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Philadelphia, PA Jan. 30th

Date: Aug 27, 2001
Submitted By: Lindsey Tomlinson

The Black & Blue concert was so awesome. It was the greatest thing in the world! In the beginning, on the big screen was earth. There were meteors flying toward it. As they would hit the earth, red fireworks would shoot across the stage. The guys shot up through the floor for their entrance. They opened wiht "Everyone", then went into "Larger Than Life". They had awesome dance moves and they sounded amazing. After a bunch of songs, they asked if we weanted to see them change right on stage. Everyone screamed , but instead of changing there, they had a camera down with them. You didn't really see anything though. A.J. had his shirt off, but that's nothing new! Brian attacked A.J. with silly string, so A.J. turned around and sprayed the guys with a water gun. It was so cute! Kevin fell over and the bench fell on top of him. It was really funny. When they came back out, they came out on a stage that was near us. It was great! When they sang "How Did I Fall In Love With You", I cried. Don't ask why. Then a bridge came down that connected the two stages. When they sang "Time", (I lit my candle) they walked up and down the bridge. Oh, before that, the guys got everyone to sing Happy Birthday to Nick. It was so sweet because after we sang, Nick went and hugged all the guys. I love them! So, after that, they sang a couple more songs and finished with "The Call" and "Shape Of My Heart". It was the greatest night of my life!!!!!

backstreetboys concert 1/30/01

Date: Aug 06, 2001
Submitted By: mandy

well.....the bsb concert on january 30th was off the hook!

I went w/ my 2 friends katie and ashley ....and other people but they werent sittin w/ us. Are seats were soo close ....we walked in the stadium and saw the small round stage at the one end then turned to our seats and saw the big stage we were like woah...well ya kno the concert started the guys looked straight blazen ya kno ...... most of the concert was blur ya kno me and my friends got to touch all of them ....i gotta grab ajs chest hehe....brian gave my friend a teddy bear awww lucky her........then dureing the shape of my heart me and katie ( my friend ) new the concert was almost over so0o0o we decided we were gonna trow our bras ya kno. Aj happened to come over to our side so0o0o we threw them. And what do ya kno mine lands right on his shoulder and katies (i couldnt stop laughing) hers hit him right in the face. so0o0o0 he held them in the air and put katies on and did a little dance. welll they were just some of the high lights and i sure had a lota fun!oh yeah and of coarse we rubbed it in to every one about touching them just like ne one else would!

bsb ih philly

Date: May 05, 2001
Submitted By: **shyninstar**

the bsb concert in philly on january 31 was honestly the best day of my life! they included their fans like no band ever could!!!they had short skits an even stopped the show to read a note a girl threw!we got a peek in their dressing room~which was sure to make us girls scream!krystal harris opened for them an when kev said she had an angelic voice he truly meant it!!she was wonderful.bsb opened with larger than life and everyone,as a tribute to the 40,000 fans!!they kept the energy level way up the whole show.with the bridge over the crowd an a small stage in the back every fan was close an everyfan got a great view of the guys even tho the venue was huge!!!they closed the show with an amazing encore of shape of my heart..the show on a whole was great!!

The Best Concert Jan. 31 in Philadelphia

Date: Apr 28, 2001
Submitted By: Kaylee Jade McLean

The concert in Phiadelphia on January 31st was a great concert. The skits and fooling around on stage added some fun to it. When Krystal came out I thought she was great. Kevin was right when he said she had the voice of an angel. Intermissions were so long! I hated when I didn't see the guys on stage. Other than that I thought they worked really hard. The stage was awesome and it let them get really close to the fans. I read other reviews and none of them seemed to include the skits they did backstage. Why? One girl even tossed a bottle of salad dressing on the stage with a note on the back saying: "Nick, I wanna toss your salad." They stopped the entire concert for A.j. to read the note to Nick. After that was intermission. When everyone was getting up to get drinks, food, etc. The boys put on a little skit in the dressing room. Howie and Nick fought over the mirror while Kevin tried to get his locker open. A.j. and Brian changed right in front of the camera which really made the girls scream.

When they returned to the stage they walked along the sound bridge to this smaller stage out in front of the crowd further to the back. I was the only glow stick in my section. Brian must've saw my hand waving wildly and waved to me. I jumped so far out of my seat my mom had to catch me! It was the best. On the way out I heard these two little girls about eight or nine years old saying how they were so happy to be breathing the same air as the backstreet boys. But of all, this was the best concert and Black and Blue is the best album. I think the Backstreet Boys will be around for a long time.

