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Black and Blue

Date: Jul 07, 2001
Submitted By: Jenjen

On January 22, 2001 I went to the Backstreet Boys'sld out tour opener in Ft. Lauderdale. First, itwas the opening act wwhich I aways dread watching (remember EYC on the Millenium Tour), but I was surprised when someone actully good opened for them. Krystal has good vocal and instrumental talent and I even enjoyed watching her perform. She has natuaral talent and I like the songs that she sang. She shuns away from the blondies that make up today's female talent and it was a wise decision that the Backstreet Boys picked her for opening for them. Now on to the main act.

The Backstreet Boys put on an excellent show, I am a big fan, and they tried to get as close to the crowd as possibe without getting hurt and showed that they truly love their fans. They had a descending runway, but they didn't not use it for this show which I would have really liked. Not to criticize them, but the show seemed to mimic *NSYNC's NO STRING ATTACHED Tour with the behind the scenes of the dressing room and them popping up in the middle of the arena. Now to the better part of the show. I loved the performances of "Get Another Boyfriend" and "The Call", it really got the audience hyped up and are the best songs on Black and Blue. And it even reminded fans about our deteriorating environment in "The Answer to Our Lives" by showing varoius video clips of animals and plants. Ithink I almost cried in one part. All in all it was a excellent show put on by the Backstreet Boys and their is always next tour.

The kick off of the tour! Jan. 22nd

Date: Feb 03, 2001
Submitted By: Annie

My NAME IS aNNIE I'M 14 AND 7 OF US PILED IN A VAN to go see the Backstreet Boys kick off their tour in FT. Lauterdale on the 22nd... we had top level seats and drove 4 hours from nokomis Fl. to see them..i was so exicted! Somehting i wasn't expecting happened though..see i wore a jacket that light up and said Backstreet Boys the Backstreet Boys would blink...i got so much attention that know out of all the writings on peoples legs the obsession in clothes they wore to dress like their favorite Backstreet Boy i'am proud to say my jacket hit the high i was on the "Backstreet Boy camera" which goes to the boys b4 the show about my jacket..the news "NBC" and to top it all off my stupid self blew Backstage Passes!!!..a man who worked for the fan merchindise told me he liked my jacket... and i said thanks thinking another comment... but a girl stood with him with wires all over her and mics a camera not to far away video taped it seemed like .. the man walked away and the lady told me to go ask him for backstagen passes..i didn't know what to mom says she thinks its set up and im actually going to get them..i was so shocked i didn't know what to do...the man dissapeared and i never saw him...not to menchine had had 3 all access passes around his could i be so stupid!!!!..anyways..the concert rocked..they have grown musically so much and im so proud..the concert made my cry the whole mom said it looked like she was at an elvis but anyways it was awesome and i can't wait till they round it and come back!! i love ya';ll and backstreet fans you rock and keep backstreets pride alllive!!!!! I LOVE YA'LL


Opening Night~Monday 22

Date: Jan 30, 2001
Submitted By: Laurel

All I have to say is DAMN!!! I went to BSB's first concert of the Black and Blue tour in Ft. Lauderdale (just for the record, when are they gonna have one in Miami!!). I've been to ton's and ton's of concerts and this was the best (other than Lupus 2000 in orlanda when I grabbed AJ's leg). One of my friend's actually switched from a big 'Nstinc fan to a big BSB fan that was spiritual. I don't wanna give anything away but being an AJ fan, I loved the very very last thing he did. There's a video in the middle of the concert and ooooh that was such an awesome idea. If you went to the concert please e-mail me.



Fort Lauderdale 22-23~ BSB Concert

Date: Jan 27, 2001
Submitted By: Jess & Daiana

Hello Everyone!!!

