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A Meet & Greet

Date: Jan 03, 2002
Submitted By: Laura

June 30, 2001.

I knew I was going to have my Meet & Greet before that day. So we left our hotel around 5PM. We had to meet someone at the Will Call window at 6:30PM. We get there but they aren't ready for us until about 7:30PM. Krystal was already on! But I got my orange triangular VIP pass. I was popping Certs all day and spraying myself with my signature: CK1 all day! I wanted the boys to get a good impression. I've loved them for so long and I wanted everything to be perfect! But I didn't know what the heck I was going to say! I don't think I ate at all two days before, and definitely didn't eat anything that day!

We got our passes and were brought back into that area. With two banners. One was for i-zone cameras and the other was for Kellogs. We were told by a security guard to line up against the wall. It was like prison! ( Not quite. ) Then a man that works for the boys, Tim (shaved head-tattoo on the arm-cutie Time ) he told us some basic rules. No autographs. One picture per group. He takes the picture. And most importantly to have fun. So minutes went by. During those minutes, my friend and I were trying to figure out which camera to use. We had like, six. We decided on hers. I held the camera while we were in line because her hands were full of... Backstreet Boxers! She had decided we should give them boxers, folded and tied with a red ribbon with each boys name written in gold calligraphy. And slipped through the ribbons were chocolate roses. For the boys. I didn't want to give them to them. I had enough to worry about. LoL. So we had decided on the camera and we were all in our zone. Trying to stay calm and not throw up. While mothers and daughters were complaining about the No Autographs Policy. But all of a sudden...something, was going on. There was commotion, and people talking and walking towards the closed off area for Meet & Greets. I saw past a pillar to see three large body guards strutting towards us and within their triangle was the tall dark and hansom Backstreet Boys, my favorite, Kevin Richardson. All I said was: "Oh my god," and clapped my hands over my mouth. All I could do was stare while others shrieked. He was real. He wasn't just a poster, or a face on the TV screen. He was real. As this was processing through my head, more commotion began past the pillar. There came another three body guards. Within their huddle was a bad-ass shorty wearing camouflage shorts, a wife-beater, and a bandana underneath his backwards hat, sporting some cute glasses as well. He walked in and just had this way about him....I'm pausing now trying to find a way to describe his physique. Impossible. Next, it seemed simultaneously, Howie and Brian walked in. And then Nick Carter. He walked in and looked nothing like the poster Backstreet Boy but indeed was. No doubt. They're talking with people while I am just staring. My silence is broken as I'm drawn to a girl by me, on her knees on the ground laughing?? "They look like Oompa-Loompas!!!" she cried through her laughter. I glanced quickly back over at the boys and back at her, "Shhh-be quiet"

I said with a giggle. Yes, they were short. AJ, Brian, and Howie. But come on. Be nice to the boys! The line started to move. I don't even recall it. I remember watching AJ strut over to show...something to someone. I don't know what. It was then I noticed his shorts. What a cutie. The time came for my friend and I to go next. She was in front of me with her arms full with boxers, looking straight on to the boys. I realized the camera on my arm and skipped over to Tim quickly, gave him the camera and pointed to the button: "You press that one right there," I said. My hand was shaking and I probably insulted him by pointing out the obvious camera feature! He looked at me and smiled, "Relax, have fun."

I looked him dead in the eye and said, "Thank you." He nodded and I went back to my place in the line. My friend walked ahead and you hear this out roar of:

"Man, I needed some new drawers!" -Kevin

"Ya, my drawers are dirty." -AJ

As this was going on I stood there taking very deep breaths and shaking my hands around a little bit when Mr. Meanie Body Guard Man scolds me: "Stop!" Well fine.

I stopped and was going to watch the boys when my friend walked over closer to Nick so the first boy in line (Kevin) looked for the next girl in line (me) and smiled.

