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Black & Blue Tour ~ January 31st ~ Philly, Pa

Date: Feb 04, 2001
Submitted By: MeLissa

I recently went and saw the Backstreet Boys Black & Blue Tour on January 31st at the First Union Center in Philly,PA. Now, let me tell you I have been to plenty of concerts, including 5 other Backstreet ones, and this was by far the best show I've ever seen. Starting at the beginning, the doors opened around 6:15pm since it was extremely cold outside. Then it was a mad dash for the suvenir stand where I purchased a tour shirt, program, and glow stick ( you can never have too much BSB merchandise). Now it was off to our seats. I sat in section 104 which was on the side of the stage. I had a pretty good view of the stage and was excited for the show to begin. At around 7:30, Krystal came onstage. She has such an amazing voice, I can now see why the Backstreet Boys signed her. After she got off the stage it was about 45 more minutes until the lights went out again. When they did, we all knew what that meant..time for the Backstreet Boys. It started out with an Armageddon type thing on the screen with pyro and smoke going on also. Then, from beneath the floor, the Boys rose high above the audiance and saluted their fans.

Everyone, including me, was screaming at the top of their lungs. They soon broke out into "Everyone" followed by "Larger Than Life". Afterwards they went into some tracks from Black & Blue. One of the many highlights of the show was when they brought out the BSB Wardrobe box and we all got to follow the Boys into their changing area. That whole part had some majorly funny parts. The guys are such cuties and look so great without shirts. After that ended the Boys reappeared on a smaller stage set up behind the floor seats and sound stage, basically right in front of where I was sitting. There they did a medly of some slow songs. My favorite part of the whole concert was when the Boys performed "Time". A huge bridge was lowered from the ceiling which all the Boys walked over while singing. It was amazing. A few more songs later the show came to a close with none other than "Shape Of My Heart". Sadly the show came to a close and it was time to leave. They performed every song perfectly, especially my faves "The Call", "Get Another Boyfriend", "More Than That", "What Makes You Different", "Not For Me", and "The Answer To Our Lives", among others. Overall they sang every song from Black & Blue except for "It's True" plus a few of their other hits. I was a little disappointed that they didn't sing "As Long As You Love Me", "Quit Playin Games" or "The One", but they did make up for it. So, the show was great, the dancing was great, the singing was great, and the Boys looked totally hot! It was the best concert I've ever seen and I can't wait to go see them again in June!!!!

Philly Concert

Date: Feb 04, 2001
Submitted By: Lori

Hey Guys i went to the philly concert of the Black and Blue tour and let me tell you it was awesome! I went with my best friend and we were soooo excited. At around 7:30 Krystal came on OMG! that girl can sing! She was soooo swesome. After that there was a 45 min intermission so we went to meet Krystal at her signing on the first level. While we were waiting in line we meet this girl who met Howie 7 time and the rest of the guys and Leighanne once. She even had a tatto on her back that said bsb and when she met them. Then we saw all these girls getting there pic taken with some guy so i went up to someone and she said it was Andrew Fromm and i knew exactly who it was cause he wrote all of my fav bsb songs so i immediatly went up to him and got his autograph and a pic with him. After waiting in line i didnt get to meet Krystal we were next to meet her when they said only 2 mins till the guys come on so we ran all the way upstairs to our seats and when we got there the lights went out And the guys came on it was amazing the way they came out! I have to say More then that and Yes I WIll were one of my fav performances that night. Not for me and get another b/f also the call were great too! During The Answer to Our Lives we wanted to cry cause they show something very special! All in All the concert was the best yet and i will be going back hopefully in the summer! Everyone who has tickets ur in for a night of pure fun and excitement let me tell you! Have fun everyone!

Tuesday, January 30, 2001- First Union Center- Philadelphia, PA

Date: Feb 04, 2001
Submitted By: Chanelle

All I have to say is OMG!!!!!! After looking foward to this for so long, it was a great birthday present to see BSB live again. They did a fantastic job starting the show off with a light show, and one of my fav songs "Everyone". They definetly got the crowd going. Afterwards they were on the stage non-stop. They peformed all their hits and more. Although, I was alittle upset they didn't sing "Quit Playing Games" or "We've Got It Goin' On". Actually my mom was more upset then me. The best part has to be when they did the dressing room skit thing. After they did that they popped up on the other side of the arena, and did a melody of songs. During which we sang "Happy Birthday" to Nick. He was so embarrassed. Then from there they walked across a bridge set up from the stage to the platform they were on and sang "Time". To make a very long story short, the Backstreet Boys did the best ever job in the world. They should be very proud of themselves, I know I was. I can't wait to go back.

