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Concert Reviews: Lupus 2000 Benefit, Argentina, September 15, 2000

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

Sent: Sunday, September 17, 2000 12:38 AM

OMG!!! I almost can't speak! First of all, I'm Luciana, 17 years old, Buenos Aires and I'm one of the *argentinian* eyes who attended today, Sept. 15th, to the Club Hípico Argentino (Argentinian Horseracing Club) where onto the Summer Theathre Howie D performed his solo show...WOW!!! It was amazing!!! I want to tell you that this was the very first I saw a B-boy performing live so I was quite nervous (not to say totally nervous) and I got more of that when time began to pass...Howie arrived today at 6am and he was driven through plane's trail till he could be out from Ezeiza International Airport. He went immediately to stay at Sheraton Hotel, where it was place the press conference late at afternoon. Daisy Mc Queen from FM HIT got an interview with him where she could ask him about the upcoming album (Howie smiled when she asked if *Black and Blue* is its title :o), Brian's wedding was like and Caroline Cochran Lupus Foundation: surprisingly the president of the Argentinian Lupus Foundation was there and they decided to donate 1 U$S from each ticket to our national foundation, ain't that great??? I swear I cried when I heard it on the radio, it's was too nice from them. Pollyanna and Angie were there. Later, when Howie went to record at *Versus*, a showbiz Tv program, his sisters joined him and also did his bro, John! :o) and then it comes the show!! I was with my mom at 8.30pm already waiting to get into (I wanna you know today was 12° C here, it was pretty cold and towards night it became colder brrrrr) and at 9pm we were already in! Nico Speranza was performing with his band, then Ciudad de Angeles did their number with 4 songs. Audience behaved so good! They claped for both opening acts...then we got into a weird time, shouting every moment we thought Howie was 10.30pm Pollyanna came out and did her show...OMG again!! that girl SINGS like an angel, I loved her! I just flashed! She's soooo pretty and her songs are so good! some of them had been written by herself and others by his brother Howie. She sang Andale mi corazón and Don't wanna live without you (I hope that was the title :op). She spoke some very very good spanish but anyway apoligized and later she got emotional when she told us about the foundation, the real meaning of this event.

Everybody went crazy later when she presented her brother (I loved when she said she was proud of him) and Howie came out...and my heart left my body, I swear! My eyes just couldn't believe I was there!!! Howie, in a black leather suit, black sleeveless t-shirt and a gray bandanna covering his long hair :o( was onstage. I'm out of words to describe his potential was so out of Backstreet Boy and it was so in at the same time! He started with Smooth and then mixed it with Oye como va, by the same author, legendary Santana, although Howie always asked some noise from his own viola, to sing then I need to know by Marc Anthony. Howie impressed me with his dance and please, don't get offended with me but his dance with his two dancers remembered me to Chayanne...what I loved!! (some Howie's fans didn't, be sure of it & sis, don't get angry for this). It was time for him to speak on Spanish: suddenly I thought time hadn't passed and I was again on 1998: he made some fun of himself about it!! he apoligized for his supposed *little* spanish and remembered us it saying *estoy contento de estar aquí con nosotros, digo con ustedes perdoname* (I'm happy of being here with us, I mean with you, sorry) exactly as he said back on 1998. A big smile crossed his face and he laughed slightly :o)). Muchas, muchas gracias (thank you very much) were 3 words very repeated during the whole thing and we were all time saying you welcome jajaja. Show went on when Howie announced this was gonna be a bit Ricky Martin's style like and it didn't bother us so he remarked his latin roots (I'm a bit latino ya know?) to us, what maybe we love the most on, wait, we love EVERYTHING!. Of course, Howie made fun of being alone this time and told us about the kisses that the boys had sent to us (thanks guys we love you too!) with no forgetting our 2 years old promise: coming back with the tour (everyone screamed louder there)!!!. He performed Bailamos and Rythm Divine, by E. Iglesias and I like it like that so audience went crazy and took lots of pics when he came closer and waved his hands all time and danced in a very latin way!

It was time then to a Jon Secada medley with such a hits like Un día más sin verte, Sentir and All I Really Want Is You. (I loved those songs when I was younger and I know he loves Secada's music so it was such an honor). As he did at Tabu he sang Maria, Maria, another Santana big hit (I don't like that song but I swear on his voice it was awesome). I've got to stress that his hip's moves were better than ever (sorry ITM attenders) seconds band changed into Madonna's old hit La isla bonita tune and Howie spread roses over his crowd, kissing one very special I guess to later finish that mix with a spanish version of Please don't go (NKOTB).

I was about to cry when Pollyanna joined him onstage to sing Fly to Heaven, remembering Caroline. That song's full of meaningful words and it makes it so beautiful. Howie sat down on a stool as Pollyanna began to sing it and then he joined her, it's a spanglish song and their hands were most of the times over their hearts, if not their eyes were looking above. Pollyanna thanked Argentina for last time and left stage all for Howie.

Ricky moments came and Sweet D. turned into Martin's moves to perform Maria and The cup of life.

Color lights went off and Howie dissapeared a moment. Musicians got closer like it was the end of the show and crowd started to yell Backstreet boys once and again. Howie appeared again, with white shirt and t-shirt to start the Backstreet stuff: Spanish eyes were already into our ears and lots of us cried and he changed spanish for argentinian and it was a big kaos cuz we sang spanish and he was singing argentinian jajaja what a mess!. Sighs invaded the theathre when Nunca te haré llorar began to finish into a spanglish version. In a rush, latin tunes made the difference with Quit playing games with my heart, As long as you love me and The one. And the best just came: I want it that way!!!!! Howie asked us to sing it along with him, we were just out of breath!!! but we kept going on!! It was so awesome, so wonderful!!! and at the end we did a duet with him again to finish I want it that way. Well, girls, I just wanna tell you that when it finished they made him run into the vans, as always, ya know how the story is...I'M ALMOST SPEECHLESS!

One more thing: I'm 100% sure that I forgot alot of important stuff to tell ya, but those who ever went to a backstreet thang know that all of us always want to keep something to us jeje! and other details can be forgotten like Howie presented Whepa (his band) twice or that there's an spanish album coming or that Howie made fun of the cold weather as Nick did on 1998 or that Howie threw his towel or that some falsetto's tunes Howie did were just PERFECT!!!

Oh girlies, that man CAN sing...and he did it on Argentina!!!!

Thanks to everyone, and any doubt? email me, I could forget something

KTBPA - as long as there'll be argentina we'll be comin' back again!

Luciana :o))

From: nicolas mentasti []
Sent: Saturday, September 16, 2000 3:02 PM

Hi, my name is Agostina and I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina where Howie performed last night. He arrived to Argentina yesterday morning, and he did a press conference (if I find the pictures and the transcript I'll send it in). He performed at The Teatro de Verano del Club Hipico Argentino. The concert was announced to start at 9:00 pm, but it actually started at 10:30 pm. And on sunday he will be appering on a tv show called Versus.

The first to appeare was Pollyanna, that was wearing a silver catsuit with a black see-through jacket. She sang four songs, three up-tempos and one balad. She sang a song called Andale, mi corazón (spanish for Come on, my heart) and another song called Don't wanna live without you (both songs written by Howie). Then she talked a little about her upcoming CD, about the Lupus foundation, about her site ( and about her sister. Then she was the one to introduce Howie.

Howie was wearing leather pants, a leather jacket, a black shirt and a black bandana. He openned his show with a medley of

Santana's songs. The show went like this:

1- Pollyanna's segment (four songs)
2- Santana Medley
3- Enrique Iglesias Medley (Bailamos and Rythm Divine)
4- Jon Secada Medley
5- María María / La Isla Bonita (roses)
6- Fly to Heaven (he made Pollyanna go on stage to sing with him)
7- Por Favor (he introduced part of the band)
8- Ricky Martin Medley (María and The cup of Life)
9- BSB Medley (he sang Spanish Eyes - but he sang Argentinian Eyes - quit playing games with my heart, nunca te hare llorar, I'll never break your heart, as long as you love me, The One and I want it that way)

He sometimes stopped singing to hear us sing. He then finished introducing the rest of the band.

He had two dancers with him and he did kind of sexy and naughty moves with them. He said that the BSB have alredy finished their album and that hopefully it will be out for November. He thanked us for being there because it was all for a good cause, for the Lupus foundation. And he said that they want it to do that show all over the world. He also said that there will be BSB Southamerican tour on 2001.

He explaind why he chose Puerto Rico and Argentina to do those shows. Puerto Rico, because is his mother country and he said that he chose Argentina because when Caroline died (September 12, 1998), they had already planned the shows in Argentina (september 18 and 19, 1998) and he wasn't going to come because he was way too depresed, but he decided he should come and he performed a week after his sister died and he said that we showed him he could go on without his sister and that this show was to thank us for that.

Well, that was my concert review. Hope you like it and I hope the guys keep on doing solo stuff because they are really good!

Concert Review: Lupus 2000 Benefit, Puerto Rico, September 13, 2000

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By: Melissa

My name is Melissa, and I'm a Backstreet Boys' fan from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. I am THE biggest BSB fan here! Last night, I attended Howie's benefit concert "Lupus 2000" held in the Tito Puente Amphitheatre in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico. Since the Backstreet Boys haven't done a concert in a while, I thought everyone would like to hear about Howie's performance.

First of all, the Backstreet Boys have never done a concert in Puerto Rico, and when Howie announced that he would be coming here, everyone definitely wanted to go. The concert was all general admission. Tickets sold for $33 a piece. At first, I was going to go to the concert with 2 friends of mine on September 7th, but when they canceled the concert to the 13th, my friend's aunt who was going to take us, had to work. I was in a somewhat depression for about two weeks until 2 days before the concert, another friend of mine begged her mom to take us, and she actually said yes! I couldn't believe it! I kept asking her "Are you serious?! You sure we can go?! 'Cause I can't believe it!" That was the first awesome news I had received in 2 weeks. Howie also made an appearance on Monday, September 11th on a show called "No te Duermas." Howie and Pollyanna both appeared on that show, and they talked about Lupus, Lupus 200, the Backstreet Boys, and Pollyanna's music career.

Anyways, back to the concert! I bought the tickets the day before the concert! I also went to Sam Goodys, and I bought the Backstreet Boys Official Book and the Backstreet Project comic book, which they FINALLY brought to Puerto Rico! I went home that day and prepared a big sign that said, "How-ie Like it is the Backstreet Way!" It came out really awesome, and also got me alot of attention at the concert.

The day of the concert, I woke up at 7am, and we headed to the concert at around 9. When we got to the amphitheatre it was about 10:30, and there were only about 10-15 people on line. My friend and I got on line, and we met some girls who had also met there. They were from all over Puerto Rico, and we all had so much fun. One of them had a red Ford Explorer, and we all stood there playing Backstreet music ALL day and singing and dancing.

The line kept on getting longer and longer as the time went by, and at about 2:30, a man from the grounds comes to the gate from the other side, and made a HUGE mistake. The moron (sorry for calling him a moron but he was a big moron! lol) tells us at the gate that he was going to see if they could open the gates for us early so that we could all settle in. He was such a moron because Howie hadn't even sound-checked yet!!! And when he said that to the people, EVERYONE from the back of the line started running to the front of the line!!! When I saw this, I also ran because I was not about to let people who came a long time after me, get in front of me! Everyone was trapped and pushing. It was TERRIBLE. Everyone wanted to get in the front of the line, and there were NO police, no guards, NOTHING! We were stuck there, without air, from 2:30-6:30 pm, when the guards let the people in. Four girls fainted and had to be carried away. Everyone was crammed against eachother, and it was IMPOSSIBLE to move.

Finally at 6:30, the guards let people in but in groups of ten. I was one of the first groups in, and I ran to where they were taking the tickets, but as I was running, my ticket flew away! I almost had a heartattack!!!! Luckily it didnt fly that far away, and I grabbed it and kept running. When I got to the other side, I was out of breath, ready to faint, and I gave the ticket to the lady. She was like "Honey, calm down, don't worry you're going to see him." I was just like breathing hard and I ran to the first row in the center of the stage.

Finally, the concert started, and the band came out. I saw Tommy Smith, and I screamed his name out. He came out and took a picture of all the fans like he always does. Pollyanna came out and sang about 3 songs. She has a beautiful voice and she dances awesome!! After the 2nd song she talked about Lupus and also about Caroline. After the 3rd song everyone was quiet, so i yelled "Howiiieeeee!!!!!!!" and Pollyanna looked at me, and she was laughing and said, "Don't worry! He'll be out in a second!" LOL!

So finally, Howie came out and OMG he looks sooooo much cuter in person! I started majorly crying, when I saw him because I mean, the BSB have never come to Puerto Rico, and I've been a devoted fan since 1995. So to me, seeing Howie was like a dream come true. He had on a black jacket and a black sleeveles shirt underneath. He also had on some leather black pants and one of those rags that David from the Real World wears (i forget the name of those rags, but on Howie it looked cool!) He looked so good! He dances AWESOME! And OMG he had 2 female dancers, and Howie was doing some naughty dancing with them! LOL! I guess his Puerto Rican flavor really let loose that night! I got to get the paper they had on stage with the song list, so here's what he sang:

1. Santana Medley
2. Enrique (Bailamos and Rythm Divine)
3. I Like It
4. Jon Secada medley
5. María María/La Isla Bonita (roses)
6. Fly to Heaven
7. Por Favor
8. Ricky Martin medley
9. BSB Medley

Howie sang awesome! I was so overwhelmed seeing him so up close. I was not even 3 feet away from him! He looked down and saw my sign, and he smiled and waved and winked at me! I almost died! His dancing was awesome, his singing was flawless, and he was so sweet with the crowd! Now I definitely know why they call him Sweet D. LOL When he came out with the bouquet of roses, he threw one to me and I grabbed it, but these stupid girls took it away from me, and all I had left was a freakin' stem! I was so mad!

It was really sweet when Howie and Pollyanna came out to sing "Fly to Heaven." They hugged after they finished that song, and I just started bawling my eyes out again! It was just so sweet!

Howie was so cute, and he also talked in Spanish! He would go, "Hace calor!!!" That means "It's hot here!" and everyone started screaming when he would talk Spanish. He also told us that the guys just finished their new album, and that it should be out by November. He also said that the Backstreet Boys have a Spanish album planned for 2001!!!!!! We all went crazy over that! Also, Pollyanna's album should be out soon, and she also told us about her website that's on the process of being created at . She said her brother-in-law was working on it, but he hasnt been able to finish it. Howie also told us that he comes to Puerto Rico often because all of his mother's family lives here. And he was also like, "If you guys haven't noticed, I'm Puerto Rican too!!!!" and we were all screaming lol. And he also said, "Puerto Rico is my second home to me, and I'm proud to be having this concert in the land I love so much!" He was so adorable!

Howie sang a medley of Ricky Martin songs, and let me tell you, move over Ricky Martin 'cause, in my opinion, Howie sang and danced better than Ricky Martin himself! Howie can really shake that bon bon of his! (hehe, i made sure i took pictures of that lol)

Almost at the end of the concert after the Ricky Medley, Howie told us, "As you know, I came to Puerto Rico alone. The guys are all back home resting and preparing for the release of our new album. So, at first I didnt know if I should sing any BSB songs you know? But then I thought that this would be my chance to show off a little you know!" So he sang "Spanish eyes", and something really special was that someone had thrown a small Puerto Rican flag on-stage. He picked up the flag, and as he sang Spanish Eyes, he would sway the Puerto Rican flag back and forth. It was so sweet. And he changed the lyrics and would say "when i look into your Puerto Rican eyes!..." LOL After that song, he did a medley of BSB songs and everyone was singing as loud as they could. He would sometimes stop singing and the crowd would keep on singing. He was impressed LOL He first sang "quit playing games with my heart", "nunca te hare llorar", "as long as you love me", "the one", and when he sang "i want it that way" he would say "i want it puerto rico's way!" LOL And when we would sing the songs, he'd stop and say "Wow! you know that song?!" LOL The concert ended with him and the band standing in a line and taking their bows. Howie said his I love yous, and then he was gone. :-( The concert was over, but that was one of the most amazing times of my life.

The concert was over, but there were some trailers next to the stage. Howie was in there, and only people with V.I.P passes were allowed to go in. There were only about 50 people with VIP passes, and the only way they got those passes were if they were relatives of Howie's or if they were friends of the guards or whatever. All the other girls were begging the guards to let us in, but it was impossible. I started crying and begging the guard to let me go in quick. I even offered them money, but they didn't let me go in! :-( Anyways, I was walking around the grounds, and I saw this girl and she had a VIP pass. I stopped to talk with her, and she was Howie's cousin. Since I could not go in, I gave her my Official BSB book and a camera so that she could take a close up photo of Howie. She went to Howie, and he signed my book, and she took a picture of him for me! That was very nice of her to do, and I thank her so much for that. Howie promised us that the Backstreet Boys will be doing a concert in Puerto Rico in 2001. We all hope that this comes true because many of us have yet to experience a Backstreet Boys concert. I have been a devoted fan for many years, and this was like a dream come true for me. I thank Howie so much for doing the Lupus 2000 concert in Puerto Rico, and I can't wait until the Backstreet Boys come here for a concert! Backstreet Boys' is what it's all about, and as fans we can all understand what a dream come true it is for us to actually see our guys in concert.

Anyways, that's my Lupus 2000 concert review, and I hope you've all enjoyed it. If you want to find out more about the concert or have any other questions, or would even like to write to me, just e-mail me at My ICQ number is: 42767680 KTBSPA! byebye :-)

From: Melissa Carter a.k.a Kaos_girl_1598

More Concert Reviews: Lupus 2000 Benefit, Orlando, June 2000

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

From: Nicole Campbell []
Sent: Sunday, July 02, 2000 12:36 AM

First of all the Monday before the benefit, I spent an hour driving from Howie’s house to Kevin’s house to Denise’s house to Kevin’s other house and to the gate in front of Aj’s development (darn!).

Now for Sunday. The day started out by going to Universal City walk to meet w/Roni who I met at the BSB Penn State concert. We met outside of the groove because rumor had it Howie would be coming out and everyone else was there doing sound checks.So we waited outside for a bit and listened to o-town do their sound check and then all of a sudden this singer Christian Davis comes out w/a photographer from Teen Bop or Pop one of those and tells us to get in a picture w/him for the magazine. None of us knew who he was but we all got in a group pic. Then after that nothing was happening so we went for lunch at HRC. After lunch, we headed back to the Groove to see if anything was going on and we heard Howie was going to come out at 3:00. I had to get back to the hotel to get ready so I didn’t stay but on the way to the hotel,Roni called me on my cell phone telling me that Howie did come out to make a phone call and signed autographs and stuff :-( so I got to the hotel, got ready, and made my way back to the citywalk by 5:00. I got my yellow VIP pass and waited in line w/the other VIPers. I met LEE and her friend from Los Angeles so Lee if you read this HI!!! and Brian who was there with his friend.

After a while O-town came and some other people but I couldn’t see over peoples heads because the stars went by the general admission people instead of the VIPs but then Howie came and the whole crowd was excited but all I could see was his hair because he is soo short. Before they let us in my sister and my mom who were just there to see the celebs walk in got me HOWIE and Michael Saucedo's (the guy who plays Juan on General Hospital) AUTOGRAPH!!!!!! Then they finally let us in and we went upstairs. The food spread was beautiful! Everything was delicious. Lots of shrimp and different spreads on crackers and many other things too. Although I like to eat, I made a beeline for the balcony outside to start hunting celebs! I go out look to my left and guess whose sitting there eating none other than ASHLEY and TREVOR from O-town. So I go up to them and totally nervously shake their hands cause they were the first celebs of the night not that I haven’t met other celebs before but I just started out nervous. ASHLEY was sooo nice and god does he look good and TREVOR has a nice body w/muscles mmmmm. We chatted for a bit and TREVOR is like so you see no IKAIKA and I was like yeah I read about that in the newspaper. He was kind of joking around and didn’t want to tell me what the new guys name was but I nagged him enough to tell me lol. Then I asked them if they would mind if I took a pic w/them so they stood up and I told them I was going to stand in the middle lol. I wanted an O-town sandwich so I got in between them and they were so friggin close to me a real sandwich and they had their arms around me and ASHLEY kept leaning in closer. I was nervous when I first met them but standing in between them, I was calm as a cucumber lol. I said thanks and left them alone. Then I went inside and found Roni and we walked around.

Then we saw SHERMAN HEMSLEY (George Jefferson, he was on Amen, he’s in the Old Navy commercials etc etc). We went over and asked him for his autograph and he was more than willing to give it to us. Then we walked down to the lower level of the VIP balcony and I stood on this little platform so I could get a good view and guess who was standing next to me???? JACOB from O-town. I kind of kept looking at him and I finally smiled and said hi and he did the same. He is kind of like a cold fish that keeps to himself!!! I think by watching the tv show you get the feeling he is like that! He wasn't around much the rest of the night either he kind of hid somewhere out of the limelight. BTW his hair was maroon and he had on black nail polish. Then my friend and I went back up to the 2nd balcony level and guess who I saw??? LOU PEARLMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were walking out to the balcony again and my right arm brushed up against his. (Puke!! Puke!!! Puke!!) We hung inside and out drinking, eating, and watching the acts and I met up with the group we formed while waiting outside and met up with them again during various points in the evening. For the first hour or two, I didn't really like any of the acts so I just listened while mingling around. Then all of a sudden I see MICHEAL SAUCEDO (Juan from General Hospital).

I was just in awe but I was really calm I mean I watch him everyday on my favorite soap. So I go up to him and ask him for a picture with him so his manager took it for me! Michael held me really close too lol. Then through all of this and other acts I went down to the main floor to watch Howie introduces the acts (he’s what I really cared about lol) Then I made sure I went down to see O-town perform. They were surprisingly good!!!! Not as good as BSB but good. They really polished up singing and dancing in 6 months. They were really cute on stage after they sang their first song they were like who is this strange guy w/us. It was cute. After they were done I headed upstairs again and walked around while there were other performers. Then I found O-Town hidden in the little cove room w/the smaller bar and the O-town cameras were on and they were standing together talking about their performance. I was standing behind them so you may see me on Making the Band lol you never know! After they were done talking they turned around and I cornered AHLEY again and got him to sign my Lupus 2000 pamphlet they gave us and while he did it I said to him: so Ashley. In the next episode, does your girlfriend break up w/you? Ok I’m nosy but you know they signed on for the gig so that's tough so all he says is: are you sure that was me or was it one of the other guys? Then he kind of walked away. Well I guess this mean you can’t be nosy oh well tough sh*t boys you’re the ones putting your lives on national tv. So then I moved on to DAN the new guy and got in a pic w/him. And of course JACOB scurried off to some corner to be alone (I am not a star! I am not a star! lolololololol). Then I went up to ERIK. OK he’s is definitely the nicest sweetest one of them all.

I just said hi I couldn't put out my hand because I had my evening handbag, camera, pen, and pamphlet all in my hands but I just said hi and that they were great that night and it was great to see how they have grown as a group in 6 months (because 6 months is about as far behind as the episodes are). He was just really nice and said thank you and we were talking about the tv show and about when they were going up to NYC for Regis and Kathy Lee and then I had my picture taken w/him. Then I believe BARRY WILLIAMS was on stage and I went down to see him. He was good too! After a bit I went back up to the VIP section and by this time I heard nothing about AJ being there!!!!! I even talked to security and they honestly didn't know if he was there (come to find out later he came really late!). So anyway I am walking up the stairs and guess who is standing there???!?!?!??! Alex and Rose Ann you can guess? We met him in Atlantic City??? NO NOT ANDREW (I’m still wiping the tears from my eyes!!!!!!!!!). Well anyway, it was.... MIKE (AJ's best friend)!!!!!!!!! Lol!!!!!! Now he is growing this AJ type beard kind of. He was there w/a woman that was hanging all over him (not the same one from Atlantic City lol duh lol)

I didn't get a chance to say anything because like I said the woman was hanging all over him but I was kind of looking at him and I saw him looking at me like maybe he had seen me somewhere before lol. So now I knew AJ was there!!!! Then all of a sudden someone ran up maybe Roni and said AMANDA was by the bar. There were only like 3 bars but I ran to the one and I’m standing there like a dope because no one is there and guess who walks by me??????!!!!!!!!????? AJ!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one even noticed he was there! I swear I think I was the only celeb stalker there. So anyway no bodyguards were in front of him only behind him so I said Hi to him and SHOOK his HAND!!! God he is soooo short too!!!! I wanted to say something but I totally forgot what I wanted to say.

So I followed him out to the balcony where he was going to do an interview and I was the first fan standing behind all the body guards and the cameras. I looked to me right and guess whose sitting there????? None other that AMANDA!!!!! I said hi are you Amanda and she smiled and said yes. She has a panda tattoo on her left shoulder in case you don't know already. AND YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE DIAMOND RING ON HER FINGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT you hear about the diamond is not false because I saw the ring w/me very own two eyes. After the interview so many fans were behind me they whisked AJ inside and away because he had to go on in two minutes and bid on a date w/Howie for $10,000 as a part of the show from the balcony to make the bid higher. So when I heard it was time to auction Howie off, I flew down the stairs to the main floor. I was only standing about no more than 6 feet from Howie on the stage. The pricing was low until AJ jacked it up to $10,000 and then Lou Pearlman bid on Howie too. (PUKE!!!!!!! I think he bid $15,000).

Howie looked a little scared. Meanwhile Mike was egging AJ and Lou on lol! So then the bids were serious and poor Howie was getting so taken aback and emotional that he had to pull a stool out and sit on it directly in front of me. I caught his eye a few times and exchanged smiles and then he started getting teary eyed and sweaty!!!!!!!!!!!! No one got him a towel or tissue nothing. So like a devoted fan and prepared fan I wipped out a clean white tissue from my purse!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok so you’re are guessing where this is going..... Well anyway, I hold the tissue up in the air and kind if give it a little wave and I catch HOWIE’S EYE and make eye contact with him. He's looking at me and says (now I’m reading lips and his body language) is that tissue for me. He’s saying it and pointing back and forth. SO I shake my head, say yes, and motion to give it to him. SO he gets up and walks to the end of the stage and the crowd kind of parts because I said vigorously IM HANDING IT TO HOWIE as he made it to the edge of the stage. So he’s leaning forward and I handed it up to him. He kind of brushed my hand and said thank you. So then I kind of fell back in the crowd to where I was standing and Howie sat down wiped his EYES, NOSE, And FACE w/the tissue!! He put it in a ball and continued to listen to the bidding.

