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Washington DC

Date: Feb 27, 2001
Submitted By: Keline Keefer

Let me start off by saying that this was one of the most amazing nights of my life. Me and my best friend Emily got our tickets 2 days before they went on sale and paid $400 bucks each so we figured that we would have good seats. But when we got the map we were freaking out. We were 15 seats away from the stage. This being my first bsb concert I was in shock. The wait til Feb 2 was killing me so when the day finally came and I was sitting in Government waiting for the clock to hit 11:30 I was about ready to jump out of my seat. Me, Emily, her daddy, and mom all got into the car and set off for DC. Right before we got to the Shady Grove Metro station we stopped at CVS. We weren't plaing on making any signs but our inner teenybopper got the better of us and we just had to. So we went over to Starbucks to get a drink and set the little timers(LMAO) then it was off to the metro. Once we laid on top of someone's BMW Z3 and took pictures and stood in the tunnel and sang Destiny's Child and I want it that way and got some werid ass looks from people we got on the metro. It was about a 45 minute ride to the center. So we decide that would be the best time to make the signs. We didn't wanna be like the million of other people there and have signs that said stuff like I love you Nick and bsb rules we wanted to be seen and indeed we were. On the one side of mine sign it said my name and then the other side said can we sing with you please. Em's said her name and then on the other side it had I'm with stupid and an arrow pointing down. We finally got to the center. About an hour after standing out in 4 inch heels(something I will NEVER do again) in the rain and cold we went into the Discovery Channel store and saw our first victum. See I have never been to a bsb concert so I didn't know what type of girls would be there so when I saw this BIG girl is a glittery tube top and tight black pants I had to laugh. Emily just gave me this 'shut the hell up' look and we walked along. Well the rest of the night in till we went in to our seats was the same. Once we got to our seats Emily dropped her purse under the seats and into the locker rooms. So she had to go down and tell some bitchy women to get it. Now the whole time this was going on I was laughing and trying to get my friend Ellen's attention who was sitting on the other side of the arena. Emily had the big plan to get everyone to do the wave. So we both started to get the people in our section to do it. Well it wasn't working. It was just us and thes e 4 other really nice girls doing it. Emily told me to try and get them to do it and she was gonna try and get the other section to do it. So after about 15 minutes we finally got EVERYONE to do it. We were so happy that we got 20,000 people to do the wave. I guess the opening act was good. We still make fun of the way se bent over when she sang( you had to be there to understand) The guys were amazing. They all read our sign well at least I think. I know Kevin, Howie, and Brian did. The best part of the whole ngiht was when they were coming over the ramp. Brian stopped right in front of us. Since there was 4 empty seats in front of us he could see us. Emily had told me earlier to blow kisses cause no one does everyone always waves so when they wave back you don't know if they are waving to you or the perosn besdie you. So when he stopped I standing here jumping up and down my feet hurt so bad I can't even feel them I'm trying to hold up this sign and blow kisses. Finally Brian blows one back I freak out and drop the sign and he starts to laugh at me! Emily holds up her camera and he nodds and smiles. He waves bye and emily and I start crying like freakin babies. At the end we leave during SOMH so we can see there bus leave. THats when Howie waved and read our sign. Ok so now I'm running down this hill holding two programs, a shirt, both posters, and my feet now are about ot fall off. He finally get down there and we have to wait like 10 minutes before the door even opens for there bus to pull out. We see two girls that we were talking to earlier and stand there with them and yell at people for getting in front of us. We meet up with Em's paretns and give our stuff to them. The bus comes out and I'm sorry but the guys acted like pricks. Brian the only one that even did anything came to the front and waved. I mean together we spent over $1,000 the least they could do was wave to me. But I looked past that I remember all the fans back at school who didn't go and I felt better again. So that was my bsb concert I can't wait to see them this summer if they come around here and then AJ when he come to the 9:30 Club as Johnny. I hope everyone that went had a great time just like we did!

MCI Center Concert in Washington, DC

Date: Feb 22, 2001
Submitted By: Jessie

Remember back in the 50's and/or 60's (I'm guessing) that little thing called 'Beatle-mania'? Well, that's evolved into a little something called Backstreet-mania! Yep, these guys have sold 60 million albums world wide, caused riots, set world records, played to sold-out concert arenas day after day, won countless awards, and, the best part of all, came to the MCI Center in Washington, D.C. on February 2nd, 2001! Now, let me tell you about the best day of my life...

The Friday started out as to having all the elements needed for a bad day, the night before I found out some bad news about my father, it was rainy and gloomy outside, my hair was doing a weird flat thing, every store that we went to or called to find this certain thing I needed for that night at the concert had no clue what we were talking about, and I was convinced that I was going to have the worst time at the show. We left the house sometime around 3 in the afternoon, hoping to find the thing I needed at a store on the way to the Metro station in Vienna. Just our luck, we didn't find it at all. So, we got to the Metro station earlier than expected, met with pouring down rain that made my already messed up hair even worse. Even though I was wet and cold and slightly annoyed, I still managed to keep a huge smile on my face and every few minutes break into giggles of joy.

When we got to D.C., we travelled up the huge escalator into the streets. No clue where we were headed, we began walking to try to search for the MCI Center, which a few minutes later, found right next to the Metro station. We walked over, and no one was there, so we went to the Ruby Tuesdays across the street to use the rest room. When we came out we saw a little crowd composed of seven teenage girls and one mother. We waited for a couple minutes, when a homeless person came up and started mumbling about the concert and then tried to bum money off the other girls. My mom being the only person who had the guts to say anything got the man to leave us alone. We waited for almost two hours in the freezing cold, when a security guard came to the door and decided to let us in the lobby area so we could at least wait in the warmth of a building for a half hour. At six o' clock, they began to take the tickets, and we headed straight for the merchandise stands. We bought a glow stick for $8, and apparently the man at the counter didn't see me pick one up when my mom gave him the money, so he handed my mom a glow stick, too, so we got two glow sticks for the price of one. Then we went to another stand and got a T-shirt for thirty-eight bucks (expensive!). We traveled up the long line of the escalator to the top level of the arena, the dreaded nose-bleed section. As we circled around trying to find our section, we finally got there and walked through the doors to the seats where a man told us where our seats were located. I looked at where we were and got scared to death of the view, and even more afraid when we got to our seats. We were in the very last row of the arena, I think, because there was a wall behind us. I began to freak out a little, afraid that I was going to fall because we were so high up and the seats were set on such a steep rise.

I quickly headed for the rest rooms, so that I wouldn't have to go during the show. I also stopped by the merchandise stands again, this time getting a bandana, which I put on for the concert after I got back to my seats. The show was supposed to start at 7:30 PM, but the opening act, Krystal Harris, didn't get on stage until 8. She could sing very well, and at times her voice was so powerful my ears hurt! Her set ended at about 8:30, and the BSB were supposed to go on next, but of course, the stage hands had to set everything up first. A half an hour went by and they still didn't start the show, which was annoying lots of people. For a show that sold out in a mere five minutes, there seemed to be lots of empty floor seats. The seats quickly filled, of course, as it got closer to be time for the Backstreet Boys to take the stage. During the waiting, they played a lot of music from the 70's and 80's, and after each song everyone started screaming because they thought the show was about to begin. Several people started to do 'the wave' and others began to chant 'Back-street-Boys, Back-street-Boys.' Finally, the arena went pitch black, except for the sea of glow sticks waving.