The Philadelphia show on 1/31/01

Date: Feb 04, 2001
Submitted By: Melissa

I went to this show on Wednesday night, and let me tell you... These guys definately put on a GREAT show! I sat in section 115 row 15 (if anyone wants to see a picture of the First Union Center, just email me) which is directly next to the ramps on the sides. Those seats were totally AWESOME because it allowed you to see the guys perfectly on stage, but it gives you the chance to see them up close when they come on the ramps. Anyway, The show started out with "Everyone" and "Larger Than Life", both high action performances. Within the show, all of the "Black & Blue" tracks were played, along with a lot of tracks from "Millennium" and "Backstreet Boys". One song they declined to play was "We've Got It Goin' On" because, as they told John Norris of MTV news:

Carter: We'll do 10 seconds of it and it'll be in the show. We really love that song, but we've been doing it for seven years.

Littrell: You end up hating the choreography.

Toward the middle or so they went below stage through a box (down into their dressing room) and the camera was "following them down." A video of them all backstage changing then played on the large screen behind the stage. This was a very funny part of the show, I couldn't stop laughing.

Warning: If you're on the floor in the first few rows, beware of flying stuffed animals!

All of the guys (with the exception of Nick) were really active with the fans at the ramps. Being a very big Nick fan, I was kind of disappointed but he didn't really look good (health wise not look wise... He looked FABULOUS!). Just yesterday my friend informed me that she and her dad heard on TV and on the radio that Nick supposidly has the flu. Any chance he got he sat down or layed down. He looked pretty drained to me... (Ask my friends, the first time I saw him sit and put his head down I said "Nicky doesn't look like he feels good!) He went over to the opposite side only about twice and shook hands with a few girls. He spent most of the time in the center of the stage. AJ, Howie, Kevin, and Brian were all very good with the ramps. They all went to both sides and shook hands. This girl in the row behind me touched Kevin, and when all of the girls ran down to touch Kevin and Brian, Brian was just looking around and me and my friends were the only ones in our section not trying to touch them (it was practically impossible). We were waving and smiling and he waved and smiled back, then when my best friend jumped up and down because he recognized her, he pointed at her and laughed. (Of course that set her off even more!) When Nick came to our side of the stage he was looking into the crowd as well and he saw us and smiled. (If youre wondering how we know they were doing this to us, its because there wasnt anyone behind us to smile at besides a bunch of parents... LOL) Anyway, they all looked really good and did an excellent job performing. Of course they did their encore (we wouldn't have left without one!) and they took their bows. The place went wild. I CANNOT wait until they come around again. If you have tickets to an upcoming show, you are definately in for one AWESOME, unforgettable night. HAVE FUN!!!

The Eighth Wonder of the World

Date: Feb 03, 2001
Submitted By: Casey

There is not one word that can fully describe the event that occured on Tuesday, January 30, 2001 at the First Union Center in Philadelphia, PA.

Yes, that's right.

The Backstreet Boys concert, of course!

I must say that history books should deem their tour the Eighth Wonder of the World. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. The pyros, wardrobe, special effects, stage setting, choreography - they all fit together perfectly to create one spectacular show.

Of course, the BSB were a whole show in themselves! Their singing and dancing was amazing and if you don't have tickets, try very hard to get them because you can't afford to miss this show!

Krystal opened with a few of her songs including, "My Religion" and "Supergirl". She has such an awesome voice, and personally, I am glad that the BSB signed her on to their label - a very wise decision.

Then, about an hour later, the event I had been waiting to see for over a year finally happened.

They opened with "Everyone" from Black & Blue, and let me tell you the beginning was very cool. The stage had a huge round screen in the back that showed clips of the moon and space and stuff and there were explosions on the stage. It was very, very awesome. I had seats high up in one of the balconies but I had binoculars so I could still see well.

