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Hartford, CT 6/29/01

Date: Oct 22, 2001
Submitted By: Marisa

It was a long time ago, granted, that the Backstreet Boys graced CT with their presence. I went with 3 other friends, and we were lucky enough to have seventh row, but being on the side, that curled in front of the stage, we seemed to have front row. We had seen them the night before from afar, but we left early to go to their hotel, knowing we'd see the finale the next day up close. Shaggy got the crowd pumped with his non stop energy.

My friend and I clutched each other as we saw the screen introducing them with special effects. Just as they come on stage, any one that has been affected by their music, feels an inevitable high unlike anything you've ever felt. Your heart beats faster, and its not just a crush. It's being so close to someone that has had such an impact on your life, for us to scream our appreciation.

"Everyone" began, and the piercing screams didn't bother me at all. In fact, they add to the excitement. I'm not just a typical fan email-ing how I think they are so hot and I am going to date them or anything like that. I don't think they're perfect, to be honest. I think at the beginning of the summer, they were over-confident, unappreciative. That was of course mostly because I was bitter because I couldn't get backstage, and because at the hotel, I just missed Brian, the only person I really wanted to meet. I did appreciate meeting Howie and Kevin, they were great! They are so kind to their fans.

When I thought about it though, I thought their energy had gone way down since Millenium. I went to the Into the Millenium tour, and I have to say that was the best concert I've ever seen in my life. That won me over to a BSB fan. I was a bit disappointed with the Black and Blue concert. It seemed rushed, but slow at the same time. It almost seemed like they didn't feel they needed to win over the audience. It felt as if they knew we loved them, and they knew they were perfect, and that they could charge $104 for our 7th row tickets because they were worth it.

Yes, they are worth it. Yes, we do love them. BUT I know some pop stars, that go into a concert knowing they want to win over the whole audience. They want the parents that just brought their kids for their birthdays or something to love them. They want everyone in that audience to leave thinking that it was the best concert they've ever seen. I felt that with Into the Millenium.

With their third album, Backstreet Boys were getting tired. They knew they were on top and they didn't care if everyone liked them or not. Now, I do like them- I LOVE them. Just because I love their music, doesn't mean I love everything about them. They are NOT perfect, like some 12 year olds want to believe. Who is perfect, though? I am not suggesting that you all boycott their concerts or hate them. I still love them, and I love them even more now.

With AJ's problem, they learned a lot. They know we support them, they felt it. I haven't seen a concert since the incident, but you can see in their eyes. Since that first day they announced the news on TRL. You can see that they think that we truly are the best fans in the world, and that they are where they are because we love them so much. So, I hope you all KTBSPA! I know I am.

Hartford,CT june 29,2001

Date: Jul 28, 2001
Submitted By: Megan

i went to the bsb concert on june 29th. i will say right now that that was the best night of my life. it was amazing. it was my first concert! my mom wouldnt let us get there that early, but we got there around 5:00. we had VIP parking so we didnt have a long walk to the stadium whatever u call it. we waitedin line for what seemed like forever and then finally got in. it was wonderful to see so many good bsb vibes going around. every1 there loved them like i do, or mayb even more! iwanted to buy some stuff, so i went inside to get it,cuz the line outside was like 5x longer. i finally picked the shirt i wanted, even though it was hard cuz they were all awesome, and when we finally got to the front of the line, they said they were sold out of that shirt in my size. so i asked for a different one but they were sold out of that too. so i got in line at the place outside. i was prolly waitin in thatline for half an hour. i missed Krystal totallt except for her last song. she was really good. then i was just totally impahtient for shaggy to be over with so bsb could come on. shaggy was so LOUD it took ur breath away. he was good though. he really got the crowd excited and pumped up! then they said it woud be 15 minutes until bsb came on, so they would come on at 9:00. i couldnt even sit still. then the lights went down,the screen came on,and all these foreworks and pyro were goin off everywhere. then the boys came ouut of the ground on these funky little board thingys. i started just absolutly hysterical crying i was so happy. it was seriously a dream come true. the music came on and they started singing "everyone" and when nick did that part when he goes "turn the mights don low..." i was hyperventilating. i just absolutly could not breath. it was crazy. i had never screamed so much in my life. then they started "larger than life", which is the song i did for my 7th grade lip-synch contest. it was awesome. i didnt blink for that whole concert. by the middle, i had screamed so much that my throat was literally bleeding! it was so gross! i was in so much pain, but i kept screaming cuz i know that they were worth it! my mom wanted to leave b4 the call was over,but i nearly punched her in the face. we ended up staying in the seats til it was really over,after they did their encore of Shape of my heart. Shpae of my heart is also a very inportant song to me,well, all of them are,but that 1 especially. then we left the arena and on the way to the car, we saw their buses pulling out and i scareamed and jumped upand down and waved and ran asclose as i could get to them. i knew that they had to of seen me! it was the best night of my life and i will never forget it!KTBSPA! i really hope they will come back to hartfrod for their next tour!