So then I make eye contact w/him again and I mouth plus using body language. CAN I Have The Tissue Back? He's looking at me and is like do you really want the tissue back???? And I’m like yes I want the tissue back. He looked so surprised that I wanted his used tissue lol!!! But he's so nice he stood up again from the chair and came to the end of the stage and I vigorously said to everyone again IM GETTING THE TISSUE so they parted ways and I reached up to get the tissue and said Thank You. IF ANYONE GOT A PICTURE OF HOWIE GETTING THE TISSUE OR USING IT WILL YOU PLEASE E-MAIL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least I got some of Howie's Bodily Fluids free but if I had $15,500 I would have gone on a date w/him lol. (Sidenote: when I got back to the hotel, I opened the ball he made and it has his makeup and foundation on the tissue lol). This is my second BSB tissue!!! Remember I got a tissue that was in AJ'S BRA in Atlantic City. Lol BSB TISSUES COLLECT ALL 5!!!!!!! After he was sold, he went off stage. I believe next I went upstairs and all of a sudden, I see BARRY WILLIAMS. So I go up to him ask him to sign my paper and have a picture w/him. He was really nice and wrote Nicole keep on groovin lol (he wrote it on other people's but who cares it was Greg Brady lol). He held me awful close too. It was kind of weird thinking of him as Greg Brady. All that night I saw that Christian Davis guy walking around (the same one I was w/in that group pic) so I asked him to sign my paper as well.

Then I moved on to the corner where they were giving away free RPM CDs and the guys were signing them. SO I grabbed a copy and they all signed it. Then I continued to walk and mingle then went downstairs and found someone I had met standing in front of the men’s bathroom. I asked her what she was doing there and she said she was waiting for Howie's brother to finish in the bathroom because she saw him go in. So we wait there in front of the door until he came out and I asked him if Howie was going to come in the VIP section and he said maybe later (that must have been to get rid of us because Howie never made it to the VIP section after Mcing all night). Howie’s brother signed my paper too. So then I went down to watch Wayne Brady do his act (he’s the guy from Whose Line Is It Anyway w/Drew Carey. He does all the music improv). He was really really excellent. Then I stayed down there to watch Debbie Gibson who sang two old songs and one new one. BTW, Debbie calls Howie: HOWARD. It was cute. Then Howie introduced Pollyanna and she sang. She was very good too. Then Howie and Pollyanna sang Fly to Heaven. Then Howie sang one of the B-side BSB tracks that he re wrote a bit like a candle in the wind type song for Caroline. The Dorough Family has quite a set of pipes and is very talented. Paula Howie's mom was in the balcony and all while they performed, she had soooo much pride in hers eyes. It was beautiful.

I can’t remember the name of the B-side song. Howie has an amazing voice!!!!!!!!! We need to hear him solo more often. This was the end and Howie invited everyone on stage to sing Brick House as the finale. So they came out and sang and Howie was so cute on stage then AJ rips out on stage. Him and Howie are just great. By the end, AJ ripped his shirt off and Howie tried to cover AJ with his leather Roots jacket. But of course, Aj let it fall off. Howie is so cute on stage and gets embarrassed so easily its cute. Then they were doing these groin thrusts at each other. It was so funny. Then Aj ripped off his stocking cap and we got to see his baldhead. Then it was over and Howie thanked us all and him and his family and all the celebs scattered down to the delivery bay in the back of the groove and left. Before everyone left I did get a chance to talk to Howie’s priest. Then I hung around until they finally kicked us out and on the way out, I got a pin and matching mug. They have the purple ribbon on them w/butterfly wings and they say Dorough Lupus Foundation then underneath Wings of Hope. The whole night was just beautiful and I'm glad Howie raised so much money!!!!

If anyone wants to share pics or talk about the night email me!!!!

July 10 - I got a lot of emails about where the guys live and about seeing some pictures so I put together a site. Here is the address:

Sent: Thursday, June 29, 2000 12:01 AM

My Experience in Florida for The Dorough's Lupus 2000 Charity Event June 25, 2000

Check out more info. about it and see all the pictures at my page!

*If anyone has any pics or info. on this event from papers in Florida or news coverage from the event from Florida please contact me!*


After getting ready we made our way to Universal City Walk and got there about an hour and a half before the event was going to start. There was a crowd of people, but it really wasn't to packed yet. Here are some pics of The Groove...I stopped and took these the next day. It was raining then...the reason for me in the poncho...hehe. We made our way to the VIP area and we were the first people there and the woman handed us a program with all the stuff we could bid on and info. on the performers. We also got our VIP passes and a pink band we had to wear on our arm. Of course we had to wait a long time, so we sat over in the VIP area and the woman said at 5:45pm that they were going to have all the celebrities walk down the red carpet. I was excited about that.

We had been waiting for about 20min and we were toward the end of the place. All of a sudden here come Howie walking down to the carpet, so I took off over to Howie and PollyAnna was with him too. I guess they had just arrived and decided to walk in this way because it wasn't time for the red carpet walk yet. Everyone was going crazy and taking pics. Howie has alread walked passed me, so I ran up to go see him again. He was right infront of me and I said "Hey Howie!". He said "Hey!" and shook my hand. It was packed with people, so he wasn't really able to talk to was just mass people. After Howie walked off I ran back over to the area where I was sitting and was like "Oh yeah! Who got to shake Howie's hand!". Of course everything was late as usual and it was about 6:00pm before anyone began to walk down the red carpet. The security guy on the carpet liked me I guess because he lept coming and telling me what celebrities were coming down the carpet and where they were coming from. I was right at the front too. I was asking if A.J. was coming...he said he didn't know. Debbie Gibson was the first to walk down the carpet. Then, O-Town made their way down the carpet...Yup...they are "The Making of the Band" people. I have kinda gotten hooked on that show in the last month.

Trevor came walking down next to me and he walked over to me. I said "Hey Trevor!". He was so cute and smiled at me. He shook my hand and I asked if I could get a picture with him. He said sure and we were kinda smushed with people around us. He put his arm around me and we smiled for the pic. I said "Thank you so much!" and he said "You're so welcome". He made his way back to meet up with the rest of his group. I was in the middle of refilling my camera with film and Barry Williams walked by...Yup...that would be Greg from The Brady Bunch. I am a huge Brady Bunch fan and Greg is my fav character! I adore Barry Williams, but he walked by pretty fast and I could only get a pic when he was pretty far away. I was so happy he was there! Many other local bands and singers walked in, but I had no clue who any of them were. Then, Howie's Dad walked by and the security guard came over to me and said Howie was coming up now. Howie was so cute! He is so litte, but he is the sweetest guy in the world! He was shaking hands with everyone and signing autogrpahs. He was such a doll! After Howie had made his way in...we walked over to get in the VIP line. Then, we were in! I saw Mama D standing right by the entrance, so I walked over to her and gave her a hug. She is so sweet! I asked if I could get a picture with her and of course she said yes. She is very small, so I had to bend down pretty far to be in the pic. :) I said "Thank you so much!" and she said "Thank you so much for coming." She was so wonderful! It was so crowded and the place was so small!

We could barely make it up the stairs to the VIP area. It wa snot a smart idea to have 200 people fit into that little area. Food tables were set up everywhere and so were cameras, so we didn't have anywhere to stand. I took off to find a spot because the VIP people could barely see the stage. I found a spot on the stairs and then the security kicked us off! I was ticked and had to go through the whole crowd to try and find a spot to stand. I got on the side behind two people with a little boy and I couldn't even see the stage. I figured they would be leaving soon though and within 5min they left. I was right infront and had an awesome spot. Many groups performed and they wer eall great, but no one really knew who any of them were. It was lots of fun though and Howie came out after every performance to introduce everybody. Me and the girl I was standing next to were crazy the whole night! We were having a blast and we could see into the door on the stage. So, we saw Howie everytime before he came out and cheered" Howie D! Howie D!" he looked up at us everytime and smiled! We got the most evil stares from everyone on the floor. It was so funny! There was a little stair area next to us and a door. That was where all the celebrities could go and hang out. Mama D was there all night right next to us. She was just awesome! Guess who else was right behind me all night almost? Lou Pearlman! Gag me! He was there with the O-Town boys. I was ticked he was even there. O-Town performed and they were great. It was such a long night. Well, all of a sudden I looked over and I saw someone by Mama D that looked like Amanda Latona. I wasn't sure if it was her or not because to me it didn't look liker her. I don't know whiy, but finally I relaized it was her. She was talking to Mama D and then she went into the door where all the celebrities were. I kept an eye on the door the whole night and I was right next to it almost.

About 10min later it opend and guess who was in the door! A.J.!! I was the only one that saw him because for some reason no one noticed the door and the celebritiy area. No one realized that was who was over there. I just kinda gasped and the door was shut pretty quick because someone was just walking out. Then, I saw Amanda walk out andover to where I was. I wanted to go see her, but if I moved I'd lose my awesome spot! The sweetest woman was behind me all night and she just loved I asked her if she'd save my spot. She said of course you've been here all night. I went over to Amanda and there was a small crowd around her. I couldn't get up to her very well and I knew she's probably be leaving fast. So, I tried to get a pic of her and flashed the camera and she was kinda shocked by the light and looked up and said "Hey!" and waved to me. I yelled up to her asking if I could get a picture with her. She smiled and said Sure!". Peopel were attacking her for autographs, sos hse signed one more and called me up to the front of the crown. She was right behind a little rope and she let me come behind there with her. She was so wonderful! I asked for the pic and my camera died! I don't know what was going on with it, but it wans't working. We were hugging and smiling and I said "I am so sorry" because I felt bad about her having to stand there for so long. She said "No prob girl. I got all the time in the world." We were talking for awhile and having a great time. Finally the camera worked and we were still hugging for the pic..

Then, A.J. waked right next to us. I was shocked and grabbed his arm...they were running him through real quick to the deck area. I said "Wait a minute...What's that about? I'm here with you and there goes A.J." Amanda was laughing and she was like "Yeah, I know. You're with me and there he goes." We both thought it was funny. Well, Amanda stopped him for me and let me have a quick chance to talk to him. I was still grabbing his arm and Amanda still had her arm around me. He was smiling and said "Hey!" and I was just smiling and saying how wonderful he was. He had to go because his rude security was pushing him on his way. Amanda then said she had to go and she said bye. I smiled and thanked her. I told her to tell A.J. that I love him. She said of course I'll do that for you and gave me a big smile. I quickly ran back over to my spot and some girl was trying to push her way up there when I was trying to make my way back. The woman that was behind me pushed the girl away. She was the coolest! At that time my Mom walked back over and she was just hanging out everywhere all night. I was going crazy and told her that I met Amanda and A.J. I told her A.J. had gone to the deck and to go see him. My Mom left and made her way to the deck. My Mom got to go see A.J. She walked up to him and held his arm and she told him he was fabulous and that this was coming from a Mom. A.J. was looking at her and smiling and said "Thank you Sweetheart." Then, the security guard had the nerve to remove my Mom's hand from A.J. and brush her to the side.

The security guards were rushing A.J. back into the room and I saw him and ran back over to him. I was right next to him trying to get a pic, but it was so dark and I couldn't see through the camera, so I just started clicking the camera. A.J. waved bye and was brought back over to the side. Howie was on stage and they were doing an auction to win a date with Howie. Howie was so cute and was actually blushing and had to sit down. It was so funny and he was so cute! Someone handed him a tissue and he wiped his face and handed it back to the fan. Then, the light shined on A.J. and everyone on the floor below was going crazy. Amanda was standing next to him. A.J. was saying hi to everyone and they were asking if he was going to bid on Howie. He was laughing and said he'd pay 10,000, but that was it. He was crazy and was telling Howie he loved him. It was so funny. He said "You know I love you baby, but I ain't paying anymore than that. That's my finally offer. No life lines or nothing." It was so cute and Howie was cracking up. Then, A.J. said he was leaving and that he may be out later to perform. A.J. left and Amanda had made her way down to the floor. She was down there hanging with her Mom. The bidding continued and people were bidding on paintings of Howie. Mama D did win that was so funny! It was lots of fun and then the concert continued. Barry Williams came out and was aweomse! He even sang a Brady Bunch song and me and the girl next to me had lighters out. It was great! Wayne Brady from "Who's Line Is It Anyway?" was also there and did a little rap. He was great! I was screaming "Go Wayne! Go Wayne!" Me and the girl got every performer to look up at us and of course Howie loved!

My Mom walked back over to me and handed me a program autogrpahed by Barry Williams. I asked her where she got it. My Mom had been out on the deck hanging with Howie's Dad and Barry Williams! She had told Barry Williams what a fan I was of his. She told me to come over and meet him. I headed to go see Barry Williams. My Mom was laughing and said this is my daughter who just loves you. He was laughing and he put his hand out to shake my hand, but I gave him a hug instead. He said "Awww...that's sweet." He was great and I talked to him for awhile. I was telling him how much I loved The Brady Bunch and how I loved his movie he made...of course the TV movie "Growing Up Brady". It was lots of fun and he was so great! After talking to him for awhile I headed back over to my spot and some of the bands that were there were there. I looked over to the little door area and I saw Trevor from O-Town (Making the Band) again. I yelled "Hey Trevor!" and waved to him. He looked kinda shocked and smiled. He waved to me and said "Hey, I met you earlier." I spent time flirting with him and then the group RPM came out. One of the guys is very hot! His name is Vega. They gave me some free CD's and autogrpahed them for me. Of course I got some hugs and the Vega kissed me on the neck. It was enjoyable! I was having a blast! Howie came out on stage once again and introduced someone very special in his life...his sister Pollyanna! She was great and we all just loved her! We started chanting "Go Polly! Go Polly!" during her dance routine. Then, Howie came back out and Pollyanna and Howie sand they're duet that Pollyanna wrote for Caroline.

They were so wonderful and the song was fantastic! They were giving eachother hugs and Mama D was so happy to see her children up there. Then, Howie took some time to talk about his sister Caroline and about the disease Lupus. Then, he sang a specail version of "My Heart Stays with You" that he dedicated to his sister Caroline. It was great and he was almost in tears. Howie thanked everyone for coming. Debbie Gibson then came out and performed and she was great! Howie came out once again and said his thank you's and said everyone was going to come out and they were going to sing. By this time everyone started chanting "A.J.! A.J.!" and Howie was like "A.J.?" It was funny! Then, Howie began to sing "Break House" and everyone was on stage joining on. I knew this was A.J.'s song and I knew he had to come out. Then, the girl next to me hit me on the shoulder and said "That's A.J. in the door with his shirt off!" I could see into the door and there was A.J. with no shirt on! I went crazy and he looked so good! Then, A.J. came running out and made his way to the front of the stage! Everyone went wild! A.J. had a water bottle as usual and sprayed the audience then stuck his tounge in the watter bottle and threw it into the crowd! It was great and A.J. of course was doing his sexy moves! A.J. was so funny and was lifting Howie's shirt up.

Finally Howie lifted his shirt up and did some moves. It was so cute! Then, A.J. gave Howie a huge hug. They both waved good-night. Howie thanked everyone for coming. It was time to go and I saw Howie's brother, so I followed him down stairs. I then got to talk with him and get a picture. He was so sweet and we were talking about how hard it was to find their house. He was laughing and told us that Howie had bought his parents a new house...I know where, but I won't tell. :) We asked if they were selling they're house and he said no that he was keeping it and he would probably live there most of the time, but that itis still the family's home. He was so sweet and the Dorough family are the most down to earth people. My Mom and I made our way out of The Groove ane we got free pins and mugs that have the Dorough Lupus Foundation logo on them. It was an amazing evening! It wasn't until we left that my Mom told me about her night and that she had talked to Howie's Dad all night. He was talking about them moving and even talked about the day Caroline died.

My Mom was talking about our Backstreet adventures, but we couldn't get over how down to earth they were. My Mom vene told them we were going to head back to their house and get some more pics. They didn't mind at all...they were so great! We never had time to head back though because we had two more fun filled days at Universal Studios and at the Disney's Magic Kingdom!

Sent: Monday, June 26, 2000 6:22 PM

I have to tell you, Lupus 2000 was one of the best concerts I've ever been to.

If you want to skip the details to go to an important message scroll to the bottom.

First, I get there and a few people are waiting for doors to open outside. At about 5:45, celebs start entering through this walkway and their taking pics and signing autographs. I saw this guy Vega from a group called RPM and oooo he was so hot. I had no clue who he was but he was hot so I got a pic with him and I got his autograph. Debbie Gibson (an 80's singer) walked through quickly and everyone just took double takes. Then I see a familiar face, it's Juan from my favorite soap opera General Hospital. As he gets closer I yell out Juan and he looks over so I start freaking out. He eventually gets to me area but has to be interviewed but promises he'll come back. So he comes back and I say how much of a huge fan I am and take a pic with him and I get his autograph. As he leaves I yell out to him "Stefan is in France," which is something dealing with General Hospital so he said "Are you serious" jokingly or something like that. Well, then the guys from O-Town come through and the just walk through and aren't aloud to sign autographs. Then Howie comes through and quickly signs autographs, he didn't sign my CD cover but I was still right next to him. So then the doors open and a guy from a local radio station presents Howie. By this time I'm in the back of the front if you know what I mean. Well first K-5 come out. You probably wouldn't recognize the names of their songs cuz they do like club mixes but their songs are really popular. The crowd isn't getting into it so I yell of course come on people dance and stuff.

On her last song she went out to the audience so they finally started to dance whenever she would go to their area. I forget the order which a lot of people come out but when O-Town came out I was finally to the front front front. So I touched Jacob's and some Hispanic guy with a black shirt's hand. There was this guy in the group that wasn't on the making of the band but he was in the group, OOOO he was hot. And then I touched Tito Puente Jr. he was pretty good. And when Michael (Juan from GH) came on he looked at me and touched me again. He was awesome and the crowd really loved him. Before Michael came on he talked to my mother who was standing by the stairs that all the celebs went up to go to the VIP section. My Mom told him stuff about my concerns for his character on GH and said that her daughter was the one who mentioned Stefan being in France and he remembered me. So when he was on stage he was touching people's hands in my area but didn't touch mine, but when he got up he saw me and reached down to touch my hand...thanks to my Mom. Oh and every time Howie came on everyone screamed. For the live auction, one of the prizes was to eat with Howie at some Italian restaurant. It wasn't going to good at first it was at 2,000 and then AJ appeared up top so everyone screamed and AJ raised it to 7 grand, he disappeared somewhere but it eventually got sold for 31 grand I think (it was actually sold to 2 people because it was between them two basically).

So other acts came out that weren't so great. But the black guy from Who's Line Is It Anyway was there, he did 2 rap's. Debbie Gibson came on stage and everyone was singing along but in the crowd some guy and his g/f pushed their way to the front and were squashing everyone but he was evidently some huge fan of hers and she came over to him (at this point he is standing next to me) and she sang a verse of a slow song to him, so he cried. We then let him go more towards the center to see her and so he was happy. Then some country singer came on and then Pollyanna. She was cheered on by everyone. She did a couple of songs and she was awesome. She sung "Fly to Heaven" with Howie and everyone cried. Then everyone came out for the finale which they sand "Brick House," but when everyone was walking on stage everyone was yelling AJ, AJ, AJ, but he wasn't coming out, so after the first half of the first verse AJ came out and was standing exactly in front of me. So of course I grab on to his leg. He was shirtless by the way. He had on Ralph Lauren boxer/briefs and silver pants. He poured water on the crowd and he got my hair all wet which I didn't mind. He also through his bottle out to the audience. At the end of the song he touched a lot of peoples hand and brushed by mine. Although he was out there for a short time, it was still the best part. He took of his sunglasses and hat (the same hat from the Today show) oooooo he looks so hot. I got pics of his face with and without his glasses and hat, I got a pic of his chest, and one of his butt. When the stars were leaving I touched Michael's and Vega's hands again. It was the best.

The concert was awesome. The celebs were so great when they all mentioned that all the money is for Lupus 2000 and how important it is. But one thing that I didn't like was that people didn't listen to all the charily stuff, they just wanted the celebs. I understand that that is important but the charity is more important to more people. My mother has Lupus. She has had it for over 20 years now and it pains me every time she gets sick and I know that she is constantly in pain. The kind of Lupus she has makes her legs constantly hurt, and I see her squinch her face sometimes and that just makes me cry so much. I know I'm not the only one that has to deal with this. And if you are a child of someone with Lupus, or have Lupus, please contact me. The worst of it all is that when she was pregnant with me she was supposed to aboard me, she had an appointment set up and everything, but she had me instead. The pregnancy made her Lupus worse and sometimes I wish she would have just killed me so she could live a better life. She's still always up and around. She still works, well actually she is a retired criminal investigator for the IRS, but now that she's retired she works as the assistant wedding coordinator for my church, she is always helping out everywhere, she is probably more busy now, even though she doesn't have any more arrest to make and no more servalences. But it also hurt me more to see people at the concert not care about Lupus because doctor's think I have it to. I am not going to be tested till I'm 27 cuz that is about the age that it is easily detected. Just please realize that people are depending on that money to help them and their families. Please take any charity into consideration at any benefit concert you go to.



Concert Review: Lupus 2000 Benefit, Orlando, June 2000

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By: Casey

On Friday, June 23, I went from Maine to Florida, just to see Howie's benefit concert, Lupus 2000. It was a concert to help raise money to try to find a cure for Lupus, a disease that Howie's sister, Caroline Dorough-Cochran died of two and a half years ago.

When we finally got to the concert, I saw that news guy that does the weather on Good Morning America, and then I saw Howie. He looked sooo good. I got a lot of pictures of him. Then he went inside. At about 5:45, everybody *all the celebs* came out and were signing autographs. It was sooo cool. I got Pollyanna's autograph and Howie's, Sherman Hemsley a.k.a. George Jefferson, Deborah Gibson, Ahley from O-Town *Making the Band*.

Then at like 6:00, the doors opened. They had a pretty cool band first. They were called K5. They did like 3 songs. Then Howie came out and started talking about all the bands and stuff. O-Town came out next. They were REALLY good. When they were performing, I saw Lou Perlman up in the VIP section. O-Town performed 3 songs too. They had like 5 more bands, and then they did the live auction.

During the live auction, it was soo cool. They auctioned off a painting that actually someone at the concert painted. It was called Howie dreaming of Caroline. Mama D bid on that painting, and she ended up taking it home. They also had a trip to Aruba for like 7 days I think. Someone got that for like $1,000. Then people were bidding on a dinner date with Howie at an Italian restaurant. It started at like $1,000, and then AJ appeared up in the VIP section and bid $5,000. Then he goes, oops...that slipped. I meant $10,000! So everybody was bidding on that date with Howie, until 2 people got up to $15,000. The DJs, Hildi and Buckethead, asked Howie if he would agree to take both of the girls that bid $15,000 to dinner if they would agree to both bid $15,500. Of course they did, and then Howie got embarrassed and he looked at me, put his hands in his head and shook his head. It was sooo cute!!! Then Hildi said Howie had a $31,000 butt!!

Then a few more bands played, and Pollyanna sang a song. She was REALLY good. Then her and Howie sang a song, called Fly to Heaven, which she wrote. That song was really good, too. Then Howie sang My Heart Stays With You, only he changed it a bit. He put Caroline's name in it and changed some of the words.

Then, after that song, Howie had all the prformers come back out onstage, and even AJ came out. They all sang Brick House. It was soo cool.

After the concert was finished, they took everybody's tickets and gave them all mugs that said Dorough Lupus 2000. Inside was a pin that said the same thing. It was really cool.

Overall, I thought that was the best concert that anyone could ever go to. It was REALLY worth the money for the ticket. All the proceeds went to charity.

Getting in the Groove with Howie D

Submitted by: Kimberly

I drove from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando on June 25, 2000 to attend Howie D's fundraiser at the Groove at CityWalk in Universal Studios to raise money for the Dorough Lupus Foundation. I love BSB and try to attend as many concerts and functions as I can but this was especially meaningful. I arrived promptly at 6 p.m. and saw a lot of the celebrity guests/performers arriving. They walked through a barricaded pathway and signed autographs and took pictures. I was excited to see them so close. Some of them included Making the Band's O-Town,

Debbie Gibson (I used to listen to her when I was in high school so this was a treat for me), Barry Williams (Greg Brady from Brady Bunch), RPM, and K5. For those of you who watch General Hospital, Juan was there too! His name is Michael Saucedo and he is absolutely adorable and very friendly. Also, there was a newcomer named Christian who is gonna be very well known. He is gorgeous and he can SING! He sang a song called Angel that melted our hearts.

Of course, Howie walked down the pathway too and signed a lot of autographs, that was very exciting for me! After all the celebs were inside, they let everyone else inside. The Groove is a two story nightclub with a stage and dance floor downstairs. I didn't see the upstairs as I was not fortunate enough to get a V.I.P. ticket.

Howie did a great job hosting and was a good sport when he was auctioned off! He sat on a chair onstage and a bidding war began for a limo ride/dinner date with Sweet D! He was was so embarrassed, but it was adorable. He shook his head and smiled and I did the same to him in sympathy. He was soooo embarrassed. LOL!

The bidding started out kind of low and then A.J. appeared from the railing upstairs in the V.I.P. section. He bid $5,000 and then $10,000 for the date with his buddy. It was hysterical. Well, we fans couldn't let A.J. date Howie! :o) As the well known Orlando D.J. Hildy put it, "People might talk"!! In the end, two women were in a fierce bid war and when the bidding was at slightly over $15,000.00 it was agreed that they could both have the date, a double date if you will, if they each paid that amount.

I think Howie was flabbergasted but overjoyed. So was Mama D and Pollyanna! That was a big highlight for them. The musical performances were entertaining. The best was Howie and Pollyanna singing "Fly to Heaven," Tito Puentes, Jr. who got the crowd hyped and dancing, Christian (I wish I could remember his last name. If anyone knows, please e-mail me...thx), and of course, the finale with all the performers. A.J. had not done his Johnny No Name gig and I think we were all disappointed but he came onstage for the finale which was "Brickhouse."

It was great! A.J. removed his shirt and I think I broke my finger snapping so many pictures, LOL! After the whole shebang was over some of us headed to the Latin Quarter next door to hang out. You had to have a V.I.P. pass to get in and luckily for me I met someone who had one. I saw some of the celebs in there, including Tito Puentes, Jr. and Michael Saucedo. I took his picture and got an autograph from him. He's so sweet. I hated leaving and going back to my motel but I have a ton of pictures and memories and I feel good knowing that I helped raise money for Lupus research.