Backstreet boys Black -n- Blue tour January 31, 2001 in Philadelphia, Pa

Date: Mar 20, 2001
Submitted By: Kelly

I went & saw the Backstreet boys on there Black -N- Blue tour January 31, 2001 in philadelphia.. I got the tickets as a birthday present from my grandfather..The funny thing about that is the tixs went onsale December 2nd, and my mom said that i wasn't aloud to go to see the backstreet boys this time around and of course i got mad at her.. Well the next day December 3rd which id my b-day my grandfather came over for my party, he handed me the present after i opened all the others & it was the tickets and i was like OH MY GOD..Of course I cried, cause I am emotional.. anyways... The day finally came it seemed like it to forever. My cousin did my hair in a french braid with Black & blue ribbion threw it. it looked really neat. I wore my black pants & i didn't have a dark blue shirt so i wore a light blue shirt...Finally we were on our way to the concert. it felt like it took forever to get there. we finally got there and got in we went to find our seats and i knew they were on the floor and they were in 13th row..the person standing there looked at our tixs and put us way in the back & i asked him why we were way back here and he said, cause this is were i'm putting you. I said no we paid for our seats and we want the right ones. . My stepmoms Cousin works there and i saw him & told him what the guy did, & he moved us to our right seats, & told us that he would stay by us so he doesn't move us again.. Finally 10 mins past & i got up to get a tour book & a shirt and picture for my sister.. I came back to the seats and told my friend that i wanted a glow stick, but they were $8..So John asked me if i really wanted one and i said yeah, but I am not paying that much...he said to my friend Jaylyn & I he'd be back..

Krystal was coming on and in the middle of her 2nd song and John came back with 2 glow sticks for my friend and I.. Krystal was AMAZING..she is vert talented.. Her voice is better then Christina aguilera's and her style is like Pink..she is a great entertainer..Anyways she was done after 4 songs..we waited for like 30-45 mins before the boys came on..FINALLY they came on & started of with Everyone then into Larger then life..(I don't know the rest of the order sorry) when they were singing The answer to our lives i asked John if he would walk Jaylyn and I towards the stage, because we have something for Nick since his birthday past.. While we were walking up another worker said that we couldn't go up there, & John said we were fine, cause he os with us and we have something to give nick.. we got up there and nick bent down to us and we gave him he stuff and he hugged us... they sang more songs.. Aj came out onstage and started talking & the phone rang, & he was like want me to get that and we said yeah, her repeated his self about 20 more times after like 50 rings he got it, and was like I told you were i was at are you deaf..i started laughing.. then the song started and they all came out.. after that they said bye and went off stage..then they came back on and sang shape of my heart and while singing some girl decided to be funny and threw her bra on stage...I was like OMG!!! they got done the song and that met it really was over, so as the lights came on everyone was leaving... we got to the car were my dad was, & was waiting to get out of the parking lot which took forever & finally got home...I was so hyped!!! Jaylyn and i didn't sleep all night...well thats all iam sure I am boring you...

backstreet Boys Black and Blue Concert Review

Date: Mar 20, 2001
Submitted By: BSBs Number 1 Fan

It was january 31st 2001 and i couldent believe the day of the backstreet boys black and blue concert had finally come. I Knew this was a day that was going to stay with me for the rest of my life. Especialy since this was my very first concert ever which made this day even more meomrible. It Was 7.15pm that evening and i had just arrived at the first union center. I Must say i was astunished to see all the white limos and all the radio stations parked outside. And not to mention all the Backstreet fans dect out in amazing backstreet gear both young and old by the way. Just as i entered the arena they were playing backstreet music and i being a huge fan was singing along with the music.After about a few mins of singing i decided to go look my seat after all it was now 7.30 which meant that the show was about to start. When i found my seat a thousand and one thoughts came rushing through my mind like OMG i cant believe im actually in the same building as the best group ever omgg. As i was deep in my thoughts the lights finally grew dim and out came Krystal. Boy i tell you that girl can sure sing. Krystal sang a total of 4 songs before disapearing off stage. When she left We had to wait a total of 45 mins before the backstreet boys got on stage. During that time people were throughing beach balls up and down the aisles and some of them Were dancing and sing to whatever music they had over the loud speakers. there was a time when the crowd grew a wee bit restless and started chanting backstreet boys over and over. i Was Well entertand Actually by my Annoying Father who kept taking pictures and by all these people who were doing all these things. Finally at around 8.20pm the lights grew dim yet agian but this time it wasent Krystal that would be getting on stage it would be the incredible Backstreet boys.there was this big Explosion and pictures of the earth exploding my i tell you it was awsome. Boy i was screaming so loud and tears began to well up i was so excited. more tears started to well up as soon as i saw them by them i mean the totally awsome totally hot Backstreet boys omgggg Ahhh. The First song these 5 hotties sang was everyone wow wow wow omg omggggggg ahhhhhh i was going crazy!!!. that song was quickly followed by Larger then life wow yet agian. After they sang a few songs they disapeard under the stage and they showed a clip of the custome change. then outta nowhere they popped up on this round stage and began singing ill never break your heart and all time favorite of mine in which i might add. When they Were singing this song Aj was sitting down on the end and began to pet/rock/ sing to a stuffed animal omgggggggggggggggggg he looked soooooooooooooooo adorable ahhhhhhhhhhhhh aj ur awsome he he!.Anywho After that they sang 1 more song before singing another fav of mine time omggggggggg awsome yet agian.Another Fav was when they sang Answer to our life wowwwwwwwwww it was so cute yet sad when they showed these clips of the ocean awww it was sad. ill tell you right now they sang a total of 22 songs!!!!!!!!. i took 2 rolls of film which i regret because there was so much to take pics of and 54 pics aint enough. Thats why this summer im taking atleast 5 he he he. Anywayz back to the story here. At one point Aj took off his sleeve omgggggggggggggg yummy. At another point he took off his black trench coat and through it out at the Fans!. it wasent just Aj who was throwing clothes the fans to. one fan threw a bra which landed on top of poor nickys head !!!!!!!. After that they threw their white towels out!!!!!!!. The last song they sang was Shape of my heart ommmmmmmg awsome wish that had never ended!. When the show was over and i was walking though i was almost run over by two crazed fans that were running by screaming omg omggg ahh because they caught the towels they threw!. i wish that night had never ended but unfourtintly it did :( but atleast im going to see them agian this summer which im reallllllllyy syked about ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! bsb i love you you rock see you this summer ahh! peace, KTBSPA~!

