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Opening Night

Date: Jan 26, 2001
Submitted By: ZORY


I AM BACK!! The show was so great!! VERY DIFFERENT THAN THE MILLENNIUM TOUR. I'll try to remember everything. Here it goes.


National Car Rental Center, Ft. Lauderdale Florida

Let me first describe the stage to you. Its an end stage. From a distance the stage is supposed to be in the shape of an eye. It has two silver ramps on the left and right which resemble the lower lid. Then it has the center of the eye (a circle) that was also a movie screen that projected lots of cool stuff like live shots from the show , over the screen they also had another semicircle which were made of lights. By the way, the light effects were so great for this show--amazing.

Ok, besides the center circle, there were five triangular things on the stage---those were the ones the guys were standing when they were raised from the bottom of the stage for the first song "Everyone".

They also had two small screens on each side of the stage , so people that were a little far away could see the guys. Besides that, AND HERE'S THE FUN PART, there was a small flat circle stage behind the crew that were working on the sound system. Everyone was wondering what that was, IT WAS THE BEST! (I'll tell you soon :))

The show began with a movie displayed on the "eye circle" screen and as if meteors were falling into the Earth. Each time one hit---a firework was "fired" into the stage (everyone screamed after each of them). After like firework number 7 the guys stood on the triangular things and were lifted.

The concert began with "Everyone" and went right into "Larger than Life" (Brian and AJ, I think were wearing blue T shirts and black pants and the rest Black shirts and pants). HOWIE LOOKED SOOOOO GREAT!!! I LOVE HIS HAIR!

Anyway, after that they did "Shining Star" which Kevin left the stage early to get changed and the others completed the song. The light effects were amazing. After that the others went to change and Kevin was chatting with the audience--thanking everyone and talking about some songs he was writing on the piano. He introduced "What makes you different makes you beuatiful" giving credit to Howie for writing it. I WAS SO HAPPY TO HEAR AND SEE THIS LIVE!!! (I wasn't that close to the stage, but I had great binoculars :)) HOWIE RULES!! :)

They all looked so great dressed in white suits--Brian looked so angelical (his voice WOW)! AJ braided his hair. Kevin looked wonderful with his long hair, Nick was just amazing---the kid has it!

After that song, they did "Yes I will" They did this routine with silver/crystal colored canes (must be plastic imitation---that's what I saw with the binoculars). The routine was very cool, kind of Broadway-ish.

They did other songs, I just don't quite remember the order: "I want it that way", "Show me the meaning..." (for this song they had like a water effect on the "eye circle" thing) (Only 3 songs from Millenium were done)--"The one" was not performed :(

From the older albums they did a medley of "Quit playing games", "As long as you love me" and "If you stay". ---They did not perform "All I have to give" :(

They did a chair routine, but this time the chairs were raised from below the stage and then lowered again (no folding chairs). They also did "Everybody" with a somehow different arragement and much shorter version. The dance routines were great. Not as many dancers as in the Millennium tour though (which was good).

My favorite live songs were "More than that", and "Not for me" (the effects from the "eye circle" were so great--like of "fire" and the guys were dressed in red and black. They had red and yellow lighting for this song--it was awesome).

For the song "The answer to our life" Kevin gave an intro about some environmental video which they played on the "eye-circle" --- oil spills, marine animals dying, the environment.....) while they did the song. Kevin said to watch the video carefully because it was a wake up call.

They also did "Get another boyfriend" which the crowd really went wild--specially after listening to Nicks line "or was it all the promises of pearls and diamonds and party dresses that turned you on..."

There was a great part in the show when the guys were all dressed in Black and AJ asks the audience : "So do you like the clothes that we are wearing--I bet you can figure out the audience's response:)

Then they began to talk about having to go change their clothes so they bring this big Blue Trunk on stage (its actually over a hole on the stage) that says BACKSTREET WARDROBE. The guys were making jokes and just talking and one by one they go inside the trunk (they could actually use some stairs that were in the hole). [ALL THIS WHILE CARNIVAL MUSIC IS PLAYING]

When everyone is "IN", Kevin stays out and locks the trunk, but then decides he should go change also and reopens it and goes in. By this time, they are showing in the "eye-circle" a "live" camera shot of what's going on were they are changing.

All of them are acting funny (Nick sprayed AJ with String Confetti and AJ got a Water Gun; Howie had alot of papers that supposedly had girls names and asks Nick to pic one and when he does Howie goes: "Nah, she is to old for ya!") It was just fun to see. They even had a shot were Nick opened his locker and there were lots of teddy bears, stuffed animals etc. and he starts throwing them out of the locker.....well you could see some "of them" flying out of the trunk live on stage (funny).


While all that was happening......I was seated right in front of that flat circle that I told you everyone was wondering what it was. I was not in front row (from the OFFICIAL/ACTUAL STAGE)---I was behind the sound crew---AND guess who gets raised out of that circle!

I am automatically in first row! [The guys had the same clothes as in the movie they were showing] THE GUYS WERE RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!! I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT!! At that time everyone who could get close by did, and there was security [lots of it].

I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY WERE SO CLOSE AND WAVING TO EVERYONE. They did 3 songs there, including "I'll never break your heart", "How did I fall In love with you" (I FELT HOWIE WAS SINGING TO ME--specially when he sung "with you I want to spend the rest of my liiife!!" THE ENTIRE AUDIENCE SANG WITH HIM!) They also did "TIME".

ALL OF THEM LOOKED SO GREAT! After that they actually went to the official stage through the crowd [again lots of security].

Then they did "The call" (AJ goes: "I have bad news for you guys!" This is the last song. And while he is talking the "phone keeps ringing" and while on stage, he picks the call as if it were the intro to the song. The routine was great and they were playing the video on the eye-circle while they performed the song. IT WAS GREAT!!!

