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Charlotte, Jan 26, 2001

Date: Jun 13, 2001
Submitted By: Knick

The concert was soo awesome. Everyone thought my cousin and I were crazy though because we wore shorts and short sleeve tops in the freezing cold! you shouldv'e heard some of the comments. The concert finally started. there were some technical diffuculties but i dont care it was still da bomb. hehehe i noticed nick had a zipper problem =)i loved it when they went on the lil stage (which my cuz at first thought they were gonna like jump on or sumthin cuz it looked like a target!)

Charlotte NC, January 26, 2001

Date: Feb 03, 2001
Submitted By: Despina

My mom, best friend, and myself went to the Backstreet Boys concert at the Charlotte Coliseum January 26. It was truly an amazing show. Krystal was the opening act, and from what I heard from her that evening, she has big star potential. She not only has an incredible voice, but can play several instruments as well.

The Backstreet Boys came out with a bang - litterally! We were front row and honestly thought for a minute that the explosions were going to miss their targets and we would be hit by one since they were so close, but thankfully that didn't happen =) Anyway, the guys got us all hyped up eith "Everyone" and "Larger Than Life" and then moved to some of their ballads. My favorite part was when they sang "What Makes You Different Makes You Beautiful", but that's another story! About midway through the show the Boys went under the stage to "change" and re-appeared at the other end of the Coliseum, giving everyone a wonderful view. They then went back to the stage via an overhead bridge. They did all of their biggest hits, for the exception of "Quit Playin Games" and "The One". The guys never let their audience become bored and you could tell they put in a lot of effort to please their fans. It was honestly one of the best concerts BSB concerts I have ever been to =)

BSB Charlotte Concert

Date: Feb 03, 2001
Submitted By: Theresa Halki

The concert was absolutely awesome!! It took awhile for them to come on stage but other than that, it was wonderful. They sang, danced, and looked GREAT! The catwalk was a good idea and so was the surprise back stage. The way everything was set up gave the whole audience a chance to see all of the boys better. They are real showmen and they had the crowd screaming the ENTIRE time. All I really want to say is that no matter what critics say, BSB are definately LARGER THAN LIFE.

Charlotte,NC Jan 26,01

Date: Feb 01, 2001
Submitted By: Nairoby

Hey fellow backstreeters!! How's it going? I went to the Charlotte concert last Friday and let me tell was the best yet...I'm not gonna say best ever b/c they always top themselves every time! The show was BEYOND awesome and they were so adorable! Remember..."Hey it's the Kevin and AJ show!" And Kevin stating that Charlotte had some LUNGS!! AAAHHHH I love these guys! After the show I saw AJ and he waved at me and my friend Dana We were right beside his bus and he was so SWEET and waved at us. I felt like the most fortunate girl in the world!! AJ's my fave! It was and incredible experience, cosidering the fact that this was me fourth concert! I love BSB!!!E-mail anyone if you wanna chat about BSB! Keep it ALIVE!!!=O)

Charlotte, NC Jan. 26, 2001

Date: Feb 01, 2001
Submitted By: Ann D.

A friend and I were so excited that we were able to buy the "best available" seats for our 3 daughters from Ticketmaster to attend the Backstreet Boys Concert. Not to mention the girls, they were beyond themselves, couldn't wait, didn't know wahat to where and couldn't eat for a week. Once there all that was dashed by our "best available" seats which were behind the stage(no kidding), we had spent $68.00 per ticket to never see the boys faces or the stage show, what a tremendous disappointment. The girls were crying and we were fuming that the promotion company would sell tickets that were not in any view of the stage or the boys. Needless to say it will take a lot of convincing for me to shell out money for these guys again. We were all incredibly heartbroken and needless to say our girls are not as big of Backstreet Boy fans as they once were.