January 31st, 2001

Date: Mar 19, 2001
Submitted By: Danielle

Here it was, the day I had been waiting for since the day I bought the tickets on December 2, 2000. It was 6:30 in the morning on January 31st, 2001! Why was this day so important? It was the day of The Backstreet Boys Black and Blue World Tour for me! I was so excited I could hardly even talk! I went running out the door, almost missing my ride to school, and quickly yet out a little (well not so little) yell.

It seemed that ever since I walked into school that it had been the slowest day of school in my whole life! But, finally, it reached lunch, and the day was half over. I could hardly eat, and all I talked about was going to see the Backstreet Boys! But I forced my food down because I knew that would that would sort of make the day seem a little bit faster! When I was done eating lunch I quick flew out of the lunch room and into my next class.

The final bell of the day rang! I screamed with excitement! In two hours I would be leaving to go to the Backstreet Boys concert!I said bye to my friends and quick hopped on the bus (I cant drive cuz I'm only 15). When I got off the bus I got my key out and whammed open the door. I was screaming so loud that my next door neighbor heard me, oh well! My Mom got in the door and she was excited too.

It was finally 4:50 and it was time to go! I got my Black and Blue CD and flew out the door. We were driving for about an hour and we reached Philly! About a half an hour later I could see it! I could see The First Union Center! At that time I was practically going nuts! This wasn't a dream! It was really happening! There wasn't to many people there when we go there, but later there was! We got in and I go souvenirs and food and stuff. I walked in and there it was, the stage where the BACKSTREET BOYS would be dancing! I had really good seats and this little stage was right in front me!

It was about 7:35 and Krystal, the opening act, came on! In about 30 minutes she was done. All the lights came back on and everyone was chanting "Backstreet Boys" over and over again. It was great!

Then, exactly 38 minutes later all the lights went out! Everyone started going nuts! All of a sudden an earth popped up on this big screen and fire would fly and dancers would fall over. Then suddenly, who came up through the floor? OMG! It was the BACKSTREET BOYS! Every single person in the building was screaming! I will never ever forget that moment! They first sang "Everyone" and then went into "Larger Than Life".

I was screaming the whole time. They took you down into the changing room and then they came up on this little circle stage right in front of me! And the best thing happened to me! Brian looked right at me and I waved to him and he gave me a wink and a wave! It was sssooo awesome! And then later Nick looked right at me and gave me a thumbs up! It was so awesome! They also walked across this little bridge, which was really cool!

Suddenly, AJ was the only one left standing. He had told everyone that there was only one song left after the next one. Well, the next one was "The Call". The following song was "Shape of My Heart", and everyone was singing along to it! Then they all said thank you and all the dancers, etc., came out and they took a bow. They disappeared off stage and that was it! That was the best day of my whole life! I will never forget it!


Philadelphia January 30-31

Date: Mar 01, 2001
Submitted By: Frannie and Chrissy

January, 31, 2001

The day started when I woke up. As soon as I did, I was very excited. And of course I was excited because today was the day I got to see the Backstreet Boys. Then I picked out my BSB clothes. I screamed very loudly wen I finally got down stairs. I was shacking on the way to school.When I got to school, I had a feeling that my teacher knew I couldn’t think strait. I was so happy that I was gonna see the Backstreet Boys. If Chrissy and I missed that concert it would be six concerts total we have missed. The whole day I was talking about the Backstreet Boys.

