone yet don't make the mistake I did and spend all your time behind your camera. I missed a lot of stuff. Howie threw a drumstick and a girl with us just missed it :( Kevin came over and all 3 girls with us got to touch his arm. :)

My son didn't want to fight the crowd to get up there. It must be a girl instinct. Their performances were thrilling. I can't find the words to make you feel it. Try to go I promise you will not regret it. I don't even regret my extra expenses. We saw the band members get off their buses. We were on the roof and I got good pictures of them and Howie then they made us leave.;( GRRR Dennis went back to the bus to get Guido for me I LOVE DENNIS. I didn't yell to get Tommy's attention because I didn;t recognize him He had hair and looked very slim. That nite Brian who is my son's fav waved at us THREE times. I LOVE BRIAN. Howie also waved :) It is hard to explain how a simple wave that you know is for you can make you feel. THANKS GUYS. As I said Kevin came real close to us and Nick did a real big point to a girl in front of me. She nearly knocked over her row of chairs it was so funny. MY FAV AJ sang beautifully but he was not very hyper like I thought he would be. He was either still getting over the flu or New Orleans where they played the nite before.

I spent all nite watching him to see what was wrong. I LOVE AJ. Anyway it was a beautiful special nite of memories for my son and I and I will never forget it . Especially because I went to Birmingham to see them two nites My son did not know I was going. I didn't have the heart to tell him he couldn't go. I went with a close friend of mine from high school. We had lower level first row VERY GOOD but it is hard when you were on the floor two nites before. To my excitement AJ was wild and funny and I felt better I didn't worry he had matured too much to have fun. Nick is very sexual now. I like that. Howie is so sweet and sensitive and it shows all through the show. I hope he knows that is complement. Brian waved at me TWO MORE TIMES BRIAN is the champion waver in my book. One time I snuck to the far side so AJ could sing my favorite song to ME. I'll Never Break Your Heart but of course he broke it because He never waved at me. There was a possible hand flicker towards me but I think I am kidding myself. Anyway I was with a group who was waving wildly at them all as they rotated and Brian made a funny gesture like "ME" we all went wild going YES YOU and He grabbed his chest and waved and laughed. Then Howie waved. lol

This time I didn't stay behind my camera and I saw more plus I was in shock the first time. I didn't even know the band danced! BIG NEWS before the show Dennis remember the guido earlier walked by me and I said DENNIS can I get a pictures He said sure and I reminded him about getting Guido for me and he remembered. Or at least acted like he did. Well he posed real cute and I took the picture and my friend said "WHO WAS THAT?" and why didn't you get in the picture with him> DOH I was so worried the flash wouldn't work it didn't occur to me:( Well my friend is a true convert SHE LOVES HOWIE and we bought cds to listen to all the way home and I trained her how to tell their voices apart. If you are going to these last shows you will have an incredible time . I have such wonderful memories and a jammin program book to stare at. Some of my 2nd row pictures are good and I am going to get some enlarged for a scrapbook.:) If you haven't gone try to get tickets for these new dates I KNOW I AM GOING TO TRY!

Favorite moments:









Well this is long but I waited a long time to see them. Keep the BSB pride alive.!! If what I read earlier about those birmingham radio dj's is true I hope the bands lawyers slap them with some heavy paperwork. You don't mess with people this nice and try to give them a bad reputation. You should have to pay !! Well that is my warpath . I am a very Happy fan and mom.


From: x c []
Sent: Thursday, November 25, 1999 12:15 PM

I arrived at The Pyramid in Memphis, Tennessee around 6:30pm on Nov. 21st, 1999. It's the first time BSB came to Memphis, I was soooo excited! I got in and sat down on my seat, which is in double lettered section, it's only about 15ft from the stage. I was sooo excited that I couldn't stop shaking till the Boys came out. At 8pm, the light went off, people started screaming. Only it's Mandy Moore came out, she sang 3 songs, last one is Candy. Then it's EYC, they were pretty good too, they sang about 4 or 5 songs. Everytime the open acts came on, the people thought it's the BSB. The dark haired guy in EYC once took of his shirt and got off the stage, stood behind the barrier singing, some girls went up to him and touched his bare Finally around 9pm, the crews started getting the stage ready for the Boys. After about 10 minutes, the light went out again, the Band dressed in all white came out, smokes came out. The Boys on flying "sky boards" flew from my right side of the auditorium.

The screams were unbelievable. The first song they sang was Larger Than Life. They were sooo fine!!! I think it was during Quit Playin Games the Boys flew above the audience and threw hershey kisses and roses at us. Howie flew right above my section, but I didn't get anything from him. At the beginning of the concert, Nick talked to us, we screamed and he said "I think we've been to Memphis before and you guys did better than this." (he meant the screams, but actually the Boys haven't been to Memphis, only to Nashville.) At the end, when they have only 2 songs left to sing, they went off stage, so did the bands. After about 2 minutes, they came on again, the greeting scream was thunderous! They sang It's Gotta Be You and introduced the dancers and the band. Then they bowed after the song. After that they sang I Want It That Way and left. It was an awesome concert. I went alone though. Afterward, I went down to the floor level, found the dressing room, but didn't dare to sneak in...I wish I have, even if I would get thrown out.

Here's my review, I don't want to be too detailed, for people who haven't seen the concert...But I welcome questions. =)


Sent: Wednesday, November 24, 1999 2:04 AM


I have finally gone to a Backstreet Boys concert. I have been waiting for 2 years! Anyway, I got myself prepared for this. I read all the reviews, so I basically knew how the concert went. The concert was excellent. Even though I knew what was going to happen, I was still suprised. Right when they came out on those boogie boards, I went crazy! It just hit me that I'm watching BSB with my own eyes instead of the help of a tv.

I had pretty good seats. I sat almost levelled with the stage. I could see the whole pentagon shaped stage. I had the jumbo screen right in front of me and when they flew, nick was on my left and aj was on my right. Everyone knows the concert so I will say what was interesting to me:

-kevin looked so good when he did the nod in the beginning. He was just flawless. What a beautiful man!

-this concert though had everyone on their butts.....on larger than life, aj slipped and was just lying on the ground. I didn't notice 'til my friend told me. She said he was limping off afterwards. Nick i think fell during "itz gotta be you" and the dancers were just dancing around him. I thought he meant it but someone told me he hit his head on the stage. And finally Kevin, tripped while running up the little stage in the middle.

-brian waved to us. we had yellow glowsticks and we spelled hi with them. He pointed to us and waved! We went crazy!

-I'm not the biggest fan of nick but I've got to say he was looking exceptionally Hot and he was just tearing up the floor! My friend and I were like "look at nick! go nick! go nick!" We think he's the worst dancer but sunday night, he was breaking it down! I give props to nick!

-bsb sounded really good. I was so surprised how well they harmonized.

-Everything was perfect. Tears were brought to my eyes. I was in heavenly bliss for 2 hours.

Afterwards, we went to the Peabody Hotel to see if they were staying there. My dad had a hunch they were there. There were about 100 people there. We saw the buses and they had floridian liscense plates and the luggages had the "the firm" on their name tags. The people were saying that bsb was coming down later to sign stuff. But they didn't come down because there were too many people.

But by 2:00 AM, there only about 10 people. Me and my cousin were getting sleepy and we made this thing where my friend would take the first shift and we could sleep. I could hear the elevator chimes. But this one time, my friend kicked me and made this weird look, "isn't that howie?" i looked up and i was off running. my cousin jumped off the couch and fell. I was hauling one else saw him 'til they saw us running. the security guy told us to stop. and we stopped. then we moved again and he told us to stop. so about 10 people act like there was a barricade holding them back and was screaming for him.

By 4, there were only 5 of us left. it was my shift now, i was staring at the hotel security guard and he gave me this look with his eyes. I stared at him and said "is that really him cuz i'm really tired and i don't feel like moving?" I saw the group of people. So I jumped the couch and we all walked slowly asking for autographs.

Howie has got to be the sweetest person in the world. I know he was tired. he signed my tour book and even asked me my name. he could of just signed his name and left. but then i asked him if the other guys were coming down and he said, "i don't think so, sweetheart, not at this hour." my cousin hugged him. i was so scared to touch him. we talked a little more and then at the end he offered to shake my hand and he said "have a good night and be safe." and his friend said he liked my hair!

I have new found respect for howie. even in person, he looks like a photo in a magazine. the only thing is was he was shorter than what i expected. but i still love him!