I'm here to let you know how were the 2 first concert of the Black and Blue Tour in Fort Lauderdale and tell you why the 2nd show was for my friend/sister Jessi and me the MOST AMAIZING EXPERIENCE OF OUR LIFES!!!!! First of all we want you to know that we are from ARGENTINA(South America). The first show on 22nd was totaly increible!!!! The boys are the most talented and nice guys on earth!!!! The show have everithing to be the SHOW OF THE MILLENNIUM!!!! it have energy, nice quite moments, the boys walk all over the stage and over the fans because the stage have a bridge over the people on a few songs ... and of course the boys sing and dance better than ever!!! OH MY GOD!!! they are GREAT!!!! We were a little a way from the stage but we could apreciate every move of the boys!!! The clothes they wear is soooooo cool!!!! and make them look sooooo cute!!!!more than words can say!!!


Now I"m gonnna tell you why my friend/sister Jessi and me are sooooooo happy!!!

On the 2nd show on 23th we were closer to the stage... REALY CLOSE!!! we

were just next to the left wing of the stage sooooo... we were next to the


So when the boys walked through the left wing they could see the ARGENTINIAN FLAG THAT WE PAINTED FOR THEM WITH ALL OUR LOVE AND AFFECTION!! The flag have this frase: BSB no matter were you are ARGENTINA stays with you ... BSB and ARGENTINA were painted blue and the rest was black! We have hope to give it to them .... and ... OUR DREAM COME TRUE!!!! While Nick, Howie, AJ & Brian were changing Kevin appeared on the stage dreesed in a white siute MY GOD!!! he was sooo cute!!!! He walked just where we were and we show him the flag... he looked and read it. We could see a nice expretion on his face he was very surprised!!! He asked for the flag but we couldn't give it to him this time... but when they were singing SMTMOBL Kevin and the rest of the boys behind him walked again where we were and AGAIN KEVIN ASKED FOR THE FLAG!!!! AND WE COULD GIVE IT TO HIM!!!Jessi give Kevin the flag while I tried to take him pictures and he thank her for the this time we were almost dead but luckly I could take some pics IT WAS AMAIZING!! WE WERE SHOCKED!! Kevin read the flag again and put it around his waist as a skirt... then all the boy walked to the midle of the stage... Kevin took off the flag from his waist and show the flag to the rest of the boys and to the crowd there!!! then He put it again as a skirt around his waist and never took it off till the song finished! sooooo he took the flag with him!!! AGAIN... OH MY GOOOODDD!!! IT WAS THE MOST AMAIZING THING THAT HAPPENED TO US!!!WE DID IT!!! WE MADE OUR DREAM COME TRUE!!!! Thanks to the sweetest guy on earth... KEVIN!!! and of course thanks to BSB !!! we are very grateful and proud of being a BSB fans!!!

OK that's all!!!! excuse my english please! Just one more thing... a message TO ALL OF YOU... THE BEST FANS IN THE WHOLE WORLD : NEVER GIVE UP YOUR DREAMS ... CAUSE ALWAYS COME TRUE!!! With love,

Jessi & Daiana

BSB Black and Blue Tour, Tuesday Night January 23, 2001

Date: Jan 27, 2001
Submitted By: Jennifer

Geesh, where do I start? It all really started out for me Monday, (the day before the concert) my mom called me at my boyfriends house asking me if I wanted to go see BSB. I of course went physco and said YES!

Well we got to the arena, and GEESH we were so close! The seats were awesome! OMIG! Awesome! They were right next to the catwalk where they walk out. Me and my friend were flipping out.

The concert didnt end up starting until about 9 but between those times were awesome. They had an opening act whose voice was AWESOME, but she was very scary loooking. And then in between her act and BSB coming on, I met John Norris from MTV, they were doing a segment on the tour and stuff, and Im in the background. It was awesome. Well then around 9 the lights went out and EVERYONE was SCREAMING SO LOUD! OMIGosh it was loud. I was going crazy. There opening was awesome, there ending was aweseom, and in between the whole concert, I touch AJ's hand, Nicks shoe and Howie hand, and I got AWESOME pics!

My favorite part of the whole concert is when....they ask us if we wanna go see there dressing room, and they do this whole act underground, but while theyre showing the video, they are going underground, and show up on the other side of the arena, its such an awesome effect! OMIG whoever hasnt been to the concert, bring tons of film, and have a great time!