Later that day my teacher said I would be the last one to leave that day. But, when 3:00pm came, it turned out I was first to be able to leave. I ran down the stairs and I almost knocked down my principal. Then I got into the car and headed strait to Chrissy’s house. When I got there she was in the shower. After her shower, she ran down stairs and hugged me. We went to her room and did our hair. We went down stairs and went on the internet. When we got off the computer, we HAD to scream.

At around 5:30pm, we took pictures. And Mrs. Dee got home. Before we left Chrissy made me go and get my ‘Black and Blue’ cassette. When I got back we were ready to go. We drove to The First Union Center. When our building (First Union Center) came into view, Chrissy and I couldn’t talk. All we could do was stare. When we got there we got out of the car and headed to the door. Their was an estimation of one hundred people in front of us. Thrity minutes later we got to go inside. When we got inside, this lady took our posters. She told us they give them to the Backstreet Boys. Yea right!! Anyway, after that we went to a ‘Fan Gear’ store. I got hungry because I didn’t eat dinner. I went and got a pretzel. When I got my pretzel Chrissy and her mom were in line at the store. So, I decided I had to bye a BSB shirt. So I did and we went to our seats. My seat was nine rows away from Chrissy. We stated talking on the Walkie Talkies I brought with me. Soon Kristal (BSB’s opening act)came on. At 8:00pm she was done singing. Since she had a totally different stage then BSB it took 45 minutes for them to come on. Believe me, that was the LONGEST 45 minutes of my life.

Finally the lights went out and everyone went crazy. In the backround they had an earth and, everytime a meter hit a dancer would fall and fire would come up from the stage. Then BSB came on. There opening song was off the ‘Black and Blue’ album ‘Everyone’. Through that whole song I was either singing or screaming “I LOVE YOU NICK!!!!”. After about ten songs we got to see them changing in their changing room. AJ and Kevin didn’t go till last. AJ said” It’s the AJ and Kevin show!!” Then Kevin said “ With puppets!” Then they started talking to them selves for 3o seconds. Then AJ had to change. But before he did, he said “Kevin, beauty before age”. Then he went to go change. Kevin asked us if we wanted to see the dressing room. Everybody screamed “YES!!!” So the camar man followed Kevin to the dressing room. Kevin was being annoying because he was complaining he couldn’t find his other boot. Then AJ told us what his tattoo’s meant While that was happening, Howie was obsessed with his hair. When they were done Howie was looking in the mirror and the other guys needed to look in the mirror too. Then AJ told Howie “ I need to look in the mirror so move!” Then Howie told AJ “Their isn’t enough room for me and my hair.”

Then they came out in a round. Luckaly, the round was ten rows away from me. I had decided to go down and see them up close. When I saw Nick, he smiled and waved to me. After the three songs they sang, they went back to the stage. At 10:23 tha Backstreet Boys concert had sadly ended. I waited for Chrissy. When I saw her, we screamed really loud. Then we went to the car. All we could talk about was the concert. After another song from Black and Blue we saw Howies bus leave. Chrissy and I looked at each other and ran out of the car. We went to the gate and we saw two more buses leave. I called my dad and told himI would be home soon. On the way home, we talked about the concert

And one more time for the record


Wednesday, January 31st, 2001. Philly, PA. First Union Center

Date: Feb 27, 2001
Submitted By: Chrissy & Frannie

Chrissy's day:

It was 6:30 in the morning on January 31st, 2001. I woke up and went, "OMG! TODAY'S THE DAY! THE BACKSTREET BOYS CONCERT!" Usually, I'm so cranky in the morning...but today, I wasn't! I was so excited, I can barley remember my day, but I'll try my best. Around 7:30, me and my mom got in the car to leave for school. I couldn't believe she was making me go to school today of all days! I can't remember that day...let's see...well...oh forget it! All I remember is walking up infront of my locker and yelling to my class, "There will be NO messing with me today!" I can't remember my classes, I swear! Let's get to me coming home from school. My dad picked me up and the bus stop. As we rode down the street, I rolled down the window and yelled, "I'M ON MY WAY TO SEE THE BACKSTREET BOYS!!!"

When we got home, I threw down my stuff, screwed my homework (I wasn't going to school the next day. How could I?), and went upstairs to the shower. When I was finished, I went to my room and put on my blue pants and black shirt. (Kevin did say that night that the fans are the black and blue army!) Then my brother called me from downstairs and said, "Christine! Frannie's here!" I screamed and ran downstairs to hug her. All we could do is scream and go, "OMG!" We went upstairs and talked about our days.