All of a sudden, the screens started showing this video of meteors coming at the earth, and everytime one would crash, something on stage blew up. The meteors started coming faster and faster, and more explosions started happening and smoke rose, and then, the Boys popped up from beneath the stage, and began to levitate 20 feet off the stage, then returned to the ground, as the thousands of screaming fans went balistic! The first song they did was a fan-praise song, "Everyone," and then went into their other fan-thanking song "Larger Than Life." Surprisingly, the people in my section had absolutely no spirit, and just sat there looking a bit bored. You know the annoying, high-pitched screaming, constantly jumping, singing, and clapping girl that people hate sitting next to at concerts? That was me! I feel kind of bad for the people who sat around me, the family in front of me always turned around and looked at me rolling their eyes, silently saying "Shut up and sit down before I slap you!" I was just so excited and happy, I didn't care where I was sitting, I just wanted to show support. I could actually see them from where I was sitting without looking at the big screens, because the one good thing about my seats was that they were right next to the stage. It was hard to tell who was who, they looked like little ants from way up where I was, but it was still good because I could tell who was who by their voices.

After three songs, I think, they went backstage to change their clothes. They came back out all in white, singing three ballad/mid-tempo songs that didn't require a lot of dancing. Their voices and performance was beautiful, and for one of the songs they dedicated it to all the girls in the audience, which definitely got lots of squeals! Then after a couple more songs, they changed their clothes again, this time coming out in weird black outfits that had red things hanging off them. They sang an up-tempo song, and during the bridge of the song, air started blowing up from the stage, making the red things fly all over the place! It looked really cool, but a little cheesy. After a few more songs, they told the audience they were going to change again, but this time one of the stage hands brought out a huge, blue trunk. They set it down and opened it up in the middle of the stage, in which all the Boys jumped in it, and then a camera followed them down there and we got to watch them change and goof off (which was obviously all prerecorded because their would be parts cut up, like they would have one pair of pants on one second and then all of a sudden they would have a different pair on just like that). That part was really cool and funny to watch! Then, all of a sudden a stage all the way on the other side of the arena started to rise. It was circular and black and white, kind of shaped like a top hat that rose about 20 feet up. The Boys then arose from beneath the stage and began to perform one of my favorite songs, "How Did I Fall In Love With You," then did a medley of two songs, while circling around the stage. Then they started to discuss the next song they were singing, telling us they all wrote it, and they wanted to dedicate it to all of the fans. As they were saying that, a cat walk began to come down from the rafters, connecting the circular stage with the main stage. The song began, and they walked over the audience while singing it, which I thought was very creative! Then when they got back to the main stage, they sang another song before going backstage to change into new clothes.

Each Boy came out to introduce some of the back-up dancers and the members of the Backstreet Band. Then after everyone was introduced, the last Boy to come out began to talk to the audience. He told us about the next song they were going to sing and how it was going to be the last song of the night, when all of a sudden a phone started to ring on the stage. AJ asked the fans if he should answer it, which of course everyone started screaming 'YES!' He answered the phone, in which music for their new single, "The Call," started. All the Boys came out on stage and began to dance and perform the song. As the song was coming to a close, fireworks and other pyrotechnics started going off. Of course, BSB thanked the crowd for coming and told us they would be coming back to D.C., then went backstage. Of course, that wasn't the real finale, so no one started to leave. Music started, and the Boys came back out going 'Gotcha! We couldn't have ended the show without singing this song!' and began to sing the real encore, "Shape of My Heart." The whole audience was singing this one, and fans were screaming and squealing and crying more than before. More explosions and fireworks and light tricks began, and the Boys gave their final goodbyes.

It was hard to believe it was over, but sadly it was, and we began to leave. Their were huge crowds, and I couldn't hear anything anyone was saying; everyone up close sounded like chipmunks, and the people farther away sounded like hissing snakes. We found an exit to get to the Metro station, but it seemed like everyone was going there, so everyone was rushing and it got confusing at times. We finally were able to get onto the Metro, and it felt nice to be able to sit down. I was still in shock from the concert. All I could say really was 'Wow!' So we switched trains, and talked about the concert, and listened to others talking about it. One father on the train told his little girl that they had to hurry home because the Backstreet Boys were gonna be spending the night, and he started singing some of their songs! It was really funny and cute. Another girl who was on the train who didn't go to the concert started talking to this one family, saying things like 'How was the concert? I don't like the Backstreet Boys, I'm an NSYNC girl myself. NSYNC puts on a way better show and can sing better,' which was really making me mad, but I didn't say anything about it. Then on the drive home my mom and I just talked about the concert, and how good it was, and how their performances have grown and matured since back in '98 when I saw them at the Nissan Pavilion. When we got home, I wasn't tired at all, and didn't want to go to sleep because I didn't want to forget anything about the concert!

Well, there's no denying it; the Backstreet Boys put on one heck of a show. Of course some of the things may be out of order, but you still can get the idea of what it was like! BSB have got talent that's hard to come by these days in the music industry, and I'm lucky that I was able to witness it live. That concert experience is something I wish I could re-live over and over again, but alas, that's not possible, so I'll just have to wait until they come back around here to have a whole new experience to talk about!

--Jessica Sayers

MCI Center Washingto DC, Feb. 02, 2001

Date: Feb 22, 2001
Submitted By: Dawn

OMG! I am still in awe, 2 weeks and 3 days after the concert that I was able to go. I ordered tickets, for $37.50, from a site online (I can't remember the actual site) the night before. My mom warned me that I probably wouldn’t get them in time for the concert, but I kept my hopes up high. I then went to school and told everyone that I was going, even thought it wasn’t sure. I would be taking my lil sister and a good friend.

When I got home, my dad informed me that the tickets haven’t arrived! By then it was 3:00. I was in total despair and bawling. I called up my friend and told her that the tickets weren’t there. She said not to worry because her mom bought 3 extra tickets from “Great Seats Inc.” just in case. I ran over to her house (two houses behind mine) and got down on my knees and told her mom how much I loved her! LOLZ! She said there were seats in the 13th row for $300 but she didn’t get them. I wasn’t mad, after all we were going! So, I got ready in like record time and we left! My dad was a lil disgruntled that I didn’t notify him earlier about the concert.

By the time we made it to the highway, it was 4:00. It was a 2 hr drive, and my parents didn’t know were the arena was!! I wasn’t sure we would make it in time! In our van we watched the Burger King concert and then listened to Black & Blue. When we took the exit for Washington DC there was slight traffic. I was so close crying, when we saw this huge stretch SUV. It was black with blue lights around the windows! I started yelling at my dad to speed up but he didn’t. =(. We finally made it to the Red Roof Inn, which was exactly 2 blocks away from the MCI Center! We got all hype and started yelling out of the windows! Finally, we made it!

In front of the arena there were 2 tour buses, which we later found out, weren’t theirs. My mom, friend, 4 yr. old sis, and I got out of the van and frantically ran to the will call window(s). We saw two brunettes, a teen and a middle-aged lady all in blue screaming and freaking out. We got our tickets and rushed over to the people who checked if the tickets were real and stuff. Then, this girl who was wearing a Z 104 shirt started a chant. “When I say 1,2,3 you say BSB!” No one really joined except us 3. LOL! Then she started singing “ I Want It That Way”. Again, we were the only one’s singing. The guys who worked there told us where to go and to my surprise, they didn’t rip off the ticket stubs. When I asked why, they said “ JUST GO! THERE’S TOO MANY PEOPLE!” I got scared and just listened to what they said. LOL! We got directed to where we were supposed to go, and to our surprise, it was right in the area where the stage extended into the audience! We had the first 3 seats of the first row! I looked around the set, and it was really cool. To the far left was a trampoline looking thing and I didn’t know what that was for. Before the concert started, we called our family/friends to tell them not to worry. It was cool cuz “EVERYONE” hehehe… did the wave!

After a while the stage dimmed, and Matthew Blades from Z104 came out. He welcomed us to the show and all.

On the video screens (which were on the sides), it showed clip of Kevin talking about Krystal. We couldn’t really here because of all the screams.