I stayed at the hotel til 12:00 pm monday. I stayed awake for 13 hours which i only had 2 pieces of gum as food. There were so many rumors that the boys would make an appearance....first they were suppose to come down at 2 am, eat breakfast at 6, checkout at 6, checkout at 11, kevin went to nashville, all of them went to the studio. but i never saw anyone again. they snuck out. i wish hotels would tell the truth. there's no need to waste my time. I feel that sometimes the guards underestimate the fans. I know that everyone stopped when that one security guard told us to stop. then we just stood there begging. i'm surprised i had self control. i know that no one wants to hurt them. so i think they need to have more trust.

but i will never regret the 13 hours i spent awake. i met one of the backstreet boys and i feel like i had a personal experience. him knowng of my existence makes me happy.


Concert Reviews: 11/21/99 Memphis, TN

Date: Sep 30, 2000
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From: Pozza Family []
Sent: Tuesday, November 23, 1999 7:03 AM

Memphis, TN 11/21/99

Concert Review from A Parent’s Perspective

Ask my daughter how long she had been waiting for the BSB Memphis concert and she will tell you forever. Ask this Mom how long she will remember the BSB Memphis concert and she will tell you forever. (How can one forget the night their hearing was impaired and it wasn’t degenerative?) I’ve never heard such screaming and screeching from devoted fans and the band gave their fans more than their moneys worth; A solid two hours of non-stop "quality" entertainment. Their performance was impressive from beginning to end. These five young men are multi-talented and deserve the success they are experiencing. Their voices complement each other and they are more "n-sync" than any group in today’s music industry. There is nothing arrogant about them; they seek to make eye contact with their fans and wave to them throughout the concert. From the side of the stage we were facing, Kevin touched my heart when he left the stage and visited with two young girls in wheelchairs.

In my forty-three years I’ve been to many concerts myself but none can compare to the BSB concert I experienced with my daughter and her friends Sunday, November 21, 1999 in Memphis, TN. I hope I will have the pleasure of hearing these young men in concert again, but hopefully the next time will be in our hometown of Little Rock, AR. I was one tired Mom after getting home after 2 am from the concert. But it was worth it; not just for the thrill my daughter got from seeing the BSB, but for an exceptional night of entertainment. The only thing that would have made the concert better (for me) would have been if everyone would have sat quietly in their seats and listened (without screaming each time one of the guys started his lines) to the distinct characteristic harmony of Kevin’s, Howie’s, Brian’s, AJ’s and Nick’s voices. These five young men are very talented and I thank them for an outstanding evening of entertainment!

Lola Pozza

Little Rock, AR

Sent: Monday, November 22, 1999 7:43 PM

OK i went to the bsb concert Sunday night and it was my first ever! it was da bom!!!!!! the only thing I didn't like was EYC(express yourself clearly) they seemed to abscessed with lifting up their shirts then they finally took them off.

Well, my Mom and I went to pick up my best friend and then we went to the pyramid we got there at about 5:30 and the doors didn't open till 6:30 but we got there and got our shirts,ect...... and got in line. We were about 6th in line. then we waited, and waited, and waited we got very annoyed cause everytime some dude walked by all the girls in the front would start screaming" open the door" or "do you have a key ect..... then we finally got in and used the potties and went and found our seats!! They were pretty good. Then we waited and waited some more then this group of girls tried to start a wave and they would have to start I a few times and then it would go and go and go, and then you get the picture.

Ok on with the guys, aj had normal =:( brown hair started of with a cap on and then took it of for the rest of the show. Nicks hair just looked weird. Howie look sexy as always kev was hot as ever and he sure can play that piano. Brian look very very good. the band was great the dancers were ok but eyc suxed big time!!!

it didnt end till like 11:45 and when we left there was a sea of limos!! everyone in the city of memphis was there!!! oh well it went by so fast i hated that it did but ny 1st concert with bsb was a very great experience!!!

talk to ya later




Sent: Monday, November 22, 1999 2:35 PM

I attended a backstreet boys concert yesterday on November 21, it was a really good concert and I enjoyed myself a lot, it was a great show, but that wasn't the only show going on, there was also one going on in the crowds!!!

I know that all you girls out there were really excited to be at Backstreet Boys concert but lets try to be sane among all this confusion!! People got out of hand for the concert and really didn't think much! Here are some things I thought were really silly, that bsb fans did:

1) Don't get all dressed up like ur goin to the prom are something, i saw so many girls in dresses and in heels at this concert. I know u were tryin to get nick or whoever ur fav bsb member is to notice u but lets be for real people there are thousands of other girls who got the same silly idea and the bsb aren't gonna notice u outta all these people! (sorry but its true)

2) Just because ur excited to be going to the bsb concert gives u no excuse to dress like ur a slut or just dress really bad. I saw many girls dressed like they were hookers!!!! oh yeah! People, just b/c ur excited gives u no room to forget how to dress! I saw a lot of people who look like they shoulda got arrested by the fashion police<,

3) One other side note, I know u desperately want nick to see u and stuff people, but that is no reason to wear stuff that is short, and stuff that has ur a$$ hangin out or ur breasts okay!? I'm a girl and there were lots of other girls at the bsb concert and we all like guys and we didn't want to see ur body parts hangin out like that!!

Thats all the complaints I have for all the concert attenders, and remember just b/c ur excited to be at the bsb concert and u want a bsb member to notice u does not give u an excuse to forget how to DRESS!!!

Nicole Perkins

Sent: Monday, November 22, 1999 2:14 PM

November 21, 1999 (Memphis, Tenn. concert)

Oh my God!!!! So many other times I have read other peoples concert reviews and couldn't wait to have a chance to write my own and here I am right now doing just that!! First of all I just wanted that the concert was excellent all the guys looked GREAT!! especially KEVIN (who by the way will be my future husband j/k) well i guess everyone wants to here about the concert so here we go!!!

me and my friend Elizabeth got there about 40 minutes early which is really good b/c u need time to buy stuff, find your seats, and weave through the crowd of people. Me and my friend Elizabeth were sooooooooo excited and we were talking to everybody, then our section decided to start the wave which was really cool b/c it went around the whole arena. THE OPENING ACTS

Then the lights went out and the crowd went wild we started screaming, but i knew it was the opening acts so i was saving all my screams for my baby Kevin!! :) The first act to perform was Mandy Moore and she was really good her dancers were really good too and i liked all her songs so it wasn't torture to have to listen to her, she has a really strong voice for someone so young!

The next act was EYC, which means express yourself clearly, and that's exactly what I plan to do!!! They were horrible, they couldn't sing and this one guy who said his name was Dave had a serious obsession wit his chest, I mean he kept lifting up his shirt through the entire act. All of their songs sounded the same and it made what was probably like 15min 20min max seemed like FOREVER, anyways This is how EYC performance was. They lift up their shirts, and say hey everybody, ya'll ready to party!! then they did the same thing and lifted up their shirts again.


okay everyone, heres the good stuff that u all wanna know about!! Me and my friend had really good seats we were in front of the black box that they rise out of in the beginning. Before all that I had been pretty calm, but when they rose out of the box on the boogie boards I started screaming my a$$ off!! I was soooooo excited and now sitting here writing this review I start smiling it was soooooooo great. They started playing the star wars theme song and then they flew out onto the stage!!!!! I was snapping pictures ever half a second esp. of Kevin b/c he looked soooooooo damn fine!!. I have never screamed sooooooooo much and long and high in laugh until I saw Kevin, I freaked out and my friend was laughing at me!! I was like oh my God !! Oh my God!! there's Kevin I'm in the same room as Kevin. I was really happy, all this time I had been waiting to see bsb ever since Aug.14 when I stood in line for like an hour and a half, and here I was finally here!! it was sooooo amazing. Anyway they flew onto the stage and then they saluted the dancers like they were in the army or something, they all had serious faces except for nick who just had to smile.

I must say nick looked really good people and he's not my fav bsb member. But anyways then they started marchin across the stage and every time they would turn Kevin would do this little head nod, which drove me crazy b/c he looked SOOOOO fine!! (Have u all noticed now that Kevin is my fav bsb member!) Then they performed larger than life and then nick started talkin and thanked us for being there!! After that it is all a blur I just remember screamin and watching for Kevin to come to our side of the stage!!! After a while they flew over the crowd and guess who flew over us, u guessed my fav bsb member KEVIN!!!! Then thats when I totally freaked out I started reachin out for him and he smiled at me!!!! OH my God, I can die happy now, Kevin smiled at me!!! They had on some black leather pants and black shirt which I must say looked so good on Kevin thats what they were wearing when they flew over the crowd. Then they changed into these silver outfits and Kevin looked good in that too, but my baby Kevin looks good in anything!!!!!! :)

They also had some pink suits on too and aj looked really good in that. (so did Kevin!) I thought the idea of pink suits would be a bad idea, but it wasn't they looked really good in it! I think the overall best point of the show (and yes it does involve Kevin :) was when Kevin got to do the piano solo by himself on stage, he is really good at he piano and whatever he played was soooooo pretty, then he kept on rising higher and higher on the stage while playin the piano and then the rest of the boys came out and they sang "back to your heart", which was REALLY great. During that it got a lil quiet so my friend dared me to yell Kevin u r so fine!! but I said I'll do better and yell Kevin TAKE IT OFF!!!, but then i decided that wasn't a good idea since lil kids were in the room. So I yelled out Kevin u are sooo fine and I think he heard, I did like twice and people turned around and looked at me like I was crazy, but I didn't care now Kevin knows how I feel about him!!! and that was the bsb concert sorry it wasn't more detailed but u'lll see when u get there!