Backstreet Boys concert in Hartford, Ct (June 28 &29)

Date: Jul 25, 2001
Submitted By: Andria Blundon

The concert was great. Even with a lawn seat, BSB made u feel all like you had front row tickets. I loved how Howie just looked like he was gonna break down and start to break dance, man his hips were crazy! A.J. was as crazy as ever and you saw a side of Kevin, you never knew he had. Nick was extremely popular with the fans and he knew it. I loved the big screen and all the effects like the fireworks, them popping out from the stage, and the involvement of the audience. It was great that on Thursday, Howie threw a couple of his Lupus bears into the audience. I had one and was waving it. I didn't even sit down the entire time. Not many people were screaming for Howie but boy did I make up for all of them. If you heard an 'I luv you Howie' in the middle of him making a speech when everyone else was quiet, well, that was me. The only other thing I can say was that I had just about the best time in my life. Ok, the binaculars I bought there totally sucked the shirts were expensive but i got them anyways. What's 70 dollars compared to a memory? Oh, and when the concert was over, I saw them on the buses. Thursday, Howie was driving, and Friday, I saw Brian in the front. That was like soooo cool. So, now that I've shared one of the best days of my life, if you have any questions or comments, just e-mail me. <3, Andria

Hartford, CT- June 28th

Date: Jul 07, 2001
Submitted By: Dawn

When I first got news of the Backstreet Boys returning to Connecticut for the first time since 1998, I couidn't believe it.

Thanks to the Online Fan Club, I scored 10th row seats which is really good for me, concidering I was so desperate to see them, I would've settled for lawn.

Although they didn't sell out lawn seats all the way, the concert was still completly awesome. The CT fans, like myself, who could not attend shows in Boston or New York were so hungry from waiting so long that the response of the fans was overwhelming.

It was the best experience of my life and one that I soon won't forget. I've made a vow to from now on NEVER miss a BSB concert.

Between the awesome dancing and astounding pyrotechnics that made the 4th of July seem lame, and the Boys' amazing vocals, it's no wonder the critcs highly praised the Backstreet Boys' Black & Blue tour.

I'd like to personally thank the Boys for giving me the oppritunity to see them in my home state.

june 29 hartford ct.

Date: Jul 07, 2001
Submitted By: patty o'donnell

This was my first BSB concert. My seats were in the 400 section which were about 1/3 of the way back. I got there 4 hours early with a friend and passed the time watching all the loyal BSB fans in thier black and blue paraphanalia. it was so exciting to take in all the positive BSB vibes eminating everywhere. When we got to our seats(they were better than we thought)and Krystal started to perform I was really surprised at how great she was. She has wonderful stage presence and an unbelieveable voice. Shaggy was really LOUD and really fun. As i was waiting during the break for the boys to come out I was so excited I just kept yelling "I'm gonna die". Then it started with outerspace visuals and pyrotechnics that got the crowd on thier feet screaming at a the top our lungs. Finally there they were, right in front of me. They startd with "everybody" and sounded absolutely perfect! Nick was even more perfect than I thought he would be. Every note was beautiful and his energy was so exciting. The old men skit was hilarious. They were dressed up to be in thier 70s and interviewing for a talk show. I loved it when nick shook is but to show he could still shake his booty! Thier melody of ballads including "Quit Playing Games" was so romantic and beautifully sung. Every song had me up shaking my booty and singing at the top of my lungs. Of course when A.J. took his shirt off that was a treat for everyone. Kevin talked about all of thier charities and was so sincere and gracious to the crowd. It really touched my heart. After "Larger Than Life", which blew my mind in to pieces, it was almost time to end. "Shape of My Heart" was the last song and nick's solos took my breath away. I will never forget my first concert and look forward to many many more. Hopefull very soon!!! This show is spectacular and the boys did not fail to deliver an unbelieveable night of music, dance, and love that can never be surpassed. Except maybe by them.