Then Krystal came out in a cool looking outfit (it had a hood) lol and started singing "My Religion". That was like the best song ever! I sang every word! She added really good vocals in different parts. Then, she sang another song; I didn’t get the name because everyone was screaming. Next, she sang her first single, "Super Girl". That song is really cool. Then, she talked about how excited she was to be playing for us. Also she talked about her album, and then some things about the BSB! She spoke about them with much respect, which earned her a doggie biscuit. And she announced she would be signing autographs in section 114. Then she sang that song from the Jackson 5, "I'll Be There" and accompanied herself on the piano.

Then the lights brightened and we started doing the wave again. A couple minutes later, two crew members were on harnesses and were getting hoisted up into the lil thing where the spotlights were. Then we rushed o section 114 and got her autograph!

At 8:40, it got dark again and everyone started screaming. If you looked around the arena you saw black and lil blue glow-sticks. The spotlights turned to the stage and the video screens showed an outer space setting with stars and the earth. The mood was eerie, and weird cool music starts playing.

You see the dancers in monks’ robes, that were freaky. Then, the screen showed a meteor smashing into the earth. Pyrotechnics helped to create the effect of the meteor hitting the stage. It created a big bang! (LOL science lesson) I jumped. I felt the heat, ouch! More meteors smashed and with each smash a “monk” collapsed. Then, there was this huge shower of meteors.

The earth turned into a giant fireball, and then these pyro shooters illuminated the stage, and out of the floor on aluminum risers, rose THE BACKSTREET BOYS!

I thought I died and went to heaven. There were AJ, Nick, Brian, Howie, and Kevin. They sported blue shirts and black leather pants.

They started doing what looked like a military dance while singing "Everyone", which was actually a medley and joined with "Larger Than Life".

Then, they sang "Yes I Will". Then, Kevin welcomed us to the show.

They sang "What Makes You Different(Makes You Beautiful)"and "More Than That". For that number they had modern dancers. They also sang, "I Promise You (With Everything I Am)", "I Want It That Way", "Show Me The Meaning", and "Not For Me". "Not For Me" was great! One of the female dancers dressed like Britney Spears, if you get the pun. You know the part in the song that says "I found a note with this number, it's just another clue" ? What happened was that Brian pulls a piece of paper out of his left shirt pocket and the girl put it down the front of her dress and Brian got this cute look on his face.

Towards the middle of the show, they brought out the wardrobe trunk. Brian was saying they needed to change and to our surprise he starts removing his shirt right on stage. People started screaming and Howie gave him this sarcastic horrified look. He yelled, "Brian! You can't do that! This isn't the dressing room!"

Boy by boy, they got in the trunk. Brian was first. When he was heading over to the box, AJ yelled, "Rok, get in there! Get in there little midget!" Then Nick got in. I heard someone scream "don't squash Frick!". Nick popped his head back out for a second but then went back in. AJ practically threw Howie in, insulting him. Then, AJ put his arm around Kevin and said, "Welcome to the AJ and Kevin show!". AJ gets in and Kevin shuts the lid and locks it. Then he turns to the 2 crew members who are standing by the trunk and says, "Okay guys, go dump this in the Potomac."

After Kevin got in, they showed this video clip of them down below in the "dressing room", changing.(but they were actually going around the underground tunnels of the MCI Center to get to the trampoline) AJ had his shirt off and showed his tattoos for us. Brian had a can of silly string and shot it at AJ. It was green and some of it hung off of AJ's nose. It was so funny when Kevin tripped over a bench and everyone else started teasing him. But, AJ got revenge with Brian cuz he had a water gun. Then, Howie told Nick there was a girl in the audience with a red shirt, that had the “hots” for him. It was funny when Nick put his face up in the camera and started singing "Don't Wanna Lose You Now". Also, Howie and Nick were looking at "girl's phone numbers" and Nick says, "I'm gonna call this one." Howie looked at the number, and said, "No man, she's too OLD for you!"

Then, Kevin opened a locker and all these stuffed animals poured out, so he started throwing them out of the trunk/dressing room onto the stage. I saw a Dopey doll!

After the other guys, except Nick, left, Howie looked into the camera like a mirror and started spraying himself with hairspray. Nick scrunched up his face and was like EW! When the clip ended, the Boys were on the trampoline. It was actually a stage. They sang a tidbit of "I'll Never Break Your Heart", followed by "How Did I Fall In Love With You". Nick, Kevin, and AJ sat on the edges of the stage, and Brian and Howie stood in the middle.

Then, they talked about how they wrote “Time” together. There was this catwalk lowering from the ceiling. While they sang "Time", they walked across the catwalk. I saw someone try to throw a teddy bear at AJ but it bounced off the railing, so they did it again, it ricocheted off again. Finally, AJ sat down on the railing and grabbed the bear.

When they came back to the main stage, Kevin talked about their foundations. He talked about his Just Within Reach foundation. It is an environmental foundation. He also said that Nick was starting a Save the Ocean foundation soon. He also talked about Brian and Howie’s foundations. Then they sang “The Answer To Our Life” and AJ came and shook our hands! He is so hott! And btw is my fav!

Later on, they did a little bit of "All I Have To Give”. Nick did the dance by himself while he sang the first part of his verse. Then Brian came up behind him and Nick handed him the hat and Brian started singing. They only had one hat to share between them all. After they sang the chorus, Brian threw the hat out in the audience and there was a little fight for it.

Then they started singing "If You Stay" Nobody around me seemed to know it, but I sang right along. Later, they introduced the band and the dancers. Brian started dancing like the female dancers. Brian introduced the guitarist and pretended like he had an air guitar.

They also sang "Everybody”. The third to the last song was "Get Another Boyfriend".

Then AJ told us "The Call" was the final song. He took out this cell phone for "The Call" and was like, "Hello? I can’t talk right now. I've got a show to do! I’ll call you back later OK? "and then he throws the cell phone to an event coordinator and says,”Or not.” ...That was just too cute. Their final number was "Shape Of My Heart".

After the show was over, we rushed over to the merchidise stand got nothing and ran to the tour buses! (during the show we learned where they were parked) and ran to that area. We were able to get hugs and a couple pictures but then we had to leave. So then we ran up and saw the buses leave! Outside at the Z104 tent they played "As Long As You Love Me", and we joined in singing. We went home and arrived at about 12:45 at night. I was still had so much energy So I called up my friends and described the night to them.

This concert was important to me because it was my first BSB concert….In an arena. LOL. I was so close to getting front row at the Millenium tour, but they cut the line in front of me. It was also cool because I had my little sister with me. When I was 4, my cousin took me to see a New Kids On The Block concert. I’m happy I was able to do the same with my lil sister!

Email me! & you tell me you experience!!!!

Washington DC

Date: Feb 19, 2001
Submitted By: Keline

This being my first Backstreet concert I was really excited. I got out of school at 11:30 and then went to my best friends house. After getting ready and going to get soemthing to eat we left to go to DC. We stopped in Gathersburg(spelling? lol) at a CVS to get stuff to makes signs. So on the metro we made them. Mine said 'Can we sing with you please' and on the other side it said my name and had an arrow pointing down. On Emily's it said 'I'm with stupid' and the other side had her name. Once we got there we walked around for like an hour or so in til there bus got there. Then we went to eat that the Ruby Tuesdays across the street. The place was packed with bsb fans it was mad. Once we were done eating we went to stand in line to get in. After getting in we found our seats and started talking to this girl who had been to 19 different concerts and in some of there home video's. Emily wanted to started the wave like she had at the other concert was trying to get the one side started while I went to the other side. No one was doing it so we told them to scream Backstreet and do it. So once WE saw that the whole place was doing it we just about cried cause that was like oue whole goal to get the place to do the wave. Once the concert started the guys were really close to us. We were about 15 seats away from teh catwalk. When they started to walk across the ramp to get back to the main stage Brian stood right in front of us and blew us a kiss and let us take his picture. He also read our sign which was pretty phat. Well all in all I had a wonderful time. If you want to know more eamil me k.