I believe Howie will be be having more of these fundraisers so if you can go, please do so! You will have a lot of fun and support a great cause. If anyone was there and you want to chat about it, please e-mail me!

Concert Reviews: Johnny No Name - April 9 - New York City

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

Sent: Tuesday, April 11, 2000 5:29 PM

Well i would have to say, that my experience with going to the Johhny- Noname concert, was definetely one of the best. So, let me start off by saying, i had to buy my lucky ticket from a "scalper agency" AKA I paid $250.00! But, in the long run, it was WELL worth it.. Keep reading and you'll find out why. So.. I get my ticket and i am totally estatic! But, in the meantime, i was praying to god that i was going to be able to see, and not get Punched and shoved and kicked.. lol. So, me and my friends (Helen, Kristen and Nicole) we leave pretty early on our long journey to Irving Plaza (lol- not long). So we get there about 8 AM.

We get on line and are behind about... 40 people. It was raining and snowing and it was bitterly cold. It was awful! We met some really really nice people there and I made tons of friends! On the otherhand there were many people who I could have slapped, but lets not go there :o) So anyways, each and everytime me and my friends saw a tour bus, or black van, we ran over to the side entrance. And sure enough, SOMEONE would come out. We got to meet all the girls from Nobodys Angel, and the whole backstreet band. (Wait it gets better!) Oh, and let me mention something about my good friend Nicole. (LOL) She got cursed out by the tour bus driver. It was HYSTERICAL! You've got this 5'1 girl jumping up and banging on the windows.. lol lets just say she was NOT on their good side.

But anyways.. So we get on line, off and on, taking shifts warming up in the car. Finally, about 5:30, I am on line with my friend Nicole and we are SHOVED all together waiting online. Then, I was speaking with some girls next to me, and I was telling them the situation with my friends. Two of them were allowed in the handicap section if they wanted it. We had decided earlier not to take it. We heard the handicap seats were horrible, and since we were pretty far up front, we wanted to take our chances on the floor. The girls I was talking to, told us to TAKE the balcony, they were the BEST seats! I heard that and I jetted off the line! LOL. (SMART move) So, long story short.. we walk up in FRONT of the line and walk RIGHT into the theater. (Yes that was me) We waited a few minutes before being escorted up by a security guard. So we get up there and I almost fainted when I saw AJ less than 20 feet away from me in his dressing room! (ahhh)

So, the security guard escorted my two other friends to the other side of the balcony (Handicap) and me and my friend Helen into VIP. Omg, it was AMAZING! So we sit down and nearly freak at how close we were. Then we look up and Aj is right there in this room next to us! (HOLY CRAP) LOL and there was these two blonde girls up there with us, older, much older. And everyone in the audience thought she was Leighanne! LMAO Hel_lo?! I don't think so... lol She was dying cause everyone was screaming congrats. LOL If you were one of the people who thought it was her.. trust me... It wasn't. LOL. Anyways.. So before the show starts, and I eyeing the dressing room, and who walks out?! TOMMY-FREAKIN-SMITH! (ahh) So OF COURSE, I ask him for an autograph. He says he will be right back, and he actually came back! (What a sweet-heart) So I got his autograph and nearly had a breakdown.. Then we watched Mindi Abair do her THANG! She was awesome.. EXCELLENT JOB! *Claps* After her.. there was a brief intermission. So during that intermission, once again I kept my eyes peeled for "Stars" (lol) And.. I'm watching, and who sits down at the table next to me?! DENISE MCLEAN!! (ahh x 2) So.. when she walks by i ask for her autograph. She comes back and signs my paper and I nearly died. lol.

So, I was set. My life was complete, lol. So.. Nobodys Angel comes out.. and they were good, would have been better if they hadn't lip sang..but whatever. So during NA's performance I turn around to put my camera down and see this black-haired girl standing next to my table. I look at her, and I could have SWORN it was Amanda Latona. I didn't know for sure.. But I did when I saw the panda tattoo on her arm. So I asked for her autograph and she was SOOOOOO SWEET! I asked her for 3, and Helen asked her for one. She even personalized them. She was so nice, and she is MUCH prettier in person! During the concert, other people walked by, like Howerd Stern, Evan Farmer (Jerry "Heartthrob" from 2 ge+her) and Howie D. YES i said Howie. He walked RIGHT by us. LOL Did I mention I nearly died? Oh yeah. I did :o) Soo,Johnny comes out and is AMAZING! Could he be any sexier? NOPE! He had the crowd totally going! Especially, every time he told us "New York girls make me horny!" in his incredibly edible (lol) British accent! So cute! I would have to say, Ajs dancing is getting better and better! Wouldn't you say so? Mmmmhmmm! His singing was awesome! I loved when he sang Lay Down Beside Me... Wow... Yeah... lol. I got ZOOM IN pictures of his little "floor dance".

He sang "Back at one" perfectly! The "remake" of Hey Mr. DJ was excellent! I loooooved when he sang "Bad to the Bone" LOLOL... adorable. And when he made fun of each Backstreet Boy's And lets not forget.. "Bye bye bye"! LOL. That was HYSTERICAL! And towards the end, Howie joined Aj for the finale with "Brick House" HOWIE LOOKS SOOOOOO GOOD! Sorry... lol But.. he has changed. And he can Mooooove. (lol) I wish I could describe the whole concert to you, but its WAY too hard. Everything was amazing! It could NOT have been better.. (Well Brian coulda been there.. LOL) After the concert, as i was exiting the VIP section me and Helen ran into Denise again. I went up to her and asked for a hug and we chatted for about a minute about the concert. She was so sweet. The night was perfect. No regrets!

Wanna hear anything else about the concert in detail? Wanna share experiences? Did you see me there?! E-mail me and tell me about it!

Sent: Tuesday, April 11, 2000 10:30 AM

O.M.G. This "bad boy" is so-o-o good! What a performer.....Alex a.k.a. Johnny...has got it all....singing, dancing, humor....and quite a Brit accent too!

We (my 16 yr old and myself) were lucky enough to be in the VIP section (yes, with legitimate passes) and we caught him in the dressing room.....took pictures with Denise and Howie D. (made a guest appearance for the last song of the night).

This was the last Johnny performance of the tour.....I hope more like this are planned for the future! Where does A.J. get his energy? It must be a result of fan adoration.....

Bring Johnny back soon A.J. - anyway, we'll get to see you and the rest of the boys after the new album releases in August 2000.....can't hardly wait!!


Momshmoo and Dopey6921
Middle Village, NY

Sent: Monday, April 10, 2000 11:14 AM

Hey! Remember me? I'm the one who won tickets from BLI to go see Johnny No-name! Well, last night was the concert, so here's my review... Me and my dad drove into the city. We left Long Island at about 2 PM. Right before the tunnel, we got stuck in major traffic. We were in the same spot for like an hour. Once we got through the tunnel, it was alright. By that time, it was about 3:30. We found Irving Plaza and parked in a parking garage up the street. We walked up the block to the venue. On the side of the building was a tour bus. It could've been AJ's or the bands or even just the body-gaurds, but whatever, I took 2 pix of it anyways! My dad went up the the window to ask where I get my tickets, since I won. They said that a little before 6:00, we were gonna go on another line leading to a box office. So, at 5:45, we got on that line. We stood there for about 10 minutes and I looked up at one of the windows on the building and AJ was looking out waving at the crowd outside. I waved and went for my camera. I took a picture... or so I thought. It wasn't on! I didn't really mind... I just waved and he waved back! I really hate cameras. They always fail on me! LOL.

Okay, well anyways, a little after 6:00, they started letting people in. We went up the the window to get my tickets and they stamped our hands. Since they stamped my hand, I don't have a stub, which I'm kind of upset about because I have a box of stubs from all different events from like 1993 when I was like 8 or something. So, we get in and we walk into the room where the concert was gonna be held. It was a flat floor. I was like "Oh my God -- I'm gonna die in here!" Then I noticed the balcony upstairs. Me and my dad asked someone if we were allowed to go watch from up there and he said yeah, so we walked up and we found the perfect spot. He went to the bar and watched the concert on the TV the whole time, and I was right on the ledge. I started talking to these 2 girls next to me. They were really sweet. Unfortunately, I didn't catch their names or e-mails or anything, so if you think that's you, could you e-mail me at Anyways -- The guy who plays Jerry on 2gether was there! He was in the reserved seating area with Denise McLean and Tommy Smith and other people that know the boys, well probably know the boys. The screen covering the stage went up and AJ/Johnny started talking. He was welcoming us to the show.

At first, it didn't sound like him, and I didn't realize it, but after he said a few things, I knew it was him. He came out and welcomed us again and introduced Mindi Abair. I thought she was really good. I remember 2 songs that she did. "Free," & "True Love." When she was done, AJ came out again and introduced Nobody's Angel. I didn't care much for them. I think I would have respected them more, music-wise, if they hadn't been lip-syncing. Their dances weren't too strenuous, so there wasn't much of a reason to not sing. They seemed like a mix of B*Witched and the Spice Girls. After them, the screen came back down and a few minutes later, Johnny came out. I'm sure you've all heard the list of songs that he's done, so I won't list them. I did love it when he did "Back At One" and "Play That Funky Music." Somewhere in the middle of the show, he started talking about "If You Knew What I Knew" and how it was supposed to be on Millennium, but it wasn't on it cuz Jive Records sucks ass. A little after that, he started talking about the boys' next album. He was talking about all the boy bands out today. He's like "You got your 98º. You got your 5ive. You got your C-Note. You got your NSync. And you got your Backstreet. When Backstreet's next album comes out, you can say bye bye bye to all those other boy bands." That's not a direct quote, but it was similar to that. I was gonna die laughing! Everyone booed when he mentioned the bands, especially NSync. I forget if it was after or before, but he also made fun of the BSB's nick names. When he was talking about Kevin's, Train, he started singing "Come on ride the train. Wooo woooo!" That was cute.

When he did Brian's he was like "Who the hell would wanna be a rock anyway?" When he did Howie's he said "How sweet is he?" in a gay-ish voice. That was kinda mean, but I'm sure he meant no harm. "When he did Kaos for Nick, he was saying stuff like "He's a 20 year old mama's boy, what kinda kaos could he do?" Something like that. Then he got to AJ, or Bone! He was like "It sounds like something sexual to do" and did one hell of a sexual move. Yum! Then he sang "Bad to the Bone" and dedicated it to "Bone." LOL. At the end, he started talking about how the BSB were rehearsing for "Men Strike Back" and the Howie came out! Howie looks really good. He shaved off his goatee. Then Nobody's Angel came back out and they all sang "Brick House." That was one of the best concerts I've ever been too and I'm still trying to decide if it was better than the Millennium show. Either way, it was amazing and I'll never forget it!! What I did seem to forget during the course of the show was who's Johnny and who's AJ. I know that Johnny's got the accent, but I was sooo tangled up in looking and AJ/Johnny's chest (lol) that who really cares if it's Johnny or AJ?

Go to my BSB Humor site, Show Me The Funny: Backstreet Style @
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Concert Reviews: Johnny No Name - April 8 - Atlantic City (Part II)

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

Sent: Wednesday, April 12, 2000 2:35 AM

Wow! OMG I just went to see the Johnny No Name concert and it was awesome. I like Aj even more now. He put on a great show. I arrived at the hotel where he was performing about 10:30 and spent the day every place i thought he could possible be...McDonalds, Hard Rock,...and all the other places i thought he would be. I even walked up and down the halls and knocked on every hotel room door looking for him but i never found him. Well anyway it was time for us to go into the concert and i didn't expect the 7th row seats we had. We were so close. Then we got to move up 2 more rows and closer to the center cause some people didn't show up (obviously they are not mentally right). So any way the concert started and AJ came out saying he was the host and stuff and he looked so good.

He had khakis and a black shirt on. He introduced Mindy (who was great and her hair looked really cool). During one of her songs he came crawling out on the stage without a shirt on and a rose in his mouth...adorable!! And i forgot to have my camera ready so i didn't get a pic :(. But that's ok cause i got some other great pics).Well anyway the show continued with Nobody's Angel who was also pretty good. Then the fun began. Johnny was so talking in his english accent. He said it was so bloody hot and he needed to strip some clothes. Then he said that fun part comes later. Also he said that one good thing about touring by himself is that he can do whatever he wants and not get in trouble about:). Well any way i'm not gonna give you all the details, if you really want them or you have been to the concert and you wanna chat about go ahead i'd luv to talk to ya. Oh wait i have to tell you something. Aj did his famous "floor dance" and wow it was great, haha. Oh and his stomach looked incredibly sexy as usual. Well i gotta go but don't hesitate about emailing me or im-ing me. Hope to talk to ya soon.

Don't ever forget: Be Cool, Be Real, and Behave Baby!!!!!!!

Sent: Tuesday, April 11, 2000 5:21 PM

I guess I will use this are to share my "Johnny No-name experience with you. Me and Christina (Chrissybsg@AOL.COM) left for Atlantic City around 1:30. We arrived in AC around 2:30 - 3:00 and the first stop we made was a MC Donald's near the Taj Mahal (where aj was performing that night), as we were ordering Christina asked the girl who worked there if she had seen AJ, she said no and said she didn't even know he was in town. We then went to the Taj,we went right to the Xanadu theater were AJ was playing to see if anyone was there. Well, there was this lil section of phones and we looked over and there was a short lady with red hair, Christina said it was Aj's Mom and she was right it was. We then walked outside to see if we could find the buses......we did, they had the two brown and tan buses and two purplish colored ones. We then went back inside the Taj because we got kicked out of where the buses were parked.

So then we met up with Christina's Mom again and we decided to ride the elevators to see if we could get to the top floor bc we figured that is where he would be staying, we got to the top floor and there was like 4 penthouses and we knew he was up there as we stepped off the elevator there was a security guard and he asked us if he could help us find a room, of course we lied and said we were looking for a good view of the ocean, he was then like well you wont find one here bc these are all penthouses and there is no windows up here so he took us to the 49th floor. We then went back to the Xanadu theater to see if anything changed, no one was there although while we were standing there this group of 4 girls walked by us and I recognized the one girl from Nobody's Angel (who were the opening act) we met them and got pics there were very nice. It was getting close to showtime by then so we went to the box office to pick up our tix and this guy was standing there and he said he owned a ticket agency and he had extra tix and was selling them for $40, he had 6th row, we made sure they were real then bought them. At this point the night was getting a lil better, well went back to the theater and were just standing there talking and Dennis Gallo came out of an elevator and started going down the escalator I followed him and asked him for a pic and autographs, he was soooo sweet. We then met Andrew Frome( I spelled it wrong), he wrote "I need you tonight" he was hott. We then went into the show it was awesome, AJ is sooooooo hott, he looked sooo good, during one point of the show when it got quiet me and Christina yelled Johnny take it all off and he looked over toward us and said Nah I am trying to behave.

We cant believe he heard us. We left a few mins before the last song and ran back to where the buses were to see them leave and hopefully meet AJ. No luck the security guard was really rude and theartened to arrest us if we did not leave, so we walked away and hid behind a bush for about an hour and the bus never left, so we went inside. After the show we met Tommy Smith, he was kinda rude I think cause a bunch of girls mobbed him at once. We then went to get something to eat bc we didn't have dinner, after Christina had a gut feeling that he would be in the casino so we walked around it asking people if they had seen him (AJ) most of them said they had seen him but all thought he went upstairs to his room, but also said if he was still down there he would be near the tables, we walked around them for about an hour, no luck, so we asked more people and then said no they haven't seen him but Jay Z was in some room gambling, we didn't care though. We finally gave up and decided to leave, we then forgot where we parked so we sorta lost the car. We both kept telling Christina's Mom that it was a sign and we had to stay the night at the hotel. Unfortunately we had to leave. I have came close to meet any member of BSB twice and they say things happen in threes so hopefully in June when I go to Florida my dream will come true. "BE REAL, BE COOL, BEHAVE"

Sent: Tuesday, April 11, 2000 11:24 AM

hey guys, i went to the johnny concerts in DC and atlantic city. both of them were great, and i had a really good time! i didn't really think that aj could pull off singing rock songs like that, but he was extremely good. he sang rage, stone temple pilots, back at one, bad to the bone, play that funky music white boy, hey mr. dj, lay down beside me, and others i can't remember at the moment. in DC we pushed our way up to the front and i got right in the center under him and there were only 2 people in front of me. it was so great! AJ was really funny as johnny. he said things he couldn't say as a bsb, like how he was getting horny, and he made fun of the other bsbs. in AC, he actually humped the floor, it was so great. In AC, i met their new guitar player Michael...we had seen him in DC and thought he was hot, so i got my pic with him and talked to him, he is really nice. hmm, what dc we sang happy bday to tommy...aj put on a dress and stuffed his boobs in AC during nobody's angel's performance...he made fun of nsync...he introduced his mom and called her a munchkin...that's pretty much it. if he does another tour, i would highly recommend going, he is a fantastic entertainer and he really surprised me! i'll be scanning pics later, they are really close! if anyone went to either of these concerts and wants to talk, IM me at Raquela690 or email me at!


Sent: Monday, April 10, 2000 7:42 PM

Hi! I went to the Johnny No Name concert on Saturday, April 8th and words just can't describe how good it was. First of all, since AJ is my FAVORITE you KNOW i was sooooooooo HYPE! I won't tell you all the boring details about when we got there and stuff but i will say that i am very happy that the place was small so that no matter where you sat, you could see everything. To our surprise, we had 5th row seats..5TH ROW! The only bad part was that it was all the way on the side so it made it hard to see certain things. Anyway, i'll start from the beginning and try to include the main things that i liked. AJ came out first and of course EVERYONE was goin buck wild. I kept screaming so loud and my friend was about to kill me. He came out and told us to enjoy oursleves and that it was for a good cause and the whole nine yards. He said that we were the 2nd to last show but he was gonna act like we were the last and he was gonna do stuff that he didn't do at other shows. Well, Mindi came out first. she was REALLY good i must say. AJ came out crawling on his knees (WITH NO SHIRT ON!) with a rose in his mouth while she was singing and he gave her the rose. Nobody's Angel came out next and they were good too. They had A LOT of energy (especially the girl with the short brown hair...i think she said her name was Alicia or something) That girl was WILD. While they were singing AJ came out again dressed as a woman with oranges in his shirt as Finally, Johnny came out in hand cuffs. He was sayin all this stuff about how the Backstreet Boys' Record company (Jive) really

He was makin fun of all the nicknames of the backstreet was so funny. then he was like, there are so many boy bands out now a days...u got ur five, ur 98 degrees, ur c-note and ur Nsync (of course everyone booed when he said that)...then he's like, and u got ur grandfathers of them all, the backstreet boys. The funniest part was when he said that when the backstreet boys come out with their new album we can say "bye bye bye" to all the other boy bands. it was hilarious. Anyway, the songs that he sang were hey mr dj, lay down beside me (AND HE HUMPED THE FLOOR!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH.......he told us that he never did that in any other show but he knew that AJ is famous for he sang back at one by brian mcknight, if u knew what i knew, brick house, bad to the bone (in honor of AJ's nickname), play that funky music white boy, and about 4 other rock songs that i didn't really know. At the end he also added a little ricky martin here and there (shes all i ever had and shake ur bon bon)....that was funny too. The best parts were when he told us that he was horney (lol) and he wanted us to picture him naked laying beside us. OMG I wanted to die! Well, this review is long enough. All I have to say that the concert was the best and now I love AJ even more!!! If u wanna know more about it u can email me at Be Cool, be real, and behave babay!!!


From: Liz Hamby []
Sent: Monday, April 10, 2000 4:21 PM

Hey everyone! I went to the "Johnny No Name" concert in Atlantic City on April 8, and it was great! I saw BSB in '98 and that was the best concert, and this show has to be my second favorite! AJ was absolutely the most amazing thing ever! He rocked the house so much! I loved the whole British accent, and his horniness! He is a great artist and person. He was hott, as usual. And he performed all the songs everyone else said he did at the other shows. He told everyone that BSB will be in hiding for the next couple months because of the new album being recorded. And thats ok with all of us, right? They definately deserve it! I'm really proud of him, and I cant believe how close I was! Dead center, but a little bit back from the stage. I could see perfectly, even though people were standing on the seats in front of us.

Nobody's Angel and Mindi were amazing too. All in all, it was definatley worth it all. I love AJ even more now! I love BSB!!!!

From: amy simons []
Sent: Monday, April 10, 2000 11:47 AM

I was at the Johnny No Name concert in Atlantic City, NJ. I was in the third row and it was the greatest concert ever. He was so sexy, and the accent was great. He made fun of the guys accents, and he said that Jive Records sucked. When he sang "Lay Down Beside Me" he humped the floor for us and he was just great. And he made us laugh. I'd love to relive that night over and over again.

Concert Reviews: Johnny No Name - April 8 - Atlantic City

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

Sent: Sunday, April 09, 2000 3:17 AM

Ok, Ok, So I said my goodbyes from my last review from the Into the Millennium tour... But guess who came to town on parole??? None other that Johnny No Name!!!

Well let me tell ya that Johnny is one smoth charachter... But I ever meet him in a dark alley he's gonna hear it from me on busting on my boys!!!! LOL Just kiddin'...

What can I say??? Johnny No Name ROCKED DA HOUSE!! It was very different too see AJ in this kind of setting, but he is a showman through, and through!! His talent is amazing, and that voice as well. He went through covers of STP (stone temple pilots) Rage Against The Machine, Brian McKnight, Wild Cherry, Tonic, George Thoroughgood as well as our faves, BSB - With Rockin' covers of Hey Mr. Dj and Don't Want Ya Back - My favorite tune of the night without a doubt was ~ If You Knew What I Knew. I wish that it would have made Millenium myself!!!

Mindi kicked some major butt!! She is definately a asset to The Backstreet Band!! And speaking of *those* guys!! They were great!! Let me tell ya Dennis was awesome. That man can shred on the 6string like no other! Guy, Louie, Tommy???? What can I say?? Did I mention the flaming drumsticks???? All in all I had a great time. It was high energy at it's best!!

Another highlight of my night, was meeting Andrew Fromm!! He is very nice, and very gracious. We need more musicians in the business like him!!! Go ANDREW!!

Oh, before I forget.. Johnny did the Floor humping thing!!!! OMG!! And one more thing!! Aj said that the guys were going to dissapear for a bit, to work on the new album. and Aj said that they want the new one to kick Millennium in the Butt!!! Woo HA!!

Jennifer Long

Sent: Sunday, April 09, 2000 12:17 PM

Hey my name is Rachael and last night (April 8th) I attended the Johnny No-Name concert in Atlantic City and it was absolutely amazing. First off my seats were awesome, front and center section - 8th row, but for half of the show me and my friend were 2nd row on the aisle in the center - talk about luck (we snuck up)! As soon as the lights went off and the show started all you heard was AJ's voice on a microphone backstage and when the lights came on he came out. He said that since the last show was tomorrow in New York, we were gonna pretend like tongiht was the last show and to not know what to expect - anything can happen. He told us all to have a good time - dance, sing, scream, and go crazy! He introduced the first act, Mindi Abair, who was really good. During her performance AJ came out crowling on the floor with his shirt off and a rose in his mouth. And gave her the rose( how adorable is that?). Next were Nobody's Angles who are also very talented girls (with A LOT of energy). During their performance AJ came out dressed like a women with his shirt stuffed with tissues and fruit (lol). The opening acts were all great, but I was to anxious to really enjoy them.

Now it was time for the bast part - Johnny No-Name. He came out with handcuffs on and a paroll officer by his side. Some songs he sang were Lay Down Beside me (during that he told us all to close his eyes and pretend that he was stanging right next to us - naked! And he also went on the ground ad humped the floor like he does during the '98 tour!), Hey Mr.DJ, Larger Then Life, If You Knew What I Knew ( and he said that he wrote this and it didn't quite make it to the Millenium album because their record company Jive SUCKS ASS- lol), Open Up Your Eyes, If Your Could Only See, Play That Funky Music White Boy (and after every time he said that he said - Thats me!), Brick House, Back At One, some other ones, and of course BAD TO THE BONE. He change costumes a few times and he looked amazing. His hair was blonde with pink streaks, and he actually didn't wear sunglasses. One of my favorite things that he said was "Now a days there are so many boy bands out, you got your 98 degrees, your Five, your C-Note, and you got your N SYNC. Well that Backstreet Boys are the grandfathers of all boy bands and we are going to be coming out with a new album really soon. And you know what we can say to the other boy bands? Bye Bye Bye!" (He he sung it to the tune of the N SYNC song.

He also made fun of all their nicknames which was so cute , he said, "If you think about us Backstreet Boys have the stupidest nicknames. You got Kevin who is Train, and I don't know about you but the first think that come to mind when I hear that name is COME ON RIDE THE TRAIN AND RIDE IT. And come'n Kev look at those eyebrows, get'm waxed budy! But god with himhe'll have to pay by the hour. And Sweet D- he ain't that sweet. B-Rok? Who wants to be a rock and get stepped on and all. And you got Nick Carter- Choas. He is 20 years old and a Christian boy, how much trouble can he get into? And then there me - Bone. It sounds like a sexual act!". AJ also said that it was his first time in Atlantic City and he gambled last night and even won! His accent was amazing and he had the cuted comments about everything! And his saying - "Be Real, Be Cool, and Behave Baby". All I know is I am even more absessed then ever!


Rachael (

Concert Reviews: Johnny No Name - April 7 - Washington DC

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

Sent: Sunday, April 09, 2000 8:16 PM

Hey, we just came back from the Johnny No Name concert in D.C. and just to tell everyone, we thought it was better than the Into the Millennium concert just because it was alot more intimate with the crowd. My sister, who is the biggest AJ fan ever, my mom, my best friend Katie and me all went together to the concert. We had special passes so we could enter early, so we ended up in the front row. But before we got in, while we were waiting to get in, there was a lady from VH1 there and she was there because a girl won a contest to meet Johnny and go to the concert. So, we started talking to the VH1 lady and we were telling her about this shirt that my sister had made for the concert that said, "Backstreet Babe" in Millennium let ters. And the lady thought it was really cool so she was like to the cameraman, "Oh lets get this." So we are now gonna be on VH1!! (She said it was gonna air on Monday, April 10 at 2-3 p.m. eastern time).