Nicole Richardson, just kidding!!!

Nicole Perkins 16 years old

Concert Reviews: 11/20/99 New Orleans, LA (Part II)

Date: Sep 30, 2000
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From: ^~°StEpH°~^ []
Sent: Friday, November 26, 1999 5:14 PM

New Orleans Sports Center, November 20th, 1999: This date will probably stand out as the singular best day of my life. It was a hectic trip there. I live over 3 hours away from New Orleans in a small town called Sulphur, Louisiana. Me, my friend, her two parents, her baby nephew, and another girl all got in a truck and went there, expectations high, and energy level low. I was sick with a bad cold, but nothing was going to stop me from seeing them..NOTHING.

We get to the arena at about 3pm. The radio stations (there was like 3 different ones there) were doing all sorts of contests but we ignored them and went straight to the door. I was the first person through the door that I was standing at. (they made us wait like an extra 10 minutes) then we ran to our seats. I didnt have the luxury of having front row seats, but my seats wern't that bad. Section 313, row 2. I was up pretty high but still the view was nice. We sat through Mandy Moore (I liked her. but her voice aint that great) and EYC (one of them was an AJ Wannabe) painfully for like an hour. FINALLY, the lights went out and we watched as the band members, and the dancers, carrying these spear-type-things with lights at the top went to the stage. Then the countdown (the one the guys have used before..that snippit from a Boys 2 Men song) and they came out, through this red light, towards the stage while the Star Wars theme played on.

After posing for pictures, they flew into Larger Than Life. Like an idiot i screamed my way through the first BSB concert i went through, so i was NOT going to make that misteak again. I actually shut up and listened and watched. (Screaming only when AJ lifted up his shirt or did a pelvic thrust) All the songs they did were good, but there was a few highlights. Like when AJ schmoozed the crowd, telling us that New Orleans had the best food, parties, and the sexiest women and that he was gonna move there. When they introduced the dancers, and had them do a dance off, it also was great. Back To Your Heart was wonderful, i believe they did the best on the slower songs cos they wernt trying to dance around or work up the crowd. I really liked it when the piano Kevin plays in Back To Your Heart was lifted back up, with a lightning and thunder effect echoing through the stadium. They ended the show with I Want It That Way, and AJ playfully jumped around the stage in a pink fluffy cowboy hat someone threw up on the stage.

At the end, I left the show over $100 in the hole, half deaf, and a pocket full of confetti. All in all...Its a night i will never forget. I laughed, cried, cheered, screamed, and sang along. I will remember it until the day that i die, i can promise you that. Anyone that says BSB has no talent and is overhyped...pardon my crudeness but they can kiss my butt.

From: Melissa Love []
Sent: Wednesday, November 24, 1999 12:16 PM

What’s Up Backstreet.Net Readers?

I went to the Backstreet Boys concert on November 20, 1999, and enjoyed it VERY much. I traveled all the way from Houston, TX with three of my best friends (and older sister) to see them. In the car we played all of their released videotapes, and had fun pointing out their “cute” things they did. We arrived at the arena, and all our previous excitement flew out the window, by having to wait in line for an hour trying to get let inside. When we first walked in of out section (115-116), and saw our seats (Row 1 [1-3 and 15-13]), our excitement escalated. We could see every move the guys were doing. This was better than being on the floor because we could still see if they stood up, and it wouldn’t be a domino reaction. We went and bought some $30 T-shirts, the settled down to watch Mandy Moore (Who isn’t that good live. She doesn’t know how to keep the crowd interested.) And the WORST-EYC (AJ can do a pelvic thrust just as well as them, but he doesn’t wear it out like Damon...or Dave…or WHOEVER kept taking off his shirt. They need more stage presence. I’m sure that the 6-7 year olds in the audience did NOT want to see that. WE sure didn’t, and we’re 16-17).

The Sears Commercial played, and my eardrums almost busted from the screaming. The Star Wars music came on and the concert started. The Backstreet Boys surprised me in a number of ways:

1) We thought that Brian was afraid of heights…by the way he was working that surf board, he obviously isn’t anymore

2) AJ, NOT NICK was the crowd favorite

3) Brian was the second favorite

4) No one seemed to really like Howie

5) All of their dancing got better…much better! ESPECIALLY Brian

6) AJ wasn’t as sexually charged as he usually is…this is a sign of maturity for the Backstreet Boys

7) AJ ripped his shirt off….that man is HOT

8) The guys weren’t teasing the crowd that much

9) Brian’s camera obsession wasn’t that bad this concert

10) NICK is HOT now! Walking into the concert, I had no favoritism towards Nick…but, the LTL outfits made him look thinner, and his muscles are obvious now…and he got a hair cut! Thank the Lord!

11) The guys really did switch sides like they said...we thought we would get one boy the whole time

12) Nick has stopped trying to be cute (Maybe he’s realizing that he’s almost 20)

13) New choreography! It’s about time!!

14) AJ went w/o a hat AND glasses for about half the concert

15) Not many gifts were thrown on stage

16) Less signs

17) They sound the same on the CD as they do on concert BIG PLUS! All those critics can kiss their asses!

18) The band was phenomenal

19) Lots of adults dancing

20) Lots of GUYS there too!

21) The dancers was GREAT! The outfits are skimpy, but I doubt that they chose them. Look at the pink suits the guys are wearing…do you think they picked them out?

22) The pink suits are not that bad looking...especially on Brian and AJ

23) It really is about two hours

24) It’s Gotta Be You is the BEST song with choreography…we thought it would suck live

25) A lot of people our age were there (remember, we range from 16-17)

In short, the concert was INCREDIBLE. When we left the venue, we were hyped! Then while trying to find our car, we tried desperately to remember ANYTHING at ALL about the concert, but our brains were locked. We can’t remember what the costume changes were, what songs they sang, and when, or even which boy was on our corner for the majority of the concert. What goes up, must come down. And there is a downside to the Backstreet Boys "Into The Millennium" Concert. After you walk out, you can’t remember ANYTHING! We were depressed. It was a FANTASTIC concert and we couldn’t remember ANYTHING that happened…especially right after the concert.

When we got to the hotel, we tried to watch the Orlando Coming Home concert, but it just made us even more depressed. That concert doesn’t even compare to the one we were just at. After sleeping on it, we remember small things, like Nick swinging Mardi Gras beads around his head, AJ hanging upside down, AJ making a bead a hula-hoop, Brian playing w/ a basketball…ect. But nothing that really makes the concert what it is. The only proof that we have of going is our ticket stubs and t-shirts. Because our memory is gone. So now we are praying that the Backstreet Boys come to Houston when they do the second half early in 2000. Then we have to go through the stress again of trying to get tickets, the excitement of the concert, the disappointment when nothing is remembered, then the feeling of needing to go see it again. It’s a chain that keeps us coming back for more. If the Backstreet Boys are smart, they’ll put out another concert video, I know I’ll buy it.

From: michael mcgee []
Sent: Tuesday, November 23, 1999 2:23 PM


New Orleans has a world wide reputation for being a party city. Nicknames ,such as” The Big Easy” or “The City That Care Forgot”, don’t often reflect the family oriented town that exists beyond the French Quarter. On Nov. 20,1999, while waiting for the BSB concert to begin I gazed around at the crowd.

Who are the BSB fans in New Orleans? The answer: Families! Are families the ideal market the five young artists are targeting? I would have to say, yes. At least for the city that has given birth to so many musical talents, Wynton Marselis, Nevelle Brothers, Harry Connick,Jr. and lets not forget Jazz.

Do not get the wrong impression. The seats in the venue were filled with teenage girls, who make up 90% of the BSB’s world wide following. Occupying more than one seat where the Baby Boom generation and above who appeared to be enjoying themselves.

The crowd welcomed Kevin, Nick, Howie, Brian and AJ with open arms. >From my seat high above the stage screams of admiration quickly turned into a chorus of singning. I wondered if on stage the guys could hear their songs being song back to them with love and respect they so truly deserve.