Charlotte, North Carolina 1-26-01

Date: Feb 01, 2001
Submitted By: Stuart

Well this was my first Bsb concert and it was great. I went with my girlfriend, her mom, and sister. The show was soooooooo good. I hated having to wait in the cold. Then that girl came out and sang(I can't spell her name at the moment.) I hated the wait but it was worth it. When the show started I loved the thing with the fire. It was sooooo cool!!! We were in section 119 so when bsb came to the middle stage I started freaking more than my girlfriend. It was sooooo cool. I also loved the dressing room scene. Those guys are hilarious!!!!! Well my next favorite part was when they sang "The Answer To Our Life." The video in the back was really sad, but it made the song mean alot more. Well I got to go, but I just wanted to tell everyone something: GO TO A BSB CONCERT!!!!! I can't wait till next years!!!!!!

Charlotte Concert

Date: Feb 01, 2001
Submitted By: Kristin

Hey Ya'll,

Well I went to the Millenium tour last year and I had the best time and did not have that great of seats. I was really worried that I was going to be going home disappointed going home after this show...I mean the guys could not get better than Millenium could they...OH THEY DID.. My friends and I left school at about 2:45 and got to Charlotte about 7:00PM... We were sitting there and they were playing that pre music...And then the lights went out and Krystal came on and OMG she is a great singer...I mean ever since I had gotten the BK for the fan cd's I wanted to hear other songs by her.. She is going to go far.. And the thing is..She is not blonde....She seems to be very down to earth..Finally someone who has talent and is not being made!! OK so after Krystal did a stunning preshow the stage crew came on and took apart her paino.... Then the lights came on again and then around 9:00 the guys came on and oh my god did they look good...

They looked so happy to be back on the road again..They all had these really big smiles on there faces.. Well I don't rember the exact order of everything but they started out with Everyone and then Larger than Life and then after that it all fused together...But they do all the songs from the B&B album except It's true and some from the Millenium and a little from Backstreets Back... But all in all it was a great concert...They sound so much better and there dance move rock...The dancers are playing and pushing into the guys and they do the same..Its just a lot of fun and they look like they are having a great time... Great sound...Great boys..Clothes,special effects... Just everything..But if you are planning to buy something bring aton of money...Or there might be some people selling shirts on your way in.... I will tell you there is no bad seat in the house...And also when they go into the changing room if you are on a lower level..Not floor and are close to the stage look down your aisle close to the end of the tape and you could see the guys...Because they came down my friends and I aisle..They may not do it at every show that just how they got to the stage at our show!! Well no matter what anybody tells you Backstreet's Back and the fans are louder than ever!!

Luv ya'll!!!


Charlotte, NC 01/26/01

Date: Jan 30, 2001
Submitted By: Wendy

This was my third BSB show. I saw the previous tour twice and was really excited about going to this one. On the day of the show, my friend backed out on me at the last minute. At the time I was upset, but later you will read why I am glad that happened. Anyway, I drove the 2 and a half hours to Charlotte alone. I arrived at the venue and just walked around outside, trying to keep warm. Well, this man that had on an All Access pass and I started up a conversation because he saw that I was alone. He was very nice and introduced himself as Hurricane. Anyway, he asked me if I had tickets and I said that I did and that they were great seats. He asked me where and said that they were and that they had just released them that morning, which is when I bought them. Anyway, he went inside to tend to business and I stayed out in the cold until they FINALLY opened the doors.

I took my seat and was waiting for Krystal to come out when I spotted Hurricane looking up in the crowd. Then he asked an usher something and the next thing I know he is handing me a meet n greet pass. He told me where to go and when. So, at this point I am beside myself with excitement. So, it comes time to go back and I do and briefly meet the guys who are super nice. It was a great experience. Then I go back to my seat and watched a fantastic show. I loved the opening pyro. I also enjoyed the video that they showed from the Sierra club. The show as a whole was great and so was the performances. My seat was right beside the ramp to the side of the stage (sec 107) and I could see them perfectly when they came to that side. I can't wait for them to come back to NC so I can see it again!