Harford, CT June 28th-29th

Date: Jul 03, 2001
Submitted By: Courtney

hey whats up I went to the Backstreet boys Concert on June 29th an it was the best concert i've ever been to. Shaggy and Krystal were really good, but I loved the backstreet boys the best!! they had the crowd going nuts. And I thought it was awesome that they showed them in their dressing room I had the best time of my life there and i think was the the best concert i've ever been to even though i didnt have good seats i had a blast they had great dance moves the best singing and they looked HOT! ecspecially Nick! Well Hopefully they will go on tour again next year and come back to Hartford, CT cuz they dont come here very often! the concert was so awesome and I will remember it forever!! and remember KTBSPA!!!! forever!!

Hartford,CT June28th and 29th

Date: Jul 03, 2001
Submitted By: Christine

Well I went to both shows at the Meadows and they were the best two concerts I have ever seen!! I have seen them a few times before but The Black and Blue tour was awesome.Even tho we were jipped out of the mini stage in the middle and the big walk way during " Time" the concerts were AMAZING.Shaggy did such an awesome job opening up for them because he had so much energy! and Krystal was good..she has such a pretty voice.Fridays show was alot more packed then thursdays so that made it alot louder. and everytime brian or nick sang it was unbelievably loud!!!And that made me mad cause i just wanna hear Brian sing ya know?? I am going to Boston next week at the FleetCenter and im sure that concert is gonna be just as dope if not better.

Me and my friend left the concert early on thursday because we wanted to follow the busses. So we parked down the street in the Citgo parking lot waiting for them to pass us and ohh they did!! We followed them to their hotel ( the goodwin) and they all got off their busses at different entrances so we were able to see Nick getting out.He didn't wave tho. And we just waited around and there werent alot of girls there at all so we were being told to leave by the guard and then we walk over to the window and the loft/bar is on the first floor so we see Shaggy in there eatin pizza! now that was dope but then we went back after and AJ was in there , then Nick walks in! so we are all watching them thru the window. So Aj left the hotel and walked down the street to Pig's Eye Pub with his g/f and his friends..and since my friend is in love with Aj we waited til 2 in the morning til he left the bar and thats where we met him and got our pictures with him..He was so nice. The whole night i just wanted to meet brian since hes my fave but i didnt ..he was with leighanne upstairs. But WE MET AJ!!! which is cool enough for me.But the concerts were so good i wish i could see them everyday for the rest of my life! But ok im out ..peace

Hartford Black and Blue concert, 6/29/2001

Date: Jul 03, 2001
Submitted By: Meg

I've been a BSB fan for 4 years now, and this was my first show. It was great 2 go 2 a place where I wasn't the only obsessed BSB girl there! I had lawn seats, but the show was completely unbelievable! I could see all the guys perfectly!! Aaahhhh. Shaggy and Krystal really got the crowd ready 2 par-tay!! Well, anyways, Howie, My fave, was 2 hot 4 words! For the first 3 songs, I was sobbing! I finally calmed down, until Howie sang his long note on "How Did I fall in Love with U". That's my favorite song, and I just lost it! I was surprised by the number of songs the BSB sang! Hey, no complaints, of course, other than the fact that they didn't sing "It's True" or "Back 2 your Heart", 2 of my all time other faves. All in all, it was worth the time and money, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