Also, while we were waiting, one of the people that worked at the club brought in these big dogs (but not too big) and my friend, sister, and I petted them, seriously not thinking much about them. And later we found out that they were AJ's dogs, Obi Wan and Delilah (sp?) I THINK those were it... Anyways, since we got in early we started looking around and we saw AJ's mom Denise a thousand times and we said hi to her and the people that got there early with us were saying ,"Denise, we love you!" so were all screaming to Denise and she blows a kiss at us and says "I love you too!" She is the coolest lady, very nice too and tiny, like 5 feet tall only. And then I recongnized Dennis ( Dennis Gallo, one of the Bsb band guys) so me and my friends yelled "Hey Dennis" and he waves and goes, "Hola!" Wow, all this and the concert didn't even start yet! Once the concert started going, the place was FILLED with people! We were all being pushed liked anything, but I didn't really care because the thing was we were actually there, and the concert was nothing but AWESOME! I didn't really expect to like Nobody's Angel that much but those girls seemed really nice and they kept on touching our hands and smiling at us (especially Ali, who was really hyper and Stacey who was from D.C.).

So, they were cool. I'm not gonna explain much about what happened during the concert cuz I bet that other people would do a better job at explaining what went on, and I don't wanna write too much. :) Ok, so me and my friend kept on pointing to my sister whenever he came close to the crowd so he could touch her hand or something (cuz she is the biggest AJ fan!) so then all of a sudden Johnny comes up, takes her hand, looks at her with his beautiful eyes and SINGS to her! It was during "Lay Down Beside Me," but I forgot what verse he sang to her. Later, he asks the audience what Backstreet song he should sing, and my friend says "Everybody!" cuz she didn't know it was Hey Mr. DJ (she doesn't have internet hehe). But I thought it was cool that we were communicating kinda. When Johnny was introducing the bands, there was this big spanish guy on the stage and Johnny introduced him by saying, "Say 'Hola' to Raul!" so since my sister and I are spanish too, we said "Que honda!" And AJ was being silly by saying all these other spanish phrases while we were still screaming and than Johnny goes "Chimi chonga" (something that rhymed with que honda, which means wassup, by the way). Let me just tell you that was best day of our young lives! But before I go, remember: "Be cool, be real and BEHAVE baby!!"


From: ashlee bock []
Sent: Sunday, April 09, 2000 8:08 PM

on friday the 7th ME AND MY FRIENDS ( ASHLEY and HALA ) went to the Jonny no name concert in washington dc. We were only like 10 feet away from him and he had his shirt off for like five songs , it was so good. Mindy Alibar was an amazing opening act she has amazing talent but I could have done without Nobodys Angel. Aj was so cute , he craked jokes about everything , the other bsb's, the other boy bands ! Also at our concert it was Tommy's ( in the band ) 50 th birthday do we got to sing to him , And get this , aj sang three songs without his shirt on and came out with tommy lee's get naked !!! Aj did not act like aj ( he acted like jonny) he said he was "extermly horney" and he talked with a british accent the whole time! aj brought his cute dopey doll on stage and showed everyone he also said as he was holding up his dopey doll " he has big ears like aj , big feet like aj , big nose like aj a big ( pointing to his crotch) well we are not going to go there tonight" ! When we were at the concert we saw Denise Mclean watching from a balcony smiling at her son looking really proud of him ! after the concert we got a securtiy guard to let us wait next to his bus but behind a gate we saw him hop in his bus but he didn't pay hear our screams for him .we followed his bus for about an hour when we finally turned around to go home we passed his bus and saw mindy and what might have been aj watching tv on tv through the window of the bus.

some quotes from ourt concert were :

" just close your eyes and imagine me standing you right next to you NAKED"

" yo quero taco bell"

"drop da challupa"

" I am getting extremely horney "

" kevin needs to got those eyebrows of his waxed "

" this is my concert damit"

"that means you can ride him all the time"

( TO TOMMY BECAUSE HE HAD A COW PRIND HAT AND VEST ON ) " he looks like a cow but you shouldn't milk him"

And his phraze was "Be cool, Be real and Behave"

Hey Laurie and everyone else!

Ashley aka candie

From: Erin []
Sent: Sunday, April 09, 2000 12:07 PM

Hello Fello BsB People:

On April 7th I attended the Aj Mclean (Johnny No-Name) concert at the 9:30 Club. Lets just says as a DIE HARD Brian fan I wasn't really to jumpy as I should have been. One of The reasons I went was to support (and be there in case she pass out:) ) My Best Friend Nichelle AKA Boneskitty69 and to have a good time. trust me I know how aj is in concert. We arrived at 5:30 and there was a line about 4 blocks long! Then finally at 7:00 doors open and we were on our way.

To get to the concert part i have two words to say : KICK @$$!!!! Aj was very good. he didn't let one dry moment go by. He had the croud really pump. But the night took it peak for me when he came on the mike and said " There are to many bloody boy bands" "you got your c-note" Croud : "BOO" " you got 5ive" "Boo" "you got 98 degreese" "BOO" and "you got *NSYNC" "BOO" then he said "finally you got the original boy band who has been there from the start THE BACKSTREET BOYS" CROUD : "AHHHHH" Aj really got me here: "to all those other boy bands I got three words for them....Bye Bye Bye" as the night wounded down he played with a dopey (my new friends to be exacted) doll and sang "lay down beside me" and "If you knew what i knew". the concert ended with a bang and Me and Nichelle Met AJ'S MOM!! well that it for me. And if you attended the concert i would love to hear from you. At Thanks and remember " Be cool, Be real, and Behave"

Love Ya All

From: Backstreet's Girls []
Sent: Sunday, April 09, 2000 12:09 AM

Dear Readers,

We would just like to share our incredible experience at the Johnny No Name show at the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. on Friday, March 7, 2000. We know that a lot of Backstreet fans have had the fortunate opportunity to meet or even hang out with our boys, but even a lot more fans have dreamed and wished for the day it happens to them. We didn't actually meet AJ aka Johnny at the show, but we were definitely happy with our adventure =) So please bear with us while we share our excitement with you all...

We had gotten our Johnny No Name tickets the weekend it went on sale through We were definitely looking forward to the opportunity to see AJ at the 9:30 Club since he was performing at such in prestigious setting (at least in our opinion) that he was really breaking into that scene. We knew that we'd definitely be there early in line for the show since it's general admission, but we weren’t planning on doing anything special for the concert. But then we realized that the day before the show was Tommy’s birthday, and thought that we should do something nice for him.

So, in honor of Tommy's birthday, we really wanted to do something for him, whether it be a note or a present. Then we thought, what’s a party without some party gear? So we put together a little party pack with party hats and blowouts for all the members of the Backstreet Band, Guido, and AJ. We were fortunate enough to have been able to get our present to Tommy before the show. And we were more than pleasantly surprised to see our balloon on stage when we entered the club!

All decked out in our own party hats, we were even more surprised when AJ mentioned that he saw party hats in the audience! And he said that they were going to sing Happy Birthday to Tommy later in the show. We then saw Guido, the very own mascot of the Johnny No Name tour, wearing his miniature party hat. Our night was complete! =) We didn’t hope for anything like this to happen, and thus we were incredibly honored to have our present be a part of the show. The show was amazing, Mindi, Nobody’s Angels, and Johnny were magnificent. The birthday tribute to Tommy was complete with song-singing, Johnny and Tommy playing with our balloon, Tommy wearing his own birthday hat, and even our birthday card being displayed on his keyboard! (side note: we had picked out a card with a chihuahua on the cover...just couldn’t resist because of Lil’ Tyke and Lil’ Leigh!)

It was an incredible night, probably the closest we’d ever get to the Backstreet family. We truly did not anticipate or even expect all the events of the night, thus making it even more memorable. Thanks to the great gals we met at the club for making the night so much fun. Thanks to Johnny, Mindi, Nobody’s Angels, and the band for putting on such an exhilarating show. We will definitely share our pictures of the night with once they are developed, and would sincerely appreciate any other pics that the readers may be able to share with us!

Thanks for sharing our experience with everyone.

Always, Wendy & Bella

From: Sarah []
Sent: Saturday, April 08, 2000 6:01 PM

When we got up there to DC around 5:30 there was already a line around the block. I was like Omg we aren't going to be close at all. There were so many ill people up there. And there was this one girl who had the hairiest back. I was like ew that's so nasty lol. And this one dude was a total wannabe AJ. He looked like him, but not that much but it was ill. Finally around 7 the line started to move. Around 7:15 we were in the door.

It was pretty small, and people had already begun to fill it up so I rushed up to the front. We were pretty close but not that close. There was this big guy in front of me that was in my way but he eventually moved and like I could see the center microphone and I was so excited. And we chilled as the place filled up, it was so hot! And they had these balconies where all these camera men were. And Denise even chilled up there! I kept waving at her, I love her, she is my girl. And finally AJ came out. I was like OMG, He was looking so sexy. He was wearing a wife-beater, with white pants and a tan hat, but no sunglasses. Which I love. And he basically just introduced the first opening act. It was Mindi Abair. She was really good! She sounded a bit like Barbie but she was really good. She sung 3 or 4 songs which included First Kiss, Happy, and Free. I really liked it. I was really surprised by her cause it wasn't what I was expecting.

Then once she was done Nobody's Angels came out. They were okay. A little too Spike Girls-ish. But still there songs were good to dance too. I took like one picture of them and one of Mindi. I was like save pictures! LOL. Finally they were done and AJ came out!

A big police man escorted him out, handcuffed. You don't even want to know what was going thru my mind! LOL. He was wearing exactly was he was wearing before but he had a white pin-stripped jacket on, and sunglasses and a new black pimp hat. The first song he sung was Down by Stone Temple Pilots. He sounded so good, but it was really hard to hear because everyone was screaming. A lot of people were pushing and I was just dancing and trying to stay close to the front. Eventually the big guy before got in front of me again cause he left some girls get in front of him. So I went up to him and I was like 'Excuse could I but you? I mean I only come up to your shoulder so you'll still be able to see.' And he was like sure no problem. I was like thanks so much! So I could see really well then, and I tried to take a few pictures but it was really hard. Then the big guy asked if I wanted him to take a few pictures for me. And I was like sure, and he did! I'm seriously in love with this dude he was so chill, omg he like made my night.

Right now I can't exactly remember what he sung next but there are a lot of bits and pieces I remember now and want to get down. Here are the songs he sung that I can remember. Down by Stone Temple Pilots. Rock version of Hey Mr. DJ. Don't Want You Back. Lay Down Beside Me. If You Knew What I Knew. Brick House. Back At One. Play That Funky Music. Bad To The Bad. This song that I can't remember the name but it's like 'If you could only see the way, she loves me maybe you would understand' It's a really good song and he sounded great. I'm mad that I can't remember more right now but I want to get down some of the things he did.

Well I know he couldn't play all the chords on the guitar for Bad to the Bone so it only had 2! LOL. And he played it and then licked the pick and threw it into the crowd. I was so all up on, but I got nowhere near it. Of course! LOL. And then he started to crack on BSB's nicknames. And he was like Kevin, Train? What that's not cool. And then he started dancing while singing 'Come on ride the train, and ride it whoo whoo' While doing that hand motion. And then he was like B-Rok. Who would want to be called a rock, that gets kicked around and just lays there. And Nick, Kaos? Come on man, he's just a little Christian boy. And then, OMG this was really mean lol. He was like Sweet D? What yah okay. And then in a gay voice he was like How sweet can he get. Like he sounded gay (no offense to anyone please! I have no way to describe it sorry L) But you had to laugh! Bone, what kind of name is that. Why would he want to be called that. And then he started to sing bad to the bone. And when he sung Back At One we got to sing the chorus, and in Hey Mr. DJ he told us to sing some of it. It was really chill.

Some one threw something on stage and it hit him right in the head. LMAO. It was so funny! And he kept tossing Guido around so everyone thought he was going to throw it. But he never did. And someone threw a little stuffed up Dopey on stage. And Johnny was like 'Do you think he looks like AJ? He has a big nose like AJ. He has big feet like AJ. He has big ears like AJ. Does anyone have this hat? Only AJ.' And then he looked down at it and was like 'Does AJ..? Nahh I'm not going there' It was so funny! I was dying! And when he sung Lay Down Beside Me he got to 'the' part, and he was about to hump it where he stopped and him and Mindi had this singing contest thing. It's hard to explain sorry. But it was cool but he never did hump the stage sigh lol. And it was Tommy's Birthday! So we got to sing Happy Birthday to him! It was very cool!

And near the end he went away and everyone kept chanting AJ. Like right in my ear, it was so annoying. And you know Johnny supposedly doesn't answer to AJ! LOL Anyway he eventually came back on, with no shirt on! I almost died, I practically did. He looked so sexy, and those tattoos looked so good! And his hair is blonde with pink. It's hard to explain, he just had blonde and dyed it pink over top. But it looks really good! Trust me! LOL. And I forgot to mention my camera ran out of film after the like fifth song. I was so pissed off you don't even know cause I knew he was going to come out with out his shirt on! Ugh! But I got a few good pictures so it's all good!

Anyway he looked so good and he brought all the opening acts and everybody out. And they sung Play the Funky Music White Boy, which I loved lol. And he looked so good. And then he got a bottle of water and kept going back side to side, and he was like what side wants to get wet. And he couldn't decide and finally he was like ' Oh forget it' And he emptied it all over his head and chest. I like had a heart attack, because by this time I was like three people away from the stage so I could see him really well. Omg and then he went over to the left side and someone sprayed him and he was like 'thanks. And then they did it again, and he was like 'Thanks again.' And then they did it again! But it was so cute, he was really cute about it! Lol.

Also before he sung Hey Mr. DJ. (It was a rock version that sounded SO good!) He kind of hinted that another Backstreet Boy might be there. And I swore it was Brian, and then AJ begun to describe him and he basically described Kevin or Howie, but no one ever came out. Ugh. And then he was like from the first Backstreet Boys Album, (Technically the second) What up tempo song do you want to hear. And some wanted Backstreet's Back, and some wanted Hey Mr. DJ. Which of course I wanted it sound great though! And he came out again still with no shirt and he was like I'm doing this totally off the top of my head, I've never did this in the whole tour. And he was like here we go. And he started to do that thing I dunno what it's called LOL. Sorry it's like where the guys make noises and beats with their mouths and he did that for like 3 minutes while the band played and we all just danced. It was so much fun though. I'm sure he saw me though cause when no one was waving I'd wave and totally see me, like total eye contact. Yah! Lol.

Finally it was over and I was trying to get out but I couldn't really walk. Like my throat was so dry, and my contacts were drying up. And they gave us free water but we had to throw it out before we left. It was really stupid. Anyway I gulped that stuff down. I was so tired, and I couldn't breath and my chest hurt so bad! It was horrible so I just went straight to the limo. I don't know what was wrong. I think it's partly cause I didn't eat that much today, I didn't drink much before we left, all the dancing, screaming, singing along, plus heat. It just didn't add up well but by the time I got home I was fine!

But I must say that was a great concert and it was worth WAY more than $25! I can't remember much else right now. I think that was all the good stuff. Ah I had too much fun, I personally thought it was better than the Millennium tour but that's just because I got to see AJ the whole time lol. Anyway I hope you enjoyed this and if you'd like to use it anywhere please email me privately.

Sent: Saturday, April 08, 2000 5:29 PM

Hey yall...last nite I attended the Johnny NoName '9 City Swang' concert in Washington DC at the 9:30 club. It was sooo awesome! So here is the story...

Ok I woke up, looked at my calendar and saw that today was the concert. So I went to school..very shaky, very exicited and hoping that everything would work out. I got out of Study Hall at 12:00 and went to the stepdad was supposed to be there at 12 but he wasnt there. I was startin to get really worried. Finally at around 12:30 he pulls up and i run into the car. He said he was late cuz he had to change the tires since there was a nail in one. (good thing he did!) So then we stopped back home, and went to go pick up my stepsister, Ayeley. Finally we were on our way!

It would be a 3hr drive from Philly to DC but we were prepared. First we put up our BSB pics on the windows. Then we wrote down reactions that we got from other drivers. There was this guy in a big white tractor-trailer who kept smiling at was gettin kinda scary..but we figured..maybe he just likes bsb alot. Then there were these girls from conn. who actually video taped us! So anyway after eating cookies n creme, starburst, and doritos, listenin to bsb and dreaming bout Johnny we finally got there.

It was 3:30 and there were already a bunch of peeps in line. (probably 100). Well we got in line and then a few other girls came and we became friends with them. (Hey Mandi, Rachel, Sally, Barbie, Sheshelle..(sorry bout spellin), and one other girlie, whose name i cant remember..sorry!) We shared our stories about BSB concerts and even started our lil chorus. It was fun. We saw two buses arrive and then a third. Nobody's Angel came out and signed a few autographs then left. So anyway, the security started coming, telling us things not to do...cussing at us for no reason..tsk tsk..and yellin at us to pick up trash.There were even people from VH1 there. They tried to interview Ayeley's dad, but he wouldnt do it.

About an hour later the doors were opened. ( 7:04 to be exact) They had three lines..two for minors..we got our hands stamped and the other for adults who wanted to buy drinks. So finally we ran in. It was so much smaller than i thought! Some of the girls we had talked to were in the first row. We were in the 5th or 6th row. So we waited there and listened to a bunch of rock songs and watched some music videos. The band walked on and off stage doing sound checks and some guy was standing in a box above videotaping the crowd. Then Denise came out and waved to the crowd. If you looked closely up in the box, thru the window, you could see a guy with a brown hat, who was probably AJ.

Anyway, at around 8:00 we heard a voice talking but he didnt come up on stage. Finally he did and said that he was gonna be the MC for the nite. The whole crowd screamed. Johnny/AJ? introduced Mindi and she sang. I remember there was 'Free', 'Happy', and 'First Kiss' and 2 other ones. She was really good. She sounded like a mix between Gwen Stefani and Jewel. Her hair was blond with pink tips and she wore a black shirt that said 'Pink Taco- Vegas' and some leather pants. During the 3rd song she waved to me!! She waved to Ayeley too. She introduced herself and kept hinting that Nobody's Angel was coming on soon.

Finally she left and 10 minutes later Nobody's Angel came out. They sang 4 or 5 songs. They were like Spice Girls i guess.. but they really got the crowd hyped up. One girl, Ali, was too happy! But she waved to me! Then Stacey came over to our side and waved to me too. The other two girls were kinda boring so I didn't worry bout them. Their last song, and current single i think, was 'If you wanna dance'. It was really good. So they left and the crowd started chanting Johnny Johnny and AJ AJ!

The band came back on and did a sound check. Everyone in the crowd was dying. It was so hot and everyone was pushing ..not a pretty sight.. Well the security dudes came around and passed out water bottles. We were supposed to drink some and pass it around. Unsanitary..yes but we were all dying.. Right when i got the bottle i was gonna take a sip but the girls behind me were screaming about to faint so I just gave it to them, risking my life lol. I kinda felt sorry cuz i was taller than the other peeps around me, but it wasnt like I could move anyway. So we waited some more. I met another girl named Charlotte in the crowd, and chatted with other peeps around. Then it was Johnny time!

The lights dimmed and a big police guy came out with Johnny in hand cuffs. The crowd screamed. Johnny was wearing a tan suit and a tan hat. His hair was blond with reddish tints and he had sunglasses on too. The police guy uncuffed him and went over to the side where he stayed all nite. There was another big guy (peeps said he looked like Big Pun (rip) on the other side. So Johnny sang the "nice to meet you, nice to know you" song (i think its called Down?) and then sang 'Killing in the name of'. It was sooo good! Ayeley threw up a lil doggie but it just hit the stage. Johnny really had the place rockin!

Then (i think it was here?) he introduced himself. He started listing all the boy bands ' 98 degrees...5ive..Cnote..LFO..Nsync' ( there were some cheers some boos) and he was like all i have to say to those is 'Bye Bye Bye'. It was too funny. The he started crackin on the backstreet boys. He talked about Kevin needing to shave his brows. He was like B-Rok? Why would you want to be called that, rocks just get kicked around. Then he did Howie. He was like 'Just how sweet is he?' in a really gay voice. Everyone cracked up including me (and Howie's my fave..or was...) . For Nick he said something about being called Kaos, which i didn't quite catch cuz of Nick fans screaming. The he talked about AJ, and he was like Bone? sounds like some kind of sexual act. Then he was like where are all the mothers at? so they raised their hands. Then Johnny said ' How many of you moms would want your daughter going out with a guy named bone?'

So then he continued talking and Ayeley decided to put up her poster, which had a good n bad outcome. The peeps behind her were pissed cuz she was blockin them, but then Johnny read it aloud. He said 'Johnny is my sexy bad boy', which was what her poster said. We both started screaming, and then all the other posters started going up. He intoduced Guido, the love goose, who takes the blame for everything. Then he mentioned that it was Guido's and Tommy's birthday. So we all sang Happy Birthday, and Johnny took a party hat from the crowd and put it on Tommy. It was also this other girls birthday, so we all sang Happy Birthday Katrina. She was so lucky!! (Its kinda weird cuz the last BSB concert i went to they sang Happy B-day to the stage manager also). Someone threw up a panda bear and he talked about it and then threw it over to the police guy. So then he said his famous catch phrase ' Be cool Be real Behave Baby!'. He was doin some freaky stuff there too. At one point he was singing Shake your Bon Bon and She's all I ever had...but i dont know when that was. He also said something about U ME at McDonalds with a Quarter Pounder... and he was like 'I'm feeling Horny'...but i dont know where that was either.

Then he sang Back at One. He sung the verses and we sang the chorus. It was totally beautiful. Everyone had their fingers up counting and it was also one of the best songs cuz everybody knew the words. He sounded so much better than Brian McKnight. We both made (or seemed to make) eye contact with him which was hot cuz he's got the cutest eyes. Okay then he did a costume change. (It was either now or before back at one). He was wearing a white suit with black pinstripes , a wife beater and a brown hat.

Then he sang 'If you could only see...the way she loves me', which was awesome. I threw up a little easter bunny, but it just landed on the stage. Around the end of this song he waved to me...(ok i know it could have been anybody but the peeps on my side seemed kinda dead so there were like only 3 people waving). Then he went back to the mic and said that he was gonna sing a song that AJ wrote and we all screamed. He sang 'If you knew what I knew'. It sounded so good, even better than it does on the cd. After that he did 'Bad to the Bone'. That was hot!. He played a 2 stringed guitar. I thought that performance was the highlight of the show.

Then he did 'Open up your eyes'. It was a nice mellow song, and he got to move around and touch a few hands. So i decided to throw up a lil bear. I threw it thinkin it wasn't going anywhere, and it didn't, it just hit the stage. So i was about to get my camera again, when all of a sudden I look up and see AJ picking up the bear and throwing it back into the crowd. I have no idea how, but i caught it back. There were people tryin to grab it from me n stuff, and this one girly asked for it. I gave it a kiss then stuck it in my bag, thinking maybe AJ's dna or fingerprints are on it!

So after that song he asked us if we wanted to hear a Backstreet Boys song. We all screamed yeah! So he's like it has to be on the 1st album. So we guessed some songs. Then he was like it has to be up tempo...and so one girl said 'Everybody' and another said 'Hey Mr DJ'. (we all knew it was Hey Mr DJ..but we were just playin along). He sang Hey Mr DJ. It was kind of a rock remix but it sounded good. Then he split the audience and my side had to say Hey and the other side said Mr DJ. It was pretty kool.

Then came the song that every single person was waiting for... 'Lay down beside me'. It wasn't as freaky as the whole humpin the ground stuff but it was still nice. He was like I need a somebody got him a chair. The he was like ..omg...omg...'I want all you ladies to close your eyes and picture me standing right in front of you absolutely naked!!' If there were windows in that place they would have all been broken cuz of the screams. So he sat down, and someone threw a bird up on the chair..he was like "ooh i sat on the bird". Anyway he sang that song so lovely. Picking up the shirt, doing a few thrusts and so forth throughout the song. It was hot. Then at the end he challenged Mindi to see who could hold the note longest...i think Mindi won..i dunno. But AJ sounded better as always.

Then it was time for 'Play that funky music' which was a fun song. He mixed this song with a little of 'Don't want you back'. They also introduced the band. The drummer dude was kool cuz they turn out the lights and it seemed like his drumsticks were tipped with flames. I think Dennis was there on the keys. Johnny was saying that the bass player hadnt had a girl in 14 yrs or something. Then Tommy got alot of screams. But the most went to Spike...mmm..very hot backup singer and guitarist. Then Johnny said that he was in prison and he had to thank the police dude for lettin him out. He made the crowd all say Thank you Mr. Marshemellow...or something like that. He introduced the other bodyguard guy and told us all to say 'Que Pasa___' (forgot guys name). Johnny was like 'Tostitos' 'Yo quiero Taco Bell' 'Drop the Chalupa'. It was funny, but the guy wasn't smiling. Then he brought a dopey doll out and was like doesn't Dopey look like AJ? ...He's got a big nose, big feet, wears a big hat, big head, a ...ok we wont go there.. It was so funny. So they finished that song and he said bye. We all knew he was coming back though....

So then AJ came shirt...hotttttttt!!! I think (not sure) he came out and started singing 'Get Naked'. I know he sang a lil bit of it though, but i dunno when. Then he sang the last song of the nite, 'Brick House'. He sounded so funky! ahhh I luv him!! hehe ok .. then Nobody's Angel came out and sang and danced with him. I had a huge white bear, so I just threw it up. But it was so big that it just plopped into another row. Then those people threw it again and it just fell on the floor. Then he started doin a lil rap..well he didnt rap but he did his lil beatbox thingie. And we were all like Go AJ Go AJ. But the song was a great way to end off a perfect show. So AJ thanked us once again, and the police guy came and cuffed him again and led him off stage. And that was the concert! The BEST concert.

We stayed after for about 15 minutes , while the band packed up stuff. There was this one girl who was being a biotch. And this other girl who saw AJ's towel on the floor and she was just stepping on it. I was can at least pick it up.. So then we started to leave. We got a drink of water, a few stuff from the opening acts and i bought a t-shirt. I was looking for Johnny t-shirts but there weren't any, so i just bought the club shirt. Then we walked outside and there were a bunch of girlies waiting for the bus to pull out. Tommy signed autographs and said hi to some people. I got a pic of him, but it was thru a fence so i doubt i came out good. Then my stepdad came again bugging us to leave cuz we still had a 3 hr drive we got in the car and fell asleep dreaming of Johnny.