I have to get my film developed, but the pics that I took with my digital camera are posted at

Backstreet boys charlotte jan 26

Date: Jan 30, 2001
Submitted By: matt

Whats up everybody

I went to the backstreet boys charlotte concert on jan 26

It was my fourth bsb concert.. And I would have to say it was the best

The show did seem a little rushed though. But they have to fit in so much material so I can kind see where that could happen the entrance was a large pyro display with the earth being destroyed... They had 6 costume changes and did a 21 song set.. With SOMH as an encore.

For everybody who went I was that guy who everyone was taking pictures with ...My names matt and im 21... See for everybody else I kinda look like aj and I happen to love the bsb. So everytime I go to a concert I get mobbed by alot of people... I think its funny but yet flattering at the same. So whats up to everyone I saw and if you had your picture taken with me email me and say whats up.

The highlight of my night was when aj came over to the left ramp I stood up on the seats and he saw me I thought that was really cool. I had always wanted to meet them but that will do for now... All in all it was a good show and I look foward to seeing them this summer


Charlotte 1-26-01 Black and Blue World Tour Review

Date: Jan 30, 2001
Submitted By: Ashley Scott

I left school at 12:15. We decorated the car in glass paint and posters. No one else seemed like they did once we got there. Then we had to wait in a HUGE line to get in. We got our stuff and sat down. {floor CC seat 8 and 9} I was in seat 9 so i had the end. And right beside the little mini stage. Thats when i knew this was gonna be the best night ever. I had a poster that said happy birthday nick and the other said gotta little place nearby wanna go?...So the concert started Krystal came out. I loved her she can sing so good!Then we waited and fatima came to the sound control i got her autograph {back of my nick picture} and a pic with her.! Shes so nice and sweet! Then about 15 minutes went by and all of a sudden little fireworks ht th stage. They came out and oooo Nick looked so hot

They did alot of songs and then went down to the wordrobe. And did a skit down there.Then they came up on the little stage. OMG! nick saw my sign while he was walkin and blew me a kiss..I almost fainted!! Aj sat on our side and i had a hairbow and it wouldnt hurt them so i threw it up there. He dodged and missed it but thats ok cause howie walked by and picked it up and put it in his hair!!! I love howie now lol..And the did "Time" as they walked over the bridge and finished up with the call and shape of my heart. I was sorta disapointed about there being no confetti but i am well over that lol. My pics are great and im willing to talk to anyone who wants to!

BSB Black & Blue Tour Charlotte, NC

Date: Jan 30, 2001
Submitted By: Pamela

I went to my very first Backstreet Boys concert on Friday night and it was awesome!! I am from VA so I took the 6 hour drive down to Charlotte just so see them. I was soooo psyched because I never thought that I would be able to see them. I was closer that I thought I would be because I didn't get tickets until 2 weeks before the show. I was on the side, and less than 50 ft. away from the stage!!!

Their opening act had a really good voice, but she started to annoy me because she kept carrying the mike stand with her instead of just picking up the mike. After she did her four songs, we had to wait almost an hour for the boys to come on. When the lights went down though was when all of the magic started!! They had these awesome pyrotecnics that looked like comets. Then they popped out from under the stage and had on the coolest outfits. I think that the best part of the show was when they did this thing where they were like gotta go (I don't remember the name of the song, if this reminds anyone and they remember the song let me know!!) and they did this little hip spin and dropped into holes in the stage, then they like POPPED out from the floor right after it. They also played my two fav. songs "Answer to our life" and "More than that" When the opening notes for those songs came on I went crazy. Sometimes the screaming got so loud that you couldn't hear them and that made me kinda mad, because I was there to see and HEAR them perform, but all was good. The catwalk they had was cool and so was the understage tape that they had. All in all, it was THE BEST concert that I have ever been too. I would go see them in DC if I could too! In fact, I would go to ALL of their concerts if I could!!