Around 4:30ish, my mom got home from work. Of course, me and Frannie were ready to go, but mommy wasn't. She had to eat dinner and make the beds. It was about 5:00. Me and Frannie were upstairs trying to write BSB on eachothers faces without laughing. It didn't work too well. We finally got it and I sent Frannie home real quick to get the Black & Blue cassette. When she got back, we took some pictures and were on our way! We ran like maniacs out to the car! Riding past my elementary school, we saw my friend Amanda so we rolled down the windows and screwed, "WE'RE GOING TO SEE THE BACKSTREET BOYS!!!" She turned around but I don't think she saw us. All we could do was scream "BSB!!" out the window! I remember riding over the bridge and Shining Star was playing. Just as we were right near the First Union Center, Answer To Our Life came on! What a treat, since that is my favorite BSB song! We stared at "the building" forever. I was saying to Frannie, "Nickolas Gene Carter, Brian Thomas Littrell, Kevin Scott Richardson, Howard Dwaine Dorough, and Alexander James McLean are really in that building!" We HAD to scream! We parked the car and ran to our building. The weren't letting fans in, so we had to wait out in the cold for 30 minutes! Finally, they started to let fans in. As you came in, they took your banner! Really ticked me and Frannie off! But oh well, 'we made the best of it' as Howie would say. lol. We found our seats and sat down for a while. Once more fans came in, the Backstreet Chant would go off and on. "Backstreet Boys! Backstreet Boys!" Before Krystal, we went and bought our merchandise. I got a BSB picture pack and the tour book. Frannie got a t-shirt. I gave her the picture of Nick. When Krystal came on, Frannie went back to her seat, which was only 9 rows behind me. But we had walkie-talkies so we could chat. When Kyrstal was done, I waited very paiently for BSB. Finally, at 8:46PM, the lights shut off! OMG! After a few minutes, nothing happened! lol! Luckily, the 100's sections were being held up by a sheet of metal! So we all started jumping on it to make a lot of noise. Then the Backstreet Chant began again. "Backstreet Boys! Backstreet Boys!" Finally the stage lights came on and there was a big picture of the earth on the screen. Everytime a meteor hit it, fire would come up, and a dacer on the stage would fall. Soon about 10 meteors hit it, and the stage exploded! That's when BSB came on! I was shaking like crazy! When they showed Brian on the screen, I thought my hands were gonna shake right off! The first song was Everyone. And lucky me, screaming for Brian, I cracked my jaw! (my jaw still don't work right, 26 days later!) I was ok, though. I snapped it back into place. But I couldn't scream through half of the next song, Larger Than Life. I can't remember the songs in order after that, but it was really funny, a few songs later, a fan threw ranch salad dressing onstage! AJ and Kevin picked it up and read the note. It said, "Dear Nick, I came all the way from Minnesota just to toss your salad!" Nick, who was sitting on a speaker at the time, said, "Thanks! I like ranch dressing!" The BSB wardwrobe set was one of my favorites. A small box was onstage. When you climbed down into it, it would take you backstage to the dressing room. Brian, Nick, and Howie went down, leaving AJ and Kevin onstage! AJ goes, "It's the AJ and Kevin show!" "With puppets!" Kevin adds, pulling a puppet from the box. It was really funny when AJ said, "Always beauty before age." Ooh! I wanted to slap him! Finally, they were all backstage. This part was really funny! Kevin couldn't find his boot, Howie couldn't get to the mirror, and Brian shot AJ with the silly string. "BRIAN!!! TAKE IT OFF!!!" was all I could scream! The girls behind me were laughing at me. Frannie said she could hear me 9 rows away! A few minutes later, they came up from a stage in the round!!! I remember seeing Kevin first, but quickly shifted my eyes toward Brian, who was facing my section! "BRIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed and waved my hands! He looked at me and imatated me by jumping! I mean, Brian Thomas B-Rok Littrell was 20 feet away from ME! It was amazing! They sang 3 songs. Time, How Did I Fall In Love With You, and I Promise You. When they were talking, Howie was standing infront of us and my mom's film ran out of camera, so she yelled, "HOWIE! DON'T MOVE! I GOTTA PUT MORE FILM IN THE CAMERA!" That was hilarious! I can't remember the rest of the show. So let's sadly :-( get to the end of the show at 10:23PM. Frannie walked down, and I jumped over to rows to hug her. Before we left, we screamed one last time, "PHILLY LOVES BSB!!!" As we were walking out, I couldn't help it. I walked back in and yelled, "BRIAN! IF YOU CAN HEAR ME! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! PHILLY LOVES BSB!" We walked out to the car. A few feet away, there was a group of girls taking pictures. I yelled, "Backstreet Boys rules!" The jumped up and down and waved. We waited in the car for the traffic to clear, talking (or should I say shouting, the people in the next car could hear us!) about our favorite highlights of the show! Soon, we saw a bus leaving and ran out of the car to chase it down the street. "Howie's in that bus!" fans were screaming! It was freezing cold, but ask me if I care! I was hoping a glimpes of them. One bus had two girls in it. I think one was Leighanne. She had her backed turned, but she had long blonde hair. When the buses left, so did we. It was the night of our life!