After that, they did SHAPE OF MY HEART and the show was over (lots of black/blue and silver confetti).

I LOVED IT!! The show lasted about 2 hours. IT WAS AMAZING!!

Well guys, I hope that was enough info for you!


(Puerto Rico)


BSB 4-ever

Backstreet Boys Black&Blue tour 1/22/01 and Meeting the guys!

Date: Jan 26, 2001
Submitted By: Julianna

My adventure all began on Sunday January 21, 2001. My best friend Michelle and I left for Ft. Lauderdale Florida at 6:00a.m in the morning from San Jose, California! The flight was cool, we had a lay over in Houston, Texas and in the airport as I was waiting in line at the Wendy's I met Shaquille O'neil! FOR REAL! I was like whoa..he's really tall in person!

We finally arrived in Ft. Lauderdale, we went to our hotel and it was great! We were ready for an adventure! The lady at the desk was talking to us and we told her we were going to see BSB, she said there were a few other guests who were going as well so it was cool! Well that night we could not sleep at all we propably got like 2 hours of sleep. We were out of the hotel and at the National Car rental Center at 7:30a.m there were a few other girls there but not that many! Right away we went to see where the buses would be located. There was an overpass so we went under it and sat, it was great there was a perfect view of the people loading the food trays and bringing stuff backstage for the guys. We asked the guy guarding a gate when the guys would arrive and he said 3:30p.m so we said cool and went back to our seats under the overpass.

We waited and waited and soon we took out the sign we had made that said "WE came all the way from California to see BSB", and started holding it up at cars that passed by us. It was great a few people honked, some screamed and others drove by again to stare (no joke!). We then were talking to some girls (one of whom was my pen pal), and they were like yeah the guys are in silver and green vans so we were like cool. They then told us that the night before they met Howie and Kevin at the hotel they were staying at, and told us that night we could go with them to the hotel to try our luck at meeting the guys! All of a sudden a SILVER van drove by and I was like OH MY GOD. NICK CARTER IS IN THAT VAN! WE held up our sign and he looked but not too long, I took off RUNNING literally after the van to the other side where the guard was and took some pictures of Nick getting out of the van (By this point I was flipping out because he is my favorite and I could not believe I saw him OFFSTAGE!!). We then realized the others had gone by earlier, but that was ok. My best friend was hiding in the bushes taking pictures of Nick as he got out as well! Soon two security guys came over and asked us to leave so we did, we went to the top of the stairs and waited a few more hours til' they opened the doors at 6:30.

Soon into the venue I had to buy my sweater, an 8x10 of Nick, a glo-stick and some stuff for my pen pal in Italy. After that we went to our seats! They were so awesome!! We had section 1 row B! a.K.a. 2nd row floor!! We paid $800.00 for the tickets on so we knew they would be the bomb! As we were sitting there I was like Michelle look out for family members...before I knew it Bob Carter walked out of the side. I walked up calmly I swear no screaming or anything and asked Bob will you please take a picture with me? He said "OH GOD" and gave me the worst attitude EVER!!!!! He was really mean, but he posed anyway.......(just a note, if you approach him be careful I noticed he was kind of mean to everyone who went up to him). Next I saw BJ Carter...Nick's sister..she took a pic with me and said it's nice to meet you...she was nice but she seemed somewhere else if you know what I mean. Soon the opening act Krystal came out and Michelle was like Julianna Leighanne is over there!! She was referring to Leighanne Wallace-Littrell. I immediately ran over there! (Leighanne is my favorite wife..I met her last year on the Millennium tour too). Anyhow she was with Kristin Willits-Richardson. They came over and were so polite! Leighanne and Kristin both signed ALL of the pictures I had of them!! Kristin even wrote "For Julianna, Much Peace" on all of them, and Leighanne wrote "God bless" and "For Julianna Love Leighanne Littrell". It was great! They posed for pictures with me seperately and the three of us a took a group one! Michelle also took pics with them. Leighanne was talking to me about Olive Juice and stuff because I had the movie poster for her to sign, they were really nice and polite....Kristin was like "Hi, i'm kristin" and shook our hands....Kristin was extremely pretty in person....prettier than in the magazine pics! Leighanne took a scrapbook I had made for the boys and said what one do you want to have this? I said nick and she told me he'd have it!! In the picture of me and her she is holding it too! It's so cool....I also gave them letters and they were like HOW sweet!!!! They are so nice!

Soon Backstreet Boys came out! OH my god is all I can say! They boys popped out from the middle of the stage after a huge show of fireworks exploded, and sang "Everyone". They sang EVERY song from Black&BLue including the Wal*Mart special track "What makes you different (Makes you beatiful)". It was great! They sang some Millennium songs as well but not "The one"!!!! I was so dissapointed I love that song! They did a cute routine during "All I have to give" where they had cowboy hats on and everything! Nick looked so gorgeous in LEATHER pants!!!!!!! He was always wearing a wife-beater top....and tight pants...he was so hot! He kept grabbing his crotch...that was funny...but it was great! They sang an non-album track "If you stay" was so cool! They kept going to the sides of the stage it's like hanging into the crowd you'll see when you go the set up is awesome! OH man guys! During "Yes I will" they had on white suits and looked so good!! Soon they took us into the dressing room with them....they went into a treasure chest and it was a cute little video of them in the dressing room...I thought the funniest part of it iwas if you look closely during one part you can see a teal bra! It was so funny....but yea! LOL. They then reappeared in the back of the venue on the stage by the lighting booth, that was kind of cool. During "Time", I had my blue candle going and the security told me to put it out. =(. There was a ramp that was supposed to come down so they could walk back to the stage but it didn't come was shaking and stuff but never came down. The show was so awesome! It was better than the "Millennium Tour", and the "Backstreet Boys" tour! If you get a chance I recommend you see it! =). The finale song was "Shape of my heart", and at the end Black, blue and silver confetti fell from the sky!