My favorite quotation of the night was from my 15 year old son” Boy it was awesome to see the poster boys come to life!” (My daughter's room is covered with BSB posters) My husband who in his younger days was a rody for a rock group found the concert's direction and timing incredible and the show overall entertaining.

After reading reviews and reports of illness among the band and boys everyone seemed on for Saturday night. The harmonies were tight and the acrobats were sensational. The night was magical.

Would I consider taking my family to another BSB concert? You bet. I would also recommend it to families who feel their teenagers live in a different world. These guys market themselves as true vocal artists. That they are but they are also world class entertainers. I for one am glad they are on the Pop scene while I try to raise my family in the world that offers very few opportunities for true wholesome family entertainment.

Jayne H. McGee, Metairie,La.

From: Siobahn ORTIZ []
Sent: Tuesday, November 23, 1999 10:32 AM

My three friend and I drove ten hours from San Antonio Texas, and it was definitely worth it. The day of the concert we walked around and found the guys' hotel. We waited there four about two hours and we got to meet AJ. We then left for the concert.

Mandy Moore was the first opening act. She was pretty good. She sang So Real, What you Want,Lock me in your heart, and Candy. She didn't dance too much, but what she did do was good. EYC was next. No offense but they weren't exactly what I would call good. All they did was take off their clothes and strut around trying to be sexual.

Then the main act. BACKSTREET BOYS

The guys came out of this long tunnel thing. there was a black box and they came out of that. the dancers came out from the side opposite to where backstage was. the guys flew to the stage and then they got down and got rid of the skate board. they all walked around each side of the stage. then they started to sing larger than life. the dancing was great and all of the guys looked so hot. after ltl nick was out there talking for about 20 minutes. they did about 18 songs and they were all great. when they sang quit playing games they flew out in the crowd. the guys were lowered low enough to where you could reach out and almost touch them. during show me the meaning the girl dancers did the dancing joined by the guys a few times. the guys wore their pink suits and the girls wore these pink dresses. on a few songs like backstreet's back they didn't't finish half of the song, instead they went into another one. on the stage there is a platform and the platform rises and the guys get up pretty high. during it's gotta be you, they stop the song and they introduce the band and the dancers. after that they finish the song and go into encores. the last song that they sing is i want it that way.

The concert was simply amazing. the boys got a really good review.

AJ - he was pretty calm. he wasn't't doing as much freaky stuff as he usually does. he looked really good.

Nick- i think nick and aj changed spots because nick was the freaky one. he was popping left and right. he cut his hair and he also looked really good. he looked hot.

Kevin- his arm was better. he was dancing all out. i can see why they named him sexiest man.

Brian- he looked so adorable as usual. he was having alot of fun, and we had alot of fun watching him.

Howie- he looked really good. it was fun to see him do his spanish dance. he didn't talk alot. he sang and he sounded really good.

All in all it was a great concert. no matter where you are sitting you can see really well. honestly to tell you the truth, i think the best seats are in fact the 2nd and 3rd level. if you are on the floor you have to look up the whole time. there are also these huge t.v. screens that you can see anything a mile away. if you're going to a backstreet boys concert remember to have alot of fun.



Concert Reviews: 11/20/99 New Orleans, LA

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

Sent: Monday, November 22, 1999 12:41 AM

Words cannot even DESCRIBE how awesome the Backstreet Boys were on November 20 in New Orleans! WOW! I drove 5 hours just to see the boys in New Orleans. I have been a fan ever since I heard the first line of Quit Playing Games With My Heart! I adore them! In New Orleans, (party city U.S.A) I looked everywhere for the boys! I saw a limosine with police escorts...could that have been them? I don't know, but I was waving like a mad-woman! Anyway, I know most of you know the general details for the concert. I'll try to give you some more interesting stuff. First of all, I had awesome seats! I was on the lower level, row 3! I could see everything. Anyway, on with my review!


Ok, Mandy Moore was very good. I thought she was very cute and had a good voice. She entertained us. Then came EYC, someone help us. These boys were HORRIBLE. I mean HORRIBLE! Every two seconds they would take off their shirts and run towels down their chests and then throw them out into the audience. How disgusting! I had to get up and leave I was so offended. Plus the whole "Express Yourself Clearly" was SOOO corny! They need to shape up their image. I mean I am 13 years old, and I was so offended. Little nine year old girls did not need to be seeing this. I was waving my glow stick to signal to get off the stage! Hehehe. LoL


The dancers and band walked in RIGHT by me, I mean within like 7 feet! I was snapping pictures like crazy! They were really cool. And I saw Tommy! He walked right by me too! I took a picture of him! The dancers did a great job, so did the band. Mindy (blond girl in the band..saxaphone player) had her hair in these crazy puffy pig-tails and she had on glasses. Tommy looked like he was finally growing his hair!


H-O-T-T! WOW! SPECTACULAR! The boys flew in on surfboards (everyone knows that by now) Here's a little info on what the boys looked like:

BRIAN- (my favorite) He looked like a cutie-pie as usual with blondish-brownish wavy hair and the most adorable smile! He seemed really up-beat and happy! He was constantly making funny faces! I know you won't believe me but I know that he waved to me! You see, I had my camera and I was taking pictures and I looked at Brian for a second. He did his hands like he was holding a camera and taking a picture and waved and smiled! My heart melted! AHHHH!

NICK- Nick was on my side most of the time. I like Nick but he is not my favorite, but after this concert, I really like him! This boy is sooo FINE! When they flew during Quit Playin Games, he was RIGHT above me! Whewee...hottie! He got a haircut and looked really good.

KEVIN- Muscle-mania! He wore a muscle shirt during part of the concert, boy this man has got some ARMS! WOW...I loved at the beginning where he walked around and nodded his head, approving of the audience. Kevin is SOOOO HOT and such a gentlemen. He called us "Southern Belles" how sweet!

HOWIE- Howie looked really nice and as sweet as usual. He is really such a sweetie-pie. I screamed for him as much as I could. If you go to a concert, do me a favor and scream really loud for Howie! He deserves it! Howie said that he really liked the gumbo in New Orleans!

A.J.- AJ had short dark brown hair. I never really thought AJ was just FINE or HOT, but boy I sure did change my mind after this concert! He looked SOO HOOOTTTT! He was really funny and threw water out into the crowd. AJ seems to thoroughly enjoy life, and I really like that about him! AJ said that he just might move to Louisiana after tasting the great food and seeing what party-animals we are! for the little tid-bits and interesting stuff:

*During the beginning, when the boys were introducing themselves, Nick took the most time. He said, "Backstreet's Back, is that ALRIGHT?" It was really cute!

*You'll probably have three boys come to your side during the concert. Mine were Nick, Kevin, and Brian!

*Don't Want You Back was really, really, good. Kevin was upside down on his ladder! I got a picture of that!

*Before Everybody, Backstreet's Back, they did the lights on the stage really weird like it was a thunderstorm!

*Back To Your Heart was truly amazing.

*During It's Gotta Be You, Brian was playing with a basketball.

*I Want It That Way was emotional and touching, a true display of the boys' personality and voices!

We'll that's my review! Going to a BSB concert was something I'll never, ever, forget. WOW. With the talent that I saw, these boys have the power to last through the new Millennium. Lemme put it this way, with the fan support and true talent, the Backstreet Boys are not going away anytime soon!


P.S. If you have comments or questions send them to

Sent: Monday, November 22, 1999 10:57 PM

I just went to the Backstreet Boys concert in New Orleans and it was awesome.

It was the best concert I have ever been to. The opening acts were OK. I didn't really like EYC but one was really cute. This was my first BSB concert so I was really pumped to see them. I was becoming impatient. But soon they came out and I went ballistic! They looked so cute. Nick is my favorite and when they sang Quit playing game Nick flew in front of my section. I took pictures but I only hope they come out. The concert was a blast! After the concert I ran into some friends of mine who saw them earlier that day at the hotel they were staying at. So after the concert we drove by to see if we saw their buses. Well, we did. We flew out the car and waited. First we saw AJ and he was carrying McDonalds. He was with his girlfriend, (I THINK!!!!!) I didn't really get a good glimpse, I was too bothered looking at him. He said hi but he couldn't sign autographs. Then Kevin got off the bus and signed a few autographs before the body guards pushed him away! He looked cute with his red cap on! Anyway, while that was going on Howie walked out of the back of the hotel and we went to go see him.