All 3 BSB shows in Ft.Lauderdale

Date: Jan 26, 2001
Submitted By: Amy Beth

I had the most amazing week ever! It all started with the opening night show on January 22nd. I was pleasantly surprised with the opening act, Krystal! Soon after her performance, BSB took the stage...

Their set up of the stage is great! It's set up like an airplane with wings stretching out from either side to the crowds of people!

They started off with lots of Pyro (may be scary for little kids!) which made quite a neat beginning. But it also gets a little hot after all that (it was especially hot since I was in 3rd row). Then, the boys were raised from under the stage in clouds of smoke, and opened with the song "Everyone" (how appropriate). They followed that with a mixture of songs from all their previous albums.

Towards the middle of the show, they moved to the rear stage! That was great for all the people towards the back of the venue! They were supposed to walk across the hanging catwalk to the front of the stage, but unfortunately it didn't work! It was stuck and wouldn't come down from the ceiling!

They eventually moved up to the front stage again, where they continued their amazing show! They even included the song "If You Stay", it's one of my faves and I never expected it to be in the show since it's a very old song! In the end, they finished with "Shape of My Heart" and tons of black, blue, white and silver confetti fell to the floor! It was a great concert!

January 23rd, was an AMAZING night for me since I had front row. That show was (of course) very similar to the first one, however they didn't sing as many songs, nor did they drop confetti and the end of the show.

That night Jon Secada, Dan Marino and some other celebs were there! I was shocked to see them all sitting around me.

I took some wonderful pictures since I was so very close. I'll set them up on my site this Saturday, January 27th, for everyone to see (

This night I was pleased to see the catwalk working. They sang "Time" as they crossed over all the fans. So, as you can tell I was pleased with this concert too.

January 24th, my mom surprised me with tickets in the 9th row. I was excited to be seeing them for the 3rd night in a row. The show was identical to the 2nd night, but this time I was seated right under the's really neat to see them walking above you!

They seemed to have a lot of energy for this show, which made a lasting impression on everyone.

In conclusion, I'm really pleased with this tour. I've seen about 11 of their shows over the past 4 years worth of their tours, and this one is probably the best! They make themselves visible to everyone in the arena at one point or another between the 2 stages, the catwalk, and the wings coming from the sides of the stages. I can't wait to see the show again!

For my pictures of this tour, check out:

BSB 3 concerts in ft. lauderdale

Date: Jan 26, 2001
Submitted By: Tawny and Danielle

The first night, we (Danielle and I) were in the car driving for nearly three hours (we kinda took a wrong turn instead of going to Sawgrass, we went towards Naples) ugh! So it kinda threw us off alittle. We eventually turned around and (heading in the RIGHT direction this time) We continued on with BSB blaring out the windows, with posters of NsTync that we drew all over taped to the windows. We arrived at the concert about 8pm.

Unfortunatley the first night my friends and I had 'nose bleed section'. We got there only to find the girls we got tickets with at Specs Music, the day the concert tickets for the first day went on sale. We got there just in time to hear Krystal perform her last song of the night. It was 8:15pm and suddenly the BSB came out. I'm not gonna spoil all the suprises for everyone!

Lets just say the pyrotechnics were awesome, so was the lighting and the stage setups. The boys performance was full of energy, and they were looking gorgeous as ever! The costumes were great..Expect to see alot of leather!

(link to our pics from the 2nd concert)

The second night definetly paid off! At the seats we had for the second day, we were two feet away from em! Section 8, row Q, seats 3 and 4 (right next to their platform)oops, i didnt say that! shhh! Well, anyways we got great pictures..Four cameras worth of pictures! (I know, we are gonna do the retarded fan thing) "omg, nick was waving at us, AJ was shaking his butt at Danielle, Howie did his cute little convulsive wink thing, Kevin threw some earing thingy's into the crowd and Tawny almost got one, but some girl came over and took rude!!"

The third night we arrived (on time) to our seats in the lower level. This time we were located on the right side of the stage. We got a really nice view when they came over to where we were at, not only did we get a great view but we got to touch their hands when they came over to us.