Then "Everyone" drowned out and "Larger Than Life" came in. They had pretty much the same choreography as in the video. It was so cool!

They played a few more songs (I forget what they were) and then sometime in the middle they "brought" us into their dressing room via a wardrobe trunk and on the screens showed them getting dressed and goofing off and stuff. It was really funny!

A few songs after they got changed, they explained to us how they all had foundations and organizations to help the less fortunate (in case you didn't know, Nick is starting a foundation for the preservation of the ocean, sort of like Kevin's "Just Within Reach") and then sang "The Answer to Our Life" and showed clips of animals and plants who were in danger of dying because of littering and pollution.

They played a lot of songs from Millennium and their self-titled album then, and then they got to "The Call," where AJ is the only one onstage and has a cordless phone in his hands, and then it starts ringing, and he asks the audience if he should answer it, and of course the audience starts screaming wildly because they know what song is coming. So AJ answers the phone and the music starts and the rest of the Boys come onstage. The choreography to this song was especially awesome.

Then they sing "Shape of My Heart", a classic. There are extensions on the stage so they can walk to the audience and shake their hands, and this is when they do most of it. It was too cool (too bad I didn't have seats by the extensions!).

After the song they all disappear beneath the stage, but AJ comes back out and starts dancing and fooling around and shaking hands. Then he, too, disappears and the show is over.

This truly is the Eighth Wonder of the World!

Philadelphia,PA 1/30/01

Date: Feb 03, 2001
Submitted By: Ashley

WOW! That's all I can say. January 30th,2001 was definitely the best night of my life.

My Mother and I got to the First Union Center at about 5:30, and walked around the side of it. We saw a whole bunch of people lined up by a fence. Almost immediately I walked up, and Nick walked off his bus and waved. We also saw AJ, and his new girlfriend(I met her, her name is Sarah), Marcus(Ajs bodyguard), Billy(AJ's bodyguard),Brian,Leighanne and Tyk(Leighanne was yelling things up to me and kind of talking to me and I saw her walking Tyk), and some dancers! We were getting really cold so we walked inside. I went to my seats (on the floor) and started hanging out in the front row hoping for Leighanne to come back out. I saw Marcus and went up to him and started talking to him to find out AJ and Amanda broke up A WHILE AGO and that in fact, Sarah is AJ's new girlfriend. Then he had to go, and he was going to tell Leighanne to come out, and I know he did but she never came out LOL *surprise surprise*.

I also met Andrew Fromm and talked to him and stuff and asked him about Mandy Williford(he said shes a sweetie but i already knew that since I kind of know Mandy and no, her and nick are NOT together)

Another person I wanted to meet the worst was Krystal Harris(I'm her biggest fan) I was asking all these people for passes if they knew her and if I could meet her. So one lady told me where she'd be 10 minutes after her performance, so I went there almost right after her performance(SHE KICKS BUTT!!!!!!!). When she walked out, She hugged me for like 10 minutes, I was in hysterics because I was so happy. I was talking to her manager and found out he was Obie's brother. He was a TOTAL SWEETIE! I will be seeing Krystal again on the 8th of Feb(She's getting me passes and tickets, well her manager!) I'm so excited LOL.

But anyway, I was talking to Krystal for a while, and BSB had already come out, I only missed a little of "Everyone" , though. I was all the way up in the 2nd row! I was so close, I couldn't believe it. They did awesome, and Kevin told us how great it was to be back in the "city of brotherly love".

Whoa! Another thing..I think AJ's rubbing off on Nick, because Nick was VERY sexual LOL Especially when they had these cane things lol...

I have to admit, the girl dancers kind of grossed me out when they kept lifting their legs up LOL..The guys ruled though!

The end of the show was awesome though, when they did the other version type thing of the call.

I will NEVER forget this experience, and if any of you want to see my awesome pics of either Krystal, or BSB..E-mail me at

I'll let everyone know how it goes on February 8th!!