The Washington DC Show, My Big Adventure--Part 2!!

Date: Feb 14, 2001
Submitted By: Felicia

Well, I finally get to type some more of this! (YAY). If you read Part 1, you know that Mom had just gotten off the phone with the guy from "Great Seats"...She had gotten us 13th row! Of course, I was in a state of denial. After not getting tickets twice, then finally getting seats (and losing them!), I didn't care to freak out until I actually had those precious tickets in my hand at the show.

Mom told me that I had to pay her back for these (**cough cough*** $300 each! $600 altogether!), but you know what? I would've been willing to pay anything to go at this point. Besides, if we really had FLOOR seats, I didn't care if they were a little pricey. This was cheap compared to the what they'd been a few days ago (500 each! ouch!). So we got in the car and headed straight for Hunt Valley.

When we got to Hunt Valley, it took us five minutes to find the parking lot for the Light Rail (lol, blonde moment! too bad we're brunettes...oh well,heehee). Then of course, having never rode the Light Rail, we had to ask for directions about getting tickets and stuff. Finally, we got on the train and spent the next hour and a half riding through Baltimore to get to our stop, Linthicum. When we got there, we had to change trains to get to BWI Airport. When we got to BWI, we were supposed to get on a third train, but we didn't know where that was. There were however, mini vans that could take us to the station, After about five minutes in the van, we realized that it would be a lot easier if the guy just drove us to the hotel in that's where he went: The Red Roof Inn, which is exactly 2 blocks from MCI Center.

That ride took nearly 45 minutes, due to an accident that the guy had to drive around, but we still made it there by 6:00. After checking in, finding our room, and cleaning up, and resting for a few minutes, it was finally time to go to...MCI Center! YAY! =)

We walked the two blocks through China Town and made it to MCI Center. Already, it was packed inside with people waiting for them to open the gates (been there, done that w/the Into the Millennium show!) Luckily, we would miss that crowd. We went straight to WillCall, where Mom got out her ID and credit card. I made a silent prayer and was practically dying inside, waiting as the guy at the window went through the stack of envelopes, searching for our last name. Finally, he stopped and pulled one out. I swear guys, my heart litterally stopped beating for an instant. Then he smiled and pulled out two tickets, passing them to my mom. I stared down at them. They said: FLOOR, SECTION E, SEATS 4 & 5.

That's when I started freaking out. If you were standing near the WillCall windows (by the P's) and you saw two crazy brunettes, a teen and a middle-aged lady all in blue freaking out, that was us! LOL...I admit, I actually cried. Well, we got in line and they were already letting people in. After we got some food (we hadn't eaten since 11:30 that morning!), which turned out to be really gross (the french fries were too greasy and the coke was watered down), we waited to get souvinirs. I got a tour program and the black tee-shirt with their faces on both sides (it was on display near the top middle). Then it was off to find our seats. We walked down the stairs, the very bottom.

Let me tell you, I have never had floor for BSB so I was very, very excited. When the usher lady found our seats, there was a slight problem. People were sitting in them! But we got it straightened out, thank goodness (I would've done anything for those seats,lol) and put our earplugs in. Having been to the INTO THE MILLENNIUM TOUR, we know what it's like not being able to hear due to all the screaming and we weren't taking any chances this year,lol.

As we waited for the show to begin, I couldn't help but laugh as the people all around us started doing the wave. That was cool how "EVERYONE" joined in,heehee. Then the stage went dark, and the sexy Matthew Blades from Z104 came out and welcomed us to the show. That was cool for me coz I had never seen what he looked like before. I didn't know he had blonde, but anyways, on with the show.

Okay, if you don't want me to spoil the show for you, stop reading this now. I'm going to go into as many details as I can rememeber,lol.

On the side video screens, a video clip of Kevin came up and everyone was screaming their butts off. He talked about Krystal. Then Krystal came out in a hooded outfit and started singing. Then she took off her hood and you know what? With her haircut, she looks like a combo of Sara Mclachlin (i dunno how to spell it) and Pink. She sang my fave of her songs off the BK cd, "My Religion"--I sang every word. She had some kick-ass vocals, let me tell you,lol. Then she sang some other song I didn't know, followed by her first single, "Super Girl", which turned out to be cool. Next she talked about how excited she was to be playing for us, about her album, and of course the BSB! She spoke very highly of them, which is always scores Brownie points with me,lol. Then she sang/played that old song from the Jackson 5: "I'll Be There" on the piano. That was a kewl little way to end it.

The lights came back on and people started doing the wave again. We watched crew members take a nice ride in harnesses up to the spotlights above us. Then for the first time, I noticed the bulls-eye stage behind us. I remember asking, "What are the Boys gonna do? Parachute down to us?" lol

Well, anyways, at about 8:35/8:40, it got dark again and everyone started screaming--even my mom, who isn't a screamer,lol. The spotlights turned the stage into an outer space type setting w/stars and stuff. It looked really pretty against the blue streamer thingys cascading down over the stage. Well, anyways...then on the circle screen in the middle of the stage, this 3-D image of the earth pops up and all this eery, yet cool music starts playing (nothing I recognized,lol). Then to my suprise a meteor appeared and smashed into one of the continents (North America?). To create the effect of the meteor actually hitting, this huge firework smashed onto the stage with a BOOM! I'll admit, I jumped. I was close enough to the stage that I could feel the explosion and the heat. It was cool. Then one-by-one, the rest of the continents were hit by meteors, followed by a shower of meteors. The "earth" started turning into a fireball, and then these pyro shooters lit up the stage, and out of the smoky floor, rose THE BACKSTREET BOYS!!!

When the smoke cleared, I was in heaven. There they were: Nick, Howie, Brian, AJ, and Kevin. Oh how good they looked in their blue shirts and black leather pants. They started the show off doing this little military dance while singing "Everyone", which went into "Larger Than Life". Then they sang "Yes I Will" (I was early on). Then Kevin started talking, either before or after that song. He welcomed us to the show. It was cool. While Kevin was talking, Mom and I looked over to see what the other guys were up to. Brian was right in front of us at this point, so we stared at him,lol. He looked incredible, let me tell you. Better than I had ever seen him :::gush gush:::

Well, Mom (Brian's her fave) decided to wave to him, just for the sheer hell of it. Guess what?! He looked and did the exact same wave back while doing the puppy-dog face! We looked around, and NOONE ELSE was waving at that time. OMG, he saw Mom!! We started freaking out. Mom and I were both in tears. It was soooo cool.

Okay, well anyways, after they sang "Yes I Will", they did some more numbers. I can't really remember the order here. They sang "What Makes You Different(Makes You Beautiful)", "More Than That" (which they had ballerinas for), "I Promise You with everything I am", "I Want It That Way" "Show Me The Meaning" (Nick did his belting out thing), and "Not For Me". "Not For Me" turned out to be cool coz one of the female dancers came out in this little hoochie dress, and it was really funny coz of what she did with Brian. You know the part where Brian goes "I found a note with this number, it's just another clue..." ? Well he pulls this piece of paper out of his shirt pocket and the girl put it down the front of her dress and Brian got this little look on his face--it was so cute,lol.

In the middle of the show, they brought out the trunk. Brian was saying they needed to change, so he starts removing his shirt right on stage. People started screaming (he had another shirt underneath though--lol,and I thought AJ was the only tease!)and Howie gave him this mock horrified look. He yelled, "Brian! You can't do that! This isn't the dressing room!"

That's when they got the idea that they should show us the dressing room (apparently it's in the trunk,lol--how cute!). One by one, they got in the trunk. Brian was first. As he was heading over to the box, AJ yells, "Rok, get in there! Get in there little midget!" I was like "Ohhhh...". That was sooo mean,lol.