June 29th B&B tour

Date: Jul 02, 2001
Submitted By: littrellsgirl82

I saw BSB on June 29th in Hartford CT and they were sooooo GOOD! Millennium was great, but B&B is even better! Shaggy's set was a little too long, but I loved "Freaky Girl" I'm downloading it on Morpheus as I type this out. Krystal was Great! Her voice is awesome, I am definately going to purchase "Me And My Piano".....she jumped on the piano during the "SuperGirl" song!!!!!!! She's like Christina A. minus the show-boating and the unnecessary voice-trils. Anyway I am still bugging because Brian was soooo gorgeous, and HEALTHY! Nothing is wrong with his health at the moment. I didn't get to go backstage....I'm still fuming over that, the security guard wouldn't let me, because I wasn't on the VIP list, can you imagine? I even told the jerk some sectret info, I even told him the email of the girl that Nick is seeing and I told him a bunch of stuff to prove I am not just a fanatic fan, and I asked to speak to anyone in charge and he said "No can do." but it's alright because I emailed Nicks current g/f and she was like, "Eww that is so wrong"...she might arrange a chat for me and one of the guys. All I know is that the B&B concert was packed with energy and there are these AWESOME secrets that I can't give away because you'll have to go to see thing I can say is BSB 2050! Those of you who've been know!!!!!! Oh one more thing....Howie is SO hot in person, I am still surprised.......he has changed a lot....for the best. AJ was a powerhouse of energy and was Nick, it was annoying though cos Nick could hardly speak, the minute he opened his mouth teenies would go CRAZY! (as usual) but it was okay........only I wish they were quiet on a few of the slow songs. That's all peeps........KTBSPA!!!!!

Concert in Hartford June 28th, Meadows

Date: Jul 02, 2001
Submitted By: Vanessa G

wow! This is the best concert I've ever been too! I went with 3 best friends and we prepared for the night. We all bought black t-shirts and rhinestones. We glued the rhinestones onto the shirts with our favorite guy's name on it. I put 'Chaos' on mine, since well nick is my all time fav. My friend's put; 'Nicky' 'B-Rock' and 'Sweet D'. we all wore jean shorts and put blue sparkle in our hair. This concert came faster than I thought it would (thankfully) and we were off in my friend's van towards Hartford. It was about a 2 hour drive. We made signs in the car saying, "Honk if you like the backstreet boys" and "Backstreet Fan Van" and held them up on the highway. Only like 6 people honked! When we got there we went to the Kiss 95.7 stand and then went to our seats. We were at section 500, but it wasn't too bad. We left before the show and spent our $$, I got a program and a poster. We went back to our seats and Krystal had already started. She had a great voice and it was nice to see what she was all about. When Shaggy went on, the energy raised! He's such a great preformer. It definetly got us ready for the Backstreet Boys!! When the screen got on and the world was on it and they had the metors. I almost started crying, I was realizing that I was acually going to see them! I've been a fan for about 5 years and have tried to go to their concerts in the past, and I finally was able to this year :) When they got on stage it was amazing! I'm not going to go through every song, but it was the best! It was nice to hear their older songs like Everybody, AIHTG, and all the other great hits. Nick, AJ, Brian, Howie, and Kevin all looked, sounded great. It was a goal of mine to see them live, and now i can't wait until' the next tour.

Hartford, CT 6-29-01

Date: Jul 01, 2001
Submitted By: Juli

On June 29th 2001, my mom and I went to see the Backstreet Boys at the Meadows Music Theatre in Hartford, Connecticut. The day went by so slow but finally at 2:30 we left the house and were on our way! This was the 4th concert we've seen at the Meadows and the last 3 times we always missed the exit b/c it gets real confusing. But this time we did it right so we didnt get lost at all! We were so happy! So we got there at 3:45 and went and stood by the fence. They let us go in at about 4:45 and we had to go wait by the gates this time. It was pretty hot and it didnt help having people crowded all around me but I dealed with it and they finally opened the gates at about 5:50. So me and my mom went into the lobby, bought soda and popcorn and sat down on the stairs for awhile. Then I went and used the potty and then I went outside b/c I wanted to get a souvenir and I ended up buying a picture of Nick from this tour for $5. So after that we went back in and waited for the doors to open to get to our seats. They opened around 6:50. We had no problem finding our seats and just like I figured, they were very good, even a little better than I thought.