Oh yeah, the only bad thing of this whole thing was that the battery in my camera died and since it is one of those zoom cameras and since I was from out of town, I couldn't get another one :( So, to all of you Backstreet fans out there that went to the Charlotte concert and would be willing to either let me have copies or but copies from you, then please let me know. I would love to have pictures to remember this WONDERFUL night! SO if you have GOOD pictures PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! let me know! Thanx



Black and Blue World Tour - Charlotte, NC - January 26, 2001

Date: Jan 30, 2001
Submitted By: Katie

Oh my gosh! This concert was the third BSB concert that I've seen in Charlotte. This was by far the best! Despite the hour wait between Krystal and BSB listening to 70s music, it rocked! They started with "Everyone", and the dance was awesome, and went into "Larger Than Life" and then plenty more! Some highlights were when they went into a wardrobe and had a video of them "changing." AJ and Kevin were the last two to go in, and it was the "AJ and Kevin Show" and they were tryin to decide who should go in first and AJ was like "Oh well, Beauty before Age!" It was funny! Also, there were two stages. There was the main stage, and then a little stage in the middle that they sang three songs on. They got to the stage by running down an aisle with staff jackets on and towels over their heads. Amazingly, it was the aisle right where I was sitting, and I touched Nick! I was so happy! (By the way, I love him!!!) Then me and my cousin basically ran rite behind them down the aisle and stood on the floor to see better and where me and my cousin were, we were the only two freaking out at the time, and Nick pointed to us and Brian waved (they were standing together) We were very very happy! Well, all in all it was a awesome concert, like nothing i've ever seen in my entire life! It was the best!!!

Charlotte Coliseum, North Carolina

Date: Jan 30, 2001
Submitted By: Mandi

This was an incredible night. I have been a fan since 1996 and have never able to get through to get tickets this was my first time. I thought my seats were going to be so bad, but they weren't. They were balcony seats alright but they were three rows up, dead center.

We traveled all the way from Savannah, Georgia because we didn't want to go to the Georgia dome. When we got to Charolette the first thing we did was check out the Coliseum, we couldn't believe that at 3:00pm there were already people there so we went and ate then came back at about 4:00pm. We were about fifteen or so people back from the gate.

It was so cold out there but every minute was worth it, to get to see the guys. After waiting out there until about 6:35pm, when they finally let us in, it was a mad house. I have never seen that many people trying to cram into such a small space in all the other band concerts I have been to. When we finally did make it to our seats we realized that we were actually going to get to sit down the entire show without having to deal with trying to see past any sings or hands.

The only complaint I have is the fact that it wasn't until close to nine that the concert actually started. We wanted to see our boys. Now I agree Krystal had a great voice, but she also had a hard crowd who did cheer her on patiently.

Then it started with the pryotechnics and the beginning video then the boys came out and started singing. And sang a number of songs with beautiful outfits on. They had a small stage towards the back, that they came out of the floor in. I'm not good with my math but they were within about 15ft or so of us. And I thought I was in heaven. With my candle I waved it in front of my face franically during this time. And then Kevin waved towards me and I thought ohmygod he noticed me. For the next few minutes nothing else registered. Then Brian pointed towards me when he was singing I'll never break your heart and I thought I was going to cry. But that's why we love our boys because they know how to include us into their music.

During this time a fan had given AJ an Argentina flag, which I thought it was sweet how he had taken it and draped it around his shoulders. I could see him chatting with his fans down there from my banoculars.

I will never forget this night. It was so great. I read the online newspaper from Charolotte's Observer newspaper and let me tell you don't waste your time. The reporter was very cruel and did't leave an email address because the person knew people would write and complain to her. She carefully pointed out the boys mistakes and said that the show need some adrenaline. Now let me tell you if you had been there you would have felt the heat and energy of the show.

I will definately get tickets when they come back to the states from their european dates and start their us dates again. I know that you will enjoy your show. Have fun. And remember the boys love you!!!!!!


charlotte nc

Date: Jan 30, 2001
Submitted By: Michelle Dubois

We got to the arena at about noon. It was soooo cold lol below freezing (be smart and wear a jacket!). We met alot of cool people waiting for their buses so it was fun. When they finally opened the doors wee went and found our seats we were 5th row almost dead center. I was so excited. I had some stuff I brought for rian so I got situated and reapplied my makeup before Krystal came on. She was actually very good! I really like her supergirl song! THne the dreaded half hour wait for the bsb. They finally came on at about 8:45. That entrance is awsome I was so surprised about the flames and sstuff it was soooo cool lol. Well Brian actually remembered me I was soooo excited.