I walked towards him and said weakly, as if I were going to cry: "hi.." I extended my hand to shake his but he extended over my hand as if it weren't even there to hug me and said, "Hey, how ya doin?" I wrapped my arms around his neck and felt his arms on my back and I said weak again "Oh, god." I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. It was my ONLY chance with him. I made it last. It was surreal. I DID let go. And I looked up at his face and he said: "Wow, you smell nice." I have no idea what I did. "You smell better than these guys." Kevin said as he pointed to the rest of the boys. I have no idea how I reacted to either. Nick was next. I again, extended my hand to shake Nick's and I said hi. But he hugged me as well. This hug was not as long and dramatic. Howie stood next in line. I extended my hand again and he extended his and I watched it come at me and the tips of our hand barely touched when we both leaned in and hugged. AJ was next. I just dove in for the hug. I hugged him really long and hard too. He was just the right size. It felt like God made AJ McLean just to hug Laura (that would be me) at that moment. As my arms were around his neck he said: "Hey, how ya doin," in his deep, sexy, raspy voice. I think he may have like, rubbed or patted my back.

Brian was right next to AJ and I just went and hugged him. Minus the whole extended the hand shtick. I hugged him and then released to look at his face. ( Now I first must mention that Brian was my first favorite but now its Kev. ) I looked at B-Rok's face. Into those blue eyes. The unique-priceless blue eyes. The ones the are just glowing in the "As Long As You Love Me" video. You know what I'm talking about. I saw his eyes and all the "I love brian" feelings came rushing back for that split second and I put my hands up to his face and shrieked, "Look at you!" and Brian said a little self-consciously, a little goofy, "What? Is it bad?" and I cried, "No! You're beautiful!" I whirled around to answer Tim who had said:

"So do you want the picture or not?" and I said firmly "yes." And I walked back over to Kevin. I leaned in for the picture and smiled. The flash went off. And it was like a scene from a movie. In slow motion. And it seemed to like, symbolize the ending of this whole thing! So for a few seconds, a million thoughts went through my head. I love them so much and have for so long. Its over and they don't know how much I love them. How much they mean to me. What am I going to do? They have no idea!! My thought was interrupted by Kevin saying to me "Well, enjoy the show!" I said frantically like I was going to cry," You don't know how much this means to me!" and he smiled and said, "Well good." I walked out of the enclosed area and the second that I was out of the boys sight, I fell down on my knees, put my face in my hands and just sobbed hard into the floor. Security was telling us we had to go but...that was it. I couldn't believe it. Perfect.

NOW i have to apologize for my dramatic description and length. I'd be surprised if ANYONE reads this far. I can't help it! SORRY SORRY SORRy!! Thanks. KTBSPA! -Laura


Date: Sep 28, 2001
Submitted By: Heather

the bsb concert on june 30th was great and I can't wate to see them again next year they are the five hottest guys in the world and we need to get them back at the pepsi arena again next year to do this please email the pepsi arena at it is at the bottom of the main page and also click on arena talk and go to open mic and say we want bsb please help.

June 30th concert

Date: Jul 07, 2001
Submitted By: Katy

This leg of the Black and Blue tour was the very first Backstreet Boys concert I've been to. Don't have me wrong, I've always wanted to go to ones before this, but that just never worked out. I have to say that it was the coolest thing I've ever seen. The effects were absolutely great, and the skits in between the songs were hilarious. I give much credit to the Boys because they can definitely put on an awesome show!! To all of those who haven't seen this concert....try your hardest to see it, you will NOT regret it!! It was so cool!! KTBSPA

June 30th, Albany

Date: Jul 07, 2001
Submitted By: Michele

This show completely kicked butt!!! It was a lot better than the first leg but it might have been because I was in the 18th row. Anyways, Krystal was really awsome. My friend and I talked to her for a few minutes when she was signing autographs but we got the boot by some security guard. Very nice, though. We missed some of Shaggy because we were getting Krystal's autograph and at that point I didn't care to see him. When we went back in and took our seats I was blown away, I'm a total fan of Shaggy's now. Then it was time for BSB. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH their show gets better every time. My friend and I were jumping up and down singing along & the occasionally screaming like idiots. The catwalk had to be the best part, we were standing on our chairs but unfortunatly bsb didnt touch any hands. We were that close though. Kevin just looked in my eyes for a few seconds and my friend turned around and was like omg kevin looked at you. I got very good pictures of Kevin and Nick on the catwalk. May I just say that Nick is so much better looking in person. He's getting closer and closer to being my favorite. The 2050 scene was hilarious. Shake it Howie!!! I think something needs to be done about sound. I couldnt really hear them that well the bass was way too loud. Other then that though they sounded great as usual. I can't wait to see them again in Seattle. KTBSPA!!!!