BSB concert-Philadelphia, PA 1/31/01

Date: Feb 03, 2001
Submitted By: Kathryn Stant

Hi everyone! Lemme just tell you how awesome the guys did! They all looked soooo good..except i wish Kev would get a hair cut or sumthing, but hey, some people like the scruffy look. Anyways, the opening act (Krystal) came out and um....she was ok...she was an alright singer, but she was no Mariah Carey! BSB didn't come out for like another hour after she sang, and i was like ready to wet my pants! I could NOT wait any longer!! They opened up with this really awesome thing where the dancers got blasted by these meteor things and the guys popped out from the floor! I loved it every time they did something like that. Anyways, AJ looked cute as usual and was bouncing off the walls and doing the usual humping. Howie actually looked pretty good. Kev was cute, but i still think the hair needs to go. Nick looked like and OH-MY-GOSH-WHAT-A-HOTTIE!!!! He looked so adorable! ANd finally..Brian is a god...he is the most beautiful thing to ever walk this Earth..and I was in the SAME room with him!! Thats what i love the most. He looked amazing!! The show was awesome with the stage setup and they guys sang wonderfully the whole time. Even my 25 year old brother and his wife came to see it and they both loved the show!! Many unexpected things happen..and the show kept me on my feet the whole time!! It was the best experience of my life..i'd love to go again!! I hope anyone else who goes will have a great as time that i had!! Keep the BSB Pride Alive Y'all!!!!!!!!

Philadelphia, PA 1-31-01

Date: Feb 03, 2001
Submitted By: Courtney

I had the time of my life on 1-31-01 in Philadelphia, PA! I had to travel 4hrs 30 minutes but was worth it! I didn't get to see the opening act because of RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC! :( But I heard Krystal sounded great. But I waited only 30 minutes for them to come out. I was talking to the people around me and stuff. That was fun, no one could believe that I travelled 4 hours to see the BSB. Heck I would travel cross country to see them.

The first song was Everyone/Larger Than Life. I was having the time of my life. The lighting thing at the beginning was awesome also. The whole show over all was great. I think the funny part was when they were taking the audience backstage and Nick flipped over into this like I dunno its a trunk like Magician's use and I didn't really see it but I think he got pushed over the edge. The last ones up there were AJ and Kevin, AJ goes "Beauty before age." and went down. They shut the top and Kevin started saying like well its time for me to tell you about some new solo stuff I have been working on......but he went too. The backstage thing was hilarious. They were messing around throwing stuff animals at each other and stuff. Kevin couldn't find one of his boots and wound up turning over the bench and that basically stopped the arguing that was going on. After that they came up on the stage in the back and did some of their slow songs. I was standing on my chair and was able to see this time. My favorite part was when they did "Time" and there was like a platform stage thing that connected the two stages and they walked over that singing. I swear to God, in my row by the time they were all almost over there, Kevin was the last one, and I was still standing on my chair waving and all, and I swear he pointed right at me and waved. It was sooooo cool. The BSB have done it again and I think this tour is better than Millennium BUT I wish they would bring back the round stage. Its hard to see on the straight stage.

B&B in Philly!

Date: Feb 03, 2001
Submitted By: Alexia

OMG, they were so good! I had pretty good seats, they all looked sssooooo HOTT! I had the time of my life, I almost died! I couldnt beleive I was there! It was the best and unfortunetly the worst moment in my life.

On with the best...My friend had me throw a note tied to a beanie baby up on stage. You know how they say they'll call the fans. I wrote one too. To my luck, it got up there. During time! The kid in front of me threw it up. It didnt make it at first but the people in the front got it up. I saw brian holding something brown, he showed it to nick. They started laughing at it. I went crazy! I jummped up and down and screamed as loud as I could! It was so cool! I never had nething better happen to me in my life!

The bad part....The people in back of us were so annoying! They didnt even like the backstreet boys! I'm like "ew, y r u here then?" they liked nsuck, ahem, exuse me I mean nsync, better! All they could talk about was the nsync concert, how much better they are, and the show will be over my 9:30 at the most. They also thought aaron was opening for them. When the show started they screamed, all they screamed was NICKY! They only liked nick, and only nick. It was high pitched scream, it was so annoying! They knew all the songs, other than "what makes you different (makes....)