He started to walk back to talk to us but the body guard wouldn't let him. So he just waved and said sorry! He was so Sweet! Then AJ walked out again, but I didn't get to see him too well because he walked too fast. But right after that Nick walked out. You can just imagine what I did. I freaked but I didn't scream because I didn't what a whole crowd of girls running after him. I tried to take a pic but a girl stepped in the way. He tried to shake hand and sign autographs, but then again the body guard wouldn't let him. He got on his own bus and started to leave. We ran to the front and waved good-bye. He stood up and waved good-bye and smiled. He looked so cute, he just got out of the shower. His hair was wet...there I go again! SORRY! If you get a chance to go to their concert I really recommend it. THEY PUT ON A FANTASTIC SHOW! Well, I gotta go! You can email me if you have any questions or comments!


Sent: Sunday, November 21, 1999 8:08 PM

On November 17, I saw the Backstreet Boys in concert. It was awesome. Mandy Moore and EYC were the opening acts. At about 8:45, the lights went out and Star Wars music began. The dancers marched out carrying torches. The BSB arose out of this big black square thing. They were on surfboards with strings attached. They flew to the stage and the dancers unhooked them. They marched around the stage and began singing "Larger Than Life." After that it was "Get Down" and then "The One." Each member individually came out and introduced themselves. Nick said he loved St.Louis and A.J. said he was going to move here. Kevin said that they were coming back in the spring. After that they sang "As Long As You Love Me" and then "Don't Wanna Lose You Know." During "Quit Playin Games" they flew around. Next was "Don't Want You Back." Their were 5 poles on around the stage and each BSB was on one. Then they sang "The Perfect Fan." They pulled 5 mothers and daughters up on the stage. Kevin came out and played the piano. Then the rest of the BSB came out and started singing "Back To Your Heart." Next was "Everybody" and then "We've Got It Goin On." Then they sang "That's The Way I Like It." Next was "Spanish Eyes," "I'll Never Break Your Heart" and "All I Have To Give." Then it was "Show me the Meaning Of Being Lonely" which they dedicated to Denniz Pop. Finally, it was "It's Gotta Be You" and then "I Want It That Way." Sadly the concert was over but we had a great time.

From: Evie []
Sent: Monday, November 22, 1999 3:52 AM

I am a very... obsessive Backstreet Boy's fan. All my family and friends will vouch me on that. When the North American tour dates were released, I was devastated. I had been so sure that my hometown of Houston, Texas wouldn't be missed. It's the 4th largest in the U.S. Or atleast they would be somewhere in Texas, it's the 2nd largest U.S. state! But then, they weren't planning on coming.

Everyday, I would listen to the radio looking for any kind of contests to get to a BSB concert. My local radio station, 104 KRBE, was going to have a "Backstreet Thursday" on August 19, 1999. Ten pairs of tickets to New Orleans, Louisiana, including airfare and room, were going to be given throughout the day.

In a sort of lucky way, I was ill that day. Although my bro would say I wasn't, I *really* was. About the 11 'o clock hour, I had drowsily awoken from nap and heard "Backstreet Boys" on the radio. I rushed to my phone and the first time around it was busy. Try #2... I'm lucky number 10!

=)... When my brother came home from school, I had decided to lead him on saying I made number 11. My plan was follied when the radio called my home to get information. My brother(and I) screamed a lot for the next 3 hours and would trip, roll and continue screaming. Okay, maybe *I* tripped, rolled and continued shrieking.

That was 3 months ago. On November 20th, my 23 year old half-sister (who had to claim the prize for me) and I flew out to New Orleans at 9:45 am and got there at 10:40 am. Fast-forward 8 hours and 20 minutes, it's 7:10 pm! I'm late! Agh. We missed all but 10 seconds of the first act who I think was Mandy Moore.

Decked out in a BSB shirt, immediately thrown on after purchase, over a long-sleeve shirt, five BSB pins, 2 glow sticks(which I had idiotically left at the hotel), a BSB heart necklace, a BSB cloth neck thing and a purse of items I was *hoping* to get signed, I checked out my seat. Section 103, Row 16, Seat 8. Pretty good seats too. Atleast I can tell which guy is which... most of the time.

EYC was up and they got off the stage. Finally, the main event had come. The Star Wars theme played and the guys emerged on their "airboards." I don't have the best memory in the world, and most of the whole experience felt like a dream, but I'll do my best!

"Larger That Life" was the first song and the group mainly stayed facing one area. They sang "Quit Playing Games" and "As Long As You Love Me" with their famous chair routine. "All I Have to Give" and the hats... Well... haven't you already read all the other reviews?! lol I bet people thought I was crazy because I knew every single word to "That's The Way I Like It" which is mostly only available... wherever not in US! lol Kevin played his "Untitled" song which can also be heard on the "Night Out..." video, except Obie isn't playing now, Mindi is. Then it went along to "Back To Your Heart" which was performed sitting. "Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely" was dedicated to Denniz Pop and some daughters and mom's were brought up for "The Perfect Fan." Kevin was being especially sweet to the little girl and I couldn't see Nick. *pout* "Everybody," "We've Got it Goin On" and numerous other songs were performed. They did the same talks as before AJ saying that he wanted to move to New Orleans (No! Come to Houston! =) and Howie saying that New Orleans knew how to party. Mardi Gras beads were thrown on the stage and those things were huge. AJ started to play "hula-hoop" with them and did some ballerina stunts with pirouettes and graceful leaps. A very... A HUGE bone shaped pillow was up there and Nick kept on hitting AJ with it. Too cute... Ah... Hehe. Brian was mostly out of my view, but I stick true, I still think he has the best voice. Nick was gone a lot too. *pout* AJ was on my "side" and hung upside down when they were up. Kevin did a lot of talking, and I don't think he talks slow! lol Howie became a rapper which I thought was hilariously cute and AJ was just having fun.

Even though I had a lot of the same feelings as the girl who said that she was disappointed because I *KNOW* that I will never meet them, kiss them, tell them that I love them (ahem mostly Nick...) and how much they mean to the everything of me. These men are a very important part of my life whether they know it or not. They kept me alive when I was just this *snap* close.

Yes, I know I am a very lucky person. And I wanted to share all that with the legion of fellow fans. I am back home now and voice has yet to fully recover. (Bad for asthma. Blech.) My trip was... less than enjoyable, but the concert was all that I wanted. Thank you 104 for sending me there, thank you BSB for letting me live and thank YOU for reading and being someone that makes them, therefore my life, possible... Love, Evie

(Let's leave Caitlin alone on the reply's.)

From: garth babcock [g_babcock@VENUS.TWU.EDU]
Sent: Monday, November 22, 1999 5:50 PM

My New Orleans concert story

November 20th 1999

They are beyond any possible doubt absolutely phenomenal, they are truly cosmic. I was sitting in section J, 10th row, seat 14 when I was fully overcome the out of this world experience of Backstreet Live. Let's just say it has been two days (most of which I spent traveling back home which was 13 hours away.) and I'm still spell bound. I spent nearly the entire time either in shock or near the verge of losing complete control. The enterance was nothing less than slammin' and it completely blew my mind. I'm still overcomed with happiness at the shear belief that AJ and Brian saw me. I don't remember what song they were on when AJ was over on my side, but I was waving and holding my AJ picture high when I believe I saw AJ looking in my direction. I even looked around to see if there were any other picture he could possible have been looking at and there wasn't (that I could see). I know Brian must had seen me because near the end of one song, he pretended to be looking through binoculars at the precise time I was staring (very hard) at him.


In classic AJ style, there was a divinely beautiful moment (maybe more than one moment) when AJ had no shirt on and I nearly fainted (I would have, but I wouldn't allow myself, I had to see to see the entire show). AJ looked so hot, Howie looked incredible, Brian looked adorable, Kevin looked fabulous and Nick looked georgeous. They looked marvelous in everything, especially in the pink suits and the pajama bottoms outfits. Nick was on my side when the guys were hoisted up into the air and that performance just drove me crazy. Kevin was facing my side when the guys performed a stunt with a steel ladder. The concert was so-o-o-o worth seeing, I traveled from Denton, TX and I will always cherish the memory of Nov. 20th as long as I live. I never wanted the night to end and hopefully if they come to Dallas on their mini-tour in the spring, that I get even better seats and relive the fantastic rush and love all over again.


Sent: Sunday, November 21, 1999 12:23 AM

i went to the bsb concert tonight and it was awesome! they sang all the songs listed in this page. they wear awesome and cute pink tuxedos. nick was break-dancing, brian was playing basketball, kevin played piano, aj was in a straight jacket and howie was throwing candy to everyone. new orleans, as some of you may know, is famous for bourbon street...where the party is. obviously they went to bourbon street because they had mardi gras beads that they were throwing to the audience. kevins arm looked better and he flew with the guys. speaking of flying, aj's harness was on wrong and he was upside down the WHOLE time. he kept trying to get up, but he couldnt! during "the perfect fan" each boy brought up a mother and daughter to sing to! it was sooo cute! there is plenty of pyro and the boys put on an awesome show!