After the concert Michelle and I met up with my pen pal and her friend and proceeded to the hotel they were staying at, first we took pics in front of the buses that were located in the back, and went into the lobby...there were about 100 girls in there and I asked one of them if they had met and of the guys the girl said yea! AJ is over there (she pointed to the bar where aj was drinking and talking to a dancer and BoB Carter), then she pointed to Howie who was totally flirting with a woman on the other side of the lobby...I took pictures of both of them but kind of felt bad...seriously but oh well ya know? How often do you get to see BSB offstage? I don't know about you, but for me it's not often because that was the first time I saw it!!! Anyhow we were taking pictures and stuff then walked to the side and Michelle said "Julianna here comes Kevin!!". So He walked by and I said calmly "Kevin will you PLEASE take a picture with me"? He was with Kristin and she smiled and waved, but he kept walking soon though he turned to me and motioned for me to follow him (I think Kristin recognized Michelle and I and told him we came from California!), so I walked over and took a pic with him, it was really odd...I did not even freak out like I thought I would.....but it was so awesome!!! Soon though tons of girls crowded around and so we had to get out of the way! I took some "stalker" pics of him from the side. As he walked out of the lobby I have a pic of him waving and looking RIGHT at me!! It was so awesome!!! WE turned around and noticed AJ was missing, so we looked and saw a crowd, I managed to get near enough to him to get a hug, but he was drunk off his ass! It was so funny, the security was getting REALLY mad! As he walked out I was like AJ "Loneliness is tragical" and slammed my fist to my chest like he does in the video..he started laughing! (I did that because it's kind of a joke between Michelle and me..don't ask. LOL). Howie was kind of rude when he left....but at least he waved to people and smiled....Soon the hotel called the police because they were tripping about fans being the four of us girls ran to the bathroom to hide out so we wouldn't get kicked out of the hotel! As we were in the bathroom we met Denise Mclean (Isn't that hilarious?! The funniest place to meet someone is you ask me!). SHe posed for pics with us and it's great because in the background you can see the stalls..LOL. She told us to write to the Johnny no name fan club since the BSB club was shut down...and she was just telling us some funny stuff. After a while we got tired of waiting in the bathroom and walked out.....Nick and Brian never came in there, but that's ok! We got back to our hotel at 3:30am! And were so tired!

January 23, 2001 we had to catch our plane back to California, and it was so funny because in the airport we saw Shawn Fanning from Napster!!!!! It was cool! This trip was the best trip ever!!!!! The Black and BLue tour is so cool as well......if you get the chance to see it do!! I can't wait I have 4 more of the shows to go to in California!!!!! If you want to buy pics from me email me at

Opening Night

Date: Jan 26, 2001
Submitted By: Pree

Alright, so get this, me and Nam (NickLuvr #2) went to the very first show of the Black & Blue tour... let me tell you... the Boys have outdone themselves once again! It was a hundred times better than the Into The Millennium concert!! I have never been more excited to see them. And the show, oh my God, the show... it started off with an awesome pyrotechnic arrangement. I don't want to give everything away, but I'll tell you this much, it involved lots of fire and asteroids hitting the earth. Then, BOOM, and there they were... the opening beats of "Everyone" sounded... and we went crrrrrrrrazy. They sounded awesome! Not a off key from anyone.

Then from there, they went straight into "Larger Than Life" which was extremely cool. Just to add a little something, they didn't wear ANY weird costumes or anything! They all wore normal stuff that they seemed pretty comfortable in, and there were only like three/four costume changes. Anyways, back to the show... the highlights of the performances were, "I Want It That Way" (of course), "Get Another Boyfriend", Nick's guitar playing (I was hoping for the drums... but... you know, what you get, is what you get:), "Time"... just because they dedicated it to us Ft. Lauderdale people since they had to change our show last year, and because they moved to a podium which was only about twenty feet away (which rocked) I was waving like crazy and Nick gave a wave in our general direction (I was pleased)... other awesome performances... "The Call", "Shining Star".... and the BEST... "If You Stay".

Now I don't know if many of you know this, but "If You Stay" was a song which the Boys recorded YEARS ago, it was never on any of their albums, and was released on the Booty Call soundtrack for a short period of time before it was pulled and replaces with "I'll Never Break Your Heart", this song is one of the best recordings they've ever done. Last year I had my friend FINALLY burn it onto a cd for me, I always wished they would sing it live someday.... and they did. It was the BEST surprise all night. The guys were truly in their environment, as proved by the little glimpse we got into the dressing room. That was hilarious. The memorable quote of the evening: "Kevin! Why is it you always blame me when something goes wrong!"~Nick or "Dude, now I have green stuff on my crotch!"~AJ (<~~ After Brian squirted him with silly string). The show consisted of every song off of B&B (except "It'S True"), off of Millennium: "IWITW", "LTL", and "SMTM (OBL)" <~~ grrreat performance of that one, and a medley of "QPG", "ALAYLM", and "AIHTG", along with a performance of "Everybody". I have yet to be disappointed by the Backstreet Boys, and I doubt I ever will be. I can't wait till the next concert!!! Everyone go see the concert!!!!!!