I mean, AJ's only 2 inches taller than him and he calls B-rok a midget? heehee

Then Nick got in. I was playing along with the whole idea that they were actually getting in the trunk together, so I was like, "don't squash Frick!". Yeah, i know it was mean,, I dunno. I was in a weird mood,heehee (even though I love nick,lol). Then Nick popped his head back out for a second. It was too cute,lol.

After AJ practically forced howie in, insulting him (I forget what he said), AJ put his arm around Kevin and said, "It's the AJ and Kevin show!". It was sooo funny. The audience totally got into that,lol. Then Kevin looks at AJ like, "would you get there, already?" lol, so AJ gets in and Kevin shuts the lid and locks it. Then he turns to the crew members who are standing by the trunk and says, "Okay guys, go dump this in the Potomac."

OMG, I was laughing so hard! I have to thank Kristin. She has brought out the best in Kevin, turning him into a major, I love him. =)

Anyways, after Kevin got in, they showed this video footage of them down below in the "dressing room", changing. AJ had his shirt off and modeled his tattoos for us. I finally got to see the Jack Daniels tattoo on the inside of his left arm. It says "JD" and it has flames around it...very cool,lol.

Here are some of the other highlights from inside the trunk:

*Kevin tripped over a bench and the other guys started teasing him ("TRAIN!")

* Brian had a can of silly string and shot it at AJ. It was green and some of it hung off of AJ's nose--ew, everyone was grossed out coz it looked like he had a booger,lol.

*AJ got revenge on Brian with a water gun,lol

*Howie told Nick there was a girl in the audience with a red shirt, that had the hots for him. Nick put his face up in the camera and started singing "Don't Wanna Lose You Now", like he was serenading the girl. They should've said she had a blue shirt...then it would've made it more fair to the rest of us,lol.

*Howie and Nick were looking at "girl's phone numbers" and Nick goes, "I'm gonna call this one." Howie looked at the number, and said, "No man, she's too OLD for you!" lol

* Kevin opened a locker and all these stuffed animals poured out, so he started throwing them out of the "trunk" onto the stage (I cracked up when I spotted a Dopey doll! lol)

*After the other guys left, Howie used the camera like a mirror and started spraying himself with hairspray..I almost fell outta my seat!

I think that's about it..I can't remember if they did anything else,lol. After the screen went dark, people started screaming behind me, so I turned around and found the Boys about ten rows or so, behind me on the little bulls eye thingy! It had turned into a stage. They sang a little bit of "I'll Never Break Your Heart", followed by "How Did I Fall In Love With You". I stood up on my chair, even though the lady made me get down (I got back up again after she left,lol. Why did she care? Everyone else was! geez,lol). Nick, Kev, and AJ sat on the edge of the stage, while Brian and Howie stood back-to-back in the middle. It was sooo cute. Brian was on my side first, and then they switched places in the middle, so I got to watch Howie sing the best part "...With you I want to spend, the rest of my life!..." ::gush::: He looked amazing with his hair down and this little purplish bandanna wrapped around his forehead...sigh.

Then while they talked about how they wrote a couple of songs all together, Mom pointed this catwalk out to me, that was slowly coming from the front stage to the bullseye one, connecting them, like a bridge. I was freaking out. I was like, "OMG! They're gonna be right above us!"

While they sang "Time", they walked across the stage, and interacted with us folks in the audience. I snapped a million pix of them! AJ came and sat right down on the edge with his feet dangling over the sides. Oh man, if i had been about 6 seats over, I could've touched his shoe, LOL.

Mom got Nick's attention when he came over, but he just stared at her with this blank look on his face. He was in a really strange mood that night. He was being a major show-off on stage, I'm sorry to say, but barely interacted with fans at all. I dunno what was up with him--he had this "Aren't I the hottest thing to grace this planet" attitude going on. We suspect that he got in a fight with Howie (coz Howie was so quiet that night and he's only THAT quiet when he's upset about something) or something and was in a very bad mood. He kinda disapointed me. Oh well...Someone threw a little Blues Clues' Magenta (the purple puppy) up to AJ and he was playing with it on stage. Then they threw a second one up there. Howie picked it up and tossed it back into the crowd. It bounced off of the audience and hit the floor...2 ROWS IN FRONT OF ME! damn, if I had been in the aisle at the time, it would've been mine coz I was gonna dive for it, but I was too late. =(I never did figure out who got it. I wanted to atleast give it a kiss or something, lol. OH WELL...

Anyways, after they came back to the main stage in front, Kevin talked about their foundations/charities. He talked about his Just Within Reach foundation, which he's starting in honor of his dad for anyone who didn't know, and he said that Nick was starting a Save the Ocean foundation soon. Then they started singing "The Answer to our Life". On the big screen behind them, they played clips of environmental stuff (geez, that brings a whole new meaning to the song,lol). While they were singing, Brian came over to our side of the stage again and I was like, Hmmm, I wonder if he'd see me? I waved like my mom had earlier, and guess what?! He saw me!! He did the exact same wave! I started jumping up and down and going "HE SAW ME! HE SAW ME!". Well, apparently, he saw my reaction too coz as soon as I did that (he was still looking at me), he started doing his little "heeheehee" giggle and raised his eyebrows. Then he got the most gorgeous, sexy smile on his face that I have ever seen in my life! I was sooooo thrilled.

Later on, they did a little bit of "All I Have To Give"...they had the cutest gimic for that. Nick came out in a brown fedora (i have one like it at home) and did THE DANCE by himself while he sang the first part of his verse. Then Brian came up behind him and Nick handed him the hat and Brian started singing. It was sooo cute. Apparently they only had one hat to share between them all, lol. After they sang the chorus, Brian threw the hat out in the audience (I wasn't quite close enough,lol) and there was a little catfight for it--YIKES! People sure are aggressive for that stuff,lol.

Then they started singing "If You Stay" around an old fashioned microphone. I freaked out as soon as the music started. I was like, "OMG! They never sing this!". Nobody around me seemed to know it, but I sang right along, word for

Later, they introduced the band and the dancers. Brian started dancing like the female dancers. It was sooo cute. Then Brian introduced the guitarist and pretended like he had an air guitar and played it for us. "Deedeedee.."

Other highlights that I'm not sure where they fit into the show:

*Brian's boxing match with the air

*Nick kissed Brian and Brian shoved him

* Nick played a purple electric guitar and nearly smashed the thing.

* Kevin went up on the side catwalks and shook hands with audience members (you lucky people, you! lol)

They also sang "Everybody"...that was cool.One of their last songs was "Get Another Boyfriend", followed by AJ telling us "The Call" was the final song, but I knew that was a bunch of BS,lol. He whipped out this cell phone for "the call" and was like, "Hello? I cant talk right now..I've got a show to do!"...too cute,lol. I thought i saw him point to me during his verse, but I couldn't tell where he was looking coz his hand was in the way,lol. Their final number of course, was "Shape Of My Heart"...Wow, great finale to the BEST SHOW EVER!! Then they slowly slid back into the floor below. As they were, I thought I saw Nick catch eyes with me, but I guess I'll never know,lol.

After the show was over, I bought 5 glossy photos (one of each for me) and 1 Howie and 1 Brian for my two friends who didn't go to the show. Then we left to see the buses off. They were playing "As Long As You Love Me" outside at the Z104 tent, and everyone was singing along. That was cool. I smiled at a lot of fellow fans...everyone was sooo happy. There were all kinds of people at that concert. women, children, girls, even men!! Whole families were there. I felt very proud to have such a huge various following at this show (the Boys would be pleased!). HA! TAKE THAT, NSYNC! lol

Well, anyways...I saw two big white buses leave, but they didn't look like THE buses and the boys weren't looking out the window, so i figured they'd already left, and we headed back to the hotel.