Albany, NY, June 30-July1, 2001

Date: Jul 07, 2001
Submitted By: Tina

I went to both BSB shows in Albany. They were both amazing! On the first night I went with my cousin. We had great seats about 10 rows from the right side of the stage. The songs, dancing and pyrotechnics were all great. During the show, Kevin, Brian, Howie & AJ would come over to our side of the extended stage and sing and shake the fans' hands. Nick didn't come over once. We were getting angry about that because he looked so hot. We even tried to wave him over. It didn't work. Time flew by and the next thing we knew, it was time for the encore. Everyone screamed and they came back out to sing one more song. Nick probably realized he never came over to the right side of the stage for the whole show and felt bad about it. He ended up singing for most of the last song on our side of the extended stage. We were thrilled at that point and ran down the stairs to get to him. We couldn't physically reach him, but I did get some great close-up pictures. The night got better from then on. While leaving the arena at about 11:30, we saw 2 blue vans at the back door. We realized this had to be their transportation. We drove back to their hotel and waited for the vans to come drop them off. There were other fans waiting outside too. After about an hour, no one came and we decided to look for the vans ourselves. After driving and walking around the area for a while, we went back to the hotel. As we were parking on the side of the hotel, a blue van passed us. Another van then passed us. As we were making a u-turn in the street, a fan's mother standing at the corner told us that AJ and Howie were in the vans, so we followed them. The vans pulled up to a local club called Jillian's. Since we're over 21, we got in line behind them. They were with their bodyguards of course and some of their friends I guess. They all went upstairs to the dance floor. They just sat in the booth with their friends and hung out. Some people recognized them and went over to say hello including us of course. They were super nice so we got their autographs! Since the club closed at 3:30 am, they started to leave and so did we. There were so many fans outside waiting for them so the drivers picked them up at the side door. We went back to their hotel to see them arrive. They didn't get out at the front door though. The vans drove right into the garage with them. IF ANYONE KNOWS WHERE NICK, KEVIN AND BRIAN WERE, PLEASE TELL ME. We'd like to know.

On the second night, I went with 5 other friends. Our seats were in back of the arena in front of the circle stage they appeared on in the middle of the show. Because I saw the first show, I knew when they'd sing there. When the time came, we ran down the stairs to waive to them. Nick and Brian were right in front of us. We waved and jumped around until they waved back. It worked because they both smiled and waved back at us. Both nights were so exciting. I hope to see them again real soon. I've been a huge BSB fan right from the beginning and I'll never forget this weekend!

Black and Blue Tour in Albany (June 30th, 2001)

Date: Jul 04, 2001
Submitted By: Jess6

When I sit here right now, I'm stunned of what I saw on June 30th 2001....going to the Black and Blue Concert featuring the Backstreet Boys!! Waiting for these boys to perform was well worth it, especially the $75 admission fee. But first, let me say that the review I'm

writing has SPOILERS and if you don't want to see have your chance. But there's one thing I can tell you that won't spoil anything---I saw Howie D come out of his van going inside! He waved to my friends and I and we were soaked (It was pouring)...but difinately worth it. Ok, here it goes:

I loved the Black and Blue concert! Opening for our Boys was Krystal Harris and she brought the house down. She

sang "My Religion", "I'll Be There" and "Super Girl". At first, some people from the crowd didn't know her songs but my friends and I knew every song by heart. We were singing and screaming as well as dancing (which a few other people told us to sit down and shut up). By the end of her performance, everyone thought she was wicked good. She had an autograph session for free but it was such a long line that we didn't go. Shaggy was then next, who sang his new song "Hot Shot", and others songs like "Mr. Lover", "Dance and Shout", "Angel" and "It Wasn't Me". He definately knew how to pump up the audience. He serenaded a woman in the crowd and then left. We waited for forty-five minutes for the Boys to arrive. It started with a view of Earth from space and then asteroids were crashing in the atmosphere and then on the stage! This occured until Earth was destroyed and that's when the camera was viewing Earth's

interior. The Boys come up from a trap door and sing "Everyone" and "Larger Than Life". Each one of them chilled out and talked to the started with Brian, who was asking what cds we had. It was hilarious and he thanked us for being there for them. AJ came out and he said "When we were performing I couldn't help noticing that there are quite a lot sexy ladies out in the crowd." The rest of the Boys I couldn't quite hear but they dedicated "What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful) to us, the fans! They sang almost every song from Black and Blue, some of Millennium and their self entitled cd. The pyro was excellent! The Boys then showed us the future...sort of. We were "teleported" into the future, where our boys were very old. They don't age very well, according to what I've seen. Howie, well, looked extremely old...Nick had a gut, Kevin had really long grey

hair, AJ almost balding and Brian, very wrinkly and bald! It was hilarious...and they were still making music!! Before teleporting back to 2001, Nick did a little dance and then showed his booty! They sang their old songs from their self entitled cd ("ALAYLM", AIHTG,

and INBYH.) Then, Backstreet showed us where they got dressed! AJ was fighting Brian for his gold ring he lost, Nick and Howie got the same girl's number. Howie then said, "I've got something for you, Nick. I found this girl for you, she won't runaway, she will always love you and she won't die. Her name's Suzy." And that's when D gave Kaos a blow up doll! It was funny to say at least.

Then the fun was just getting started...I wasn't very close to the first stage, which was no big deal to me. I was there and that's all that mattered, however, we were dead center to the second stage. We see a few people running to the second stage and my friend told me to follow her. At first, I didn't want to get in trouble but then something hit me and I ran down to a railway dividing each section of the seats. I don't know why I did that but I never knew that I could run so fast in my four inch high heels! I get to the divider just in time to beat the crowd. Backstreet sang "Show Me the Meaning" on the second stage

and we were five feet away from them!! I nearly cried, I never seen them that close (this was closer than my last encounter) and you could see everything on their faces. I just stared at Nick, who was sitting down looking really depressed. My friends and I tried to get his attention but he didn't see us...oh well. One of my friends threw to them a stuffed dog, in which Nick looked at it and set it near him. She was really freaking out but Brian

waved in my direction! It was really cool. One of the security people told us to go back to our seats and we was almost the end of the song anyway. I went back to the seats and we still had a good view of them. I decided to wave my two arms just to get attention from any Backstreet Boy and well I got Brian again...this time mocking my motion...I could

see the little twinkle in his eye, and it was really cool. I was laughing and then Howie waved to me...followed by Kevin. They went back to the first stage, via a ramp and a fan decided to jump up and grabbed Nick's leg. She held on really tight and he couldn't move. I was far away, and I was just scared for his safety. He gets out a-ok and they thank as well as tell us who each dancer was and did the same to the Backstreet Band. Nick even joked, asking us if we were still up. He was really hot that night...and such a jokester! Some moments of the night, Nick kissed the was hillarious. AJ then said that

they were staying for two nights in Albany and that one night had to be short...which was us. Then a cell phone rang and answered it...playing "The Call". After the song, people started to leave and we just stayed. They didn't know that five minutes later, they sang their last song for the night "Shape Of My Heart".

Us girls were extremely lucky to see them that night...I would have gone the second night, but...I didn't have enough money, those tickets are expensive you know? We were

also very lucky to see the Boys up close and personal and saw Howie before the show. The night was filled with fun and made melody magic. All of the guys were sizzling and so much fun to see for that night. I will never forget my experience at the Black and Blue Concert in Albany, NY

BSB in Albany..7/1

Date: Jul 04, 2001
Submitted By: John Vinal

This is an Urgent call out to all the Backstreet Fans that went to The Show July 1st in Albany, NY

Our Family (John, Patti, Kristin, and PJ) traveled From Boston to Albany over the weekend to see the Backstreet Boys with high expectations to meet Nick…The little one’s hero.