~Jailyn Marie

From: Julie S []
Sent: Sunday, November 21, 1999 10:43 PM

When I typed that review I was so excited that I made tons of mistakes. Here's a new version.

Oh My Gosh! It's 11:15 pm, and I just got home from the best concert I have ever seen!! The Backstreet Boys can really put on a show, let me tell you! My friends and I were so lucky because just seven hours ago we didn't have any tickets. Out of Ticketmaster's kindness, they sold 200 more tickets just 3 hours before the concert! We had better tickets than people that slept out!

Anyway, our seats were right where the boys came out and flew! I took sooo many pictures of them! The first song, of course, was Larger Than Life. They were so great! The Boys had the audience totally pumped up! Next was a song off of the old album, Get Down. Ya know, A.J. can REALLY get down. All of his famous pelvic thrust could give a person a heart attack! Then, they sang I'll Be The One. They stood on the circle thing in the middle for this song. I think each of the Boys talked to the audience after that, and they changed. Next, was the ever so popular, As Long As You Love Me. (If you are worried that the Boys are gonna be on one side the whole time don't. They gave everyone a piece of themselves and then some. They really focused on the entire audience.) Next, they slowed things down a bit. They sang Don't Wanna Lose You Now. They really put their hearts into their ballads. They were amazing. Then, they sang another song off of the old album, Quit Playin' Games. They were on the circle thing in the middle for this one to, I think. After that, they changed into zip up leather pants. They then sang Don't Want You Back. I was really surprised cuz Kevin was doing all kinds of tricks on his ladder. I didn't think he would be because of his arm.

A.J. was hanging upside down for like 5 mins. The next song was The Perfect Fan. They brought the girls on stage! It was too cute! I just wish I could have been the girl with A.J.!! After that Kevin's piano came down and he played his solo. the one that is on A Night Out With a BSB. I can't remember if they changed or not, but the next song was Back To Your Heart. The guys put so much into that song. They were really singing from the heart. (A.J. had on his leopard hat!) Then they got back into the fast mode! They sang and Everybody/We've Got It Goin' On/ That's The Way I Like It mix. It was AWESOME!! Then, they slowed it down again. They sang Spanish Eyes, I'll Never Break Your Heart, All I Have To Give (the hat dance was amazing) and they dedicated Show Me The Meaning to Denniz PoP. I'm pretty sure they changed after that. They came back with It's Gotta be You and Nick had the audience singing with him. It was really great! I loved the way they payed attention to the audience and got us really "into" the show. Finally, they sang I Want It That Way! Everyone was singing! It was the best!!

Some where in the concert they shot confetti into the audience. I grabbed all the pieces I could find! They also had lots of fireworks. They really put all they had to give into the show! It was totally worth every penny! My mom even enjoyed the show! She said it was WAY better than *N Sync's!!


From: Latoya []
Sent: Saturday, November 20, 1999 8:11 PM

Hi, I am Latoya Stearns and I had the time of my life at the Backstreet boys concert. IT WAS AMAZING. When we got there and went to find our seats, we found out that we paid 40 dollars for the very top row, so me and a few people snuck down to third row, and it was amazing. I love how every time aj would ever get into the song he would do something really funny. He also said that he thinks that he might move up here. Nick said we were his best fans, but I am sure he tells everyone that so that doesnt mean much.

Larger than Life was amazing. Their stage props were cool too. When they sang Show me the meaning, the whole entire stadium went quiet like they were going to cry. I had a blast and anyone else that did too please email me at

By the way, I love your site and I think that you are amazing for doing this for the good of the fans.


Sent: Monday, November 22, 1999 10:04 PM

OK! Woohoo...the concert was amazing! I had a really good time! We had 15th row and it was so close! Nick looked sooooo cute! All of them looked so nice....AJ's hair was back to normal color and short...everyone was up to par. AJ said something about his mom and cousin(I think) being there that night....they sat 5 rows in front of me and my friend.

When they each flew over the audience on different sides if the stage, Nick was on my side! he was SO right above me! AJ was hanging upside down the whole time and Kevin was pretending to swim on his back.

Nick was really spazzing out that night! He got a hold of some BIG, long, Mardi Gras beads (Keep in mind we are in New Orleans) he wrapped them around his head and then put them around his neck and proceded to swing them around and around! THEN...he gave a string to AJ and he put them around his waist and made them into a hula hoop and kept them goin for a while! Nick was jumpin around and falling on the ground. Nick, Kevin and AJ dominated the side of the stage where I was.

Brian got his hands on a basketball and was bein goofy with that and Howie came out as "Homie D" the rapper...that was silly.

AFTER the show we ran around back to see if they had left...or to see if we could SEE anyone! I had my Guido (the BSB Band mascot) and we stood in the front behind some metal bericades....the security and stuff kept tellin us BSB had already left....that they had left as soon as they go off the stage. We didn't believe we stayed and the Band came out...Mindi the saxaphone and percussion playercame out and talked to fans for a second and I got to say HI to her and shake her hand. She is really sweet and the ONLY band member that took time to greet fans. As the bus was pulling out we could see the band guys thru the windows so I put my Guido in the air and waved him back and forth yelling "TOMMY TOMMY"!! Dennis saw me out of the bus window and yelled to Tommy who turned around and pointed at me smiling...Dennis then grabbed their Guido and held him up against the window and waved at me!

It wasn't good enough....We were stubborn and we hung around till about midnite and watched the crew load up all the stuff including the Boys basketball goal! It was funny cause here comes a guy with a fork lift and this regulation size basket ball goal on it! They wern't kidding when they said they had a goal with them everywhere! We were cold, tired and we left. I kept seeing strange people gettin in the last remaining bus...women and men we didn't the staff said it was the "management bus".

We found out after the show that AJ was spotted on Bourbon St. the night before the show and that the guys went and saw the movie Sleepy Hollow. It was a good show and the Boys sure know how to work a crowd! It was much better than last years shows! I wish I could relive that nite over and over again!

Jenny Haskins

Beaumont, Texas

From: Martha Lydia Lopez []
Sent: Sunday, November 21, 1999 4:08 PM

Hey, I'm Martha and i just got back to Austin from the bsb concert at New orleans. I'm 19 and i adore them all so much. i was amazed at how talented they were live and so was my friend who was the typical guy who said "they can't sing." Well now he thinks differently of them. Anywayz enough about that. You probably already know evertything there is to know about the concert so I won't waste my time with that. This is what happened to me: I was in the second row where they were like three feet in front of me the whole time. At the beginning when they march and salute the fans and they are all supposed to be serious, well i had a cap that said b-rok and brian gave me the most amazing long smile i could have ever dreamed of. i always used to say that if they would ever look at me that i would not freak out, but i was wrong. when he was looking straight at me i kept yelling "i love you" like some crazy freak. He kept on smiling and i would keep on saying it over and over again.

at the end of the concert i wanted to throw that cap at brian so when he and nick were sitting in front of me fooling around and singing, i threw the cap at their feet but nick cauught it instead and looked at it and gave it a weird look because it said b-rok, but he wore it anyway. he looked at brian and then brian gave him a look that said "hey that is my cap" during this time i was having a heart attack cuz nick was wearing the cap that i was wearing just seconds before. that was not the most amazing thing that happpened that night. there is more. i made a gigantic pillow shaped like a dog bone for aj and it had written in gold his name and my name and other stuff. anyways, i was using it like a poster and i kept holding it over my head. well, aj saw it and stuck out his tongue at me all cute, smiled and gave me a thumbs up. At least i think it was to me.

towards the end of the concert i threw it at him but he looked at it all weird, probably cuz it was huge, and then he kept on singing. i was dissapointed that he didn't pick it up or anthing but then a couple of minutes later nick picked it up and started hitting aj with it like some pillow fight. it was the most incredible thing ever. they were playing around with the pillow i made for him! well after they had their fun with the pillow they left it on the floor for awhile and then kevin picked it up and read it for like 20 seconds in front of me and then he have it to aj. so i hope that aj kept it. well that is all i wanted to share. everthing else you already know. they are extremely talented and they are ten times more good looking in person. they look soooooo good in person. brian and aj are my faves, but at the concert i enjoyed watching them all equally. i got to see nick the most. He was always right in front of me which ofcourse i did not mind at all. if anyone else who went to the concert has a picture of nick when he was wearing the cap that says b-rok or of nick and aj playing with my pillow, please can you e-mail me so somehow i can get a picture.

since all that happened at the end of the concert my film was finished. please please e-mail me if you have pictures of that. i have other excellent pictures really up close that i would be happy to send to you. oh and let me give you some advice. get there early cuz the band members walk around. i took a picture with the band member Guy and he gave me his authograph and we talked for awhile. it was alot of fun. thanx, my e-mail is martha

From: Melissa Carrone []
Sent: Monday, November 22, 1999 7:50 PM

Well let me just say this was my second time at a Backstreet Boys concert and it rocked. It was the best night of my life. They sounded so great and danced to perfection. I did not care to much for the opening acts. When the Backstreet Boys came flying out on there surf boards the crowd went crazy. Nick and A.J. were the funniest there. They were doing there own little dance and laughing like crazy. The night was packed with energy and hype. If you have not been to there concert, you are diffently missing out. I give the concert a perfect ten. They deserve all the credit and will be around for awile. If you would like to know more about the New Orleans concert you can e-mail me at

Melissa Carrone

Backstreet Fan Fovever

Sent: Sunday, November 21, 1999 3:07 PM

BSB's in New Orleans, Louisiana

Now, I knew I really liked the BSB's before I even saw their performance, but now, like is not the word...These guys are INCREDIBLE. The concert was unbelievable and packed full of non-stop dancing, singing and surprises...