NickLuvrs #1

Opening Night...January 22, 2001

Date: Jan 26, 2001
Submitted By: Jules

Living in Northwest Indiana, attending Opening Night in Florida seemed like a dream, Well Thursday afternoon, My friend and I made that dream a reality! It was worth EVERY penny!!! We got our tickets through Ticketmaster (and were suprised at how good the seats were...Section 101, Row 12) and our Airline tickets in less than an hour...if that soon as we got into our green rental car (Nick's favorite color...we wanted a black or blue car but that wasn't an option...LOL!) We popped in Men At Work's "Down Under" that is our theme song (too!) for our "Roadtrips" (Chicago and Pontiac are next)

On with the review....

The concert in a word was....SPECTACULAR!

I didn't think that they could top "The Millennium Tour". I mean, come on, it was a center stage, there wasn't a bad seat in the house! Then this one comes along and it's back to an end-stage set-up, Well....

That's a big 'ol stage!!!

And let's not forget about the smaller circular one at the other end of the stadium, with a possibility of a catwalk up the middle. Not to mention the HUGE Video Screen and the 2 sides that go up into the seats. WOW!!!

The show started with a kind of end of the world thing...or maybe an "EVOLUTION" The video screen showed meteors(maybe) hitting the Earth and the dancers came out and stood on the sides. Lots of fireworks and the fellas pop out! It is a GREAT Intro!!

For those of you complaing about the show only being an hour and 40 minutes, WAIT until you see them dance! The choreography is so intense! It is amazing! Halfway through "Everyone" which they open with, and then go straight into "Larger Than Life", they are all sweating like crazy!! At one point after "LTL", Brian had an expression on his face that was priceless, almost like "Phew!! I cannot believe I made it through those 2 songs! I'm tired!!!" The 3rd song is "Shining Star", Kevin disappears. Did I mention that they were wearing black leather?! Long coats and all! After the song, everyone leaves the stage!

Kevin comes out and starts talking to the crowd. After a while he says something to the effect of it being opening night and he is just killing time to give the other fellas a chance to get changed because it took him a while too! All white, possibly leather! When the other fellas come out they sing..."What Makes You Different", "Yes, I will" with a provocative cane routine! "More Than That" and "I Want It That Way". Then, They leave again!

Next costume is Black shiny pants with a black wife beater and a black shirt with a leopardy print. They sing "Not For Me" and rip off a sleeve!(I have no clue why, unless it was to show off their awesome arms! ALL of them!!! LOL!) Then they sing "Show Me the Meaning..." without the black/red shirt on. Then they started talking to us. Howie discovers he put his shirt on backwards. Aj teases him for that and the way his hair is starting to look..."Jeri-curl" AJ teases...Aj asks us if we like what they are wearing because they want to change. 2 dancers bring a wardrobe trunk onto the stage and one by one the fellas go "into the trunk" Only Aj and Kevin are left and and Aj looks to Kevin and says "Beauty before age...." and takes off into the trunk...then it is finally Kevin's turn, once he gets down we are treated to behind the scenes...them in their "Dressing Room" changing. It is really funny! It is just them being them. Teasing eachother, spraying silly string on eachother, water guns, there is talk of Nick's Birthday, Nick asking why he gets blamed for everything,Aj talking about his tattoos,Howie fixing his hair, Kevin is looking for a shoe and Brian is just being hilarious! Howie tells Nick that someone is eyeing him, so they are looking into the camera Nick is making faces then Howie says..."She's too old for you Nick!" (Uh OH! I hope it wasn't me!! I'm only 30 that's not TOO old for you Nick, is it? LOL!)

When that little scene is over...they end up in the middle or at the opposite end of the stage on a much smaller circular stage...They sing "I'll Never Break Your Heart", "I Promise You"(not the entire song) "How Did I Fall In Love With You" and "Time"

Then they go back to the main stage and Nick starts talking about "The Answer To Our Life". Kevin eventually takes over and talks about their charities...Aj-Save the Music, Brian-Heart, Howie-Lupus, Himself-New Environmental one and Nick will be starting one about the Ocean because of his love for the Ocean.(I have been waiting for that! I too am a HUGE Ocean Supporter...well Dolphins and Whales anyway!) Kevin tells us to watch the screen because "they put a little something together for us!" Well, I didn't watch the screen...this is my favorite song and I was watching Nick! I did see a little bit though, only because Nick was staring so intently at the screen so I looked up at it and it was Humpback Whales...I then watched a little more(I'll pay better attention in Chicago) They then sang "Quit Playing Games" (Aj and Nick don't do their little dance together) and "As Long As You Love Me" Medley! "All I HAve To Give"with what appeared to be a new hat routine, unless it was just the funkier music! Then they sing "If You Stay" and finally introduce the band and dancers. They leave the stage!

They are now wearing Silver. They sing "Everybody" Howie and Brian have on Bandanas...HOT!!! For part of the chorus Nick is "playing" a Blue guitar. They then sing "Get Another Boyfriend" and "The Call" The video is playing on the screne for that one! AWESOME dance moves on those 2 songs! They then say "Goodnight" and take their bows.

Encore was "Shape Of My Heart" (Would they end with anything else???) More Bows!

The show was GREAT!!! The only thing that I missed were the stupid little things like the way they talk to eachother during songs...BSB 2000, Break it down for me Rok, Sing it Howie, Little Nick. I also wanted to see Nick play the drums! But Hey! Kevin said in the beginning that "This is Opening Night and we are still working some of the kinks out!" So, I'm sure that once they have done it a few times their little sayings to eachoter will come out naturally and MAYBE Nick WILL play the drums!!! (He didn't play them right off the bat for "Back To Your Heart" during The Millennium Tour!) I also missed the "Ladder Dance" and "Kindagetmego" BUT the show was AWESOME even without that stuff! Besides the fellas get enough aerobic exercises in with the other songs...2 more and they would probably collapse!!! LOL!