We went to both shows and had a Blast.

We could have never imagined about what happened on Sunday Night. PJ’s dreams came true!

For those of you at the show on Sunday, July 1st,My little guy was the little boy Nick lifted from the crowd and held, during Shape of My Heart.

PJ was in heaven!!

My wife and daughter were sitting on the floor on the opposite side. They had the camera.

HELP……PJ has a lifetime of memories…. But not a single picture.

If anyone out there has a picture of PJ and NICK…PLEASE…. Email us at so we can get in touch to give you our address and pay you to ship them to us.

We all thank you guys for your help and know that the loyalist fans in the World will come through

for us !!!!!

John, Patti, Kristin & PJ Vinal

76 Redington Street

Swampscott, MA 01907

June 30, 2001 - Albany,NY

Date: Jul 03, 2001
Submitted By: Nicole

WOW!!!!!! What a show, I never expected anything like it. I mean I knew I was about to see my idols, but I never expected to actually like realizehow much they have touched my life. I know people just saythings like that, but there is not way I could make it through that show with out tears in my eyes. And you know that they are going to give you a performance that you will never forget. Honestly would you forget, seeing Nick shake his butt infront of a sold out arena, I know I won't. Seeing AJ in his boxer shorts, them sharing their talent with the people that enjoy what they do the most.

When the music started my breath was taken away, right than I knew that I was going to have a night was never going to forget. During Show Me the Meaning Howie waved at me, what an honor, and I saw Nick looking in my direction I knew that right than they had made an even bigger impact on my life and there would never be another day that I would not think about them that night.

If you missed their show I feel for you, cause I know I would be torn to shreads if I was not able to see them they mean the world to me and with out them I would not be able to make it through out the day, and I mean that with all of my heart.

I just wanna thank the boys for being them and their wonder loving parents for bring such talented men into this world, they should be so proud to have seen their own children change so many peoples lives.

Albany June 30 and July 1st

Date: Jul 03, 2001
Submitted By: Ashlyn

I had tickets to BOTH albany shows. On the first night I had Floor Sec. 7 (which is in the back of the floor)and in section 239 (which are ALL the way in the back NOSEBLEEDS... we won from Hot 1079.). So for the first concert we got there fairly early, so we checked into the hotel, and left all our stuff there. Then we walked around a bit and got some food and all that good stuff. And then Stefy and her friend, Josie, went in and got their seats and my sister and I went to help Miranda and Liz find their seats. They had handicapped seats and so we found em pretty easily. I saw where our seats were and I started to freak. BSB's show has a 2nd stage in the back of the arena. Which was RIGHT next to our seats. So we went down and they did the opening acts. Krystal was AMAZING! And then came Shaggy... woo woo! hehe. But then the Boys came on. OMG... I have NEVER been that close in my entire life (well not until the last concert... but we'll get there). So then they did this skit where they all are like 50 years older. I was dying. lol. So then they did a few more songs and then went into a diff. skit of them changing and stuff. And then Kristyn and I SPRINTED to the barrier around the 2nd stage. I WAS 5 FEET AWAY FROM AJ AND NICK AND BRIAN AND HOWIE AND KEVIN! IT WAS AMAZING! I took SO many pictures. I got a wave from all of them and a kiss blown from Brian. (he's so adorable). They were so close I could see their PUPILS. I was just in a daze. It was so surrreal. These guys I have liked for almst 8 years are RIGHT in front of me. Kristyn was crying and I was just like in a daze. lol. But then they went back to the main stage and blah blah blah. Nick shook his butt and I almost collapsed. hehe. You ever hear people look bad in pictures.... THEY ARE MORE BEAUTIFUL IN PERSON! And then after the concert we went and met up with all the other girls and our moms. We went back to the hotel and said out g*byes and took a few more pictures. So then Sunday morning we (Miranda, Liz, Kristyn and my mom went home b/c they didnt have tix to the 2nd night) got up and kind of walked around downtown Albany. We went to a mall... and we saw these 2 people. It was a girl and a guy and we all SWORE they were dancers from the concert. Stef went up and asked them and they said no... but we KNEW they were. lol. We walked around the mall and then we went back to Albany. We sat around the Techies buses and breathed in those fumes for a while. We chased Shaggy's bus and I did get a picture of it. We got to listen to Krystal's soundcheck. She is absolutely AMAZING. The girl has some pipes. (BTW, her album comes out July 10th) So then we decided to hang around outside the arena and chat it up with people. Be our usual dorky selves. And her mom wanted to find a scalper selling cheap tix. lol. So we got these stupid Fly 92 buttons b/c they said we needed them if we wanted a chance to win front row seats. Needless to say WE DIDNT WIN! gerr... so I lit one on fire. hehe. I had a lighter. lol. So we went in to find our seats. They sucked.... they were ONE row away from being the seats farthest back. It was terrible. So we sat there through Krystal and then went out to get her autograph. We got it and Shaggy was already pretty much through his set and I noticed that some $100 seats were open. I suggested that we go down and so me, Stef and Josie went down after the first BSB song and sat in these AMAZING seats. We were kind of like 3rd row. If you need more explanation call me. lol. We were right on the SIDE of the stage. We were screaming. I cried during "Ill Never Break Your Heart". I LOVE that song. It is so amazing. Then during "I Want It That Way" Stef and I had our lighters out (You are my fire... the one desire.... lol... make more sense now?). It was so cool. Then we were just standing there and it was our sections GOAL to get AJ's attention. So once while he was the on the stairs all by himself, we all screamed "AJ!" and he turned around and looked at us and said "Well hello ladies" it was so awesome. Then he was like "i wanna hear you scream" so we all screamed (I cant talk anymore... lol). But then during "Shape of My Heart" Kevin came over and was singing to my section. He started shaking hands and I touched his hand. I came so close to touching Nick... I was set on it and it didnt happen. I was just on the verge of crying and screaming. lol. It was so amazing. I was like just... so out of it. For anyone who doesnt know, I am THE backstreet boys fan. 8 years and running baby! hehe.