I was fortunate to have 5th row tickets. And right as Mandy Moore was opening, I noticed that some seats on the 3rd were empty. So my sister and I moved up. Mandy was good, but everyone was anticipating the BSB's...So not much attention was given...After Mandy, EYC performed. These guys, in my opinion, were a little too "sexual" in their perfomance. I didn't enjoy their perfomance due to the fact that they were too busy making inappropriate gestures and constantly taking off their shirts in suggestive ways...They were trying a little too hard...Finally...Here come the BSB's...They "float" out on their surfboards and make it to the stage and begin "Larger than Life"...Nick seemed to favor my side of the stage, so I got many a good view of him...In fact, every one of them seemed to "favor" a side...But I'm not complaining about having Nick...Anyway, they sang, danced, waved and smiled...They really know how to get a crowd going...The boys were eventually attached to wires hanging from the ceiling, and Nick flew directly over my head, back and forth...He looked down at one point and spotted my sister and I, and he pointed to us and smiled...

The dancers were excellent as well...They really hold their own...The keep it going while the boys go change or rest for a moment...Anyway, when "Perfect Fan" came on, five young girls and their mothers came out onto the stage, and each BSB took a couple...Kevin was facing me during this part, and he was letting the little girl's mom take pictures of them all... He even held the camera out in front and took a picture of all three of them together...Very sweet...Every song imaginable was performed, and with precision...In fact, during the song "All I have to give", when Howie hits that extremely high note, well, he hit that note right there on stage in front of me...With ease!!! My sister and I looked at each other in awe...Anyway, to sum it up, they hung upside down, right side up, you name it, and they performed like I have never seen...Brian blew kisses at me while Kevin waved at me...(I had made my way up to the second row by the end) My sister and I walked out of their beaming...It will take me awhile to recover...But I'd do it again any day...


From: Raceprod []
Sent: Monday, November 22, 1999 4:06 PM

My name is Erica. I live in New Orleans, LA. I am a 17 year old senior in high school. I have been a devote fan of the Backstreet Boys for nearly two years. I have every album. I collect pictures and posters. I tape every television appearance I can find. I was crushed when the boys didn't come to New Orleans on their Summer '98 tour. When I found out that they were coming on the Millennium tour, I literally cried. I was out of town when the tickets went on sale. I had my best friend camp out at Ticket Master to get my tickets. My friend was the very last person in line to get tickets on that morning that I'm sure everyone remembers well. It was the moment that decided who would be close to the Backstreet Boys and who wouldn’t. Luckily, I was one of the few who got this special opportunity. It was blessing.

Saturday, November 20, I decided, would be a great day. I didn't know how right I was. The day of the concert my friend and I decided to go to the French Quarter in hopes of running into a Backstreet Boy. We figured we'd have a fun day in the Quarter and meet some interesting people. We weren't too hopeful that we would meet a Backstreet Boy, but we were going to have fun anyway. We hit all the most popular places and some the weirdest clothing stores in hopes of finding AJ.

We searched for about two hours. We were about to give up and go home. Just then a shoeshine guy told us to look inside this open air restaurant, called the Pontalba Cafe, because the Backstreet Boys were in there. We thought he was just playing with us, but we checked just in case. We looked and didn't see anything at first. And then it happened. I saw Howie and stopped breathing. My friend saw AJ and grabbed my arm. I started shaking. I couldn't believe it. This was one of my biggest dreams and it was coming true. We both threw away our ice cream cones and got our cameras ready.

I took a deep breath and walked into the restaurant. I went up to the table and tapped AJ on the shoulder. I was so scared. He looked up at me with his beautiful eyes and smiled. I said, "Hi, my name is Erica." I reached out my hand and he reached over and shook it. I almost had a heart attack and died. I asked if we could get a picture with them. They said that they were just about to eat, but maybe later. They were so nice about it. We said okay and went and sat across the street from the cafe and waited for them to finish eating their lunch.

Over the next hour the shoeshine guy decided to tell everyone that walked past him. The whole scene got crazy. There were people just snapping pictures of them eating like they were animals in a zoo. It was all sort of sad. I couldn't imagine living like that everyday. There were teenage skater guys yelling "you suck" at them. I felt sorry for AJ and Howie that they couldn't just eat in the restaurant like normal people. AJ had his girlfriend with him. She is very pretty and seems very nice. Howie had some of his family with him.

When the guys were finished eating they slipped out the back way to get a head start on the crowd. It turned in to a scene out of the Sears Millennium commercial. There were 100 parents, children, and teenagers following them down the street. Most of them were tourists and didn’t know their way around the city. Since my friend and I are natives, we waited to see where they turned and went around to meet them at the next corner. We caught up with them. We got to talk to them for a second. We asked for a picture, but they couldn't stop because of all the people following. They apologized and smiled. They were very polite about the whole situation. I thought that was great.

I told them to have a great time in the city and watched them walk away. It was one the greatest moments of my life. I'll never forget.

Watching the concert from the first level that night, AJ flew over my head. He looked down and pointed at me. I don't know if he recognized me or if I was just another face in the crowd. It doesn't matter, either, because it was special to me.

It truly was the best day of my life.

From: sara fischer []
Sent: Monday, November 22, 1999 9:17 PM

Alrighty here it goes! This was my favorite concert oh my gosh it was tight! it started out with Mandy Moore which is when i came because all the traffic. Than it went to EYC or whatever their names are they were ok but one of the guys kept showing off his stomach like he was the tightest thing that ever walked! Than the real fun BACKSTREET BOYS over and over of the crowd going crazy! expesally my best friend kelsey and I. screaming with all of our might we would not shut up. They came out and sang their songs it was soooo cool! When they did the perfect fan they had the 5 girls and there moms come up. I was so jealous because my friend was up there with grip of AJ's hand ( i know its not fair) than when it got quite i yelled at the top of my lungs I LOVE BRIAN! and the gal infront of me snapped shut up! but knowing me i didnt care i payed my money to see my baby and i wasnt about to "shut up"  it was just the best concert and ofcorse loving them as much as i do i cried and cried and cried more when they left

:( i just wanted 1 more song! but after they introduced their band annd dancers the lights got dark and you thought that they left! but they didnt sing i want it that way... well thats weird than do dooo doooo do do do yeahhhh  ahhh i was like yes! but than it was over and they were gone!  :'( i miss them so much. to make matters worse i thought i was gonna meet them b/c my friends friend was working the concert and on the day before we found out we couldnt  :( i wish i could meet them soo much i love them more than n e thing but n e 1 that loves them as much as i  right me back at

Concert Reviews: 11/18/99 Kansas City, MO (Part II)

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

From: Jennifer Marks []
Sent: Friday, November 26, 1999 10:24 PM

My Review Of the Kansas City Show: The Boys That Lived in a Fish Bowl

What can I say? I'm 19 love the talent and charism of the Backstreet Boys! My cousin (who is a high school teacher by the way) and I attended their concert in Kansas City on the 18 of November. I was ready for a good show, like any true fan, but being a veteran of concerts such as Aerosmith, Metallica, SoundGarden, and even the Spice Girls, I wasn't sure what to expect. Boy was I in for a shock!

We arrived just as EYC was closing, I really don't care for Mandy Moore and had no idea someone else was opening besides her. After buying a program, key chain, and getting one of the groovy shopping bags for free (they are nice), we found our seats. We were in the top level about half way up but I must admit that they were excellent seats. The stage was giant octagon, and the roadies were getting everything ready. The arena would erupt into ear piercing screams every time the tiniest light would flicker or a wave of music could be heard. The anticipation was killing everyone.