The next day, on the AMTREK ride home, we talked to this blonde girl (who looks kinda like the daughter on the nanny--she was pretty!) who went to the show, and said that she goes to college in Ohio with Leighanne's niece and also went to THEIR WEDDING, omg! No, I didn't get her e-mail address! I was upset about that...So girl, if you're out there and you're reading this (you're going to the University of Maryland for graduate school), write to me! I'd love to know all your stories!! =)

There was also a guy in his late twenties, no doubt, on our train that told me he thought the show was awesome too! Wow, i was impressed.. Mom loved the show, I loved the show. Oh yeah, did I mention, it was THE BEST NIGHT OF OUR LIVES? Write me, if you went to the show and we'll compare notes. =)

Washington DC Concert--My BIG Adventure Part 1

Date: Feb 06, 2001
Submitted By: Felicia

Whew! What a weekend I had...I would've done this review thingy sooner, but it snowed here and I couldn't get to a computer for days. This review requires a back-up story, so you'll fully understand how happy I was to finally get tickets. Back in December, I waited for hours outside in the cold with my mom to get tickets from ticketmaster. We were first in line and guess what?! Ticketmaster pulled a lotto! Guess who DIDN'T get seats?! Yep, you guessed it! I was devastated. Well, in January, I tried again...this time spending $25 tickets to join the BSB official fan club at, once again...I didn't get tickets. My next option was a friend who had a connection to Jive Records. She couldn't pull through either. Finally, the night before the concert (thursday!), my dad called me up to say, "Hey, I got you seats--section 107!"....he had called this broker place called the "Great Seats". I was so happy I cried. So the next day, I skipped school (yes, i skipped. lol! Shhhh...don't tell!) and prepared myself for the big day!

Mom and I spent all morning putting our black and blue outfits together. I put on a light amount of make-up and curled my hair..just in case I happened to meet them, I wanted to look nice. Well, the tickets were supposed to come by FedEx that morning, so I had a few hours to wait. We waited, and waited. No tickets. Finally, 1:30 came, and still we had no tickets. It really my mom called my dad at work and asked for the number of Great Seats...We called, only to find out that there had been a problem with Dad's credit card. They tried to call him, but the line had been busy so they sold our tickets to someone else. Once again, I was crushed. My mom wasn't about to give up yet though. She asked the broker, "Okay, what do you have left?" The broker said, "Seats in the 200's." So Mom asked, "Okay, what's THE BEST you have left?" and he replied, "Row 13, on the floor!".

Mom of course, knew how badly I wanted to go. Even though it was going to cost us, $600 to go, she said, "YES! WE'LL TAKE THEM."

Will Felicia and Cheryl (Mom!) get to attend the world's best concert? Find out in My Big Adventure in DC Part 2...

Washington DC Concert

Date: Feb 08, 2001
Submitted By: Courtney

I have never been to a concert before in my life, so for my first being the BSB was pretty special. Its Saturday now, and thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. We got there around 6:20, stood around waiting to get in for about 15 minutes. Mandy and I found our seats, and started screaming because the side ramp was about 5 feet away. We were extremely close. You could hear the same screams around the arena as people found their seats. We went and got T-shirts, and came back to watch the opening act. They played 70's music the entire time. Krystal came on, she's very talented and has a beautiful voice, and the crowd loved her. While the crew checked over the stage, the entire crowd was doing the wave, and we were chatting with the three girls behind us, and the girl alone next to me (sorry I ran out so fast before I could talk to you guys but we wanted to take pics in front of their buses!!). Backstreet fans are the greatest! We all agreed on everything, there was none of that "He's mine" bullcrap going on. Then is was time for the show. The screen behind the stage shows asteroids hitting the Earth, and everytime one hits, awesome pyro goes off. Then the boys popped out of holes on the stage. Nick was on our side of the stage to entire time. He came out wearing sunglasses, which I think are funny, but I was shaking too hard to laugh. They went into "Everyone", and the screaming and music was pretty deafening. Let me tell you, it was worth it to leave half deaf and without a read the rest of my review go to ,then pictures, and BSB Concert. Looking to exchange pics with people, and I will pay highly for anyone that has a video of the show!!

MCI Center: Washington D.C *2-2-01*

Date: Feb 06, 2001
Submitted By: Tara

Wazzapp yal??? I went to tha concert at mci center in dc on friday.. All I can say iz holy SHIETTTT!!! It was soo awesome... Tha dancing!! Tha clothes!! Tha sex appeal!! Dayemmm they lookd soo good... AJ's cornrows!!! Woah!!! Awesome!!!Nicks a$$$$ wohoooo tight!!! Tight!!! Kevin lookd soo fatherlike.. Way cute.. Tha hair thang is grown on me... And brian well hes juss cute as eva!! (im jelous leighanne) and howie awww they were pickn on him bout his hair but I like it.... Hes a sexy rexy!!!(HEHE)ok ya ready to hear about my adventure??? Aight here it goes!!!


Me and my friends campd out from friday 12-2-00 @ 6 pm to 12-3-00 to 1030 am (by tha time we got our tix)

IT WAS SNOWING MAY I ADD!!! I was sick wit tha flu for a week afta tha... And it was way worth it even tho our tix suckd!!! I dont care its bsb!

12-3-00 to 2-2-01

So so so so so so so ANXIOUS!!! All I culd talk about is what im gunna wear... Wha my sign was gunna look like.. Blah blah!!!And how awesome it was gunna be...


Tha big day.... OMG it was finally here...

I was at skoo I went to my junior ring ceremony at church and then went to classes.. I sware I think it was tha longest day of my life!!!! It was soo rediculous I would sit in class and look at tha clock and it would be like a minute past.... Omg it was soo annoying!!! Neway....

Soo afta skoo I went home to go get all my stuff ready and take a shower and put on my outfit.... Well as soon as I walkd in tha door I look down on my kitchen table and its a note from my dad sayn that he got me seat upgrades frum his friend tha owns a scalping business!! Ok ok soo I thought they were going to be ok seats... Well crap nethang was betta than what I had! So I took a shower put on my clothes(rockstar glitter shirt.. Wit abercrombie jeans and my glitter belt) and my awesome poster and I drove to my friends house and I pickd up my two friends and we were off to tha concert!! We got there soo many people it was insane!! Tha police blockd off like all tha surrounding streets soo I had to park forever away!Sooo I went to will call and tha guy was like hold on a few minutes tha guy will be here ne minute with your tickets soo I waited and he brought my tix... I was like koo thanx blah blah blah! Soo I went back out on tha street and tried to scalp my tix tha were section 432 row q hahaha who in their rite mind would buy seats behind tha stage and that are nosebleeds!Well noone in d.C. Bcuz noone bought them soo I had a good 250$ worth of usless tickets in my pocket and 4 awesome tickets in hand...Sooo we walkd in and tha guy checkd my tix and sayd oh go straight thru tha hallway and tha lady inside will help u... And tha lady walkd us down to our seats... And WHO KNEW OUR SEATS WERE RIGHT NEXT TO THA CIRCULAR STAGE IN THA BACK!!!!Omg I was dieing.. I was like omg omg bsb is going to be right next to me..Soooo afta about 10 minutes Krystal came on...She was awesome I think she gunna be like tha next mariah carey.. She was soo good.. And thena bout 830 they came out... It was soo awesome the way they opend.. I wont say but it was soo koo... I culd feel tha whole place shake......Ok I was juss waiting and waiting for them to come to tha backstage... Then it came time for the dressing room thang and I knew tha was it.... Afta tha dressing room scene tha center stage starting rising... And they came out from under tha curtain! It was soo amazing... They are soo beautiful....Nick(my fav) was rite next to me....They were soo awesome... They sang two of my fav songs rite there.... "how did I fall in love with you" and "time" it was soo pretty!!! I got some awesome pics!!! Omg during "hdifilwy" aj and nick were juss fooln around and I said to my friend omg b4 aj comes around im going to thro my sunglasses up there!(u kno those faded charlies angels kinda glasses) and so I did... And it hit tha back of nicks foot and he juss turnd around and lookd down.. And ignord it... Cuz a buncha girls were throwin glowsticks at them but they juss kickd them off... Soo I turnd around to take a pic for tha girl behind me.. And my friend goes omg omg and startd hittn me and I turn around and aj HAS MY GLASSES ON!!! I was flippn out.... My friends were like "aj aj aj those are her glasses " pointin to me and he lookd down at me and lippd "thanx sweety" and winkd.. It was soo amazing! Haha I sound like such a teeny bopper but it was awesome..