Well, Not much more to say! The concerts rocked! The BSB are definetly sweet, good looking, talented, energetic guys! I encourage everyone to go to the concert(s)!

Backstreet Concert 1/23/01 "Fort Lauderdale"

Date: Jan 26, 2001
Submitted By: Dahlia Littrell

It all started off Jan 23, 2001. I live 2 minutes away from National Car Rental Center. We got there around 6:00. And suprisingly it was frezzing cold, but not cold enough for seeing the best show.

We got to our seats and it was the first row behind the circle of the sound stage. The concert started at like 9:00, and didn't end till like 11:00 p.m. Well they sang both their old songs, and new ones. The special effects were amazing, like nothing i've ever seen.

The best part was having them run right passed us, and sitting on the and my friend both love brian and kevin and they waved right to us, and after they sang like 3 songs, they walked across the audience on this bridge...

I have to say that the concert was a little better then millueum and milluenum was the best show ever, ever ,ever!!! and this one, was breathtaking!!!

1/23/01 Concert

Date: Jan 26, 2001
Submitted By: Sarah

Wow. All I can is "wow." The show last night was incredible! The pyrotechnics rocked, the dancing was better than NSYNC( come on, gals, admit it! Kevin finally found his groove! And I must say it's a good one!) I had the privilege of being 6 feet from the stage so I got some awesome pictures and one of the best views in the house. But I noticed that this concert seemed more Boy-to-audience than any other I have been to. I was very impressed, as was my mother, who tolerates my admiration for the Boys! My aunt, who was so excited to be so close to Nick ("I could count his nosehairs!" she told me later) while I was excited to just be so close to the guys and actually hear them sing instead of the usual shrieking of the crowd. But this concert was so great. I loved it, my family loved it, my friend loved it. Mad props to you, gentlemen. You outdid yourselves. Thank you.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL Night 2, 1/23/01

Date: Jan 26, 2001
Submitted By: Kim

I came home from work at about 1 pm today, sick. I just got comfortable on the couch under my warm, fuzzy Tijuana blanket and was just dozing off when my phone rang. It was my sister in law. My sister in law was given two tickets to the BSB concert and she was supposed to take my niece, but both her and my brother had the flu. She asked if I wanted to go. How could I say no!? I had lousy seats, there was alot of excess screaming, the show started an hour late, but you know what?......It was worth it! Unfortunatley they looked like little ants to me but the sound & stage were amazing! The speaker stacks hanging from the ceiling obstructed the view of the center Jumbotron from most of the balcony seats (which did disappoint me) But I can't really complain. My 5 year old niece fell asleep (don't ask me how) after the 2nd song so I was there alone with 10's of thousands of screaming fans! I am proud to say that I sang the words to every one of the songs performed at the top of my lungs and did a damn good job of it too! It was the opportunity of a life time to see my boys in action and I am glad I took it! This grin will be plastered on my face for the next 2 weeks!

One cool thing is that when they sang "Time" Brian had asked if we could believe that they had been together for nearly 8 years and that in a few days Nikolas Gene Carter would finally be turning 21~~~! The crowd went wild and Nick looked so happy! I am proud to say the these Backstreet Boys have matured into the Backstreet Men! As long as we KTBSPA they will be around for a very long time!!!

BSB V.I.P. Show - Jan. 21, 2001 & First show..Jan. 22, 2001 (ft. Lauderdale, FL)

Date: Jan 26, 2001
Submitted By: Katie

This show was good! (& they gave me front row seats..oh my gosh..) It was a rehearsal, so some of the songs were cut short, & the BSBs weren't in all their costumes. Only about 700-800 fans were allowed there.

Besides the looonngggg wait in the beginning because they were having "technical difficulties", it was worth it. It started just like the normal show, with fireballs coming down, and the people in the black costumes falling to the ground. Then the Backstreet Boys rose from the floor (without the things covering them). They started singing "Everyone".

After a few more songs, AJ, Nick, Brian and Howie went backstage to change, so Kevin had to talk to the crowd for a while. I think he puts on a shy act during real concerts, because he was outgoing now, & being funny.