It was a great night and if you have tix for the last two shows you will certainly enjoy it!!!

~~~ Charlotte NoName aka ~~~

From: Sacra Murda []
Sent: Saturday, April 08, 2000 4:49 PM

This past Friday, ourselves and 2 of our friends went down to Washington DC to see the Johnny No Name show at the 9:30 club. It kicked some major arse. Those who said it was cheesy or bad dont know what they're talking about. While we enjoyed the show immensely and bounced around and jammed the whole show, we have a horror story to go along with it.

Since the doors opened at 7pm, we figured we'd show up and hour or so early to give us plenty of time. When we got there, the line wrapped around over a block and a half. The security guards wandering the streets keeping the fans in check kept saying that the club only held 900 people...and there were definitely more than 900 people there. At first, we didnt think we'd make it inside, and since we'd gotten our tickets when they went on sale and the people infront of us had gotten them the day before...we were a little mad. Once we got inside, there was a huge crowd pushing up against the stage and some milling around the back. The bars were open, since it was a club, and as long as you had could drink. Now where as, we think that everyone should have a chance to see AJ, we dont think its right that there was an open age limit for this show. Clubs and Bars are not good places for smaller children, let alone the mothers who took them to the concert and then proceed to drink excessively infront of them. In which, they'd have to drive home afterwards. And a good portion of the mothers we saw were falling over themselves drunk.

After AJ/Johnny came out, the crowd really started to get into the music and dancing more and since we'd moved ourselves forward during Nobody's Angel's performance, by the time he came on, we were 5 rows from the stage. And panic ensued. All of a sudden, we were crushed by the people around us, being elbows, stepped on, kicked, amongst other things. It was so close that you could barely raise your arms in the air without having to fight your way free. And if you turned around...the back of the club was pretty roomy. Through out the show, we had a hard time. There was one girl infront of us leaning back into us pushing us into more people and taking up space and causing problems. So much to the point that at one point in the show, the heat from being packed in so tight and pushed around caused the girl next to us to collapse. And although we were trying to get the security guards attention, the fans infront of us were causing such commotion, that he didnt even see us. Eventually, the crowd behind us parted a bit and she and her friends were able to move out and get to where you could breathe. After the show, we emerged, battle wounds and all..surprisingly in one piece.

Now for the show. Mindi was awesome. Her set was great and she just kicked arse. Nobody's didnt really like them that much, but they were pretty energetic and got the crowd pumped. Now AJ/Johnny...he show was amazing. His covers of Rage Against The Machine and Tonic and everyone else he did were great. And from where we were, we could see really well, and if we'd have remembered our camera, we would have gotten some great shots. The whole show he was bouncing around, dancing and just being AJ. The show just rocked. And about halfway through it, he had everyone stop and sing Happy Birthday to Tommy which was neat. All in all, it was absolutly kick arse.


Becca and Liz and

Sent: Saturday, April 08, 2000 4:37 PM

Hmm... Johnny No Name... I went to see the show in DC at the 9:30 club on Friday. I think I got more from this show than I had expected.

This show was not a Backstreet Boys show. I've read critic's reviews, but we all know how they feel about the Backstreet Boys when they try something new. :)

I arrived at the club around 5pm. I was upset to see that the line had laready wrapped around one corner of the club. I heard from a bouncer that some overly obsessed people decided to wait in line all day... The very first of the fans had arrived at 5am.

(you can cut this out if you want) Just off the subject for a minute, I have to say that I think dedication is good, but this kind of dedication is sick. Not only are you wasting a FULL DAY sitting on your butt infront of a venue, putting yourself in danger, but you are causing other dedicated fans with more sense to not be able to have a fair chance at seeing their favorite artist. Tickets are one thing, but general admission concerts are another. This is why general admission is a bad idea. Infact, a venue that small is a bad idea too. AJ is just far too big and his fans are far too crazy to be put into a place that only holds 1,000. I think we all know that any one of these boys can fill up a bigger venue. Maybe not a stadium, but definitely something bigger than a small club.

I got in line and waited anxiously to get inside. As always my friend and I met some other backstreet fans. I have to say, they're the nicest of fans I've ever met. Music really brings people together. So, now the 5 of us waited and schemed to try to get our way into the front of the club to make sure we saw AJ well...

The line started moving and we got giddy. we started singing "everybody"(hee hee. yes we are cheesy!) and then we started cheering the cheer the guys do in the beginning of teh Orlando Homecoming special:

"What time is it?"

"Time to work!"

"what kinda work?!"

"HARD WORK *grunt*"

Hee hee... Well, we got in and instead of letting ourselves get smushed in the middle of teh floor, we went up to the balcony, where we had a great close view of the stage. We waited for half an hour and then AJ came out to introduce Mindi. Yes, he was dressed as "aj"

Mindi came out and she was great, She sang about 4 songs. She is truly multi talented. :) I also loved the pink tips in her hair.

Then, AJ came out to introduce Nobody's Angel... They were OKm i guess. I started getting sick of them halfway through their set. There was this annoying short spunky girl who reminded me of Cheri Oteri on SNL(gag). There were two generic looking blondes. The one with curly hair could really sing. and then there was the sole black girl in the group who seemed to stand out among the others. She had a good voice. I wonder why she's in the band...

Anyways, then Johnny came out in handcuffs and a brown suit and fedora. the crowd sang happy birthday to Tommy Smith since it was his 50th b-day. Some girl in the crowd asked AJ to sing for her 21st bday on a sign, so he sang happy birthday to her too, and got the crowd to sing too. I saw her from where i was. she was really flipping out. That was sweet of AJ(Johnny) to do that. :)

Anyways, he sang some stp("Down") and Bad to the Bone... And tonic's "If you could Only See", "back at One"... AJ also sang a song he wrote that didn't get onto millennium... He sang "Hey Mr DJ" and the crowds went crazy. He sang the lead and the crowd basically filled in the the missing backing vocals. it was really cool.

In the middle of it, he stopped and started making fun of the Backstreet Boys. he ragged on each guy's nickname. It was so funny. He started off with Kevin's eyebrows. Ha ha. He made fun of Nick being called Kaos and how he's 20 now, and can't do too much harm. he said that B-rok was stupid becuase he'd get kicked around all the time (rock. get it?). He made fun of Howie in a uh.... heh, i dunno what to say. He hinted at Howie not playing for the right ball team, if you catch my drift. :) Then, he made fun of AJ by saying "what does that mean? What if your daughter brings home a guy and his name is BONE???" Hee hee...

He also made fun of other boy bands. Johnny said there were too many of them. He ran off the list and once he got to Nsync, everyone started booing them and there was alot of rage. That was the right place for it. Oh how I love the Backstreet Pride. :)

He also sang "Lay Down Beside Me" ( a sexual song, he said.. hee hee )... He REALLY got the crowd going when he sang "Don't want You Back". everyone was going crazy!!!! He ended it with Play that Funky Music White Boy, and then went off stage.

AJ came back as aj a few minutes later, with no shirt or hat on. :) His hair was pink and blonde. :) He looked good. :)

He did a little rap type thing, and then he tried to outdo mindi's sax playing with his own voice. He failed and called women the dominant species(aw yeah). AJ poured water on himself, and many stuffed animals hit him square inteh face.:) hee hee.

And ofcourse he did pelvic thrusts throughout the show. I mean, it's so regular that it isn't even shocking anymore, but people still go crazy!

then he ended the show with "Brick House" with Nobody's Angel, and that was it. Oh was it ever cool. Definitely not a Backstreet Boys show. I think AJ presented his other side well, oh and his English accent was pretty good. :)


From: William Hazel []
Sent: Saturday, April 08, 2000 4:31 PM

Here's my Johnny No Name Concert Review in Washington D.C. on April 7th,2000:

The concert was unbelievable! It was kinda weird though just seeing A.J. by himself and not any of the other Boys. But hey! It's all good right? hehe N*E*WAYZ, here's the section of my review at my Johnny No Name concert. Totally kicked ass!

School ended like around 3:20 and me and my friend Rita got a ride from our friend to drive us home right at that second when school was let out. When we reached my house, we changed into our night club clothes and glossed ourselves up for our big night. I was wearing my pink tanktop with black pants and Rita with her baby blue cross-x shirt and black pants. We looked great(sorry, we didn't take a picture of us to show you). Before we left, we ran to the store to buy more film for the show. The more the merrier right? By the time we got back our taxicab was there waiting for us. None of us didn't want to drive becuz it's Washington D.C.! You can't tell the differences between any buildings or roads! It's crazy! The trip was about less than an hour and we got caught in a little bit of traffic. But we got there about 2 hours before the show started and there was already a line to get in. A long line too...wooh!

The line wasn't that bad. It ran around a corner from the club to us but it's good that we weren't impatient. From the place that we were standing, we could see the tour buses. Black with gold decorates on the side. Those buses were HUGE! I never actually seen one upclose before and they were nice! A nice place to be comfortable and relax. When we got in line, it didn't really move that much. We made friends with 2 other girls who were standing in front of us and we shared our little experiences of each of our Backstreet concerts. They were nice.

Time went by and it was pass 7pm. The line FINALLY moved and we were heading our way in. Before we got close to the doors we saw the VH-1 people standing out in front interviewing a couple of fans about the show. The girl couldn't calm down and I was wondering if they understood one word she said since she was mostly jumping up and down. Bodyguards were up front checking bags(come on, this is D.C. what do you expect? before the show we were standing beside a building with either rocks hitting the glass or bullets *yikes*)

O.k. so we finally got in. The place had 2 levels. One was the floor and the 2nd was a balcony. We didn't know where to go so we went on the floor. Choosing that section to see the show was a risk cuz I knew that I'd probably get stepped on,slapped, or shoved in some way during the show. The place was pretty small fitting over a 100 people. Music was playing and people were finding places to stand. We weren't that far from the stage but I was pretty short comparing to the other people in front of me. They were either tall or had a bush full of hair! But before the show started I was standing behind this tall,big, and bald guy who was like 6 feet tall and I'm just like,"O.k.! How the heck am I gonna see the stage?!?"( I actually got through though later on during the show, thank God,right?) So N*E*WAYZ, the TV's showed No Doubt's "Girlfriend" and everybody was jumping in the room like No Doubt was on the stage similar to their video for that song. It was a lot of fun. We met even more other girls who were stan ding in front of us. They were really nice. Rita probably remembers all their names but I don't. Sorry :-) but do remember Kelly and Trixie. I believe that's what their names were. It was past 8 and close to 8:30 and the show was about to start.

The sound of a familiar voice was heard among the speakers on the stage. Who was it? No other than A.J. McLean of the Backstreet Boys! Everybody started screaming as he walked to center stage. He looked great wearing a white wife-beader and showing every tattoo on his arms. He told the crowd that the rest of the BSB guys said 'hi' and that the show that night was going to rock. (it certianly did,too) That's when he introduced Mindhi Abair(i don't know if I spelled it right). I've never seen her up close before but she's really pretty. With her nice cute shirt that said "Pink Taco" and about 1/8 of her hair was colored pink. She's a great singer. One of my favorite songs that she sang would probably have to be "Free" and another song that I forgot what the title was. She was a real punk rock singer and she did a very nice job on it.

After Mindhi sang about 5 songs, Nobody's Angel came on stage. They're a great girl group. I'd have to say that I like Ali becuz her brother is former member of No Authority and I met them before, so I guess that's probably why:-) I liked the songs "Boom Boom", "Can't Help Myself", and "If You Wanna Dance". It was awesome!

Then FINALLY, the main event of the show JOHNNY NO NAME! He came out handcuffed just coming out of jail with Mr. Marshmellow. He was looking all hot,just like A.J., with his nice white outfit and hat. He introduced himself as Johnny and ever since then the housed rocked! He sang all sorts of songs: "Back To One" which everybody sang along. "Brickhouse" yeah baby yeah! he also sang a couple of Backstreet Boys songs! such as Hey Mr.DJ, a little bit of "Don't Want You Back","If You Knew What I Knew",and "Lay Down Beside Me" *AUUUGGGHHHH* that was my favorite song...can't you tell...hehe

Did I also say that Johnny had a great sense of humor? Let's just start off with his disgust thought of the Backstreet Boys' nicknames. Kevin with his eyebrows with a nickname that was SOOOOO '97! Who wants to B a Rock? you'll always get stepped on and get kicked! Sweet D. with a little girly poise along with the mental aid hand,"How sweet is he?" Chaos...poor Nick...hehe and finally he saved the best for last....BONE...."What kind of nickname is Bone???" He tattooed the name on his arm..."Are there any mothers in the house? Would you want your daughter one day come home with a guy named Bone? I didn't think so!" That's when he dedicated "Bad to the Bone" to the 'Bone'.

The show went on. Johnny got hit with all sorts of stuffed animals and jewelry. All of them mostly got him in the face. Poor guy. But that didn't turn him down. Somebody threw a little stuffed Dopey(from Snow White and 7 Dwarfs) and was describing how it looked just like A.J., with his BIG nose,his BIG ears,his BIG shoes,and....we're not even going to go there...hehe as he pointed out with a grin.

The show was coming to an end and Nobody's Angel came out to accompany him onstage. The all sang and at this point, Johnny had no shirt on :-) Pouring water on! A girl,in the front row, took her water bottle and just splattered it on Johnny and did it 3x's! It's like,"O.k.! enough! he's already soaked!" People just don't listen right?

The show ended with a bang with Johnny shouting out the crowd and dancing. It was time to go back to the big house. Mr.Marshmellow took the handcuffs, handcuffed Johnny and escorted him off the stage. It was a great show and I DEFINITELY suggest you to see one of his concerts if he's in a town near you. Expect anything! I didn't tell everything of what happened. I would rather have you experience it yourself. So GO if you can! It's totally worth it!


From: Felicia Provance []
Sent: Saturday, April 08, 2000 1:51 PM

Johnny No Name 4/7 in Washington D.C.

Hey Whassup BSB fans? This is Felicia and Erin!! We just got back from the Johnny No Name concert last night. It was the MOST INCREDIBLE CONCERT!! We got there about 7:00, and the line was VERY long...atleast half a block, probably more. We stood with a couple of girls in leather, who had their hair multi-colored in typical AJ fashion. We talked about how Johnny was a British from Nashville (figure that one out yourself,lol) and eventually the line began to move.

When we got inside the 9:30 Club, we had our hands stamped to show that we were underage and couldn't drink (the stamps are still on our hands btw,lol). Then we went into the concert room! It wasn't as big as we expected, and we ended up in no more than the 15th row (I don't remember, I didn't count...we were kinda too preoccupied with something else, or should I say SOMEONE else? LOL!). Eventually, after about 15 minutes of listening to pre-recorded music, the lights dimmed, and the screams got really loud. It didn't bother me though because I had my earplugs in. Then we looked up in the balconey and saw a cameraman videotaping us. Then a lady with RED HAIR appeared in the balconey, and we'll never be positive, but I'm pretty sure it was DENISE, AJ's mom!!!

A few minutes later, we heard a very familiar, SEXY voice over the speakers and the screamers became hysterical!!! Then HE came out!!!! And it was all over,lol. Everyone went nuts, as AJ (OMG, he was sooooo close!) introduced the first opening act, Mindi Abair (who as you guys know is also in the BSB/Johnny Band). Then he went off stage, and was replaced by her. Mindi, by the way is an excellent singer.She sang a couple of songs, and then the stage was quiet again. At this point I was crying, as it sunk in that We had just been THAT close to Alexander James McLean!!!!

Then, before we knew what was happening HE came back!! And at the 9:30 Club, all hell broke loose!! Oh my, he looked sooooo good! I can't remember what he was wearing, but he did not have his sunglasses on. Then introduced the second opening act, Nobody's Angel. They were better than I remembered (wow, there is hope for them! Maybe they're finally learning how to dress good! lol). Not that we paid THAT much attention because we were too excited at this point,hehe.

Finally 15 minutes later or so, the BAND came out, followed by a parole officer, leading a figure in a dark coat and typical fedora style hat (hehehe) in handcuffs to the center of the stage. Oh my...eventually the parole officer (who AJ later called Uncle Mashmellow) moved away, and there he was: THAT SEXY JOHNNY NO NAME!

His first song was "Killing in the name of" by Rage Against The Machine. That was cool..he has an excellent voice!! Oh my...I am soooo thrilled. AJ looked in our direction and when he did, I flashed him the peace sign, and right after I did, he smiled and did too, and he yelled, "PEACE!"Oh my...I'm going to faint now, so Erin's going to type some of this now.

Hi, this is Erin, here to continue the story. He finished the song and suprisingly,I liked it (I'm not really into Rage Against the Machine and the like). Anyway, since this is already far too long, I won't get into too many specifics but here are some of the highlights. He sang "Bad to the Bone" with his two string guitar because apperently, Johnny can't handle a normal six string guitar! The song was dediated to his "close personal friend" A.J.(hmmm, wonder why).

He did sing a lot of Backstreet Boys songs after asking the crowd "Do you want to hear some BSB songs?" He proceeded to sing "Lay Down Beside Me", including the often unheard second verse. All very fun, but not as exciting as his introduction to "Lay Down...". After announcing he was going to sing it, he told us to "Close your eyes and imagine me standing right in front of you...COMPLETLY NAKED!" After the screaming died down, he sang the song, but there's more! In the middle of the song he asked the crowd "Are you still seeing me naked? Just making sure!" Hysteria broke out again but enough about that. During the part that went "HOLD ME AND DON'T YOU LET GO...", he had a little competition going with Mindi (on the saxophone) to see who could hold the notes longer. Mindi won! hehe AJ pretended to be offended, but then said that women were the dominant species!! The crowd cheered very loud for Mindi, who looked very pleased with herself,hehe. Later, he began to make fun of "boy bands"(uhhh) saying "there are so many boy bands out there! We got 98 Degrees, we got C-Note, we got Five, and we got NSYNC! Amid much booing (the majority directed at NSYNC), he said "and then we have the first...the Backstreet Boys! And to the rest of them I have just one thing to say to you. Bye Bye Bye!" As if that wasn't funny enough he then began to make fun of the Backstreet Boys' "stupid nicknames"!

After making a less then flattering comment about Kevin's eyebrows, he moved onto his nickname, Train, singing "Come on ride the train and ride it whoo whoo!" He moved onto Brian. "And B-Rok! Why would anyone want to be a rock? You get thrown, stepped on..." LOL! But I think the Howie jokes were even funnier. "And then there's Sweet D..." and in a very gay voice, AJ said, "How Sweet can he be?" I can't remember exactly what he said about Nick, but he talked about how Kaos spends too much time playing video games. Finally, he moved on to AJ. " sounds like a sexual act!" Then he asked if there were any mothers in the audience, and said, "Now Moms, how would you feel if your daughters brought home a boyfriend and his name was BONE?!" We were just hysterical at this point.

Another highlight was when he had a stuffed Dopey with him up on stage. He's like..."Now wait a minute, are you making fun of AJ? You know that was his on-stage debut when he was little. Hmmm, do you think this Dopey looks like AJ? Hmmmm...well, he's got a big nose like AJ. And he's got big feet like AJ. And he's wearing a big hat like A.J. And he's got big ears like AJ..." Then he paused and with a very naughty grin, "I'm not even going to go there." (Naughty AJ! I'm sure you can all guess what he was talking about!) He sang so many songs...the ones I can remember include "Lay Down Beside Me", "Killing In The Name Of", "If You Knew What I knew", "Don't Want You Back", "Hey Mr. DJ", "Play That Funky Music White Boy", and a bunch of others...then he introduced the band. Since it was Tommy's b-day the day before, AJ had everyone sing "Happy B-day" to him...and AJ made him put this stupid b-day hat on,lol. "He looks like a cow!" AJ joked.

Well, the concert was just completely amazing... We threw a teddy bear, dressed as a British guard, up to him. It didn't land on the stage, but I think someone must've tossed it up for us though because we could see one of the crew members collecting all the bears for AJ, and she was holding ours!! (Btw, thanks to the nice person who tossed it on to the stage for us! If you're reading this, we truly appreciate it!!)

When Johnny left the stage, everyone was going nuts. After a five minute "AJ! AJ!" chant from all of us, the band came back out and the place broke out in screams again. AJ came back as himself in a costume change. He wore grey pants, and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE!! Oh my...we were drooling so bad, staring at him without his shirt. YUM!! He sang "Brick House" and brought all the other performers out, including Nobody's Angel. Well, everyone was trying to get closer to AJ, so WE ended up pushing ourselves (or rather, were pushed) up to the 7th!! He looked sooooo incredible. We even got to see his 69 and Millennium Dragon tattoos!! He dumped water all over himself, and the crowd practically fainted. It was like "Quit Playing Games" part 2 or something. Well, finally, he bowed with everyone and left for good. Well, We must say it was one of the coolest concerts ever, and I hope that we get to see AJ and the other Boys again in the future! It was the best early birthday present anyone could possibly ask for! . Thank-you VH1 and AJ/Johnny for making this one of THE best nights of our lives!!;-)

From: Ja5 []
Sent: Saturday, April 08, 2000 10:26 AM

Hey ppl Wassup? Jassy here! I must tell you about my experience at the Johnny No Name Concert @ the 9:30 Club in DC. OK here we go. So I went with my 2 buds Charlene and Darielle. We thought we were doing something when we tried to get there 2 hours early, but we got the stuck face when we saw the line. We had to stand a block and a half away from the door. So while in that line we were talking some ppl...mostly these grrls from Westminster. Hey if your reading this...WASSUP?...Ne way so mee and my friend Darrielle go to get some food...and while passing the little alley where the tour bus is parked...Who do I see? The birthday boy TOMMY SMITH (BSB/Johnny No Name Keyboardist) I wanted to stop and say Hi but the security guard carried mee so i was like Whatever. Ne way I'll skip all da line stuff and jump right to the concert. So the first opening act was Mindi and DAMN she was sooooo tyte. I would definitely buy her CD.

The next opening act was Nobody's Angels...they were OK. They were lipsing ing though....So I really couldn't judge there talent. OMG the funniest thing one of those grrls from westminster CARRIED da hell out of this grrl who was trying to push her way up to da if that grrl is reading this...DID YOU FIND YOUR FACE YET???? After every opening act AJ came out and said some words and he was looking sexy as ever!~! But finally at 9:30 (Coincedence? I think not!) Johnny came out in cuffs. I don't remember exactly every thing he sang but i know he sang some Tonic, Rage Against the Machine, Red hot chilli peppers (I think), and some other stuff. I know he sang If you knew what i knew, Hey Mr.DJ, Lay down beside me, Play dat funky music, and last Brick house. At the end...he got ever one wet with his water from his water bottle then he threw it in da crowd...GUESS WHO CAUGHT IT?...Sorry wasn't mee....BUT MY FRIEND DARRIELLE!!!!! I am happy that one of us caught it, but mad that it wasn't mee. OH well....well i hope ou guys enjoyed mah review....OVERALL da concert was TYT E, AJ/JOHNNY looked GREAT, AND any one who goes should definitely ENJOY it! C-ya Jacey wuz here!~!

From: Dan and Nancy Waits []
Sent: Saturday, April 08, 2000 9:13 AM

Oh my God, he is so hot!! He changes his hair more often than his underwear! He looked so cute at the beginning, ab fab throughout the Johnny part, and then stripped to the skin for A.J. again. I took lots of pictures, the security guards were so cool. It was so hot down on the floor girls and Moms were passing out, and had to leave. That's why my daughter and I went up top. It was like front row with oxygen. I was able to shoot with my telephoto lens, and hopefully was holding still enough to get some good pics. I wish Johnny could continue touring, or A.J. could take over from here. To tell you the truth, this "boy" could do anything and everything he wants without the other guys, and still be a millionaire. He has got it all. looks, talent, humor (he is so funny), and the right to say all that stuff about the other "boy bands". If you've been or are going, wasn't it or will it be the night of your life?

It was the best BSB concert I've seen, and I'm not just saying that because I have a major crush on him. Also, we were standing next to this woman, and she was alone, and my daughter and I kept looking at her and we swore it was Denise McLean, so I finally got my nerve up to tell her that she looked like her, and she just laughed. Well, it wasn't but I would have kicked myself if it had been and I hadn't said anything. That would have been so cool. Mindi Abair rocked the house, she's got the A.J. hair thing going on. Nobody's Angel is cute, Stacy is from D.C. so she knew alot of people there, and they were walking around the club getting pics and signing autographs. That was neat. They need to work on their dance moves but because the stage was small and covered with equipment it must have been hard to do anything. Now, I have to really complain................Stop throwing stuff at the stage. I lost count of how many times Johnny got hit with stuff. He got a panda right in the face, several in the leg, Dennis kicked one back into the audience, I think he was mad. Don't these people know how dangerous that is.

Then at the end two people started spraying silly string at them. It scared Allie Navarro to death, and it stuck to A.J. and Amy Sue. That was bad. That stuff can catch fire. All it takes is a few stupid people to ruin a perfect night. Oh yeah, and Johnny had us sing Happy Birthday to Tommy and Guido, and then he read the signs in the audience and one girl was celebrating her 21st birthday so Johnny sang to her too. Can you imagine having him sing Happy Birthday and saying your name. Wow! VH1 was there taping, and they got us going in, they talked to the people in front of us. That was cool. We stood with the nicest girls in line. We all got there at 4:00, started talking, never stopped, two came all the way from NYC, the other two were from Maryland. So if you read this, HI and you four were really nice. I was the old lady with my daughter, the "cool" Mom who is more obsessed than my kids. I got my thank you card to the club security and he said he would try to get it to A.J. I hope so, it was from my whole family. It is a sad occasion to say that this tour is almost over because I think that as long as A.J.'s health holds out he could sell out clubs every night.

The show was just amazing, and I say that with Backstreet Pride. Johnny No Name Forever (JNNF). Nancy (LuvAJ, member MFC)

Sent: Saturday, April 08, 2000 1:20 AM

Aright, for anyone who hasn't yet been to a Johnny No Name Concert, YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE MISSING!! Oh my Gawd, this was amazing!

First thing first. I LOVE Mindi Abair. She is soo awesome. I brought flowers for her. I had my girl, Kelly, throw them on. (Don't worry, she's on the softball team! ;Þ) I don't know if they ever made it on stage, but here's my thrill: I met a Mindi "impersonator" at the concert last September. I emailed the REAL Mindi the picture and she replied saying "Nope, not me!" She and her manager got big kicks out of that! So at a (rare!) quiet moment, I screamed, "MINDI, I MET YOUR IMPERSONATOR!!" and I waved at her. She waved back! Gee, I love that woman, lol.

Then Nobody's Angel came on. I had bad expectations for them. (Sorry, it's true!) BUT, I think they were really awesome. I can't remember any of the names of the songs, but they were really cool. Stacy, one of the members waved at my girl, Abbi in the was awesome!