Then nick put his arm around aj and goes AWESOME GLASSES INTO THA MIC!!! Haha!!! Woohoo at tha end towards when they were goin on tha catwalk... Nick was lookn around and my and my friends were spazzn out holdn up my sign... Tha said "happy belatd bday nick" on one side and he pointd to it and laughd..And lippd thanx! It was soo cute...

But I hope u all have awesome times at ur concerts! If u dont have tix run our and get them its soo worth it!!! And guys if u can read this.. Ur phenomenal... We love you... And we will always support u... Happy belated bday to nick and aj... And happy soon to be bday to brok!!


Wit <3 for life


Concert in Washington D.C. on Feb. 2, 2001

Date: Feb 06, 2001
Submitted By: Stacy

This concert was definetly the best night of my life! Krystal (the opening act) the so wonderful! I'm definetly getting her cd. Anyway, she came out and did 4 songs and then we waited 30 minutes, which went by very very quickly. Then the lights went out and it got so loud lol. I don't want to give away too much for those who havn't seen it, but they opened with a big Earth on the screen and comets were hitting hit. It had some awesome special effects that I'm not going to give away. Then Everyone started playing and after that was Larger Than Life. I'm not going to go into detail about which songs they sang but they did sing A LOT! They had some cool stunts and involved the crowd a lot too. One thing they did to involve the crowd was had another small stage on the opposite side of the regular stage. For about 5 minutes they did something to avert out attention away from what they were doing then they popped out from under the small stage! They sang about 3-4 songs there. That was really nice and showed they cared about their fans because it gave everyone who was really far away (like me, lol) to see them up close to it was almost like we were about 20 rows back but high up for a couple songs! If you want to know all the details about the concert because you are not going to one, feel free to email me and I'll tell you EVERYTHING! :)

Washington DC

Date: Feb 06, 2001
Submitted By: Nancy

We were able to get tickets from a different source other than Ticketmaster and boy am I glad that we did. From now on if they offer tickets I will go to them. Unlike those "lucky" people who were able to get tickets on Dec. 2 and sit in the 400 section of the MCI Center, we were in Section 101 Row B, smack dab in front of the bullseye stage. This was my family's third concert in as many years, and by far and away, the BEST. There was not a favorite boy this time because they all looked and sounded fantastic. No one looked any better than the other. No one outperformed another. They were just perfect. Although, if I can interject a thought here, Howie has come so far in the last three years. He actually shines on stage, he is so powerful now, and he is actually not being overshadowed by the other four. Way to go Howie (he is so cute!)

Our seats were fantastic, the concert just rocked, and tbe fans were so polite, as much as we screamed, I think we were more respectful to the boys than the Millenium concert. Maybe it was my imagination but it seemed that way. There were a couple downsides to the whole experience....too many great tshirts to choose from, and boy did I miss the BSB Band. It just wasn't the same without Tommy, Dennis, and especially Guido. If you don't have tickets yet and still have a chance, definitely go to this concert, there are some wonderful surprises, and I'll tell you, they are so powerful that I was in tears the entire time they were on the small stage because I could actually see their beautiful faces, they were really right there, not in my binoculars. I'm 39 years old and they have truly affected my life in a positive way. They have kept my three daughters and I on the same wavelength, there is no generation gap and it is because of the Backstreet Boys that I can say that. I look forward to many more concerts with my girls, and hopefully in the future I can take my grandchildren to the Backstreet Boys Reunion Tour (if they ever take a break).


Date: Feb 06, 2001
Submitted By: katie

I have one word for the whole show.


I stepped into the mci center and I got my breath sucked out of me. It was so huge. Krystal was singing and she was really good, but I came in late so I only got 2 hear her last song.

We waited for a long time and then all the lights went out and everone screamed. All I could see was the stage and these little blue glow sticks that everyone had...Lols.

Then all these stars lit up on stage and a ton of explosions went off. Everyone was screaming!! Then the stage started smoking and these 5 pillars rose out of the floor w/ 5 guys on top!!

I immediately spoted nicky (my baby) and screamed even louder. The pillars went down 2 the stage level and the boyz hopped off. They did these jerky movements and walked downstage.

They started singing 'everyone' and they sounded sooo SEXY!! The only problem was that nick had these stupid sunglass/goggles on, so I couldnt c his baby blues! But he took them off lata. They sang larger than life and shining star next. They sang every song from B&B at some point except "It's True".

They also did, "ill never break your heart" "everybody" "i want it that way" and a bunch more...But ahh brain cramp I cant think.

They changed outfits a lot. And they looked really hot. All of them. The end made me so sad though. They were like "bye D.C. We love youu!" and then they were gone!!! Like that. It seemed like they dissapeared.

One thing that suprised me about the whole thing though was how much they danced. It was a TON!! The show was amazing and the boyz sounded so beautiful.

Im really blessed 2 have gotten tixets cause I got them fri at noon! And the concert was that nite. My friend pulled some strings and got them 4 me.

For everyone that didnt get 2 go (aw re!) im really sorry. Its awful, but the bsb know who u are! Lol. Its true though. They talked about that in their concert. They will probably b back soon. :)

BSB in Washington, D.C.

Date: Feb 06, 2001
Submitted By: Tracey

The concert was absolutely amazing. It really can't be compared to the Into the Millenium Tour, because it was completely different, but wonderful. I liked the fact that the band was out of the way and the dancers did not overpower the boys. I think what impressed me the most is how they work to get close to the fans. With the two stages and the walkway between, every part of the arena got to see them pretty well.

I just finished reading all of the other reviews from D. C. and I realized that I missed some things. I spent most of the night with my binoculars on Kevin, which I had told myself I wouldn't do, but I couldn't help it.

One thing I wanted to point out... I really liked all the ideas about not screaming during "Time" and holding up a light during that song, but once you see the show you realize it won't work. During that song they turn the lights up on the audience, so our lights wouldn't really be noticed.

Also, this is when they get as close as they can to the fans, so asking people not to scream is impossible.

It was a great night! They sounded great and they looked great (well, Kevin did for sure!) When their heads went under the stage at the end, I wanted to burst into tears. I am a 40 year old Mom who shouldn't be so emotional about BSB, but I can't help it. They are the best!

MCI Center concert February 2, 2001

Date: Feb 06, 2001
Submitted By: Sally Zepp

As an adult fan (30 something), I found the concert on February 2,2001 to be average. I felt the group was just going through the motions of a concert. No real personal touch with the audience. A bit of we've arrived, so we don't really need to perform or work as hard. There were also sound and visual problems. Several times, you could bearly hear the lead vocal or a red laser light was shining on someones face on the huge laser screen. The entertainment factor as a show was lacking. It just didn't quite take me there. The Millenium tour was more edgey and entertaining. More dancing and participation. This show had alot of anticipation, but, failed to deliver that big "WOW" that was a great concert. At $400.00 a seat, I guess I was expecting too much.