They were in section 400 which was all the way to the right and it was the section behind the floor. So the rows went up, but we were in the 4th row so we were right at the bottom of it. Around 7:45 Krystal came out. She did the same set as last time. It was "My Religion", "Angel", "Supergirl", and "I'll Be There". During "I'll Be There", I was walking around trying to find where her meet and greet was gonna be. B/c she said over to the left so I walked over there and asked the lady and she said it was on the left side of the courtyard, so I had to go outside. So I found it and there was only about 25 people in front of me. She came out and sat down at a little table. The line moved quick and when I got up there I said hi, and she said hi and handed me an autographed picture, and I said "can I take a picture of you?", and she said "you sure can", so she smiled and I snapped a picture and then said thank you and she said "your very welcome". She is so sweet! So then I went back inside to my seats and about 5 minutes later Shaggy came out.

I'll admit I wasnt really looking forward to him but he was good. He put on an entertaining show. He did "Mr Lover", "Boombastic"(I think), "Dance & Shout", "Angel", "It Wasnt Me", "Freaky Girl", and this other one I think, I dont know the name of it. He had his back up singers Rik Rok and Ray Ray with him too. He was done at about 9:00 I think. I didnt look at my watch at all. Then we waited a little and finally BSB came out!!! It was the same entrance as last time, with the astroids hitting the earth and then they came up out of the stage. They did "Everyone" then went into "Larger Than Life". The begining was so awesome, its one of the best parts of the show b/c theres so much energy and their dancing was tight! So after LTL they did a costume change and came back wearing black with these red things over them. They did "Not For Me". Then they did another costume change and came back onstage wearing suits. They slowed the show down and did a bunch of ballads, "What Makes You Different", "Yes I Will", "More Than That", "I Want It That Way", a slower acoustic medley of "Quit Playin Games" and "As Long As You Love Me", and "I'll Never Break Your Heart". During "What Makes You Different", for the part that goes "your all I need oh girl" Howie said "your all I need Hartford" instead.

Cheesy I know, but it was so good to hear them saying Hartford and Connecticut b/c its been almost 3 years since they've been here and I didnt think they were ever coming back, but im so happy they finally did. During "More Than That", me and my mom were standing up and this girl behind us was like "Um scuse me ladies can you sit down so we can see?". I was like what the hell we are here to have a good time not sit for the whole show. But we sat down anyway but I seriously wanted to slap her. Then I had this little girl in front of me holding a sign so I couldnt see so I had to tell her to sit down. In between "I Want It That Way" and "Quit Playin Games", they showed a video that was supposed to take place in the year 2050 when the guys are in their 70's. They had old man make up on and everything, they looked so funny! Nick had a big pot belly and Brian was completely bald. Kevins hair was long and gray and they said how Howie had a hip replacement. It was funny but I hope they really are around in 2050 cuz i'll still be a fan!! Anywayz, then the did "Dont Want You Back" which im so glad they added that into the show b/c thats one of my favorite songs ever and I never got to see them perform it live. When they were done with that they were like "Do you like the outfits we're wearing?" And everyone screamed. Then they said that it was time for a concert change. So they brought out this huge chest and Brian jumped in, then Howie, then Nick and as he was going down he took his shirt off!! Then AJ did this funny little dance and got in. Then Kev's like "Now I got you all to myself. Now I wanna show you some new material i've been working on. Clap your hands"

So we start clapping and he's like "Im just playin with ya'll" and he gets in the chest. Then they show the video of them backstage. It was different than on the first leg b/c the costumes are different but they were just like fooling around and acting goofy. After that they came back on stage and did "Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely", "I Promise You", and "How Did I Fall In Love With You". Those 3 songs should have been done on the small round stage in the back but b/c the Meadows is an ampitheatre, there was no room for it so they had to do it on the main stage. They also couldnt have the bridge and instead of the wings on the sides of the stage connecting to the audience, they connected to the walls, so that kind of sucked. So next they did "Time" and for this they all sat down together at the end of the stage and they were like putting their arms around e/o and stuff b/c the song is all about how much they've been through together. Nick had his arm around Howie and he was putting his head on Kevins shoulder and Kev was tapping Nicks head with his microphone. It was so cute. You could tell they are all so close. After that, Kevin talked about all the foundations that they have, then they did "The Answer to Our Life". For this, Nick played the drums, AJ played the bongos I think, Brian played the guitar, Howie played the percussion, and Kevin just went and stood really close to the floor. After that they did "All I Have to Give" and "If You Stay". Then they did a costume change and did "Everybody", "Shining Star", and "Get Another Boyfriend". Whoa, thats all I gotta say. There was some sexual dancing goin on there!!