Dun, duh duh DUN!! Here's Johnny! Literally. Man AJ is fine. How can I possibly sum this up?? Let's see, he sang "Back at One" "Play That Funky Music White Boy" "Lay Down Beside Me" "Hey, Mr. DJ" "Don't Want You Back" and some others....forgive me, I don't know the names!! So here's my THRILL for the night. I brought AJ a big, ol' JOKER hat. It was orange and green and yellow. I got my softball girl, Kelly, to throw that one, too. We didn't see it hit that stage, so I thought she missed. I was like," Aw, Kelly, it's all good, thankx for trying." Actually I was screaming that, it was sooo loud! Anyway, about 10 minutes later, I see Mindi holding the hat and I was like OH MY GOD!! She read my lil note to AJ and then she gave it to him. (Yet ANOTHER reason for me to love her, lol) And AJ PUT ON MY HAT! YEAH So if any of you reading this went to that concert, THE JOKER HAT WAS MINE! YEAH! I snapped like 8976 pictures in that 20 seconds that he was wearing it.

Here's Abbi's highlight: Okay everyone, you know the REAL Rock 'n Roll move where you stick your tongue out and you have your hands in an "I love you" sign language kinda move? Well, Abbi did that to AJ at the very end when he was getting his handcuffs back on, and guess what?? HE STUCK HIS TONGUE BACK OUT AT HER! She was so hyped! It was so cool. Mind you, she WAS in third row,(technically, coz we didn't have seats like the other concerts did, just one big mosh pit) so she's not being teeny bopper-ish about it. She won't stop talking about it...Kinda like me with the hat...

Ok, lemme just say it AGAIN. That boy is FINE! At the end, he did his lil shirtless thing, and man...I could see his CHEST HAIR!! *wipes drool away* So I hope y'all enjoyed this....

Until the next concert.....

Backstreet Bekkah

Concert Reviews: Johnny No Name - April 5 - Detroit

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

Sent: Thursday, April 06, 2000 9:32 AM

I have to say that Johnny No Name was probably the most fun I have had at a concert in a loooooong time. (And I believe this was something like my 51st or 52nd concert) Before A.J. even hit the stage, parents were getting pissed because the floor was crowded and little girls were passing out up against the barricade. This was angering me any parent that may be reading this: if your child is small, under the age of around 16, they do NOT belong on the floor of a concert! No matter how close she wants to get to A.J., (or anyone for that matter), I believe her safety is probably your top priority. This little A.J. "pit" was NOTHING compared to rock concert pits, and I just think parents need to be a little more realistic and aware of what a concert really is. With that said....

Johnny came out and opened with Stone Temple Pilots "Down." "Down" was one of the two songs I was looking forward to hearing because my musical interest roots (haha) are in the rock area...and it's good to know my favorite BSB appreciates rock music. Anyhow, "Johnny" NAILED "Down." I saw a clip of him doing it on MTV and I freaked out when I saw it, "Scott Weiland better watch his back because next time he goes into rehab or jail, who knows...A.J. could fill his place." :-) Most of the kids around me had no idea what song it was, but I was really into it and they all kind of looked at me like I was weird. THEN the band started playing "Killing In The Name Of" by one of the greatest bands of alltime, Rage Against the Machine. I couldn't believe of all the Rage songs, AJ chose "Killing in the Name Of". So I was freaking out and already getting into the music. My sister and I were acting as if we were in Rage's pit and everyone around us was starring and wondering, "What the hell are those two doing???" I screamed the words along while everyone wished the "awful" Rage song would end. I have seen Rage Against the Machine twice in concert, they are incredible live, but seeing AJ perform Rage was so thrilling. Rage fans would probably not be too happy if they knew he covered Rage, but I think if they saw how well he did with it, they'd be impressed. Ok, that's all I think I am going to cover about the songs because I am sure no one is probably going to touch on these rock songs because the usual BSB fan doesn't like rock music. Plain and simple. A.J. was feeling a little more on the sexual and truthful side that was great to see him that way! Mocking Howie in a gay voice was a trip! We went with my sister's friend, Phil, who is in a band called Taproot (http://www.taprootmusic.html)...was sickened by the fact AJ said he was horny and asked all the girls if they were horny too. But hey, that's AJ for ya;-)

Jessica Gates

From: Marion Mahone []
Sent: Thursday, April 06, 2000 10:32 PM

I went to the April 5 Johnny No Name concert in Detroit, MI and it was SO INTENSE!!! I lucked out and got tickets for the pit right in front of the stage, so I could see everything clearly. I think, however, that they picked a bad place to hold the concert - I mean, the State Theatre can comfortably hold 2000. There were 5000 people there. And, they had an open bar right in the middle of the main floor, which I thought was kinda crazy considering the concert was mostly teenagers only. But, onto the concert.

First, AJ came out as Johnny No Name and introduced Mindi Abair. She did a few songs, most of em were pretty good, but I think she's a better saxophonist than she is singer. One song she did, called Free, it was pretty good, I suggest you check it out. Then, Johnny came back out and introduced Nobody's Angel. They were ok. I think they were lip-synching for a few of the dance numbers but they were pretty decent. Then, after a long wait (the bodyguards at the front of the pit were getting trampled so they made us wait until the entire pit moved back a few steps) Johnny came out. I forget what order the songs he performed were in, so I'll just talk about each song randomly. He did an awesome cover of Killing in the Name of by Rage Against The Machine. He had all this energy and it was just amazing. He also did a cover of Bad To The Bone, Back at 1, Brickhouse, and Play That Funky Music. I was so amazed by it all, it was truly interesting how he was jumping all around the stage, going all crazy and everything. He did If You Knew What I Knew, an awesome remix of Hey Mr DJ, Lay Down Beside Me, and a little bit of Don't Want You Back. The songs were performed so well; I was really impressed by AJ's solo potential and so was everyone else in the audience. Even though he's kinda small (hey, i'm almost 6 feet tall, to me, everyone's small), he's got a lot of power behind his voice - it was really sweeeeeeeet.

Enough about the music though. AJ looked, well, wow. His hair was red with blond roots. I'll admit I've seen it look better but hey, I'll take what I can get here, this is AJ, and AJ's perfect whichever color his hair is. He was wearing this tan trench coat and these black pants with the boxers showing (how cute), and a white wifebeater which accentuated his muscles very very well. At the end of the performance, he took off everything except his pants, and I could clearly see every single tattoo on his sexy torso, right down to the 69 around his navel (hehe). This one girl at the front of the pit, she fainted as soon as AJ came out as himself, with no clothes on. It was so funny!! AJ looked so so so sexy throughout the entire thing, and with that british accent, wow, I think i converted my friend from a nick fan to an aj lover!

I was really surprised at all the sexual stuff that went on during the performance. AJ was really good at all the pelvic thrusts and stuff which was kinda funny, and he kept exclaiming how horny he was. Right before Lay Down Beside Me, he said, "I want all the ladies out there to close your eyes. Now, imagine me standing right next to you...completely naked. keep those eyes closed!" I almost died from laughing, although, that was a good image he painted for us there! He kept making fun of the other backstreet boys all night long. He commented on their nicknames and did this really "gay" voice when he talked about howie being called sweet d. He did quite a lot of floor humping and it was just a lovely lovely sight. Well, that's all I can really remember from the concert. It rocked so hard! The only thing i'm sad about is that they weren't selling anything for me to remember that day from!!! Ah well, AJ'll always be in my mind!!

From Marion, Detroit, MI

Sent: Friday, April 07, 2000 12:12 AM

Whoa! Johnny puts on an awesome show, totally different than AJ.

My friend Leslie and I got to the State Theater at 3:45, drove around for a few mintues to find a parking spot then got in line. The line was pretty long, already all the way around the building. We started talking to the people in front of us and they told us the first people in line got there at 6am! After about 20 minutes of standing in line, we saw two busses drive around the corner so I ran over there and Leslie stayed in line to save our spots. I got right up to the front where the door of the bus was. Everyone thought AJ was on it but it was the band. The next bus pulled up behind it and it was Nobodys Angels. They were really nice when they got off, waving and smiling at everyone. I was talking to these three girls that were standing by me, they were really nice. I asked one of them if they could save my spot so I could go back and get Leslie. When we got back we waited like 20 more minutes til the next bus pulled up. Everyone knew AJ was on it so they were pounding on the side. His mom Denise got off first, she waved to everyone.

Then AJ got off! He was an arms length away from me!! I tried to get pics but peoples arms were in the way. The security people were being mean to everyone too which didn't help. There was this one guy who looked like the Matrix lol. AJ's body gaurd was out there too, I think his name is Jason. Girls were giving him things to take into AJ. I had a letter in my hands and I asked him if I gave it to him would he really give it to AJ. He didn't say anything then walked away! The other security guy told me I asked to many questions thats why he left. Oh and this girl asked the security guy if he knew AJ and he said yea he's a bastard! So AJ was wakling into the door and people were throwing stuff at him. He caught a stuffed animal so I throw my letter to him. I didn't think it was going to reach him but it landed right ontop of the stuffed animal and he looked down at the envelope to see what it was! I was freakin out.

So he got inside and went upstairs to the second story and started waving out the window. By this time I was actually crying! I've never cried at a BSB concert or whenever I see them in person but for some reason I just got so overwhelmed. Leslie was trying to calm me down but it wasn't working lol. Everyone else around me was crying too. After all the comotion, everyone got back in line. Noone went back to their original spots so me and Leslie just went up as far as we could to the door. We started talking to more people. This one girl, OMG she was hilarious. Her name was Amy, I think, she just kept cracking on Britney and *NSYNC (which I didn't like!). I laughed so hard. So it's 6:40 and the doors finally open. They were letting so many people in at a time. Me and Leslie got up to the door and ran right in down to the main floor. We got spots on the left of the stage, right by the speaker. For a few minutes we were fine but then girls just started pushing and shoving, they didn't care who they were knocking into. It was really bad. These two little girls were trying to get infront of me so I gave them a nasty look and wouldn't budge. They just looked back at me and moved over lol.

Mindi came out, she was really cool. Then Nobodys Angel came out, they were good too. The lights came back on and security and EMS people were pushing their way through the crowd to get to people who had fainted. I've never seen anything like it, girls were all over the place just pushing people to get to the front. Security got on stage and said if we didn't move back then Johnny wasn't comng out. The people up on the balcony were chanting "back up, back up" Finally everyone did and Johnny came out. Of course it didn't last long cuz as soon as the lights went on on the stage we were pushed and shoved again. The first few songs he sang I really had no idea what they were but one thing is for sure, Johnny knows how to get freaky! The first song he sang that I knew all the words to was Back At One, before he started he said he had a special surprise and everyone was yelling for Howie to come out. He didn't. When he sang that song I got tears in my eyes again. He had a bottle of water that he took one sip of, sprayed it over the crowd then threw the bottle. I saw it go over someones head then he went back into the air lol. He got really close to the fans asking two girls in the front which songs he should sing. It was so funny when he said "Be cool, Be safe and BEHAVE BABY!" If You Knew What I Knew was awesome. All the BSB songs he did were good but it just seemed weird without the rest of the guys. When he was talking about the nicknames, lol, it was funny. I screamed for Brian lol. His body gaurd was standing on the left side right where we were.

When AJ introduced him he was over there, I swear I have never been that close to him in my life! I had a pair of blue tinted glasses on my head so I took them off and threw it onstage, the body guard saw me do it and just looked at them when they landed. But I don't know if they went on the stage or if they fell inbetween the stage and the crowd. He brought his mom out on stage, it was so cute! Oh right in the beginning someone threw a braclet at him and it hit him on the eye, I think. I didn't see it I was to busy putting film in my camera, I used two and a half rolls just on AJ hehe. I couldn't stop taking pics. And I swear when he was on our side I took a pic and the flash went off and he looked right at me! At the end he came out with no shirt on, you could see all of his tattoos. I took pics of them hehe. He brought Guido out too, Tommy was taking pics of the audience so I took a pic of him. I couldn't stop hiting the button hehe. He left the stage on our side in handcuffs, it was a sad moment cuz he was gone. Afterwards, he was at the Hockeytown Cafe. We didn't even try to get in cuz u had to be over 21. But we heard Tic-Tak talking to him on the radio. On the way home we got lost.

Everytime I drive up to Detroit I can never find 75 South to get back home. I was yelling in the car "AJ. this is all your fault" lol cuz we kept passing the Hockeytown Cafe where he was. We listened to the concert cuz I recorded it, it came out good. I wsa going to leave it in my bag but I decided to hold it instead. It's not as clear as the BSB concerts, I think cuz the sound systems weren't as good but it's still clear. The night went by so fast but it will be remembered forever! I just dropped off my film so it should be done tomorrow. These pics are gonna be awesome. This concert tour is really something different for AJ. I know he was Johnny, but after every song he would say a swear word, it was too funny. Sorry for this being so long, once I start talking about it I can't stop!



From: Betsy Vandervoort []
Sent: Friday, April 07, 2000 9:59 PM

Hey ppl wazzzup??? well i got back from Johnny's concert in Detroit at about 2:00 in the morning...and girls..i have a story to tell..hehe. Okay well we got out of our car and this freaky guy mugged us for ONLY $5..guess we got lucky..THANK YOU GOD!!! we didnt get there till bout 4 in the afternoon and there were like 300 ppl there or we had to be bad to the bone and sneak up real close to AJ's..oops Johnny's bus..OMG he FINALLY came out and waved to ALL of us..OMG HE SAW ME AND GAVE ME THIS SEXY LOOK..i died right there....we also saw AJ's mom come out of the bus and some ppl from Nobody's Angel....

Well after that we decided to be even more bad and sneak up even more...shhhhhhh dont tell..hehe. we were all singing BSB in line for like hours..the best!! finally they let us my friend laura and i got right up to like SECOND ROW!!!! we saw Johnny come out and of course he saw us!!! Mindi even waved at me..she's such a sweetie..but after the opening acts we had to back the hell up cuz i couldnt breath and i was getting squished but its ALL good...we were still in good range for johnny to see us which he waved at us a lot...we were like in heaven..OMG alex did such a great job...he was getting FREAKY...oh wait JOHNNY was getting FREAKY..i mean really freaky..hehe..his voice is SOOOOO AMAZING!!!!!!!

Then AJ came out with NO shirt on..THANK U GOD..well after the tight ass concert we went outside and waited by the windows and he came to the window and was waving to all of us....well i couldnt resist myself so i got on this van and was blowing him kisses to get his attention..well IT WORKED!!!! he stopped waving and blew me all these kisses..he saw me freak out and was lauging his ass off..he's such a sweet heart!!!!!! then one of the guys from the band came to the other window and took a pic of me and my friend..he was also talkin to aj on his cell phone so he let us all scream into the phone..THEN...there was like this opening in the window and Aj's mom and the band was down there..

So i went up to it and asked if they could give the envolope i had to aj..and they were like sure sweety just drop it down so i'm PRAYING they gave it to him!!!!!!!!! i'm sure they did cuz aj's mom was right there....well we waved by to aj and went home....but OMG it was the BEST experiance in my life...well know i have officially had 4 best days of my life..the otha 3 were from my BSB concerts...JOHNNY ROX IN CONCERT....U JUST OTTA LUV HIM!!!!!!



Sent: Saturday, April 08, 2000 11:51 AM

Oh my gosh! I have to tell ya'll about the Johnny No Name concert. It was great and so much fun. I went to the April 5 concert at Detroit mi. When we first got there to stand in line me and mom(who loves AJ) were standing by this door that said stage door. My mom was like I think AJ will come through that door. A few hours later 2 tour buses pulled up to the same door we were standing at!!!! I was freaking out. Out of the 1st tour bus came out nobody's angels. Then out of the second bus came out AJ's mom Denise! She is really short in person! Then everyone was chanting AJ's name but no one came out and then bus left. Then a 3rd bus pulled up and AJ's body guard Bob came out. And everyone started chanting AJ and then NSYNC SUCKS! Well, a few seconds after Bob got off the bus I saw red hair and I knew it was AJ. I started screaming and AJ came off the bus and his hair was red on top and then black on bottom.

He was wearing those bug eyed sunglasses too. Then was shaking all the fans hands and then he came up to me and shook my hand and said "hey what's up?" I was like um hey AJ not much. and then he smiled and went into the building. I started to cry after that. OK now to the concert. We had 3rd row and the the open acts were really great. Mindy was so cool and has a wonderful voice. Then NBA came out and they are really pretty and sing and dance great also. Then Johnny came out behind a sercuity guard and sang Down by stp. During that song someone threw this big metal thing at Johnny's face and he started to bleed but he still kept performing and didn't stop. The whole concert was great until people kept passing out. One point in the concert AJ had to stop and say yall gotta back up cause I don't want yall to keep passing out. Then later we found out Nick Carter was there but AJ didn't bring Nick on stage cause all the girls were passing out and if AJ brought Nick out then more people would pass out. And I want all the AJ fans to know that Amanda wasn't there. I think they broke up again. Cuz AJ was saying he was single and everything.

Well, after Johnny left the stage AJ came on and said who do yall like better me or Johnny and we said YOU!!!! and AJ said oh im blushing! it was so cute! Then AJ had barely any clothes on all he had on was shorts. And then he sung brick house with mindy and NBA. I didn't want the night to end but it did. I think AJ should go solo cause he could make it. He is a born entertainer. I love ya AJ. BE COOL BE REAL AND BEHAVE BABY!!!!!

Kristina Mclean, Detroit Michigan

From: Kelly Steffens []
Sent: Saturday, April 08, 2000 6:03 PM

When we got to the theater, the line wrapped around 3 sides of the building. AJ's tour bus was on the second side, while we we're way back on the third side of the building. While we were waiting he ran from the bus to the building, I couldn't see him but I heard the screams. The night opened up with Johnny Announcing each act which got the crowd hyped. First was Mindi Abair, the BSB bands saxophone player, she sang 5 songs. She was so great!! I absolutely love her, she has a great voice and songs!! The next opening act (also introduced by AJ) was a group of 4 girls called Nobody's Angel. The lip synced to all of their 5 songs and therefore just tried to concentrate on their dancing!! I didn't really like them at all. Finally came the big moment and Johnny was next to perform, except there was a delay. All of the people on the ground floor (which was just standing room) were pushing up to the stage and security had to come on stage and tell them to back up. After about 10 minutes they still had a problem so everyone in the balcony started chanting "Back up, back up!!" Finally it was resolved and it was time for the show to start!!

He opened the show up wearing a light brown suit and hat. Johnny was led onto the stage in handcuffs and then released (they story is that Johnny is let out from jail for each concert) He started with a song I didn't know and then went into "Killing in the name of". He then let the audience join in fro "Back at one" and "If you could only see". Then he stopped and talked for a while, he was soooo funny!! He was making fun of all of the BSB nicknames, here's what he said about them (all the talking was done in a British accent since I guess Johnny is): Howie is "Sweet D" then in a girly voice he said "How sweet is he??", Brian is "B-rok" I mean who wants to be a rock? you just get stepped on and no one cares. Kevin is "Train" he then started singing "come on ride the train.....and ride it" while dancing, I was laughing so hard!! Then there's Nick "Kaos" I mean he's 20 years old and a good Christian boy how much Kaos can one guy make? And finally there's my friend AJ (everybody screams) I mean... I love the guy to death, we're a lot closer than anyone really knows (lol), but "Bone" what kind of name is bone?"

After this he says because AJ is Bone, I'm going to play "Bad to the Bone" him. I'm going to play the guitar on this one, it's only got 2 strings on it so I can't mess up, because really I suck! Then he sang that song, he did a really great job!! Somewhere around here he ran off and changed into a white suit. Next he asked us if we were ready for a surprise. The surprise was he asked 2 girls in the audience to pick any fast BSB songs and he would sing them. They picked "Don't Want you Back" and "Hey Mr. DJ". I hate to say this, but I think this part was rigged because at all of the other concerts these are the 2 songs that he sang too. It probably would have been hard to get the new band to know the music so they had them picked out ahead of time. AJ sang "Hey Mr. DJ" really great, because he changed it around a bit. Everyone in the audience was singing along! Halfway through he switched to a little part of "Don't want you Back" but then started singing "Hey Mr. DJ" angina.

Then he went to "Lay down Beside Me", if you know the lyrics it really explains how he acted. This was the part where I thought he'd throw out his back from pelvic thrusts and other "movements"! At the end of the song he and Mindi had a competition seeing who could hold the note the longest (Mindi on sax, Aj singing) they went back and forth. Midway through AJ went and got some water and was gargling it. Finally after he was out done by Mindi he said "It looks like the females are the dominate sex!" Everyone screamed. Here is when Johnny introduced the band. When he introduced each of them, they each went off into a little solo. When he introduced Tommy Smith (keyboards) he played a couple notes of "Quit Playing Games" and Johnny yelled "Stop it man, I hate that song!" It was funny!! Johnny's last song was a duet with Mindi. They sang "Play that Funky Music White Boy". After this, Johnny went bye-bye and Aj went hi-hi! He came out shirtless and in jeans. He was joined by Nobody's Angel and they sang "Brick House". When it was over he was led off the stage in handcuffs to go back to jail. (They messed up because this was supposed to be AJ not Johnny!!) Oh well, it was a really great concert and a lot of fun!!

From: Lacie Smith []
Sent: Sunday, April 09, 2000 12:18 PM

I recently saw AJ Mclean as Johnny No Name and let me tell you it was better than I expected! I had gotten the tickets over the internet and lucky for me the concert was on my Spring Break. We had a little trouble getting there but soon we found it and were very excited! My friend and I had our camera’s ready and we brought binoculars just in case cause we weren’t too sure on what our seats were exactly. We had bought feather boas too, just so we could stand out a little. At 7:00 we were standing in the line to enter (which seemed like it was an endless line) and we saw somebody’s tour bus and it was right in front of us.

We all figured that it was probably the crew’s bus or something but someone had walked off of it. I had not seen who it was but my mother said she did. She said it was a girl with blonde curly hair. It was one of the girls from Nobody’s Angel. (I’m not sure what her name was, I can’t remember!) So we finally get into the theater and we saw how many people were on the floor and we decided not to go onto the floor cause we wouldn’t have been able to see a thing. A few steps up from the floor was a bunch of tables with chairs which were also filled.

We decided to stand next to one of those. One thing that bothered me was seeing all of those drunk girls, my mother had even saw a girl throwing up and their was drunk girls falling down too. That was a little bothersome but I got over it. We could see pretty well for the exception of a few signs and hands in the air every once and awhile. First AJ came out with a video camera then he came back out and said that Johnny was getting ready. He also said “I’m a dork and I’m kinda geeky but hey my hair is red”! I thought it was cute. He then introduced Mindi Abair. I had saw her at the Backstreet Boys concert I attended in November and I thought that she was a good sax player and she was very cute! I really liked her hair, it was blonde on top and the bottom half of her hair was a dark pink color. When she started singing the person I thought of right away was Gwen Stefani. She reminded me of her so much.

I think Mindi did great and I was surprised at how well she sang. AJ came back out and introduced Nobody’s Angel whom I wasn’t too excited about seeing. I liked Mindi cause she was more of a rock sound but Nobody’s Angel to me just seemed like wanna be Spice Girls. But hey that’s my opinion. I think they were lip-syncing because they didn’t have a band behind them but I could have been wrong. I thought that Stacy was pretty. Then on to the main event, Johnny No Name! Well before that a man came out and was making everybody back up on the floor, and he said that the concert wouldn’t even happen if they didn’t back up. I’m sure that if they didn’t move back that all of us would have to leave and not see Johnny. That was just pathetic, but hey it’s not that easy to get a bunch of screaming girls to do anything. (Non to mention the drunk ones) He came out hand cuffed by a police officer and sang a song I wasn’t too familiar with.

It was called “Down” by STP. He sang 9 more songs (I think it was 10 songs all together, I can’t remember for sure), which included a Latin song by Carlos Santana (I’m not sure what it was called), “Back at one” by Brian McKnight, “If you could only see” by Tonic (which I didn’t know he would sing and I love that song!) a song that AJ had wrote which I also forgot the name of, “Bad to the Bone”, “I wish I may, I wish I might”, “Lay down beside me”, “Hey Mr. DJ” by the Backstreet Boys of course and he also sang a little of “Don’t want you back” during this time, and one last song “She’s a Brickhouse”. In between almost all of the songs Johnny had talked in his British dialect which was much better than what I had thought it would be! He was a very funny guy that night, I loved when he said “ be cool, be real and behave baby”. It was too funny. I also loved when he was saying all of the taco bell lingo. I thought it was cute when he brought Denise out, I have saw her before on tv and she’s very pretty. I was glad at the end when AJ had came out to sing “She’s a Brickhouse”. I could probably go on about the concert forever but I won’t take up anymore of your time. So if you want to more about the concert or wanna talk about it please email me at Thanks for reading!

Concert Reviews: Johnny No Name - April 4 - Chicago (Part II)

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

Sent: Wednesday, April 05, 2000 10:12 PM

Can I please say that honestly A.J. is the best performer I have ever seen. I am still pumped and have the energy flowing through my body because of him! I went to the concert in Chicago and it was the bomb!!!!!!!! I am the biggest BSB fan no one can be bigger than me, and I still have to honestly say it was the best show I ever saw. We had assigned seats so there was no shoving problem. The seats we were supposed to have were like 12th row balcony but me and my friend managed to sneak to like 15th row on the floor. I cannot put in to words how amazing it was. If you are going any time soon be ready to be talking about the show forever. A.J. is now my face BSB (it use to be howie, I still love him). I am in withdrawal cuz I'm not gonna see him till he comes to town again, but I been watching all my movies. The best part of the show was when he made fun of the other boys, lovingly of course, and when he pulled a giant size bra out of the crowd. Even my friend is now in love with him and she didn't really like the boys at all, now all she talks about is A.J. I suggest taking someone who is not a huge BSB fan so we can get more people into them!

Afterwards I waited by his bus for like 45 minutes. Of course there was a huge crowd, but it was soooo cool cuz it was like all Chicago land BSB fans, all types, all ages were united when we started singing their songs, mostly old ones but it was fun. A.J. never came, I started getting mad at the cops yelling at them to see if A.J. Had left yet. Finally I left cuz my feet hurt.

The last thing I am going to say is if you are going to the show be prepare for the time of your life it was the best thing in my whole life, honestly!!! I totally support him going solo after a year or two of course!!

Sent: Wednesday, April 05, 2000 10:37 PM