Backstreet Boys' Philly Show- January 30th

Date: Feb 24, 2001
Submitted By: Emily

I had the best night of my life at the BSB concert! I went with my sister and my friend, and it was the greatest!!!! my friend, Ashley, is Sooooooo crazy about Nick carter, we freaked out every time he sang! we had good seats, we could see them really well but couldn't like touch them or anything like that. I have never screamed so loud in my life! when they came out in their long coats, I just freaked out!!! there were about 25,000 people there, all of them screaming SOOO loud. It was truly AMAZING!!! Kevin also looked at me, so that made my life complete =) I HAVE to go to the 2nd leg of their North American Tour! I love BSB so much, allll I do in my spare time is search the web for more BSB sites, I am the biggest fan anyone could ever find! KTBSPA!

Jaimster's Jammin Review of the one and only BSB!

Date: Feb 14, 2001
Submitted By: Jaimee!

Let me tell you about the concert that changed my and my girls went out

First I have to say this was such an awesome concert! It was so slammin! Philly is the place to be! haha! The opening of the concert was da bomb! Asteroids and meteors came crashing down on us and it was just so spectacular! Their stage was the best I've ever seen! It took my breath away! My mom brought me and a friend! We just had a grand old time!

After a bangin opening the first song was "Everyone" which switched into "Larger Than Life." Let me just add that the boys are definitely larger than life. They put on the best concert with classics like "I'll Never Break Your Heart, I Want It That Way, Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely, and Everbody. They sang practically the whole Black and Blue cd.

They sang songs such as Get Another Boyfriend, Not For Me, Shining Star, The Call, and of course Shape of My Heart!

After they show a video on the huge screen of them in the dressing room underneath the stage. Thee highlight of the show was when they came on to this stage near the rear of the floor! Thats when i just went crazy on the pictures! Woo-ee! I'm surprised I did not get arthritis from snappin away! You know what I'm sayin? Anyways,

they sang I'll Never Break Your Heart on that stage and then a big bridge formed from the regular stage to the smaller stage! Then they performed the wonderfully written and very touching ballad, "Time." Also, I have to say they fine-tuned their dance moves and the boys are back and better than ever! I just have to say that

this was one of the best concerts I have ever been to! All their songs and performances are just so well put together! I had the best time at both BSB concerts I went to! Both the Millennium and Black and Blue Tour were just so awesome! I can't wait to see them again! Keep BSB Pride Alive!

Thanks for reading my review! You have to experience a BSB concert for yourself because my review is All I Have To Give!

Peace and Love, Jaimster

philadelphia concert 1-30-01

Date: Feb 14, 2001
Submitted By: Melissa J

I have seen all of their tours and they just keep om getting better every year! It was a great idea for them to move to the back of the stadium to sing 3 songs. Everyone in the back got a chance to see them up close and did the ever look hott!! The Boys got up close to the audience and got them involved in the show and that's not something that everybody does. The song that the boys sang, I can only remember one line : What makes you different makes you beautiful to me, was so good I was in tears!! They are definitly the BEST SHOW OUT THERE!!!!

Philli 1/30/01

Date: Feb 11, 2001
Submitted By: Amanda

1 day before the concert my dad and i got ready to leave. We traveled 7 hours from New Hampshire to go to this concert. I had went to their concert back in 98 which i traveled 4 hours to go see. I couldn't get tix for the millenium tour so i was pumped when i got tickets through the fan club. My family thought I was crazy because I was so pumped and they didn't understand how an 18 year old could get so excited but my parents were very awesome and decided they would drive me down. We drove down to my aunt who lives about 20 minutes away from the arena.

I woke up that morning pumped for the show. Around 6:30 my aunt and I left for the concert. None of my friends are BSB fans, my aunt is awesome and she went with me. I was amazed at how big the arena was because we don't have them that big around here. We got to the arena, and of coarse went and bought some memorabela.

We went to our seats which were amazing seats. We were very close and could see perfectly. The last concert in 98 I was kinda far away so I was looking forward to being so close.

Then Krystal came out. She was amazing. She already has me as a fan. That girl can sing and I love the lyrics of her songs. She is definatly going to make it big. My aunt fell in love with her songs.

Then we waited about 45 minutes until the boys were comming out. I was so excited. Me and my aunt talked to some of the girls who were sitting next to us.

Finally the show started. Everyone was screaming. The roars sounded like thunder. They sang and my aunt (who liked their music but wasn't a big fan) was going nuts. She was so amazed on all the different age groups that were there. She thought it was so funny because the girls who sat next to us loved Nick and whenever he would sing they would go nuts. To backstreet fans that is a normal occurance and we all know that goes on. When they came into the middle stage they sang my favorite song "How did I fall in Love". That song has personal memories to me. I wanted to cry they sang it so beautifully. Then when they did time it was so cool how close they were.