june 30th BSB concert

Date: Jul 03, 2001
Submitted By: SARA

OH MY GOD!! IS ALL I CAN SAY!! THE BOYS ROCKED! i would go again and again if i could but i don't have enought money but wow they are my hunnies! when the boys performed on the second stage i threw a stuffed dog that was for hit a security guard and 5 minutes later NICK had it!! i was flippin!! it was awesome!! from the pyro to the boys harmonies it was great!!

albany 6/30/01&7/1/01

Date: Jul 03, 2001
Submitted By: jaime

Holy cow!!!!! I went both nights to the ablany ,ny shows and they we both amazing.My friends and I were by the second stage on the 1st night by the lower level and we rushed down closer and could see their facial expressions and every thing. HUH it was amazing. Then on the second night we had floor seats and we right by the bridge and they all we right above me when they came to our side. Also the part when aj is on the stage by himself and seeing which section was the loudest he came over to the middle section last and everyone started screaming before he did anything and he yelled "i didn't say anything yet GEEZE!" so everyone quieted down and I felt it was a good time to yell something so I yelled "we love you!!!" and he heard me and laughed!!! And I was 22 rows back ...I must have a big mouth! Anyway I was a great show and they really do a great job of making sure everyone got their money worth.

Albuny, Ny - June30, 2001

Date: Jul 03, 2001
Submitted By: Claudia C

Well i got back from Albany today, i didn't get to meet them at all :o(

It was quite an adventure though, AJ was staying 5 doors away from ours lol i took his little do not disturb sign when we were on our way out to go back home.

I also slipped a huge card under neath his door i hope he gets it. We found out where each of them were staying. They were all scattered on different floors but in the same like # ending in 29 b/c i think it was a suite or something.

Nick was playing limp bizcut music at 3am we heard it

from where we were he was a floor underneath us.

I actually saw aj...hehe, i saw a security guard in the hallway and my sis and i wanted to go down to the lobby anyway oh yeah this was b4 we found out he was on our floor so as we were gonna walk towards the elevators as i look to my left passing a room was Aj in the doorway talking to someone in the room i started running down the hall and i flipped out.