I am a college student who lives in Ohio, and me and my cousin drove out to Chicago to see Johnny Noname aka AJ Mclean in concert, and let me tell you it was so worth the six hour drive. The concert was awesome. Both the opening acts rocked, and Johnny Noname kicked ass!! I was just amazed at how good of a show it was. I have been to two BSB concerts, and this one was just as good! AJ is so talented! He really did a great job of singing the rock songs, especially the Stone Temple Pilots' song "Down", I thought he mimicked that perfectly. My favorite was Lay Down Beside Me, he did a beautiful job singing that. Perhaps, the best part was after the show when we waited to watch him get on the bus. First his mom came out, she was so nice waving and blowing kisses to the crowd, and then he came out and got on the bus. I thought that was it, until the bus drove by and he was hanging out the widow waving to everyone. Then, as I walked back to my car I saw Nobody's Angle and Mindi and Tommy. We stopped and talked to I think Sarah from Nobody's Angle, I asked her if she was in the Brittney Spears' video "Baby One More Time", and she said yes and we talked to her for like ten minutes, she was very nice. I just want to say that I think it is so nice for them to take time out to wave at their fans or talk to them, because I am sure they are very tired and just want to go. I think fans should remember that they owe us nothing but a great concert, and anything they do in addition to that is really nice of them. So, anyways AJ was awesome and I urge everyone to check out Johnny Noname!!


Danielle Brunet

From: teresa bulza []
Sent: Thursday, April 06, 2000 12:13 AM

Greetings from Chi-town. This was the second time that I have seen Johnny No Name in the last week. The first was one week ago in Las Vegas and the second last night in Chicago. I think the show was even better the second time around!!

I had pretty decent seats but took a chance to be closer.. I got lucky and exchanged my tickets to dead center about 10 rows back from the stage. I swear from my view he was looking straight at my friend and I throughout most of the show.

Mindi is awesum and I cant wait to get her debut cd. I was surprised I remembered most of the words to her songs from just a week ago.. She is a very talented musician. She can definitely play that sax..

I got a great pic of Tommy and wished him a Happy Birthday. I think he was shocked that I knew his birthday was coming up.. He was like "Hey Thanks".

Eventhough I was not quite as close to the stage as I was a week ago, AJ still looked HOT!!!! I loved the way he sang "If you knew what I knew." and Lay Down Beside Me.. Johnny suggested that all the ladies in the house close their eyes and picture him lying next to them NAKED... As Johnny puts it "OH DO BEHAVE" I thought it was funny how he described each of the fellas.. Making train noises for Kev, asking why anyone would want to B a ROK for Brian, and asking if Nick (Kaos) likes to break things.describing Howie as "Sweet D" in this totally flaming guys voice, and last but not least, "THE BONE" what is that a sexual act or something he asks??" Johnny KICKS ASS playin Bad to the Bone. I love his version of Hey Mr. DJ.. and how in the middle of jamming to Play that Funky Music, he started sing "Don't Want you Back." Smooth transition...

Once again Johnny went bye bye and AJ said HI HI...looking hotter than ever...OMG..Eventhough Howie was not there to end the night with Brick House, this show still ROCKED...

I ended the evening by being mobbed by all the screaming girls waiting for AJ to come out and wave good night to them.. The crowds started to chant and sing BSB songs. It was funny. We followed the tour bus...because they were heading in the same direction we were.. My friend and I were amazed how crazy these girls were cutting people off on the free-way just to be behind AJ's bus.. I am really surprised there were no accidents..People pulled off to the shoulder to wait for them at the toll plaza. We did get a view of AJ's body guards in the bus.. and then we got on our exit and headed for home.

I am glad I got to see this show twice.


Sent: Thursday, April 06, 2000 12:42 AM

I attended the "Johnny No Name" show in Chicago on April 4th. It was GREAT!!! Aj/Johnny was AWESOME, but you'll have to wait to hear about that a little later.

Let's start at the beginning of my excursion...Here goes:

My friend (Terri) and I arrived at the Rosemont Theatre between 5 and 5:30, There were already a lot of young fans there waiting to catch a glimpse of "Johnny". THAT is when I feel old - I'm an older fan so is Terri. I was later told be a group of teens that I was "As old as Leighanne". Terri will be too in about 6 months. (It is my 4 year old daughters fault that I am into The Backstreet Boys - Disney Concert last summer. Aj is her favorite and if she ever finds out that I saw her "guy" and didn't take her, I am in big trouble. I didn't take her because he was only singing a few songs that she would know and with the name and English accent I didn''t want to confuse her.)

Anyway, a line started forming and we went to get in it. We stopped off at the Box Office and Terri asked the guy working there if there were any seats closer then the ones we had. He asked us what row we were in and we told him "Q" and he told her that he would take a look and handed her 2 tickets and said something like "Here these are better they're in row H dead center." I was freaking out!!! First of all I expected to have to buy them not trade them in and second we were gonna be close. (Thanks to the dude at the Box Office for the exchange!!!) A group of girls overheard us and asked us what we did and they ended up with row J right behind us.

While we were in line there were 2 girls behind us talking about row DD. I looked at Terri and said "Should we give them our extra tickets?" (See, we ended up with 2 sets of tickets because we were both calling when they went onsale. Would you believe that we both ended up with tickets for row Q seats 13 and 14, Just on opposite ends of the theatre? We did!!!) So, I asked the girls if they wanted seats in row Q and at first they didn't believe us, But they were very thankful and one of the girls asked for a hug!

We were finally let into the actual Theatre and our seats were AWESOME!!! We were about 25 feet away and about 11 rows back (in front of our section was the pit with about 3 or 4 rows in it)

When the concert started, Aj came onstage in street clothes looking VERY HOT and he read us an article from a Chicago Newspaper about himself and the tour and then he proceeded to introduce Mindi Abair...the BSB sax player...She was AWESOME!! I'm ordering her cd as soon as I am done with this review!!!

Next was "Nobody's Angel" - They were good, but I'm old, remember? I'm not getting into the girl Pop scene too. It's bad enough I'm into The Backstreet Boys as much as I am. (My daughter will love them, I'm sure. My husband just likes to tease me about my "obsession")

When "Johnny" finally makes his appearance, he is escorted onstage by a "Policeman" in handcuffs. It is really GREAT!!! He sings like Aj but he talks like Johnny (English accent)

He sings a bunch of cover songs one being "Back at One"...That was a show highlight!!!

During the entire concert I had a clear path in front of me right up to the stage, it looked as though he was looking directly at me during most of the show! He had a hat on so you couldn't see his eyes all that good. I know that he really wasn't, but it looked like it...HEY!!! I can dream, can't I?

Right before he sings "Bad to the Bone" he asked the crowd if we'd ever heard of The Backstreet Boys" and Johnny wanted to know what is up with their nicknames..This part was HILARIOUS!!

He started with Kevin...Train...What is that? He even made a noise like a train...WOOWOO and acted like one too pulling a whistle (you know what I mean!) B-Rok...Why would anyone want to be a rock and want to get kicked around by people? A Hispanic fellow named Sweet D? and he made a gay gesture. Chaos? What? Does he go around breaking things? Then there's Bone? and he said something about that one being a sexual expression and then dedicated "Bad to the Bone" to AJ otherwise known as "Bone".

His accent is GREAT!!! Very believable, I thought.

He sang a few BSB songs..."Hey Mr DJ" "Lay Down Beside Me" and one that AJ wrote that is on the B side of the "Larger Than Life" single called "If You Knew What I Knew" I think that song is one of the Best Slow Songs that the Backstreet Boys sing, definately top 3 in my opinion!!!

I thought the best part of the concert was when he sang "Play That Funky Music White Boy" and in the middle of it he broke into "Don't Want You Back". There was a part when he and Mindi had a contest too. Johnny vocally and Mindi on the sax. That was GOOD too!!!

For the encore "Johnny went Bye Bye and Aj says Hi Hi" is what Aj said when he returned, He thanked us and told us that we were the biggest crowd on the far and then brought Nobody's Angel back onstage to sing "Brick House" Then it ended!!!

Terri and I waited around until he left on the tour bus and along with about 25 or 30 other cars followed it. (Hey, Their next stop was Detroit and we live in Indiana so we were headed in the right direction) I wasn't right on top of the bus like some cars were ,we just sort of stayed back and brought up the rear (so to speak) I couldn't believe how the cars in front of us were driving. Cutting eachother off, not letting cars in front of them...I was afraid that someone was going to get into an accident. When we got into Indiana about an hour later - there were still a bunch of cars following the bus. With the exception of us and 1 other car, I think everyone was from Illinois, and one from Tennessee. We kind of decided that the bus wouldn't be stopping while 15 cars were still following it,so we got off at our exit. Who knows maybe they got off at the next exit for a little snack...

Anyway, it was a GREAT show!!! Johnny sure can perform!!! I can't wait for the next tour!!! Album maybe? How 'bout it Johnny?!!!

Sent: Thursday, April 06, 2000 1:13 AM

OK hi my name is Rebecca,

and yesterday was the best night of my life. Well u may have guessed I went to the johnny no name concert in Chicago. I started out with third row tickets, but unfortunatley I couldn't see so the nice bouncer guy let me go to the front row. And let me tell u this is the front row where u ahd to pay 250$ a seat, I wa actually leaning on the stage. Aj looked at me and said Hey U , (its a long story needless to say I am a frined of Amandas ajs gf) ANyway then the guitarist gave me two of his guitar picks, He was soo nice. Aj was like 2 feet away from me the entire time.

ok well now on to the concert. It was amazing I think Johnny is hysterical, the whole bra thing cracked me up. MY favorite was when he sand TONIC "if u could only see" it was amazing, Overall I would give the concert a 100 cause it was the best experience of my life.

From: Michele Rodts []
Sent: Thursday, April 06, 2000 4:12 PM

Let me be among the first to say that the concert last night was fantastic! Much better, in fact, than I had anticipated it would be. But I will get back to that in a minute.

For the record, what I will not be doing here is giving a play by play of the concert last night. I think we have all read enough of the reviews to be familiar with how it all goes. What I will be doing is addressing something that annoys me, and my other "adult" friends that are fans of AJ and the rest of the guys.

But first, I must tell you that AJ astounded me last night. I always knew that he had that voice, but when it is just him singing, it really hits you. He was belting out songs from artists that couldn't get much further away from what the typical Backstreet Boy song is like. In fact, I found myself perplexed as to whether or not I wanted to hear him sing any BSB songs at all. Although, for the record, when he sang his version of Hey Mr. DJ and Lay Down Beside Me, I was loving it.

Now I would like to address the reason that my expectations for the evening were not high. It is really rather simple . . . I made the mistake of reading the reviews of various newspaper critics. Now, I know that the critics have not exactly been jumping on the BSB Bandwagon, so why I would allow myself to be swayed by them is a mystery. But, swayed I was, so I went to the concert last night expecting to be put off by the cheesy Johnny No Name act that the critics could not stop talking about. What I experienced was something altogether different.

To begin with, I had no trouble buying into his alter ego or his English accent, in fact, I rather enjoyed it. But that really isn't my problem. My problem is understanding the presses' aversion to all things Backstreet. Why is it that these critics spent all of their time writing about what was wrong with Johnny No Name and no time at all concentrating on AJ's voice and God given talents. Why was there no mention of how well he moved from one style of music to the next (from Brian McKnight to Stone Temple Pilots to the Commodores to Rage Against the Machine) with little effort? Why they didn't mention that he chose songs that were vocally challenging and carried them off flawlessly? Why they continually refuse to give AJ (and the rest of the guys for that matter) their props? I found myself, with each new song that AJ sang, becoming more and more enraged with the way the press handles these guys and felt compelled to write about it here . . . something I have never done before.

I don't exactly know what to do about this problem, however, I do know that if I (a HUGE fan of the Backstreet Boys) could be so easily swayed by the press and their opinions, then I can only imagine the influence over the people who do not love them the way I do and the way the rest of you do. We are all aware (especially those of you who, like me, are older fans) of the amount of "adults" who will not listen to them because BSB has been pigeon-holded into the "boy band" mold. This is hard enough to overcome without the blatant refusal of the press to acknowledge the talent of AJ and the rest of the Backstreet Boys. There is simply no denying that these guys can sing, that they can dance and that they do, in fact, write a lot of their own music and do it well. Yet, denial is a place where most of the press live when it comes to the guys.

What has to happen is that we need to get the press to acknowledge their talent. They don't need to love their type of music, but how can they deny the talent? These critics should give them an honest listen before they pass their judgments. They should pay attention to the music and not the age of the fans and how loud they can yell. Please do not misunderstand what I am saying about you younger fans, thank God for you, but at this stage it may be more helpful if some of the 18 and older crowd were to be more vocal about their love for BSB. Perhaps then maybe the press will go a little easier on the guys. I think it is up to us, to change the tides here because nothing else seems to be working. Don't be afraid of being honest, because the alternative is that the Backstreet Boys will not survive the "boy band" era we are experiencing. Maybe the answer is for us to start writing letters to the critics that have been unjustly harsh and let them know how we feel and do it eloquently. If you decide to do this, don't be obnoxious and solidify the opinion of the critics. Give them facts, stress their vocal talent, remind them that the songs are written by the guys, don't tell them how you want to marry AJ, Kevin, Nick, Brian or Howie which would only take away from the main point . . . the music. Encourage them to give the Backstreet Boys the chance they deserve. The idea is to get the press to give them a fair shake, not to give them another reason to believe that the guys don't deserve what they have accomplished.

I appreciate that you all have given me the chance to voice my concerns, and I hope I haven't offended or upset anyone, but I think we can all agree that a long relationship with the guys and their music is what we are after.

And, AJ if you ever read any of these things, thanks for putting on what was an incredible show in Chicago last night!

From: monica szawica []
Sent: Thursday, April 06, 2000 4:35 PM

OMG... That was one of the best concerts I have ever been to!!! I mean the Into The Millenium Tour was the best but the Johnny No Name concert is up there. Anyhow my cousin from Wisconsin and my Aunt came down from Wisconsin and my cousin and I went to the concert. We had really cool seats!!!! We were actually in the 2nd row in the ORCASTRA PIT!!! We got down there and my cousin was crying so hard!!!! I was telling my cousin something while Mindi was on and I looked to her right and there was Tommy (The Key Boardest in the Backstreet Boys band who also is on tour with Johnny No Name)we said "Hey Tommy" and he said hi to us!! Then when AJ i mean Johnny No Name came on stage I spotted on the side of the stage his mom... Denise McLean. I waved to her and she smiled, laughed, and waved back. I thought that was cool that she waved back and not ignored me. Well anyhow... AJ sang "Back at One" and when he sang "1 your like a dream come true".. he pointed at me... I FREAKED!!! Then i think the high light of the night is when he said: 1) Be real 2) be cool & 3) (sticking his butt out and touching it) behave. I got really good pictures too.. I wish I could have a scanner to send them to this web-site but I don't!!!Anyhow.... he also said that Chicago was the city that sold the most tickets on his "Johnny No Name" tour!! GO CHI-TOWN! Anyhow anyone going to a Johnny No Name concert... YOU WILL HAVE FUN & IF U DON'T THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH U!!! LOL~~~ :-) KTAJPA!!!

Sent: Saturday, April 08, 2000 1:58 PM

The concert was amazing! I just moved to chicago March 27th, and all my BSB fan best friends were back home, and having them there would have made the concert a little more fun for me. But I had a lot of fun watching AJ try to break the Backstreet image. I only had one complaint: he was NOT singing to his audience. I couldn't tell what his first 3 songs were, and the best part of a concert is getting into the music. you can't do that if you've never heard the songs before. plus, he picked my 2 least favorite bsb songs to sing, but whatever. i was so glad i got to see my favorite backstreet boy up close, and i just hope he doesn't leave the group!

Concert Reviews: Johnny No Name - April 4 - Chicago

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

From: Elyse Pierson []
Sent: Wednesday, April 05, 2000 1:19 AM

The Johnny No Name concert in Chicago on April 4th was the best thing ever! He did all the same songs as the other previous Johnny concerts, but he said that Chicago was the most people to attend his concert and that he loved it here! It was sooo much fun. Some girl threw a VERY LARGE bra onto the stage and AJ was making jokes throughout the night about the VERY LARGE bra! He also was making jokes about the other boys from BSB and their nicknames and I thought that was the funniest thing... I was almost crying I was laughing so hard! He really has a fenominal voice and deserves to have a CD made out of this tour. I think then all the proceeds could go to VH1 save the music too, and he would make mega money for them with the CD, because all the people who couldn't go to the concert either would buy it too! Well, all in all it was one of the best concerts I have ever seen... the best being the Millennium tour concert in Chicago!


From: Jessica []
Sent: Wednesday, April 05, 2000 6:54 PM

Hey everyone!! I went to the Johnny Noname concert on April 4, in Chicago. It was such a blast! We had 5th row seats, but I ended up sneaking up to the 2nd row, not counting the couple of rows in the orchestra pit, and I was sooooooo close! AJ was incredibly funny as Johnny. Examples:

-The funniest part was when he made fun of each of the boy's nicknames. For Brian he said, "And B-Rok? Who would want to BE a ROCK?" For Kevin he made some train noises. For Howie he said, "My name is Sweet D," in a stereotypical "gay" voice. For himself, " And that AJ guy, what kind if name is Bone. It sounds like a sexual act!" I swear he said that, it was so funny.

- He came out once and just out of the blue said, "I feel horny," or something like that. Everyone freaked out.

- The girl in front of me through this huge bra on stage and he picked it up and said, "There is some lucky lady in the audeince tonight." Mindi put it on her head. And then he joked that it belonged to his security guard.

I loved both Mindi and Nobody's Angel, who all waved at me. They were both really good and full of energy. Oh, and Tommy was just strolling around the theater before the show started and while the opening acts were performing!! He was taking pics sometimes. We ran up to him, and he said, " guys, you can't do this," cause he didn't want a scene I guess. We all said, "Happy Birthday!!!!" and he looked surprised we remembered, and said "Thank You!!"

AJ did a wonderful job. I have to say my favorite parts of the concert were when he sang BSB songs. I think that is because I really don't like rock music, so although it was cool seeing AJ do anything, I didn't enjoy some of the songs, especially that Rage Against the Machine song, yuck. That is just my personal taste though, I'm more of a pop music girl. He did a fabulous job though, I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just want to say that I think what AJ is doing, performing for the VH1 thing, is wonderful of him, and to keep up the good work!

From: Christina J. []
Sent: Wednesday, April 05, 2000 3:38 AM

The concert tonight was truly amazing. I LOVED IT. Aj did such a great job. He sang so many diffrent songs but the one that got to me the most was Back at One and Lay Down Beside Me. I cried when he saing those songs but I really cried at Back at One. He sang a special mix of Hey Mr Dj, Play that funky music white boy, kill in the name of , and another song I cant remember the name of. It was the first song and it had me crazy! This concert was sooo great! What made it even better was I had a letter for AJ. I was going to just give it to his security and ask that they give it to him, As I was headed toward where they were much to my surprise I saw Aj. And the security was rushing him, I thought it was now or never. I was callin him but I didnt have much of a voice from screaming so i ran up some t reach out and touch him. He turned around and grabbed my hand and gave it to him and said this is for you. He said thankyou sweetherat and the security rushed him because a whole lot of girls were coming. That was the best night of my life!! I never knew i would come that close to him in my life!! He is shorter than he looks and he is very very sexy. His opening acts did very well also. I am so glad I went because I almost didnt go. He was very entertaining as well, and those of you who havent had the chance to see him he is one helluva performer!! I took lots of pics and depending how they turn out I will sned some to Well I have had a great night but I need some sleep. If you have any questions feel free to email me.

KTAJJNPA(Keep the AJ Johnny Noname Pride Alive)

AjsBrownSugar aka Chrissy

From: Courtney []
Sent: Wednesday, April 05, 2000 3:51 AM

Well, it's almost 3 am here in Chicago, and i'm just getting home from the Johnny No Name concert at the Rosemont Theater (the biggest audience on the tour). The show itself was simply brilliant. Going from Stone Temple Pilots to Brian McKnight to Tonic effortlessly, AJ demonstrated an adeptness and variety that fans haven't had the chance to see from him with Backstreet (as AJ, of course). He was totally in character (from the suits to the accent) until the end of the night, when he bid Johnny farewell and the crowd had a few moments with good old AJ. Highlights of the show included his covers of Tonic's "If You Could Only See" and, of course, his version of Brian McKnight's "Back At One" that had thousands of fans singing along with him.

If you're wondering why I'm just getting home when I live a little less than 45 minutes from the arena - well, there's a simple answer to that one. My best friend Tanya and I did what any true AJ, Johnny, and Backstreet fans would do - we followed the tour bus from Rosemont, IL to about 20 minutes outside Benton Harbor, Michigan. We only stopped there because we were desperately low on gas. If we'd filled up before the concert, there's no doubt in my mind that we'd be very close to Detroit right about now. It started as a caravan of about 40 or so cars, then dwindled to the die hards (about 6 of us the last hour or so).

If you can catch Johnny before he goes back to prison (he, he), I highly recommend it. It was the best $20 I've ever spent.

From: Nicole Joseph []
Sent: Wednesday, April 05, 2000 10:49 AM

Hey Everyone, okay, I am about to write about one of the best nights of my life, last night, when I went to see Johnny No Name here in Chicago IL. If you've been, you know what I'm talking about, if you're going, you will, you will!!!!!

Okay, so we [me, my sis, and 2 of our friends] arrived at the Rosemont Theatre at about 6:00 p.m. on tues., 04-04-00. The line was already almost in the street. We got in line, but of course they decided to move the line, so everyone took off running [even though we all had reserved seats anyway] It was getting closer to 6:30, and we knew they would let us in then because the concert started at 7:30. [Btw, a little off the subject, why was there a flasher in the Holiday Inn across the street flashing the line???? the perv....] so anyway, at 6:30-ish, they let us in and we had to find the door that led to our section. Then we had to line up outside the door until 7:00 p.m. At 7:00, we went in and I was almost shaking. Our seats were pretty good, so I was happy. At almost exactly 7:30, the lights went out, and we started going crazy of course, and then there he was........A.J. in a white vest and a hat.and..he looked gorgeous. He came out as himself and introduced the opening acts. I promise not to give it all away but I have to tell one of the best parts. A.J. was talking about Johnny, and said "Johnny will freak you in the bed, on the floor, and in the bathtub". I was dying in the audience!!!! So then Mindi Abair came out, and then A.J. again to introduce Nobody's Angel who I didn't care to much for.

And then came Johnny.

Johnny is hilariously, goregously, fine....he made a lot of jokes about A.J. which was so cute and he even made some jokes about kev, bri, howie, and nick which i thought was also cute. He sang a lot of songs, I won't list them because you've probably already heard what he sings. My fave was when he sang my favorite song, "If you knew what I knew" It was the best, most energetic concert i've ever been to.

I'll stop with the concert there, but I have to tell you the best part of the night. We went outside right as he was finishing up on stage to try to catch the tour bus. I think it was about 10:15. There was already a crowd around the shiny black tour bus, and by 10:30 I think the whole audience was there. I mean I couldn't move at all. We decided that maybe it was a decoy bus, so we ran to one of the other 3 buses. Nothing. At 10:45, [our ride was coming at 10:30] we decided we should leave. Everyone was saying he left although of course we never believe that, right? =) So then I saw my mom, and I asked her if we could stay for 10 more mins. I'm so happy I asked. We went back to the parking lot, and I saw a guy standing by the door. I talked to him for a few minutes, he was really nice but he wouldn't let us go backstage. But he did say that A.J. would definetly be getting on that bus and that it was not a decoy. So we ran back over to the back of the bus where it wasn't that many people [it was a huge crowd in the front.]

Thats when we saw Denise Mclean lean out the bus to shake some of the security's hands. We screamed but she didn't hear us. And then he ran out.

It was so quick, but all of a sudden we saw him run out a door with security and jump on the bus. Immediately, we surrounded the bus but since we were at the back, we could only get to the back window. I was right in front of the back window on one side, when all of a sudden A.J. was right there!! He came to MY (lol) window. He looked down for a minute, then looked out the window and started waving at us! He looked right at me, wooo hooo!! He opened the window when the bus started moving, but I couldn't keep up. This one guard kept pushing us back really hard. It might not seem like much, but I was just so happy that we'd waited because I've never met A.J. and that was the closest I've ever gotten. Well sorry I wrote so much. Write me if you went to that concert, kay!

Luv ya all,
Kiorah No Name (lol)

Sent: Wednesday, April 05, 2000 1:06 PM

Hi to introduce myself first I am Jill or AJzFreak in BackChat. Enough bout me this is my concert review:

It all happened last night and I still can't get over it. I had third row seats and I was in heaven. I missed Mindi because we got a little lost but got there right in time to see Nobody's Angel. They were really good I got a couple of waves of them but no pictures I was waiting for AJ to snap pictures.

The first song Johnny sings is "Killing in the name of" one of my favorites by Rage. He did a great job and I was one of the few that could sing along with it. I think Rage would have been impressed. The guitarist are really cool. I was by there side and they kept playing together and Johnny would come over and pretend he was playing. I like the fact that Johnny played a lot of alternative/pop songs because those are my favorite types of music. He sat down and sang "Lay down beside me" Damn did he look good!! He introduces the band and even Guido. Then he came out with no shirt. Let me take a minute to breathe. Can I say he has the best body in the world!!! He performed with the opening act. It was really good.

Then it was time for me to run out and catch the tour buses. And that we did. They kept telling us he left already go home. Then we caught this girl bringing a McDonald's bag out. First she put it on one bus then she moved it to the other buss. And about 5 minutes after that came out Denise his mom. Then the video camera came out and recorded all of us outside. Then finally AJ came out!!! We went crazy. The bus started moving and we were doing everything we could to get his attention and that we didd. He opened the window as the were driving away and said hi and waved at all of use. Me and five other girls chased the bus. I had to jump over police bars and a girl who was on the floor to get to him. I was face to face with him. I couldn't believe it. Him and his mom stuck there heads out and AJ says to me "How did you like the show?" I was like I LOVED IT AND I LOVE YOU!! he started laughing and tried to reach for my hand but they were already driving away. So instead he blew me a kiss.


Concert Reviews: Johnny No Name - April 2 - Minneapolis (Part II)

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