By the end of the concert my aunt and I could not talk, we were screaming so much.

The concert was amazing. I have been to many conerts and out of all that was definatly the best one. The dancing, the singing, everything was amazing. My aunt was definatly a fan after that. I had the time of my life. Thanks to BSB.

BSB in Philly 1/30/01

Date: Feb 06, 2001
Submitted By: Lana Marie

Okay...Soo...I've been to tons of concerts but this was the best ever!!! We left my house at 330 and arrived in Philly at 630. It's a 3 hour drive! =( Anyway... First of all, my sis and I sat in the wrong seats and it turns out we were supposed to be over a section, even closer to the stage! Wow! My mom and dad sat in a different section(wearing my BSB shirts!!!) and my sis and i sat 2 feet from the wing of the stage(because it was shaped like an airplane.) I almost touched Nicks hand, but I think he has a no-touch policy because he didn't touch many peoples hands!! When I almost touched AJ's hand, a large girl stepped on me and made me fall over. Well, let me tell you, that made me mad!! GRR!! But...the show was wonderful! I cried!!! This was the 2nd BSB concert I was ever at and it was great. They're great with the audience. They walked over a bridge and touched people on the floor's hands and over on the other side of the arena. They sang songs from Millenium, Backstreet Boys and Black and Blue. It was great!! I LOVE BSB!! =) I can't wait to see them again...hopefully it'll be soon.

January 30th and 31st!

Date: Feb 06, 2001
Submitted By: Corinne

OMG!!!!! OK Tuesday night my sister Laura, friend Shayla, and I went to the concert. It is sooooooooo kick ass. I LOVED it soooooooooo much! Well, we made a sign for Nick's birthday. It was huge and colorful. It said Happy 21st Birthday Nick! and had balloons on it too. Well, I guess in the beginning the guys could not see the sign because we were up high. But in part of the show they go to this second stage which is kinda in the middle of the place and they sang INBYH, I Promise You, and How did I fall in love with you! We had the sign up then because we are like maybe someone will see it and everything. Well, Kevin looked up to us and I think Brian did too. After they got done singing they do the little talking thing but the guys did not go into the next song but Brian started to talk about how someone birthday that just pasted and they are like hey and then start to sing happy birthday to nick. He was soooooooo embarrassed he just had his head down the whole time like please don't sing to me! OK after that nothing really happened the concert went on and everything. Well, after the concert got done we wanted to go find their hotel. LOL :) Please don't ever try to follow the buses because they take you all over town. LOL But by accident we found the bands bus and saw where they were staying. So I park the car and we get out and wait to see who gets off. It was the band so that is kinda cool I guess but then another bus comes up after that. Don't know who it is or anything just wait and guess who gets off but NICK! LOL :) I think that was the closed I have ever been to a backstreet boy LOL. He did not sign autographs or get pics just ran inside. Well, we wait a little longer but get sick of waiting so we went home because I was tired and have school tomorrow and my sister too. Well, on the way home I decide I am not going to school but my friend and I are going to philly to go shopping and look for the boys.

Ok next day Wednesday. I think the best day of my life so far and probably will always be the best day of my life! OK Shayla and I decide we are going to the hotel first and then go shopping because we know where it is and everything. So we get there I guess 11:00 am and no fans are there so we are like we don't want to stand there by yourselves so we go into Tower Records and look at CD's and stuff. we decide to go back to the hotel see if anyone is there. Well, we see three girls and we don't know if they are waiting for the boys or anything but they were talking and we heard them say something about them so we start talking. Just standing there waiting for maybe someone to come out. Well, we are waiting and stuff walking back and forth to see if they go out a different door. We see one of there bodyguard come out and just walking around I guess checking everything out. He goes back inside and like 15-20 minutes later I see him again and a girl with him. I am thinking to myself hey that looks like Leighanne. I go to Shayla "That's Leighanne" and she is like yeah and SCREAMS "LEIGHANNE!" to her. She looks over to us and was like hello. We start to walk over to her to just say hello and everything. We tell her Congrats on getting married and told her we saw her letting the dogs run around yesterday before the concert. She was like they had to go potty. We ask her if we can take a picture with her and she like I have to walk the dogs but I promise I will come back. I was like omg we just meant Leighanne and she is nice I thought before I did not like her but she is soooooo sweet. I guess 10 minutes go by and they came back. She is like hey guys do you want a picture or something. We are all looking at each other like OK who wants to go first. So Shayla does and Leighanne saw her camera she has a little picture of her and her friend on there and Leighanne is like that is sooooo cute. So my friend and her take a pic together and then I go next. Man she is short I think she is only like one inch taller then me. She like had a death grip on my arm I was OK Leighanne. We asked her if the boys would becoming out this way and she is like yup they are. So we waited longer like always. I think it is around 2:25 and guess what Howie came out but just ran to the van. Next Brian comes out and I was omg this is sooooooo cool he stops to look at this picture someone drew of them it was really really good pic then gets into the van with Howie and they drive off. Next was Nicky! He looked sooooooooooooo good yummy! So my friend and I decide to leave while nick is sitting inside his van. They where waiting to leave but traffic was in the way. My friend forgot to call her friend and Screamed "Oh Shit!" and pulls out her phone and starts calling her friend in front on Nicks bus and he was looking at us like we where crazy.