He had woke us up at 3:53am, he was going into his room, he had a bunch of girls in his room.

Brian i heard wasn't feeling well and his wife was taking care of him in one of the rooms....the opening act Krystal Harris was staying there but not Shaggy.

At the concert, i had my Kentucky Wildcats hat on b/c that's the hat Brian and Kevin wear all the they like walk across this bridge through the audience that's like in the air.

It was connect the 2 stages on in the front and one in the back, so when they were walking across them Brian saw me b/c me and 2 other girls were jumping up and down at the same time and that's very visible.

He put his hands on his head b/c he was telling me that he sees my hat and we were waving to each other for like 3 minutes, those 3 minutes were the best and i'll never ever forget them.

In the hotel i was walking around in my pjs...and we were always filling up our ice box just to see if aj was like in the hallway or something, we had a huge black and blue flag that we made on our hotel door that i think he did see.

June 30th - July 1st

Date: Jul 03, 2001
Submitted By: Jessica Barrows

All I have to say is that these last two nights were the best two nights of my life!!! My two best friends and I had waited 106 days for these concerts!! June 30th my friend Kym and I made this huge sign for FLY 92 so we could win backstage passes. Are sign said "Hey FLY 92 We Love You and the Backstreet Boys too!! We are the biggest BSB Fans Ever! We Love Them More Than That! Please Pick Us Or We'll Feel Like One Big Black and Blue!!" Well we got there at about 1:30 and the girl before us won! We were really close because were the second best they said. So while we were doing this my friend Laura went inside to try to win the Pop Tarts contest where you could get backstage passes. She was trying to win nthem for me and Kym because last year she was picked for the Perfect Fan on Valentines day with AJ and I love AJ! Well we went in the concert and sat down and OH MY GOD we had the best seats ever!! Fifth row to the right!! We were on Nicks side and we were so close!!! I couldnt believe it!! Well Laura never came back for awhile because she got picked to go backstage with the guys for the Pop Tarts thing. She was so upset because she couldnt find us and when she went backstage she said it was horrible because all you get to do is give them a hug and take a picture. Well Laura couldnt just do that so she told AJ and Brian the problem and the sad part was that they had no control so they told her to talk to this one guy. She broke down crying because she wanted us back there so bad! AJ and Brian felt really bad because there wasn't much they could do. Anyways the guy told Laura she had to leave so she did. Well after all that the show started. Krystal was good but OH MY GOD was Shaggy ever slamming!! He was so good!! The dancers were awesome too!!

Finally the Backstreet Boys started to come on and I was squeezing Lauras hand so hard I thought I was gonna brake it!! They finally came out and we were so close to them it was like a dream!! We got a lot of waves and smiles but the best part was when we threw some stuffed animals on stage and Brian picked up this little animal I threw and he threw it at AJ's head and Im sorry but that was so awesome!! Then the bridge came dowhn and we were really close! The Best Part Was When AJ RIPPED OFF HIS SHIRT!! I was so close I could see his chest hair!!! Oh did he look good!! This concert was awesome!!