I can't tell if he's scared of me or thinks its cool I go to all those concerts. Lol. But anyway howie remembered me too which made my day. When kevin came out in that leather I thought I was gonna fall over WOW lol total kevin moment. I held up my kevin sign and he stoped talkin read it and said thank you to me I completely flipped out he laughed then I realized I didnt sayy your welcome lol woops. I reallyu enjoyed the performance of get another bf and the call. After time I threw thhe stuffed animal up on the stage and brian picked it up read whata I had written on the back and then turned around and waved at me I swear I love that boys more and more everyday!! Howie blew me a total of 3 kisses that night and nodded at me a few times too. Goin through so much trouble pays of lol. Then they did shape of my heart and it was over. It wnt by alot faster than I expected but it was sooo great.

Charlotte, NC (1/26/01)

Date: Jan 30, 2001
Submitted By: Cindy

Last night I attended one of the best concerts. The Backstreet Boys and their fans took over Charlotte, North Carolina. My mother, sister, friend, and I drove six hours from Eastern NC to Charlotte. We had already been there two times during the Into The Millennium Tour, so we knew our way around. NOTE: BEFORE READING ON, I WILL TELL YOU THAT THIS GIVES MAJOR DETAILS FOR THE CONCERT. IF YOU WANT IT TO BE A SURPRISE, DON'T KEEP READING!

We had things written on our van, and saw others as we entered the Embassy Suites. There were fans milling around the hotel already. We worked on our signs at the hotel and put up the poster from YM Magazine on our window. When we were done with our signs, we put them in the big window that looks out to the street.

The next day came and we got up early in the morning. After getting dressed and eating breakfast, we spent most of the day going around Charlotte. At around 10 a.m., we went to the coliseum to look around and see what was going on. The Boys weren't there yet, but there were fans already walking around. We eventually left after being yelled at by security. Every time we go to the coliseum for the BSB, we go around to the side where the buses are parked and we get yelled at.

So we left and wasted a couple hours. We went back to the hotel and got our "concert clothes" on. Finally we were going back to the coliseum to wait in line. What were we thinking?! It was FREEZING! Due to that fact, we got some tips on where they were staying and headed out to search. We looked and looked, but we couldn't find it. But of course, on our way back to the coliseum (after having rude gestures given to us by a teenage guy that just got off school), we saw two huge, white buses waiting to get into the traffic and go to the coliseum. We went insane!

We had to keep going past the buses, and we watched and squealed the whole way (note: they drive the buses SLOW). Finally we got into a gas station parking lot and waited for the bus to go by and get behind it. There was a procession of BSB fans following the buses, it was so hilarious. Of course, the windows were tinted far beyond being able to see in. So we just went back to the coliseum at around 4:30 p.m. and waited in line.

Last year when we waited in line, there was an "AJ Look-a-Like" who looked almost exactly like our Bone. We stood near him in line and made all the girls going by scream and shriek like crazy. This year, he was there wearing black leather pants and a jacket with a blue shirt underneath. I went to say "hi" to him and just catch up a bit. He is amazingly shy to be a AJ impersonator. He gets so many "OH MY GOD IT'S AJ!"'s it's not even funny. Note before I go on: they need to let people into the coliseum earlier when it is so cold outside. One security guard refused to let a nine year old girl in to use the restroom, and she was crying she had to go so bad.

Ok, on to the concert. We had section 129 row M, seats 3&4, 9&10. We had bought them on eBay. So, we asked the people who had the seats in between us if they would switch, and the rude woman wholeheartedly refused to budge. I have a camera that is difficult to change film in, so whenever I had to change film I had to move through them to give it to my mother. Rude people!