I noticed a few heads popping up from a black box towards one side of the arena. Smoke started to roll up in small test puffs and I knew the show was about to begin. Finally, the lights went out and the dancers marched in with fake torches to the Star Wars theme. The stage lit up from underneath and the musicians took their places.

Smoke began to billow from the black box I had noticed earlier and a red light came on. Suddenly, the boys arose from it on hoover boards. They were dead still and looked like Backstreet statues. I couldn't handle myself at that point, I started to scream too. The whole arena was going crazy by now and as they landed on stage and were unhooked they took an army like position and went to each portion of the crowd. They looked so serious but at one point when the camera was close upping on Kevin he looked like something was about to make him bust out laughing. He held off to just a smirk.

Larger Than Life began and I just took it all in. I can't tell you that I remember every little detail cuz I don't. I was having way to much fun to try to capture it all to memory. I do remember this though:

Kevin- He's a leader. He may not sing that much but he is a take charge kinda guy, and incredibly sexy. When the piano dropped for Back To Your Heart I melted at the way he played.

AJ- WILD MAN!!! His voice is soooooo sexy! There is something that sets him apart from everyone else in the group. He is the raw emotion.

Howie- Aw! I never really thought to much of Howie until last night but he is a great performer! He reminds me of one of those guys that is too shy to hit on a girl, but all the girls secretly want him too! His solo during Spanish Eyes made my eyes well with tears, but he has a goofy side the cameras caught too! MC D was a nice touch!

Brian- B-Rok was a big favorite with this crowd. During his solos the girls would go insane! Brain is very talented. The Perfect Fan was never my favorite track on the album but it had a special meaning when they brought the moms and daughters on stage. Brian is the kinda guy you would want to talk out all your problems with. He seems genuinely nice and humble.

Nick- Oh Nickolas, were you born just to torture me? Nick is my favorite Backstreet Boy, and that night I realized the youngest BSB has gone and grown up into a very sexy man. The shrillness in his voice was gone, the awkward but cute way he would perform dance moves were replaced by the slick movements of a veteran performer. His voice brought me to tears many times during the performance, especially during Spanish Eyes and Show Me The Meaning. I have seen a few concert videos of the BSB and I never heard Nick talk that much; but that night he talked the longest at the beginning and got the crowd pumped up. I forget that he is almost 20, not a gangly teenager any more. His overall stage presence has changed. He is confident now, grinding his hips (something AJ and Howie were famous for) but he still remains Nick, a little goofy at times. He is a performer that enjoys what he does and has fun with it. My props to Nick, you are a very talented, sexy man!

The concert seemed to fly by. I told you I wasn't sure what to expect but I got the best entertainment of my life for almost 2 and a half hours. Not only did the BSB put on the best concert I have ever seen, but the BSB Band, Dancers, and special effects, made it something I will never forget. Props to the group's band. They were sensational.

Like I said, I really don't want to tell you too much more about the show. GO SEE IT! Its worth every last penny! After the show was over I went outside and noticed that the buses were parked right out front. (wonder who's bright idea that was) And I braved the cold for another 2 hours. The crowd that started out with a couple hundred, turned into 20 to 25 by the time I left. I got to see a glimpses of Howie, AJ, and Brain getting on the 1st bus. It pulled away. Kevin was the last to come out and I missed seeing him get on.

Later, for some strange reason, a security guard from the arena told my cousin to come over where he was. She stood over there for a second and then motioned to me. I went over and she told me, "be real quite and look right there" I looked and there was Kevin, swigging a Corona. I don't know if he saw me but I smiled at him and gave him a little wave. Then we kept waiting, and waiting, and waiting. I wasn't going anywhere until I saw Nick. The crowd was so small I thought he might stop for autographs. But a lass, he must have left out the back because he never came out. The security moved us to the other side of the bus. About 5 minutes later, Kevin went to the front to get something and opened the blinds to get some light. I guess he thought we were on the other side cuz his face looked a little surprised when we all screamed, then he waved and went back to what he was doing.

At that moment when I saw Kevin I felt and incredibly sad feeling creep over me. These guys have everything in the world that a pop star could want, but they don't have what I hold most precious, privacy. How hard it must be to live in a fish bowl and know someone is watching your every move. I knew at that moment it was time to go. I have a private wish in my heart that there is somewhere in the world were these guys, who are just normal human beings like you and I, can walk down the street without being mobbed. I plan to go to their next concert when they come through Missouri again, but this time I doubt I will wait outside to catch a glimps after the show. If we are true fans we can give the boys a little room to breath. I know all the pressure would make me crack.

Concert Reviews: 11/18/99 Kansas City, MO

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

From: Erin Coleman []
Sent: Saturday, November 20, 1999 3:06 PM

Hey guys, I just got home from the Kansas City Concert! I waited foo 4 and a half hours where the boys were going to pull into the area at. We were right around the corner from the tunnel they go into and were on the front row. I got to give Tommy the present I made for him and the boys. I asked him about Guido and He made me ask the person he was on the phone with about Guido! I also got a pic of me and him. I got to talk to Ro Ro and he took a pic with me and asked me about the pic I was holding of me and Pollyanna from when I met her. He was really nice. I got to also talk to Nef, Fatima's sister who is one of the dancers. Later My friends and I saw a girl come in a limo, it was getting dark and we couldn't really see so we yelled Amanda and it was her. She talked to us and took our video we made for BSB and put it in her purse. She was sooooo nice not at all like I expected. We got to take a pic with her too. She said she just got in from the airport. Later Nick came in by himself and we got pics of him. Then the other boys came in and we got to take pics of them too, then when Brian got out of the van he ran up the tunnel to come talk to us, but the 100 girls behind us saw that he was comming, so the guard had to hold him back. No Leighanne or Tyke at this concert that I saw. That was great we were so close to him. He had a floppy hat on, and was so cute. We could have waited for Mandy Moore too, but we wanted to go inside. The concert was Great! I loved Howie's rap they all looked good and Aj had a natural color of hair. I will let you guys read the other reviews from the concert, write me if you have any questions.

Luv Erin

From: David Bagley []
Sent: Saturday, November 20, 1999 1:53 AM

WOW!!!!   what else can i say about the "boys".  They are sooooo hott.  This was my first experience with them and let me tell you...THEY ROCKED THE HOUSE DOWN BABY!!!!  AJ was the man.  His voice was so awesome.  I even got a glimpse of his tattoo (thats how close i was),  The show was well choreographed especially the part where they were suspended in the air during "Quit Playing Games"!  I was in heaven.  But anyway, they started with Larger than life...good tune!  Then we got a taste of the European version of "The way I like it" and believe you me...thats how i like it.  Another hilite of the show was during the enchor they wore Sabres jerseys.  They all wore #99.  It was so cool.  I was depressed though when they sang "I want it that way" because i didn't want it that way. I wanted them to keep playing :(.  oh well i guess all good things must come to an end and unfortunetly the concert did.  I wish everyone could have experienced the excitement of this concert.  On a scale out of 100...i would rate the concert a 99 because they stopped playing.  Well i now i will be in attendance next time they come to town...and i hope you are too!

From: Jennifer Ergle []
Sent: Friday, November 19, 1999 8:49 PM

Last night's concert can be described in one word: sensational! Everything about the show was an experience. Some people in the music industry are singers and that's all they are. Other people are entertainers because they know how to work the fans and show them a good time. The Backstreet Boys are entertainers! They can sing, they can dance, and they are some of the most charismatic people out there. I have been to a few concerts and spent way more money on the tickets and didn't have near as good of a time. I felt kind weird going to the concert because I am an older fan and kind of out of the teen scene, but I all I can say was that it was the best concert I have ever been to. I know many people couldn't get tickets, but try to the next time around because it is definitely worth it! These guys deserve so much credit for the amount of energy that they put into the show and making sure everyone has a good time. I think it says a lot when even the dads and moms that were dragged there by their children were standing up and enjoying experience.

Thank you Backstreet Boys for a wonderful evening!

From: Chris Long []
Sent: Friday, November 19, 1999 3:32 PM

I have three words to say.......OH MY GOD!!!!! The boys were looking finer than ever! I am not going to go into the whole story of what we did on the way there or anything really that happened at the concert.....I mean....aren't they all pretty much the same? I just wanted to let anyone reading.......It was definitely worth the 3 hour drive it took to get there! I have one complaint though......not really a complaint.....more like an observation. The boys were so robotic. I mean they put on a good show, but it seemed like every single move they made and every single word they said was scripted. Don't get me wrong....scripted or not.....the boys are breathtaking. I just expected from all of the other concert reviews that each song they sang....they made it feel as if they were singing directly to you.....that just isn't the case. All in all it was a fantastic show. The boys just seemed really tired.....but who can blame them? Hopefully after this tour they take a well deserved break to reenergize.

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