They ALL have GREAT stage presence. I love the way they interact with one another! Nick was hugging everybody up there! They were ALL making faces at eachother, Just having a ball!! It really seemed that All of them are happy to be performing LIVE again!

Opening Night

Date: Jan 24, 2001
Submitted By: Becky

As I stared out of the widow of the very uncomfortable airplane that was taking me from NH to Ft. Lauderdale, FL, I couldn't help but to find myself filled with excitement. I was gonna see BSB for a third time. I reflected apon the wonderful experiences that I had on the Into The Millennium Tour. I had seen the boys in Boston and in St. Petersburg and both concerts were beyond amazing! I couldn't help but to wonder how the boys could out do themselves. After the long flight my mother, stepfather and myself headed to a local mall to find some grub! :)

Everywhere I looked there were other BSB fans all done up in fantastic Backstreet gear! One girl had even sprayed her jean jacket into a BSB masterpiece! After we were done in the mall, we headed to the arena. We could hear screaming from over a mile away so I made my Mom blare "The Call" and I joined in to the festivities.

The arena looked huge from outside, but when we arrived inside it seemed quite cozy. I stopped to by some memorabilia and then we found our seats. I made a lot of friends quite quickly! Backstreet fans are really sweet! :)

Krystal came out first. She had an amazing voice, but had some problems pretending to use the piano! She started talking and the piano came up and she hadn't started playing yet! Poor girl. She's going to go places though. Her voice is amazing! She received a decent amount of applause and then it was time for the main event! You could feel the excitement in the air!

The lights dimmed and a massive amount of explosions went off leading to the entrance of the boys! I don't think that I had ever jumped up in down so much in my entire life as I did for BSB!

They lead off with "Everyone." It was unbelievable and really surreal. They continued on with most of their hit songs and a lot of their new album. The stand out performances for me were "Everybody" which was really rocked up and the "All I Have To Give/If You Stay Medley." I was especially pleased that they sang "If You Stay" since it was one of the first songs out here in the USA (On the Booty Call Soundtrack). The vocals were unbelievable!

They also had a really cute interlude (which is bound to be a crowd pleaser at all shows) which involves the Backstreet dressing room! I love how intimate the boys try to be with the fans. They tried to make it so that everyone had a good view of the show and that even if they were in the balcony they didn't feel as though they had missed anything.

The only thing that they had trouble with was a ramp that they were supposed to walk across. It got stuck up in the beams by a lighting wire or something, but the boys improvised nicely. The show ended with an amazing encore of "Shape of My Heart" in which tons of confetti fell from these huge machines. I stuffed about five handfuls into my pocket! Ha ha. If you have the pleasure of attending the tour you wont be disappointed. It included amazing vocals, visuals, music, and choreography!

The worst thing about the concert was having to leave and knowing that I had a 4 hour flight back to NH the next day! Las Vegas is next for me! I cant wait to see them again!

Opening Night

Date: Jan 24, 2001
Submitted By: Kristen

I went to the First cocnert and it was awesome, They had two catwalks on each side and i was in the first row on the right catwalk all of the boys were looking at us and waving to my group becuase we were in a small section and we were the only ones standing up. They started the concert off by coming up from the bottom. At the end stage and if your close to the stage it gets a little hot. If you are on the side of the catwalks you can definately get the boys attention! But dont worry if your not close to the stage, the boys have a suprise for you. But the concert was well worth it and almost all of the seats are good seats because you can see very clearly all of the boys. From where i was sitting you could see the backstage and all the dancers were running in and out from underneath the stage. It was definately a great concert! I was very impressed, but there were some sound difficuties, and some other problems but other then that, it was great!!! If you have tickets to a black and blue tour concert, just remember to have a lot of fun!

Opening Night!

Date: Jan 24, 2001
Submitted By: TC

The first thing I have to say is... our Boys never cease to amaze me!!! I was one of the lucky fans to get to see the opening night of their tour, and am still getting over the excitement and adrenaline of last night!

Living in Tampa, it was a 4 hr drive down to Ft L'Dale, but well worth it. I got out of school early at 12, and my friend & I jumped in the car w/ my cousin & her roommate and were on our way! We were met with tons of traffic along the way, so ended up running from the street out of the car, up the streets & through ditches to get to the venue. hehehe :)

We got our tics from Will Call and went in to find out seats..I told my friend I just wanted to see the stage so we walked into the nearest section, which happened to be to the IMMEDIATE RIGHT of the stage - FULL VIEW, and no we ran for it! We found soo many open seats and HAPPENED to pick 2 that were never claimed by anyone w/ those tics for the rest of the night! (our seats were in 1st section but the other end of the arena! ah!)

Krystal was amazing... she is truly talented and her voice is amazing. Both my friend & I love to sing and she was a great inspiration to us both. She sang 4 songs, including the Jackson 5's "I'll Be There" which brought me almost to tears! She thanked the Boys for her opportunity of a lifetime and said how lucky she was to be fulfilling her dream.