More bad news....(i know its supposed to be fun, but it was) my mom's car broke down when we got to the first union center! We went in to the show, when it was over we came back out. There was a big puddle of anti-freeze under our car. We waited about an hour, then left. We didnt even get 10 miles. We saw the bus, but my mom wouldnt follow it, that suxed. We stopped at a holiday inn. We had to spend the night in philly. Unfortunetly I still had to go to school when I got home in the morining.

Other than that stuff, the show was great!

Backstreet Concert Philly Jan 31, 2001

Date: Feb 03, 2001
Submitted By: monica

It started off by Kyrstal opening for them. She has a really amazing voice and can really hit the high notes. She has potential, but just not the "look". Then came the boys, they had a star lit up stage and a huge picture of earth, then these asteriods hitting it, but when they hit earth, they would stream down from the stage. It was really kool. They really took care of their fans, they did a lot with us. They had a huge bridge that went across the whole floor, it was really big. They had another small stage that they sung time on. They did a really good job. I m really prod to be a fan of theirs. I live them sooo much but kinda wished that i could have touched them!!!! Over all i think that it was one of their best performances, and it was better than mellenium. They coreography(i dunno spelling) was REALLY good. Nick looked REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY HOT, he lost a lot of weight too. He is the biggest cutie, and he looked sooo adurable with his sunglasses on. I give this show a infinate 3 thumbs up and 11 stars!!!!

Backstreet's Back in Philly 1-31-01

Date: Feb 03, 2001
Submitted By: Samantha

It's the day after my first ever concert and I just have to give my honest opinion of the concert. It kicked butt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Krystal came out at like 7:25 and did 4 songs: My Religion, Angel on my Shoulder, Supergirl, and I'll Be There. She sounded so totally awesome!!! She played the piano and she was just soooooooo good.

Then she was done and we had to wait about an hour until The Boys came out. They were playing disco music but I heard Let Me Be Your Loverboy in the mix. Some people were starting to get the wave going and as soon as it caught on the lights went out and everyone screamed. I hopped to my feet and screamed my lungs out. My friend Aimee was so hyper and she was screaming in my ear. I was on my feet the whole time dancing.

I don't really want to give away the whole concert but I can tell you they changed 5 times, sang 3 songs from BSB, 3 from Millennium, all from B&B except It's True (too bad - I love that song), If You Stay and What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful). They showed this pre-recorded video of the guys changing and it was sooooooooooo cool! They silly string each other and squirt each other with water gunns. AJ is describing all his tatoos and Kevin is bending down and you get a zoom in of his butt (!).

Other stuff:

These girls from Cleavland were in front of us for the one girl's b-day because The Boys don't come to Ohio until the summer. You gals were soooooooo nice!!!!!!

Programs were 20 bucks!!!! I was not gonna pay that much!!!! Oh well.

My friends from school were 2 rows in front of us and we had so much fun! We screamed so much!

The best song was definetely Shining Star. Aj looked extremely hot in green! Nick is definetely adding some pounds; he still looks cute though! Personally I think Kev and Howie need haircuts, but who am I to say?

Well that's about it. If you have tickets you are guaranteed to love the show. Peace Out!!!!!!

Black & Blue Tour-Philly-Jan. 31

Date: Feb 03, 2001
Submitted By: Gina

Oh my God! That concert was really good. Our seats were good. They were 2nd row first level. That's way better then what I had for the Millennium tour. When they were on the stage in the middle they were right infront of us! Me and my friends were flipping out. The graphics and stuff they had on the screen were really cool. Ummm oh Krystal was really good! Her voice is amazing! I'm definetly getting her cd. As for the guys they, of course, sounded great and the dancing was great. I felt bad because one of the female dancers fell during "Shining Star", but sweet AJ helped her up. The whole show just had so much energy I didn't sit down once! If you are going to one of the concerts of this tour, expect an AWESOME show!!!