Sent: Tuesday, April 04, 2000 9:07 PM on Sunday, April 2nd, 2000.....I saw the love of my life! JK! I just think he's super super super HOT and has a great personanlity! Anyways it all started, that I had been haveing a really bad day because the local radio station played a really bad joke on us.....They said that Backstreet Boys were breaking up! And I was gullable enough to believe DAVE RYAN (the morning guy)! And the day before I went to the Asain Mtv site and it said that BSB were thinking of switching labels so I was like WoooooOOOooOOoooOOOOOOoooa! But then we decided to leave at twelve and acually not go to church so we could be there early!!!! The concert started at six but we knew there would be a line so we went early!

Well.......not early enough....There were like 50+ girlzzz waiting outside with blankets and hats! Me along with my two friends, Megan and Lindsey went to the end of the line! We waited for about twenty minutes and then these two girls named Jenny and Abbey showed up! We all started talking and became friends! While Lindz and Meg went to get hot choclate me and abbey went up to this tall guy and asked him if he was a body gi=uard and he's like "no!" but later we found out he was a body guard! and then we saw this bus and it had a Florida license plate and I'm like oh yed, Aj's bus! but no one was on it!we even tried to open the door! So me and abbey went back to get in line infront of the Quest! Then she told me this story about how she waoited for Nick Carter outside Sam Goody in the Mall of America before the Millennium concert! And they waited for hours and gave up! So they walked up stairs cause there was another am Goddy upstairs so they went up there and waited! Then all of a sudden this totally hot guy walks by and there like "OH MY GOD, That's Nick Carter!" So they cried and followed him to Nordstrums! Jenny(Abbeys friend) ran off like a psyco while Abbey stayed fresh on Nick Cater's trail! Then he walked outside with his two body guards along side....They looked at her and told her to come over and Nicks like "don't cry" and he hugged her! NO FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways!!!! Then Lindz and Meg went to Mcdonalds and a bunch of other girls showed up....I only remember one of the girls names, Molly and she was sooooo funny! Well then Lindz and Meg came back and I was like yeah I'm hungary now! So me and Abbey walked to Mcdonalds a couple of blocks away! Abbey and I talked a lot and then she's like "What if AJ came while we were gone and they all saw him, I would be so mad!" And sure enough we came back and Megan is like "AJ JUST CAME!" We couldn't help but laugh! That was like 2 hours before we went in! KDWB was there with all their music and we sang on the radio to "Say My Name" and we were singing all these songs and having a great time! Well then are other friends....Abby(a different one) and Christina(who acually left a review in this column) showed up and got in line....everyone was mad....OH WELL haha! Then it started to rain! We got ponchos and junk! Then finally time to go in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone pushed to get in!!! Then I was in such a hurry to give the people my ticket I didn't notice that AJ's mom was at the door!! I wish I would have!!!! We waited for an hour for the lights to go out and the show to start and it did! I was soooo crowded I could hardly breath!!! AJ came out and said stuff as himself! Then left for Mindi to come out! Which I have seen her before at the BSB concert! She was sooooooooo good at the saxaphone! Then Aj came out again and introduced Nobody's Angel! They are soooooo cOol! I acually wanted to see the A LOT! I knew there songs cause I've seen there videos so much but they ROCKED! Then Jonny No Name came out and sang! He does such a great show! I love his saying "Be Real, Be Cool, and Behave Baby!" If that is how it goes!!!!!! He is sooooooo HOT in real life!!!!!!!!

Anyways my mom wouldnt drive us to the hotel to see AJ but Abby and Christina stayed after meet AJ! They didn't end up meeting him but they met Mindy, Nobodys Angel, and AJ's mom! It was so cool! and hes so cool! thanks for your time to listen to my wonderful experience! byebyebye!~Courtney Renken!~

From: Jessica Polichetti []
Sent: Tuesday, April 04, 2000 9:55 PM

Last night (April 2) I had the dubious pleasure of attending Johnny No Name's Minneapolis show at the Quest Club. Now, I am a huge fan of AJ (or Johnny, if you prefer). The man is a born performer and has so much talent in so many areas as well as being a sheer joy to watch; he obviously enjoys what he's doing and shows it. He doesn't take himself as seriously as it seems and can even pull off a fake, twangy British accent without seeming too silly.

If you can't tell, I loved the show and the whole "Johnny No Name" persona. It is something I count myself lucky for being able to do and I would do it again in a second. AJ is not only my favorite member of the Backstreet Boys but also one of my favorite entertainers, period. This brings me to the one complaint I have and the message I would like to send out to other fans: the whole concert experience would be more pleasant for everybody if people showed the same courtesy during concerts that they do every other day.

Now, I am as big a Backstreet/Johnny fan as anybody there, probably bigger, but I still have room in my day for simple courtesy to the others in the venue. I don't think this has anything to do with the fact that the majority of girls I saw there were between ten and thirteen. I also saw a number of mothers and girls my age (seventeen) and older who were so rabidly dedicated to the Boys that all common sense simply fled their minds. An example of this was when a friend and I decided to take a walk around the block to kill ten minutes of the five hour wait and were screamed at and called names that I would be punished for using because a particularly large group of ten-year-olds thought we were going to take their place in line. i could name more, but I don't like to nit-pick TOO much.

It became clear once we were let inside and the mad rush to the front of the room began that most of the people there had decided that they would do anything, and I mean anything, to be in front. The group I was with had a rather nice spot no more than 20 feet from the stage up against a large metal barrier, which apparently annoyed the people behind us because we had minutely better views than them. One of my friends was slapped when she was pushed up against the barrier and tried to move back to breathe and then left at the end of the night with four pieces of gum in her hair. I was lucky in that all the person behind me did was scream "AJ GET NAKED!!!" and "WHIP IT OUT!" about a thousand times in my ear (but hey, we were all thinking it) and call me a bitch when I moved my hair out of the vice grip she had on my back.

I think that the choice of venue (a nightclub that could hold, I think, about 1200 people-I could be wrong) simply aggravated matters. I saw the Backstreet Boys at the massive Minneapolis Target Center in October and yes, people were crazy there too, and not very aware of the fact that holding up billboard-sized signs and standing on chairs can have an adverse affect on others' view of the show. However, I found that most people there were generally polite. Side note: I was pretty disappointed that I couldn't hold up my "Johnny, You can handcuff us anytime" for a few seconds last night, (which I thought was rather risqué until I saw the other signs) but there was no way I could do so without blocking the view of everybody behind me, sadly enough.

I'm not trying to denounce anybody and I apologize if I sound accusatory and, no, none of the examples I named are earth-shattering. I had a great time, and I would never let a few inconsiderate people ruin my enjoyment of an event I had been looking forward to as much as I had been looking forward to Johnny. All I wish to point out is that even though the Backstreet Boys, Johnny, AJ or whoever are in town is not a sufficient excuse to go insane. I love them just as much as you do. Abandoning all restraints of acting like a considerate human being will not get you a better chance of getting close to AJ and gives Backstreet Boys fans a really bad name. The Boys themselves would expect their fans to act civilly to each other, I'm sure. Come on, we're all there to see somebody we all love, so let's get along.


Sent: Thursday, April 06, 2000 4:12 PM

On April Second, 2000, I went to the Johnny No-Name concert at the Quest in Minneapolis, MN. We got there at about 7:00am and there were about 3 groups that were there before us. We soon became friends with the groups before us and soon the groups after us as well. There were a couple corals, actually one with a group that budged but I wont get into that. After waiting there for about 12 hours we were just about ready to go in. As we were waiting the local radio station had been outside playing music for our enjoyment. I will never forget when "The Thong Song" came on. My friends and myself had some thongs and we were swinging them around…I guess you had to be there. Before being let in, my friends and I needed to go to the bathroom so we began to walk down the street to the nearest restaurant that we always used to go to the bathroom. My friends were already across the street by the time I noticed this, I looked down the street and saw 2 HUGE buses coming my way. They were about a block away, but after talking to a girl that had been to a Johnny No-Name concert before, I knew that they were AJ's. I stood there in shock for about 2 seconds and then started screaming. My friends turned around to see me jumping up and down screaming, "THE BUSES ARE COMING THE BUSES ARE COMING!" We all turned around and booked it back to the Quest screaming. I think the people that were there were kind of afraid of us. We never actually saw AJ but oh well.

OK so now for the concert. We were finally let in and we got AWSOME seats. I was in second row, and my friends were in first. AJ came out to introduce Mindi. He was wearing a red Cowboy hat and a sexy shirt that said "Johnny" on the back. When he came out I couldn't breath. I think it was a mixture of being pressed so tightly against others and seeing AJ. In my hand I had a stuffed Oreo cookie, it was like a stuffed animal. I don't know how it happened but before I knew it, I was throwing it. It hit him in the chest and then landed in his arm. After it hit him in the chest he goes, "OW you guys those hurt." He still didn't notice my stuffed animal was in his arm. He looked down at it and said, "Oh nice catch!" he picked it up, looked at it and said, "AWW, I'm loved!" (The reason why he said this was because of this pin I had on it that said, "I am loved" and he read it. I was in shock…I couldn't breathe! Soon I was jumping up and down screaming, "THAT'S MINE!" over and over again. Mindi came on and sang a few songs that were really good and then No Body's Angles came on. They sang a few songs and they were really cool as well. Then it was time for Johnny.

Johnny came on singing I want it that way. After he sang a small art of that he stopped and said, "No, no, no, this is not a Backstreet Boys Concert…who are you guys here to see?" Then many people screamed, "JOHNNY!" He looked around with a smile and said, "I think I have to rephrase that question, who are you guys here to see?" Then every one screamed, "JOHNNY!" Johnny sang a few songs complete with many pelvic thrusts. I swear on my life, I have never been so sexually teased in my life, he would always be saying, "It is so hot in here I think I am going to have to start taking off some cloths." And oh did I want him to. Not to fret though, Johnny did rip off his beater. One thing that I will never forget is when he was about to sing "Lay down beside me." This is what he said in a English accent,

"The song that I am going to sing now is a very romantic song, but it is also very, how do you say, SEXUAL. Now, what I want you to do is close your eyes and imagine me standing rite next to you completely naked." At those words I melted, I think I fainted but didn't fall because I was so jam packed into that place. Threw out the show he was very SEXUAL. It was so good, it was a dream come true for me. Oh yeah, I threw up a thong and it hit him in the pelvic area…and he kind of twitched a little…oops! At the end of the concert he brought everyone on stage (Mindi, even though she was already on, and No Body's Angles) and they all sang "Brick House." While they were singing my friends were begging Ail from No Body's Angles to give AJ the thong they had thrown on stage. She picked it up with a smile, she is the biggest sweetie, and thew it to AJ. AJ picked up the thong and started swinging it around, Kind of like a Lasso. The concert ended way too soon, and my friend started talking to a security guard. He asked her is she wanted her underwear back and of corse she said yes. He handed her the underwear and she started freaking out…and she still is. So was I. If you have not been to the Johnny No-Name concert yet, I hope that you have as a wonderful time as I did. And remember this is a Johnny No-Name concert, not a BSB concert!

Thank you for reading my review!

Peace out and God bless,

~ Jenny.

PS, if you want to e-mail me you can at

Sent: Thursday, April 06, 2000 4:37 PM

Hi everyone, my name is Jackie and I am in AJ heaven! My husband and I went to his Johnny No Name concert at the Quest in downtown Minneapolis on Sunday, April 2 and it rocked. That man has to be one of the coolest guys on the planet. We arrived downtown in the early afternoon, because it was a general admission, standing concert. I found out that some fans camped out overnight! As we stood outside, waiting for 6:00 to come, it started to rain (figures). Fortunately, some reps from KDWB, a local Top 40 radio station pulled up in their van, set up speakers and passed out rain ponchos with hoods. Very nice! The music helped make the wait more fun and the ponchos kept us warm and dry. Sometime after 4:00, the buses came around the corner causing much screaming. One of them parked in front of the Quest for a few minutes. Some girls started writing messages in the dust on the side of the bus and the driver came out and yelled at them, brushing off the bus. I'm thinking "Take it easy guy", but maybe he was concerned for the girls' safety.

The doors opened at 6:15 and the concert started earlier than 7:00, which was nice, since we had been waiting for so long. We were about 15 feet from the stage, a little right of middle. At about 6:45 a KDWB DJ (Scotty Davis) introduced AJ and he came out and welcomed everyone (as AJ) and thanked us all for coming. He explained all about the VH-1 Save the Music campaign. He was wearing a flashy white jacket with a colorful applique of fruit maybe (?) and Johnny No Name emblazoned on the back. He also had on an orangey-red cowboy hat. Lookin' good! Then he introduced Mindi Abair who is really a good performer. She reminds me of Joan Jett (not in looks, but in musical style...a real rocker). She sang four songs. She wrote or co-wrote all of them I believe. They were great. I especially liked "Free", which she said was autobiographical. It was about how she doesn't fit in with the regular world of husband, kids, and PTA, she just wants to rock and roll all day. She also sang a beautiful song called "First Kiss", about a relationship not working out, not sure who's fault it is, but wishing they could just go back to how it felt when they shared their first kiss. She sings with a lot of emotion and has a really good voice. Her CD is available at

When Mindi was done, AJ came back out and introduced Nobody's Angels. They were four young girls: one looks like Uma Thurman, one like Rosie Perez, one like a young Dyan Cannon (judge from Ally McBeal) and one, well she didn't remind me of anyone, but she had the biggest smile I have ever seen and never stopped smiling. They came out the theme of "Charlie's Angels", then that album scratch noise was made and they went right into their first song. They performed to canned music. They did a couple pop songs and ended with a good dance, club type song. They were very energetic and friendly.

When they were finished, there was about a 10 or 15 minute wait. Unfortunately, several people had to be led out, due to being hurt by pushing or overcome by the close quarters. It was quite squishy, especially for those up front. Please everyone, be careful if you are going to a general admission concert. You might want to think twice before running up front. You will get pushed into the barricades. The curtain finally went up and the band was onstage: Tommy, Louis, Dennis, Guy, Mindi, a male back up singer, and a different drummer. In the middle of the stage was Marcus, AJ's bodyguard, in a police department T-shirt, standing with his arms crossed. Then a voice introduced Johnny as coming from the Minneapolis City Jail. Marcus stepped aside and JNN was right behind him, handcuffed of course! He was wearing a brown suit with a long coat and a white sleeveless T-shirt underneath. He had on a silver cross and a cream colored cowboy hat. Marcus uncuffed him and he launched into Stone Temple Pilots and Rage Against the Maching ("Killing in the Name of"). He talked with a great Austin Powers type accent and stayed in character the whole time, except for the encore. He said how it was extremely warm in there and he didn't know how long he would be able to keep all his clothes on. LOL It was fun to see this whole new side of AJ. He has an amazing ability to sing so many different styles of music and sing them well.

You can tell he loves to be onstage. He is so smooth...his moves and his music. He has a great natural ability to banter with the crowd. It was fun when he did "Back at One", because he held out the mike and the audience sang what each of the steps were (1, 2, 3, etc.). He also held out the mike for the funky version of "Hey Mr. DJ" during the chorus. We sounded pretty good I think! Johnny said we should come onstage and sing to him. No thanks, we'd rather watch you hon! He did "Play that Funky Music" singing it with Mindi. They were really getting down! When he did "Lay Down Beside Me", he told the audience to picture him standing right next to each of us...completely naked. (Imagine this with the British accent, LOL!) He started out sitting in a chair, but soon stood up. (Thank you Johnny, gotta see the whole AJ for this one!) At one point in the song, when he sings "Hold me", he would jam on that phrase, then Mindi would one-up him on the sax. This went back and forth a few times, then Mindi ended up blasting away and Johnny said "I guess this proves that females are the dominant species" and everyone screamed. Then he finished the song. He really can work a crowd! It was so great to see and hear Johnny perform "If You Knew What I Knew", which he said AJ wrote for him. It really is a beautiful song. When he sang "Like a newborn child..." he gently cradled his arms and rocked sweet. He also performs "Bad to the Bone" with a special guitar made for him by Peavey with two strings. He really gets down and jams to this one! Dennis kind of teased him when he talked about the guitar. Johnny made a crack to Dennis "What do you know, you're in love with a goose!", referring to Guido, who is along for the tour and is introduced with the rest of the band. Tommy and Dennis sing backing vocals on the tour. Dennis and Louis had some great guitar solos and Tommy had a wonderful keyboard solo at one point too! Dennis and Johnny both flicked their guitar picks into the crowd. The drummer performs an awesome solo too, complete with flaming drumsticks.

The encore was performed as AJ (he said Johnny went bye-bye and AJ says hi-hi), wearing only pants and shirt! Someone gave him a red sequined cowboy hat which he put on. The song was "Brick House". What a great song, it's almost as if it were written just for offense to the Commodores. You may be interested to know that my husband enjoyed the concert too! He didn't complain once about the rain, the wait, the standing, the crowd, the squishing, or the screaming. Believe me, it was all worth it. It was an awesome show. Long live Johnny No Name!

Concert Reviews: Johnny No Name - April 2 - Minneapolis

Date: Sep 30, 2000
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Sent: Tuesday, April 04, 2000 1:20 PM

Hi! My name is Erica and I went to the Johnny no name concert on Sunday April 2, 2000 at the quest in Minneapolis and it was sooooo amazing! I went with my friend and neighbor(who was one of the few guys there) We left at like 5:50 for thr quest(the place it was at) we got lost cuz of bad directions from my brother, but at like 6:10 we got there and they had opened the doors like 10 minutes ago. We didn't have tickets yet but there was some guy on the street selling them for the same price they were worth so we ran over to him and bought 2 tickets. the line was extermaly long, like 4 blocks, so we just sort of cut into line with a bunch of other people, but we were still like 2 blocks away from the door. Well after like 15 minutes a security guy for the quest said that if we went around to the other door we could get in a lot quicker and since we had tickets after like 5 minutes we walked right in. It was in a big club so there weren't any reall seats so we went up as close us we could. We were like 10 feet away from the stage. We waited inside for like 10 minutes and it Mindi Abair and Nobodys Angle did a great job(god i wish i were them:)) and then AJ or Johnny came on and everyone went crazy.

We started to get really smushed so we moved a little towards the back and more center but we could see great! Johnny was so awsome. He sang a bunch of great songs. Lay down beside me was probely my favorite song of the night, but hey it was all good. He also sang play that funcky music white boy, back at one, and some rage songs, and ICP songs as well as a few bsb songs. At the and everyone started chanting "Johnny Johnny" but than AJ came out saying "Johnny went bye bye and AJ went hi hi." Then after AJ was done singing and he left we went out side. As soon as AJ left and the light went down me and my friend left the club. We were one of the firsts to get outside and we saw the gates weew he would come to get on his bus, so we waited and we were right up next to the gate!!! Well after some secrity people and band members came out AJ's mom Denise came out and then finally AJ came. Everyone went crazy and I was almost pushed over the gate things. His security garuds pushed him onto the bus and some people statrted chasing after his bus but it left. Then me and my friend walked about 2 blocks looking for a phone but went back to the quest. The band bus was going to leave but they stopped and Mindi and the other backup singer/gautairist who's name I don't remember were handed out cards with Mindi's picutre on it for her CD and signing autographs. I went up to the guy and asked for his autograph and I was the first one to ask him for his and he asked me if I wanted Mindi's autograph and he got it for me. After that we went inside to call our parents to pick us up since we didn't drive there cuz parking's really exspensive and we aren't aloud to drive there anyways. The whole night was amazing. It's such a cool concert, exspecially for me who had never been to any concert before. Now if only I had remembered to give the band members my demo tape it would have been perfect!

Sent: Monday, April 03, 2000 10:11 PM

Well ill start out by saying the concert was soooo cool!! Ok when we first got there, we jumped in line with our friends. we waited in line for about 2 hours, and finally we were moving. we pushed our way up to third row!! It was really really cramped, i coudlnt even lift my arms. Aj first came out as AJ, and OMG i couldnt believe i was so close to one of the backstreet boys!! Then Mindi came out, and she rocked. All of her songs were personal, which was so cool. Then AJ came back out, and it got more crowded. I had to push people so i could breathe!! Nobodys angel was cool too, but everyone was so cramped it was like to hot to dance. Then Johnny came out!! It was so packed, and he came out with a song, i dont remember. We waited until he sang "if you knew what i knew", and then we HAD to move. We moved all the way to the back, and you could see way better, and move around. After AJ sang bad to the bone, we snuck outside, where AJ entered. It was an abandoned alley, and we were kinda scared. We knew someone was coming out because security was everywhere, and this lady (she had blonde hair, she was wearing a girl suit, can someone e-mail me and tell me who she is) yelled at us twice and told us we had to leave. of course we didnt. Finally Mindi came out!! She hugged me, and signed an autograph. Then we waited for another half an hour. Finally a lady and a guy came out, and my friend abbey said "is that ajs mom?" and i called "denise!" and she turned around, gave me a hug, and singed an autograph!! She was so sweet!! Then Nobodys angel came out, and I got their autographs too. I also met a band member, and he was cool too. but no AJ! That night of April 2nd 2000 was one of the best nights of my life!!

From: Essex Nikai []
Sent: Monday, April 03, 2000 3:23 PM

Last night was probly one of the best nights of my life. I saw AJ McLean appearring as Johnny No Name. Mindi Abair was the first opening act. She rock The Quest Club. She is the bomb. I cant wait till she comes out with a solo album. Next was Nobody's Angel. They were good. Stacy was the bomb. She is my fav. Then Johnny came out. That man is HOTT. I am a converted fan. Well I was more of a Nick Carter type of fan but after seeing AJ I am a AJ fan now. I still love the others but hey AJ rocks. I would love to go see him again. And let me tell you its worth the wait in line to get in and worth the price of the ticket. I really dont want to give the show away for those that still havent seen the show. If you are going Have A Blast. My mom was even rocking and singin along. But I am gonna end it right here. "Be cool, Be real, and Behave baby" as Johnny would say.

Concert Reviews: Johnny No Name - April 1, Milwaukee, WI

Date: Sep 30, 2000
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Sent: Sunday, April 02, 2000 1:57 PM

I went to the Johnny No Name concert and it was awesome! Even though there were a lot of people that would not move at all for us, and we were so cramped, my friend and I moved over to the side. It was even hard to get over to the side cause people wouldn't move! I had to literally shove this girl because she just stood there. She said I was rude, but come on...I couldn't breath!!!! It was insane!!!

But, the concert was awesome! It rocked so bad! And Mindi was awesome! She was so cool when she opened and then when she had the "duel" with Johnny in "Lay Down". I even noticed on the outside of the theater, it said "Jonny No Name as AJ McLean". I don't know why they did it like that let alone spell Johnny wrong! This one girl ( no idea from where), she threw up her pants and underwear in them ( I am sure that she had them fixed up like that ) and Johnny said "Oh dear lord! Someone out there is naked and its not me!" It was so cute. And also when he was like "daaaaaannnnnng" during "BrickHouse". I don't want to say to much more about it cause I don't really want to give away the songs that were sung. But all I can tell you is if you are going to go- YOU WILL LOVE IT! Johnny rocks, and I HOPE/PRAYING that he'll come out with an album cause he is AWESOME! It was the best concert ( he waved to me, looked at me, and pointed to me in "Lay Down" hehe).

"Be cool, be real, and BEHAVE BABY!!!!" ~Johnny No Name

Sent: Sunday, April 02, 2000 1:47 AM

The concert was the bomb!!!!!! he changed clothes three times. he wore a brown suit, a white suit, and flight pants with no shirt. he sang: back at one, hey mr.d j, don't want you back, freek house, funky music, lay down be side me and some others. my favorite part was when he sang funky music!!!! when he came out at the beginning he was cuffed to a cop, then at the end the cop arested him.

the whole show was great!! even though the other four guys weren't there, it still was one of the greatest nights of my life!!! when his bus came up to the majeska i ran to get a glimps of him. i saw him up really close. i got a picture of him in the window of the bus. then when the bus went to the back enterance he stuck his head out the window and waved to me and my bestfriend sarah!!!!!! it was one of the best concerts i have ever ben to. next to the bsb concert that is!!!!!!!!!!

** nick's baby girl(tammy) and howie's honey(sarah)

Concert Reviews: Johnny No Name - March 28 - Las Vegas (Part III)

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

From: Melissa Colli []
Sent: Friday, April 07, 2000 8:28 PM

The Johnny No-Name concert in Las Vegas on March 28th was the BOMB!! rendition of the concert pretty much explains it but she did miss a few things that I personally experienced. Since I live 8 hours away we left the day before, and when we arrived we turned on the radio in the hotel room, and KLUC was giving away free backstage passes, so of course we called and called and called, but never got through. When the winner finally talked on the radio, she didn't sound excited, I was so dissipointed because all she said was "cool" come on, COOL, that would be AWSOME, I would be screaming. Anyways as for the concert, it was soo cool. But for my personal experiences, I was maybe about the 6th row away from the stage but was still squished TIGHT, but it didn't seem to bother me. But I love the band, and when I saw it was almost all of the original band, I was so happy. Luckily Johnny introduced them all, and I screamed out all of their names at the right time, when it came to Dennis Gallo, I SCREAMED, (all though I had been screaming the whole time), "DENNIS", and Johnny turned around, pointed in my direction and said "Oh, there's one over there", refering to a fan of Dennis's, I stood there stunned, I WAS SOO HAPPY!!! And just before the encore performance when the people were chanting, AJ, and Johnny, and all sorts of stuff, it suddenly stopped since everybody was saying something different stuff. So I started saying, "We want John-ny, we want John-ny", and EVERYBODY started saying it until he came back out!! The whole thing was just so much fun, and I would definately recommend it to EVERYBODY!!!!

Melissa Colli

Sent: Wednesday, March 29, 2000 2:36 AM

Hi my name is Christine and I just got back from the Johnny no name concert here in Las Vegas!! Let me just say that A.J. is awesome. I don't remember what he opened up with but my favorite would have to be when he sang Lay Down Beside Me! And of course at the end when Howie D. came out and sang Brick House with "A.J."

I would also like to say that all fans need to be polite to each other. There was a lot of pushing going on since it was general admission. And I would like to say to the girl in the blue and orange FUBU jersey who was rude and disgusting to anyone who crossed her path and chanting A.J. sucks @#$% I will probably see you on the next episode of Jerry Springer. A.J. and the rest of the Backstreet Boys do not need disgusting fans like you. But besides that little experience if you get a chance in the up coming weeks go check out Johnny No Name.

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