Anyway, they came out & did more songs. Then they did the thing where they go in the "BSB Wardrobe" box, then play a recorded clip of them changing. While it was playing, they were sneaking around the arena, to a stage all the way at the back. everyone turned around, but some people just watched the monitor on the real stage. They asked us if we liked the toilet gag, Nick liked it..Kevin said it was whack or something.

Then they played songs & When they got to the song "Time" they walked over a bridge in between the rows of people, from the stage in the back, to the real stage. (which they didn't do during the First show, on Jan. 22 because people were getting trampled on..including me!!! the bsbs had to run from that stage back to the normal one)

After a few more songs, A.J. said that "this will be the last song of the night" and as he was talking, a phone rang. He pretended to ignore it for a while, then he picked up and the girls voice went "Hello?" It didn't work out the same, because he's supposed to be calling her, ya know? - anyway, after the song "The Call", they "left." Yeah, right. We're actually going to believe that? - No one moved, and eventually they came back. The trick to knowing whether they are going to come back or not is if the lights go on. If they do, then the show is over. The encore song was "Shape of my Heart". Then they sang another one, i think.. Then they were supposed to leave. So people got up and as they were walking out, nick, kevin & a.j. came back (im pretty sure it was those 3) just to say bye. Then it was over...i was hoping they would play all night!! man.... (at least i got 3 rolls of pictures...)

Opening Night Concert In Sunrise!

Date: Jan 26, 2001
Submitted By: Stephanie

It was great...Krystal was great! she can really sing but i was kinda bored when she sang,but i was happy! When the Earth came on the screen i was so excited and the effects were awesome.Then they started singin Everyone/Larger then life..i started singing and screaming my lungs out! I also yelled out Howie like crazy..I knew he couldn't hear me but i wanted to let the people know that i loved Howie! hehe

All they Boys looked good especially Howie...and when they started singing "What makes you different Makes u Beautiful" I started crying and when "How did i fall in love with you" came on i cried also! I love those songs! I was sitting in Section 108 and when i heard that they were going to go to this little stage in the middle near where i was..I was like Oh MY GOD! i ran to where the bars were and waited! But there was a mean lady there that was saying to go back to your seat..she told us 3 times! But when they got up on the mini stage..the lady Such her mouth! Ha Ha and then i was like oh my god there so close to me! Howie Waved at me i was so Happy! but the worst thing about it i wasted so much film..when they got closer to us..i had only 5 pics left and i ran out out when i took the pics...But I wish the concert was longer! OH and when "EVerybody" came on it looked like a mosh was so cool! I though it was so much better then millenium.But they chaged the whole band! theres new people! and thank god this year the dancers werent out that much! I will never forget this concert! especially when i went to the hotel they were at...

Opening Night-Ft Lauderdale

Date: Jan 26, 2001
Submitted By: Katherine

My best friend, Nicky, and I drove 5 hours from north FL all the way down South to the BSB's only performance in our Sunshine State. Luckily,we got GREAT seats from a ticket broker last week and we were just so excited. Because this was "opening night" we didn't know what to expect b/c there were no fan reviews to read or pics to look at.

We sat in our 14th row FLOOR seats and listened to Krystal, the opening act. She has a wonderful voice but I don't think the younger fans will sit thru her performance. She's more contemporary like Tori Amos. Anyhow, after her 4 song set, my friend and I got to meet AJ's mom, Nick's dad, Fatima- the BSB's choreographer, and Obie from the "original" BSB Band. It was overwhelming to meet all these people!

The house lights dimmed at 8:15pm and explosions were occuring onstage. The back-up dancers were falling onto the floor. The stage set was like "outer space" themed. The BSB's were brought onto the stage in the form of a meteor-type deal. They rose above the stage on pillars and panned the audience. AJ's hair was in corn rows, Brian had on a bandana and Nick had on futuristic-looking Ray Bans. They all looked awesome and were wearing black

leather pants and black or blue shirts with sliver designs on them. The first song was Everyone which was immediately followed by Larger Than Life.It was sooooooooo energectic, I almost fainted! I dont want to give away too much of the suprises that occur on tour. One thing that happened literally caught me by suprise. Lets just say the Boys were now "apart of the audience"....and I could almost touch them if I wanted to! LOL

Overall, the set design is just amazing and above my expectations! The outfits were bright and I esp loved the "Boyz II Men' white suits for YES I WILL and HOW DID I FALL IN LOVE........The BSB really outdid themselves 200% percent!