BSB concert 01/30/01 Philly PA

Date: Feb 03, 2001
Submitted By: Valbona

Hey guys,

WOW! The BSB concert was the best time of my life! It was so amazing just the feeling I got once the lights went off was like OMG! So many people love these guys not to mention I adore them and i was so lucky to be there i had 2nd level seats they really werent so great but im glad i got to see them a little and heard the wonderful music! The concert started with Crystal which i thought had an amazing voice! After Crystal we waited like about an hour or more for BSB but it was all worth it! The concert started with the song Everyone and ended with Shape of my heart, i dont wanna make this long and go into detail you guys will recognize all the songs once your there! The best part was singing happy birthday to Nick when they were on the turning little stage and when they did the bridge thing (cat walk) They walked over the croud on the floor! I wish i was down there! It was the best night of my life, I Love BSB so much especially Nick and i thank them so much for this concert! KTBSBPA i gotta go! LOTS OF LOVE!

Jan.31 Philadelphia Show

Date: Feb 03, 2001
Submitted By: Ally

OMG!!! The Philadelphia shows were awesome!!!! It started out with Krystal, who is an amazing singer!! The BSB show started with awesome pyros, and then the boys came on and did "Everyone" and "Larger Than Life". This got the entire place screaming like crazy!!!! One part of the show really sticks out in my mind was when they did a couple songs in the middle of the arena. After their little "lets go watch us change" blurb, they came up in a small, rotating stage in the center of the arena and they sang "Time" and "How Did I Fall In Love With You"! They are my favorite songs and i got to be like front row for this because they were in the middle! I was soooooo excited i started crying!!! i was waving like crazy, and Brian looked at me and waved back and smiled! It was an awesome show and i'll never forget it.

Backstreet Boys concert in Phili january 31st

Date: Feb 03, 2001
Submitted By: Lara Weiant

Well Folks! Heres my boring story of The Backstreet Boys concert in Phila the 31st. I Had gotten My tickets 3 weeks before the concert. ( kinda late huh?) well Anyways, I found out I wasn't going to school in Iowa. (thank god, becuz I didn't wanna go) and I was desperate to get tickets 4 one of their concerts here, so I searched and found a site called They had so many tickets available so I bugged my mother and she said "ok, We can go and it can be a birthday gift". So I picked out the tickets I wanted and a day later they arrived!!! They were side view row 11 seat 11 and 12. So I was thinking "Jee I hope these are good seats"..I really had no idea how good they would be.... So moving along with my boring story....

The day of the concert My mother and I left at 6:30ish. We WERE GETTING ALL EXCITED ON THE WAY. OK..... The best part of this is that when we went to see our seats Theyturned out to The best seats you could ever have (on the side veiw) lol...first row center of the ramp thing that the boys walk on!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhh! i was going crazy I couldnt beleive we would be so close. THERE WAS A GUARD THERE ARG!..but I was pretty damn shitless happy lol So when they came out I could see them pretty damn well! One moment later nick ran up to the ramp thing singing his heart our I was close enough to touch him but I didn't what an i ass i am. But One great moment 4 me was when brian littrell looked at me blew me a kiss and waved to me. I could not believe he even notcied me lol ahhhhhh! I was so in shock at how close the boys were to me and that kevin and aj and howie could all see me and I remember kevin saying " wasssssuppppppp" like the bud commerical lol...I actaully Thought kevin was so cute lol I mean i didnt really like him as much before but now I do. They were sooooooo close to me like 3 feet away and damn nick didnt even glance at me he was too busy ofcourse duh lol The music was great! I Couldnt get over the fact that nick was looking more handsome and beautful then ever before and ofcourse He as there in front of me not in some magazine or on a tv show. I swear if he saw me he'd wink or something..But It was a superb show> They danced so well. They had the greatest special effects. Alot of lights. A very big screen in the middle and comets astriods shooting out or something. The boys had great costumes too. Omg There was also fire shooting out from behind them and i could feel the heat. Damn was it hot. I can not tell you how much fun I had and how luckyI was. OK maybe Im yapping too much here so I'll shut up now. If any of you were in my section I was the girl in front with my mother!.

So there u have it the awesome night I had being up close and personal with The one and Only Backstreet Boys! Let me just say Nick is the absoultey the most beautiful boy I have ever seen. Hehe hes my favorite. Im proud of him! He was GREAT AS WELL AS THE OTHERS tHEY ARE THE BEST SINGERS IN THE WORLD. SO SEE YA PEACE TO YA'LL AND MUCH LUVE, BYE

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