After she went off, it was only about 20 min until the lights went down and the pyro & lights kicked in. Tons of bursts of flame & light came from various places on the stage before Nick, AJ, Brian, Kevin & Howie burst through 5 holes in the floor right up onto the stage: all clad in BLACK AND BLUE. For the most part, they had on either black or blue sleeveless shirts w/ silver designs, black pants & black coats/jackets. WOW - AJ's hair was in cornrows & Nick's is short again. Bri even had a bandanna on - HOW ADORABLE!!!! Ah I could squeeze him! LOL

Just as my friend & I predicted, they started off with Everyone, followed by Larger Than Life. And I believe after that was Shining Star, which Kev was hardly even on stage for - but the performance was awesome...the guys came out of various places on stage at their of my fave songs they did! Then Kev came out and talked to us, in a white suit now. Said he was stalling time for the other "fellas" (hehe) to change - I thought I heard him say "for solos" - maybe I was wrong, maybe he was joking, I dunno..but that didn't happen! :(

Then they sang What Makes You Different, and I THINK More Than That & Yes I Will followed after that. I'm not positive here, but this is a pretty good guess :)

For Yes I Will, they do a "cane dance" - with these silver sparkly canes they dance with, it's so adorable! Hm let's see...after I while I couldn't remember song order anymore, but they did do IWITW eventually, followed by Not For Me = my fave song on the album!!!!! Then SMTMOBL...I don't remember anything specific about these. Now I'm not sure on song order at all anymore, so I'll just tell ya stuff I remember! They did these songs (besides the one's I've already listed): The Answer To Our Life, Quit Playing Games, ALAYLM, AIHTG, a INBYH/I Promise You/How Did I Fall in Luv medley, with all of HDIFIL in its entirity at the end. Then they did Time. Then of course they did Everybody, Get Another Boyfriend (ahhh!!!), The Call, and SOMH! For Answer to My Life, AJ was hilarious. He had a spot on our side of the stage he loved to run & slide & fall down on...and he'd lay there forever!! So he's laying there & did like LEG LIFTS to the beat of ATOL, and Nick came over and was like "what the...?" with a confused look! hehe

For QPG & ALAYLM, they did their medley-type thing for the 2 together, as they usually do, and the dancing looked a little different than usual.

AIHTG - one of the best performances. Instead of the traditional Hat Dance, they did it "western style"!!!

They had big cowboy hats on & boots...and had a new dance, which was awesome! AH! Kev especially looked the part, in his brown tight pants & black western-type shirt, hehe! Brian's just cute all the time...lil' cowboy, LOL!

He eventually put on another bandanna at some point too, but kept taking them off!

Before the other longer medley, they showed a long clip on the big screens of them...they pretended to climb in a Wardrobe "trunk" down into the stage & showed them changing (ahhhhhhhh) and goofing around. Funny comments: they made Bri go first b/c "you're smallest man!" -Nick. Then Howie, then Nick..."Don't break it Nick!" -AJ, followed bya dirty look from Nicky hehe! Then Kev & AJ are trying to decide who's last & AJ goes "Beauty before age you old fart move outta the way!!" lol and he went down, followed by Kev! hehe

Then they showed em under the I said, changing & goofing off. Bri pulled out silly string & Kev fell off a bench (LOL!) looking for his boots, and AJ retaliated the silly string w/ a huge water gun. Then Howie was having hair problems & they all fought over the one mirror, lol!!!

That's when they appeared on the OTHER SIDE OF THE ARENA on a small, round stage... and did the other medley (INBYH/IPY/HDIFIL) followed by Time. In the dress rehearsal reviews I read they had a walkway over the audience come down, and I saw it start to lower, and then get stuck. So the Boys had to walk out through the crowd! I also read they sang It's True, so maybe that's why that song never got sung last night! :(

Anyhow...they then did Everybody, complete w/ the dancing :), followed by Get Another Boyfriend. One of my other fave performance songs! I LOVE THE DANCE! lol - oh by the way, Nick during Everybody on his second "Am I sexual" was getting up off the floor like thrusting in a squatting position..hard to describe!

Then Aj said it'd be the last song, :(, but that it had been fun, and that's when he said "hold on a sec" (there had a beena phone ringing) which of course led into THE CALL! they did that very well - and the first time they say "Gotta go!" in the song, they all jumped into holes in the stage. Very cool - caught us all off guard!

They pretended to leave, but came out only seconds later for SOMH :) AJ & Nick came to our side for this one...and AJ PULSED w/ the beat in the beginning! He was laying on his side, his whole body pulsing w/ the beats, LOL!! SO funny, and then Nick came & they sat dangling off the stage only 10 ft away :-)

It was an awesome concert..... I personally loved it even more than Millennium! And if you haven't seen pics of the stage, it's awesome!! little step things in the back kind of like the OLD OLD stage, with the holes in the front of the stage & little stairways on each side going down underneath. Then each side has a ramp that tilts slightly upward, where they even touched some fans occassionally - I was near the one on the right! I've gotta go pick up my pictures right now, but be sure to take a camera & don't miss out on our Boys!!! KTBSPA AND BACKSTREET IS BACK!

"I'm goin to a place nearby...GOTTA GO!"


Backstreet Boys Black and Blue Jan.22~Ft.Lauderdale!

Date: Jan 24, 2001
Submitted By: Meghan

Oh wow . .Where to start! I went to the concert last night with my sis and it was totally off the hook!

We drove 5 hours from Jacksonville to Ft. Lauderdale. And omg it was so worth it. The guys were lookin Mighty fine! Nick is . . All I can say . . . WOW! YuMmY! They all looked awesome! And the show was the Best yet! Ahh . . . The dancing is so awesome. Get another bf is by far my favorite.

They performed All of the songs off of Black and blue, 3 off of Millennium (Larger than life, I want it that way, and Show me the meaning:) Then they did like 4 off of Backstreets Back (everybody, as long as u love me, qpg and I Think one other) and also they did "if u stay" which was totally awesome. Nick even played the Guitar at one point during the concert.

Wow Kevin's hair is sexy! It looked so good. And brian is just lookin HOT! Same with bone daddy and sweet d:)

They were all scrumpious.