Nick was shakin his ass and AJ pulled his shirt up so it was behind his head. Somewhere in there they introduced their band and their dancers. Then they left the stage and AJ came out and said he's sorry but they only have time for one more song. Then his phone started ringing and he picked it up and was like "stephanie, why are you calling" lol, like who the hell is stephanie. Then they did "The Call" and went down into the stage. A lot of morons thought it was over so people were leaving, but I knew they still had to do "Shape of My Heart" so we waited and they came back out a few minutes later. When it was over they held hands and bowed and that was it! I was sad it was over b/c now who knows when i'll see them again. It might not be for a couple years. At least when I saw them in february I knew I would probably see them in the summer. Oh well I am just thankful to have gotten to see them twice in one year. They are so amazing, everything about them. They put on the best show ever, no one can compare. They just sing and dance so well. And of course they all looked so hott too! Kevin had his cornrows in. So it was over at 11:00 and we were home by 12:15, we had no trouble getting home. Well thats about it, I hope I will have to opportunity to see them next time they tour, I cant wait!!!

BSB's Black and Blue Tour

Date: Jul 01, 2001
Submitted By: Katie

I thought that the Backstreet Boys' Black and Blue concert in Connecticut was, well I don't know how to put it into words, but I loved every single second of it. This was my first concert, and it will definitly be a memorable one! All the songs they sang, including some old ones were all my favorites, yet I love all of their music. In the begginning, it felt like someone was turning my stomach, I was soooo excited. All the dancers, the band, and especially BSB were great. When they went to change, the little shows (whatever you want to call them) were hillarious. The concert was great and I can't wait to go again! KTBSBPA!!!!

BSB show on 6/28 and 6/29 in Hartford CT

Date: Jul 01, 2001
Submitted By: Diana

I went to the both shows in Connecticut, and they were amazing. It started off when my parents told me that I was allowed to go to both shows in CT. We (me, my sis and best friend) were very excited. We picked a hotel to stay at because we were coming from NY. Thursday we left at 2pm and got there around 4. Then we got dressed in our black and blue outfits that we bought for the show, and left at around 5. We stopped at McDonalds on the way, and my dad was so funny. He put on my BSB bandana, and walked around the parking lot asking people how he looked. It was the funniest thing. Then we turned on KC101, and heard them doing an interview with Brian, who is all of our favorite. That totally got us ready to go. We got to the arena at around 7:30 because there was way more traffic then we expected.

When we got to our seats, I realized just how close I was going to be to the guys that I love so much. We were 4th row, and it was so amazing. We missed Krystal, which I was upset about, because our tickets said the show started at 8, but she went on at 7:30.

Shaggy was so good. I didnt really like him before the show, but after it, I changed my mind about him. He was really good, and got the whole crowd going. He was so funny. When he was over I knew that BSB would be coming on soon.

All of a sudden the lights went down, and the screen showed the Earth with all the astroids. I had seen the show 3 times in Febuary, but this part still scared me because of the piro. Then the Boys came up from the stage, and Brian was right in front of me. I was screaming so much. Then they did Everyone which was such a good peformance. I learned the dance moves to it before the show, so we were able to dance with BSB. Then they went into Larger than Life, which I knew the dance steps to as well. Not for Me was next and it was so great. I danced with them to that one, and then Brian came on to do the intros. I screamed soo much for him. He is so adorable in concert.

After that was the slower part of the show, but I totally loved it. For time, since we had no bridge, they sat on the front of the stage, which was so good for pictures. I got a lot of all of them.