Black & Blue concert in Wasington, D.C. @ MCI Center

Date: Feb 06, 2001
Submitted By: Nichelle

Note: In my review I will give you all of the details of all the things that stood least in my mind =)

Okay my 3 best friends (Simone, Erin, Charmaine) and I arrived @ MCI around 4:15 pm. Immediately we knew where all the tour buses were concealed and went around back. We saw 3 tour buses parked across the street and ran over, but there were already some girls there trying to get on, so we left. Once we saw no one was around we ran back over and just stood in front of one of the buses until someone came out.....Sleepy (one of their very hot dancers) !! We chatted w/ him for a while ,took pictures, etc. He was so nice and ver cool.(Hi Sleepy)I glanced up at the bus and saw AJ's face in the window !!! I was totally about to freak but my friend calmed me down. Okay I'll spare you to the show

Around 7:15, a DJ from our local Top 40 radio station Z104 told everyone to look up @ the screen and there was Kevin talking about Krystal. She came onstage and sang 3 songs ( My Religion , ? , Supergirl ) Then the Jackson 5's , "I'll Be There". Supergirl was okay, but the best part was her amazing voice . Go Krystal !!

About 15 minutes later the dancers come onstage clad in monk-wear (?) and on the screen there's Earth and asteroids are hitting it. Each time this happens,some big pyro goes off and scares the crap outta me. Then sparks go off and the boys slowly rise up out of the stage. (Aaahhh)

They looked off to each side and went into "Everyone" and "Lager Than Life". I'll just tell you all the cool parts now. I totally loved when they did the little wardrobe skit and AJ had on no shirt =p In the middle of "All I Have To Give" they went into this really kick a** dance routine and that turned into "If You Stay" AJ came onstage between songs and asked us to do a favor....the =y were doing a special for Top Of The Pops and wanted us to scream for him, so of course we did ! During "Answer To Our Life" they flashed up on the screen shots of environmental distress. For "Time " thay let the walkway down and it was so funny cause someone threw a stuffed animal to AJ but he wasn't able to catch it, so he got as far down on the walkway as he could and finally caught it. For "Larger Than Life" and "Everybody" it was so cool to see the entire audience doing the dances. The best part to me was in "More Than That " , my favorite song. The boys were on the 2nd level of the stage and there was a lot of smoke that looked like clouds on the main level and each female dancer got onstage to dance. It was really pretty. I can't remember wha song this was during, but AJ sttod on the edge of the the "wing" on our side of the stage and kept running and sliding down like a cute litle psycho.Hehe. Well I hope everyone had fun that has seen them so far and if you haven't yet...have a great time!!

MCI Center: 2-2-01 in DC

Date: Feb 06, 2001
Submitted By: Tara

Wha up yalll???

I went ta tha concert on friday nite at MCI CENTER!!!

Im not juss sayn this cuz I luv da guys... But That fo sho was da best concert ive eva been too!!! Tha pyrotech's WERE awesome... Tha catwalk was awesome.. Tha circular stage in tha center back was awesome... Tha side catwalks were awesome.. Their clothes rockd....Everythang was soo tight!

Well ok ill start wit my story now... (hehe)

Ok on friday I went to skoo it was my junior ring ceremony... That day.... I got to skoo got our rings and went to our ring ceremony at church and all tha good stuff... Then at skoo there was about 20 people going to tha concert out of 500... Oh well and about 7 of them were missn their junior ring dance (including me and my two friends that I went wit) soo ok I had been lookin forward to this day for two months even tho I had tha crappiest seats in tha world that I had campd out for 13 hrs for!!!!

Sooo...Me and my friend left skoo tha day psyched.... I went back to my house.. And my mom was like guess what? Ur dad got u betta seats!! And I was soo psyched but I still didnt know where they were cuz they juss sayd they were a lil betta than tha othas soo I juss thought ok whatever nethang is beeta than what he had bcuz we had nosebleeds behind tha stage.... Sooo I drove to my friends and we got ready and drove to d.C. Wit our tix in hand headin to willcall to pick up our new seats....We got to willcall and I had to show id and I got tha tix.. I really didnt look at them yet.. Cuz I had to go outside and scalp our otha ones... Yea tha didnt work noone wanted to buy those tix!! Soo we juss forgot about it.. Sooo we got in and I was like sir... Can u tell me where to go for these seats and hes like oh u got tha good seats go right thru that tunnel right there and somone will escort u there... Sooo we did soo.. And the lady took us to our seats ON THE FLOOR!!! Right next to tha circular stage in tha middle of the floor.. I WAS SOOO PSYCHED... Omg I had my rockstar shirt on wit my abercrombie jeans and my charlies angels faded glasses(ya kno tha kind tha aj wears and pink )... And then I had my bsb shirt on ova it....(we made tshirts) and my huge two sided sign...On wha side it sayd "bsb" in big glitter letters wit pics of all of them and it sayd all their names and nicknames...And "KTBSPA" and on tha otha side it sayd... "dress-60$ ring-300$ Junior Ring dance ticket- 5$ BSB concert-PRICELESS!" ok around 730 krystal came on.. Her voice is sooo awesome..... Shes sang soo beautifully! Shes like tha next mariah carey...Then around 815-830ish it was time to get on wit tha show!!! They opend they tech's in tha beginning was sooo awesome! They song juss about everysong..BUT THEY DIDNT SING "the one" I luv tha song!! I was kinda upset! And at one point... They were like hey u wanna see us in the dressin room? And one fo their tech guys brought out a trunk and they opend it.. And nick jumpd in then brian and howie and then it was aj and kev left!! Aj goes in a funny voice "welcome to tha aj and kevin show everybody" ajs soo funny it was awesome.. Hes was makn jokes about howies hair..And crackn on nick for havn all his tattoos and how hes turnin into him wit all of them and stuf... Then aj goes "well kev.. U know wha they say beauty b4 age" and he jumpd in tha box" then kev lockd tha box....And hes like "nah im juss playn yall" and jumpd in... Then they showd us this really funny video of all of their dressn rooms(deversion to get them to tha center stage) but I culd tell it was goin on cuz security got really tight right about tha point.. And then tha center stage rose and they pulld off the curtain...And they rose out wit black lights on them... I was about 7-9 ft away from them... Honestly if I had of put tha zoom on my cam... I wulda got their nosehairs I was soo close....And me and my two friends held up our sign and was singin I was in tears.. (im sucha retard but it was soo overwhelmin that they were right there..IT WAS A DREAM COME TRU)and nick pointd to our sign and blew a kiss and winkd... It was soo awesome...And then I said to my friend tha was wit me... When aj walks around im gunna throw my glasses up there!!! And shes like DO IT DO IT!!! Soo right b4 he came around I took off my charlies angels glasses and thru them up there!!! And I didnt think they saw them.. Soo I turnd around cuz tha girl behind me wantd me to take a pic for her... And my friend started hittn me and goin "OMG OMG OMG OMG" and I wa slike "WHAT" she goes "HES WEARN UR GLASSES" and I turnd around and sure enuff aj had my glasses on.. And nick goes in tha mic... "awesome glasses BONE" I was like OMG OMG OMG OMG.. And my two friends were jumpin up and down screamin those are hers.. And age waved to me and lipd "thanks hun" and he wore them for tha rest of tha show!! I was soo xcited.. And then kev saw my friends shirt its sayd congrats kevin and kristin on it.. And he waved to her... It was soo awesome... Honestly... My life is fullfilld... Tha prettiest thang was "time" and "how did I fall in love wit us" wit brian and howie!! Omg I cried both times... It was soo beautiful!!! The concert was awesome.. I have the best pics.. And gr8 memories embeded into my mind forever.....Hope you all have an awesome time at ur concert and if u dont have tix get them! Bcuz its such an awesome concert!!


Email me wit ?'s!

See u in pheonix BACKSTREET!!!



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