Opening Night

Date: Jan 24, 2001
Submitted By: Ashley

Okay guys, here it is... I was reading the reviews of the rehearsal (which I could not win tickets to,:*o(!)and it sounded pretty much like the actual concert... Krystal came out and sang about 3 songs and then the Boys came on at about 8:15-8:30, I think. There was a big screen and lots of pyro, which was LOUD and scary, then they rose from the stage on little platforms out of the fog dressed in... yep, you guessed it, BLACK & BLUE.

The first songs were EVERYONE, LARGER THAN LIFE, and SHINING STAR. Kevin wasn't there during shining star, apparently it takes him 10 minutes to change his clothes, but he talked while the others got dressed. They came out in white suits and sang WHAT MAKES YOU DIFFERENT, MORE THAN THAT, and maybe I WANT IT THAT WAY... it was actually all a blur. AJ was hilarious the entire time laying on the stage and making fun of the others while they sang. For NOT FOR ME,they wore black suits with fire on the sleeves, and eventually ripped off the sleeves, which was nice. Brian has a new tattoo.

Well, it was the first time I had seen it. SHOW ME THE MEANING,GET ANOTHER BOYFRIEND and EVERYBODY were next, and AJ decided the needed to change clothes so the got into the "wardrobe trunk" and went under the stage, I'm not sure if this was taped, but it was awfully funny. You expect to see them back on the stage but they're actually in a small, round platform in the crowd where they sang I'LL NEVER BREAK YOUR HEART, HOW DID I FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU, TIME, YES I WILL (?). These are all done in, like, retro cowboy outfits.

Back on the regular stage there was ALL I HAVE TO GIVE with cowboy hats instead of the others, and a song I've never heard it before. Then there was another change and THE CALL, the *ahem* last song... right. They came back out after that and sang SHAPE OF MY HEART, then it was over :*o(! Oh, a little side note, Britney and Justin were supposedly there, at least thats what their limo driver told my mom! It was a great show, try to get your tickets, I called a week ago and got awesome seats! Laters.

Black & Blue Rehearsal Concert

Date: Jan 23, 2001
Submitted By: Eraina

Ok here's my review of the new tour! The concert was great it opened with Krystal coming out in a long black coat and leather pants. Covered by a black glittery cape. She sang 3 songs as she played on her white piano ... "My Religion "Supergirl" and "I'll be there" (a cover of the Jackson 5 classic). She is full of eneregy and she has a wonderful voice and there's no doubt that the music industry is about to get a run for their money.

When the boys came out the screen lite up with a planet being bombarded by comets, leaving holes in the earth, each time a comet hit a pyro went off like a gun shot. in the end lava rushed up from the center of the earth's core and 3 pyros went off as the boys jumped up outta the floor. dressed in black leather pants and coats lined with blue, brain and AJ wore blue shirts w/ silver emblems on them while the others wore black versions of it. they opened with "Everyone" and followed it with "Larger Than Life" and a short break followed by "shining Star". They took a chance to welcome everyone and then went below stage Kev came back early to introduce the next song w/ the guys coming back in white leather suits to sing "what makes you different makes you beautiful." They folloowed that up with "I want it that way" and "More Than That" they went back below stage and changed in to black shirts and black leather pants again. To do "Not for me" "Everybody" and "I promise you (with Every Thing I am)" Aj then decided it'd be a good idea to change cuz the black clothes were boring and invited the crowd "to come on in" to their dressing room. Where a camera man showed them changing below the stage on the huge view screen and goofing off. Which was merely a delay ton give them time to get to the small round stage at the end of the arena. It rose out of the floor and they rose out of the center of the stage... to sing "how did I fall in love with you" and "I'll never Break Your Heart" And a lil medley of "As long as you love me and Yes I will. And then "Time."

Then it was back to the stage with thier psychadelic dyed outfits, Nick in orange brown green and white, AJ in different shades of green, Brian in blue, Kev in white and yellow and Howie in brown, red/pinky/purple and orange... to do "the answer to our life" "If you stay" "Get another Boyfriend" "all I have to give"(with beat up cowboy hats to match the outfits) "it's True". All the boys went below stage then to change again and one by one the dancers came out and brian came out and introded a few the Nick and finally Kev , they all went back under the stage to finish getting dressed. Then AJ came out and talked with the audience and asked if we liked it so far, did we wanna here more....and then annouced this was gonna be the last song (liar! LOL) a phone kept ringing in the back ground and he kept ignoring it.... finally he asked to be excused a moment and answered it, telling the "girl" on the other end this was the last song of the nite and he had to go, sorry... and hung up leading into "the Call" They were all dressed in black and silver plasti-leather pants and black and silver tank tops covered by a chain mail tank top. At the end they all sid good bye and disappered below the stage.. and a lo of ppl left. Having been to BSB concerts before I knew it was a fake out... sure enough a few minutes later here they come to sing us off with "Shape Of My Heart" and took a bow at the end and exited the stage in a flurry of lights.

All the songs were accompanied by pyros, flares and light sequences and the guys looked great... howie had his hair down, Nick's was spiked, Brian was the same as always and so was Kev"s. Aj's was in corn rows but was back to it's natural dark brown.

BSB VIP Rehearsal Concert

Date: Jan 23, 2001
Submitted By: Jackie

I just came back form the show, and I have to say that it was awesome! The actual show started like at 10PM, because they had constant delays, but it was well worth it. The only opening act was Krystal, she performed four songs...such as "Super Girl" and the Jackson Five's " I'll Be There." The show started with a huge screen that showed the planet ( I felt like I was at the planetarium ) and there were lots of fireworks. The guys came out in black leather suits and blue shirts, if i recall correctly Howie had a black shirt instead. They did Everyone as the first song. They did another song and Shining Star ( Kevin did not perform during this song )before they came out in white suits. They performed a slow song on these pod kind of things that lifted them up.