July 1st- Ok first of all let me just say that security at Pepsi Arena sucks!! Laura Kym and I got their early so we were snooping around. We ended up walking through this door and Laura freaked out because it was where she met Aj and Brian. It was BACKSTAGE!! On the wall to are left it said Boy Dancer's dressing room, Girl dancer's dressing room, Backstreet Bioys production, and BACKSTREET BOYS DRESSING ROOMS!! I could not believe it. We ended up going to give are stuff to our mom's so we then ran bacvk and went through the door and we were halfway there untill some guy stopped us! We were so close. Well the concert went on and if I said that the concert before was the best I WAS VERY WRONG!!! We had third row center!!! I have never been that close in my whole life and lets just say that 16 hours in a snow storm waiting for tickets was vcery well worth it!! SO we were freaking out and then some girls in fron of us were like oh my god thats Sarah, AJ's girl!! I was like oh my god!! AJ is the guy I love and his girlfriend is the person I want to be so she's my inspiration!! So Laura nd I ran up to her and asked if we could get a picture and she said of course so we got the best picture!! We then said she was awesome and that we loved her and she's like thank you guys!! SO Shaggy came out and the little guy tht helps him sing Angel and other songs winked at us and waved, it was awesome!! Then Shaggy was Laughing at us because we had are boas and we were whipping them around!! So the concert started and I was so close you wouldnt believe it!! That night was seriously a dream come true because we made eye contact with the guys and they waved, smiled, and winked at us!! Oh yeah we also saw Leighanne because she sat with Sarah during the oncert. She is really tiny! SO wanywas during one of their songs Kym, Laura, and I and two other girls we know helped us throw 25 stuffed animals on stage at once. It was so funny because the guys stopped singing and just looked at us and started laughing!! AJ was like "Come on, Bring it On!!" It was o funny! Well needless to say we wrote notes on them and Kewvin read it and looked at me and was like "That Was You?" and I said yeah and he shook his head in amazment. It wa scool!! The best thing of that night that im sure everyone knows about was when the bridge came down and Aj walked by us and I was right next tio the edge. Well anyways Laura nd I were wearing Leopard print cow boy hats!! I threw mine up there and of course it got stuck on the edge!! I was mad bgut it was funny and THEN Aj walkes back over and looks at me then picks up my hat , sticks it ohn his head, adjests it, and winks at me!!!!!! OH MY GOD!! That was the best thing ihn my entire Life!! THAT WAS WHAT I HAD BEEN WAITINT THREE YEARS AGO FOR!! Well the reat of the oncert went by so good and ithis weekend was the best weekend in my entire life!! Sorry this was long but I just got home and I couldnt sleep!! SEE YA!!!

Albany Concerts-June 30, July 1

Date: Jul 02, 2001
Submitted By: Josie

WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! What a weekend! I came to Albany expecting something spectacular. I never thought I would see the Backstreet Boys, but an awesome chick I know named Steph invited me to go with her-we sat 7th row on Saturday's show! PUPILS! WE SAW PUPILS! It was amazing-I didn't think it could get any better! AJ waved at US during "Time" . . . we were so close. But, that was NOT all that happened to us . . .

We went to the Crossgates Mall on Sunday because we needed to kill time-well, we get there, and there is a tour bus there-so we figure it's someone from the concert. We're walking around, and we spot these two people that look exactly like dancers from the show-they were, but they denied to us (we know that they were-we saw them that night). OK, well, I was not thinking I was going to see the Sunday show-Steph and Ashlyn won tickets to see them, so Mrs. Detota searched everywhere for any ticket to get us in-we got some-nosebleed to the max! But, we weren't gonna stop there. The show was far from sold out, so we went on down to the section STAGE LEFT, right on the edge of the wing. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWW! Even better than last night. Just to say it-I held Kevin's hand. Held his hand-all of NYS knows that now cause I screamed it hysterically out of the car door. Leighanne and Sarah were there . . . I also touched a dancer's hand, Kevin waved at me, a dancer waved at me, AJ WAVED at us. It was AMAZING. I have to stop writing or I won't shut up! BSB FOREVER! Pupil POSSE! Potato! Bop it, baby! *tsk* Irises! We made contact! I love Pop Tarts! OK, I can't think of anymore! BLESS BSB! Later, y'all! :-)


Black & Blue Tour in Albany, NY on June 30, 2001

Date: Jul 02, 2001
Submitted By: tara davidson

The best show I've ever attended. It was such an amazing performance. They poured their heart and soul into it, and you could tell. The special effects were amazing as well as the dancing. Not only was it exciting, it was about 1 hour and 50 minutes long. Plus, you get to know the boys on a more of a personal level. They talk to the audience, bring them backstage, take them into the future. I know that they kept me laughing throughout the show. Plus for the fans stuck up in the last row [that would be me] the second stage towards the back of the arena brought the fans closer yet again. If you ever get the chance to see this concert, don't pass up the chance. It's amazing, and I promise that you won't regret it. Plus Shaggy himself was amazing. He really got the audience pumped up. This is truly one of the greatest concerts that I have ever seen. Don't miss it.

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