My favorite part of the show was the end. I danced with them to Shining Star, Everybody, Get Another Boyfriend and the Call. During Everybody, Nick kept looking at us when we were dancing. And then I started screaming so loud, and Brian waved at me, and then when I started screaming he laughed at me. I was totally dieing when he did that. During Get Another Boyfriend, AJ threw his bandana and it landed 2 people away from me., I'm really mad that I couldnt get it. Shape of My heart was so great. I really loved that song, but it was sad b/c I knew the show was gonna end.

So after the show, we went back to our hotel, and got a little bit of sleep. We woke up the next morning and went straight to the arena. We stood outside so we could maybe get a glipse of the boys coming in, which didnt happen. While we were there, my dad went to the Bar at a hotel, which happened to be the one that they were at the night before. He talked to a bunch of bus drivers, and found out some info for me, that could possibly help in the future.

We went in the arena as soon as we could, so we wouldnt miss Krystal again. She was really good. I was the only person in my section standing, and I know that she saw me. After she sang, we went outside and got her autograph. I asked her for a hug, and she gave me the biggest hug in the world. She is so nice, and I really have a lot of respect for her.

We went right back in and watched Shaggy again. He was just as good as the night before. Our seats were a little further back, 13th row, but still good.

When the boys came on, I went totally crazy. They were just as good as the night before. I cant believe how much better this leg of the tour is, than the first. I never thought I would be able to say that, b/c the first leg was so good. Well after the show we drove back to NY, and now I have to go get my pictures developed.

The concerts were both so incredable. I will never forget the. I am so glad that I was able to go. And to all the people that say that BSB dont sing in concert, I know that is not true b/c when I was 4th row, I could see the little red lights go on their mics when they sang, and turn off when they didnt. I am looking foward to the other shows that I am going to, and I will write reviews on those shows as well.



Hartford, CT

Date: Jul 01, 2001
Submitted By: Holly

That was the best concert ever! First, we got there and hung out with the radio stations and I saw their tour buses but they were already inside. So we went in and found our seats. I got them from the online fanclub and the seats were awesome! Krystal came out and she was excellent! Then Shaggy came out and got the crowd going! Finally the moment I have been waiting for months finally came! BSB came out! They were awesome and interacted with the fans a lot! I had a sign for Nick and he saw and pointed and winked to me a few times throughout the show! I was about to pass out! I was with my mom and she had a sign and Kevin pointed to her! Also I threw a little catterpillar stuffed animal on stage and AJ picked it up and made a funny face at it! LOL! I coudn't believe it! The concert ended around 11 and then I had to go home:( that was definitly the best concert ever!

Hardford CT show

Date: Jul 01, 2001
Submitted By: Gloria

"The guys lite up my life"

I went to the June 29th concert in Hardford CT. As this was my first time and I struggled to get good tickets after a long while I got front row for me and my daughter who is 7. My daughter was the first to like the BSB I myself am hearing impaired due to an illness at 6yrs old. I do remember liking music all my life and never lost it even though IM deaf I still like music but not that much made me interested anymore until the BSB came. I now know my daughter has good taste in music. I am very lucky to have front row, I was so close to the boys and I could feel the music and I Love it they have brought it back into my life again. The boys really touches my heart. My daughter and I have the time of our life. Howie and Kevin are so sweet when they were near me they looked at us wave and Kevin singed I love you to me which made me cry. Aj threw his arms out at us as looking wishing to give us a hug my daughter really liked that and AJ I wish I could hug you too you are so adorable every time Howie came by he would look at us and wink, wave and say I. Love you in sing. Nick and Brain were on the other side of the stage. My daughter loves Nick so much but at one time when Nick walked by he saw her screaming I love you with her Glow in the dark t shirt with I love Nick on it I could see that Nick had saw it and he got the shy expression the sweetest I ever seen. brain has a beautiful smile all the time. I want to thank you boys with all our heart for making the most beautiful exciting night of our life's I will never forget it. What Howie and Kevin did make it really worth it Thanks for bringing music back in my life and making a dream come true to see you guys eye to eye. We love you all and hope to see you again. And Aj maybe I'll get to hug you someday that would be better than winning a million dollars. Your music is beautiful and words cannot describe it you all touch my heart. My daughter is on could nine keep up your awesome work guys. All my life you are the best group I ever seen or heard and you will always be number 1 forever.

Love Gloria and Christine (

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