Then they all disappeared into a trunk, and then they showed them on the big screen getting dressed. They were goofing around a lot in the video Ex: Brian gives Nick a toilet as a birthday gift, Howie is having a bad hair day, and Kevin can't find his boots. Then they start to spray silly string on each other. They immediatly appear on the other side of the arena on this mini stage, where they perform two songs. This bridge then is dropped over the middle of the audience. They sing a song to us as they go across the bridge and back to the stage. Nick and Howie were on the bridge a lot. Kevin stayed at the back of the arena talking to his wife and then got to the stage with a plastic bag in his hand ( I don't know what was in the bag ). They performed the Call as the second to last song. They played the video in the background. The last song was Shape of My Heart. Lets see the songs I remembered that they did were Everyone, Shining Star, All I have to give, I'll never break your heart, Quit playin' games, Everybody, Larger than life, I want it that way, It's True, Time, Get another b/f, the call, and Shape of my Heart. Most of the songs if not all are not in order, it's really late and I am tired. I thought I'd write and at least give you all some idea of what the tour entails. The show is awesome and the guys looked great!


Black & Blue in Lauderdale

Date: Jan 23, 2001
Submitted By: Shari

BSB kicked off their Black & Blue Tour with a VIP dress rehearsal concert at National Car rental Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL on Sunday, January 21, 2001 for a group of radio contest winners from all over the country. A crowd variously estimated at 500, 700 or 800 people gathered for a preview of the wildly anticipated beginning of the new Backstreet Boys tour. My daughter Jeni won her tickets from WFLZ in Tampa, Florida and chose me as her guest. Accordingly, we left on the FLZ bus at noon for a 5 1/2 hour drive to Ft Lauderdale. We arrived at the Center at about 5:30 pm where we had about an hour's wait to enter the arena. We personally spoke to people from all over Florida and from Ohio, Arizona and New York.

We were finally let into the arena where we were treated to a buffet of chef-prepared pasta, chicken breasts and dessert, which was very good, but noone had much of an appetite! Bring on the REAL dessert...BSB!!! Then we had a further wait as they were having "technical difficulties" nad wanted everything to be perfect for their fans. At last we were let in at about 8:30. We all had floor seats...Jeni and I were in the 8th row, just slightly left of center. Some people representing the radio group sponsoring this night spent some time warming up the crowd.

Then it was time for the opening act...and it is a winner! Crystal is a vey small girl with a HUGE voice! She is being signed to BSB's new record label and is sure to be a hit. She blew us away with her great voice, terrific piano playing and boundless energy! She looked totally thrilled to be received so warmly, especially by a crowd who had been waiting hours to see their favorite group. It is a great compliment to her talent that she was received so well. You will certainly enjoy this great new talent! Welcome, Crystal!

Then after another wait, the lights finally went down and it was time for the BOYS!!!!! The opening is full of fire and spectacle and is very exciting, and the set is HUGE...BTW, they are NOT in the round this year (thank God) and the dancers are unobtrusive and are better integrated into the numbers without overwhelming them...we want to see BSB, NOT dancers (Millenium was very confusing, I think) and then, there they were! Entering out of the floor, they lauched into EVERYONE, dancing and strutting..we forget how good they are after a year off! They have a new edgier look and sound.

It was more like a rock concert than a pop concert. I am a huge Howie fan and found myself screaming and weak-kneed....I am WAAAAAYYY too old for this! (I am in my 50's, would you believe?!) Howie is gritty and sexy ....a live Bernardo of the Sharks! Gorgeous! Kevin is dark and dangerous looking...unbearably gorgeous and personable. Brian is full of personality and sings like an angel. Nick is certainly all grown up and more "sensual" than ever!!! AJ has his hair dark and corn-rowed (at least for THIS performance, but we know AJ can change at the drop of a hat!). There are a lot of surprises in the show which I won't reveal, but you can be sure that they will be appreciated by all.

They sang all the songs off the B & B CD plus the two songs included on the Walmart-released version of the CD...they did a medley of old songs plus full versions of Larger Than Life and I Want it That Way and partial versions of a number of others. The pyros were loud and bright and punctuated the music properly. They finished up around midnight then Kevin and Nick and Brian came out on stage to ask us what we thought of it. They are very sincere and care deeply about what their fans think. We let them know that the new concert was going to be "boffo" as they used to say in the dinosaur days! If you can, get tickets. If you can't, here's hoping that the Boys will produce a full-length video version of this concert later this year.

I will try to see this again when they get around to Tampa and would also purchase a pay-per-view and/or video of this. This concert blows Millenium away! After the concert, we jumped back on the bus-from-hell and four hours later, we were back in Tampa. We got home just before 5 a.m., exhausted but exhilarated! Thank you, FLZ and thank you, BSB!!!!!! You rock!

Black & Blue Tour Dress Rehearsal

Date: Jan 23, 2001
Submitted By: Gracy & Rosy

I just have to say that all BSB fans are in for a BIG treat with the new Black & Blue Tour. We had the privilege on 1/21/01 to see the dress rehearsel and a preview of the entire show every BSB fan will see before they start their first official concert date on January 22, 2001. The show is spectacular. Full of beautiful wardrobes, choreography, pyrotechnics, beautiful stage and BIG surprises for fans throughout the arena. I was so mesmerized by these talented and beautiful looking guys that the 2 hour show seem to be only 20 minutes long. The only thing that cheers me up is that I will be to see the show All over again this Tuesday. Can't wait to see it again. I know everyone will NOT be dissappointed. These guys are truly GREAT performers/entertainers.

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