PLEASE go attend a concert....mine was worth the 5 hour drive in the cold

rain and the cheap motel room! LOL

First Black and Blue Concert!!

Date: Jan 26, 2001
Submitted By: Howie's 1 tru love

All right, well I went to the first Black and Blue concert. They all sounded amazing. The design of the stage was awesome. They made it so that even th fans that here high up got to touch their hands. On top of the stage they had a huge circular screen. The best highlight of the concert was the small skit of when they were in their dressing room.

At first these two stagemen pull out this blue trunk labeled BSB Dressing Room (I think.) Then they started pushing Brian foward and he stepped inside and said,

"Oh there is a ladder." Then they sent Nick and Kevin kept saying,

"Don't break the ladder Nick, don't break it!!" Then A.J. pushed Howie forward. Howie's hair looked really mucky and full of sweat so A.J. said,

"Go Howie you need to do something about your hair, badly."

Finally A.J. and Kevin were the only two left. They were acting real buddy-buddy with each other until A.J. blurted out,

"Well beauty before age, see ya later ya old fart!" Then Kevin put on his supercute sarcasm face and went to lock up the trunk. He told the stagemen to take it to the middle of the ocean and sink it. But then he changed his mind and went down too. Inside they were already half undressed when Howie pulled Nick aside and said,

"Hey Nick did you see that girl out there she was winking at you. Yeah she had brown long hair, and brown eyes, she was fine." Nick bought it and started to sing "Don't Wanna Lose You Now" when Howie slapped him over the head and said,

"Naw man she's too old for you." The audience all started to say Awww. Then Brian squirts this green silly string all over A.J. And if you listen carefully you can hear Howie say,

"There is something green on my crotch!" Finally they all rush over to the mirror to work on their hair when Howie pushes everybody to the floor and starts to work on his hair. (Greedy little guy isn't he? j/k) Then they all get on the ladder at the same time and Kevin trips over the bench and knocks it down. Then he put on his cute sarastic face again. Well, there's so much more but this is what I thought was the highlight of the show. See ya!

Opening Night!

Date: Jan 26, 2001
Submitted By: karen

Ok, in my opinion I just have 2 words to describe it: it rocked!!!!!!!!!

I especially loved the entrance they made. I haven't been to any other concert, but I think that was just about the most original thing i've ever seen. And something I already knew, but it was still amazing, was the first song "everyone". Since the first time I heard that song I knew that song was made for the beginning of the show. And also cause it's about the fans. And just like they said it: fans are the most important thing in their careers. But anyways, this was my first concert ever and I don't think i'll ever forget it. Even if I was in the worst seat possible, with sideview to the stage and the only thing I'm praying for is the pictures. Even if I do have concert pics, but I bought them from somebody else I met on the internet. You know, it's not the same when u have pics somebody else took and they were there to see it. It's definitely a unique experience. Especially for me that i've been a fan for a year now, and my ultimate dream, since the day I saw and listened to them, is to go to a concert. But back to the show, I don't think i'll ever see something as good as that. On the way there I couldn't believe I was gonna see them. Then on the way back here I was like "wow, it seemed like just minutes ago I was nervous to see them, and now it's all over". But I still can't believe it. I can still remember parking outside the arena, being cold and nervous to see them. It was so cool!!! My fave part was definitely when they entered the trunk to go backstage and change their clothes. It was so funny the way they were fighting over a teddy bear and stuff like that. Wow, they're not only the best singers, dancers, and hottest guys, now they're funny too!! This just keeps getting better and better. I'm trying to get tix to a concert on my b-day, feb.14, but I can't find a city near fl around that date. Oh well, I had my fun, now i'll just wait another year till they release a new album, and tour again.

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