After buying a $70 sweatshirt and $15 bandana, we went to our seats. It was a long wait before Krystal finally came out to perform. Honestly, she was extremely talented and beautiful...but not someone I would go to a concert for if she were the lead act. I do, however, love her song/first single "Supergirl." That was a great song, with an awesome beat. She performs wonderfully and reminds me of a pop/punk girl reminiscent of Pink, only better. She sang four songs, the last of which was "I'll Be There" (by Michael Jackson), that she dedicated to the crowd/fans. She definitely got the crowd pumped up for the BSB.

In between acts, as they were setting up the stage for the Boys, 70s music played in the coliseum (same stuff that played on the Into The Millennium Tour). Every time a song would end, everyone would start screaming hoping the lights would go down and our guys would appear. And every time they were dissapointed when another song began. About 30-45 minutes later, the lights went out and the arena lit up with blue/green glow sticks.

The guys performed "Everyone," which was totally expected by everyone. In the beginning it was so loud (the screaming) that you could not even hear the music or the BSB singing. My ears rung as I sang along and screamed while the boys did military-style posing (they do this for every concert for photo opportunities). Before the guys came out, on the big jumbo screen they showed the Earth being hit by meteors. During the video, pyrotechnics literally exploded on the stage. They made it so that it seemed there were meteors hitting the stage. It was almost scary.

The Boys performed all songs off of "Black & Blue" except for "It's True," which kind of confused me. That is a great song which I think should have been sung at the concert. They sang a combination of tracks from "Millennium," "Backstreet Boys," and "Backstreet's Back." Probably the most famous or popular part of the show is when they go down beneath the stage, making you believe they are jumping into a wardrobe trunk. They show a video on the jumbo screen of the guys in a dressing room. It was very funny when they threw teddy bears and some were thrown on stage. So when the video is over, the five angel faces show up on the other side of the arena on a small, round stage.

Probably my favorite performances were of "The Call," "Not For Me," "I Want It That Way," "Shining Star," and "How Did I Fall In Love With You." During "How Did I...", when Howie's drawn out note comes, it almost seems as though the whole place goes silent to see if he can pull it off like on the CD. The crowd hushed and Howie belted out the word "life" as though it was the only word that meant anything to anyone. It was beautiful and he got major props from the crowd with a burst of shrieks and screams.

My friend, a total Nick freak, thoroughly enjoyed their performance of "Shining Star." During the song, Nick and AJ do their sexiest dances. Groin shaking, booty moving, and everyone is happy and going crazy. Go Nick, go AJ! Before "The Call" begins, I love how AJ is speaking to the crowd (obviously rehearsed, but still cool) when his phone rings. He talks and says "Hey we're about to do the last song in Charlotte, I'm busy!" and goes on to say "Ok, bye baby, I'll be thinking about you! **snaps the phone off and shuts it** NOT!" This jumps him into his opening lines of the song. In the middle of the song, the guys jump down into the "holes" on the stage and put on their choir boy outfits. Out they rise for the bridge of the song and rip off the blue gowns at the first pound of the drum beat. The video for "The Call" plays on the jumbo screen, with Nick running down the hotel hallways.

When "I Want It That Way" is over, the guys go beneath the stage for a costume change while they play making of the video clips for the song. When Nick's face suddenly flashes on the screen for a close up, the screaming hits an all-time high. I think that "Not For Me" SOUNDED the best during the concert with the digital beat. They had awesome dance moves and looked great.

After the encore of "Shape of My Heart," and the guys wave goodbye as the "holes" take them underneath the stage, AJ's suddenly comes back up to officially say bye to the fans. He runs up to our ramp and waves and talks, runs to the other side to do the same, and finally goes to the center to bow and say goodnight. Then down goes the corn-row head of AJ's into the darkness of the stage. On come the lights and it's time to leave.

So here I sit, telling you my story with a bad cold from standing in the freezing temperatures before the concert. It's all fine with me, for last night was one of the best nights of my life. I had amazing fun, and will do it again in March at Phoenix's America West Arena. See you there!

Please email me if you went to the Charlotte concert, or if you're going to the Phoenix concert (the 14th of March). KTBSPA!

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