Ok well let me tell you about the concert! my friend and I get there and are waiting to get inside and they let us in at 6:30. So we go and get pictures of the guys because my sister wanted one of nick and I got one of AJ and also nick too because I was going to give it to my friend in Australia. Well, we are walking around looking for our seats and then we found them. The seats are amazing Section 115 Row 16 Seats 19 and 20! We are sitting on the side but the stage comes up like to us. We seat there for like 3 minutes and then decide to walk around! Well, my friend calls her friend and my friend too but I just meant her on the computer like 1 1/2 months ago maybe 2. Well, they are talking and we know she is at the concert too because she told me and we meet her for the first time. Shay has been talking to her for over a year now. Lissa is really cool and we just hangout talking and walking around the place just talking. We go back to our seats because the opening at is going to start. Krystal places 4 songs she is really cool and can sing good I like her voice. Well, after she sang we have another 50 minutes until bsb comes on. So Shayla and me go walk around again because you get bored just seating waiting. We see Lissa again. So we see people waiting inline to get Krystal's autograph. We go to the bathroom and come out and see Andrew Fromm. Wrote I need you tonight, How did I fall in love with you, and Spanish Eyes! Shay and I saw him earlier with Howie at the hotel! So we go up to him and get has autograph and then get a pic with him :) hee hee! He is cute! I was like yo today rocks meeting Leighanne now him damn! So then we go sit down again because the concert is about to start! :) Well the concert ROCKED!!!!! I took pics but they are not as good as last years. So the guys come over are way singing some song I have no clue what and I got pics kinda of them. Shayla goes down to take pictures and maybe even touch them. Well, guess what she touched Kevin!!!! O MY GOD!!!!! She told me his eyes are soooooooooo beautiful and the pics in magazine don't even show them the right way! I can't believe she touched him I was like WOW and we jumped up and down. We are thinking maybe during the concert they would sing happy birthday to nick again like after HDIFILWY but guess what they did not so that I guess means they saw our sign! Can you believe that! Well, before that I am crying because of HDIFILWY that song just makes me cry and shay is too! Well, after we realized our sign worked we jumped up and down again and Shay started to cry even more! I was like o God please don't because I will too! She never cries but I guess because of what happened and the song it would happen. There was a part in the concert that they messed up! Well, it was not bsb faults they were supposed to pop out of the stage for one of the songs and Howie did not come up lol Kevin and AJ are looking down and the band was just playing the music. You could see Howie hand and then final he popped up too! The guys just laughed at it. O then there was a part when Nick was sitting down at the edge of the stage right were the lights are and does not look and moves his arm and burn himself. I was like o God I can't believe he does not realize that hello lights get hot duh! Well, I concert ends and we decide to go to the hotel again because maybe we can see them one more time.

So we drive there because I now know where it is after being their 2 times. We get there and people are standing out side waiting like forever and a day because they are the slows guys I know! LOL! We see a tour because drive by the side street and I remember from last night it is nicks bus! Damn see nick again! So finally the bus drives up and a bodyguard comes out saying something to us. I did not understand whatever he said and then someone is like Nick is going to send autographs but no pictures! I was like what and me and shay are soooo happy because we are right up front from were Nick is going to get off. So we are standing there and nick slowly comes off the bus standing right in front of me! OK I could not think! Shay goes Hi Nick and I am like Hi but could not say it that great because right now I kinda don't have a voice from screaming sooooooo much last night! Nick says "Do you want me to sign anything?" I am like yeah but I did not say it just thinking it and I have the nick picture out that I got at the concert! Then he goes "I need a pen" so I am the close one with my maker out and he takes it from my hand. OK he touched me and started signing my pic that I was going to give you but now I can't part with the picture because Nick signed it. OK then Nick just take the maker and is signing other peoples stuff and I am like he took my pen and He heard me because he just looked at me like yeah I did. But people start pushing so I guess he decides to go into the hotel. Well, I am like hello I wanted my marker back because I bought it and want the damn thing. Well, and girl comes to me and is like here is your marker. Nick gave it back to me. So I had nick touch my hand and my marker and plus signed his pic for me! WOW! can you believe it because I still can't! All the others guys left Philadelphia and went to New York and Florida I don't know why but Nick stayed at the hotel last night! O yeah I almost forgot I saw Mr.Carter too because he is driving Nick's bus. Shay screams Hello Mr. Carter and he like Hi! lol :)


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